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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning everyone the heat indices -- love that word could reach 100 to 104 degrees an should be getting break. mike has full forecast coming up. >> police charge and queens and mom assistant. questioning now a east new york man about with a possible motive for the murders. >> city reaches are a supplement with family of akai gurley. gurley's family is set to receive more than 4 million dollars. 28-year-old fatally shot by an nypd officer in 2014. >> and residents in queens gather to protest a proposal to turn a hotel in the neighborhood to a homeless shelter.
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children's safety at risk and they have homeless shelters in their area and say they don't need another. tell you more about that coming up. >> i'm juliet huddy. >> i'm teresa priolo it is tuesday morning august the 16th. >> not an inconsequential tuesday you have given me your ice cubes from your drink. we found out she's found out that i suffer from a condition called an hydro >> not much yet. somebody is not paying attention. >> tell us about the weather what are we going to learn? >> heat wave on day number five and today could be day number six if we hit 90 out in central park and longst heat wave this year. we have a heat advisory up and forecast to hit about 90, 91 but with heat index value factored in it is going to feel like 100
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over pink shaded areas back down to philly suffering for a long time. action over the weekend and you know how bad that is at least not as bad as over the weekend. 79 out at central park. same in newark. 75 bridgeport and 7 islip. winds are light and variable at this point and time but generally they'll be coming in from the south and southwest at 3 to 7 miles per hour. on radar pretty quiet out there right now. looks like a fairly quiet start to the day. we jersey but a warm front to pull in more moisture and temps on warm side and bring in additional stability. that means a possibility of storms out there too. take a look at your beach forecast index today so plenty of sun out there. mixed with in with clouds in the afternoon and shower or storm. air temple around 86 degrees near the water. water temp at 75 and rip current
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level. what we will see for rest of us partly sunny day with a humid day as well, storms are also coming through high of 90 in city and 92 outlying suburb police places like new jersey where it gets a little bit warmer again humid today. 89 tomorrow and 87 on thursday. 89 on friday. above normal temp range all the way through the seven-day forecast. but today just might be the last day of the heat have in the tristate. over to iensz with an update on what's happening with our commute. started off slow but now not so much. >> been a busy morning since 4:30. new jersey turnpike tractor trailer caught fires and they extinguish it southbound by the interchange and blocked in car lane as an alternate southbound truck rule the over hackensack river bring closed because of an
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lanes closed as well so a big delay between newark to newark and jersey city. as far as your commute in connecticut no problems. let's tack a look at your commutes on l.i.e. westbound, eastbound looks good as bqe normal delays northbound, nothing out of the ordinary. trains are running close to schedule and street cleaning rules are back in effect city wide today. teresa and juliet. >> police are confident they have man who gunned down and his associate in broad date but yesterday they don't have a motive at this point. >> emotions running high with calls for justice. liz dahlem is in q garden queens with the latest. good morning, liz. >> oscar is in central booking and will be in court later on today. police say he is the man responsible for this double murder. apparently he told cops that he was at the crime scene and a
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matching the one used in this double murder. but a motive still not so sure about that. >> officer, did you shoot him because he was muslim? >> led out in hands cuffs after charged with two counts of second-degree murder. the 35-year-old east new york man is allegedly behind the daylight shooting deaths of imam -- [inaudible] and tara odine police believe this because of this getting into his gmc trailblazer after shooting two men. just a few blocks away from their mosque. ten minutes later police say he hit a bicyclist with his suv and was arrested outside of his brooklyn apartment after he ram ared his car into a police cruiser that was blocking him in. now, investigators are trying to murder. >> we're still as we go forward on the table of hate crime. right now we can't explain why
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>> earlier yesterday about a thousand people gathered to remember the victims at an islamic funeral service. mayor de blasio promising muslim community the city stands with them. >> we believe in attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, and we will work together to encourage the kind of harmony kind of unity that new yorkers believe in. >> she's been c counts of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. he's expected to be angered arraigned here in queens criminal court today. live in q gardens. back to you. >> let's take the road to the white house. bumpy roads as of late fighting terrorism while hillary clinton returns to father's birthplace to stump for votes. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday. there are lots of interest they
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robert moses joins us to give us the wrapup. >> drump needed to refocus and redirect his campaign away from all of the recent ancillary talk about media and polls whether he redirected it successfully depends on your permit eve. workable or not he laid out his plans for defending against terrorism. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting in a speech at youngs trump laid out a plan for prevents would be terrorists from entering the united states. he says that justice defeated fascism in the last century so must it defeat terrorism in this one. >> in the cold war -- [applause] we had an ideological screening test. the time is overu due to develop a new screening test for the
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>> trumple said on his watch nation building would end and while he didn't mention his earlier proposal of bang muslims from entering the u.s., he did say that immigration would be curtailed. >> we will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world. that have a history of exporting terrorism. trump left some questions unanswered could inning which regions our countries could be included in immigration ban and how he'd prevent would be terrorists from lying on screening tests. his speech came shortly after release of a new college poll which shows him trailing hillary clinton by 30 points among registered new york voters. clinton campaigned alongside joe biden in scranton, pennsylvania. biden born there, clinton's father also born there, and she was is chris ndz there. pennsylvania is one of the most important battleground states of the election. >> i know --
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you know -- [booing] friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> with blunt one liners against trump. >> this man is totally thoroughly -- unqualified -- >> this guy's shame has no limits. >> he would love -- [inaudible] >> back to the campaign trail registration event this afternoon in west philadelphia. there's an important pattern here in scranton yesterdays and in philadelphia today an bairvegly taking up residents in pennsylvania that gives you a sense of how important that state will be. meantime will hold a rally tonight in wisconsin. juliet and teresa. back to you. juliet: thank you very much sir. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani raised eye browse and
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youngstown. >> and recognized work on patriot act but mistakenly said there were no other islamic terror attacks in eight years before president obama. thus forgetting about george w. bush' he clearly got the math wrong. take a listen. >> by the way, under those eight years, before obama came along, radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> so a spokesperson for the former mayor says giuliani referencing the lack of major attacks during remainder of the bush presidency after 9/11. he also reportedly forgot the state of which mike pens is governor an there were a few other missteps as well.
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he got knocked in the head if you remember see some of the u interviews that he had the other i guess last week and big -- bump on his head that who knows. all right hopefully he's okay. 6:11 now city agreed to pay akai gurley 5 million. he was shot and killed by peter liang in dark stairway of the lewis houses. liang avoid jail and sentenced to five years probation. now according to "the dai news," the money that the family receives will be put into a fund for gurley's daughter acala and not touched until she is 18 years old. >> we have a lot more coming up. >> including mike with a check had of the forecast. it just became quite cold in here. hope it's warmer outside. mike: it is for sure. temps came down all the wait down to 79 degrees yeah it's still very warm out there. central park with a partly cloudy sky. we'll see a mix of clouds and
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storms possible especially later into the afternoon and evening. quiet out there. but if you want weather information including daily an hourly forecast on the fox 5 weather app with a google play store and free updates all of the time by its and all ready to go. we'll be back in just a little bit. ? ? ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> oh, yes. teresa: does this not look like the greatest time ever. animals having the best time and not only trying to beat the heat. so are zoo ab animals in rome. dozens of other four-legged friends. they're treated to ice cold treats including watermelon. >> look at that. >> seeds bother or them? >> they should be able to handle that u stuff. it's nature. they're not only eating ice, fruit to keep cool, it also apparently helps them fight boredom. wells that -- entertaining for us frozen grapes by the way greatest thing ever. incredible. i e never -- ever fed a baby cub?
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ever bottle fed a baby bear? >> mike, you? >> yes, i have in idaho falls idaho there was bear world. >> they allowed you to bottle feed the babies. don't hug it but you can feed it. teresa: they're cute. you look at me like i'm crazy. mike: well -- [laughter] juliet: what's happening mikey? mike: show you the day more humid weather coming at a us with afternoon storms possible again. some of the storms could bring in some very heavy rain and potential for some damaging winds. and then after that, nice and sunny tomorrow breezy and dry. so it does help us out to some degree. but our temps come down a little bit. so we've got temperature of 79 degrees out at -- central park right now with clear sky. winds are calm at this hour. other temps in the region 77 in philly. 75 in williams port.
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partly mostly cloudy sky here in the area. showers not really a problem right now. we have showers over south jersey early this morning. but now those kind of died down but a wham front coming through. one of the things that could help to pop up shower and storms and hot and humid air with us and other area of low pressure and cold front off to the west and as that comes through with a little additional energy, there's a decent chance that you're going to see showers and storms popping up with heavy winds and this evening and settle back later tonight into tomorrow. next couple of day drier. so high temp up to 90 again on humid side and going to el to like we're about 100 with the heat and humiditity combination. it is so high.
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coming at you later on sunday around. let's bring in ines right now get you an jpt on what's happening so it sounds like it has been a pretty busy tuesday morning out there. guess that hasn't changed yet. >> new jersey getting a lot of love this morning. start off request new jersey turnpike skyfox hd busy traveling around the area that was first stop earlier. actually live pictures of skyfox hd it over carney over truck rule the one and nine tractor trailer northbound, you can see kind of jackknifed there. and all lanes closed northbound into jersey city that's a problem. southbound side two lanes are blocked. now go to that other lyndon that tractor trailer caught fire on southbound new jersey turnpike, you can see even though it is extinguish a lot of stuff needs to be picked up. debris on the roadway. by interchange 13 by southbound so one lane getting through. trucks are allowed to use car lane southbound so best bet around it. they have all lanes temporarily
6:19 am
things out of way. car lane skyfox there a minute ago. not affecting commute badly but you have to tack car lane instead of trk lane. tell you what else we have going on westchester crash by cross westchester blocking a lane there. long island commute is god no problems in suffolk county either. not a bad delay. just looks good around there. no delay to toll plaza same for holland and george washington bridge. juliet and tes >> thank you very much ines. j people living in queens neighborhood continue to protest the city plan to turn a holiday inn hotel into a homeless shelter. >> a lot of folks came out hundreds last night to voice their opposition. the plan calls for housing 110 family at the location and no more than 220 people. the city has promised it 24/7 security but neighbors are really not too happy about them and they're not convinced they don't really trust the city i'm guessing.
6:20 am
location close to school and parks and really they say it's a safety issue. >> putting another shelter in our home, in our backyards we have three, we're tired of it. it's just a lox right by the park pl right by the two schools, another park a quarter mile from you. with the location -- and we disagree with the way city dropped it upon us. >> chanting is enough that the whistles not really sure. noisy are n shelter by october first so they have to make a decision quick. local officials say they'll continue to look for alternative sites in hope of change had city's mind. relatively calm night in milwaukee three arrested and no destruction property. curfew for kids under 18 went into effect at 10 p.m. last night. the city exploded after a police officer shot and killed
6:21 am
at least one person was shot during protest on sunday, more than a dozen were arrested. the rioting so intense the governor activated the national guard. >> i wanted to make sure they know that our intentions were to activate the guard. but to set them separate and rep moved from where the incident command was near sherman park. >> there is body camera footage of this shooting that police say smith had a gun with him a g allegedly. it is the custody of the state justice department and has not been released. they have not determined if, in fact, they would release it. all right coming up, in our "health watch" quitting smoking, a huge challenge for so many people. one newly discovered factor could make it a little bit easier. >> that gives people a breath of fresh air. all right we'll be right back.
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care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. ? ? >> in today's "health watch" despite warnings a new study has found that parents are still putting their babies at risk for sudden infant death syndrome.
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nine out of ten were put in an unsafe position. include on their sides or on their stomach and some parents put their kids in dangerous cribs with loose blanket or stuffed toys. pillow, bumper pads, cdc suggest place a baby on its back in empty crib to lower risk of sids. >> researchers discovered a simpleg way to quit smogs, walking. yeah they smoker walk to the buy cigarettes the odds of quitting increaseed laziness. they say every third of a mile raises odds up to 60% that applies to those mother a home and didn't look at whether or not taking a longer stroll from work also apply. >> also the fact to go out of
6:26 am
am i doing this, i should quit smoking. >> optimistic. >> all right it's it the end of an era in las vegas. last of the holings rivera hotel and casino. came crashing down early this morning. remember in june the famous monaco tower imploded, the entire casino now turned to rubble. during hay day known as hangout. hosted from dean martin to frank sinatra to pia now ex-husband billionaire owned it. we used to go to hang out because my family was friends with them and they used to let us go -- yeah. television the best. i love it. i love the 80s. j i know, yonts like implosions they make me sad. las vegas plans to use space, this space to expand its convention center.
6:27 am
once, you know, the pack vegas doesn't exist anymore. why can't they turn it into something retro and cool? >> i don't know. i do like to see buildings come down, though. really cool video. >> you like to see destruction. >> every now and again . like to -- >> blow thing up? >> exactly what i was going to say.
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>> good morning everyone. there is no relief in sight today as we look at one world trade. the heat factor is going to be significant today. heat and humidity continuing in that hot realm for another day. mike has full forecast coming up including whether or not we're going to have a break. >> a suspect now has been charmed with murder in shooting death of a queens imma'am and assistant. investigators still trying to derl motive for this attack. >> at least 7 people have been
6:31 am
flooding in louisiana. officials say more than 20,000 have been rescued since friday. >> as i told you yesterday, a-rod is set forked season. but it's official his agent says he will not be on the field this season. there's no mention of playing in 2017. so we'll see if he's just taking the remainder of this season off to spends 1250*eu78 with his family and then he plans on coming back fresh and brand spank ising >> like down in miami that was talked about. j but floating that theory to see if there would be interest. >> we can continue to wonder as we -- really good. and toss over to mike. good at speculating. >> that's our thing here. what's up? mike: you know, another day. another hot. teresa: i'm done complaining about heat. because i realized in a short
6:32 am
mike: cold is painfuls. this is difficult at times but cold straight up hurts. embrace, embrace heat. warmth humidity all of it. you can't do anything about it. here we go 79 degree that's your temp central park. 75 in bridge ports. 72 in poughkeepsie, and 76 in belmar. a mix sky some folks have more clouds. some have more sun but sun is out there trying to do its thing. showers over south jersey. a warm front lifting through triare state is region. a lot more action back to our west and moisture that came in from deep south louisiana and flooding rains recent day. it is now foolly moving out of there. but could be affecting us and showers out of this whole deal. high temple gets up to about 90 for you later on today with some scattered showers and storms, humid as well. tomorrow is drier but look at that high temp drops down one degree. nots much of a difference but
6:33 am
you, and it stays fairly dry for next several days after that. so there you have it. let's bring in ines rosales right now and check out what's going on if you've got to hit the road most of us do. here's what you got. >> good morning mike a lot going on this morning. start off with skyfox hd where you have problems traveling between newark carney and jersey city here truck route one and nine involved in a aid not only into carney as well but both directions that garbage truck involved in that accident. truck one and nine and hackensack avenue where all of the act is going on so expect delays. they may have opened up a lane, they did into jersey city the southbound direction. be prepared for heavy delays. now another problem skyfox hd is new jersey turnpike hoar. extinguished but tick a look at
6:34 am
lane open. as far as delay you could encounter some in truck lanes. so car lane that's what you want to use. avoid any headaches but that's a big cleanup mess going on this morning so you have that going on. go to our maps first tell you what else going on westchester you have a crash on saw mill southbound by 287 that's blocking a lane. as for george washington bridge driving into city is up upper level about 20 to 30. lower 10 to ten from each approach. juliet and teresa. >> thank you excuse me. moving on now police are county in broad daylight but they say they still don't have a possible motive. >> they are workingen it you can guarantee that. emotions are running high with calls for justice. fox 5's liz dahlem is in q guardsen queens "latest.
6:35 am
oscar is in police custody. cops tell us that he told them he was at the crime scene and a search warrant of his home turned up a weapon that matches the one used in this double murder. as after a motive that's unknown. >> oscar led out in hands cuffs after being charged with two counts of second-degree murder. the 35-year-old east new york man is allegedly behind the daylight shooting deaths and tara. police believe it because of this surveillance video showing him getting into liz gmc trailblazer right after shoot two men. just a few blocks away from their mosque. ten minutes later police say he hit a bicyclist with his suv and was arrested outside of his brooklyn apartment after he rammed his car into a police cruiser that was blocking him in. now investigators are trying to
6:36 am
go forward that's on the table a hate crime. right now we can't explain why this person was there. but there prior to that. >> earlier yesterday about a thousand people gathered to remember the victims at islam egg funeral service. mayor glsh owe promising muslim community the city stappedz with them. >> we believe an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. and we wil that new yorkers believe in. >> he's facing two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. and we're expecting him to be arraigned here in queens, criminal court some point today. live in q gardens this morning. juliet and teresa back over to you. a seventh person now has been killed in severe flooding across louisiana.
6:37 am
even irene video but it's not or even katrina. this is -- just happened this week more than 20,000 people have to rescued since friday. been called some of the worst flooding this state has ever seen. i actually read this morning once in 1,000 year flood. some homes have been completely submerged some lost everything. every possession they own. a louisiana governor toured the damage throughout the state on monday. take a listen. >> mentioned still ongoing. we're doing search and res u cue right now in many perishes as flood waters move south into rivers are cresting further and further south individuals brought into play. >> at least 11,000 evacuees are now living in shelters around the state. >> it is 6:37 now, and we want to move into a realm taking
6:38 am
lauren simonetti joining us from the fox business network. good morning lauren. >> good morning. juliet: dominoes pizza once again talking about sort of a fast foodish type chain. expanding their rep. >> more than pizza but selling salads so if you put the salad with the pizza pair them they cost about $6.50 just getting the salad. why is dominoes doing this? because every fast food company is branching out to try to get competing not just with each other. but with retailers like wal-mart and a target who sell food and with other -- other o grocery stores out there. we've seen that realm of the grocery stores in retailers able to cut the price oned to that they sell while restaurants are having to hike prices because they have to pay -- increased wages right minimum wage up in city and stays so seeing this in the industry with
6:39 am
pizza a different way to get you back in their door. >> all about fresh veggie adding something healthy to your meal but we were reporting earlier that these are prepackaged. i don't get that like you make pizza fresh but prepackage the salad? j they have a company that's making the salads for them. i hear ya. >> otherwise they have to have the salad leanup thing it shall shall -- >> is dominoes really fresh pizza? >> well, we'll leave it right there. teresa priolo i know that last name ends with a vowel. >> i do have my allegiances thank you, lauren. : by the way if you want to finds lauren find lauren on fox business network she's there all day every day. juliet: it is hot out there
6:40 am
back up there. sky may look like this iter la on. it turns gray, stormy and more hot, humid weather with afternoon showers and storms rolling into town and some could bring heavy rain as well as some damages wind. and then of a that, well we do catch a little bit of a break. nice and sunny for you tomorrow. breezy and drier. humidity should back down a little bit. that makes you more comfortable. bring in ines the big issues. hello ines. >> right now in queens we have a couple of issues there's an a accident on l. i. e. back things up eastbound. tell you be that in a second. staten island fine no problem on expressway between presidents goethals and verrazano bridge. go to our cameras tells you about that lsm i.e. problem. eastbound over by lake vit road here they reopened up holding up traffic are an accident they were trying to clear away. but you saw on maps you have
6:41 am
paway at the moment. as for trains couple of things but five train southbound on 2 train between the street there's a 45 minute delay. juliet and teresa. teresa: thank you. duke: coming up a little bit later in sports right after the break we'll tell you exactly why facility. and alex rodriguez will tell you will he or won't he play in 2016? we'll tell you all about that after the break. juliet: plus the latest entertainment news. do you recognize that guy? nobody else did either. but i know who he is and you're going to do jordan love it rocking out in the middle of a
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>> at 6:44 a look the your headline hads oscar charlged with two counts much second-degree murder. police say he gunned down imam and assistat near their mosque
6:45 am
saturday. lis are still working to determine a motive. funeral will be held this morning for vanessa new york city woman murdered out for a run up in montana where her family lived. 27-year-old killed august a 7th near that home in princeton. investigators have hundreds of tips in arrests have been made. >> city has agreed to pay family of akai gurley more than $4 million. gurley shot and killed by a former police officer well at the time he was a police officer. stairwell in east new york brooklyn in 2014. liang sentencing to five years probation. >> duke had an interesting chat this morning. good morning. >> yeah in meadowlands with a special interview coming up later in the morning. we'll tell you all about but first caught on the baseball that happened it last night late
6:46 am
trip let's show you highlights here. bartolo pitch for amazing with the win become 18th player in mlb history to beat all 30 teams but a rough outing. nine for sure and gaye up to four and only bright spot him came in top of the fourth inning with a home run earlier this year and draws walk from first time he's walked in his major league career in 19 years that is amazing. he came on 2 bat no one else has ever gone that many at bats without a walk and diamond backs win it 10-6 mets now 0-4 against dax this season and diamond backs got to beat this team ten back in the wild card. yankees host to blue jays at the stadium. chad greene got the start last night and stuff excellent. i was watching this game, i mean, he is dealing, and here in
6:47 am
greene six and 11 sprouts gave up just is two hits. and in the bottom of the fourth rookie outfielder aaron judge a ripper, liner to right center field for rbi double. yankees up 1-0 that's all the the scoring there would be. in the ninth of course the new closer facing edwin having a great year for blue jays, tieing run on third. ends ball game yankees win it 1-0 for the final four. four and a half games back this the wild card. time for your iowa a-rod update 2016 world hold its breath to see what alex rolled regs will do. well, nothing -- his spokesman brawn say ises a-rod will not play for anyone this season including the miami marlins. so you can put those rumors to rest, obviously, those rumors
6:48 am
loan stanton marlin star outfielder that got hurt needing a bat. everybody figured miami could go after a-rod because a-rod macs his home in mime, and his spokesman says a-rod will be taking the time this season to be with family and friends. no mention , however, of 2017. olympic games in rio another medal for simone biles but not the one she wanted. she was first female gymnast to get five gold melds in one olympics. balance beam but wobble a bit on biel and awkwardly landing. lauri hernandez took home silver and shawn of the netherlands gold. this is unfortunate this is bad. hatred makes its way to the
6:49 am
sent home after he refused to shake hands with israel opponent. israeli opponent of a match on friday. he's one seen here in the blue, and the international olympic committee said he was reprimanded by referee and then committee sent him home. stick around because at 8:40 we will have my one-on-one interview with eli manning yes the giants open up against the cowboys this year. tough schedule giants with a new head coach and eli manning back won two super bowls as is peyton manning and talk to eli coming up inned later in the morning right around 840 or so. that is the story from here. teresa, juliet lovely day out here at the giants training facility. >> very cool. >> you looking good there duke. >> thank you duke. >> we have entertainment coming up. crazy to think about football
6:50 am
>> that's true. we're going to take a quick break before we actually go to weather u right now. >> hot and humid -- [laughter] it's xreaz crazy to think about football when it's so hot outside. >> but august you know training camp all of that other stuff what you deal with here. 79 this central park. dew points are in the well depends on where you are. 60s and 70s but you have a dew point of 76 in islip. that putsou but most is oppressive that's bad enough but in some places it is miserable but humidity is picking back up again today but temps should be a hair cooler. as far as showers go no problems out there. right now we have a dry sky around tristate but there is that warm front that's lifting through. and therefore some additional -- potential for showers and stoarl to pop up especially into the
6:51 am
remember last month july was wet or that will normal this is drier about half way through it. and since january first we're still nearly five and a half inches behind a lot of folks think it has been wet this year. not really we're still behind. all right so today sew a mixed sky. high temp up to about 90 there could be strong storms in afternoon and settled down in the evening. tomorrow drier and slightly cool or with high temp humidity dropping down that make you more comfortable. fairly drew but storm chances later sunday into monday at that time your high temps should be in mid-80s. fox 5 weather app with daily and hourly forecast on it. download at theituness and google play store and a help you out when you travel too. it's good stuff.
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this. is. everything.
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6:55 am
northbound had hadding to carney all closed because of that accident. occasionally letting one lane through and northbound coming from jersey city you have no access to carney or newark right now. other problems new jersey turnpike skyfox over that one too. tractor trailer caught fire early this morning and extinguished this is a cleanu they have beginning on southbound new jersey turnpike by but aloing trucks on to car lane to avoid any delays. you may encounter a little bit of a delay but car lane moving pretty good so far this among. tricky this morning heading into queens traffic slow basic an accident. throgs neck bridge aning and ka ram northbound new jersey turnpike, over by newark liberty airport. traffic slow here in the truck lanes use the car lane an accident by interchange 14 so
6:56 am
>> okey-doke joseph jordan love the he can play the drums and an actor. took his kit to los angeles this is him playing part of a new program called everyday spectacular where they perform pop up show and post them online so this mini show no one seemed to thought he looked like pee wee herman. so funny. madonna is on holiday -- celebrate her birthday. ? ? >> well she's material girl this is what it's all right 58 years old she is today during's four decade long career she has charted more number one simtion than any other artist on planet.
6:57 am
that it was back in 1983 i remember that well when they came out. special year. her special day in cuba with her daughter -- lordis pop diva wrapped up 82 world show supporting revel hearts. >> nobody does it like madonna. >> love her. >> see you tomorrow. >> have a great day. ? ? since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes
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rosanna: good day, new york. tuesday, august 16. i am rosanna scotto. greg: yesterday was crazy. it may bring. could possibly cool us off. it is still unpleasant out there. rosanna: a man facing charges. police still trying to figure out why h greg: donald trump. both positive and negative. rosanna: dozens of people turning a hotel into a homeless shelter. they are very concerned about the idea.


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