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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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steve: feeling the heat, temperatures soaring into the 90s it felt worse, it did not take long for heat and humidity to sort of overwhelm you. >> like a soupy mess, temperature was not only headache this was scene on the white stone bridge, heavy rain made evening commute a mess. and there are still flash warnings for parts of the area. steve: to audrey, that rain moved in fast for 3 minutes then gone. audrey: right, we'll see that over next couple of days, the storms produce heavy downpours they could result in flash flooding. you want to be aware of that. let's talk about our heat, 91 in central park, we hit that number early in the day, it was 96 out to newark liberty, 94 high down
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long island. 87 at montauk point. we're mild at this hour, warm in newark it is in low 80s, same in central park and belmar. and we all know it is not about the current temperature it is about the dewpoint, this measures thes, national weather service stretched out orb tri-state area. ics sept county. there there are downpours in hudson valley, steve and jen. >> more people are getting caught in dangerous rip currents of jersey shore, forcing
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lifeguard rescues this summer in first 10 days of august, 60 people were rescued at belmar beach. swimmers are encouraged to stay alert. >> road to white house, hillary clinton unveiling her plan to supporters in michigan. >> donald trump stands by his latest controversial come, claims that president obama is the quote, founder of isis, dan bowens is joining us from the latest from campaign trail. reporter: there is no way it, donald trump is having a bad two week stretch. he is not changing his style, ripping his opponent, making controversial remarks about the president, but major decent went his own party. >> can you imagine losing to her? reporter: with his national poll
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and lawmakers are pulling funding from the campaign to quote, focus the entirety of the rnc resources on preserving g.o.p.'s congressional majority. >> have you been in contact. >> on factor, trump denies those reports, saying even if it is too. tries. >> that is okay too. i'm the one raising the money for them. million in july for the party, financial gains overshadowed by count versal remarks, including this about president obama and hillary clinton. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. reporter: democratic nominee dealing with fallout from her latest e-mail scandal. new documents showing a possible pay to play scream during her time as secretary of state.
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economic agenda looking to draw a contrast to the g.o.p. inspect nominee who spoke in detroit this week. >> he talked of failure, poverty and crime, he is missing so much about what makes michigan great. reporter: aides to clinton saying she will be releasing her 2015 tax return soon, putting pressure on donald trump to make his annual return public, so far he has not released them, said because of an audit. >> when you are under audit, you don't get your tax returns, when they finish them, i would be pleased to give them. reporter: outside of the swirling controversies, focus this week was supposed to be about the economy. to create and keep jobs, hillary clinton says she is planning a massive investment in infrastructure. responding, donald trump told a home building group today he is planning big time tax cuts and regulation cuts, saying that clinton a plan would spoil the economy. >> thank you, dan.
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emergency crew rushing to 3 world trade center after a wrecking ball mishap, a piece of crane got lodged into a window, it hit the side of the building, it is under construct, and unoccupied. unoccupy. >> the virginia team who climbed trump tower yesterday with suction cups has been charged, stephen rogata had a history of problems at home, joe with what might have led to reporter: 21 stories and 2 1/2 hour later, stephen rogata has been charged with reckless endangerment, and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at bellevue hospital. watch as video shows nypd officers grabbing stephen rogata and wrar pulling him through a n window. >> i said, sir, you need to come with me. reporter: police say that stephen rogata, a 19-year-old
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>> he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump. reporter: a one minuteman festo -- shows him describing himself as an independent researcher and needs to discuss a important issue with donald trump. >> i would not risk my life pursuing it. reporter: he started his climb yesterday afternoon, trump tower, already bebebecame more of one last nig. >> trump tweeted great job by the nypd in protecting the people and saving the climber, despite the damage to trump tower. it does seem like the g.o.p. nominee and cl climber agree one thing. >> get out and vote for
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we hear from neighbors of stephen rogata who were stund. >> was he interested in pool pos or anything? >> i think he was. i think he followed politics quite a bit, he did. and we had him for dinner the other day. he is fine, i never heard of him climbing anything. he is a nice boy. reporter: fox 5 news. tomorrow morning two of the officers involved, they will be live in studio at 7:00 hour. steve: they get you in the building crazy. >> new details in case of jogger murdered over week in princeton, massachusetts, police confirm that the killer of vanessa marcotte was a man, they naired narrowed timeline between 1 and 3 p.m. sunday.
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injuries in the struggle. >> they were scratches, scrapes and or bruises, we would ask that anyone who has observed a male with these types of injuries, that would have been fresh earlier in the week, to contact the massachusetts state police tip line. steve: marcotte, a google employees from manhattan was murdered while visiting her parents in the area. >> more than 250,000 dollar has been page. friends and family set up the page to raise a reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer, in addition to 20,000 dollar reward offer by nypd. and howard beech queens woman of the murder the last week while out for a run, anyone with information, should call crime stoppers. steve: thousands of nypd officers working off duty at sporting and concert events may
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>> new contract with security services may be too costly, lidia curanaj explains. >> $60,000 is average annual pay for nypd officers, too supplement their income, many cops do security work in their off time at major venues. attorney james, has represented many officers. >> paid detail program requires the nypd to approve perspective. employment its police officers ask for. reporter: city is now asking all major league teams and other vendors that hire the nypd cops, to assume all legal and medical liability, via costly insurance, as a result, info is reports that employers will now stop hiring cops for the major events. >> the city is said we cannot be held liable for any acts that are a product of a lawsuit,
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not liable to the police officers if they get hurt, 20 years ago when the paid detail program was instituted that was a requirement. reporter: the issue was overlooked until a officer was sued. according to dna info, it will now be by paid by our security guards or private security firms. >> if the stadiums, with deep pockets are unwilling too foot would imagine that smaller employers with less of a deep pocket will also be unwilling. reporter: nypd released a statement in part reads -- details program remains until september 30. the legal bureau provided provision in contract utilizing connection with paid detail engage am, done to more clearly address issues of legal reputation, and indemcasion by
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released say state to fox 5 saying if cops were paid fairly they would not have to work extra jobs to support their families weaker cont. >> we contacted mets and yankees. lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." steve: a record day on wall street, all 3 major u.s. stock indexes closed at all-time high, first time since 1999, analyst say that credit prizing and strong earnings reports from a number of large retailers, they point to fewer people applying for unemployment benefits last week as a sign of a stronger job market. >> we know that a-rod is playing his final game as a yankee tomorrow. >> we sift through the speculation of what could be next. steve: kids using martial arts to help kick cancer. >> this humidity makes hair a mess, but why?
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bad hair days.
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steve: alex rodriguez's final game as a yankie is less than -- yankee is less than 24 hours away, what is on everyone's mind is what is next for a-rod. jennifer: mac king on the streets. reporter: it was not always like this. >> i think he is a >> what a shame. >> this did have to end. reporter: once they were home runs. 351 of them in yankee uniform to go with 1100 rbi, 2 mvp's, one world series ring. and 317 million dollar earned. in all that, fail to include stats, calm accumulated in seate and texas.
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reach a conclusion. on eve of his last night, will boos of fenway faithful for last time. >> he is a liar and a punk, and a idiot. >> a-rod's future is about legacy that is something that will develop overtime. reporter: as time expects public to separate those who are willing to forgive a-rod and for those we will forever be a bum. >> a lightning rod. >> a-rod may one day talk baseball to television. >> a couple of words a game he has that potential, he knows baseball. reporter: he could work in professional baseball in a different capacity. >> i think h he would be a coac.
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that drug problem. reporter: eagle thinks it unlikely that he would leave quietly. >> alex rodriguez seems to enjoy attention, anyway we can get it, it will be tough to see alex rodriguez out of the limelight. >> i would like to see him stay involved with baseball, or work with kids teach them how to win without cheating. reporter: mack king, "fox 5 news." steve: remember you can watch tomorrow night 7 p.m. hire on -- here on fox 5. jennifer: it is not hottest ticket in town, after an initial surge, prices on secondary market 31eed -- have dropped 31, tickets about $161 that is lower than expected, and comparison yankee fans shelled odd more than 400 in a seat to went derek
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2014. steve: a whole different situation. >> a sailor from belgium has been sick after saling on a bulleted bay in rio. the severe infection could affect energy levels for months afterwards, many are concerned about the bay before the rio games, high levels of virus, and bacteria from human sewage in the water has been found, so far, she is only sailor to ill. she was a favorite to return to podium this year. >> that is dangerous. a new law profess -- proposed in italy would make it a crime to raise a child as a vegan, they want to hold parents legally responsible for feeding their kids a vegan diet, if passed parents could face one year jail
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and 4 if the sh child gets sick, and 7 years if the child dies of mamal-- malnutrition. >> when you are faced with biggest challenge of your life you push to find deeper strength went. when you are faced with a hardship, and you are only 6 years old like lilly, help guide you to that place of peace. >> high yeah. >> she said we'll get through this, that is powerful to see a six-year-old do that. reporter: on its 17th year. rabbi's kid kicking cancer organization helped 3,000 kids in front organizations in the world. they kick cancer by teaching them mind and body techniques found in martial arts.
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wel cancer, rabbi filtered that energy to teaching children like his daughter to concur the pain. >> you are pulling in the light. reporter: according to wayne state university stool of medicine, rabbi g's brief break technique works with a 85% reduction rate of pain for children who use the method. >> they can lower their own pain, but influence the world around them, the children have purpose they have less p >> and when y breath in lightnes reporter: changed her life, lilly spends her days at ronald mcdonald house in hudson valley, diagnosed with debt are leukemia, she has been practicing mar martial arts twia week. >> she hits that pad he is hits the pain.
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power and the peace and the purpose. reporter: regarded as a miracle practice, her mother said this program is a gift. >> seeing the instant change in her, because right after this first session, she went in and had her react ses, she said, mom it is okay i'm just going to breathe its are like -- it was like okay that is a magical moment, you know. >> they are fighting a monster, this is the battle of their lives, they are dealing with this, and you know, not outside influence of any kind, is beneficial to their healing and suffering. reporter: kids with cancer inspiring the world. >> breathe in light. >> spu and out the darkness. reporter: a push, kick and karate chop at a time, fox 5 news. jennifer: a strong kid she is. steve: indeed, powerful stuff, all right, even though brooklyn is hottest place on earth it
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steve: bras barbara t, is returo her roots. >> he is back in her hometown, she is received one emmy, a grammy, oscar and a tony, only recording artist in history to have a number one album in last bringing that barbramagic to new york. >> barbra streisand is performing hits from every decade, and giving us a taste of her new album, features duets of broadway stars, fans geared up for a memorable evening. >> ? ? memories ? ?
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scotland to see her. reporter: you came from scotland to see her. >> yes. >> it's on my bucket list. >> i don't know where i am sitting but to be in the same room withic ill rate -- -- exhilarating i am pumped. reporter: she delivered. ? ? memoriesy on like the corners of my mind ? ? misty waters color memories ? ? reporter: pretty good. well if you missed her tonight, barbra will be back saturday, her new album comes out august 26. a lot to look forward to from
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back to you. >> all right. thank you. steve: very exciting. jennifer: she is looking great, she has not aged a bit. steve: timeless. jennifer: recent amusement park accidents across the country are sparking new safety concerns. steve: a closer look at ho is ws responsible for keeping the rides safe. jennifer: robbers brutally attack workers at a florida gas station, more of the video that cops hope will help solve ime. ? ? ? you live life your way.
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steve: an accident at an amusement park this one in pennsylvania, a boy sent to hospital after he fell how far a wooden roller coaster, one of several accidents in recent days, including one that resulted in a death. jennifer: making sure that rides are supposed to be fun don't end in tragedy? sharon crowley joining us. reporter: inspite of the amusement park accidents this week, those in the industry insist they have a pretty good safety record, but critics feel that the nation's amusement and water parks need moreover site, and should be federally regulated. >> keep an open eye, don't assume your kids are safe jawft
10:31 pm
because the park tells you. reporter: safety concern grows following three amusement park accidents in a week, today a child fell off a roller coaster in pennsylvania. >> he was airlifted to a local hospital. reporter: the roller coaster he was on was built in 1938, it is inspected. on sunday, 10-year-old caleb schwab, son of a kansas stay law maker died after going foot high water slide, said to be tallest in world. >> he will be missed for his energy, life and smile. reporter: monday 3 young girls fell out of a ferris wheel bucket. the six-year-old remains in serious condition. >> the force brought them back, they went over. reporter: consumer products safety commission inspectors were out against in tennessee trying to recreate what
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or temporary rides, it is up to each state to decide who will conduct the inspections. >> there are no federal requirements for oversight. reporter: a personal injury lawyer,'s firm has handled many injuries in amusement parks. >> every year the industry spends a million to 2 million lobbying again federal regulation, stating we could do it better, have you a patchwork of laws. reporter: international and attract is a trade organization that lobbies against federal regulation it states that amusement park provide one of the safest forms of recreation to the p public, your chance of being seriously injuries on a fixed site ride is 1 in 16 million. >> at the end of the day regardless of how thrill a ride is, it needs to be safe. reporter: well, safety advocates
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can look for an inspection certificate no matter where you live before getting on a ride, if you don't see one you can ask for it from a manager or superintendent. here is new york, department of labor is group that is in charge of inspecting amusement park rides but it differs state by state. you heard there is a patchwork system, a lot of people pushing for more federal. steve: they want to make sure it stays safe. >> all right. thank you. >> macy's department store chain plans to close about 100 stores by early next year. that is on top of 40 store closures announced, it is unclear which locations will be shut down, they blame competition from on-line and discount stores, we're expectation everything to be on sale now, however it is promising to ramp up macy', increase the product offering. jennifer: a new audit by state
10:34 pm
troller caused mta 13 million in revenue they found that information on summons was inaccuracies and collector did not follow up to the cases, mta said computer upgrades >> medical marijuana is legal in half of the country but still considered a dangerous drug by the dea, and opted not reclassify marijuana, it claim its has a high p abuse and no accepted me medical use. dea plans to allow more research to marijuana's possible medicinal benefits. steve: canadian officials making public rob ford smoking crack he passed away this past march. this triggered one of the great political can scandals of our ,
10:35 pm
inaccessible public before it was part of a pending court place, it is depressing to watch. >> all right, a brazen robbery in a g florida gas station on camera. jennifer: a pair of men storm into a store, one armed with a baseball man, swinging at two clerks but the clerking fought back, one got a hole of the bat, and turned it on the men ran getting away with a few hundred rid dollars, clerks were not hurt. steve: wow judge amazing. >> brave? heat, and humidity and it leads to what else? bad hair. jennifer: the science behind what sets off of friz. steve: shake shack is about to give away free burgers, when you have to hop in line.
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leone. >> new york city, deserves better, that is the name of a newing or organization wounded y bradley tusk a successful businessman. his mission is to make sure that mayor de blasio only serves one term. that the next mayor is qualified to lead the great of city in the world. one of main criticism of current mayor is his that most busy people can only dream of. >> normal people who' to do well work really hard, most important job in the city, and you don't take is seriously offensive. >> to assist mr. tusk, i put together a job posting with qualifications and experience that the must mayor must possess to lead our great city forward, the job is for 4 years, mayor on
10:37 pm
he must be in office by 9:00 a.m., early morning workouts are allow but if your gym is 12 miles from gracie mansion you must put your maybe on hold, a academycrat is -- democrat is preferred but not essential,y able too hire and retain the best management team, be on time for meetings and events, develop a goodworking relationship with federal and state problem, help make new york city more business friendly, treat staff with dignity and respect, do not be directly enfluenced from contributions by special interest group issue support charter schools. support with new york city find finest and bravest who work long lowers and put their lives to
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steve: snapchat is taking down one of its filters after complaints it was racially incentive. jennifer: some considered it offensive to asian-americans, they were inspired by japanese animation, and never meant to offense anyone, they will remove the filter. >> shake shack lovers listen up, giving away free burgers at all locations next tuesday, to location that is sea port in boston, free burgers to first 100 people, restaurant opening early, 10:30 a.m., you have to get in line early. jennifer: never too early for a hamburger. steve: always a line there anyway. jennifer: always, today's high heat resulted in a lot of hot hair messes. steve: we'll explore what caused
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up internet after failing at his
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steve: more time to jump in the water to coo expanding operating hours for state pool, parks and beaches. open until 8 p.m. through sunday. you will see sprinklers on some state park miss manhattan. jennifer: if you have long hair, you are a woman, you know day like today are torture. heat and humid tie not a good acombination for your hair, what
10:46 pm
and hair can't be tamed. >> it is this humid outside, it is almost impossible. reporter: we women know too well, that struggle is real, many getting a quick fix. >> as soon as i come out of the building, i feel like it is out of shape. reporter: question is, how does mother nature interfere with our beauty. there is said that it has to do with your hair cute -- cute call that provides strength and protect. >> cells lay on top of each other, they overlap. when the hair is smooth, the shingles lay fat but when it is dry, damaged or really humid, the cutical takes up that excess might moisture in the air, and swells up and lift its up.
10:47 pm
equals frizzy hair, doing things like too much heat or coloring it, is what causes dryness and damage. as for curly hair. >> more dry, and the keratin proteins are different with curly hair. so that is why it frizzes more easily. >> there are things you could do at home that if you have at right product. >> look at moisturizing ingredient. >> on a frizzy day, it is hard to fight the humidity, but products on. reporter: jessica, "fox 5 news" on upper east side. ? ? i will survive ? ? as long as i know how to love ? jennifer: this is amazing, audrey puente trying to survive
10:48 pm
own, she tweeted this photo. start of a very good hair day -- bad hair day. steve: this is what she got back, gloria gainer, you the survive. amazing way to start the day. audrey: i followed -- she followed me months ago, but funny thing, i didn't see the tweet until i was in the hair salon it. there could not be anyone more perfect. steve: gloria, a big fan, awesome. audrey: thank you. well, a major struggle with the hair, i did find relief at the hair salon. moisturize, and care for those products, if you have colored hair like i do it is dry it is a problem.
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park, we hit that number at about 11:00 this afternooning. woo the sun -- this morning with sun, we spent most of afternoon about 89 in the park, that is above average, this morning we started with a warm 80. and that is our low for tomorrow. right now we're at 83 in city, 79 in islip, 78 in montauk point, warm readings some of these are what should be our normal high for the day, we're in store for a steamy evening. as we know, not about the dewpoint, this is a measure of moisture, we see numbering in to 70s, that is very oppressive, combined with currents we get heat index values in 80s, but today, they were above 100 degrees, like newark and sat shore in pehl -- belmar, limit our outdoor activity or walk on the shady side of the street
10:50 pm
light-colored, loose fitting clothing, stay hydrated that is water. caffeine and alcohol can dcan --dehydrate you. >> we have a lot of rain in the area, a storm cell came through earlier, resulting in creeks over flowing. then up to north, we have rain coming in across hudson valley, pretty steady and heavy flash flood warning across orange county, rain now working to sussex county to western passaic, that is why we're expecting downpours, that will be problematic for next couple hours, then they should die off as we go to rest of the evening. high pressure, it is sitting off toward b -- bermuda high, it is blocking systems from exiting the area, we have a swift wind
10:51 pm
bump up heat across the tri-state area. so, if you thought it was hot today, tomorrow will be high readings into 90s across the northeast, and heat index values making it feel over 100, tomorrow and the next couple days, look attitudure cast, showers -- future cast, showers will die off like today, a mick of sun, clouds in afternoon, about 2: 00 showers and thunderstorms firing up like today, some could produce downpours they could result in flash to saturday, and sunday, plan accordingly. tonight, showers and storms come to an end, warm too, temperatures in 70s overnight. and then look like tomorrow we'll soar to 9s 0s. watch out for scattered showers and storms, after 2:00. and more of the same to weekend. y have third heat wave of summer so far this will be longest and
10:52 pm
heat index value over 100. could be up to 110 over the weekend. jennifer: wow. audrey: there is no break in pattern, steam to next week. jennifer: difficult to break out there, you know. audrey: it is. steve: like those warnings are legit, this is hot. good deal. >> we'll be right back. >> traffic tracker brought to
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steve: preseep football tomorrw night. if you don't want to watch a-rod's last game as a yankee. what are we doing here. >> therey go. tomorrow night 7 p.m., you got
10:56 pm
>> yep. >> a baseball fan a a-rod fan. steve: or giant fan football whatever. you get the point. just before one day before his final game. here he is. it was not a successful return to lineup, hitless, drove in a run with a ground out, he hopes to have better l luck tomorrow, okay what is going on. jennifer: the steve: nacchio. jennifer: this happens every now and then, last night baseball fans will risk anything to get a foul ball. >> this is what happened in pittsburgh. pirate fan, carrying food attempts to make a one-handed catch got a face full of nachos. everyone grabs phone, it spreads the whole world, his got a
10:57 pm
ball. steve: we don't know that. you never know these days. jennifer: all right. >> there you go. jennifer: that is our news for tonight. i guess we'll see you tomorrow. steve: take care. >> have a good night. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month
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okay, in avatar, when they have sex on pandora, they hook up their ponytails, so we know their ponytails are like their junk. yeah... so? so, when they ride horses and fly on the birds, they also use their ponytails. what's your point? my point is, if i were a horse or a bird, i'd be very nervous around james cameron. it amazes me how you constantly obsess over fictional details when there are more important things in the real world to worry about. for example, why wasn't william shatner in the new star trek movie? hey, sheldon. i was up in the administration office, and i happened to overhear the name of the winner of this year's chancellor's award for science. and you want to rub my nose in the fact that my contributions are being overlooked again? i am the william shatner of theoretical physics. all right, i'll play. what self-important, preening fraud are they honoring this year?


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