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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". >> the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning. hazy and hot community lasting through the weekend. not good news if you're going to the go-go's concert. mike woods has a full forecast coming out. >> publican presidential nominee donald trump doubling down his attacks on president obama and hillary clinton. 70 republicans have asked the committee to pull funding to finance other republican races. >> they need your help. they want to know if you recognize the sky. he attacked a woman.
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cookie and was able to fight them off. >> a record day on wall street. all three stock indexes closed. it's the first time it's happened since 1999. great to have everyone here. it's 5:01 am. high! happy friday, everyone. mike is here. >> i have actually received a few tweets from people asking about the weather for concerts tomorrow night because there are many haen the bottom line is that it's really hot. it's mostly during the day with the excessive heat warning in effect. it's the heat advisory in the last few days. if you think it's bad look at what's coming at us. we have the potential for storms yesterday afternoon and evening. the same risk for the last few days. that's what we are faced with with higher
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it's the first of the day is that we had linking up in a row. 96b0 for the high and 93 in allentown. a lot of 90s around tri-state and we are at 74b0 at central park. 74 in poughkeepsie. 74 in bridgeport and temperatures came up a little bit be now, temperatures are bumping up. two points in the lower 70s which pushes us into the oppressive range. it will likely head up into the miserable range. dew point at 76b0 in the next few days. heat and humidity combos getting worse. here is what we have. a few showers in the
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like it will present a huge problem. just a few showers with a lot of folks night and up yet. we will see more as we go into the morning. more likely that you will see a storm this afternoon. high temp at 92 and it will feel like 110b0. it will be worse. miserable outside! feeling like five ?110. >> let's bring in christina. you got the good news. >> i am always a bear about news. >> i bribe you people. >> good morning. we have a few things going on.
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the eastbound lie is right in the area of the grand central parkway. said accident here on the eastbound side temporarily closed down and now we see three lanes closed. i would say we are also seeing a ton of traffic if you are traveling east from morgan avenue. a stalled vehicle is blocking one lane. two hotspots to worry about. if you are traveling in the area things are moving well at 287. not too bad if you are traveling on 280/23. let's take a look at the garden state. that will be at 135 moving away from the northbound side. doesn't matter north or south ?things are looking good. we are also going to take a live look outside at 495. you are traveling towards the lincoln tunnel with things moving well towards the helix. the holland and the george washington looking good as you make your way into town. the past trains are running on are close to schedule.
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>> a lot of people fought when donald trump started doing this with hillary clinton and president obama that it would be moving into reality central. he has kept up with his status quo which is doubling down. >> people have given him the opportunity to say ? you really mean that they created the conditions to allo founded isis. >> kerry drew outside trump tower with all the goings-on across the spectrum. good morning. donald trump's poll numbers continue to slip and he is not changing his style. doubling down on the comments that he made about hillary clinton and obama. now, a growing problem.
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with donald trump's poll numbers falling, fox news confirms that 70 republicans have sent a letter to the national committee chair. urging him to pull funding from the campaign and use the funds to finance the house races. >> have you been in contact? the gop nominee denied the report beside even if it's true. >> that's okay! i'll just stop funding the republican party. i am the one raising the money. >> there is trump's recent remarks about obama and clinton. >> isis is honoring obama. he is the founder of isis. >> he is the founder. >> the cofounder would be
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event in miami. >> i called obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> in reaction, clinton tweeted, no, barack obama is not the founder anyone willing to sink so low so often should not be allowed to serve as a commander in chief. new documents show a pay to play scheme during her time as secretary of state. >> hillary! hillary! >> she lays out the peconomic agenda in detroit looking to draw contrast to trump who spoke there this week. >> he spoke of failure, poverty and crime. she will release her tax returns which puts pressure
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tax return soon because they are under audit. when the audit is finished i will be pleased to give them. that is outside trump tower with robert and juliet ? back to you. >> this whole thing is crazy. >> not as crazy as mike over here on this flat surface tripping. thanks, robert. emergency crews rushed to the world trade center after a crane it happened at 8:30 p.m.. the building is under construction and it was unoccupied at the time with no one hurt. the spokesperson said the crane was reeling in the line when a gust of wind pushed the weighted ball into the window. here is what fdny says. >> the ball got to the 12th floor and caught a gust of wind. it hit a window on the 12th
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he says safety inspectors were on site with a cracked panel being replaced. >> a woman walking her dog was attacked on the upper west side. this is a police sketch. 20 ?30 years old. a muscular build and short brown curly hair. he was last seen wearing a gray shirt. the 48-year-old victim was walking her dog when the suspect headlock and try to kiss her. she fought back and bit him on the lip and he ran off. police would like to hear from you at one 800 577 tip . the suspect was still in bellevue undergoing psychiatric evaluation. police charged stephen regatta with reckless endangerment and criminal criminal trespassing.
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eluding police. they finally dragged him inside and he told officials he hope to meet donald trump. he wanted to have a one-on-one sit down. >> for more, stay tuned. two of the officers involved in the capture will be live in studio at 7:30 p.m.. a lot more coming up. mike is keeping track of the forecast on this sweltering friday. >> it will be brutal! there has been some showers with a mix guy making it hot and humid. it's a possibility of showers and storms making it strong and severe. you should be ready for it. headlines and alerts let you know what's going on
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act. more people getting caught
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in the first 10 days of august 60 people were arrested at belmar beach. swimmers are encouraged to stay alert while cooling off in the ocean. you can't just go out there and float around and think they're at risk grants. you have to know what to do. just swim parallel to the shore until you are okay >> so easy to panic when something happens. swim parallel to the shore and it will allow you to come in. >> michael says that. it happens quite often here. not only on the jersey shore but on long island. anyway ?it will be one of the weekends where everyone will want to be in the water. it will be very hot out there. lets take a look at the average. the average low as 69 and we are at 73 for a low. we will blast out that average heading out into the 90s. the record high as 97 and
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with the heat index feeling like it's much hotter than not. 105+. 74b0 in central park and 75 in islip. same thing in newark with 77b0 in bridgeport. dew point as high again with two points in the low 70s. 75 in belmar and same thing in montauk. we are in the oppressive range and also building in looks like the temeratures will be warmer than what we had yesterday. we have the pink shades with the excessive heat warning it's not an effect just today but it might extend into sunday. it might come back down but
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around 95 ?100. we will talk about 110 here in the city. the first round that came through this morning with another round looking lighter but it still holds together. we have the overall weather set up up the heat and humidity in the tri-state. often times it's going in the afternoon and the future says the same thing. the area of high pressure sits in the same spot so we see it happening again in the afternoon and evening. it settles down the overnight hours. it won't be completely clear but that's what the whole forecast holds. 105 ?110 with a high of
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out into tuesday. lots of shower chances. let's bring in christina who is here for ines. quite a few problems out there. >> nothing too dramatic. we do have a situation with these downside on the grand central. the roadway was temporarily closed down. it's also on the bqe with a stalled vehicle. on the eastbound side there is construction taking our one ?two lanes with a lot of volume surrounding areas. we will see a lot going on three way and it's pretty
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no construction or instance and everything is running close to speed. we will take a look at the fdr first. 79th street. now the tappan zee bridge looking really nice. i love this picture. it's a beautiful shot with the new construction and no delay across the span now. the tappan zee bridge is a big option. some of the trains are running on or transit looking past it. will keep you up-to-date with the alternate side up to date. >> thank you. details now on the case of the jogger mover last week. please have narrowed it down to 1:00 p.m. ?3:00 p.m. on sunday. she worked for google here in the city. she was visiting her parents and police say the attacker was a man and she fought back. she injured him.
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bruises. therefore, we would ask that anyone who has observed a male with these types of injuries that would have been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state police line. >> officials say her body was burned and she may have been sexually assaulted. police have no suspects. >> $219,000 has been raised since tuesday on the katrina fund me page. friends and family set the page up to raise reward money leading to the arrest of her killer. lots of people are pitching in. that's in response to the award given by nypd. it's just blocks from her home. if you have information call crime stoppers at one
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public the infamous video of the toronto mayor. he passed away from cancer and when news of the video was reported three years ago it set off a political firestorm. the board denied that he smoked crack but later admitted to a substance abuse problem and he entered rehab. the video wasn't accessible to the public until now. it was part of a pending court case. twitter responds to political tweets. >> 5:21 am. the day is coming right
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a record day on wall street after the industry closes at a all-time high. the first time it's happened since 1999. the dow ended at 117 points ?18,006 13. the nasdaq up 5228. the snp added 10 points to 21.
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analyst credit the rally to rising oil prices and strong reports from a number of large retailers. they also say it's a stronger job market >> the former ceo denies a report that he censor reports about obama. buzzfeed says he had employees deploy an algorithm to weed out abusive tweets. one source says the same thing was done during a q&a with caitlin john. as part of a program to celebrities. he says it's sensationalist nonsense. twitter responded saying it had inaccuracies. >> 5:27 am. you have the top stories when you come back. stay with us ?fox 5 is back in a moment. >> they are getting ready
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good day wake up >> robert moses doesn't like jane's addiction. headline news! >> the second headline is that it will be very hard. the impressiveness will continue with the heat index indices today like an occupied. octopus. >> hundred and five ?110b0. mike will have all the wonderful details, coming up. >> republicans calling on the national committee to stop spending money to help donald trump's campaign. the money is better used to help republicans and other races. mary blodgett was under fire. this time he is handing out hefty raises to several staff members. the government watchdog group says one staff member got a raise of 142%. >> preseason football is underway with the judge taking on the jaguars. combining to get the jets
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sister station taking on the miami dolphins. you always have football. >> it's typically a 2% increase. >> that's a lot of money. >> robert ?good morning. >> let's get over to michael. >> is there any chance the game could get rained out tonight? >> there is! here's the thing ?in a si will want to get it and then you can weed these storms out typically. it's not a situation where it will rain all day. it comes and goes like it has been. it will be hot and humid out there and that will be the other story. we do have an excessive heat warning going into effect until 8:00 pm and that includes the philly corridor and in new york
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island. it goes into the western hudson valley. heat index will expect to go one 10 and that is some nasty stuff. just be ready for that later on. 76b0 and bridgeport and a cooldown with some rain coming through. look how high your dew point as. heat combination so there is the cluster late last night and early this morning. they will get out of here an hour or so and we have dryer coming this conditions coming out as. high-pressure keeping us on
5:33 am
several showers and strong chances are out there. let's bring in christina to take a look at what's going on with the commute. >> is a loaded question. on days when you think it's quiet it's not. we will look at the map. accident being cleared away here so the roadway will close down but now we see lanes reopened. it's right near roosevelt where we start to see delays. the issue on the bqe west with a stalled vehicle. we had construction with one or two lanes blocked. it's the southbound side near paramus road with one
5:34 am
it's possible but just be careful. is moving into the east #alex in 19 with an accident happening with the truck. a ton of traffic here. something to keep in mind. getting slow with rubbernecking. now, and the belt parkway will be the next picture. one issue if you will be traveling along the five train. you will want to keep that in mind. the li double r is looking good. so is the past train running on are close to schedule.
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area to the road on the white house. donald trump keeps up his criticism of obama. >> he will not back down as tom petty says. even though others want him to. gauger was following the road to the white house and she is outside. >> good morning. >> donald trump's poll numbers continue to slip. that he made. he is doing with another problem. >> can you imagine? losing to her? can you imagine? >> fox news confirms that 70 republicans have sent a letter to the committee chairman.
5:36 am
they asked him to fund the senate races. >> the gop presidential nominee denies all the reports and says even is true. >> that's okay. >> all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. i am the one raising the money. >> there trumps reports between obama and hillary clinton. >> isis is honoring obama. he is the founder of isis. >> crooked hillary clinton. >> he doubles down on the comments during an event in miami. >> i call obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> in reaction, they say
5:37 am
often should never be able to serve as the commander in chief. >> dealing with fallout after documents show a possible pay to play scheme and her time as secretary of state. >> hillary! hillary! hillary lays out her agenda in detroit looking to bring contrast. >> he talks only a failure, poverty and crime. he is missing so much about what makes michigan great. donald trump asked about recent polls that showed him behind. what he will be doing to bridge the gap. trump responded by saying, i will just keep doing the same thing i'm doing right now and in the end it will work or i will have a very nice long vacation.
5:38 am
out the time pay raises causing taxpayers millions. teresa feel the is live now at city hall to break down the numbers. the raises are well into the double digits. sometimes into the triple. >> that is correct! almost every employee received a pay raise. the price tag is $2 million. this includes a 13,000 pump for the chef at gracie mansion. >> the cash is flowing and it's coming from your piggy bank. that's according to the albany based watchdog group . mill bill de blasio doled out the races to 475 employees. that's during the 2016 physical year. some of those races were
5:39 am
monica klein received a 39% bump in pay running up to $125,000. she is about to take a leave of absence to work on hillary clinton's campaign. the office assistant was promoted to the special assistant and her pay went from 38,000 ?92,000. coordinator title and the salary sort 48% ?$126,000. she saw his salary increased 13% from 102,000 ?115,000. by far the most common increase at 2 1/2%. it's online with workers in the last contract.
5:40 am
period. the mayor says the raises are necessary to retain skilled staff. >> the same watchdog group got over 300 city employees doubling their base pay and overtime. 168 employees were paid over 100,000 just an ot. that's the latest from outside city hall. we send things back over to you. >> to say. >> that's outrageous! >> thank you, teresa. it will be easier to cool down. new york state is extending the operating office hours for pools and beaches. remaining open until 8:00 p.m.. sprinklers will be tom turned on in the east river state park.
5:41 am
>> michael, frolic frequently? >> he is a good frolic or. >> warning in effect. it's today and tomorrow with a heat index of february 1, 2005 ?110. take it easy outside. stay inside if you can. go inside summer cool. storms on the way with the localized flooding possible out there. the weekend outlook is more of the same. doesn't look like these will change for the better but they get worse with temperatures going out. we have the heat warnings
5:42 am
we have heat advisories outside of that were they will be at 100b0. your actual temperature 75 and the sun is not even up yet. once it gets up there you will feel it pretty quickly. early morning storms with showers coming through new jersey and the court of the tri-state. a little splash ?action. that's nothing compared to what the area of high pressure brings up the heat and humidity. you can see it on the future cast. these storms fire through and is not impossible to get in the morning. it's the same old story. highs in the low ?mid-90s.
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next few days. we will get a break in the middle of next week. don't forget the weather up with the itunes store in google play store. it is free with headlines and alerts. how are we doing? >> we are having a lot going on. we keep seeing the accidents popping up. keep looking at the lie. we haven't asked accident cleared away. we are seeing an issue on the grand central in the area of roosevelt avenue. both directions will see a jam because of an accident. lots of emergency activity and rubbernecking going on. closure of the robert moses causeway. lots are blocked off because of an accident that
5:44 am
it's a live shot by the area of wellwood avenue. things are running along close to speed and another picture of the turnpike looking nice in the area of the airport. doesn't matter if you are north or south. tings are running up to speed. parking rules are in effect. robert and juliet ?back to you. >> the latest in sports coming up. he still played a role in helping them when.
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donald trump continues his harsh rhetoric. fox news confirms more than 70 republicans sent a letter to the rnc asking that funds set aside for trump be redirected to the republican senate and house races. trump shook it off saying he is the one raising the money for the party >> an awful story in massachusetts. the brutal murder of
5:48 am
and scraping her attacker. she was killed on sunday between 1:00 ?3:00 while jogging near her parents home in massachusetts. so far there are no suspects. >> a piece of construction crane hit a window on three world trade center. it was an unloaded line when a gust of wind push the weights into the window. it is unoccupied. the end of an era at yankee stadium after alex rodriguez will play his final game. >> duke is live in the bronx live with more on this big game. dude, good morning. >> i have covered a rod since he has been here. this was a little bit strange. last night was his last
5:49 am
tampa bay. here is what will happen. they wrapped up their series and let's pick it up in a thinning. before we get to a rod ?it was jacoby ellsbury with them down 2/1. he was 0/3 and it's the bases loaded with a soft grounder. the yankees wind up winning and they are three games out. alex rodriguez is a remember of the yankees with pregame coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. now, down to the mets. the yankees actually have a better record than the mets. they went to the world series with big things expected.
5:50 am
card and they got five of the last six. a lot of rumors with terry collins on the hot seat. here's what happened. day two ?no ascender guard on the mound. he got pulled early. he gave up six runs in the six. diamonds shut them down livid after the game. he threatened some of his players that they would go to aaa. that's of his squad and turned around. the mets are back to 557. preseason football with ryan fitzpatrick taking on the jaguars. the jaguars are up 10/0. he finds him to cut the lead at 10/7. he replaced fitzpatrick with the one year anniversary of getting his
5:51 am
smith found his receiver going on to win at 7/13. big blue takes on miami at 7:00. >> but go back to rio. more gold for the united states. let's go on and show you what happened with sony manual and penniless yak of canada tying for the gold with the women's 100 m freestyle. win and i like olympic gold medal. michael phelps continues the gold-medal. brian finished fifth. it's the fourth gold-medal of the real games with 22nd in his career. simone biles won the woman's all-around gymnastics settlement with the fourth street women to win the all-around title.
5:52 am
the rain is falling now. i talked to someone very close in a rod's inner-circle and asked them ?to questions? will he play after this? the person said i don't think so. >> what happened to greenstein? >> tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the team. he will get his plaque in monument park. they probably don't want that game there either. saturday and sunday ?look out. he may never step on the field. juliet and robert. >> wouldn't that be very status quo.
5:53 am
storms. we had a clear sky at 74b0. winds coming in from the southwest and temperatures in the area at 75b0. two points are high. we will have the potential for storms popping into the area. it's a little bit higher in the area with the heat and humidity in the tri-state. the fronts that are off to the north and west are not moving much. still stuck in the weather pattern for a little while to come. the heat does build in even more so. high pressure is down to the south and storms fire
5:54 am
we get more of the same. high temperatures in the low ?mid-nineties and it will feel like we are at 105/110. excessive heat warnings today and tomorrow and sunday in the next few days. we are going to talk about the issues on the lie. the eastbound side and westbound side in the area underneath street will be let's go outside. a live luck at what's going on in the area of the lie. it's the area of 108th street is with both lanes paused. it's definitely a spot you want to avoid. crossing now and bound with all three moving well.
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[laughter] if you miss her last night she will be back on saturday. >> the trailer for the new movie has debuted. >> not that one ?the other
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in the star wars franchise. it will steal the original guest star. >> top of the 6:00 ?coming up. >> ? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ? ? ? introducing new olay eyes. a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion,
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