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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> a break in the case of a shooting death of a queens imam. they have charged a man with murder. >> he admitted to police that he was at the scene of a crime. we are following the investigation. he is he is in queens tonight with the new information. >> reporter: good evening too. we have just gotten confirmation of the name of a suspect, he has asked her morale. he is a 36-year-old latino male from east new york brooklyn. he did not face murder charges before but he made statements putting them at the sheen scene and a search warrant that was executed turned up a weapon and they believe it was a gun that
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shooting. he faces two counts of murder charges, the motive behind the shooting is still unknown because of the evidence we have acquired thus far we think this is the individual. >> with a prime suspect in custody motive is the key. please track down the man whose daylight execution of a mom, trent eight took off. trance gun that was used in this shooting. investigators investigators are looking whether parking dispute was at the heart of the murders or whether it was a hate crime. >> we are still looking but it's on the table we cannot expand why the person was there. he was there just prior to that. >> reporter: please know from surveillance a video showing the mom and his assistants been stocked as they left the mosque
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$1000.000 and that you moms pocket was on touch. with such a suspicious climate bearing down they were convinced that it was their choice of religion, city officials are pleading for unity. >> we believe an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. we believe that we will work together to encourage the harmony and unity that new yorkers believe in. >> reporter: again please saying oscar moral will be charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. these charges will come on the same day that funeral services will be held for the two victims in this case. we are live in queens, stephen allison, back to. >> alison: hours before the suspect was taken into custody 1000 people weathered in the park to praise the two during an
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emotions ran high in speakers said they believe the victims were targeted because of their religion. after the service part of the crowd marched to the spot where the shooting took place just a few blocks away. >> steve: operations are back to normal after jfk airport had shots of fire. a ground of flights for several hours. officials say no guns or shell casings were found. security experts are looking how the entire situation was handled. >> we need to find out this arise it to the level of evacuating an entire terminal. and how we we can do a better job at determining real situation from a hoax. >> the port authority says they are investigating how the false
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>> alison: things are, milwaukee after two days a violent protest. they put a weeknight curfew in place for teenagers to curb demonstrations. at least one person shot last night, more than a dozen more than a dozen others arrested. the protests parked by the fatal police shooting. >> it was to activate the guard but to set them separate and removed from where the incident command was near sherman park. >> alison: autopsy reports show that the man was shot twice by police officers. >> steve: a woman murdered out for a run in central massachusetts art for funeral for earlier today. she was was found dead eight days ago near the woods in princeton. investigators are still still sifting through hundreds of tips, this point no arrests have been made. >> alison: another busy drama campaign trail. donald trump detailing his plan to defeat isis. >> steve: hillary clinton continue to call him on fit to lead. here is tonight the political rap. >> reporter: both candidates and important swing states hoping to
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clinton was with joe biden and donald trump outlined his plan to defeat isis speaking in ohio today. that includes stricter screening and a temperate suspension suspension of people coming in from countries believed to harbor terrorist. >> those who do not believe in our constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. >> reporter: republican nin new immigration policy as part of his plan to defeat isis. it includes screening immigrants with an ideological questionnaire ensuring they support american values. >> we should only admitted to this country those who share our values and respect our people. >> reporter: trump is fighting to regain brown after pollen behind democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton in the polls. >> will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile
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those that have a history of exporting terrorism, not for us. not for us. >> reporter: clinton was campaigning with vice president joe biden it in his hotel in scranton, pennsylvania. >> my top priority is creating an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top which is why i have set five ambitious goals to get us there. first, we are going to make the biggest investment in new, good paying paying job since world war ii. [applause]. >> reporter: clinton continue to question trump's temperament to be president. >> i know some of you may have friends appear in northeastern pennsylvania who are thinking about voting for trump. i know. friends should not not let friends vote for trump. [applause]. >> reporter: in his speech today trump also reversed his plan to withdraw from the nato alliance
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islamic state. >> steve: thank you. new presidential poll numbers out in the tri-state area. a poll from siena college shows hillary clinton crushing donald trump in new york state by 30 points 57 - 27. they both show both show trump trailing clinton. experts say there's no reason to think that will change in our area. >> there's no evidence at all that states that her deep blue are all of a sudden going to turn red. you are talking place like new york which has got 82 - 1 democratic a high diversity in terms of population, a suburban voting group which clinton is doing very well with. >> alison: trump is trailing clinton in battleground states including florida, pennsylvania virginia. >> steve: fifteen prisoners from montana mo bay has been released and sent to the united emirates. most most of those released are
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afghanistan. some have been detained for more than 14 years for suspected links to terrorist groups. this decision comes during a renewed push for the obama administration to whittle down the number of detainees held at the u.s. base in cuba. the pentagon said there are 61 detainees left at gitmo. spee2 a fast-moving wildfire in california has destroyed 200 homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate. have picked up causing claims to spread. another 1500 homes and buildings are threatened. the fire has burned more than 3000 acres. officials say beside say beside the wind and extremely dry conditions and high wind is making it difficult to get under control. >> steve: rains have mostly stopped in louisiana but people are bracing for the worst. floodwaters moving southward in rivers and streams spilling over the banks. president obama has declared major disaster in the state after more than 2 feet of rain fell in areas pre-20000
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people have died as a result of the flooding. flooding is not the issue here, he, etc. will et cetera will not let up in our area. >> audrey: looks like we'll see some improvement. today was a treat compared to the steamy weather we have h area this weekend. it was a little more bearable as art temperatures dropped and so did our humidity. high numbers are still above average we hit high of 92 degrees in central park. we are at 90 and i. same number in bridgeport. 80 degrees in belmar. it was at pupil beach day. right now sitting comfortably across long island where 79 and islip. it is 82 in bridgeport. 80 in two in bridgeport. eighty in pickett skate. sixty-six in monticello. seventy-eight in sussex sussex and 84 in new york, liberty airport. do points have come down. over the weekend weekend they are
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the 60s, now they are slowly starting to creep up in the 70-degree range. you can feel the difference out there and when we factor that in with the current temperature it feels like the 80's to low 90s of the heat index. tonight mild and muggy. do points will rise to the seventies. temperatures will drop to the 70s and locations. tomorrow will be a difference. it will be uncomrt more humidity across the area. heat and excise will sort near 100 degrees. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for the county shaded in orange through tuesday evening. excessive heat warning for the counties in new jersey around philadelphia. excessively hot tomorrow compared to today across the greater area of the tri-state region. satellite radar shows things are quiet. a few showers making their way in. threat of isolated overnight. tomorrow afternoon brett of showers and thunderstorms and
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>> steve: thank you audrey. >> alison: you been hearing about birth defect link to zika. >> steve: how one families dealing with the challenges for years. meet the 3-year-old girl who is dealing with microcephaly. >> alison: it looks like a hardware store but it is a speakeasy. >> steve: as if cockroaches are not violent enough, my the ones in the city are starting to fly. the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month
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>> alison: microcephaly, the birth defect link to zika. >> steve: we've been hearing about it but it is not new. one local families raising a raising a daughter was born with it three years ago. we met with them to see how she is doing. >> reporter: for parents, every step a child takes is a
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every word they tried to speak is memorable. >> she is the most amazing, special little special little girl that has touched so many people. >> reporter: for tara and jimmy every benchmark their three and half-year-old daughter, diagnosed after birth. >> i went to the dr. at my three month checkup and the he wte paper and sent me home with it. >> reporter: microcephaly is a birth the fact where the head is smaller than expected. >> the doctors told me that i was exposed to a virus while i was pregnant because we went on the whole genetics route. we did all that genetic testing and everything came back negative. >> reporter: the question about what buyers remained. >> this past november i had a google alert set up for microcephaly and i was inundated with articles about it. where's this coming from. i started reading the articles and i said, the zika virus.
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fever, joint pain, pinkeye. >> reporter: all symptoms she experienced after returning from a trip out in puerto rico in 2012. a trip they took while pregnant with audrey. >> i said oh my gosh this could be the answer to what we have been searching for. why does she have microcephaly since it is not genetic. >> terra-cotta cdc immediately to inform them of the similarities. the cdc saying that they cannot rule out the fact that she could've contracted the virus while on vacation, but cannot confirm. >> in my heart, that is what i think that that i had and i did have the zika virus. >> a sense of closure for the family, a new determination to be their daughters voice. >> you know in your got if there delays in your child, get them into therapy, there's pt, ot, speech and feeding. this is all available to you free of charge in the state of
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audrey would not be where she is today if she is not an early intervention. >> alison: the florida department of health is investigating two new nontravel related cases of zika. officials say one of the individuals is exposed to the virus in the miami-dade county area where the virus is active. the other is located outside that area. now 30 nontravel related zika diagnosed in zika >> steve: parents are still putting their babies at risk for sudden infant death syndrome. researchers at penn state university looked at video of more than 160 sleeping babies about nine out of ten infants of ten infants were put in an unsafe position including other sites and stomachs. parents also put dangerous objects in the crips. the cdc suggesting keeping blankets and toys out of cribs and placing the baby on its back to lower the risk of sids. >> alison: replacing the glass of soda with a glass of water could have big health benefits. a national health health survey
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wade 8-ounce sugary drink with water cut their intake by 20% and saw results could -- >> a large hotel chain operator could be another in the breach. the hyatt, should may have collected customer name think a card information from registers at least 20 hotels dating back to early december. the the company says it has fixed the problem by separating payment processing system from the rest of its network. >> alison: boats wagon will face criminal charges in the u.s. for its diesel emissions candle. wall street journal reported the german automaker could end up paying significant financial penalties for equipment its disel engines with a software designed to cheat on federal emission test. volkswagen and the justice department are negotiating a settlement before the end of the
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>> steve: organist route driver takes on a new meaning. the the whole place is a hardware theme. that is if you can find it. matt king shows us why this is not so easy. >> reporter: strolling around dittmar boulevard looking for place to serve you a cocktail, few few with separate front of a hardware store. >> my favorite is when i open the door and i just have a pleasant person just holding up a light ball were a doorknob. >> were not a hardware store commits a speakeasy cocktail bar. frequented as a kid, the cold honor patty o'brien has hidden the last word. >> it's a place where you can go and try some more adventures cocktail. >> a buzzer out front notifies the host or hostess that someone outside things they want to come inside. >> if in the mood for a drink and not just in need of an extension cord, one enters and passes by walls of tools and
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1920 speakeasy and name for cocktail he encountered nine years ago. >> the last part is an equal part drink with four ingedients. london try gin, fresh lime juice,. [inaudible] the last is a four different along with 16 other signature cocktails. at this any point in the future. contrary to what daytime visitors might believe. >> they're usually baffled by it and i think i might be pulling their leg. >> i am matt king, "fox five news". >> he is bidding the part of a speakeasy bartender. >> the new matt damon movie is sparking big controversy. >> steve: the outrage over casting of the great wall. >> everyone has an opinion on the presidential race and
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. >> steve: matt damon's new film the great wall is stirring up controversy over the lack of diversity. >> alison: a lot of people think his character should've been played by an asian american
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>> honestly every thing is so delicious i don't know why i don't eat green food more often. >> and actress and tv host born and raised in new jersey, we met over delicious barbecue to discuss what it is like to be asian american in hollywood right now. >> about we not be like the nerdy sidekick. how about we about we not be like the math tutor. ho fetish girl in the club. >> reporter: ellie's frustration is hardly new. hollywood depictions of the asian experience too often reinforce racist stereotypes or worse, cast white cast white actors and roles designed for people of color like the insulting yellow face character from breakfast at tiffany's. >> today, shows like fresh off the boat are a sign of improvement. nonetheless, the outspoken lead actress constance wu is bringing attention to hollywood's whitewashing
10:25 pm
lot of asian american actors are scared to say something. >> we recently took issue with the 2017 film, the great wall starring matt damon in which damon plays an agent hero saving the chinese from dragons. in a tweak, she wrote we have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world. >> wise a white man man in this movie about the great wall in china? is a narrative that the white man will always save us. while an unknown minority actor could be a financial risk to that wu s, if white actors are forgiven for having a box office failure once in a while, why can a person of color sometimes have one? >> why don't you give us a chance and tried out and tell the story right without disrespecting our culture. >> what are the types of roles
10:26 pm
auditions where i have an accent or i have some kind of fetish. i want to be a character that has substance and that is a real human that has nothing to do with my race, if it does can we embrace it? >> actresses want to be clear, they're not blaming matt damon or any actors cast in the asian narratives. they want to raise awareness about the problem in order to try to change it. >> steve: with a discussion. >> alison: so many people tired of hearing about politics and social media. >> steve: all of these posts from your it election or just the number of followers you have. >> alison: the misfits that put ralph lauren on the map 30 years ago meet members of brooklyn's famous lowlife crew
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>> alison: whether you support hillary or trump are voting for none of the above is how to avoid politics taking over social media. austin was agree those posts will have an impact on the election. >> steve: but you may lose friends and followers in the process. >> sometimes it's like venting because people have these feelings bottled up. >> they feel heard because they don't have people who are leaving the room with their say
10:30 pm
>> i think people feel that their opinion is super important. >> we have learned that every election cycle home crafted post about politics seem to occupy the majority of our newsfeeds. >> it's just so polarized. >> throw those share links, misspelled names of people and places, and appealed to support to support a given candidate, one social media marketing film believes those of us using the platforms have failed to sway plat opening. >> maybe i fee agreed with. but i have never changed my mind >> 94% of republicans, 92% of democrats and 85% of independents reported they never changed of medical never changed medical stance because of someting they read on facebook. i write a lot plus myself. it's a it's a big motivation to be heard and to be understood.
10:31 pm
doctor jonathan season millions of on wasted words not his failed recruitment efforts but as attempts to inform and connect with the community of like-minded people. >> if i see someone who is a friend of my voting for trump or was a friend of mine i delete them. you cure your feed based on the beliefs you have. the same study found 12% and 18% of democrats studied admitted to unfriending someone. meaning all those rambling poorly might reach mostly tse with that indefinite on facebook. >> steve: the republican party launching election campaign in israel. gop activist trying to convict dual citizens to cast votes for donald trump. they're looking at high concentrations of americans like jerusalem. israel says 100,000 israelis voted in the last presidential election. this is the first time the gop is actively contained in
10:32 pm
>> alison: adel turned down a chance to perform during the super bowl halftime show. they told an audience in los angeles that the football spectacle is not about music and she cannot really dance. the nfl sessions they never asked her to perform and have not extended a formal offer to adel or anyone else. super bowl 51 is in houston. >> steve: hip-hop and fashion has got together .. in the late 80s it was a brooklyn's lowlife crew will lorraine on the mat. now they have a brand-new book. zachary has their story. >> it wasn't just about the clothing and all that it was about the survival it was about the brotherhood and about dealing with life as a cane. >> the year was 1988 and a crew of misfits street kids caught up in the rush of youth in hip-hop and in the process they put ralph on the map.
10:33 pm
horses. but you see the shirt and you see all that and you like i wonder what it's like. so it's like when you are wearing that stuff you are doing. >> the villages about as far as it gets. the lowlifes says they became known and stood out a neighborhood steeped in poverty. >> he didn't make us what we we we had a vision and we knew how to put it together. >> categorizing them as a crew, clicker gang it was a family despite their any means approach to stay fly it with brushes in the law. their new book is not to become casualties to the street but
10:34 pm
>> tom their photographer and filmmaker has been working on a book for five years with lowlife founder, thurston howell the third who joined us by skype. >> people from japan started embodying this fashion and started collecting this fashion because it was something that they wanted to attain. they had seen it in this hip-hop videos. they've seen it in the magazines. >> there fashion traveled the globe and the voters are polar right snapshots duck in time. the girls cash in close in a moment. >> we all work with families now but what people made us they think we still on the same thing we always did but we have evolved from that. everything we do we try to keep positive. >> we love where we are from regardless of what the world might think of the ghetto and the projects and the experience was so beautiful and it was so
10:35 pm
>> alison: one of the nastiest pets in new york city is getting more disgusting. >> steve: how is that possible? how they he way is helping cockroaches take flight. >> steve: a kitten finds herself in a tight spot. how firefighters came to the rescue. >> kids get a lesson and image transferring at long island children's museum. they turned images of insect into their own artistic creations and put them into a book that they could take home. it is a way to preserve your memories and hopefully this accordion book they're going to make will inspire them to do other projects with other
10:36 pm
twentieth. had to the brookfield place winter guard for an eye-opening event about something we all take for grated when drinking water. >> this event today will give you the opportunity to see a short film on virtual-reality and go into the light. you can see a girl and ethiopian see her life before she gets clean water and after she gets clean water.
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>> alison: twitter is looking to capitalize on live stream with the nfl. the social media companies and talks to launch the twitter act for book tv. apple could use watch games. they ten thursday night games this season. >> steve: twitter's stock went up seven percent. pokemon go has turned a neighborhood into a nightmare. they filed a class-action lawsuit against the creation of the popular mobile gainsaying's players have been
10:40 pm
they wanted to stop. the couple filed the suit because the gamers repeatedly ignored having nearby pokey steps removed from the app. >> hundreds of new yorkers want to land a job after wedding us and he for more than a week. the district carpenters is accepting applications for 100 printed ships until next friday. we sat by the training center where some people camped out for six days to fill out a lottery card. >> i hot, aggravating, the hot, aggravating, fighting with everybody. not easy. >> i started this when i was 13 years old, is a lifelong process for me. i love doing it. >> applicants must be 17 years old have a high school diploma and pathogenic test to participate. >> steve: the searches on to the person you start to doubt the dog on long island. >> the dog had sores on her back and died a short time later from renal and kidney failure.
10:41 pm
money leading to a conviction. please call the nassau county da tip line. five (#16)571-7755 a kid in california find yourself in a tight spot. the high lake was stuck in a fence in sacramento. firefighters came to the rescue and one of them taken to an animal shelter where she was put up for adoption next week. >> there are gross when they're crawling along the floor or on the sidewalk. >> cockroaches are creepier when they are flying around. why they he wave is to blame. >> are we in for a freezing cold winter? we had one blizzard a mousy only snow all winter. take
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upcoming winter
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>> steve: new yorkers are talking trash about the city not picking up garbage. people in the five boroughs called in close to 17,000 complaints from his garbage pickup. that is a 26% jump from last year. the highest number of complaints came in last month, the lowest in february. the city responds within five days of receiving a complaint most of the time. you notice that more the summer. with the heat and humidity it is been a stretch of weather around here. >> alison: infected so hot that cockroaches are flying. >> there's a bug in the kitchen. it's literally like a dinosaur. >> this guy is far from extinct and will probably the around longer than humans.
10:46 pm
>> i would die, i would freak out. that's terrifying. >> they better be careful as she walks on the streets of new york city while there's different kinds of roaches, the american cockroach also known as the palmetto bug can fly and is found in the south. >> now they are all over the city thanks to the summer we are having. larger and being able to fly, this type of cockroach the american cockroach is not necessarily associated with filth. what they love is heat, humidity and water. just like the weather we are having. >> right now in the street temperature and humidity is almost ideal for them. it doesn't matter whether they would stay in the basement are,. out. out here is the environment. superhot, superhuman. >> a pest control expert with eminem environmental. he said the roach flies when it feels
10:47 pm
the problem is they are so loud because they're so heavy and they don't fly very high. when they're flying at eye level and walking by it freaks people out. >> what kind of noise do they make? >> is just a weird noise they make. it's so nasty. >> they're not exactly harmless. >> can they bite you? >> they can bite but they carried is diseases. >> i saw one walking the dog a couple thought i'm glad i can't fly. >> i lived in georgia where they are everywhere. i have to swipe them off my car to get in the car. >> i would have a hard time living in a climate like that. that's gross. >> those in stinkbugs are disgusting.
10:48 pm
was slightly drier did you feel the difference? slightly comfortable. slightly comfortable. still warm for this time of year. high temperature was 92 degrees. we hit that around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's above our that's above our average of 83. not as unbearable as the heat this weekend. this morning we start out as 77. it felt nice this morning area nice a breeze and now things are changing again and we're going back to that uncomfortable weather starting tonight. we are at 81 in poughkeepsie. sixty-six in monticello. seventy-eight i reading and belmar as the temperature is 79. all across the northeast we are experiencing mild temperatures this evening. boston at 74. albany 72. philadelphia is very warm right now, 85 degrees. excessive heat warning for this part of the area for tomorrow. look at satellite and radar
10:49 pm
will be passing over the area tonight and could squeeze out an isolated shower. most of us will stay dry. tomorrow will be different. different. an area of low pressure sitting off the west and a warm front associated with it. that will rise through the area tonight and on the backside we have a cold front that will be sweeping in the region tomorrow evening. shifting in our direction tomorrow we'll see heat and humidity buildup. as the front makes the approach we see an increasing chance of showers and storms specifically noh ninety-one is tomorrow's hyper central park. stay in the 90s and mid atlantic. behind the front is nice and comfortable in minneapolis and chicago. we will get a taste of that in the middle part of the week. west coast looks good, 84 in
10:50 pm
conditions. maybe an isolated shower and it will move through the region and you will feel the difference tomorrow. it will feel more humid compared to today. showers and storms north and west of the city. we could see strong storms and damaging winds in the afternoon hours. cold front will sweep through with drier air by wednesday. we will feel a difference b conditions. high pressure is behind that front and it will stick with us for thursday and friday. a nice second half of the week. tonight is mild and muggy with lows in the mid 60s to upper 70s. tomorrow's clouds with sun breaking through from time to time. watch out in in the afternoon for showers and storms.
10:51 pm
there's an friday look good with sunshine. we will take the good weather into saturday with a high of 87. sunday and monday we'll have a return of heat and humidity. it will will be uncomfortable again and a chance for storms. once we get through tomorrow we will have relief for a few days. >> file it's been so hot for so long >> alison: were not the only ones trying to beat the heat. at a zoo in rome, bears, lemurs, elephants and animals are being treated to ice cold treats. one of the main ingredients was watermelon. the ice and fruit keeps the animal cool and gives them a way to fight boredom. >> steve: it is so hot outside the last thing on your mind is
10:52 pm
it is going to be brutal. bone chilling temperatures will be paired with a ton of snow particularly in mid february even though last year's predictions were way off. remember the warm streak by christmas. winning is not all about style, strength and stamina.
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>> don't look for come back from alex rodriguez, he is officially done. his spokesman said that the three-time mvp will not be playing for any other teams the season. his hometown of miami said they are considering reaching out to him to replace a player out for the season. he played his last game is yankee on friday and was released by the team on
10:56 pm
>> forget the grace, control and strength, of olympic divers the bellyflop made a big splash in norway over the weekend they jumped from about 30 feet doing choreographed moves and diving gestures well plummeting toward the water. that is really hard to watch. land smack on their stomachs and to impress the judges. that is brave. you've ever done a bellyflop off the side of the pool 1 foot high it hurts. >> look at those >> that is really bad. >> i would like to be cool but not bad enough. enough of that. that will do a a
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oh, damn, they canceled my visa. (gasps) oh, yay, a new mastercard! uh-oh. what? i was going to get my mail. okay. are... are you hoping to get it telepathically? i think you mean telekinetically. and no. i just wasn't sure you and leonard are no longer having coitus. god, can we please just say "no longer seeing each other"? well, we could if it were true. but as you live in the same building, you see each other all the time. the variable which has changed is the coitus. okay, here's the protocol: you and i are still friends, and you stop saying "coitus." good, good. i'm glad we're still friends. really? oh, yes. it was a lot of work


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