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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: good day, new york. tuesday, august 16. i am rosanna scotto. greg: yesterday was crazy. it may bring. could possibly cool us off. it is still unpleasant out there. rosanna: a man facing charges. police still trying to figure out why h greg: donald trump. both positive and negative. rosanna: dozens of people turning a hotel into a homeless shelter. they are very concerned about the idea.
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what is happening, there. rosanna: i am holding up okay. what do you think, mike? greg: let's go outside for a second. still have this weather is a little bit insane. at night, there is no relief at night. rosanna: it is like a sauna. rosanna: a lot more than i like the winter. greg: you do complain a lot.
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greg: it is going to be hot again. not as bad as yesterday. mike: another steam bath out side. we only dropped it down to 79 degrees this morning. seventy-nine, 80 and shooting right back up. the humidity has not had a chance to take a here is a look back at what we have with the high temperatures yesterday. tying the last one back in july. ninety plus today, day number six, the longest one for the summer 2016 season. again, we have another heat
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including parts of new jersey. you have the heat advisories expanded that way. your heat index value could be at 105, plus. we dropped down to 78 degrees right now. dropping one more to grief. 77 degrees out in islip and newark. two points are very two planes mainly in the low to mid 70s. that is a very uncomfortable range. we do have a mixed sky here in the tri-state. with this warm front passing by, a little additional instability. a good chance you will see at least a few scattered storms
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there is the potential for a few scattered storms. when it is this hot and humid, it could happen that any point. let's bring in ines. in and sky fox. what's going on? >> hackensack avenue. the northbound side is completely shut down. bumper-to-bumper delays back in newark.
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duvets going back into jersey city. ines: the jersey turnpike. here is over the scene. this tractor-trailer caught fire. you could see the mess in the cleanup day have to deal with this morning. they are allowing trucks to use the car lanes to avoid any delays. let's go to our maps. tell you what else we have going on this morning. slow ride because of an accident. as for westchester, there is a stalled car blocking one lane there on the tappan zee bridge. an accident has two lanes blocked. let's go to our camera. losing fine westbound and
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the new jersey turnpike, let's go to that camera shot. traffic jams because of an accident in the truck lanes. metro-north water very branch, experiencing mechanical problems. teresa: greg: that murder at a mosque in queens oscar morel shot and killed that imam and his assistant. rosanna: police still trying to figure out why he did it. liz is live with the very latest. >> reporter: oscar morel is in police custody.
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conducted at his home by investigators that found a weapon matching the one used during the murder. what is behind this double murder is still under investigation. trinity was let out in handcuffs after being charged with two counts of second-degree murder. allegedly behind the daytime shooting deaths of imam maulama akonje >> we strongly believe that this is the individual. just a few blocks away from their mosque he shop them. he hit a bicyclist with his suv and was arrested outside of his brooklyn apartment. after he rammed his car into a
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>> it is certainly on the table. right now we cannot explain why that person was there. he was there just prior to that. >> about 1000 people gathered to remember the victims at a funeral service. >> we believe that a attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. we will work together to encourage the k new yorkers believe in. >> reporter: oscar morel has been charged and is facing those two murder charges. we're live hearing q garden this morning. back over to you. >> let's take a look at oscar morel one more time.
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department. >> things got very interesting for donald trump. hillary clinton returns to her father's birthplace. >> what about the content? what about the style? >> reporter: the speech is receiving mixed let's talk about what is happening today on the trail. you'll notice hillary clinton has devoted plenty of time to pennsylvania. it is so important. trump trying to refocus and redirect his campaign towards issues like security.
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fasting. >> not see is him and communism in the last century defeating radical islamic terrorism in this one. >> in the cold war, we had an ideological screening test. the time is now to create a new screening today. he did say that immigration would be curtailed. >> we would have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous regions of the world that have a history of terrorism.
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unanswered. his speech came shortly or a release of a pole which showed him trailing hillary clinton by 30 points. clinton campaigned alongside joe biden. biden was born there. clinton's father was also born there and she was christians there. one of the most important battleground states of the election. >> i know some of you were thinking about voting for trial. friend should not let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: biden echoed that. >> he does not have a clue. this man is totally, thoroughly
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more e-mail headaches for clinton. the fbi's prepared to turn over summaries with her and her aides. the notes would not be made public, but they would ensure that this issue remains an issue on the campaign trail. greg: have you made up your mind? who hasn't made up their mind? i think everyone has made up their rosanna: i am not going to discuss it on tv. there are many people waiting for the debates and seeing how the candidates hold up. greg: rudy giuliani said something controversial on the campaign trail. he referred -- let's see, he basically implied or said that there has been no terrorism in
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rosanna: a lot of people obviously think you made a mistake in saying that. maybe you got the math wrong. you listen. >> under those eight years before obama came along, we did not have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. rosanna: according to a spokesperson, he says mr. giuliani was referring to the lack of major attacks during the remainder of the bush presidency after 9/11. >> wonton them obey.
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rosanna: some had been in gitmo for more than 14 years. only 61 detainees left. the prison held nearly 800 men after the 9/11 attacks. shot in the dark stairwell in east new york back in 2014. rosanna: jail. the money that the family will get will be put into a fund for the daughter. it cannot be touched until she is eight teen years old. >> we have a new shopping complex. it is very fancy. the inside is absolutely gorgeous.
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>> there will be some high-end stores there. i am sure some food areas as well. >> i am hearing that there will be a coach store. a rolex store. no mcdonald's. probably not. rosanna: i heard that it is a fancy >> right by the world trade center. mike: i have several dinners lined up. maybe i should make my way over there. it is one of those days where you will just go somewhere that ac is on. i don't care where it is.
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we are going to be heading in the right to wreck shin. not a lot cooler, but we will take in the kind of a break that we can get. wind is calm at this hour. also 78 in philly. seventy-four in williamsport. dry skies here in the tri-state region. more cloud cover outside. that will bring in additional cloud greater potential for storms in the evening. some scattered storms trying to force their way through as a little bit of a disturbance rides on by. then it looks like it gets quieter right into tomorrow. yesterday look like it could be kind of damp. we will get a few scattered
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high temperature goes up to 90, but it will feel warlike 100. eighty-seven on thursday. eighty-nine on friday. talking about mid to upper '80s this upcoming weekend. not too bad, but you have seen worse. let's bring in mind nine as into what is going on with our communal. better or worse? >> it is not looking truck route one and nine. an investigation affecting the commute. truck route one and nine. tractor-trailer and a garbage truck involved in this investigation. you have heavy delays because all lanes are closed. traffic slow. towards newark, one lane closed.
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him and heading towards jersey city, that will be tough. let's go to another issue that we have. the new jersey turnpike by interchange third team. this is southbound by interchange third team. you'll have a slight delay southbound, but not too bad. long island, actually, you guys are fine. let's go to our cameras. show you the drive around town. the verrazano looks good. if you had to take the upper level, about a 15 minute delay. lincoln tunnel, 20-30 inbound. >> how about a quick peek outside.
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guy was in a cab, they want everybody to take uber when they are at the olympics. they do not trust the local cabs. maybe the cab driver was in on it. rosanna: oh, really? greg: the official word, take uber, not taxis. i wonder what our cab driver would think about rosanna: they say they screen their people better than that uber drivers. greg: you can never meet a person. do it all online.
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perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. greg: look at that. they call it a heat still, i think. >> a dreamy, romantic shot o >> 7:22 a.m. in the morning. i think that that is classic for bananarama. rosanna: i think you are right. greg: whatever happened to them? rosanna: they have gone the way that many girl groups --
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a seventh person has now been killed in the severe flooding across louisiana. greg: some of the worst flooding the state has ever seen. some homes have been completely submerged. governor edwards to word the damage across the state on monday. >> we're doi parishes. the rivers are cresting further and further south. greg: i wonder if he is related to -- rosanna: the guy from the wire. he has been on our show. he lost his home and his family. had problems during another flooding in that area. >> there have been some amazing
7:24 am
a man rescuing a woman from her car. >> he pulled her up right out of the car. look at this. >> this is david songs -- he is a bit of a mystery man at this point. there he is. how about that. he goes back for her dog. greg: well done, sir. the top law enforcement official in the state has just been found guilty of of structure and of justice and perjury. rosanna: found guilty of leaking secret documents in order to
7:25 am
she is promising to repeal this. the governor of pennsylvania has called for her to resign. she is not required to. she is not running for second term. >> when you get arrested for smoking pot in new york city, most likely you will not be in trouble at all. only 11 o york city this year had to spend the night in central booking. >> the rest of them got a desk appearance ticket. a november 2014, the mayor gave cops more discretion. the mayor also cut back on other minor offenses.
7:26 am
got a desk appearance ticket. >> go to the helicopter. a special assignment for jim smith. >> did you overfly that kind of plane? greg: no. it inspired me to fly in other type. rosanna: time flies. >> there it is. >> short enough. it is camouflaged. it is the dark green one. >> similar to this one. go to the westside. we have another special assignment for you. special cottages in manhattan.
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take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition.
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? greg: take a close look. it looks like. could be a cottage or bungalow in breezy point. they are on the west side of
7:30 am
>> unbelievable. they belong to the owners of the penthouses in the building. >> it looks like a little village up there. >> you can bbq. that is a kitty pool i have best. let's go around is in the neighborhood. they have chimneys up there and things like that. that would be cool. up there. you can see people and they don't know that they are being seen, if you know what i mean. >> right. but we don't do that. [laughter] greg: he left as soon as he said he doesn't do that. >> it is always surprising what you do see. several cottages on the rooftop.
7:31 am
basketball court on the top of this building. >> you think that that is a building with a big jim. rosanna: or maybe some nba player lives there. >> that is 52nd street between eighth and ninth avenues. >> rosanna noticed, said it looked romantic and beautiful. it looks kind of small detour me. rosanna: it has been a hot few days. >> humidity has not been kind. >> even though it is a real pain and i have to say it is making me slightly lazy, i have to say there's something slightly
7:32 am
my parents used to take me to breezy point. >> how about that bologna sandwich with the sand in it. >> yes. this image does not make me think of it. >> that is when we were allowed to have white bread. now it is a mortal sin. >> who was talking to you like that? whoever it friends with them. mike: ditch out on the humidity that will be happening. let's take a look at what we have going on. we do have a heat advisory in effect. for the natural areas. it is up from about noon until
7:33 am
100 degrees. in the pink shaded areas, that is where you have the excessive heat warnings. it will be nasty like what we had over the weekend here in the city. all right. here is what we have out there this morning. sixty-six only in monticello. it is kind of a mix guy that we have. clouds, sun, a little bit of everything. some high numbers making it oppressive. you will feel the heat and humidity combo making you very uncomfortable. we have the potential for some bigger storms later on in the afternoon. high goes up to 90. feels like 100. let's bring in ines right now
7:34 am
>> a lot of problems this morning. sky fox has been busy. let's start with linden. close northbound at hackensack avenue. you will have a lot of duvets. as far as the south downside, you've only the left lane open. then there is this one. the new jersey turnpike. tractor-trailer caught fire early this southbound. they are allowing the trucks to access the car lanes to ease the conjunction a little bit. let's go to our maps and tell you what else we have going on. let's take a look at our cameras at the long island expressway. a little stop and go. no problems northbound.
7:35 am
southbound tractor-trailer that caught fire earlier. you have both car and truck lanes slow. north of 14 here, and accident blocking one lane. as for the cross bronx, traffic a little slow. no problems on the deegan north down, southbound. the waterbury branch has mechanical problems. thirty-five minute >> many families living in queens turned out for a big road test last night did there is a proposal to put homeless in this hotel. rosanna: it is a holiday in. if a lot of folks they are are opposed to this plan. let's go to carry through. she is live by what is, for now,
7:36 am
>> we are here on 55th road. this is the holiday inn express. the city is looking to turn it into a homeless shelter. there are all of these barricades set up. dozens of people showed out for that rallied. they do not want a homeless the city has promised that there would be no children under the age of eight team. 247 security here at neighbors that live in this area are concerned about the location. >> i want to help the homeless. i do not think that putting them into a hotel with no kitchens is an answer.
7:37 am
no buses. no services available. why would they do this to families? >> it is just a location. right by the park. right by the two schools. we disagree with the location. we disagree with the way the city has dropped it upon us. >> some very passionate people at the rally here last the city says they need a shelter in this area because 200 people that listed they were homeless have listed this area as their last location. the local community board said they are in the process of looking at other options. the city does plan to put the
7:38 am
>> stay with us for a second as we look at that protest. a lot of hotels take guest residence at the same time. >> that is not the plan here, right? >> exactly. >> there are no facilities for the people? it is going to be very difficult for them to get around. they do not even have kitchens in their hotel rooms. greg: it is a great community. matt smith is america. a great big billboard. you can see from the l.i.e. rosanna: this couple from michigan said pok?mon go has
7:39 am
nightmare. claiming its players have been blocking driveways. trespassing onto lawns. >> get off my lawn. rosanna: people take ride in their lawn. they filed the suit because the game still open or repeatedly ignored their request to have nearby stops removed from the app. we will introdu y yorker that became the first person in the world to collect every pok?mon around the world. this guy went around the world. what does he do that he can just follow pok?mon apps? i am just curious. >> fox5. they all came here looking for these things. i thought it was kind of
7:40 am
>> all of a sudden you see hundreds of kids gathered outside your apartment door, you get nervous. why are they here? trouble. i am only kidding. there was no trouble. >> it was an event. it was a scene. this essential part. it is time to go to las look at what you have done. this came down early this morning. the monaco tower was imploded. now the entire casino has been turned into nothing but rubble. hosting headliners from liberace to dean martin. greg: who saw the movie could
7:41 am
were they in the riviera? rosanna: they will plan to use this space to expand the convention center. there is so much stuff going on there here it there are shows there. convention sarah. great shopping. great restaurants. >> we have to go upstairs. what does it >> you may get a show that you are or are not looking for. rosanna: nude sunbathers over there. greg: is it authorize? rosanna: the day is coming right back.
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. mike: good morning, everyone. let's look at the almanac for the day. the normal high is 83 degrees. the record high is 96. sunset before 8:00 o'clock. seventy-nine out at newark.
7:45 am
so far, so good. high temperature goes up to about 90 with a partly sunny skies. a few scattered storms coming to you this evening. another mild night coming up for us. the next five days are looking a little bit dryer and a little bit more sunshine out there. temperatures come down a little as let's bring in ines and see what is moving and what is not. >> still dealing with two big problems in new jersey. truck route one and nine. you can see this tractor-trailer involved in an accident. investigations going on. you can see some of the damage.
7:46 am
well. you do have access heading into jersey city and newark. it'll just be a heavy due lay in both directions. tractor-trailer caught fire early this morning. that is the debris that you have to clean up. you are dealing with delays now north bound and south downs. rubbernecking delays. let's go to our maps. sh y northbound heading towards the connector. as far as your commute in rockland westchester county, tappan zee bridge just cleared away a stall. let's take a look at the commute on the fdr drive here. noticing a little more volume. as for the george washington bridge, upper and lower level,
7:47 am
the holland tunnel 20-30 from each approach. >> thanks, ines. nude sunbathers allowed on the hive minds. rosanna: it is in our project. catherine andrews. she has done these images from popular culture on the high line. nude sunbathing allowed on the high line. it makes greg: aren't you allowed to be topless everywhere. >> nude is different than topless. duke. greg: topless is halfway there. rosanna: he is totally suited up today. >> yes, indeed. we will be speaking with eli
7:48 am
before we get to that, i have to tell you what happened last night. a crucial 10 game road trip last night. he would become the 18th player to beat all 30 teams. the only bright spot came out the top. that everyone went nuts about. nineteen years in the major leagues. he had never walked before. no one else had ever gone that many at-bats without a walk. the diamondbacks when it 10-six. got to beat arizona. they are not a very good team. the yankees hosting the blue jays at the stadium.
7:49 am
he was excellent. i was watching this game. his stuff was electric. six innings. no runs. eleven strikeouts. gave up just two hits. aaron judge rips this to right-center field. that is in rbi double. that is all the scoring there would be. they gain keys trades of chapman and miller. getting the blue jays into the double plate. that incident. yankees win at one-zero. the yankees are four and a half games back in the wild-card. alex rodriguez will not play this year. all those rumors about him going to the miami marlins, not going
7:50 am
a-rod will not play for anyone this season including the marlins. he said he will be taking the time to be with family and friends. he said it in an official statement yesterday as well. in that statement, no mention of 2017. it looks like alex rodriguez has problem late played his final game. now to the olympics. it is another met files. just not the metal she wanted. trying to become the first female gymnast -- she settled for bronze after eight while bowling event on the beam and landing awkwardly.
7:51 am
sent home after refusing to shake the hand of his israeli opponent after his match on friday. he is the one seen here in blue. reprimanded either prefer reef. he was then sent home by the egyptian olympic committee. eli manning did the last of the best quarterbacks we will talk giants football coming up that a 40. greg: lori hernandes. here she is. sixteen years old. new brunswick new jersey.
7:52 am
rosanna: "good day new york" coming right back.
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speed back one of our favorites. madonna. she is celebrating her birthday today.
7:55 am
greg: does she speak spanish? >> by the way, she is in cuba right now. she is turning 58 years young. she has had a long career. a lot of number one singles. greg: who is that that went by? where is madonna in all of this? i cannot tell. rosanna: she is in cuba with her daughter. she just wrapped up in 82 show world to her. rosanna: she is still a rubble. elvis left the building. the king left the building. he died.
7:56 am
he had a heart attack. i think there may have been complications with rugs. that is too bad. >> his stepbrother brody book called my brother elvis. he talks about the day he died. he is going to be here. david stanley. talking about his brother he went with him on the road. greg: that must have been fun. larry will more. the comedian.
7:57 am
releasing a statement saying he is grateful to comedy central. he said he won't be covering what people call this crazy election. greg: he used the n-word to the president. the last show is thursday night. >> okay. let's talk about our facebook fan of the hour. thank you for saying nice things about us. we will be right back. ? you don't have to guess. my stop & shop. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really?
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greg: hi, everybody. it is tuesday, the 16th. rosanna: it is nice to have the error on. the sixth day of the heat wave. it will feel more like 100. greg: if feels like 40 degrees inside. rosanna: mike mike woods has ale details for us coming up. >> police believe that the guy in the middle did it. oscar morel. they believe that he killed this imam along with his assistant there. why he did it, still a question. rosanna: shoving a man down a flight of steps.
8:01 am
now, this guy is facing murder charges. >> donald trump gave a big speech. forty minutes long. he used a teleprompter. hillary clinton had an appearance or two. a poll shows she would win if an election were held today by like dirty points. new york state. he is beginning his 13th season as the quarterback of the new york giants. duke will speak with eli. remember when he was on our show. he actually cohosted with me. we were in times square. greg: i do remember that. rosanna: eli did the commentary.
8:02 am
he took it there a seriously. a couple of things going on. who knows the high line park. you go upstairs to go to the park. some people love it. rosanna and i noticed this sign. rosanna: what is going on there. >> beyond this point you may encounter nude rosanna was this close to calling her priest and religious authorities when she heard about it. but, no one is new two-year, by the way. rosanna: i googled it immediately. it is the artist catherine andrews. she has decided to put popular images of pop culture all around.
8:03 am
the sculpture houses misting nozzles that spray water intermittently at passersby. just so you know, new tuesday is not allowed here. greg: i believe that topless is still a-ok in new york. that highline thing, i still cannot figure it out. it is hot. the high line to go upstairs to go to the park. this is the hudson river. it was beautiful park right there. rosanna: it is unusual. it makes new york unique. rosanna: i'm sure that the rats are still there when people go away.
8:04 am
it is pretty much in my neighborhood. you know they have the standard hotel. a lot of people do it from their hotel rooms. greg: they need a ride or something like that to make it cool. p5 like a swing set or something. rosanna: i thought that they mike: they do. just walking outside to get a little cup of coffee, it is hot outside. you start to sweat before you know it. another heat advisory. heat index values up to 100 or a little above 100. that is what it will feel like here. not a comfortable day out there.
8:05 am
effect. you are your forecast high for the day is 90 degrees. one hundred is what it will feel like. the dew points are high. you have to step inside in a sea building. anyhow, this is what we have right now. temperatures bouncing around. seventy-nine also in stony brook. our temperatures will be respondi we do get there today. it looks like we will kind of have a mixed bag. actually had some pretty good storms early this morning. now, they have kind of fizzled out. especially with the heating of the day again. the warm front, cold front all kind of swinging through the
8:06 am
high temperature going up to about 90 for you. it feels more like 100. eighty-nine is your high tomorrow. it does feel better even though it is a wonder greek drop in temperatures tomorrow. let's get you over to ines and get an update with our commuting situation. to bed, jim both of them in new jersey. truck route one this tractor-trailer was involved in an accident with this garbage truck right here. heading towards jersey city closed. an investigation going on. the southbound side has only one delay. the new jersey turnpike. a tractor-trailer caught fire. here is the reminiscence of the tractor-trailer that caught fire
8:07 am
interchange third team. one lane open southbound. you have some delays there, but not too bad. this morning, the l.i.e., normal delays westbound and eastbound. to our cameras, the staten island expressway. traffic looks good heading towards the verrazano bridge eastbound. street cleaning rules are back in effect citywide. rosanna: thank you so much. police are hoping they have the man that done down a imam. they are still trying to figure out why he did it. greg: that is oscar morel in police custody. police believe he shot and killed that imam.
8:08 am
rosanna: what are you hearing? >> reporter: oscar morel is being held in central bilking. he said a couple of things that place them at the crime scene. they also believe that the weapon found in his apartment during a warrant search is the one used in this double the east new york man is behind the daytime shooting deaths of imam maulama akonjee and thara uddin. >> we strongly believe that this is the individual. >> showing oscar morel getting
8:09 am
shooting the two >> he was there just prior to that. >> reporter: earlier a thousand people were there to honor. promising the muslim cmu them. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. we will work together to encourage the harmony and unity that new yorkers believe in. reporter: oscar morel is facing two counts of possession of a
8:10 am
counts of murder. greg and rosanna, back over to you. >> one wild part of the story. after he shot the imam and assistant, he got into an argument with a cycle list and then followed him. they were taunting each other and then he ran the cycle list down. they belie >> police are questioning a man suspected of shoving another man down the steps. that man he shut down the steps, 74 years old. they say the man that did the shoving has now confessed to a murder. he basically confessed out of the blue. greg: accusing him of this
8:11 am
just some cuts and bruises. during interrogation, he admitted to officers that he admitted another person in the bronx. the killing happened just a block away. this has led to a much bigger case. rosanna: a $5000 report being offered about the person that start date dog to island. >> dropped off last thursday at the five cows animal hospital. rosanna: two week to hold her head up. she had sores on her back. greg: she died a short time later. please, if you know anything,
8:12 am
rosanna: let's talk politics right now. donald trump is laying out his plan to the state terrorism. greg: it has been praised in some quarters. ripped apart in others. in new york state at least, hillary clinton would crush donald trump is the election were held >> reporter: this was an important speech yesterday. trump was serious. did not fear much from that teleprompter. either way, trump has returned to more substitutions issues.
8:13 am
donald trump laid out his plan. if most it must've the radical islamic terrorism in this one. >> in the cold war, we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new they should building would end on his watch. he did say that immigration would be curtailed. >> we will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world. that have a history of exporting terrorism. >> reporter: he left some
8:14 am
terrorists from lying on screening tests. a poll shows him trailing hillary clinton by 30 points among registered new york voters. biden was born in pennsylvania. clinton's father was also born there. she was her shin there. >> i know some of you may have friends up here that are thinking about voting for trump. friend should not let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: biden echoed that. >> he does not have a clue. this man is totally, thoroughly unqualified.
8:15 am
campaign. it just mentioned the members of its transition team. still plenty of campaigning to do. clinton will be back in philadelphia today. trump will be in wisconsin for a rally tonight. greg: can we see that guy with the hat one more time. what is his deal again? former secretary of the interior, he is from colorado. what else is going on? rosanna: for those of us that have been around long enough in covering this, 25 years ago they
8:16 am
heights. how were we going to mark this crazy. in our life? greg: talking about a street carnival. black and jewish leaders say the idea is to bring the communities together. they certainly were not back together back then. rosanna: shameful and a disgrace. his brother was stabbed to death during the violence broke out. seven years old. a young black boy playing in the neighborhood. the street fair is an insult to his memory. the carnival is planned for sunday. it will be five blocks away from where he was killed.
8:17 am
riot. >> i can understand where they want to bring the communities >> do it on another date. rosanna: where those reports from gun fires just from the olympic games? they had to evacuate several terminals at jfk airport. people were hearing the banging from the airport bar. when usain bolt won a gold medal in the track and field competition. greg: there was basically a stampede and then an evacuation. there was concern. gunmen may have been on the loose at the airport.
8:18 am
that story. it had confirmed four shots. that is what dick dated the massive police response. greg: unconfirmed reports from social media fueled hysteria. rosanna: flights were grounded for are they going to ban the olympics in the bars at jfk? everybody got so excited. >> anyhow. glad everything is okay. our temperatures warming up
8:19 am
two points are up there again. humidity, two. step outside, you start to sweat immediately. it will only get worse as the day goes on. we had a few spotty showers down to the south of us earlier. later in the afternoon, yo air temperature out at the beach. rip current risk is that a moderte range. keep that in mind, too. ninety is your high. it kills more like 100 peer at skies continue to stay mainly clear for the rest of the week.
8:20 am
let's bring in ines and see what is going on. rosanna: rails doing great. a lot of problems with the roads. two lanes blocked with this crash. it has been there for about an hour. grand central expressway doing fine. let's go to the in accident closing at least one lane. stay tuned. more good day coming right back. ? double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest,
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? ? ? this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. ams. well, it's my turn now.
8:23 am
greg: we're back on television. a hacker has broken into a major hotel chain. rosanna: about 60 hotels under brands like sheridan, marriott and west end. malware may have collected customer names and credit card
8:24 am
at least 20 hotels since early december. maybe you've gotten hacked. >> i started watching that mr. robot show. rosanna: i heard that it is pretty good beard are you hooked? greg: kind of. you cannot make them looking at them basically it. rosanna: let's get down to business because fox means business. greg: lauren simonetti joins us. i think the most popular password is password. >> that is right. what is the second? let's put you over to healthcare. we are seeing so many of the
8:25 am
pulling out of the exchanges next year. at not is one of them. they are dropping 11. customers are coming in. they are too sick. they are too costly. good news. they do not offer the public exchanges in new york state. you'll probably see your rates the state has done very well. not increasing the rates as much as these carriers would want. they are making money. it is difficult for them to do
8:26 am
rosanna: obamacare. she could not find a doubt are in new york city. when push came to shove, they were not accepting the call. >> the selling off her clothes. she had a hit song when she was 13 years old. greg: what song was that? rosanna: third team. greg: you get that to me on that. that. rosanna: was it dealt the dawn? we're wired differently,
8:27 am
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? greg: old school.
8:30 am
8:30 in the morning. we're looking at the statue of liberty, lady liberty. greg: so that guy khan from the democratic national convention a couple weeks ago who ripped into donald trump, was giving him a hard time, could he pass the naturalization test to become a citizen. rosanna: right. greg: citizen, naturalization test. the only thing i know about this are questions i heard on the simpsons. rosanna: will we pass that test? a long time history of our country. greg: let's just take it. let's give it a shot here. rosanna: okay. greg: what is the supreme -- i got answers. what is the supreme law of the land? rosanna: constitution. greg: very good. now stop. okay, good. what does the constitution do? rosanna: it tells us our rights and freedoms. greg: kind of. sets up the government, defines the government, protects basic
8:31 am
no, it is not. you have to come up with the answers. >> we'll get back to that. greg: thank goodness. man, oh, man. rosanna: you and i will take the test later. you will not have the answers. greg: i better bone up. rosanna: mike woods, do you think it could pass the test? >> it might be a little bit of a struggle. not lying to you. rosanna: do you have a good one for us. greg: one for you. this could will be multiple choice. >> could you make it weather-related. greg: next question, this we elect u.s. representatives how many year. u.s. representatives how many years, office for eight years, four years, six years, two years. >> i was going -- greg: a brain buster, huh? >> i was saying two. six is senator. greg: two. >> i said two. greg: she said six. rosanna: they never leave!
8:32 am
greg: better study the test. >> that is the senators. rosanna: senators, they should leave after one year too. greg: u.s. representative, congressman, two years. >> yes, i'm winning. greg: you didn't say it out loud. >> i did. you guys were yammering, that's all. check the tape. our temps, oh, yeah, i got the weather question. it is hot. 77 degrees in bridgeport. 79 in very warm for starters this morning. we did drop to 78 for a short time. we're back up to 80. the win starting to turn more south they arely, three to 12 miles an hour that will pull up moisture down to the south. as far as clouds, radar and satellite concerned there is not much happening there. as the warm front lifts through the area. there will be a chance of showers. i don't think much happening during the day but this evening, showers start to fire up and
8:33 am
shower chances dropping off, as high pressure builds in on the back side. friday is dryer for us. thursday and friday. we're behind for month of august. four to six inches below normal. for the year we're almost five 1/2 inches behind in rainfall. there you have it. we could use whatever rain we get to fill up the ponds. it will feel like 100. take care of elderly, children and pets. everybody needs some love. slightly cooler temps coming at us in the next several days. let's bring in ines to see what is going on as you hitted roads this morning. ines, what is going on out there? >> a lot going on, michael especially in new jersey. start off with truck route 1 and nine. there is investigation going on this tractor-trailer involved in an accident with that garbage
8:34 am
the investigation. southbound towards newark, only left lane open. heavy delays both directions. new jersey turnpike, sky 5hd at 8:00. tractor-trailer caught fire. this is what is left. big debris and oil spill. the highway is sanded down. southbound turnpike truck lanes only two lanes open. they are allowing trucks to use the car lanes to alleviate congestion. you still have delay let's go to the cameras, other problems. westchester an accident. approaching the cross westchester. two lanes blocked with that accident. here is look into the delay i told you about the turnpike. you can see the delay southbound as you pass newark airport. northbound delays because of earlier accident towards the north bay extension. long island expressway by 106 and 107 by the island moving
8:35 am
questions. westbound normal delay. eastbound accident by casino boulevard. one lane with that one. lynn kong tunnel. 20 minutes inbound. holland tunnel, 20 to 30 both approaches. trains are looking good. street cleaning rules back in effect. greg and rosanna. greg: should a major holiday inn hotel in queens converted to homeless shelter? people who live nearby say no there is no public transportation. no fast-food restaurants. there is not a supermarket. there is not even public transportation. how are these people going to get around? there is no subway or bus nearby. greg: there is a lot of opposition in in the community. you can see it, feel it. what will happen next? liz dahlem, outside the holiday inn express in queens.
8:36 am
reporter: we're in the shelter proposed 595th avenue. this is the site they want to convert into shelter. right now it is holiday inn express. outside of the hotel there are barricades set up. that those are from a rally set up last night. >> no hemless shelter! no homeless shelter! reporter: dozens of people were here. you can hear their shouting, no homeless families at the location, with no more than 220 people here in total. there would be no children under the age of 18 and 24/7 security. about the location near parks and schools. there is not a lot of public transportation in this area. they say this is a big safety issue. >> i want to help the homeless. i don't think putting them in a hotel with no kitchens is an
8:37 am
no services available. why would they do this to families? >> putting another shelter in our homes. right in our backyards. queens already has three shelters. we're done. we're tired of it. >> just the location. right by the park. right by the two schools. another park quarter mile from here. we just need disagree with the location. disagree with the way city dropped it upon us. reporter: there are very passionate protesters here last shelter because 250 homeless people list it as the last address. it is plan to convert it into homeless shelter by october 1st. local community board are hoping to find a different location before that happens. that is the latest from mass beth, queens. greg: that is still holiday inn express? you can check in and open and it
8:38 am
october 1st is the deadline. community leaders hope they find something different, alternate location for the homeless shelter before the final decision is made. rosanna: we know how that goes. thanks so much, kerry. there is not a lot to choose from. greg: you want another question from the civics test, how to become a citizen? who signs bills to become laws? chief justice of the supreme court, secretary of state, the president, the vice president? you know this from your "schoolhouse rock." rosanna: school house rock. greg: who law, come on. rosanna: got to be president. greg: phew. rosanna: okay. eli manning will be here. are you going to ask him a few questions too? greg: quite frankly you could stump a lot of people especially you on some of these questions. rosanna: i thought it was a
8:39 am
?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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8:41 am
? greg: so elvis died -- rosanna: today. greg: this is on the civics practice test for becoming a citizen. we all know this one. what is the last day to send in federal income forms. march 15th, april 15th. rosanna: april 15 but i thought you can get an extension? greg: yes you can. you overthink the responses. >> let's talk to duke castiglione. hopefully he is not overthinking
8:42 am
hi, duke. >> had a chance to sit down with eli one-on-one. ever since winning super bowl xlvi no secret the giants not where they wanted to be. years without making the playoffs. nonetheless new head coach in ben macadoo. one thing is constant is eli manning. i asked him how this year will be. after win things didn't want the way you wanted them to go missing playoffs. what do you expect for this year, 2016. >> i'm excited. some changes, with new head coach, coach macadoo. i think he is off to a great start. getting team mentally, physically, getting everything right. coach sullivan back with offensive coordinator. have a great relationship with him. when he was here as quarterback coach. we have the right personnel.
8:43 am
so i'm excited about the guys. we have to go out there and play better football to win close games. >> having coach macadoo here. tom coughlin was your coach all the way through end of last year. you won two super bowls together. that is a long time in the nfl. what has been the transition with coach macadoo as the head coach and does it make it a lot easier that he was your offensive coordinator? >> i definitely think it is making it easr the offensive coordinator. from offensive standpoint we're not changing anything in the scheme or system. same verbiage, taking that next step, getting better. getting rookies up to speed on everything. it is the same on the defensive side with coach spaing nola. having him back. people are better, more comfortable there. i think it has been a smooth transition.
8:44 am
own way of doing things, conducting meetings and practice schedule. not learning a new offense and everybody kind of learning, it made it a smooth transition. >> victor had the serious patellar knee injury. battle with the calf and now the groin. do you think he will be back on the field this year? do you let yourself dream with the possibility of victor and odell beckham, jr. together and what you guys can do together? >> for a while practicing. looking good back to being a football player, making place. hopefully this groin deal is minor and he can get back to practice to get in preseason games and get back to the regular season. >> we've seen great commercials with you and directv we've seen fabulous ones this year, can i give it away? the you dress up as a piece of fruit. >> sure. >> you dress up as a banana this year. >> yeah.
8:45 am
and then of course peyton is on the couch in his robe, no longer playing and calling you on gameday and you're a little bit busy. i see a schedule has a lot of open dates on there. karaoke is that something you do. >> i have. i have done a little karaoke. >> can you give us a little, eli. >> i need music. >> journey. >> i don't have my mic. i don't have a sound vocal talents. so you know, i got to be in the right place. i got to have my full list, karaoke list. i don't know if you have all the right songs. there is a lot of issues that my prevent it from happening. >> what about don't stop believing? >> i would love to. i didn't do my vocal prep that i normally do before singing. >> we're your first interview. we'll give you a break on that.
8:46 am
pregame show as we do all the time, i will have to ask you about that during the course of the season. but you work with directv. for those that live in apartment buildings, new yorkers like myself. people in the new york area that don't have satellite capabilities but want directv package, want the ticket to see all the games, it is easier this year. >> sure. something new for directv. everybody that lives in apartment, couldn't get directv before, also and get streaming to their phone or laptop, any device and get out-of-market games each week. so directv obviously known as only place to get every game every sunday for last 20 years. with the nfl sunday can stream every game in every market especially in apartment in new york city area, it is a
8:47 am
your brother did, writes you letters, texts you, reminds you in the letters, texts all the time he is now caught up to you in super bowl wins. >> sure. >> what will it be like this year that peyton is not playing? you broke into the league he was playing. what do you think it will be like? >> he will be using directv services to watch nfl sunday ticket to you watch the giants hopefully every week. it will be different. it will be different before the last, my played a game and tried to watch this game that afternoon or tried to call him on a sunday night or monday and catch up. if i didn't get to see the game, kind of talk football. obviously i will only one talking football. he will ask a lot of questions. i think he is loyal now just to the giants. usually i had to be careful wha% i told him. he would remember everything, use it, if we played each other. now i can be a little bit more
8:48 am
him what we're really doing as an offense. we'll still have a great relationship. he will still want to talk football and see what is going on. probably more interested what is happening in the locker room, any funny stories, different things that happen, amongst the team. >> greg, rosanna, i thought i had eli, stinging journey, "don't stop a little karaoke. big things expected for giants. they open up against the cowboys. they play a tough schedule. the team should do a lot better this year. greg, rosanna, back to you. greg: see you later. not sure about the banana routine. look at this young girl. terrific and smart. >> young lady. greg: knows new york roadways backwards and forwards. ines is single and ready to mingle. >> yeah, yeah.
8:49 am
way. she is going to show us all the latest hookup apps, right? >> yes. dating apps. they're not hookup apps. greg: you said yes. [laughter]. hey mom, i could use some basil.
8:50 am
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greg: oops. all right. amber heard not yet divorced from johnny depp, but it is getting ugly. >> johnny depp cut o mad at her one day. happened march last year. they had a fight. according to "tmz" amber heard claims johnny depp was drunk and high when he cut fingertip off and dipped it into blue paint. greg: he accidentally cut it off and dipped in paint and.
8:53 am
bob and he thought they were afterring an affair. greg: he used to be involved with angelina jolie. she was planning her exit strategy a long time ago. rosanna: john any denied he abused her. billy bob says, johnny depp's accusation is completely false. denied even having a friendship with amber. if you thought tickets to see "hamilton" were expensive, prices of play are not magical, they're cursed. "harry potter" and the cursed child has been completely sold out for months. tickets cost $180 for both parts. it is two days. scalpers getting as much as $6,000 for a ticket. doesn't mean you ghetto associate play. theater can refuse tickets bought and resold online. here on broadway scalpers make a
8:54 am
performance for "hamilton." last price for orchestra seat was $15,000. greg: enough with "hamilton." great show. good luck. >> we'll meet a man who captured all 145 "pokemon go" characters. he went all over the world!
8:55 am
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rosanna: okay. jake a beautiful picture. thank you so much for sending it to our instagram using the hashtag, fox5ny. greg: tanya tucker coming up, country music superstar. elvis presley's -- rosanna: stepbrother. greg: can rosanna become a
8:58 am
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>> from fox 5 news, it is time for more "good day new york." coming up this hour, ? >> country sing are tanya tucker is heading out on tour. first she is stopping by to chat about her incredible career which started at just 13 years old. a story of love, compassion, addiction and devotion from david stanley details the final years of elvis presley, in his new book, my brother elvis. ines rosales is taking a look at dating apps and whether they're worth the trouble. she is talking to a couple able to find love on one of those apps. we're letting you know what's in before the kids head back to school. from denim to underwear showing off school pride. greg: how are we doing? rosanna: it is the sixth day of


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