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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a watch dog group reporting 475 a employees received raises? the 2016 fiscal year this is video from that crane incident yesterday. but we'll have more on the story about the mayor staffers coming up and raises they got. j maybe they ran from the city hall area and went to worlded trade and tried to help out over there. they would deserve 140% raise, of course, why not? >> teresa is on that sandra, she's a fan of our show and she's a great tweeter and wrote meanwhile my husband nypd who puts his life on the line daily can't even get a decent raise smh. j talk about that story morning and a lot of uk taw about weather first of all, are we going to get the a-rod game in tonight and concerts look this weekends? >> central park. >> i think they're going to happen out there butten cans will miserable and chance was storms they're out there for both
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afternoon and evening so timing not good either. you see what happened yesterday similar to that and they're hit and miss all over the place. so luck of the draw on that one. 75 degrees central park and pretty warm. or temple came up a little bit in last couple of hours here. 77 out at bridgeport. 73 poughkeepsie. lower mid-70s right now in belmar means the air has a lot of moisture to it again. again we're in that oppressive range in terms of what it feels like especially int looks like we're in that 71 to 75 degree dew point range so when it comes to sweating process it does not do a good job on a day like today. keep that in mind. loose light weight colored it clothing get in the shade as much as possible. drink lots of water you need it. now we've got showers early this morning some crossing the northeastern section of new jersey right now in the city.
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deal at all but later on we expect bigger storms to fire up again like yesterday. high pressure directing up that hot high pressure and they're not going anywhere. overall this area of high pressure looks like it is going to pretty much sit and hang out for a while that keeps us in hot, humidded side of it all with a few storms that come in the afternoon that's what future cast indicates for you today. and then a break in overnight evening, afternoon, and same old thing over and over but heat intensifies that's why we have excessive heat warnings now in effect for five boroughs that's pink shaded area here as well as philadelphia corridor. heat index values up to 105 to 110 and outside that is nasty are stuff. elsewhere still you'ring loo at heat index values up to 95 to 100. and next couple of days tack it easy in the peek of the heat and
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temporarily that will be coming through her and there. 95 hotter tomorrow. about the same on sunday expts it starts to come back down in workweek and storm chances through, though. it's a rough stretch we have going on as heat wave is coming to town. e let's bring in christina stoffo busy in the l.i.e. you've to come through there. >> that whole area so many accidents right here so let's talk about a couple of things eastbound side of the road outer roadway is closed down right in the area of northern boulevard so we're dealing with a ton of traffic here. also bqe has a crash and then l.i. te. not looking good. outside to a live picture on l.i.e. right now so eastbound side coming towards e me. we have an a accident in 108th street it has cleared and eastbound side looking much better. the westbound side, however, not looking good. just woodhaven boulevard and
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jammed up with rubber nobodying we're looking at excess uv delays on westbound l.i.e. into the area of woodhaven bull stlairngd to keep in mind this is going to mess up your morning commute. you want to allow yourself a lot of extra time. some other things going on like five train northbound delays because of signal problems at morris park so you're wanting to keep that in mind but lirr and new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule and alternate is in effect. back to you. >> thank you very >> thank you. donald trump continues to keep u up -- his rhetoric when it comes to president obama and hillary clinton being founders of isis not backing down even though republicans are are also pushing him to and putting some financial pressure on him. trying to. >> fox 5 kerry drew live this morning outside truch tower with more on this and all of the other political goings on. kerry good morning to you. >> robert and juliet good morning to both of you.
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made earlier this week about president obama and hillary clinton all of this as he's dealing with another growing problem major decent from within his own party. >> can you imagine losing to her? with donald trump poll numbers falling fox news confirming that 70 republicans have sent a letter to republican national committee chairman reince pree bis that letter urging to pull republican senate and house races. on fox news denied reports but even if that's true -- >> all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. i'm the one raising the money. >> and then remarks about president obama and hillary clinton. >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis.
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he's the founder. [applause] he founded isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> trump doubling down on those comments during an event in miami. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. in reaction to those remarks clinton tweeted, quote, no barack obama is not the founder of isis anyoning will to sink solo allowed to serve as our commander in chief. meanwhile clinton dealing with fallout from latest e-mail scandal new documents showing a possible pay to play scheme during her time as secretary of state. clinton laying out her economic agdz in detroit looking to draw a contrast to trump who spoke there earlier this week. >> he talked only of failure, poverty, and crime.
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>> recent polls show donald trump trailing hillary clinton i some battleground states like iowa, ohio, and pennsylvania. donald trump was asked during an interview yesterday what he plans to do to bridge the gap to win those states he said, quote, i'll just keep doing the same thing i'm doing right now at the end it's going to work or i'm going to have a nice, long vacation outside live trump tower this morning. back to you. >> kerry thank you. manhattan. emergency crews rush to three world trade center last night after a crane mismap >> a piece of it struck a window on 1*9 floor happened after 8:30 last night. the building is actually under construction. so there was nobody inside at the time so no one was hurt. cons qengtly and reeling in unloaded line when a gust of wind pulled the pullly system into the window of the building.
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>> in the building on 12th floor hit a window oned 12th floor. five windows in on north side of the building. juliet: just backing it up. they were onsight last night and a cracked panel will be replaced. >> seems it pays to work for the mayor. pays and pays and pays -- for some people mayor de blasio hand out hefty pay raises costing taxpayers millions. fox 5 teresa priolo live at city hall with the somewhat extraordinary numbers. >> that they are, good morning to both of you, i mean, listen when with you hear these number this is morning you wonder why you didn't put in an application. almost every employee at the mayor's office received a bump in pay in 2016. the totally price tag $2 million. we're talking about one person
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bump in pay and also the chef at gracy mansion who got an additional 13,000. >> the cash is flowing at city hall and it's coming from your piggy bank. according to the albany based watch dog group empire center for public policy mayor de blasio dolled the raises to 447 of his 475 employees. during the 2016 fiscal year, and new york post reports those raises were hefty. 21 of them were 20% or more. here are just a few. this the mayor press seacialght monica klein received a 39% bump in pay. bringing her earnings from 90,000 to 125,000. she's about to take a leave of absense to work on the complain and diaz promotedded to special assistant.
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$92,000. quinton hayes kept his had research projects coordinator title but hi salary soared 48% to $126,000. and gracy mansion cooke saw his salary increase 13% from 1,200 to $15,000 by far the most common increase was 2.5% in line with what municipality workers received in during the same period of. mayor says raises are necessary to retain skilled staff. >> now that same watch dog group yulessed the new york state website see through new york to it look at other pay raises an bumps in salary and found that over 300 employees city wide doubled their base pay in 2016 and get this robert and juliet
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$100,000 just in overtime latest from outside city hall this morning. back it both of you in the studio. >> thanks so much. a woman walking a dog attacked on upper west side. showout sketch of the suspect 20 to 30 years old 155 pounds with a muscular build short brown curly hair wearing gray shirt and khaki shorts. 48-year-old victim was walking her dog it in riverside park when the suspect put her in a head lock, tried tois she fought back, bits him on the lips, he ran off. if you have any information call crime stoppers twuld 577. tips. mike is here with a check of the forecast. [laughter] mike: yeah, warm. we're going to take it up a notch or two here. 75 degrees now that may not sound that bad but that's because rain comes through the
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we have a mixed sky of very hot humid day with showers and storms expected as well. right now there are few passing showers over the city and in and out fatherly quickly. download fox 5 weather app at the aye toons and google play store with headlines and alerts and all sorts of great stuff. radar everything that you needs. we'll be back in a little bit. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. ? ? ?
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>> welcome back more people are getting caught in dangerous rip currents at the "jersey shore" forcing life guards to jump in and save them. currents are causing a rise in life guard rescues this summer and first ten days of august 60 people were rescued at belmar beach alone. swimmers are encouraged to stay alert while cooling need to cool off plenty over this weekend. >> it is going to be hot, hot, hot and rainy potentially. >> we've got a little bit of everything happening out there so, i mean, tempted to be out there at the beach and here are beach conditions. beach forecast for you today uv index up to 9 which is very high. rip current risk high yesterday and high again today and probably for a couple of days that southwest wind coming through 10 to 15 and ocean wave height around 3 to 5 feet so
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folks want to get in especially on days like this hot and humid and scattered about. same thing for you in newark, dew points are in low to mid-70s so it's a pretty much oppressive here in tristate region. it could go further north of that. but yeah as far as the dew points go, but it's already bad enough it can a quick look at the heat index numbers but feel like 79 central it. 85 in belmar and these numbers are going up to 105 to perhaps as high as 110 later on. that's not good. anyhow a we can showers came through this morning. second one with overt city looks like it is helicoptering to fall apart as it heads out of the city towards long island. but there will be potential for more shorris and a storms out there. we've got area of high pressure
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acting up bermuda high helping to lock things in place so with that being the case we have a stagnant weather pat rn typically storms in the afternoon and evening but most likely will see them. same thing for as well as next little to no change and a some time later on sunday that front would cross through the area but it doesn't look like it is going to make much progress until then but slowly but advance on future cast and clear the area. again, excessive heat warning in effect for core of the tristate. northeast new jersey western long island, lower hudson valley heat index 105 to 110 coming at you for today and tomorrow and extend into sunday as well. showers and storms most of which in the afternoon. high in the city is up to around 92. scattered storms later this
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high of 92 today. 95 tomorrow the peak of the heat. stays humid with storms in the mix through tuesday and starts to cool down and dry out just a little bit to the middle of next week. by the way, we have a weather information and text weather to 70377 you don't have to have a smart phone but a clam shell phone will do. >>people have that? >> we it. it took me a while to fig e-figure that one out because they couldn't either. you can hear christina stoffo and she's in shock with the clam shells exist. >> when people sought flip phone that is funny. >> we have a lot going on the road a pretty bad accident that happened on westbound side of 80 near 58 involving tractor trailer jackknifed with three
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slowing down moving into this spot and we're still seeing this flooding of southbound side by pram mass road use caution traveling through that spot. now we have a couple of things here. westbound bqe out to atlantic avenue that that's an accident blocking multiple planes near williamsburg bridge that's in the process of being cleared away and west out through northern boulevard seeing an accident there. that's causing a pretty he felty delay and now outside toe l. ti. e. we're seeing a ton of traffic on westbnd woodhaven boulevard where outer roadway is closed and main line is so heavy with rubber necking so right past area of woodhaven boulevard is traffic is so jammed up moving into this spot. eastbound side towards me crowded but moving we have an accident earlier at 108th street cleared away e but westbound side definitely not looking good for you right now. we're still seeing northbound delays on your five train because of signal problems at morris park, and metro-north lirr, new jersey transit path
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good news. alternate side of the street parking rules they're in effect today. back to you. suspect who tried to side of trump tower is at bellevue hospital undergoing psychiatric evaluation. yesterday police charged 19-year-old steven of great falls virginia with reckless endangerment an criminal trespassing on wednesday as you probably saw using four heavy suction cups he spent three hours on side of the building alluding cops and inside to danger of themselves actually. he told officials he wanted to meet donald trump and have a teat to teat. more on this story you can stay tuned to "good day new york" two of the officers involved in that capture, capturing steven live in the studio at 7:30 this morning. smg could have gone horribly wrong. trying to grab the guy. whew. allall righty less than a week after a boy killed at a water
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a three-year-old fell off a ride in pennsylvania. >> this happened at idyllwild. the young by and his brother were on a hispanic woodsen roller coaster built back in 1938 and it goes 25 miles per hour so no restraints or seat belts. >> a boy riding the roller coaster with his brother injured while riding the attraction. the boy was conscience while being treated on >> amusement park says roller coaster will remain closedded while this investigation is underway. plenty more coming up this morning. >> it is 6:22. we will be right back stay with us. spicy girls. >> friendship never --
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>> welcome back u 6:26 turning to the "health watch" marijuana may be legal for medical use in much of the country but to the feds it is still a controlled substance. yesterday the dea announced drug will remain illegal even for million medical use. the reason it is keeping marijuana in same class as heroin because it is highly addictive and there's no evidence that drug is effect ich
6:26 am
disorder, psdz did relax for medical research involving the drug. world health organization said lowering alcohol content will drop from 6 to 4% reduces the risk of accidents injuries and potential alcohol related diseases later in life. it stays nearly a quarter of the deaths of people in their 20s and 30s involve alcohol. findings appear in the lancet journal. >> almost 6:30 the show is just rolling on by. juliet: seems like it it is 5:08 going to drift away just for a couple of minutes but hope you drift back to us. juliet: slowly drifting away --
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>> introducing robert moses to the music of shikari curse words
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but oppressive heat will continue and heat indexes will reach -- maybe 105, 110. iindices as bobby likes to say. top republican calling to stop spending money to help donald trump. they say that funding should be used to help republicans in other races. >> a record day on wall street all three major us stock indices closed at all time h 19 99 final game for iowa a rod yankees slugger says good-bye tonight in the bronx. by the way i just saw a rainbow outside of yankees stadium could that be a positive omen for -- a-rod want to? >> could it be from up above say gone, show presidents rainbow out there. that's terrible. just joking. >> i'm robert moses.
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6:30. robert: having a good time today broadening my horizons. expanding my scope. mike: was listening to that. i couldn't identify -- juliet: a popular band in the u.k. might want to take a listen. google them. mike: lements get you through the day here show you what's happening around the tristate region. nasty conditions with excessive heat warning in effect for the not only the five bor is core of the tristate in the metro area including nassau county. not suffolk county but also southern westchester county and look like heat index numbers up to 105 and 110 today as well as tomorrow. and heat advisory elsewhere with heat index values up to 95 to 100 degrees for next couple of days. what we have your actual temp 75 degrees central park. same in newark. 77 in bridgeport.
6:32 am
that's a pretty rough number out there putting us in oppressive range in terms of what it feels look heat, humidity combination just not good. very uncomfortable for next couple of days. locally, well we had a couple opportunity that rain, in fact, a lot of us got it. first round through early this morning. second one just came u through and u now getting out of here and dying the but hot, humid weather will continue because that area of high pressue isn't going anywhere any time soon. 92 today. 95 both of the days covered by excessive heat warning with in the corps. of the metro area and it does get cooler early next week but not much. so hang with us folks. let's get over to christina with an jpt on what's happening with the backup and l.i.e. then a problem today. >> definitely seeing a lot of pretty bad accidents the there. first let's take a look at the bqe eastbound, and westbound side of the atlantic avenue both of the spots are heavy because
6:33 am
l.i.e. in just a second. but first become to route 80 because eastbound side moving into the area of exit 19 we're dealing with an accident with overturned dump truck not looking good. now let's take a live look at what's going on on route 80 but area of exit 58 you see this police activity because of an accident involving jackknife tractor trailer that means one lane is duetting by for you. in area of route 80 not looking good. l.i.e. not looking gd we have westbound side jammed into woodhaven boulevard we have a bad accident on out per roadway. outer roadway remains blocked after woodhaven boulevard and jammed up. everybody is rubber necking as they pass the area. westbound l.i.e. physical you travel past this spot definitely allow yourself a lot of extra time. your five train, northbound train especially running with delays still because of the signal problems at morris park. and all of your other trains
6:34 am
on or close to schedule. juliet and robert back to you. >> thank you christina. donald trump continues to keep up harsh criticism of the president and hillary clinton. he doesn't like to back down if you haven't noticed even though a lot of republicans are really pushing him to and they're hanging in the whole financial thing over him. fox 5 kerry drew following road to the white house this morning outside of trump tower. good morning. >> robert and juliet good morning to both of you not a great couple of weeks for donald trump his poll numbers continue to slide but h down on controversial comments he made about president obama an hillary clinton. and also dealing with another growing concern, a lack of support from fellow republicans. >> can you imagine us looing to her? no, can you panel? >> with donald trump's poll numbers falling fox news is confirming that more than 70 republicans have sent a letter to republican national committee chairman reince priebus that
6:35 am
funding from trump campaign to finance senate and house raises instead. on fox news gop presidential nominee denied the reports but said even if that that's true -- >> that's okay too because all i have to do is stop fund the republican party. i'm the one razz the money. and then trump recent controversial remarks about president obama and hillary clinton. >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of the founders. he founded isis. and i would say that cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. trump doubling down on those comments during an event in miami. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. in reaction to those remarks clinton tweeted, quote, no
6:36 am
so low so often should not serve as our commander in chief. meanwhile clinton is dealing with fallout from latest e-mail scandal. new documents showing a possible paid to play scheme during her time as secretary of state. [chanting] clinton laying out her economic agenda in detroit looking to draw a contrast to trump who spoke there earlier this week. >> he talked only of failure, poverty an crime. he's makes michigan great! >> aids for hillary clinton say she'll be release her 2015 tax returns soon which, of course, is putting pressure on donald trump to do the same. donald trump has been asked numerous times about this. and he was asked yet again last night and said he will not be releasing tax returns under routine audit he said, quote, when audit is finished i'd be pleased to give them. latest from here outside trump tower this morning.
6:37 am
former ceo of twurt is denying a report about president obama. >> buzz feed citing anonymous sources said he had employees deploy during the president digital town hall in may of 2015. one source says the same thing was done during a k and a with caitlyn jenner part of a program to woo selects. he deny its that calling it sensationalist nonsense. tw story had inaccuracies. >> mta is not collecting nearly half of the fines owed by fair dodgers and a violators. court a new audit by state comptroller office costing the agency at least 13 million in rev u revenue over last two and a half years. report says in cases the information on summons are incomplete or inaccurate. mta says computer upgrades
6:38 am
public that infamous video of late former toronto mayor rod ford smoking crack and passed away in march when news of the video was reported e three years ago it set off a political fire storm and ford denied that he smoked the drug but later admitted to a substance abuse problem and entered rehab. video had been inaccessible to the public until now because it was part of a pending court case. >> all righty fox means business. joining us now business studio is lauren simonetti what they could expect a day after a historic day on wall street. >> you know it's friday i'm excited, but this is the excitement that i felt on new yore's eve back in 1999. what? why am i partying like it's 1999 an channeling prince god bless his soul because dow, that's nasdaq and s&p 500 closed at record highs in 1999 ma is
6:39 am
your portfolio check out that 401(k) probably looking good up certainly this week up seven weeks in a row if it does turn positive at the end of today. we have highs even, though, it might not feel like the stock market should be at the record highs when you exist in this economy. when you're struggling to make ends meet. but there aren't many places to get return on your investment so u.s. is considered safer than other countries and u.s. stock market attractive thanon a savings account that doesn't serve interest. but two big things that happened that fueled this 1999 party. first one, the retailers, everybody struggling to compete with amazon. but mesas actually said it's closing 100 stores. that enmoos they're trying to refocus and return money to shareholders. nordstrom posted better than expected numbers so all of this helped consumer success for and oil prices rose 4% that lifted
6:40 am
things together, you have this market that's on fire. >> i don't ever check had my 401(k) because i get so nervous about it. like a roller coaster and hold on to optimistic thoughts. tracking s&p you're u up 7.this year. >> that's pretty good are. ignorance is bliss but sometimes it is in this case -- we can check our 401(k)s. thanks lauren. thank you. and if you love lauren like we business network. >> it is beginning to be easier to cool o down during this brutal heat. >> new york state is extending operating hours for state pool, parks, beaches remain open through 8 p.m. in the city sprinklers turned on at the plaza and east river state parks. mike is beginning to be happy that the sprinklers are going to be on. youyou can go frolic. ever been around when they open
6:41 am
fun. [laughter] that happened during one of our actually happened during a blackout that we had many moons ago. but that was kind of fun. anyway, not suggesting to go out there to do it but do what you have to do. excessive heat warning in effect for you todays for the heat this afternoon as well as tomorrow afternoon. heat index values up to around 105 to 110 we haven't seen that in a long time. more storms possible today with localized flood possible with bigger s outlook pretty much the same more of the same coming at you saturday and perhaps into sundays too. all right let's get you over to chris that right now, and take a snapshot of what's happening with with the commute. anything better yet? >> nope, bad especially with l.i.e. we're definitely seeing a lot of trouble in this area buzz of a bad accident westbound. let's take a live look at the l. i. e. westbound side moving into the area of woodhaven boulevard jammed bad accident happened in
6:42 am
down and main line of the road is jammed up all because of rubber necking delays so westbound l.i.e. not the place for you right now. now we're going to take a look at spots duke is at yankees stadium. good morning, duke. rm good morning christina lsht tonight a-rod last game is a member of the yankees last night, his last game at the fenway park as a member of the yankees. we'll discuss yes, a-rod the topic of the day. we'll have the latest, also happy birthday to phones -- tweets us all of the time. happy birthday. ? ? fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in.
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> we don't have fun here on friday -- [laughter] continues harsh rett recognize are against president obama and hillary clinton. fox news confirmed that 70 republican sent a letter to rnc asking funds set aside from trump redirected to senate and house races.
6:46 am
the one raising the money for the party. >> new details in brutal murder of smr cot. new york city says they fought back scratching, bruising her attacker and killed between 1 in the afternoon near jogging in massachusetts no suspect so far. >> no injuries after a piece of a crux crane hit a windows at 3 world trade sther. crane was reeling innl pullly weight into the window. the building is unoccupied. j an era after 12 seasons alex rodriguez will play final game in pin stripes may go somewhere else but that's happen hadding tonight. >> duke castiglione live at yankees stadium with a preview. hello there, duke. >> and not play thursday base he
6:47 am
be dh tonight last game ever as a member of the yankees. now last times boston last in boston started career with maror ins in boston, before we get to iowa roted 8th inning down 2-1 rips line drive rights here, and two runs come in. two batters later, a-rod at bat bases loaded for him. sacrifice no, that's an recognize comes in. yankees win it 4-2 iowa roted goes 0-4 with the rbi. now to mets and this is hard to believe, after they went to world series last year and we expected big things this year, the yankees actually have a better record at this point. met three games out wild card
6:48 am
could manager terry colins with be on hot seat yesterday at city field it wasn't pretty. noah syndergaard gives up three, and he gets pulled early. jonathon you remember him. they traded for him that's how desperate they are for relief pitching he gave up six in the sixth. diamondbacks shut out in the fifth. livid after the game, the squad doesn't turn it around. and first time they've been 500 since april. preseason football ryan fitzpatrick and jets taking on jacksonville. up 10-0. second quarter, pitts patrick finds four yard touchdown that cut it 10-0. gee e geno smith of smith punched in his jaw. broken jaw led to fitzpatrick getting starting job last night.
6:49 am
zone. 17 yard touchdown pass and they win 17-13 the fennel final catch giants tonight on our sister station "my 9" and kick off their preseason exhibition schedule big blue takes on miami starting at 7:00. in rio, the olympics yes more gold for the united states. 20-year-old simone and one of conditioned tied for gold in women 100 african-american woman to women olympic melds in swimming and michael phelps won easily and yes michael phelps he, of course, won the 200 meter individual medley and this is his 22nd gold medal in his career. and on the match simone biles won the women all around
6:50 am
american to win all around title. so that is story we're live from yankees stadium this, of course, will be a-rod last ever game as member of the yankees i asked somebody close to him last nooght in inner circle they think he will play next year they don't think so but did not rule out the possibility. 696 home runs 700 sounds better than 696 of course tonight the story we'll see what happens. there's always comes to a-rod. drama with a-rod. >> big question for mike is that game getting in rain free? >> rain free might be asking a lot. lch there's a good chance to get at least some showers. some of them are actually coming through right now this morning we've seen showers pass by central park reporting in last hour. 75 degrees, the rain is coming and going quickly and what we have this morning is not all that significant. winds from the south at 5 miles per hour.
6:51 am
monticello. 77 in bridgeport with a dew point quite high in low to mid-70s again. that air is choked up with water so it is difficult to breathe especially in the afternoon and evening so keep in mind if you've got to do something outdoors it is definitely something you want to do in the morning or late this evening. not in the peak of the heat but nasty then. all the storms have fizzled out maybe a sprinkle over the bronx but more potential to pop up high pressure in control and direct that hot an humid air into the tristate. those fronts to the north and west of us making a hard time into the tristate region to approach as we head from saturday into sunday. but as far as actually forcing its way through, that's probably not going to happen until some time earlier in the workweek here. allergy forecast here spores at a high level. uv index up to high 8 or 9 and air quality is pretty good because was rain that come on by.
6:52 am
and humid with high temp up to 92 in the city. still scattered showers later this evening into tonight. and then it should start to quiet down mild and muggy lows to 78. 95 your high tomorrow. again another excessive heat warning day for you tomorrow today and a tomorrow and start to back down in next week here. humidity back off by about midweek ore so. but up until then man storm chances hang with us. fox weather app with headlines and alerts download at the ready to go right now. good day will be back in just a little bit. when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation,
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>> good morning everyone. we're seeing a couple of bad accidents out on roadways first of all it's going to be route 80 westbound side right by exit 58 we a crash here with a jab knife tractor trailer. three lanes closed that mean one now outside to l.i.e. seeing ton of traffic on westbound side move into area of woodhaven boulevard where an accident had out oar roadway closed now start to see lanes open up. however, we're looking at bumper to bumper delays and a ton of traffic it's like a multimile delay into woodhaven billion vard west on l.i.e. allow yourself a lot of extra time this morning. alternate side of the street parking rule it is in effect today. robert and juliet back to you. j thank you barbra streisand
6:56 am
everybody is. made more memories to barclays center last night and somebody in this room was there last night. let's listen. what was that -- [inaudible] butter. 74-year-old paid a visit to brook listen in the only artist to have a number hit in each of six decades an, of course, sang them with a taste of her new duets album releasing 26th if you missed her last night she'll be back at barclays on saturday. ening i love the guilty album -- she's got good ones. trailer for new "star wars" movie not that "star wars"
6:57 am
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"good day new york". rosanna: it is friday. antwan: thanks for being with us this morning. rosanna: hazy, hot and humid. where were you when those showers were coming in? antwan: splash and dash. rosanna: it was a big splash. we can expect storms later. it has information for you at the weekend. antwan: police searching for the man who attacked a woman walking her dog in riverside park. he put her in a head lock and tried to kiss her but she managed to fight him off. rosanna: reports that more republicans are turning their backs on donald trump. he is explaining the comment he made accusing president obama of


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