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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 16, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> it has been for a have here since john kingsbury was killed and his son glenn home. >> michael castro had direct knowledge of about 35 that thousand dollars cash and the king very home. >> do you think justice will be served today. >> we sat down we need to fight white oppression at all costs. >> are people still left true freedom, we need to suffer it up. >> do you with what he said? >> the will pack just got back with their plan and a massive little league turn meant first game is a win second game
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>> over the past 48 hours detectives have worked tirelessly on this case with his associate. on saturday afternoon in queens. two extraordinarily diligent investigative efforts and i want to complement our boys and the detectives on their work. the detectives were able to get a strong lead on a suspect early on. conference in down town manhattan where the police commissioner and chief of detectives address the media about the investigation into this lane of two clerics that took place in queens over the weekend. mayor diblasio touched on what a loss it is it is for the 8.5 million new yorkers in the city. >> i offer my condolences and also assured the members of the bangladeshi community and the
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city that the killer will be brought to justice. >> also to address the media was the chief of detectives in manhattan, he spoke of a suspect that they do have in custody. it may be in connection to the shooting, cannot confirmed as a monday afternoon. >> we believe because of the evidence we have acquired thus far that we have the individual. >> is a 36-year-old male hispanic from east new york. he is the man seen in the sketch a drawing police released other suspect that they were looking for after the shooting took place at 1:50 p.m. on saturday afternoon. they arrested him on sunday evening. they had a search warrant to search his home. the have his car in their possession. we'll keep you updated as the investigation continues on chasing news. >> here at the park and brown
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when he got out of his car he seemed relaxed, shaking hands, greeting people. then he was there with his it dp commissioner, bob martin to announce this multimillion dollar green brook flood risk management project. governor christie said that the project would be instrumental to the area and prevent residents from appearing rainfall because there would not be massive flooding. i spoke to the commissioner more about it. >> the bottom line is they have built in a structure that protects both green brook and line is they have done a great job engineering it to protect it. >> governor christie after the event seemed relaxed. i went up and try to catch up with them to ask him about the recent reports that trump's campaign manager, paul metaphor to allegedly got over $12 million in cash payments from a former client who is the former president of ukraine with ties to the pro-russian vertical party. >> governor what is your reaction to the connection to
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>> you went through the list of clients of all the consultants in washington. i cannot imagine the kind of characters they would work for. he makes it worse. to me it's like refusal to answer. >> i think refusing to answer is the right move. think. think about it if he says something condemning the action is going to be a headline. if he says says i don't know anything about it then it turns out later he day, it's going to be headline. sometimes a month or does the right. >> at least make eye contact with you or not? >> not really. >> on my god you're like a cheerleader trying to get the attention of a football team. give it a rest. >> i had no idea you are a spokesperson governor christie. >> today a.m. >> my job is to ask the questions and whether it's convenient for him or not. >> did you kill john's kingsbury
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was surprising. a smirk. >> what you think of this mark when i asked michael if he killed john kingsbury? >> i'm shocked at that. it bothers me really bad. if you didn't do it how could you smirk at the death of another person? speemac's been been born have your sense john's king sperry was killed. glenn is also a friend of mine. >> going back into the open the door by my father lane on his back breathing heavy and blood all over his room. >> it took 40 must attract on a person of interest. michael castro is a formal a formal employee and close friend of glenn's. he moved to florida right after the shooting it was brought back to new jersey to face the charges. koester had direct knowledge of about $35000 cash the kingsbury home that was supposed to be there that day. he then spent spent 16 months in jail before that indictment was thrown out
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charges were filed including first-degree murder of john king sperry. >> do you think justice will be served today? >> i don't know. i would like to say yes. >> at a court hearing on monday things moved just as they had been, snail slow. and as they entered the courtroom the prosecution objective but the judge did grant some extra time to get some documents from the prosecuti review. john's son glenn is out of town, moving his son to college. glenn's son was in middle school and this happened. that is how long it is ben. his best friend and business partner was there as she arises, karen drew. >> it's been so long and it just keeps going on and we really need to get closure and get it back out there. people need to realize that a really love guy was murdered for no reason.
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october and i'll be there trying to find some justice and answers to the family. they refuse to go away and neither will i. >> michael castro did you kill john sperry? do you have any comments at all? >> look at you never know what you're going to get here. what is going on david? i never know when you're going to pop up question recorded you get this car? >> i'm on the board of directors of an organization that does a high five a high-five tour every year. we raise awareness for the families what america goes for
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we have combat deployed vets. they've been injured, lost limbs, lost use of them. we adapt f1 50s, we use ford vehicles, ford explorer so they can get in and out with a wheelchair. they can do handwrite. of course this is our show car. it has gone gone across the country, hundred cities. >> all over the country people donate. they can do it on the website go to high-five you can donate there and you can sign and donate it to us. we just stopped in a town in jersey and got a check for $1000 from one man, donations from others. the thing about it is the money goes to the vehicles. these warriors need these vehicles. the families need the vehicles. the guy sign these races right hannah written a blank checking cash it in the cost of legs or partials, we put it in a vehicle. they have these adapted vehicles out there for everybody run the country, we are not going to put a warrior inside a minivan. now, f1 fifties, 50s, ford
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been, now this is a standard. we have had guys actually want to and it take a couple actually have one in mustangs. >> you're doing great work. >> ticket for a ride? -- take it for a ride? [inaudible] >> we told you last week about the beach community for losing one of their own, greenup karina bejarano was murdered while jogging your part in a park near her home. the neighborhood and others have turn that pain into a real way to try to catch this killer.
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go find her killer with over 240,000 dollars in reward money. between that money. between that amount, crimestoppers and money the firefighters union have kicked in its over one quarter million dollars to be had for anybody with information on what happened to karina coming forward and talking to please. in addition please are looking for leads in a separate case in princeton, massachusetts. a 27-year-old google play was murdered while jogging just days after karina. the nypd set at a communityme connected. they are comparing notes with massachusetts pleats are not closing the door completely on that. it's important because it's been reported that police in massachusetts have a dna sample of the killer in that case and are currently testing it. the clues are massachusetts lead to a result of maybe finding karina's killer? we don't know right now. >> do these these rewards ever were? >> first with the reward is difficult to collect because usually when the police get an arrest there's a bunch of factors coming through such a
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but it's a good thing to have people be encouraged to bring tips in. is something positive for the community to put their resources and efforts inches maybe it will will lead to something, you can't rule that out. >> as sergio and i continue to chase harlem's rich culture we got a history lesson as we sat down and spoke with the minister. >> the mohammed mosca number seven will always be a role, are people still act true >> have a story we should know about?
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>> august 20, 24 hour. >> rapper and actor smooth snoop dogg shows his event of 24 hours of peace taking place. he says he is grateful first new dogs support. the event is to promote peace in a city that desperately needs it. so taking a stand against crime and violence. last year during the event to people were actually killed at the same exact time. if you would like to show your support you can use the #24 hours of peace. >> do you ever wonder what a lego airport would look like if a lego plane crashed in, exploded it all in slow motion? >> it all in slow motion? >> of the latest of offensive viral videos -- definitely not 9/11. >> we got upset because it could be offensive, it's really the
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she's judging us. she's judging you bill, and me. >> i don't know. danny fitzpatrick is a cute 13-year-old who reportedly wrapped a belt around his not and hung himself. i am standing in staten island outside the harmon funeral home where the wake is being held for danny. he thought he was discovered by his 17-year-old sister sister in his family's attic on thursday. danny's dad said his son was a victim of bullying and that he had approached the school about the problem. danny attended holy angels catholic academy in bay ridge. i'm going to redo part of the letter danny wrote. quote i'm
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experience, i wanted to get out, i begged and pleaded. the pain expressed by danny's father is heartbreaking and devastating. >> i just want him to say good morning dad one more time. >> is sent his son was a kind, gentle gentle soul and that his abilities were discussing little monsters. [inaudible] i wish they could try to feel what he felt. >> he had these words for the parents of his sons police. >> i have t have done to my son is burned in your brain for the rest of your life and you suffer as much as he has suffered. >> danny left us at the age of 13. bullies don't get the last world, loved us. and danny, we love you and will keep you in our family and our thoughts and prayers. >> last week you just a story
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race. today you'll give us part two. >> as sergio and i continue to chase harlem's rich's rich culture we received a profound history lesson as we sat down and spoke with minister abdul mohammed at mosca seven. it is right off the boulevard and it reminds you that this was the foundation, the place of worship for the historic civil rights leader who got frustrated with martin luther king's nonviolent tactics during the civil rig era and said to blacks, you need to fight white oppression at all costs. the minister says the civil rights movement is still going on today. that mosca seven in harlem plays a huge role in supporting the black community throughout harlem. >> peace be unto you. mohammed mosque will always play a role, are people still act you
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equality. >> the minister says the first step for blacks in achieving freedom is to become a financial powerhouse. >> the role of the mosque is an employment center. an employment center for truth but an employment center for the business activity of life. we have 95 or 97, 98% employment here. we don't believe in we believe in people being industrial. >> take that step further and what he is really saying is that blacks need to build a black economy. >> we need to separator economics. like separating our economics is ike with the chinese do with chinatown. that separate economics. >> do you agree with what he said? >> i agree agree with a little
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you really do need economic power as a group. where i grew up in philly, the orthodox jewish community, they do not go outside their community usually in support other businesses. they make sure that money stays amongst each other. >> that's true what you're saying. use been decades to acquire simulation and it seems recently the past five or ten years it's segregation and separation is what people are looking for. it creates separation of the battle lines and promoting peace actually creates this pressure situation between different cultures. i don't know know if that's right way to go >> russia is no stranger for some bad cam video. this is another example of that. check out this car driving along in st. petersburg minding its own business when boom, a water main reps erecting all over the
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>> take a look at the video shot by wa sc. a woman and her dog been saved from a near drowning. it took place place in louisiana floodwater a few days ago. the cars on this completely submerged. treatment pull up in a boat and one jumps on the car, rips open the convertible cloth roof and pulls her out. she says hey what about my dog. get my dog. >> so he reaches and he tries to get the dog but the dog did come to the surface and everybody was >> batter up. >> everybody steps up and got hits. >> the guys got mojo. >> one, two, three.
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do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at captured they captured the video of a tornado on fire. the crew was tackling a five-acre brushfire when the fire nato rose from the ground. firefighters extinguished the fire without injury. >> someone in california the most billing idea ever and i am so happy they caught it on bill. golden retriever day at the
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yes. these happy retrievers are running around, jumping in and out of the pool. grabbing as many tennis balls as they can. this is the most glorious thing ever, i'm very sad i was not there myself. an amazing idea. >> hank you are chasing some rising baseball stars. what he got? >> batter up, let's play ball. >> i have seen a couple of baseball teams and might and may even played on a few but them will pack has mojo. they just got back from cooperstown, new york home of the baseball hall of fame where they're playing in a massive little league tournament. out of 104 teams that they were ranked 80 fifth. they were. they were just trying to have some fun. >> just like a hundred four teams, we thought we were going to be out. >> but they were not out. oh no. they were just getting warmed
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830 a.m., first game first game against the number 86. a win. second game, 11:00 a.m., another win. now we are rolling. 130 p.m., and, no lunch, no brick, third game of the day, then you ask another win, superstition to start to take hold. >> there doing crazy things like wearing shirts whole time. the boys reading cheese ball, one parent one parent had a chip which every day. superstitious and whatever they could fit in between innings because i still haven't been by the time the fourth game started at 4:00 p.m. and then there up on the mind. it didn't matter, matter, for games, for wins and by the time they finally fell and their fifth game of the day, they didn't when the tournament but
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>> there in our dugout cheering for us in their baffled by the fact that we were one team out. >> that's the me gene amazing thing. these all have have to be from wayne if they're going to play in the game there just one team, the will pack, by, by the time the sparklers came on at the end of practice, the water never felt so good. >> that feel so good. >> i have to ask you did you play with them? plane. by the time we're done they broke my wrist and ankles and i walked off rejected. yours here about the jerk dad or the jerk or who beat the referee or anything, here's here's a case where little league sports came out exactly the way it's supposed to. the parents were
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>> either live or die, a pitbull on death row and his owners are fighting for his life. but the owners of the victim, they want justice. >> the dog should've been done yesterday, he's a mess. >> there's no such thing as a bad., only a bad owner. >> next, chasing news. [ tires screech ] flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming.
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what's up, y'all? happy monday. welcome to "dish nation." today gary's dreams come true. grilled about everything. >> dreams do come true! >> ah, man, and telling you why blake shelton is so damn mad. that's right. let's start the show! captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company welcome to "dish nation." our love and praise out to, to shreveport, picking up the pieces. you guys are in our hearts. it is monday, we got a big show for you, man. first, gomez felt the need to comment on justin bieber's new relationship. >> big time. >> in the studio, nick cannon. you don't want to miss a thing he has to say. first, not so surprising news, fastest man on the planet, usain bolt. >> yes, he s. third straight olympic, bolt won the 100 meter dash and did it with ease,


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