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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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remains a possibility. the muslim community has already made up its mind. >> it's clear to us that it's a hate crime. but it's up to the system how they look at it. the community strongly wants to -- this case to be taken as a hate crime. >> reporter: he will come before a judge at the queens county courthouse on thursday, which also happens to be his 36th birthday. his attorney denies the allegations and says he is simply a lifelong new yke not make any admissions to police about committing the crime. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: all right. the city will pay more than $4 million to the family of akai gurley, who was shot and killed by a police officer in a darkened stairwell in 2014. he was sentenced to five years probation and community service. his domestic partner says she's
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i'm glad we got the conviction and my daughter will be taken care of. i'm glad it's done. steve: the money will be placed into a fund for his daughter who will be able to access it when she turns 18. alison: breaking news at jfk airport. a power outage at terminal 8 has delayed security screening for american airlines customers and escalators and elevators are down because of the outage. no word on what knocked out power, but crews a fast as possible to get it fixed. steve: all right. still no relief from the heat. keep the umbrella handy if you're getting ready to head out. alison: nick is at the map to show us when thunderstorms could start popping up. nick: that would be this evening. some will be severe. the humidity was back today in a big way as temperatures pushed 90 in parts of the area. we have a severe thunderstorm watch. i'll show you where it's in effect west of the city. the storms will be heading in in the evening.
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jersey, sussex county and burlington and points west. we'll see if it gets extended to the east. look at the dew point numbers. it's humid. up in the middle to upper 70s across the area. temperatures in the 80s to near 90. it's feeling like mid 90s in the region and feeling like 88 in the city. we have the heat advisory up for new york city and most of new jersey and the excessive heat warning continues through the philadelphia area. the futurecast we'll be seeing showers and storms this evening. we'll have a break tomorrow. temperature close to the upper 80s, but the humidity drops tomorrow. 76 tonight. showers and storms will be in the near 70 degree range north and west, climbing to 89 tomorrow with sun and clouds but lower humidity. steve: welcome back. family and friends saying their final goodbyes to a new york city woman murdered while jogging in massachusetts.
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was held this morning. she was found dead last week in the woods near her mother's home in princeton. investigators are following up on hundreds of tips, but at this point, no arrests have been made. alison: in just under an hour in queens, a memorial walk for a murdered jogger. karina vetrano went running on august 2nd. her body turned up in spring creek park several hours later. so far, no one has been arrested. linda schmidt will have a live report next on the news at 6:00. steve: hillary expanded her lead over donald trump in a key battleground state. alison: sharon crowley is here with the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: that's right. clinton may be ahead, but republicans are on the attack. they want to see if she perjured herself when she testified about her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. republican lawmakers are seeking insight as to why the fbi director did not recommend criminal charges and just a short time ago, the fbi provided
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from its investigation. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton held a get out the vote event in philadelphia today, her second day campaigning in philadelphia, a key battleground state. clinton said while she may be ahead in the polls, she isn't taking anything for granted. >> i'm asking you to register yourself and i'm asking you to ask everybody you know to register because when we do we care about what's going to happen in this election. and we also care about winning back the senate, making the senate democratic again. >> reporter: clinton leads trump in many swing states, including pennsylvania. >> my friends, let's go to work and let's build the future that america deserves. thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: republican nominee donald trump is preparing for a
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milwaukee. trump met with police there today. the city has been the center of violent riots following a police-involved deadly shooting. fox news sources say trump will get a classified security briefing wednesday, most likely at the fbi field office in new york. trump made a major foreign policy address monday. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. >> sources say that trump's classified briefing will be led by the office of the director of national intelligence. sources say that new jersey governor chris christie and lieutenant general michael flynn will accompany trump to the meeting. alison: thanks so much. part of trump's plan to fight terrorism, an idealogical test to keep would be immigrants with radical views out of the u.s. joe will take a look at whether the test could be put in place. steve: google wants to make it
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election. a new widget appears in certain search results. it will show you how to register, and the relevant deadlines. alison: russian warplanes targeting islamic state fighters and militants in syria. the russian defense ministry released this video showing the long range bombers hitting targets in aleppo and two other cities. most sanctions against iran have been steve: at the guantanamo bay detention center, 15 prisoners have been transferred to the united arab emirates, the largest transfer since president obama took office. only 61 remain in cuba. most have been held without charges or trial for a decade. the president's been looking to close the detention center, despite opposition from congress. alison: at least eight people are dead. thousands of homes are lost to severe flooding in louisiana. parts of the state have seen up
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hours. the livingston parish, three-quarters of the home are a loss. still louisiana's governor defending how the state has handled the disaster. >> we have rescued local first responders, state agencies and certainly just individuals being good neighbors, have rescued well over 20,000 people thus far across louisiana. and well over a thousand pets. alison: while most of the rain has stopped crested, there could be more flooding as the water moves down street. steve: a third night of protests in milwaukee after a man was shot and killed by a police officer. police arrested 10 people, but the city seems to be calming down after violent clashes on saturday and sunday. police say the man who was shot was armed and running from police at the time of the shooting. however, it remains under investigation. alison: armed park rangers keeping the peace in long island town. steve: jodi goldberg tells us
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>> it's a scary thing that happens too often. >> up and down the street. next town over. we always hear about that. it was a normal thing. >> reporter: huntingdon is bringing in six armed park rangers to patrol problematic areas. carter is the town public information officer. >> they will be patrolling town properties, town parks, focusing on huntington station, and they'll throughout the town. there'll be two on duty at any given time right now. >> reporter: funding to the patrols was in the budget. unlike the present public safety officers, the park officers are certified peace officers. they're allowed to carry guns. they'll work with the suffolk county police department and be able to make arrests. >> they'll be looking what's going on for activity and town properties, town parks. as they go from point a to point b, if they see something
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long overdue. >> we have kids here and our safety is very important for our kids. >> it's time to step it up. a little preventive measures. >> reporter: he hopes he and his family will feel safer outside. >> we always have a watchful eye. you can't stop somebody with a knife or with a gun, you know that might shoot at somebody and the stray bullet might hit the kids. >> reporter: the park rangers, five men and one woman, are in the process of finalizing paperwk. they'll be paid $23.50 an hour. patrolling will begin before labor day weekend. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: the clam and oyster bar in freeport can no longer serve alcohol after a massive me lee following a pop upconcert by 50 cent. two officers were injured.
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for 1.9 billion to fight the zika virus. there are 480 confirmed cases in new york city. 49 pregnant women have tested positive since april. most were infected through mosquito bites gotten while traveling in infected areas. the city committed 21 million to protect new yorkers, but that's not enough. >> we're putting tremendous resources into the fight against zika, but we need the federal government to get involved. to protect the people of new york city and the country. we need the federal government to act now. alison: to get rid of mosquitos, the health department is spraying in several neighborhoods tomorrow night at 10:00. >> microcephaly linked to the zika virus, it's a condition that one couple knows well. their daughter was born with it. steve: but that has not stopped the child from growing into an adorable little girl.
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step a child takes, is a milestone. and every word they try to speak is memorable. >> she's the most amazing special little girl that has touched so many people. >> reporter: to tara and jimmy, every benchmark their 3-1/2-year-old daughter reaches is monumental. >> you wouldn't know by looking at her if she had it or not. i went to the doctor on my three month checkup. he wrote down microcephaly on a with it. >> reporter: it is a birth defect where a baby's head is smaller than expected. >> the doctors told me that i was exposed to a virus while i was pregnant. we did all the genetic testing. everything was negative. >> the question of what virus remains. >> this past november, i had a google alert set up and i was inundated with articles about it. i thought like where is this
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symptoms of zika, i saw rash, a fever, joint pain, pink eye. >> reporter: all symptoms that tara experienced after returning from a trip to puerto rico in 2012. a trip they took while pregnant with audrey. >> i immediately said, oh, my god, this could be the answer to what we've been searching for the whole entire time is why does she have microcephaly. >> reporter: she called the cddc cddc -- cdc. >> in my heart, that's what i think i had. i had the zika virus. >> reporter: a sense of closure for the family. a new determination to be their daughter's voice. >> you know in your gut if there's delays in your child. get them to therapy. there's pt and ot and speech and feeding. this is all available to you free of charge in the state of new york for early intervention
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audrey wouldn't be where she is today if she wasn't in early intervention. steve: nick is back from florida. alison: was it hotter than here? nick: hotter here. it was hotter here than there. a nice breeze down there. a couple of good big thunderstorms. everything a meteorologist loves. alison: you were this paradise, meteorological heaven. nick: and some good beach time. today, we had a cou there's been one that came quickly across manhattan. that moved into the bronx and is heading for lower westchester. the bigger action is off to the west. 87, 78 today. above average again. our morning low way above average. tere's the .02 of an inch of rain. your sunrise, 6:08. down at 7:52 as we move through the middle of august. the days are shrinking. showers ended now. it's 81.
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the pressure is 30.05 and holding steady with a little gusty south wind. let's take a look at -- blank screen. fox 5 sky guardian is supposed to be there. we'll come back to that in a second. we will look at areas of temperatures that have been hot. 90 at belmar. 93 at newark. upper 80s everywhere else. 88 as you get towards bridgeport. the humidity made it feel closer to 100 in most of the area. 83 at islip. 81 on the east end. 87 at sussex. still weather newark westward. you can see as we look at the dew point numbers anything over 65 bad. 70 worse. 75 uncomfortable. it is a very humid afternoon and eveing. here's what it feels like on your body, feeling like 103 at newark. and 98 at the shore with mid 90s to lower 90s everywhere else. wind out of the south will stay gusty. south-southwest wind tonight 15 up to 20-plus miles an hour at
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humidity. not the temperature, but the humidity a bit for one day. that will be tomorrow. heat advisory continues until the late evening showers for the new york city area. the excessive heat warning from trenton through philadelphia. right now it's for western new jersey and pennsylvania, but we are tracking showers and storms. you can see them advancing across eastern pennsylvania. they'll be in the forecast through the evening hours. there's a batch off to the west cincinnati sliding to the east. the southwesterly wind is in play. the cold front in this location, you can see it's lining up in the ohio valley. we'll move through with the showers and storms tonight. tomorrow, sun and clouds. in the mid to upper 80s, but the humidity down just a little bit. 84 at lunchtime. it's 89 as we head into tomorrow afternoon. there's the futurecast showing the front moving along. as high pressure builds in,
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week. humidity is going to start creeping back upward as we head into thursday and friday. those days will be close to the 90-degree mark in the area, but dry days. if you've got vacation plans for the last part of this week of august, we'll have pretty good weather for that to comply and showers and storms may return as we head into the weekend. i don't know where that forecast popped in from. boaters, winds out of the west at 15 to 25 knots. showers and storms come it stays warm and humid. no lower than 76 in the city. closer to 70 as you get to the suburbs. tomorrow, a gusty westerly breeze. it's 89 for the high tomorrow afternoon. there's thursday and friday. humidity back those days. again, 89 to about 90 in the area. lows, lower 70s. saturday about the same. but we may start seeing showers and storms by midday sunday and they may last off and on into monday as temperatures stay in
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humid days there. tuesday, a break. 84. steve: what a hot summer. nick: it has been. and humid. alison: really muggy. steve: all right. this camaro is being created as a hybrid. the school is in a competition with 16 other universities. they want to give the car more brain power using smart technology to alert the driver of any road hazards. alison: ralph today if not for the guys from brooklyn. steve: meet the style ambassadors that helped them. alison: and the experts will make your stained tie look good as new.
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steve: amber heard depp's divorce battle is over. alison: simone boyce is here with the headlines. this got really ugly. >> reporter: it's been rough. i'm happy for them. seems like they got closure. the tumultuous relationship is over. as tmz reports, their divorce is settled after he agreed to pay her $7 million. the couple issued a joint statement saying, quote, our relationship was intensely passionate and volatile, but always bound by love.
5:24 pm
accusations for financial gain. heard dismissed her petition to extend the restraining order she took out after alleging he abused her throughout their relationship. heard said she will donate some -- a portion of the divorce sum to charity. it's unclear to which charity or how much. this is also on the heels of a rally unsettling video that was leaked of what seems to be a volatile interaction between the two of them. hopefully this is finally closure. well, justin bieber making good on his threat to quit instagram after his fans continued to leave nasty comments. the negative feedback started pouring in as bieber posted pictures with sophia richie, daughter of lionel richie, spurred on my jealousy. he officially deleted his instagram. take that. before he left, he and selena gomez went at it in the comments section when she said he should
5:25 pm
he replied by implying she cheated on him and dated him for the attention. it got nasty. his fans might be done with him. he doesn't want to do photos or meet and greets. i think they're like -- steve: right. you've got to pretend to like the whole thing more. >> reporter: exactly. on to some more inspiring news. all week long, harlem is getting a taste of cuba at the harlem havana music and cultural initiative that's been in the making for 2-1/2 years since cuba and the u.s. restored relations. dancers, she was and filmmakers flew in for the celebration and several restaurants and venues are hosting events like the apollo theatre and the red rooster. we spoke with the executive producer of the festival. >> we are in the middle of two
5:26 pm
havana, known for its music and culture, coming together to share not only in this community but around the world. >> reporter: they'll be popping up all over the city. they're doing something at macy's. head to harlem havana this sounds like the perfusion. alison: i love the red rooster. can't beat it. steve: thank you, simone. google wants to be a bigger player in the world of video chat. alison: the app that's skype. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. steve: we heard that speech yesterday. how donald trump's plans for tougher immigration rules would
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the threats we face today. alison: republican presidential nominee donald trump wants to trump calls it extreme vetting. steve: but so far, he hasn't provided many details on exactly what that means or how much it would cost. joe takes a look at what could be done to strengthen our
5:30 pm
develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. >> reporter: donald trump adding a new wrinkle to his foreign policy platform. >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> reporter: in a largely scripted and on message foreign policy speech, he outlined his plan for an idealogical test, vowing to ban visas with suspect security practices and deny access to anyone that does not embrace what trump described as tolerant american society. >> it will be lifted, this ban, when and as a nation were in a position to properly and perfectly screen these people coming into our country. they're pouring in, and we don't know what we're doing. >> reporter: facing backlash from his muslim ban that was decried across party lines as unconstitutional and
5:31 pm
of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: trump's advisors are saying this new idealogical test is an updated version of it and afternoon example of how their boss can change. >> that exactly shows the evolution, mature evolution based on input and information. he operates like a president listening to advisors, people in the intelligence or work in the intelligence, defense, diplomacy. >> reporter: in 2015, the united states issued 10.9 million visas of the denials, less than one thousand were because of terrorism-related activities. >> how are you going to determine whether a person loves the 1st amendment enough and in what way? how effective these can be remains to be seen. >> reporter: donald trump out of the public eye today, not holding any campaign events, instead holding a series of private fundraisers in wisconsin. that's ahead of the big town hall on fox news at 10:00 with
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looking for health insurance through a government exchange. aetna will draw from most states with the affordable care act. next year the third largest insurer will trim exchange participation to four states. virginia, delaware, iowa and nebraska, down from 15 states this year. the healthcare provider struggled to enroll enough healthy people to balance the claims they pay from high cost customers. aetna has lost hundreds of millions of dollars takin alison: a parking lot in queens has turned into a trash dump. steve: we show you how people are trying to clean up the garbage pile. >> this is pretty pathetic. i was here months ago and this wasn't here. >> makes me feel downgraded since it's always been so clean. >> reporter: forest hills residents say the endless piles of garbage in their shopping center is ruining their quality of life. >> you've got to clean it up.
5:33 pm
disgusting. i's here last night at 8:00. i was moving. >> reporter: the office has been inundated with calls about the trash. last month he says this sports authority closed and almost immediately after, the parking lot became a dumping ground. >> i believe that because this is a major thoroughfare right now, that people are intentionally dropping off construction garbage because they don't want to go somewhe >> so many local residents seem to be affected by this trash so much so that in the short time we've been here, several cars were driving by. they stopped and thanked us for doing this story. one driver says she's called 311 more times than she can count. >> sanitation actually called me back and they said to me, since it's private property, that there's a process they have to go through. >> reporter: according to city
5:34 pm
owns the property. we've reached out and haven't been able to get in touch with anyone. as for the department of sanitation, they tell us they've sent a letter to the owner ordering them to take action. they'll do an inspection in about a week. if the trash hasn't been removed, the sanitation department says it will go ahead and clean the mess. in forest hills, fox 5 news. steve: a new shopping center at the transit hub is open to the public. it is filled shops spanning 365,000 square feet of space. about 60 stores opened today. the rest should be open by the winter. >> we were a part of this project from 9/11. we've been through working close with the port to get to this day, this very day. through that process and the journey we've been on, we've learned to truly respect the
5:35 pm
steve: the port authority opened the street level entrances to the hub plaza for the first time today. alison: google is rolling out a new video calling app. steve: dan bowens shows us how it differs from the old video messenger. >> i'm going to call johnny. >> it was 2010, one of the famed presentation from steve jobs, one of the last before his death. >> hey, johnny. >> reporter: facetime, the video calling mobile communications, a point of pride for the founder of apple. >> i grew up in the u.s. with the jetsons and star trek and communicators and dreaming about this, you know, dreaming about video calling. and it's real now. >> before facetime in 2003, skype helped lay the building blocks of video conferencing primarily pc to pc.
5:36 pm
this piece of the future we've come to accept as normal. >> happy birthday! >> reporter: the google duo app could set the new standard, overshadows apple, a long time rival. >> the biggest benefits it's across platforms. with facetime, you have to worry about whether your friend as an iphone. >> reporter: regardless of the device you have, as long as it's not a rotary, mike, the editor said video calls will work. that could be a big draw for google. >> it is a way to get more people using google services. duo doesn't require a google account. they want to provide a service that let more people video chat. >> reporter: and when you mimic an older concept, a new spin will help set you apart. >> reporter: what's call is it introduces knock-knock where you see a preview of the person calling you. you might see someone show up
5:37 pm
or might see your kid or nephew. that might encourage apple to go back and add new features to facetime. it's a good thing to video calling apps. >> reporter: the duo app is free and works on iphone and android devices. it is entering a relatively crowded field of video calling services. aside from facetime, skype is more mobile. and recently facebook messenger added the option. facebook offers group calls of you better download it. steve: all the sites are becoming the same thing. whatever works. thank you, dan. they put ralph lauren's polo brand on the map 30 years ago. alison: meet members of the famous low life crew. steve: and the experts who are making old ties look like brand
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu
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steve: hip-hop and fashion have gone together. in the '80s, it's brooklyn's low life crew tha alison: decades later, they have their own line and a new book. zachary has their story from brownsville. >> it wasn't just about the clothing and all that. it was about the survival. it was about the brotherhood. it was about, you know, just dealing with life as it came. >> the year was 1988 and they were a crew of misfit kids from brownsville and they put ralph lauren on the map.
5:41 pm
we don't ride horses. you don't see that in the hood. you see the shirt and you see all that. you're like i wonder what it's like. so it's like when you're wearing that stuff, you are doing it. >> reporter: marcus garvey village, not far from where we are today, is as far from yachting as it gets. >> i've been shot twice, stabbed, all that, karate, everything. >> reporter: the low life says they became known and stood out in the neighborhood steeped in poverty. >> we wore it and made it what it was. he didn't make >> we didn't have no stylist. we did it. we had a vision and we knew howe to put it together. >> reporter: how did you afford the clothes? >> we didn't. >> it was permanently borrowed. >> five finger discount. >> reporter: to them, it was family despite brushes with the law. their new book, bury me with the low one, is a nod to the ones who became casualties to the
5:42 pm
the photographer and documentary filmmaker has been working on a book for five years with low life founder thurston howell iii who joined us from skype. >> people in japan started collecting this fashion because it was something that they wanted to attain because they'd seen it in the hip-hop videos and they've seen it within these magazines. >> reporter: their fashion traveled the globe. their poloi stuck in time. what a moment. >> we are men with family now. a lot of people when they meet us, they think we still on the same thing. we done evolved from that. everything we do is we try to keep it positive. >> we love where we're from, regardless of what the world might think of the ghetto when the projects and the experience was so beautiful and there was so much fun.
5:43 pm
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alison: in fox 5 health news, using a popular painkiller during pregnancy could be linked to behavioral problems in children. steve: joining us is dr. manny alvarez. we're talki acetaminophen. what are we talking about? >> it's a medication i give, a lot of obstetricians give as a painkiller. typically this is the first time there's been a link between taking this medication between 18 weeks and 32 weeks and looking at behaviors in children. what they found, they did a longitudinal study. 7,000 kids followed for a long time.
5:47 pm
took tylenol -- acetaminophen per se of any brand had behavioral problems like hyperactivity disorders and things like that. here's my problem with the study. i find the science real, but we have to be careful. we don't know how much of this medication the mothers took. so -- i don't foresee -- because there's never been any study looking at the side effects of thised you took an occasional acetaminophen, a regular dose, 350 milligrams every four to six hours, that that's going to do anything to the fetus. i guess if you overexpose now with this study, there is the potential that it -- you could have intrauterine transmission. it could affect brain development and end up with behavioral problems later on. i would not shy away from taking
5:48 pm
especially if you have a low grade fever. the doctor tells you if you have pain while you're pregnant, but the routine use of the medication, think about it twice. i think more studies are going to be following up. this was a genuine study published in jama. alison: is there something else you should take? there's not a lot of options. >> ibuprofen you're stuck with this. steve: and the new superfood. experts say it's high in minerals and protein and a go to food for elite athletes. dr. manny is waving this off. >> i was going out the door. i yelled at my wife. honey, what is it? it's good for you. eat it. you should be eating it.
5:49 pm
grains. the quinoa and all this. they've been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. it happens to be good for you. it's gluten-free. it's high in minerals and calcium and vitamin c. if you're into these types of grains, they're very, very good for you. what we're learning is that we used to be a society where it was just white flour, white rice, that now what these nutrients are telling you, they're there. they've been around a long time. they're commercially available. you can get them. and they're good for you. is it a superfood? no. it's been around a long time. alison: dr. manny breaks it all down. >> not going to have that. steve: fair enough. nick, let's talk about the weather and the heat and humidity. we're at the point in the pattern where people can't remember if today was
5:50 pm
day after the other. compared to yesterday, today was more uncomfortable. yesterday a bit of a break. today very humid again. and up in the high 80s to the lower 90s across the area. now we're waiting for thunderstorms. they're still marching across eastern pennsylvania. the first band. there's another band further to the west with the cold front itself in western new york state and western pennsylvania and ohio. i'll show you on the radar in a minute. these are the ghighs for the da. middle 90s philly to washington, d.c. here's a line of showers and storms on fox 5 sky guardian. the lower part of this is not as developed as it was about 35, 45 minutes ago, but marching eastward. this is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 tonight. as we put this in motion, it's still there but not as solid of a line. but showers and storms are moving in from the west and we'll go to the wider view.
5:51 pm
buffalo to pittsburgh. that will be expanding in our direction tonight. thus the severe thunderstorm watch goes until 11:00 p.m. for western new jersey on to eastern sections of pennsylvania. we'll see if that gets extended further eastward. that's the area of most concern. the heat is still an issue. the heat advisory is up until tonight around the city, new jersey and it becomes an excessive heat warning in the philadelphia area. current temperatures, 79 in allentown from being 90 at the top of the a thunderstorm is moving through there right now. 93 in newark. but it's 88 at poughkeepsie. 81 in the city. and we have that shower that came through just before the top of the hour. cooled us down. 86 as you head towards bridgeport. there are the dew point temperatures. middle 70s. very uncomfortable and very humid weather will continue tonight. a break in the humidity tomorrow as the southwesterly wind becomes westerly. it will be a gusty, breezy day,
5:52 pm
that will be in the wake of the cold front. the front is off to the west. you can see the lines of showers and storms go down into eastern sections of texas. once that moves along, an area of high pressure which is taking control in the plains states will move eastward. humidity while it goes down tomorrow comes back slowly thursday and friday into saturday. those days will feature lots of sunshine. we're in the high 80s tomorrow. 90s to philly and raleigh and atlanta. upper 80s to 9 florida. 85 chicago. a little cooler there towards minneapolis. it's not in the desert southwest. 108 in phoenix. we'll see the showers and storms. what's the time stamp? 8:00 tonight. some later on tonight. tomorrow, a combination of sun and clouds. a good-looking day, but the humidity comes down. wednesday, we won't be seeing showers and storms. it should be a decent day on
5:53 pm
four to six foot waves tomorrow. water in the upper 70s. uvi a 9 and watch out for the rip currents. 76 in the city. winds and scattered showers and thunderstorms. breezy, 89 tomorrow, sun and clouds. high 80s thursday through saturday. humidity coming back up. low to mid 70s at night. scattered showers and storms by midday sunday. monday, a break after that into tuesday. steve: thank you. a little shop has been saving ties over half a century. alison: mac king shows us the talented tailors who are helping neckwear stand the test of time. >> over 4 million ties have passed through. >> reporter: andy knew little when he passed this business 35 years ago. >> i answered an ad in the "new york times". owner looking to sell a service business. >> reporter: now at 61, the president of tie crafters
5:54 pm
cleaning and repairing neck ties from this basement on 29th street. >> we're the best at cleaning neckwear in the country. >> president nixon and others have sent tie crafters ties in need of maintenance. while hermes recommend andy to their customers, he accepts all ties. it seems there is no such thing as an ugly neck >> everybody has their preference on what the perfect tie is. i'll never comment to somebody about an ugly tie. >> the desired width fluctuates from decade to decade. the most recent transition, from fat ties to skinny ties has provided tie crafters with new customers. >> the narrowing has been a breath of fresh air for us. >> reporter: they spend much of their days trimming ties to
5:55 pm
but cleaning is the staple. >> if you take a napkin and try to rub out the stain, you'll chafe the fabric. >> reporter: while men and women retire and surrender to large corporations and their machines amid hanging colorful bouquets of neck wire, these five people steam and stitch and sew steve: remember the place. you get a new tie. alison: and they're done. steve: spill something on it. all right. good to know. alison: we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up now at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we have a lot coming up in the news. keep it right here. plus, it is day two of our exciting international food week. tonight it's a trip into brooklyn to a chinatown you might not have known about. i've got that for you. plus, it's trending tuesday and
5:56 pm
google is taking on apple again. it's all next and new for you at 6:00. join us. i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. ernie: it's tuesday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we begin tonight with this
5:59 pm
unbelievably difficult for a queens family and their neighborhood. it was two weeks ago tonight that karina vetrano was attacked and killed while out for a jog. tonight, the community together again, keeping hope alive for closure. linda schmidt is in howard beach for us tonight where there's a walk just getting underway right there. please tell us more about this tonight. ernie: that's right. good evening, first of all, to you. take a look behind me and you can see the crowd is gathering. in addition to ambulances and white balloons. they're going to be marching from this area here, which is 84th street. this is the area where karina vetrano went into the undeveloped federal park. that was two weeks ago tonight about this time. she went into the park about 5:45. and it was about an hour and a half later that her father reported her missing. now, the folks that are going to be walking here tonight, they'll be walking a mile. the reason they're doing this is because it has been two weeks
6:00 pm
in this case. her parents want to keep the story in the headlines. they want to find her killer. now as we reported last week, the community here in howard beach started a gofundme page to raise reward money. the goal was 100,000. as of today, they have raised more than $245,000. now last week when i was reporting on this story, i told you that police were checking a local database to see if they could find any dna from any known sex offenders area in our database to see if it matched the dna found at the crime scene. they did not find any matches. they went to a national dna database to do the very same thing. as of today, they have not found any matches, which means that whoever killed, raped, murdered karina vetrano, the 30-year-old, two weeks ago tonight, their dna


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