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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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excitement about this might, a-rod taking the field as a yankee for the final time and we heard from alex rodriguez before the game, also, also joe girardi, also the fans. everyone here is hoping for one last special night. >> alexed regez accepted the end with grace. tonight, a-rod will take the field in a rank can is' uniform for the final time and batting third in the line-up. >> baseball has funny way shoulder when you least expect it and tells you the end. i am at peace. i am really excited. reporter: on an emotional might. how does a-rod hope to see the final time play out snoot if i can play couple of times, take it easy on the old man today, that would be cool. reporter: whether fans love him or hate him, the reality hit them, this is the last time a-rod will be in pinstripes. >> it is great.
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mistakes. everybody deserves a secondary chance. i think it will end up. >> it means a lot, actually. one of the best baseball players to play the game. i don't care. a lot of players on steroids. you know, he held composure with everything. i think it is a great hopper to be here with the last game. with all the screwups and how badly i acted. the fact i am walk out the door and how one is pat of the family. that is hitting 800 home runs for me. >> a-rod is four home runs away from 700 career home runs. he find himself in history. the fans we spoke to were all hopes for home runs. joe girardi was saying maybe this is not the way they like to send a-rod out. they want to see him playing third base but will be back in the center batting third as i mentioned. he is excited for this opportunity, really, just a lot of emotion, the fans and from inside of the stadium as well. the game will be on fox, they have pushed it back
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with a 30 heap minute pregame ceremony. that is something special for everyone tonight. we have full coverage, later on, on fox. following that game, so a lot to look forward to tonight. like i said, just emotional. steve, back to you. >> thank you, erica. presidential candidate, hillary clinton, released the tax and pressuring donald trump to do the same. >> boom. dan bowens is here. good evening, dan. reporter: crist ina, steve. all of this as "wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton has opened up a double-digit lead in some states like va have and colorado and up in pennsylvania. donald trump campaigned today and looking to get the campaign back on track and staying on the offensive. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> here is another one. go home to mom. go home to mom. reporter: don't expect donald trump to soften the tone noticed by this exchange of insults with
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for trump. she is voting for trump up. reporter: this message the gop members not supporting the campaign. >> you know what i say to them? get over it. we are having fun. get over it. reporter: but with the poll numbers senging, it is clear the gop nom nice aware something needs to change. the onstage introduction by rnc chairman an effort to show unity amid reports of uprising against them. >> gop operatives, this campaign has been potential threat to their power. reporter: on the other side, hillary clinton releasing the 2015 tax returns. the effort to ramp up pressure on donald trump to do the same. >> he refuses to do whateverrer presidential candidate in decades has done and released the tax returns. reporter: the democratic nominee and the former return showing the couple made $10.6 million in 2015 and paid about $2.3 million in
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34%. >> we are putting up with a lot of money. reporter: mr. trump who is funding the campaign says he will release after the audit. the billionaire coming off the roughest two weeks of the campaign, highlighted by several controversial remarks and now looking to clarify the repeated comments about president obama being the founder of isis. >> i say it all the time. so they knew i was being sar cassic. but now they are analyzing. did i really mean that? how could >> now there is a sliver of good news in this new "wall street journal" poll that shows trump has gained a bit of ground in florida. mr. trump's clearest path to victory winning ohio and pennsylvania. steve, back to you. >> thank you, dan. we have break aring new us now. one of the main subjects of the netflix making a murderer could be getting out of jail. a judge overturned the conviction in the murder of teresa back in 2005
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the case is appealed. dave if is the inof if i from the high school can kid who gave the confession on tape without a lawyer present who was tried and convicted in the homicide. >> severe turbulence injured two dozen people on jetblue and forced that plane to make an emergency landing. flight 429 was flying when it was diverted to south dakota. 24 people are hospitalized for minor in requires are. those onboard describe a very fri >> right in the huge cloud. boom. like flew up in the air. the whole plane shook. crazy. >> the storage thing on top, opened up completely, for a second and flew out. a bunch of people got hurt. a bunch of stuff fell down all over them. >> the injured passengers and crew members have been relassed from the
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>> high-tech keys may not be doing much to keep the cars secure. >> dana arson shows how hackers can open doors of millions. >> it is many drive ear worst nightmare. returning to their car, to find it has been broken into. >> car hacking has been a big topic for the last couple of years. and there has been very little movement, so far, to the car industry, to establish standard. reporter: pete, who is a tech editor for the website mashable says he is troubled to learn that security experts in way to hack the keyless entry system used on millions of cars. basically, this means that thieves could break into a car and steal items without even cracking a window. this is how it would work. >> the car has to sort of be broadcasting its own signal so that it can talk to the car, so it can talk to the key, if you can hack that signal, that the car is
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is looking for. >> the experts say, the remote entry systems on countless cars can made by volkswagen since 1695 can be croned to allow access to the vehicle, and also say another system used by other car brands can be compromised. the little shortcuts that we hike, are all putting us at risk. you know, i is frightening. >> in a statement, volkswagen tells us they agreed to have the findings published but without the sensitive used by accomplished criminals to break into vehicles. the findings obtained will serve to further improve the security technology. but many new york drivers tell us shall it may be better and safer to go back to the way things used to be. >> don't get the car keys out. 3:00 just get the keys. you know what sign in go old school if. >> old school. old school. now now now to be clear. this is not this type of car hacking being a widespread problem.
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can be hacked and could eye vntly be a potential problem. of course, just definitely good to be wear. it goes without saying, you should never leave anything of value in your car. back to you, christina? >> good advice shall are thank you. puerto rico's health secretary reported a big spike in the number of people affected. nearly 2,000 new cases were diagnosed in the past week. they are now nearly 12,000 cases on the island, more than 1,000 women. the virus is tied to severe birth defects this. the u.s. surgeon general exes all people to be affected by zika by the end of the year. >> crazy. the health department says people who visited farmingdale may have been exposed to hepatitis-a. a worker tested positive. people who drank beverages a the rest a ran july 19th, 23rd, 26th, or the 30th are at risk.
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free hepatitis-a treatment is available in great river until 7:00 tonight and from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 tomorrow. >> people in one long island village packed a board meeting this morning to try to stop a casino from being built in their come. >> the concerns fell on deaf ears. [chanting] reporter: while he started the chants inside of friday's board meeting, the village proved controversial we have a resolution approving the ap willing ication for a special permanent. reporter: the debate has been going on for months but the chaotic meeting minutes long. >> my attempt was just to make the voices of myself and others in the room known. >> the entertainment company that was hired by sulf kotb plans to operate up to 1,000 video lottery terminal machines inside of the hotel. the spokesperson tells
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begin this fall. 250 to 300 temporary machines would be ready to go by the end of this year, before the full operation sometime next year. residents who live in and around the village question the mayor's decision and say it will only cause crime and congestion. >> the slots are the crack cocaine of gambling. the board of trustees village mayor and attorney all declined on camera interviews but said in a statement, the casino will cut taxes up to. >> % and provide more than 200 jobs however attorneys representing the community say what happened inside was illegal. >> not one elected official asked the question and said, gee, mr. clerk or mr. mayor, or mr. attorney. where is the resolution i am voting on m. it is somebody now going to write the resolution up this afternoon. the il havage has five days to finalize the deal but those against it say they will continue to put up a fight. the plan moves forward
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crowed dy goldberg, "fox 5 news." >> and islip long line, announcing plans to rebuild in brentwood has been closed since 2014 after tons of debris was illegally dumped at the location. $2 million of state money al located to turn night a spray park similar to this one you see here on bay shore. no timetable has been set for when construction will be gyp. >> some of the finest pianos in the world are made here in new york. >> the craftsmanship that has made ste >> hus, a nonsurgical procedure that is helping people with
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>> finally considered to be this tine finest pi and nones world. >> allison takes a tour on the steinway's hall and life of luxury. ? ? ? report are report welcome. this steinway hall in midtown manhattan, the global flagship of stein which and sons ? ? ? ? ? ? this is our area and really is the state-of-the-art facility. we can have informational seminars, various types of maus call gatherings and state-of-the-art electronics so we can record, we can stream, we can perform and have it streamed out across the world or receive those performness as right here. note ? ? ?
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? including performances by steinway artists like ser de yo who is also stein which's director of technology. also april, stein which and sons moved in to the state-of-the-art facility designed by the third steinway hall in the company's 163 year history. >> a very new york company. in the 1840's. he moved with his sons to new york, the new world, if you will. he was cabinet mack are by trade, and he went companies that were here. 1853 he felt he had enough knowledge and experience in the new world to open up steinway ansons. this pi and oh, the shape of it was designed and pat ended by steinway. it is really not a trech to say that the modern grand piano of any brand was really something that steinway designed if. today, every single steinway piano in north america was hand crafted in queens.
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piano the own unique personality and takes nearly a year. >> the remarkable thing, it takes you have roughly around 300 different individuals to work on one piano. steinway has several different models on display in the street level retail space. from the 5's' 1 which starts at 63100 to the concert grand starting at 160900 and even limited addition pianos which the play. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? these are it because these are called the almost mitted edition collections this one has the artwork that was deseened by john len upon note ? ? ? ? ? ? over here, we have completely differented almost mitted. this was did he dee signed. the luxury glass manufacture mering. the crown jewel is
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? ? ? a high resolution reperformance system well the help of eye pad lays back actual performance into. we're able to recreate the perform in as of the greatest artists who have lived in the past. you know, vladimir, he can take video that they have made in years past. they are able to actually play back their performance in the living room and you can see them ? ? ? ? ? ? >> try a long one. >> for additional 15,000. some way they hope it will change the way it is streamed around the world. by new york-based tineway ap sons is the ultimate in musical luxury. >> as we know, the best of the best. there is no competition
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steinway. what they have done to marry technology were today and the future and bring it into a traditional instrument is quite remarkable ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> thanks for joining us. i will see you next time ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> beautiful. now only allison could sit at a steinway wearing a he sh is a rock star. >> wasn't wearing that outfit today. hot, hot, hot. meat you are right, steve. we're wearing light colored and lightweight clothing to keep comfortable. we have dangerous heat on tap for us. we got a taste of that across the tristate area today. 93 was the high number in in the park and 10 degrees above the average. of course, it felt hotter than when we factored in the humidity. this morning we start off with a muggy 73 and area-wide. in the 90's in some location like central
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toward sussex and new jersey. down the shore in bellmawr. cooled off to 88 at the moment. 87 in islip. 81 nice degrees toward montauk point. tonight, we have a mild and muggy evening with overnight lows in the 70's. some places may not get below 80 tonight. so going to be up comfortable across the area. the excessive heat warning as i mentioneds the top of the newscast and encompasses the entire state of tex and goes to the hudson valley ap now includes most of long island as well. this goes through sun kay. we index have val i theres well to 100 as we go through the weekend so do what you can to keep cool and keep safe. here is a look right?now. as i mentioned earlier. we have a couple of showers and thunderstormsp pooing up here. one strong one coming across rockland county and now fizzled out. now across central partials of new jersey starting to get in thises popping up here coming out of renton moving toward old bridge and heading toward long branch and asbury park shortly.
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experiencing downpour fuss are draffing down the state. up toward the hudson rally. we have one downburst coming across parts of rockland county and a couple of showers now working in across the pennsylvania border and moving along i-80 and be aware of that if you are driving westward out of the city across the northern sections of new jersey. now area wide, we are quiet like compared to last night. we have showers and storms popping up. we are under this influence of high pressure which is porm lay good thing for us. the way it is. the area is sitting over bermuda. we call that a bermuda high. on the back side of it. a southwest wind flow is bumming up and bumping up the heat across the region and that will continue for the next few days so going to stay in the upsetled hot weather pattern through sunday. a look at the future cast shows tonight. we will see showers and storms firing up. the one line came through so pecks this and tomorrow morning. a wake up like today with a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon after 2:00.
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umbrella handy as well as shower and storm thunderstormsp pooing upment we start out with sunshine. some clouds filtering in then the afternoon. the showers and storms pop up. the heat stays with us, too. no relief with the rain and going to stay muggy through sunday. tonight, for low numbers in the 70's to 80. very humid evening expected with scattered showerses and thorpes around 1:10 or 12:00 tomorrow, highs now closing i will feel well warmer than that and looks k it will stay hot and humid to the be in going of text week. in fact i don't see a break in that weather pattern until we get to the middle. temperatures will drop top the's and still feel quite humid then we may get a little drier as we go to the latter part of the week. a strong trech here. this is the third heat wave of the summer and the most uncomfortable one for sure. >> sure. >> two long heat waves na. yeah. week two. all right. >> humidity levels that
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>> thank you, audrey. thank. >> le, retroanything is always hot. 90 kid cans. >> and later doggie dna testing. the surprises it can
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>> sci-fi fans have got and new look for the next movie. >> simone boyce is here. hi, sy pone. reporter: hi, guys. after i saw the trailer, i think i am a believer. cannot wait. so rogue one is the first in a sr. riffs "star wars." it hits theaters this december. last night, we got the first in-depth lack via the ? ? ? ? >> a major weapon. ? >> so rogue one takes place between episodes three ap four and elaborates. rogue up with centers around a group of resistance fighters rallying together to steal the plans. of course the empire's ultimate weapon and a dream cast stars ten film including forest whitaker and the
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leading lady. darth vader makes a huge appearance and appears to be looking at those coveted death star plans. well from a galaxy far far away to 991 in the u.s.a. as kids prepare to head back to school. it is chalked full of surprise to celebrate the most pilaffed characters of the 1990's. guys, i geeked out here today. the new product features cartoons look the rugrat, cat, untilled on everything from t-shirts to approximately lows. a robust double dare section includes the famous hamster well and a slime po tow booth which you are about to see in a second and from the fashion did he signer's collection are on sale as well. if you are a 19 90's kid or you love the throw backs, fit is a must see, they really outdid them sells. that story. the could lab bags are is open at story which is located on 19th and 10th in chelsea
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september 18th. that was a lot of fun. >> did you see it? >> oh. i said, ok, i got to come back when i am not working because i cannot focus now. well totally go out and clean house. >> love it. >> all about the 90's, too t. the whole retrothing. so true. >> thanks. >> characters how the tony award winner finds inspiration for the costumes if. plus, how they are turning a prophet bay cleaning the ice cream aisle. tell you about this one,
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>> is a cream has become a black market gold mine for pair of crooks. >> live in chel city to explain why supermarket thieves are running off as many as they can carry. dozens of cartons were stolen earlier this week and now, the ceo of the supermarket is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone wo can lead police to these two. >> organized crime. >> take a good look at the two police duo wanted for stealing ice cream at the ninth avenue in chelsea t. the photos showing one of thieves in action. >> we noticed it because the manager would go and
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happened on tuesday around 7:30 in the morning. the chir and ceo says the two stuffed 80 cartons and ben & jerry's intoing about and says its a opinion happening at many supermarkets for mons now. >> these gangs that walk to the store and three to four of them to. and whip out the shelves of the shoppg manager and those guys leib. >> the schefft is a problem in the city according authorities, so far, this year there has been 20 complaints of ice cream thefts which lead to 130 arrests the nypd tells "fox 5 news." is working closely with the retailer to combat the thefts of ice cream. the problem is not just that they are stealing but reselling it. they take it out. they steal it.
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a time and sell it to a local stores and when they sell it, if the product has been out for long of a time. it may grab the bacteria so may be health department issue. pless say the amount of ice cream about $480. anyone with asked to call crimestoppers. fox a news. back to you. >> an emergency meeting two up the trump calm pen and the republican national committee is refueling specialing that is the gop wants to pull the plug. >> all right. joe is here to explain the fragile partnership between trump and party buses. joe? >> yeah.% we talked a lot about how it has given because the nom me. today we are learning about a come toes where he suss moment between the republican party and
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campaign did he nis there is anything wrong. ? ? reporter: letting trump be trump has been one of the strategic cornerstones since day one. to this day, the campaign celebrates the brash tell it like it is style. >> when he does the talking. he doesn't go tiptoeing around all of those thousands of rules of political correctness. he says it like it is in the american people hear him loud and clear amendment people, maybe there is, i don't knowment. reporter: ov the past few weeks this. the tough talking has been put the candidate sy and republicans sporting him. >> what we're looking for here is a can date who settles down and follows the script and makes the election about million ry. now the website is reporting that republican party official plan to come to jesus meeting with the candidate in hopes of turning around the tanking poll numbers this. the trump campaign denying any tension. >> absolutely raw teen meeting. this is what happens
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campaign them rhc is talking into. so is rny chairman. we're honored to be working with donald trump and the campaign and don't believe the garbage you read. >> still other reports paint not such a rosy picture. 70 republicans lan to sen open letter calling on him toll withdraw funds and support. trump telling fox news shall if that were to happen. he would fight fire with fire. >> if its true, that is ok, too. all you have to do is stop funding the republ i was at the headquarters and doing find and it is fully focused on winning. people are adding letter and would have helped out. it is up to them and a huge mistake. >> ap donald trump has rally starting in a half-hour now. his second event in the keystone state todayment if you want to see which states are important. look to where the can days spend their time pennsylvania will be important come election dy and the latest poll shows him trailing by
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battleground states thank you, joe. >> thank you. >> well, a custom dea signer in the spotlight. how he cree its a unique look for every single cracker. m us, getting a dna test for dog ho you knowing it could help save you money. we'll take a look tonight at tonight's new york mepmen. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> with cultural day involved. 400 t about indigenous people around the world and put on performances highlighting the customs. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> special concert. these are all students of all ages not only learning but learning to play end ensemble. has grown a lot since starting as simple
5:36 pm
half dozen kids. now it is growing if outwent call it that. you ho it all works. jazz, fuc. even call. we mcit up a little bit. the kid cans are aware of what kind of music us ut there. live music. >> that is the new york minute. ? ? ? ?
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>> we have break news cooing in out of upstate new york. five people have been struck by lightning in poughkeepsie this happened just a short time ago and the square park when quick moving but powerfl storm blew through. the victims sitting on a bench under a tree when it happened. they were all between the ages of 46 to 55 and we are being told three of the people struck had life-threatening in areas are. of course, we keep you updated as we get mores in. >> costume designer has joined exclusive club he is one of a handful of filipinos to win. >> crystal young shows us how he creates the signature look. note ? ? ? >> did he sign in clothing and broadway production plays a big role in drawing you in. this year, he became the first person of filipino decent to win a tony for best costume design in a lay for a clip. >> well, in my case, i
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for the public theater and george wolf. he was really instrumental in promoting designer of color match when, two on the set, he pe gyps making a quarter inch scale replica of every person and object that will be on stage. >> this is something that i show the director and we move things around, we go by the scenes to see if the whole set works and go back to the theater and say, hey, can you avoid this. first he talked to the direct o to the meaning of the piece then he sketches. >> you have to callie brit that lack so he doesn't become what i have done to them. so it is still convincing but not distracting. and he has designed more than 1200 for disif i's frozen but the tonies with career highlight. >> i tried to thank all the people. i got out a few name and
5:41 pm
oprah. his goal was to honor history and the librarian people by getting it right. >> i wanted to transport the audience into that place. >> in the end, you have to be ok with change and death. >> you get together with the community in a birthed something, watch that something grow and then watch that something die. >> crystal young, "fox 5 news." >> tracing the pet's family tree. how they can make sure the pets stay healthy. they are ending people
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>> helping people suffering there joint problems without using surgery. >> lidia curanaj shows us doctors are using stem cells to rebuild damaged joints. >> as we get older, our >> i'm athletic, i was athletic in high school and college, so i played sports, and my hip had a ache, had a dull ache that would hurt when i exercised, and then it progressively got worse as the years went on. >> despite being only 50 years old, several doctors recommend matthew roe get a hip replacement. >> i did not want to have surgery, so anything else i was willing to try.
5:45 pm
dr. stephen nicholas, director of sports medicine at lenox hill hospital. dr. nicholas suggested using stem cells. >> you have damage canned tissue, and you inject a stem cell into the body, that tissue can be relaced by new, younger tissue which then differentiates and becomes part of the body. >> dr. nicholas aspirated bone marrow from matthew's hip, then his stem cells were isolated and injected into the injured area. however, the procedure isn't for everyone. >> bone spurs and things like that, bone on bound arthritis, it's not going to help that. but early arthritis if you inject stem cells, we believe you're able to get those stem cells to the heal those small defects. >> while this patient had the stem cells injected into his hip, dr. nicholas says it can work in several parts of the body. >> you can use it to help supplement injured ten dons or -- tendons and ligaments and
5:46 pm
>> matt had soreness for two to three weeks, but now for the first time in a long time he's basically pain-free. how relieved are you that you didn't get surgery? >> very relieved. yeah, in my mind it's much better any day. >> the treatment is still a couple of years away from being covered by insurance. dr. nicholas charges his patients between $4-$6,000. reporting from central park, i'm lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 health news, e thousand cases of zika virus in puerto rico, and now experts are saying the virus can survive in sperm for six months, twice as long as originally thought. >> joining us thousand, dr. day there, there, there nyc medical center. >> this is a story that seems to be changing on a daily basis, and now it's interesting because we're able to measure it in
5:47 pm
this man in particular in italy, they looked at even 180 days out. he'd been in haiti, he came back. he had the symptoms of zika. he tested positive, and as they continued to test over time, his blood became negative, his urine became negative, but the she hen is still os. -- siemen is still positive. mosquitoes will transhit it to humans, but now the virus got even smarter, ask we're becoming the mosquitoes transmittin >> oh, wow. >> and now it's gone from the blood and the europe, but it's still in the siemen, but it's still transmittable in other way. viruses can be complicated. they're just little pieces of dna that can't survive outside of somebody else's dna, and their job is just to replicate and make more of themselves. and zika virus seems to be not only good at it, but incredibly destructive. >> wow, scary. so, obviously, this has massive
5:48 pm
to be aware if your trying to have kids. >> there's 1900 cases of zika this week, and the surgeon general there says about 25% of the population will be infected by end of the year. this is a real health concern. >> gotcha. dr. day, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we are in the middle of the sweltering heat wave to end all heat waves. >> why doesn't the heat just kill all the mosquitoes, right? >> well, i don't think that's to to be dangerously hot as we go right into the weekend, folks. it was that way today. our high temperature, 93 this central park, but, of course, it felt hotter. heat index values over 100 for much of the afternoon. 73 is where we started off this morning, and right now we're down to just 91. the dewpoint and humidity are at high levels, and they're going to stay that way right into the weekend as well. we have a west/southwest wind coming in at 12, but it's not
5:49 pm
the region. we do have a mix of sun and clouds, no rain at the moment, but there is showers in just a minute on the radar. 80s across long island, montauk checking in at 81, 87 in bridgeport, but monticello's down to 75 and that's because of a rain system that's come through there. but it's a very huggy temperature because -- muggy temperature. resulting in very uncomfortable heat tonight, but looks like for much of the next few days. >> we're not the only ones here, it's 93 this williamsport, albany, 86 there. philadelphia's in the mid 90s, the nation's capital is 97, and pittsburgh's at a rain-cooled 79 degrees at the moment. showers and thunderstorms popping up over the northeast, a couple clipping across portions of new jersey and the hudson valley. we're still under the influence
5:50 pm
high sitting off towards our east here, and it's really blocking this entire humid air mass and really exiting the area. so we're going to stay under these uncomfortable and unstable conditions for the next few days. i really don't see a wreak coming anytime soon. heat is building across the middle section of the nation. it's now down to the 80s in the great lakes region, and we're up to let's say 109 in vegas tomorrow with 89 in seattle and 84 down forwards l.a. so for the principle la handy especially north of the city. there'll be a line coming through about midnight tonight, and tomorrow we'll wake up with a mix of sun and clouds. after 2 or 3:00, we'll see showers and and thunderstorms, and then on sunday more of the same. wake up with sunshine, clouds will fill in, and showers and storms pop up in the afternoon and we'll continue to be very hot and humid for the next several days. we have an excessive heat
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heat index values in the 90s to over 100 across many locations. tonight it'll be warm and muggy, we're expecting a scattered shower or thunderstorm to come through, and i'm having a little trouble with my clicker here. there we go. 80 degrees for the low, most of us into the 70s. tomorrow we'll be close to 100 degrees in interior new jersey. that's where the actual temperature, factor in the hoomedty, it will feel more like 110 across portions of new jersey tomorrow. hot and humid on sunday and we stay unsettled next week. more importantly, keep safe. >> good deal. thank you, audrey. belgium's grand palace received a brand new carpet today made entirely of flowers. this year's theme draws inspiration from japan to celebrate 150 years of japanese/belgian friendship. organizers say it took about eight hours and 600,000 begonias
5:52 pm
bodies of nature. amazing, wow. >> beautiful. if you've ever wondered about your pet's pedigree, science can give you the answer you're looking for. >> stacey delikat shows us why dna tests have become so popula popular -- in tonight's cat and dog. >> many's not so little, and when hagel and her husband adopted him from a local shelter last year, they didn't realize just how big he'd get. >> they said that he was a lab sure because his paws were really big, and our friends who have labradoodles, they weren't as big as puppies. >> curious as to what his breed mix really was, they decided to give him a d, this a test. were you surprised? >> i was really surprised. >> turns out monty isn't a labr adoodle but a golden doodle. >> he's black, how can he be a golden doodle?
5:53 pm
wondering about my own dog. we've always thought he seems big for his breed. more on the results of his dna swab in a moment. the hagel's used wisdom panel, an $85dna test. it's just one of of the a growing number of dog dna tests popping up on the market. >> and you put the brush in your dog's cheek. >> ryan is the ceo of embark veterinary, the newest test to hithe breed mix, embark also tests for more than 160 genetic health conditions. >> it screens for heart diseases, it screens for drug sensitivities, it screens for things like bladder stones that are also prevent bl and just runs the gamut, all sorts of diseases. we think this is a revolution and, like, a new step, and we're working on things like what to feed your dog. >> embark is just a few months old but already has run
5:54 pm
on the market at $199, but knowing more about your dog's health profile could save you money over time. >> if you can feed your dog the right diet for it, you can headache that dog healthier throughout its whole life, you can decrease what you're going to have to spend on vet bills but also have more quality years with your dog. >> i think there is medical value -- >> dr. richard goldstein is the chief medical officer at the animal medical center. >> you could argue that one day we're going to be, each dna's going to be examined, and they're going to tell us what to look out more. >> while goldstein says the test can be useful, he also says do due diligence because there's not much regulation of the dog dna test field. >> think about can peddle a test, which is a problem. see what stands behind these tests, who stands behind these tests. >> as for my dog's dna test, turns out jax isn't exactly who we thought he was. no trace of maltese, instead
5:55 pm
his father a small poodle. whatever the tests uncover -- >> good boy, monty. >> -- we'll still love our dogs just the same. stacey delikat, fox 5 news. >> god, i love that ohioanty. monty, good boy. [laughter] interesting information, you know? >> yeah, you never know. >> it could help keep them healthy. all right, we will see you back here tonight at 10 after a-rod's game.?>> here's ernie. >> we're commuter challenge week by focusing on the commuter rails. what can be done to fix the lirr and metro north lines? a special guest will join he live with some answers for you tonight. plus, we're going to go back out to yankee stadium for a-rod's last game as a yankee. all that and tonight's street question. join us next here at 6:00. ?
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>> live from studio 5 in new york , this is the news at six. >> it's trade night. good evening, everyone, i'm ernie anastos. we are on top of the news more you, and we're talking about it all week long we've been looking at the significant challenges commuters around here face. and today we zero in on the commuter rails to the north and east. as you know, both have been plagued not only with the usual robs, but also some serious
5:59 pm
minute. but first, jessica formosa begins our look at what's going on with the metro north and the long island railroads. >> it's a sight many have seen along the rails, delays and disgruntled riders at grand central and penn station. >> i think it does get a little bit hectic, especially when i do have early morning classes. >> it's clearly annoying. the p.a. system is not as clear as it could be, and for north of 250 a month for a monthly ticket, it's very frustrating. delay after delay on the long island railroad from someone jumping onto the tracks to weather-related problems. >> improve maintenance on the trains. obviously, they need to update thing, improve maintenance. i think that would help quite a bit. >> it's no secret that the system needs an upgrade. state officials and the mta have said a number of time that is the infrastructure is old, and many of the delays are due to signal problems. >> one of the problems with the
6:00 pm
points there's only one track. literally one track. and something happens on that one track, everything stops. >> loren silverman, former chair of the commuters council and mta watchdog says over the years there has been a measure improvement in the reliability. >> while things are going to go wrong from time to time, the fact is that it is one of the most complex and yet one of the most efficient means of transportaon >> silverman says there's always going to be delays, and some of them are caused by events that are beyond the railroad's control. mother nature has been to blame a number of times. he says that can be fixed, but the fix isn't short term, rather long term and costly. >> the signal system is very vulnerable to weather. so if there's a storm, whether it's a snowstorm or an electrical storm, the system and the signal system can go down. one of the things that's going


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