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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> the heat, big time! it's a little bit of changes out there with the heat advisory into an excessive heat for the core of the tri-state over the five boroughs in northeast new jersey.
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westchester county with an excessive heat warning. that means the heat index values will be running between 105/110. really nasty stuff. check outside in the children during the peak of the heat. it was hot yesterday! we'll get there again today even worse. showers came through but the cluster fizzled out as we had to the east. another follow-up round will try to hold together swing through the core of the tri-state. seems like it's losing its intensity. most of the time the overnight rain dies down for you. here's what we had ?it was a hot one. 91b0 out of central park and 96 ignored. 91 in islip and cooler temperatures where the rain came through.
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it will start warming up your soon because the rain is coming to a close. 76 in montauk and we will watch for more showers and storms to come again. at this point, no big threat. the one big cluster coming through new jersey and sussex county will perhaps hold together for a little bit longer but as it approaches us in the tri-state, we will be having more action in the afternoon with high-pressure change in the weather picture overall. temperatures going up a little bit. high temp at 92 in the heat index is 105 ?110. but how long have they excessive heat warning in effect. there is the extended forecast still looking pretty nasty as we go into the heat wave. let's bring in christina
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seen you for a little while. >> happy to be back! good morning. so far so good. one little hotspot if you are traveling at 17 ? something to keep in mind. midland avenue is closed down for some late running contraction. there is a local road detour that pushes you back southbound. allow yourself some extra time if you need to travel past areas. if you will travel on the expressway ?is looking good. it's the bayonne bridge construction wrapping up shortly. let's take a live outside of the staten island expressway. doesn't matter what direction your end. you are moving well. not too much going on here by the lincoln and the hollander looking good this morning.
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always a pleasure to see you. >> ink you so much. >> miss you too. >> i always have snacks! they are always these weird gluten-free things. >> but she or quinoa ?they are tasty. >> good to see you. let's talk about donald trump. he continues to keep up the harsh criticism of come in. curious criticism you would say. he is not backing down although others are saying you need to. yesterday for the first time i heard the possibility that if he loses the election he says he will take a long vacation. the first time we have heard that he admitted that he could lose. the latest on the road to the white house.
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>> fox news confirms more than 70 republicans have sent a letter to rice previous urging him to pull funding from the trunk in pain. use it to fund the house funds. they deny the reports but they say even if it's true ?all they have to do is party. >> recent remarks about obama and hillary clinton. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the president ? founder of isis. he founded isis. the cofounder would be
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comments during the event in miami. >> i call them the founder of isis. clinton tweeted ?no, barack obama is not the founder of isis. anyone willing to sink so low so often should not be our commander-in-chief. new do chief. >> she lays out the agenda in detroit looking to draw contrast to the trump who spoke there this week. >> he spoke only of failure, poverty and crime. >> he misses so much about what makes michigan great. >> carriers live in trump tower. >> how dare you screw that up.
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trade center in manhattan after a crane mishap. >> in new york city you don't like these things because they mean windows break. a piece of it struck the window on the 12th floor after a 30 p.m.. the building is under construction and unoccupied. the spokesman says it pushed a small weighted ball into the building. here's what fdny says. >> 12th floor it hit the window from a gust of wind. five windows on the north side of the building. >> safety inspectors were on site and a panel will be replaced. >> a woman walking her dog was attacked on the upper west side. this is a police sketch of the suspect at 25 ?30 years old.
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brown curly hair. last seen wearing a brown shirt and khaki shorts. the victim was walking in riverside park when the suspect put her in a headlock. she fought back punching him in the groin and he let go putting her back any headlock. if you have any information call police at one 800 577 tips. >> the suspect who tried to call bellevue undergoing psychiatric evaluation. stephen regatta was called with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing. he left for heavy suction cups with three hours on the side of the building. he told officials he hoped to meet donald trump. >> for more, stay tuned on good day. two of the officers
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730 a.m. still ahead, mike woods will give us a look at when we will get a break from his harsh temperatures. >> big payraise handed out by mayor diblasio. they raise eyebrows at city hall.
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back. let's talk about our temperatures. man, it is hot out there. early on, showers came through and we had 73b0 in central park and that also popped through the tri-state region early this morning. they have moved on and we will see a shower coming through the northern section of new jersey. it's not a big deal. 77b0 in bridgeport. it is loaded up with moisture. we see the first round lake outgoing last night.
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jersey. it will come through quickly. high-pressure is in control with a directional bermuda high pulling up moisture pulling up the heat and humidity at the same time. if anything it will get worse before it gets better. it does try to bring us a round of scatter it will take a break in the overnight hours and comes back at you with the overall pattern. don't expect much of a change out there except for hotter temperatures going up to 92b0. excessive heat warning is in effect today and tomorrow for the five boroughs. that makes it into sunday. heat value is 105 ?110.
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bringing in headlines and alerts. that sort of stuff will be listed for free. it's not so much of a big problem as much as it is a construction annoyance. it puts you on before the area of four. we see construction and that's why you see red in both directions here.
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both directions. we see the staten island expressway i'm not looking good. pretty much the entire length of the staten island expressway looking pretty nice. we will take our next live look at the fdr drive. it's really not looking too bad. past trains are running on or close to schedule. >> >> mayor diblasio handed out hefty raises to his staff. >> according to the watchdog group the pay increases were in the physical year that ended on june 30. the report says the special assistant had her salary jump 142% at $92,000. the research project coordinator is making 26,000. that was a 46 pay hike. they estimate the raises all cost taxpayers $2
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there is no law that prevents the mayor from handing out raises. his office as he was generous because he needed to retain a skilled staff. they must have fantastic skills. curtis will go on a leave or something for a week. >> and you know i never take vacation. >> i think you might be in eloping with nancy. that's the theory. in the redbank area will be distraught. >> she stays up every night until this time so she could see you. >> i like nancy. >> she is no carol. >> carol wakes up with me every morning. >> carol stays up to see you. >> let's straighten that out. >> i haven't been down to the redbank in a wild.
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anymore. >> is none of your business. what are you auditioning for dmz? mind your business! >> you think about mayor diblasio giving out these fairly significant increases. curtis: diva girl ?haven't you connected the dots? robert moses junior? connect the shots! corruption at city hall in your mayor's administration. this is hush money. they are all being solicited in terms of what information they might know about. this contractor or this deed. it's the only way to guarantee that an employee will maintain the they are
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hall because it's shady down there! >> curtis lee watch a rod last game? >> i hate him! i am so happy that girardi who he thought would start him at third base. >> don't you think girardi was showing mercy? >> if he played at third base ?the first thing that would happen as they would lay down the bunt. be like the guy who was completely in balance. he has been a good influence on the young ballplayer in the clubhouse. they all come up and say thank you. >> where do you put the needle? how do you mask it?
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the presidential race. there has been suggestions that donald trump is trying to wheel his way out of trying to be in the race. he wants to get out. it is certainly looking like it. in one week it was hillary should be on the ropes with all these emails a sudden these big billionaires are getting millions of meetings. they make sizable contributions to bill clinton's foundation for world good and taking care of his will be no. there is a connection. that's the problem. instead of trump staying on message he whips up this drug-induced frenzy that barack obama hillary clinton are the founder and cofounders of isis.
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did you find it interesting that trump talked about going on a long vacation? this is the first time i ever heard him acknowledge the fact that he could eat lose. >> he was doing a self-analysis. he was realizing. i can't vote for trump and i certainly can't vote for hillary so that's why vote for gary johnson believe in freedom, liberty and stay out of my bedroom and personal life. minor business. >> we wish you a wonderful week away with nancy. >> we certainly seem to be in love. >> and never we see nancy's seem to get all googly. >> i am in love with
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already. >> i wake up with you every morning. carol! >> if you would like to listen to him do so at your own risk. >> have a gate great trip anymore. juliet: we like it to be chill in the air but they are kicking off the campaign on the right foot. good job ?we will miss
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. ripping it over the field or in the yankees take a 3/2 lead. it is a rod hitting. he's right there. >> the bases are loaded again. he hits the soft ground or for a sacrifice.
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end. >> alex rodriguez's final game as a new york yankee right here on fox 5. pregame coverage at 7:00 pm. >> the diamondback gives up three runs in the inning. a whole lot worse. jonathan came in and gave up six runs. pthe diamondback shut out the meds at 9/0. some players from aaa las vegas. his squad should straighten up and playwright. they are back to the 57th with the first time that the 500 mark since april. >> he basically when i ran for four minutes and that was it. >> preseason football with ryan fitzpatrick taking on the jacksonville jaguars. >> they are up 10/0 and they came up first.
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10/7. gino smith came in replacing fitzpatrick later on coming on the one anniversary getting his job broken from the punch. the incident puts them into starting quarterback. last night smith found him for the 17th yard touchdown. 17/13 for the title. >> catch the giants tonight taking on the miami dolphins at 7:00 the americans! we are killing it! more gold! simone manuel and penny alexia tied for the gold in the women's freestyle. manual is the first woman to win an olympic medal in swimming. >> michael phelps continues the domination. he won the meter medley his
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>> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". >> the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning. hazy and hot community lasting through the weekend. not good news if you're going to the go-go's concert. mike woods has a full forecast coming out. >> publican presidential nominee donald trump doubling down his attacks on president obama and hillary clinton. 70 republicans have asked the committee to pull funding to finance other republican races. >> they need your help. they want to know if you recognize the sky. he attacked a woman.


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