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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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is "good day wake up". >> yesterday was so cold in the studio. i decided to wear a sweater. don't move! the humidity has seeped into the studio. that's because it's so powerful outside. it can break doors down. the heat index reach hundred ?104b0. we should get a break soon. we are told and i am looking at mike woods while he is ignoring me. i am pretty sure that a break is on the way. >> let's get those in early. >> please say they believe he and his assistant are guilty. they tried to figure out a
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democratic nominee spends time in pennsylvania with vice president joe biden. he says trump would make the us less safe and he says he is making soldiers less safe right now. >> reaching a settlement of a family with a kai gurley. gurley's family will receive $4 million. he was shot by nypd. >> it's 5:01 am. >> it's 5:00 and thank you for sticking with us today. >> is a very nice look. very colorful! >> i love it! happy to be here. >> think you. >> i just throw stuff in
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i have tried it and i said okay. it's time to g dealing with the heat again. we have another heat advisory and it's not just the five boroughs. it is the metro area with parts of new jersey and most of new jersey has a heat advisory but there is an excessive heat warning as you get closer to philly. start heading up to the higher country in the northwest out of the heat advisory with excessive heat but even there it's quite warm again. what we have up there in central park is still reporting 80b0 with a partly cloudy sky. it's the south and southwest wind coming through with a regional
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68b0 in albany and above normal temperatures are up there again. you do have more cloud cover and they are really producing any significant showers in the tri-state. there will be more potential for bigger showers and storms to come through. we start showing a mixed bag and basically bringing clouds as time moves on. 87b0 by the mid-day with a high of 90. its strong storms not out of the question today. humid again at 90b0 for the
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tomorrow at 89 it's out of the heat wave on day number six. overall temperature should drop back towards the mid ? upper 80s as we head towards the weekend. we will take anything we can get at this point. hopefully not too many problems yet. the fdr drive on closing the fdr northbound and self homage when 61st and is scheduled to go on until 7:00 am. the new jersey turnpike ? there is a tractor-trailer and the traffic is being diverted in the southbound direction. the carling is a better direction. pwe have a problem on the lie and queens by glencoe road and there is a lane blocked their. just watch out for lane
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as for the lie and queens we have lane closure going on by the grand central parkway. you can see traffic there as you had westbound and as for the lie they are doing fine and trains are running on or close to schedule. it is 505. police are confident that they have the man with his mom and his friend. they are trying to work on >> calls for justice with liz and queens on the latest. >> is being held in central
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did you shoot them because they were muslim? >> he was let out in handcuffs. two counts of second-degree murder with the 35-year-old east new york man behind the daytime shooting death of these two individuals. they believed the surveillance video shows him cutting into his trailblazer after shooting just a few blocks away from the mosque. 10 minutes later the police say he had a bicyclist with his suv and was arrested outside of his apartment. he ran his car into a police cruiser blocking him in. investigators are trying to determine the motive. >> we still are looking at a hate crime. we can explain why it was there. >> earlier, 1,000 people
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funeral service. the mayor promised the community that the city stands with them. >> we believe the attack on one of us is the attack on all of us and we will work together to encourage the harmony and unity that new yorkers believe in. >> facing two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. he is expe criminal courthouse later today. >> juliet and teresa ?back over to you. >> now, the road to the white house. donald trump delivers a major speech while hillary clinton returns to her father's birthplace. making statements but not coming up with a plan. moving in a positive direction with robert moses joining us now.
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lately about the media. he has now returned to the matters of national security and he says unlike the president, he will make america safe. >> i call it extreme. donald trump lays out his plan for preventing terrorist united states. he says it's not csm and there is so much to defeat terrorism in this one. >> in the cold war we had an ideological test with time overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats that we face today. >> trump says that at his
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mention this, immigration would be curtailed. >> we would have to temporarily suspend emigration from some of the most dangerous regions of the world. they have a history from supporting terrorism. >> he left questions unanswered including which regions the country would be included in the band and how the terrorists prevented from lying on the screening test. this came after a poll showing hillary clinton trailing by 30 points among registered voters. clinton campaigned alongside joe biden in scranton pennsylvania and biden was born there was clinton's father also won there. pennsylvania is one of the most important battleground states in the election. >> i know you have friends
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should not let friends vote for trump. >> biden echoes that deploying the one-liners against him. >> he does not have a clue. this means unqualified. >> back to the campaign trail. clinton will attend the voter regist philadelphia. again in pennsylvania. trump will hold an evening rally tonight in wisconsin. >> robert ?thank you very much. >> mayor really giuliani is doing a speech yesterday in
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there is islamic attacks before obama. that's referring to president bush's tenure. he got the math wrong. >> by the way, under those eight years before obama came along, we did not have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> major attacks during the bush presidency after 9/11. >> there is buzz talk on social media about the big bump on his head causing health problems. hopefully everything is okay. the city has agreed to pay gurley. he was shot by peter leanne
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east new york. he avoided trail and was sentenced to five years probation. according to the daily news the money was put into a fund for his daughter and cannot be touched. it's 5:12 am. a proposed homeless shelter in queens during fresh outrage in a meeting last night. nothing changing today and storms. another hot and humid one coming at you with storms expected in the afternoon. a startup at 80b0. we will kick it up to 90 this afternoon. the daily forecast is at the itunes store. your forecast is broken down for you and it doesn't
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we are not the only ones trying to be this awful heat. across the pond are treated
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my favorite is the most incredible fruit on the planet. zoo officials say it keeps the animals cold but also gives us a way to fight boredom >> eating helps me fight boredom. >> michael, good morning. >> i like going to the zoo. >> i haven't played in a really long time. >> it's only been out for a little while. >> you know what? see thousands of kids playing pokcon. >> they run in and around the park. they are searching for pokcon. >> i don't know how we got there. wow! let's show you what's going on out there. there is the potential heat
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the forecast high as 90b0 and because it is so humid outside, you will stick to one another. it will feel like we are at 100b0. the heat and humidity in dew point makes it feel like it's a lot harder than it actually is. if we get to 90b0 we will have the dew points up a little bit. we are in the oppressive range again. it's not even just a little bit of humidity ?it's quite a bit. we will start to clean things up on the radar. we don't see a lot happening. if you showers over jersey.
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later in the afternoon and evening we have storms coming together. be prepared for that later on. there is a disturbance, by which potential. scattered storms are coming to you in the afternoon. it could come any time but it will be mainly in the afternoon with a high of 89b0 tomorrow. it will be a little bit breezy for you and a little bit cooler for you as we head into the weekend. science guys coming out for you on thursday, friday and
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it's working at tractor-trailer and let's go to the fdr drive. construction during the overnight hours and 96 street and 69th it's not bad it looks good in the lincoln and holland tunnel. >> the morning. >> people who live in the area are not happy about this.
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homeless shelter. it calls for housing hundred and 10 families. they promised they would be no kids under 18 and 24 seven security. neighbors say they are not convinced. many of them are concerned about the location close to schools and parks in the area and they say it's a big safety issue. >> that is right in our backyard. >> right by the schools? we disagree with the location and the way the city has done upon us. >> the city says they need homeless shelters because 200 50 homeless people in the city have listed them as the last address. this he hopes to begin the hotel as a homeless shelter october 1 but residents say they will keep fighting.
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alternative sites. that's leaders live from the newsroom. juliet and teresa, back to you. >> a lot more is coming up. we will take a look outside. there we go ?lady liberty
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juliet: the company announced it has partnered with ready pack food delivering salads worldwide. classic garden, chicken caesar, salads priced at 599 each. mix-and-match items like pizza with two toppings chicken and pasta. >> they are prepackaged? >> they are. pokcon go. it's just a pain in the neck. this has turned a neighborhood into a nightmare. it has filed a creator of the popular mobile game saying they have been blocking driveways and
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they say they have filed the suit because the games developer ignored the request to have nearby pokey stop removed. coming up, we will introduce you to the new yorker who became the first person in the world to collect every pokcon. >> i wonder if this guy has a job. i just wondered if he had a job. >> that's all. >> we will take a quick break. >> good day is coming back.
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out there but it's better than nothing. let's bring in ines and take a look at the roads and trails on this tuesday morning. >> good morning. a few things going on with the roads. take the self on energy and 13. all traffic being diverted. they are trying to extinguish it. here's another issue is found 109 in hackensack on the state river bridge. a couple of lanes are closed. this affects the commute in jersey city and newark because of the accident blocking one lane. let's go to the cameras with an fdr drive in lane three open. northbound and southbound
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thank you ines. here's a story we have all been following. they are confident they had the man who gunned down the man and his friend in broad daylight but they don't have a motive. >> emotions are running high in the community. liz is in queens with the latest. >> good morning. oscar morel is the suspect's name. he is still in police custody this morning. he made statements to the investigators placing him at the crime scene and the search warrant turned up a gun. police are still trying to figure out the motive here. did you shoot them because they were muslim? >> he was let out in handcuffs after doing charge of two counts and 2ndb0 murder. these new york man is behind the daytime shooting death of a mom and tyra.
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because of this surveillance video showing him getting into his trailblazer after shooting the two men. a few blocks away from the mosque. 10 minutes later police say he had a bicyclist with his suv and was arrested after he returned to a police cruiser blocking him in. now they are trying to determine the motive. >> he was there. he was there prior to it. >> the mayor promises the community the city stands with them. >> we believe the attack is an attack on all of us. we will work together to encourage the harmony and unity that new yorkers believe in.
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second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. he is asked bakhtin to be arraigned later today on queens criminal court. thank you very much. checking back with you a little bit. donald trump delivers a major speech on fighting terrorism. hillary clinton returns to her father's birthplace. >> robert joins us now with a look at both campaigns. >> teresa and juliet ?both candidates at it today. hillary clinton is in philadelphia for the voter registration event. she has made pennsylvania a second home. donald trump rallies.
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stuff that matters like terrorism. >> i call it extreme vetting. >> in a speech donald trump laid out his plan for preventing would-be terrorists from entering the united states. he says fascism and nazi-ism was defeated and we could defeat radical islamic terrorism. >> in the cold war we had the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats that we face today. trump sys on his watch nationbuilding would end and while he did not mention his earlier proposals of banning muslims from entering the us but he did say emigration would be curtailed. >> we would have to temporary since then emigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile
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[applause] they have a history of supporting terrorism. >> trump left questions unanswered like which region the country is included in the van and how he would prevent terrorists from lying on the screening test. the speech came after the release of the poll which shows him trailing hillary clinton. clinton campaign along joe biden in pennsylvania. he was born there and there. he is one of the most important title states of the election.
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he is totally unqualified. >> this guy has no limits. >> there could potentially be more email headaches for hillary clinton. the issue is just not going away. the fbi prepares to turn over summaries of his interviews with clinton and the aids as well. all of this stems from the use of the highway email server. they would not be made public but it would ensure that the issue remains an issue on the campaign trail. people in congress want to know exactly the extent of all of this and what she told the guy. now they will get heavily redacted versions of her interview. >> the reductions always seem to take out all the
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removing all prisoners from guantcamo bay. he released 15 and send them to the uae. it's the largest during the president's administration. some have been get more for more than 14 years. the pentagon says they have only 61 left. the president held 800 men. >> well done teresa. >> about the humidity. they could be hot but it least it's not horrific. >> the humidity is waiting for you. that's what's happening. >> coming back to train up? x it is a condition.
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physical fitness stuff because i would overheat. >> i am confused. >> i am not a freak. you are looking at me like i am. >> the record high as 96b0. it will be warmer than normal. 76b0 in islip. the sun is still not quite up yet. the dew point is still
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74b0 in islip and puts you in the oppression range and we have to talk about that every once and a while. we do have a mainly dry sky. there is a warm front coming through. a lot more to the west of us and we have a good shot coming at you later this afternoon. the high temperature comes up to 90 later today and tomorrow should be more dry. generally speaking they should come in early next week. at that the itunes store and google play store free. check it out ?you are all set to go. what does it look like, ines? >> 109 is not looking good
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with an accident. it's a beautiful shot at the lower level with no major delays. lincoln and holland doing fine. >> thank you. >> >> i'm not making fun of the medical condition. i am just looking it up. >> the number one google search is anhydrous is. >> that's it. that's what comes up. >> people call me a stallion sometimes. >> let's talk about alex rodriguez. >> speculations that the
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she called this. she called it! >> were back after that.
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charged with two counts of second-degree murder. police say he gunned down a mom and the assistant. they are trying to figure out a possible motive >> a funeral will be held for vanessa marco. the woman was murdered while out on a run in massachusetts. the 27-year-old was killed august 7 near her mother's home in town of princeton. been made. more than $4 million. gurley was shot and killed by peter liang in the houses in east new york in 2,014. she was sentenced to five months probation. >> let's just say they have
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2,017 and he is done this year. >> first we start with the mets. they take on the diamondbacks at the beginning of a crucial ten-day road trip pitching for the mets and here is the win. he could have become the first to beat all 30. he gave up all five runs and it's the really only bright spot in the top of the fourth. it's the first time he has walked in 19 years. it came on his 282nd career at bat. he is homer this year. none of that happening in san diego. no one else has ever had
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chad greene is the rookie pitcher. at the bottom of the fourth. the rookie outfielder is erin judge. right centerfield for the rbi double. the yankees are up 1/0. it's a run on the third and the yankees new closure he gets edwin with a great year. they say a route will not play frame on the season including the marlins. a run will be taking time
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we spoke to someone close to the situation they said the marlins were very interested and a rod. especially now that jean carlos is hurt. now the olympics. it's another metal for someone by his. not the one that she wanted. she was trying to become the first female gymnast to get five gold medals in one olympics. the fourth event is the balance beam. she wobbled a little bit on the beam. she said it wasn't really that bad. new jersey has lori hernandez taking home silver. was on the levers of the netherlands took on the gold. making its way to the olympics with the egyptian judo competitor sent home after he refused to shake the hand of his israeli opponent after the match on friday. he is the one in the blue
5:51 am
the international olympic committee says he was reprimanded by the referee and somehow by the egyptian committee. coming up, eli manning joining us going one-on-one pcoming of it 840. >> quickly, she tweeted out the olympic medal. are you all right out there ? i am more than happy. she is handling this like a true champ. >> the us team is very elegant and graceful this year. >> we love our jersey girl. >> people getting very famous. a couple of those kids on not show on netflix. jersey!
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of the hat? >> yes, she is not from jersey ?staten island. >> that's what we have out there. it's a great thing to see these folks grow up. >> 80b0 and partly cloudy sky with wind from the southwest. dew point's with a high number. it sure gets wet and everything gets wet. that's what we have going on again. we have a mixed bag here in the tri-state region. not really a big deal. maybe a few sprinkles in
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as the day goes on we have the risk of showers and storms coming up because along front comes through and when the area of low pressure to the west and there should be enough going on to pick up the storms and the latter half 100. still storms possible. they had 90 today and 89
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the tractor fire has been extinguished. it's in the right and center lane blocked. let's see what else we have going on in queens. no problem on the lie. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. it's over on the lie long island expressway westbound and eastbound traffic looking good. as for the tappan zee bridge we just saw the traffic moving again. you have a slight delay on the rockland side. everything is moving fine. stay town with morning good
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welcome back we see the first casualty. larry wilmore was low rated. that's they canceled it. it took the spot left. he went to cbs a year -and-a-half ago. comedy central says the nightly show did not resonate with viewers. we will see the statement release. he is saddened that he >> the reviews on that were not so great. >> /owill be thursday. the times but will be filled. >> we have a few minutes away from the top of the 6:00 hour. we will take a break with more coffee. hopefully you are brewing a
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>> good morning everyone the heat indices -- love that word could reach 100 to 104 degrees an should be getting break. mike has full forecast coming up. >> police charge and queens and mom assistant. questioning now a east new york man about with a possible motive for the murders. >> city reaches are a supplement with family of akai gurley. gurley's family is set to receive more than 4 million dollars. 28-year-old fatally shot by an nypd officer in 2014. >> and residents in queens gather to protest a proposal to turn a hotel in the neighborhood to a homeless shelter.


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