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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maulama akonjee and his assistant, thara uddin. the mayor was greeted by the crowd and pledged support in the pursuit of justice. >> i look around and see proud americans. i see proud new yorkers. and i will never let us be torn apart. we will not let each other be torn apart. >> reporter: many held signs calling for justice and believe a h murders. both were dressed in religious garments. >> we will work to build a city and country where everyone is protected and we're all tolerated. >> reporter: in this surveillance video, you see the gunman run up to the imam and his assistant, then seconds later after shooting them in the head on saturday afternoon, runs away. police issued this sketch of the wanted man. he allegedly hit a bicyclist with his car sunday and the rider got a partial license
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mosque lost an imam and his assistant and the muslim american family lost two dedicated leaders. >> reporter: my police sources tell me that the vehicle in that hit-and-run with the bike rider, the partial license plate matched up with witnesses' description of the getaway car at the scene of the shooting. detectives tracked down this person they believe is a suspect. we'll be hearing more about the case. we're live in to you. ernie: there's a lot of talk. what can you tell us about whether this was a hate crime as many in the community seem to believe. >> reporter: well, i haven't heard anything from any police sources about what they believe is the motive for this crime. of course, since the two men were wearing traditional religious garments of the muslim faith, they believe they were targeted. they were leaving the mosque. they were about a block or two from there coming from afternoon prayer when this happened.
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they want it classified as a bias hate crime. when the person is arrested and if he is convicted, he will be facing stiffer penalties. ernie: okay. thank you very much. we did say there's a news conference underway right now at police headquarters. let's go there and get the latest on this story. here we go. >> two teachers, two guides, two people who helped to make their neighborhood and this city a better place killed in cold blood. i offer assured the members of the bangladeshi community and the muslim community in the city that the killer will be brought to justice as you're about to hear, nypd is well on its way to fulfilling that mandate, bringing this case to fruition and bringing justice to a community that is hurting so
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fear in the community, a very rare thing to see a cleric killed. and members of the muslim community have been on edge because of the atmosphere that already existed in this country, particularly over the last few months in our national debate. i assured the community the nypd would be out in force protecting community institutions and muslim communities all over the city. that will b n nypd. that includes the 900 members of the nypd who are muslim americans and serve us all. it is a painful time, but it's a time where we will reaffirm in this city we believe an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. we will work together to
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believe in and we'll work against these divisive voices that have become so strong in our country. the best way for us to put that into action is to show the muslim community we will keep them safe even in this difficult time. i'd like to turn to commissioner bratton. >> thank you, mr. mayor. what we'd like to do now, more than 48 hours after the events of saturday, the murder of these two men where we are with our investigation. over the past 48 hours, detectives have worked tirelessly on this case on the murders of the imam and his associate on saturday afternoon in queens. through extraordinarily diligent efforts, i want to complement them, detectives developed a strong lead into a suspect very early on.
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occurred in brooklyn, approximately 10 minutes after the shooting in queens three miles away. the shooting occurred in brooklyn and about three miles away in queens, we had -- shooting in queens. about three miles away, we had an accident that occurred in brooklyn that the detectives were able to determine was potentially linked to the shooting. the chief will brief you on how the case came together so quickly and where we are some 48 hours after the occurrence on saturday afte afternoon. >> good evening, everyone. at the crime scene, the double homicide on liberty and 79th street at about 3:50 in the afternoon, detectives responded and were able to do a video canvas of the area. during that canvas, we were able to identify a vehicle, a black
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we identified a person running into the car and taking off directly after the homicide. i think we've put out the video of this individual running down the street. we were able to trace him video-wise into the car and he took off. he then went up to liberty avenue and made a right and disappeared into traffic. he went eastbound. detectives immediately took that car, the trailblazer and came up with a car accident, a hit-and-run at the afternoon. this is about three miles away. we responded to that location and pulled video from that corner. we looked at the two cars. they were identical. we looked at stickers and decals on the windows and they seemed identical. we had no plate at that time. you couldn't determine the alphanumeric on the tag.
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we thought we had our person fleeing the scene of the crime. we have a witness from that hit-and-run, the male on the bicycle, who said he could identify an individual. we then sat on a car we found a couple of hours later in the vicinity of that hit-and-run and waited for that person to emerge from that block. that person emerged about 10:00 last night and got into the vehicle. detectives from the fugitive task force and he rammed the detectives' car several times to get away. he was placed under arrest without any further incident and brought back to the precinct for more debriefing. we found the witness and the witness picked that individual out of a photo array for doing the hit-and-run. we're looking at him for both crimes, for the homicide and that. he is described as a male hispanic, 36 years old. we are not going to release his name at this point.
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investigation. there's no point to it now. we'll have lineups tonight with individuals who observed the homicides. that's where we stand in the investigation right now. [inaudible] motive has not been determined. we're still drilling down as we go forward. that's on the table, a hate crime. right now we can't explain why the person was there. he was there just prior to that. homicide. ernie: all right. police announcing that they have a person in custody involved in this double murder. we did hear from the mayor talking about how there's a lot of fear in the community. he understands that. he said the killer will be brought to justice. the mayor went on to say it is a painful time and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. we'll continue to follow this breaking story here on fox 5. keep it here. late details if we get it within
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tonight at 10:00. let's check in on the weather. audrey is joining us. we've had hot, hot weather. it's been continuing. today was a little better, a little less humidity and not quite as high as in the past. audrey: not as steamy as the weekend. temperatures came down and more importantly, so did the dew points and humidity levels. let's talk about the high temperatures first. we were definitely above average. our highs and central park where the high is 92. it's not reflected on the map. 90 in poughkeepsie. 87 in sussex. we were in the 80s towards monticello and even down the shore in belmar, it was a really nice day to be out at the area beaches. temperatures right now are sitting in the 80s in many locations. here are the dew points. this is an important factor. these were in the 70s over the weekend. that made it very uncomfortable across the region. now they're in the 60s.
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more uncomfortable tomorrow. there'll be a break after that as we go into the second half of the week. factor in the current readings and we have heat index values in the 90s. in the weekend we were well over 100 in many locations. that's going to be the case tomorrow. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory that -- for new york city tonight until 8:00. it overspreads into new jersey tomorrow. because tomorrow we are expecting heat index values between across this part of the tri-state. you want to do what you can to keep cool tomorrow. a look at satellite and radar show things are nice and dry. things are quiet. sunshine and clouds, that's it. no rain right now, but overnight, there's a disturbance sitting to our southwest that will pass over. that could ignite an isolated shower or two that could linger into early tomorrow morning. our focus is on a bigger system that's heading to the west. it's bringing strong storms across portions of the midwest and towards the mississippi
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direction. tomorrow afternoon we'll be under the gun of scattered showers and storms. some could be strong to severe. let's start with tonight. it's going to be relatively quiet. tomorrow morning, a warm front will make its way through the area and could spark a couple much isolated showers across the east end of long island early. through the day, you'll feel the difference with the humidity building. temperatures will be slightly warmer. in the afternoon, showers and storms north and west of the city. some could be strong to se through. that's going to be our saving grace. by wednesday, high pressure will come in behind the cold front. that will bring us drier weather and much more comfortable weather as we go into the second half of the week. in the meantime, tonight, partly cloudy skies. we'll have an isolated shower and it will be warm with temperatures in the 60s to 70s. tomorrow, we're going to have temperatures in the 80s to 90s again. factor in the humidity. it will feel over 100 degrees. a little more uncomfortable than
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scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. it looks good wednesday. plenty of sunshine. same for thursday and friday. highs will be into the 80s. it will feel drier. we'll bring back the humidity by sunday. that's when we'll have another chance of scattered showers and storms. e have to get throu and then smooth sailing for the rest of the week. ernie: sounds good. thank you, audrey. still ahead for you, home prices are hitting record highs while interest rates are at record lows. what does this mean for you if you're looking for a home or if yo helpful advice is on the way. that's coming up next here on
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ernie: welcome back. we know interest rates have been really low for a long time, which might have you thinking of buying a home, but houses are getting pretty expensive association of realtors. prices are up 90 percent of the country. san jose, california, just made history by becoming the first u.s. city where the medium home price is now a million dollars. alison morris is joining us to talk more about this. the prices are up. california is a bit of a unique situation. >> reporter: they have a funky thing going on there. if you want to feel better about living in new york, go to san francisco and see what they're paying there. they're seeing a housing bubble that's unique because of the
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that's a little bit of an extreme. we're not so far behind them in new york. but we are seeing more people buying homes and more interest in buying homes because mortgage rates are so low. ernie: historically low. is this a good time? >> they've been great. they've been near zero. we saw a hike in december but it was just a quarter point. they're moving up but slowly. so you're still in a good affordable range if you're looking -- ernie: this is a good time to do something. they're talking about the rates going up, but there's a window of opportunity. >> reporter: rates are probably going up. if you've been thinking about taking out a mortgage, might not be a bad time to get preapproved. you should remember the rates are not going up dramatically. they're not going up a whole -- so if you're not ready, don't panic. you can get an affordable mortgage. don't become house poor because you're afraid. ernie: you can refinance. that's another option. >> reporter: not a bad idea if you're paying a high rate and you could get a lower one. don't forget, when refinancing
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mortgage. there may be closing costs. ernie: it will cost you. >> reporter: make sure there's a net savings. people don't think about that and they don't save money. you don't want to refinance if you're paying 4% to 3.8 if your closing costs are through the roof. ernie: in a nutshell, what do you think? >> reporter: if you're thinking about taking out a mortgage, now is not a bad time. if you're not ready, you'll be able to afford a home. ernie: we're coming right back. i international food scene. we begin with a taste of queens, plus i've got this timely question for you tonight. do you wish the presidential elections were over already? how do you feel about that white house race? see what some people said coming up.
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ernie: did you hear about this? adele says no to super bowl li. that's right. she told her audience during a show in los angeles that the super bowl is not about music and she really can't dance. the nfl says they haven't made any formal invitations to adele or anyone else. super bowl li will be played in houston on february 5th. right now the olympics have us all in a bit of an international mood.
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food just like there are five olympic rings, there are five boroughs. and each of them has its own culinary flair. christal young kicks off our international food week with a taste of queens. >> reporter: it's no secret queens is one of the most diverse places on the planet and the food reflects the borough. in astoria, you can finds greek specialties. no matter what you order, you're transported to greece. >> we included. we do zucchini, mini olive pies from crete. >> reporter: on steinway street is el basuari for columbian cuisine. it's the food that keeps you coming back for more. if you stop in for breakfast,
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traditional arepa and cheese but try the bandeja stock. let's see. delicious. stella comes here for a taste of home. >> colombia real food is here. i bring my food with me and i introduce this food to her because it's have in queens. >> reporter: if you're looking for tasty mexican cuisine, find central boulevard in long island city and find skinny's cantina. they have the best tacos, guac and soup this side of the border. the margaritas are amazing, too. when you're done, for a different culinary experience, hop on the no. 7 train and you're a few stops away from a central queens neighborhood brimming with the flavors of india.
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if you find yourself in this part of queens, you have to try kebab king. the food is fab. the menu has lots of variety, but no surprise here, the kebabs rule. you can get a chicken kebab meal for less than 10 bucks. value and great taste, it doesn't get any better than that. christal young, fox 5 news. ernie: yummy. great going. and we'll have more great food tomorrow. we'll chinatown boasts amazing food and there's delectable irish cuisine. that's tomorrow at 6:00. first, tonight's street question about this year's presidential race. keep it right here. we're coming right back. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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it could have been done by now. ernie: going on too long? >> it's like a reality television battle. it's not really like politics, in my opinion. >> the stress it's causing to everyone around, the lack of focus and direction of the country, the dissipation of the energy that we're all having to rally to lead up to that, it would be great if it could be done. ernie: enough already. >> yet the process needs to work. this is democracy. let's get everybody included. it's been going on too i'm very happy about the progression. i think it takes time for people to see the candidates. >> it's so down and dirty. awful. ernie: too much? >> definitely. ernie: what are you going to do? >> going to try not to pay too much attention.
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>> should be over. ernie: do you follow it every day? >> i'm tired of following. it's over. i mean, let's get it over with and let's move this country forward. ernie: thank you. nice to see you. i'm ernie anastos. thanks for joining us. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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?? harvey: so who knew selena gomez had these cajones? she just took off on justin bieber. >> yeah, justin bieber had been posting a ton of photos of him and his girlfriend sofia richie and he's taking a ton of heat because she's only 17 years old. and so selena gomez posts, if you can't takehe girlfriend, l.o.l. harvey: does a 22 feel like a 17-year-old is a conquest? >> do you think lionel had a whisper in his ears? >> lionel richie let his 17-year-old get on plane and go to tokyo, he's not whispering anything to her. >> really? >> yeah. >> there's video of johnny depp going crazy on amber heard. >> have drunk this whole thing this morning? >> you can tell he's drunk and he walked over to a cabinet and taes out a bottle of wine and pours it into a goblet.


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