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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, it is time for more "good day new york." coming up this hour, ? >> country sing are tanya tucker is heading out on tour. first she is stopping by to chat about her incredible career which started at just 13 years old. a story of love, compassion, addiction and devotion from david stanley details the final years of elvis presley, in his new book, my brother elvis. ines rosales is taking a look at dating apps and whether they're worth the trouble. she is talking to a couple able to find love on one of those apps. we're letting you know what's in before the kids head back to school. from denim to underwear showing off school pride. greg: how are we doing? rosanna: it is the sixth day of
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we're intrepid. we complain every now and then. for me it is much better than february 3rd. greg: some people are better suited to this stuff. i don't know if it is my size, mine gut, my hair, whatever, i'm a bid bedraggled mess, a hot mess walking around new york in weather like this! some guys look clean and sleek. rosanna: not one perspiration drop. greg: those finance guys go out on lunch break with the ties on and shirt looks like they have been standing up all day. i can't get that. rosanna: think cool thoughts, greg kelly. greg: a couple of things going on across the town and country. campaign continues, hillary versus donald. i did see a poll, rosanna, new york state if election were held today, looks like donald trump loses new york state by 30 points, however,
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politics and guess what? he has a lot of support up state. up state is like a different state. rosanna: i know. greg: it is like a red state. blue state in the south. red state in the north. it is, 30 points seems like a lot as he might say? rosanna: i know, but i really do believe the debates will be must-see tv. and i think that a lot of people will make their minds up when they see the debates. greg: gave a big speech there. take a look one more time. nobody was behind him. whenever it's a big policy speech, nobody is behind him. it is just him. he is on the teleprompter. looks at one for a while. then he switches to the other one. rosanna: that's what they all do. greg: he goes back and forth. actually some do it better than others. >> he is not used to using a teleprompter. when he does use the teleprompter he wants to make sure he stays on point. greg: his energy goes down. his energy goes down. i've seen him do it, whether you like him or not -- rosanna: he is low energy? greg: no.
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energy goes down. low energy jeb. rosanna: don't start with low energy. greg: i killed jeb bush, when i called him low energy. everybody saw it. remember mr. khan at democratic national convention, he held up the constitution. challenged donald trump. rosanna: have you even read this? greg: right. more recently i think in a letter he said donald trump, could you pass the immigration and naturalization test, the one that prospective citizens have to take. it is 100 questions. mult we have been playing with it for a good chunk of the morning. you know what? there are a couple of things we need to brush up on. rosanna: just makes you stop and say, wait, i'm confused. greg: where is the john phillip souza music, please. rosanna we'll do it together. go to multiple choice. u.s. citizenship and immigration services website. rosanna: okay. so what happened at the constitutional convention. greg: number one, it is multiple
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let's go right to the source. they met, they signed it. my answer they signed it. what is the -- that is too vague. you need multiple choices. rosanna: constitution was written. greg: skip those questions. this is multiple choice test. take a look at this. name the u.s. war between the north and the south. rosanna, was it world war i, the revolutionary war, the war of 1812 or the civil war. rosanna: i was going to say the civil war. greg: i think you're right. let's go ahead and one. rosanna: it is hard to see it on your computer. greg: focus a little bit. rosanna: maybe that is a little better. greg: wait a second. rosanna: was it war of 1812. and it said i didn't. greg: we're right. we're right. keep on going here. rosanna: try another question. greg: next question. what group of people was taken to america and sold as slaves. a, the dutch. b, africans.
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d canadians. of course the answer is b, africans. we got that right. next question. we're doing fine, rosanna, we're doing fine. where is the statue of liberty? this is easy one. could be trick, new jersey or new york. rosanna: we declared it new york, and they're closing to new jersey. what are they saying? greg: new york harbor. rosanna: good. greg: two more questions and we're citizens. what ocean on the east coast of the united state greg: very good. there is arctic, ocean, indian ocean, pacific ocean, atlantic ocean. one more. then we're americans. the u.s. house of representatives has how many voting members. oh. rosanna: house of rest. greg: 200. rosanna: no. greg: 435,. rosanna: 435. greg: 100? you are correct. that is my answer too. it goes on like that. rosanna: how many state
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100 u.s. senators. >> 100 u.s. senators. greg: state senators we have 75 in this neighborhood alone. there is a lot of them. rosanna: we always love to guess, who is our congressman? mine is carolyn maloney. greg: mine is, mine is -- rosanna: do you know who your senator. that's easy. greg: jerry nadler, i think. rosanna: how about senators? schumer and kristin gillibrand. greg: how about your state senator? huh? huh. assemblyman. he isn't anymore. rosanna: that's a problem. greg: let's see lower manhattan. i got something in the mail, daniel squadron character. i think he might be it. how about you. rosanna: i haven't had to call him recently. anyway. greg: anyway. mike woods, i know you don't know the answers to these questions. all right. rosanna: he had a few of them. he had a few of them. greg: who is your city council
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that, like the voter registration telling me where to vote. you think answers are on this? [laughter]. it was in the garbage by the way rosanna: do you know where you're voting come november? >> i do know that much. rosanna: i got something in the mail yesterday from the board of elections. greg: don't forget to be registered. we're registered, right? >> we're registered, ready to go. finding where that is can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. thank you very much. you did a good job with that little quiz there. i'm show you what is happening here. what to expect with weather headlines. first of all it will be hot out there and more humid today. already happening. temps are on the way up. at about 81 degrees right now. showers and storms across the tri-state region. some of us do. some storms could be pretty big, producing heavy rain as well as damaging winds as well. as we head into tomorrow the sunshine is back again. it will be breezy and drier for
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comfortable. today we still have the heat advisory. this is probably the last time we get it for this week. we'll wait and see if enough dry air works its way through. heat advisory 8:00. index values up to 100, or low 100s. if you're further down south and west in philly, excessive heat warnings are going into effect. we feel like 105 plus. here is the actual temps right now. 81 in central park. 83 in 78 in poughkeepsie. dewpoints are very high, low to mid 70s, a lot of tri-state region, north and west. generally speaking that puts us in oppressive range. winds, are not doing a whole heck of a lot. if you come at it, three to nine miles an hour. wind direction is all over the place. we have mixed skies. maybe cloud cover blocks out the sun. it will feel much warmer than
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and dewpoint being so high. so that will be the case for sure. there is the warm front, lifting through the northeast. that will act as one of the focal points of showers that get going, most of which in the afternoon and evening. cold front with all that moisture is back to the west of us, mainly over the great lakes. doesn't look like a huge threat for us here. there will be some showers coming on by. during early part. day, scattered storms come through, late into the evening. probably continue midnight. after that we should see drier air working its way in. that should make for dryer day. not completely clear. it will be drier a little more comfortable with that little shot of slightly cooler, drier air coming to us. high temp 90 in the city. 92 in some outlying areas like newark. some scattered storms coming to you in the afternoon. hot and humid side. 89 tomorrow. breezy as well.
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to clear out and humidity dropping down for you. that should be the case for the rest of the work week and weekend. we're going in on that note. there will be storm chances out there later sunday into monday. but today, looks like the last, perhaps the heat wave maybe coming to a close after this here. rosanna, greg, over to you. greg: thank you very much, mike. elvis presley, undoubtedly one of the greatest entertainers in the history of the planet. >> i loved him in the movies too. greg: the movies. the voice was just remarkable. he had his p 39 years ago today elvis presley died at his home in memphis, tennessee, graceland. i actually went to graceland oh, about 10 years ago. rosanna: did you dress up like elvis presley. greg: more on that in a moment. mixed reviews. is that the famous jungle room inside of the mansion? i think it is. graceland, our next guest actually started living in aircraft. that is the lisa marie, elvis
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our guest called graceland home as child. he moved in 4 years old. why? he was stepbrother of elvis presley. he is out with a new book, my brother elvis, from his last moments of glory to the tragic demise by david e. stanley. welcome to "good day new york." >> pleasure to be here. rosanna: is today a tough day for you? >> 39 years ago, it was tough for everybody that loved elvis especially family. i sell it brad. i. rosanna: you were t >> uh-huh. rosanna: you you have, in one of the chapters in this new book, my brother elvis, you talk about how you came into the house, you saw your stepdad, vernon. >> well, that last day, you know, i ran up the steps, there was a guy named joe esposito, and joe hodge and vernon presley converged on his body. rosanna: he was passed out into the bathroom. >> when i walked into the bathroom there, it was obvious he was gone. terribly sad.
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i was angry. he was 42 years old. we lost him at early age. rosanna: it must have been emotional because his dad was crying. >> david, my son was dead. i was in a good mood. >> i'm sorry, you bring it up in the book. >> it was a tough day. a very tough day. greg: we saw photos of you with elvis over the years. how are you related to him? >> my mother and father divorced when i was a kid, like 4 years old. she remarried vernon presley, elvis's greg: at age of four you moved into graceland. >> i went in four, march of 1960. didn't know what elvis presley was or a hound dog was. greg: were you leading a very different life? with the king of rock and roll in your house. you're living there. when did you realize this was not a typical setup? the. >> well you know when i started going to school, i see your brother is in movies. i didn't know what a iconic superstar was, a movie star of any sort. this to me was normal.
9:13 am
and zeppelin and other rock and roll bands. elvis started whole thing. he started all of this. rosanna: he did. >> he makes movies. he sings. he made his comeback in '69 in las vegas, this concert. i said this guy is the real deal. greg: is that the one with all leather? >> that was the '68 tv special. he re-established himself. beatles and stones and rockers, elvis said, hey, i still got it. rosanna: in the borke you talk about going on the you worked for him. >> june '72, madison square garden, touring with king of rock and roll was experience. rosanna: how was this as brother and employee. >> i was 16 years old. hormone with feet. rock and rolling and partying with elvis. greg: did he try to steer you away from all that? how many of an age gap? >> 20 years. greg: you're 16, he is 36.
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>> total in excess. anything you wanted. you could do anything you wanted. he kept his eye on me because i was a kid. it was fun. unfortunately for him he made a series of decisions that cost him his life at early age. we celebrate his life. but you think of how he died of self-induesed drug overdose. one of the reasons i wrote the book, awareness of prescription drug abuse in america. 78 people die a day. 15 million people read about elvis and celebrate the legacy and respect and know he changed the world. the tragedy of his loss what i focused on. we have to reach the people. two kings and a prince. michael, elvis and prince. when does it stop? rosanna: that's true. you did come across him in the bathroom, you also cleaned up after him. you started talking about, in the book, i began shoving pills and envelopes into my pockets, knowing they couldn't be left around for the police to find.
9:15 am
going to let him down. >> we were fixers. they call them fixers now adays. with elvis had the problem no one really knew about it, when he died i saw medications i need to pick them up. ambulance attendants that came and police investigate, you were always trying to protect him. we were able to do that for so long. greg: we all thought he died of a heart attack initially. took years for it to come out about the drugs, i believe. >> i first started talking about elvis and mecations elevation was pure. didn't cuss, smoke or chew. my image was pure. he loved his mom. went into the service. did everything right. greg: all of that was true, right? >> that was true. he went into medication and went from use to abuse. that took him out. rosanna: were there a lot of enablers around him? >> yes they were. they were gutless wonders. me included. i was 18, 19, i didn't tell
9:16 am
did he make for you? >> being with elvis like being with the president. he had handlers, calling plane getting ready to go. he never went to the store. i didn't do that but he had other people do that he had something, everybody had a responsibility. greg: there is a lot of mythology about him. did he ever shoot a tv set. >> yeah. watching television, having breakfast. see a laxative commercial. not now, boom. it was funny. he was out. give me another one. rosanna: would you go with him high when he would do something? >> he could be. elvis was high without drugs. he was full of energy all the time. those of yous knew him. his magnetism and charisma was through the roof. greg: did you go to the white house. >> when he came home, i want you to be my ice and ears. i'm 15 years old. i can't do that. greg: president wanted you to spy -- >> it literally came hope,
9:17 am
to be the eyes and ears of president and myself and be a narc at your high school. i just got through getting high that night. that is not going to happen. i was young and crazy back in those days. i looked at him. you got to do this for the president united states. there he is with the cape and cain and his badge. elvis was captain america. he was all american. anything to, you know, he went to see nixon because of the beatles. he didn't like influence they were having on and of course, how weird is that. elvis, john lennon is my elvis. but he was everything was gospel or love songs or pure. his movies were g rated. never really did anything to sway people. rosanna: when he swayed the hips they were controversial. >> saw him at garden as a kid you went, oh my lord. rosanna: it was something else to see. did he like fried peanut butter sandwiches? >> that is southern dish.
9:18 am
sandwiches. >> were they fried? >> they could be. they could be. rosanna: people first heard he died he choked on a sandwich? >> no. elvis prescribed medication went from use to abuse. levin different kinds of class a narcotics in your system your heart will stop. greg: tell us something. he was good big brother. >> he was the best. greg: tell us something you don't know about elvis? >> he is human being. he is not around anymore because of decisions he made. i say that, he alive. what kind of input or lasting legacy has he left us? this is 39 years ago. he passed away we're sitting on your set talking about elvis presley. greg: that is wild. i heard he had a gig couple weeks after his death, nassau coliseum litigated for years. >> i thought it was you doing your elvis impersonation. greg: you want to see that? by the way i went to your old house in 2006. put on the whole garb and freaked everybody out i did a
9:19 am
there it is. got nasty letter from graceland, calling me cheesy. too cheesy for graceland? >> my god. greg: thank you very much. book looks great. rosanna: called, my brother elvis, from his last moments of glory to his tragic demise. greg: david stanley, thank you so much. >> thank you. rosanna: saying a prayer for the king. right? greg: absolutely. >> owe, my god. rosanna: thank you very much. can you dony greg: tanya tucker. >> i know tanya. hadn't seen her in 40 years. can't wait to say hello. rosanna: the delta dawn singer is here. >> cool. that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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? greg: beautiful song from a beautiful woman. tanya tucker, everybody, the legendary performer who we're just learning was good friend with elvis presley in this date in history, 197. that is the day we lost elvis. brings bittersweet memories back to tanya. >> yay. greg: welcome to "good day new york." >> good to be here today. rosanna: what are you thinking about? >> i think about the when it all happened. i was in l.a. and, and it was just one of the toughest days of my life. it really -- rosanna: how did you know him? >> i flew right to memphis. i was there for the viewing the night before. rosanna: how did you know elvis?
9:23 am
las vegas, henderson, that is where i got my start, you know. my first producer was a gambler, more ways than one. he gambled like this but he also gambled on me. greg: that was a smart bet. >> it was either a genius or crazy one. but, i, you know, i couldn't afford $30 it took to go see elvis. i wanted to meet him when he knew who i was. rosanna: at 13 years already had a head, delta dawn. >> i was 17 when first met elvis. rosanna: did he come on to you? >> oh, he was just, he was -- rosanna: he came on to you! and what happened. >> asked me to come back after the second show to hang out. rosanna: and? >> i said i got to go home tell my mama and daddy about this. i can't do that. rosanna: what did your daddy say? >> he tried to kiss me.
9:24 am
the beautiful smile. he was a beautiful man. you know, funny, because, i got invited to graceland many times. know a lot of the guys that were with him, pretty good buddies of mine but i didn't want to be one of the girls, you know? i didn't want to be one of the girls. so i wrote a song called, one of the boys. it is going to be on my next album. greg: oh. >> i wanted him to treat me like one of the boys. that is all awa rosanna: how does the song go? >> it ain't hard for a girl for me to be one of the boys. just because i wanted, i didn't want that male-female thing. i wanted to be his buddy. greg: if you want to see tanya tucker you can in our area, september 24th, paramount. rosanna: huntington, long island. you're auctioning stuff from your house. you can have a piece of tanya in your own home.
9:25 am
rosanna: kitchen sink going? >> house will go if they really wanted it. i had 15,000 square footwear house full of my life, so much so, i would walk in there, it would surround me. i couldn't stay in there he have long. greg: i understand. you have a little marie condo. the declutter. if it doesn't bring you joy, get rid of it. some of these things, what are you look at here. >> they brought me a lot of joy. greg: your gold albums. i never have been a person, really put all that stuff up in my house. and there are two-ways to look at that. i didn't want to be a showoff. at same time, you know, wow, should be proud. one friend you should be proud with these things that you have accomplished. but i would much rather have somebody else enjoy them. i have enjoyed them for years. and some of it was a little
9:26 am
>> yeah. rosanna: which one? >> probably my rolex watch, i think probably sun with of the ones. probably. i kick myself for letting that go. greg: is it already gone. >> yes it is. $47,000. greg: i was going to say, buy it for you, give it to you. i can't do it. rosanna: auction is still going on, right? >> started yesterday. rosanna: everything but the >> everything but the having, this one goes, for you said 10 days. probably nine days now. rosanna: august 24th. >> it is, it is goes to sweet relief, which is a musicians charity fund. greg: where do you live these days? >> living outside of nashville. greg: and house is intact. what do you like to do when you're not singing? >> i ride and cutting horses.
9:27 am
working cattle horse. work a cow for two minutes, 30 seconds. greg: like rodeo? >> kind of like a rodeo. where it came from back in the old days they used to herd the cattle to the food lot, stockyard, some of them would get sick, so cowboys would have to cut them out of the herd. so it became a contest. greg: i like it. >> so now multimillion-dollar would never do. >> you know what? would be great to come down in december. you guys could be in the celebrity cutting. rosanna: let's do that. greg: junior edition. >> we'll set you up with a great trainer, put you on a great horse. rosanna: if you help us, we would do that. >> i would give you my word. greg: what the heck. >> you would have so much fun. greg: tanya, we'll see you, first see you in september. rosanna: september 24th at paramount in huntington, long island.
9:28 am
i have a lot of shows coming up. i just went back on the road. greg: very cool. we'll round up the cutting horses, whatever they are. >> love to have you, cancer cares. rosanna: tanya tucker, everybody. thank you so much for being here. >> good to be here. greg: all right. >> that was fun. hang on. greg: ines looking for love in a big way. she went on tinder. no luck. went on, no luck. bumble has i hear worked out postively so far. in rosanna: john any, can we take a picture with tanya? an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk.
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? ? >> are are we talking about looking for love in all of the wrong places? >> who remembers this song from urban cowboy. here we go. rosanna: sing along. looking for love in all of the wrong places. gre: uh-huh. a lot of people in manhattan, and new york city been looking for love in all of the wrong places. do the wrong places include the internet and dating apps? ines rosales our, well, after all of these years still single. she's still looking -- she's still beautiful. rosanna: she's gorgeous. ines: still young. rosanna: a baby.
9:32 am
partner. you're pretty intense about that. ines: yeah -- rosanna: work at it or casual? ines: i'm casual right now. it is not, but other people want it. greg: you were assigned the task of exploring all aft apps that are out there. ines: there's a lot. greg: some for dating, mingling. ines: not all for hooking u up. greg: apps designed for hooking up. rosanna: she did the research. ines: i did do research. everyone is trying to find love in new york city and so hard these days so i went to park avenue board and met up up with two match makers cofounders of project soul mate. >> ines you went to the board looking for love.
9:33 am
greg: we went to downtown. that's a hookup joint. >> i didn't know that greg thank you for telling me. i met up up with match makers they do match making. greg: on that team. ines: no not mother, daughter they were friends. take a look and you'll see and remember who they are. >> i'm currently on bumble -- >> only dating app i'm using is bumb pictures should you have up? >> pictures that represent you so not a head shot not just you standing there. one is okay of just the basic you. but at the end of the day interest. >> hard thing is when people put pictures with friends like who are you? >> pictures who show who you are -- if he's drinking that's not what i'm looking for.
9:34 am
>> what do you write in the profile? >> short and sweet keep it simple like if you're someone that is die hard roman catholic and only wants someone roman catholic put that. or if you're a parent, father of two. >> what are redding flays you should look for? >> maybe not enough information. some people put their pictures up up and don't even put in addition about them. >> if a guy is putting a picture with a trying or -- who is flag. pictures without shirts on. taking selfies, those should be indications that probably the guy is noting loo for something serious. >> what happens if you're not get any matches? >> need to be swiping right a lot to get more matches. it is crazy but don't go swiping right on every single person but don't also be the pickiest person because you never know who the person is in real life.
9:35 am
point they swipe right and it bg you more. so profile is done. you connect with someone. what's next? >> so we tell you take it off the app -- site here is my cell phone number whichever you want to give let's just text. plus once you are take it offline it becomes more -- becomes a little bit more real for both parties. >> where is best place for the first meetup to be? >> drinks -- definitely drinks. not dinner. >> mess a territory that is not next to where you or that person lives. keep it neutral and new for each of you and not a date for first dinner. nobody does that anymore. that is way old school. final advice. get on the app to start talking to people even if you're not going to meet up with them. it is good, a transition to put yourself out there and see what's out there and talk to
9:36 am
you've lost -- gained a lot of weight over the last year or two don't put pictures that are three years old. because you want to be an accurate representation when you show up for a date. >> i lives in the real world. and i don't know -- some of the stuff that was said in that ines -- let's meet these nice people. ines: this is dennis and jamie they met on bumble and they're actually engaged a great engagement story. greg: congratulations bumble, with when did you meet? >> >> so what -- >> six months ago. engaged? >> yeah. it happens. greg: are you sure? rosanna: you were both ready. >> for the first time yes. >> bumble is app that women kind of have control of. >> yes. >> so if you're a guy going on bumble you're ready to be committed i would think. >> i don't know i was only on there for one day. >> what? >> on bumble and you tried other apps? >> i had.
9:37 am
>> no kidding. >> ill turned it off a week later. >> what was it about each other that you found that this time it worked because i'm sure you dated a lot of people you met on the app. >> that was my second but his first. >> how many did you date from online? >> total? >> oh -- approximately -- >> 20? >> 25. >> meet any >> no. general overexperience where did you live by the way? >> manhattan. >> what was your experience with men in manhattan? >> mostly in boston to be honest online dating which was interesting. it depend on the app match men tend to be all about communicating back and forth and i want to meet in person. >> what do you do? >> health coach. nutrition -- >> dennis where did you want to go online and meet somebody?
9:38 am
that's how i see it it's not weird. >> i feel like guys it's like a candy store for them wherever they go -- maybe it's a wrong impression but much easier for guys to meet girls you know rather than girls meeting guys. >> i mean yeah if you're lucky enough where that happens and you meet a great person then awesome. but your options are going into a bar and meeting someone there, and i don't know. you're drinking and nobody -- >> nobody does that anymore. prearr sofnlg you go to a bar and you see somebody you ignore them now? >> not -- you don't go to a bar to meet people anymore. >> this is another app but jamie one thing she spoke to me because she was hesitant. i'm hesitant she was like do it. do it it will be polk. >> how does bumble work? >> it is like tinder except the difference is that i can't reach out to her.
9:39 am
she doesn't get bombarded with hundreds or thousands like hey, what's up -- [laughter] what's up? so are you considering this ines? >> i've been on it. i did any research for the story -- and -- >> so far i -- like this guy said i'm not fully committed i'm not ready for it. >> you're just having a good time. >> i'm just looking, shopping. >> i own a health and wellness professionals. whrchtion you proposed when was by the way? >> three months week. nine weeks -- >> on one knee? >> no. it's a good story. >> let's hear it. really good. >> so yowpght me -- in this tiny town in italy and store is probably about the size of this room and when i went to italy i spent nine weeks there a vision of getting rings for myself. universe is funny so i'm looking at a bowl of ring ares and i turn away how about this one and
9:40 am
that looks like an engagement ring why would i buy that he says it is an engagement ring, and that -- that was it.% >> chills. that is good -- >> that was a battle i started getting nervous because -- >> to get the ring. got them mixed up a bowl of rings. >> when are you getting married? >> a year from now. hearing >> you're serious about this. >> we are. >> listen, it is possible. ines thank you for the conversation you should is have an ongoing series here. >> you have to get serious. no more -- >> good day -- you have it get serious. >> i'm working. >> oh, back to school fashion is coming up.
9:41 am
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to school in elementary school, the thing that took the sting out of it rosanna, a little bit. new clothes. rosanna: new clothes. greg: a new knapsack. always kind of excited me. the -- rosanna: school spirit greg. did you get the school spirit and go into the bookstore at your college and buy a t-shirt? >> you remember the first assignment issue did the teacher gave you in school, the first homework assignment was to cover the books. i think you and i were both bad at that. >> bought it $ 90 a pop so pex pensive. kids ready to go back to college, and showing their school spirit has been so amped up since you and i within the to school. >> all right well here's the technician she's a stylist -- television personality. a fashion know it all. hello. she's got a -- >> nice to have you back. >> all right bahar what's u new and different this time around?
9:44 am
spirit meaning like sweatshirt and bulky t-shirts but fun ways to show up your fashion so there's a company called now you. i want to bring our model joanna out. joanna come on out joanna with two pieces pieces from new you. first one is -- greg: wow. you can't wear that to class. j wait a second -- what college did you go to? university of alphabet city. this is a hot look you're going to stop the class in the middle of it. this is what she's wearing on top is actually a bra and, of course, you can either wear it with a jacket it is from new you a sexy way to show off school spirit. >> hard to get into that school just saying.
9:45 am
going to stop traffic okay. i think it's goig to get in the way of your studies. >> but thankfully she's got this cute bomber jacket from new you as well it is a slim fit cut pefect for the fall. for all of those tail gaits. >> what is on the back? >> hail -- you of michigan. >> that is motto? >> school spirit. so -- next look sal about bomber jacket last it was about military jacket. come on out next model is that you can make any feminine look more edgy from top shop paired it with a plaid skirt new neutral for the fall. ening attractive and you know she won't distract the professor and everybody else. >> she looks beautiful. >> i'm sorry that last look -- all right so what do we got here? >> some french booties a comfortable pair of shoes but
9:46 am
>> a comfy brand with trendy stuff too and choker is very hot this season. so that's from aaron dana so kind of pulls whole look together. head to toe perfect colors for fall. good look for school. >> i don't see college kids putting that choker on. >> they are in. scarves and -- it's everywhere, greg. j on the way to literature class opinion >> depends what school but yes, y >> education plans? >> i'm an actor. >> done with school. ling of the good for you. where did you go? >> montclair university. good school in new jersey. >> marilyn is supporting pumpkin spice color trend flattering on all sorts of skin tones. head to toe look from lulu funky online website. of course if you're wearing
9:47 am
flats, and bag of the fall is that cross body -- right, and that's good for girls, women because it keeps your happedz free. >> do you want to say something? >> i don't to come off like i'm from bob jones university but there's a lot of skin for the classroom. [laughter] >> maybe you want -- where did you go to school? utah? >> should lighten up i applaud it but wonder if it will distract your fellow ?iewn classy -- >> it totally works. one more look but this is our guy -- david come on out. david. >> we have a guy for you denim on denim look. >> going to college or online college? he looks like he's doing college from his basement i'm sorry. >> stop it. >> too cool for school. glitter and he's looking amazing in this. idea is if you're a guy wearing skinny genes you want stretch to
9:48 am
this whole look you can get this at a american eagle, and it's pretty affable. and it makes him look classically cool without trying hard. sm greg you immediate to open your mind. >> this works in college. this works in college. pretty much -- you're ready for cheerleader team this is new is where you can get that. you. all right when we come back we're going to meet the guy who found every pokemon around the world. >> pokemon champ he's sitting over there. hey thanks guys. is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
9:49 am
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>> okay this pokemon craze. everybody is looking for the characters all over the place. >> it is a global sensation and you wering loo at the pokemon champ of the world. nick johnson right here on our couch. sitting down from brooklyn new york has person has done. only that's right he caught all 145 pokemon and where did you go to catch them? >> i started and caught first 142 in around new york and the u.s., and then they had expedia i got to travel to paris, hong kong sydney, australia, tokyo ten days to catch few that aren't here. >> are you kidding me? >> so two, you did that on purpose to book the travel.
9:52 am
keep them someplace else? >> one available in europe and one in asia and one in os trail kra. >> difficult to find them? >> it was difficult it took a lot of assistance from local community for me to get it. i had people helping me out and i wouldn't have gotten it done ors. >> so rosanna and i sorry late to the party we haven't gotten into pokemon thing. take us through it. how does it work? >> so you go into the game -- >> you've got it now your phone hooked up to that big tv screen over there. so everything on your phone chghts that's right so on the game as you can see i've got a lure module up on this polk stop so you try to catch one. right here, and one right in our studio. one in your studio. j he's where -- >> see if we can get it. one by greg over there. >> get him. so -- sorry. you throw a poke ball and i miss that one. but he was sitting right in front of you.
9:53 am
work, at the kitchen. >> this is fun? >> go out to explore to meet new people if you go to the plaza of new york every night you'll find hundreds of there all night socializing, playing. j you can meet a person that you want to date maybe, right, nick? >> there's been someone released a pokemon dating app recently i think that is targeted at people to play the game so they can meet up and start dating together. >> i'm wondeng the world chasings pokemons, do you have a job? >> i do. i work full-time a a company called apple koa we work with companies that do things to "pokemon go." >> you mention expedia and different merchants are they paying you? >> they're not paying me. they did -- sponsor my travel around the world took care of my flight and hotels so -- >> well good for you. >> what's next? >> what's next? taking what i learn playing the
9:54 am
game with friends and family. j good luck all of the best. good day is coming right back. >> are we missing anything with
9:55 am
9:56 am
o sesame place before little kids become big kids come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit only at sesame place ? go before they grow. ? >> thank you so much for saying nice things on our fox 5 facebook page. relevant all right so if you're become one you have to take this citizenship test. and they've got practice exams online. courtesy of the u.s. citizenship immigration services bureau, one name one war fought bit united states in the 1800ss? >> war of 1812. world war ii no, mexican american world. mexican american war, bing bing bing -- we're closer citizenship? >> the war of --
9:57 am
another one. >> who vetoes bills? >> president -- the president. okay. bing bing bing -- one more. >> facebook live right after this. >> name one brfnlg or part of the government? >> congress -- >> bing bing bing bing -- what is highest court -- [inaudible]
9:58 am
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