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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in this case. her parents want to keep the story in the headlines. they want to find her killer. now as we reported last week, the community here in howard beach started a gofundme page to raise reward money. the goal was 100,000. as of today, they have raised more than $245,000. now last week when i was reporting on this story, i told you that police were checking a local database to see if they could find any dna from any known sex offenders area in our database to see if it matched the dna found at the crime scene. they did not find any matches. they went to a national dna database to do the very same thing. as of today, they have not found any matches, which means that whoever killed, raped, murdered karina vetrano, the 30-year-old, two weeks ago tonight, their dna
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system yet. again, her parents want to keep this going. they want to be able to find the killer. we're going to be going along this walk with them tonight. it's going to be about a mile. it's going to be starting any moment. ernie: linda, i know that the community has offered a $10,000 reward. from what i understand, the police have done a similar situation. tell us about that. another reward. >> reporter: right. right. the gofundme page is reward. as far as the police department, there's a combination of a reward from the police department and the firefighters union, which is up to $25,000 as well. that would be $100,000 from the family -- from the gofundme page and $25,000 from the cops and the firefighters. and they're hoping that money talks. so far it's been two weeks. they don't have any leads in this case. ernie: let's hope something does develop. thank you for reporting that. we'll continue to cover the story later on this evening. thank you.
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headlines. 35-year-old oscar morel, the accused gunman in the double murder of imam and his friend, was in court today. police are charging him with two counts of first-degree murder and weapons possession. the nypd released this photo of the .38 caliber revolver found in his apartment. the brother of one of the victims is seeking justice. >> i need justice this killer -- for the killing. ernie: oscar morel will come back before a judge on thursday. there's no official word on a motive for the crime. the city has agreed to pay the family of akai gurley more than $4 million. gurley was shot and killed by former police officer peter liang in the dark stairwell of the pink houses in 2014. he was sentenced to five years probation, but no jail time.
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presidential campaign, but new polls show that donald trump sliding further behind hillary clinton. a new washington post poll shows clinton 14 points ahead of trump among registered voters. virginia, that's a key swing state, and a poll out today shows clinton up nine points in florida. reported that trump's lagging polls are affecting key senate races which could swing the power over to the democrats. benjamin to talk about this. clinton leads in the polls. trump is still dealing with controversies. how do you see it? where do things stand? >> if we called the election today, hillary would win in a landslide, like reagan mondale. hillary is staying focused on the issues. the e-mail controversy is playing with her.
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when you think about where trump is, he was supposed to be at a place where he has shown -- he has transitioned. he was going to show all these great ideas. he had an isis speech which was okay at best. so i think trump has so far to go. i don't know if he has enough time to get there. ernie: he's trying to attract women, millennials and blacks as well. >> with more bad ideas. if you listen to what he's saying, look what he did with the military family. it's beyond the pell. part of his strategy is the more incredible things he says gets him more attention and media and that might help him win. ernie: you've heard the reports. the gop is thinking we'll probably lose the white house. let's concentrate on the key senate races. >> that's right. john mccain is looking vulnerable in arizona. what trump has been saying about
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causing huge problems. that's been an issue for him. in maine, kelly ayotte has a tough race. a number of republicans are nervous and they're running from him. the republicans in the house and senate are saying let's focus on the races. super pacs are focused on those races. ernie: could there be a turning point? the debates, for example, could that make a huge difference? by [!esp >> no question. he has done impressive things. if he can show himself to be steady, give good cogent arguments in a steady fashion that makes you feel he has the temperament, it's a game changer. ernie: a lot of people are waiting for the debates. >> they'll be huge. ernie: and whether they will happen. >> they'll happen. trump loves a stage. he will be on that stage. don't worry about that. he'll play around because he wants more media attention.
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the question is what does he say in the hour and a half. that will make the difference for his campaign. ernie: got a ways to go. there's a lot that can happen. that's for sure. thanks for joining us. other stories in the news. at least eight people are dead. thousands of homes lost to severe flooding in louisiana. parts of that state have sen up to 25 inches of rain in a 48-hour period. in livingston parish, officials say three-quarters of the homes are a total >> wondering what's left, if anything. everything that i had is gone. ever everything. everything. ernie: while several rivers have crested, there could be more flooding as the water moves downstream. nick is back here. tough times there. and in other parts of the country as well. nick: yeah. that weather system has not abated. it's been sitting over the central coast area for days.
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ernie: look at the devastation. nick: really, really bad. our issues are different. we've had the heat and humidity. that's been the story since last week. last week was awfully hot. a break in the humidity yesterday. you felt today. it was very uncomfortable. ernie: you were away. welcome back with your nice tan. nick: thank you. nice to be back. refreshed and ready to go. 87 and 78 today. definitely an uncomfortable day with the humidity being high. a little shower 5:00. that raced up towards the bronx and disappeared. there's a line of showers and storms, two lines that we're watching off to the west. 83, 68 is where we should average. notice the 83 high is now down a degree or two as we move through the middle of august. sunrise 6:08. the daylight is shrinking. humidity high with a dew point at 76. winds out of the south and gusty. clouds and sun.
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we had 90 at belmar and newark and allentown. current temperatures have been pretty much holding in the low to middle 80s around town and still close to 90 at newark. here's the story. the dew point numbers into the middle 70s. the humidity stays very, very high through tonight. we get a break tomorrow. humidity starts slowly coming back up again thursday in towards the early part of the weekend. so the wind, that's going to be a bit gusty out of the become westerly tomorrow. that's why the humidity will drop a little tomorrow with the westerly wind. it will be a breezy day. we have a heat advisory in effect for the new york city area south through new jersey with the excessive heat warning tonight. we'll see if that gets extended further eastward. right now the only storms are by scranton extending scattered down to about the allentown area.
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but still some lightning and thunder with this going by and moving towards western new jersey. but the wide view is going to show besides this line coming through and moving towards us this evening, there's another line further off to the west. this is the cold front itself. you can see the thunderstorms now syracuse to cincinnati. we'll be watching that line to bring more scattered showers and thunderstorms as this cold front tries to press along. that will be the story for the first half of the night or so. look behind this front. look at a little break in the humidity tomorrow with this combination of sun and clouds and the westerly breeze. about 70 in the suburbs. 84 at lunchtime. and stop at 89 tomorrow afternoon. there's futurecast. there's the front barrelling along. we'll have a pretty good afternoon. sun and clouds again on wednesday as high pressure builds in. the humidity -- on thursday i should stay. humidity starts coming back for the end of the week. scattered showers and storms
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the ohio valley. scattered down to the gulf coast. not too bad in the northeast. 90 at baltimore. oklahoma city, 95. 95 reno. a little cooler at portland, oregon. tonight, scattered showers and storms. kind of a warm and humid night. 76 in the city. about 70 in the suburbs. sun and clouds tomorrow. just a touch less humid with a gusty west breeze. notice we're pretty much mid and upper 80s tomorrow. we'll stay in t near 90 thursday, friday, saturday. humidity coming back up. a typical summer weather we've been knowing so well. scattered showers and storms return by middle sunday. we'll have to see how early they get going on sunday. they may last into monday. it will break by the time -- ernie: this is a big vacation month. nick: a lot of the week, some good weather for the vacation planners. ernie: makes a big difference. welcome back.
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ernie: welcome back to our week long feature on new york's international cuisine. we're basking in the olympic
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tour of gold medal-worthy food. tonight dana takes us into brooklyn where you might find some real surprises. >> reporter: brooklyn is a diverse borough with endless food options. along eighth avenue and sunset park, you might be surprised to find brooklyn's very own chin chinatown. rene is the executive director of the sunset park business improvement district, and the past 40 years. she says in the 1980s, it felt as though brooklyn chinatown developed overnight. >> we watched it from going empty store to empty store to 24/7. there's people there all the time. every store has got some kind of business in it. and the best thing for us actually was the food. >> reporter: and the food is as authentic as it gets, according
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she invited us to scarf down chicken and broccoli. >> we bring it here and share it with the neighborhood. it's special for the food. >> reporter: and just 20 blocks away, here we are in the heart of bay ridge where locals say there's a strong irish community with a pub on almost every corner. irish food is comfort food. lots of meat and we got to try some. customers say skin flint's irish pub has been a staple in the community for 40 years, serving up homemade dishes like shepherd's pie and corn beef platters. the owner tries to keep the traditions alive in bay ridge. when did it all begin? >> at the turn of the century. that's when everybody started coming over from ireland. everybody migrated.
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>> reporter: whatever your taste buds may be, new york city is a foodies' paradise. >> accessibility is unbelievable. you can have irish food in bay ridge, russian in brighton beach. you can have greek in astoria. there's like the -- the possibilities are endless. >> whether you're in the mood for dim sun or a hot sandwich, you can find it in this one borough. ernie: great stuff. and we're only just getting started. tomorrow we're going to tell you something really good. the taste of the olympics host country with brazilian food here in manhattan. so be sure to join us for that tomorrow. coming up next, google is taking on apple again. we'll talk about it in our trending tuesday segment. plus, i've got a question for you tonight. here it is: what difference do
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all new fairgrounds, more rides and more fun. from august 25th to september 5th in syracuse, new york. order tickets before opening day for just $6. it's all here, it's only here. at the great new york state fair! ernie: take a look. si simone biles did it again, a gold medal in the floor exercise, the first women's
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single olympiad. it ties the records for women's gymnastics. the five are the most ever won by a simone at the olympics. how about that? we welcome our own simone with her own golden touch being on tv. she's here now. >> reporter: got to be the name. ernie: it's the good luck name. works well. trending tuesday is good, too. we want to talk about some things video app to compete. tell us about it. >> it's called due, the equivalent to apple's facetime app. you can only do it with applein. before we went on the air, i was
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he sent me a link and said this is something new. didn't know we were doing the story. the problem is if you want to do it with enefit is you don't have to have a google account. you don't have to be using google's other services to use this app. yes, it's one more app on a lot of other apps we have. ernie: this is going to open it up. you'll be able to communicate with people with the android and so forth. the quality of the video >> reporter: that's absolutely true. and also, they have introduced a feature called knock-knock that gives you a preview of the person on the other line. if they have some of your family members with them, you get to see a bit of a preview of what the call is going to be like. ernie: interesting. it's so competitive. this technology thing, google is trying it. it's good for consumers, but at the same time, it gets a little frustrating. we don't know what's coming up
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to see what they're doing. it must be so conscientious in silicon valley. but seems like it could be an improvement. there's the hurdle of do people want to get this app. and is it really something they actually need? ernie: they've got the money to try it out. like you said, you'd like to find out what they're doing. it's incredible. we can't imagine what's coming up next. >> reporter: i know. i remember being in school and thinking this could never happen. video conferencing te ernie: unbelievable. i'll try to face time you. thank you. coming up, you hit the streets to see if you notice a difference between suv and sedan drivers. stay with me.
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ernie: what do you think? do you think suv and sedan owners drive differently? >> i think suv drivers, they're a little bit more -- a little more cocky than, you know, on the road driver just simply because they're in a bigger vehicle and they can push people around. >> i have to say that the driver of an suv, i think definitely takes more aggression on the road and more confidence. absolutely. behind the wheel. definitely. ernie: you see that on the road? >> yes, i do. i do. i do. definitely. ernie: what do you think? >> i'm probably on the fence. i feel sedans kind of zip. they bob and weave out of traffic. i feel suv's, you have your kids
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ernie: more careful with it. how about you? what difference do you see? suv and sedan drivers? >> suv is a little more crazy. they're all over the road a little more. but then again everyone is today. they're crazy drivers. people aren't careful with what they do. ernie: you feel intimidated a bit? >> i feel intimidated. of course. ernie: because they're big and they kind of take up more space? >> yes. absolutely. ernie: do you think they drive differently? a different mentality? >> i think there's mentality. there's a powerful mentality when it comes to driving an suv. ernie: thank you. nice to see you. take care. bye! and that's it for now. i thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our great control room up there, thank you for being a part of the broadcast. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. nico, you're back.
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