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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> he says he didn't do it. a not guilty plea tonight from the machine accused of gupping down in queens. the suspect went before the judge today. >> prosecutors charged him with murder. zachary kiesch in the newsroom now. zack zy. reporter: yeah, the killings have rocked ozone park neighborhood. the most serious charms, two counts of first-degree murder. it was dark room in the basement of a the queens county courthouse. the family and friends of alauddin akonjee and thara miah.
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lacking the most urgent questions. >> i want to ask him, i want to ask him why you kill my brother? my brother was 65 years old. 65 years old. >> morel was without emotion. he would be held without bail. the prosecution says this is the murder weapon, a .38-caliber revolver they say was found by police at morel's house. they say at the murder scene matched the gun. >> my fathers with a bad guy. i president to know why you kill him. but now i want justice. morel's attorney spoke to morel's character describing the client at w a clean record. morel will be back in court thursday for the family of the two men, the killings in broad daylight, the prayer leader and associate
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>> i am very sad right fou. right now. everyone knows, they are good family people. everybody know. >> family friends and people in ozone park and the muslim community as a whole want to know why. back to you guys. steve: thank you, zachary. the nypd looking for a break in a tonight, loved ones retraced the steps and as linda schmidt shows us, they are doing all they can to keep attention focused on the case. reporter: kathy led a walk to keep attention on the investigation to find her daughter's killer. >> weakling.
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reporter: it was two weeks ago today that 30-year-old was found raped and murdered in undeveloped park near her home where she had been jogging. tonight 700 people came out in the proposive heat to walk with them carry aring white and butterfly balloons. butterflies were her favorite. a. >> we are all passionate that we can find the person who did this so the community can rest. >> i am here to support killer. reporter: do you live the neighborhood? >> i grew up here. i live in long eye island now. i came for this. reporter: at this point, the police say they have not found any dna matches and local or national database. there is $125,000 reward for information leading to am arrest and the family is hoping the money will talk. >> we will get you. it is just a matter of time. so if he is someone you might know, get the money.
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we're going to get them anyway. >> turn yourself in. i will make sure that reward money oes to the person of your choice. your sister, brother, mother. you ul be with caught. take advantage of that. reporter: after moment of silence, the pa in loos floated into the air with prayer has the killer will be taught before he strikes again. in howard beach, queens, linda schmidt, "fox 5 news." friends said good-bye a new york city whom was murdered while out far jog in massachusetts. her en funeral was this morning in massachusetts. the google coworkers there were there. marcotte was found dead near her mother's home in princeton. investigators are following up on hundreds of tips? some of the far glob arresting. steve: park rangers armed to fight crime. six armed park rangers will about a troll pron attic areas.
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the rangers will work with the police to mcarrests. >> we'll start working weekend only. if it works, we'll expand them tom the rest of the days of the week and looking at what is going on in the prk and of course, as they go from point a to point b. they stop. park rangers now finalizing paperwork. they expected to began by labor day weekend. >> donald trump be a the campaign trail tonight out to prove he's the law and ord >> well, they arenning the heat on hillary clinton over the e-mail candle. sharon crowley now. sharon? reporter: yeah. at this time for tat tonight between clinton and trump. trump posting a fledge to the american people that he will fight to ensure that every american is treated equally. his posting comes after hillary clinton posted a negative ad about trump on twitter. trump is trailing in the polls and trying to gain ground. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is trying
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milwaukee wisconsin tonight. his campaign stop here follows days of rayoths and protests in the city. the violence is a reaction to the deadly police shooting of an armed black man. earlier today, trump met with the milwaukee county sheriff. >> you take a look at ferguson and st. louis. you take a look at all the different baltimore, i guess, the number one example of the last couple of years. we need, we need law and order. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary conditionton has pennsylvania, ahead in the polls there and in other swing states but said she is not taking anything for granted. >> i am asking you to register yourself, and i am asking you to ask everybody you know register. because when we do that, we make a commitment, that we care about what is going to happen in the election. and we also care about winning back the senate, and making the senate democratic again.
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documents, related to the agency's interview of clinton about her e-mail setup while secretary of state. the gop lawmakers wanted to look at the documents because they think clinton should face perjury charges and did not address it while campaigning in philadelphia. >> so my friends, let's go to work and let's build the foo you ture that america deserves. thank you and god bless you. [cheering and applauding] >> well, fox news has learned that donald trump will get the first briefing were the fbi tomorrow. both candidate, of course, will get briefings, and trump is planning to bring new jersey governor chris christie is with him. christie is part of trump's transition team. >> interest move, though. >> all right. this thank you, sharon. steve: how about this? the nsa may be the latest victim of hacking. the group calling itself the shadow brockers claims it hacked to the nsa file stealing a am ber of tool that's the agency itself uses to
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sell the material if they are paid $1 million bit coin which is worth $500 or million or so dollars. it is speculated that the russians were responsible for the i a take. >> well, the terminal getting the power back tonight. the same terminal were people are evacuated two days ago in a panic when they thought there was gunfire. the power failure happened this afternoon. it looked like it was caused by transformer failure that delay in he security screenings am the system that screens checked bags is back on-line. electricians dill working to restore full power. steve: six children were hurt by call shock in cra connecticut. the kids were riding the scrambler in oceanside when they felt felt a continuing ling sensation. the ride has been shutdown while they try fig if you are out what went on. >> at least eight people are dead.
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seen up to 25 inches of rain in 46 hours. while the waters are receding in many area, the concern that is the water will be downstream to the gulf of next committee and will cause new floods. >> i want underwith one to understand, we're still very much in an emergency response mode for much of the florida par,s. saving life is the most important party that we have. more than 2 the people arrested across louisiana since friday. we talking mace tonight. >> outside. >> yeah. >> a lot of action. >> yeah. pretty impressive stuff. >> massive thunder and lightning. >> a lot of lightning when they came through and extending to lower westchester and eventually moved ton connecticut connecticut. that band we were watching that kim across. now as you look at fox that is all that is left of it. it has moved past and ins to advance to the east s. however, there are more showers and
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becoming our way overnight, too. we can get downpours and lightning as the storms come through. is warm. 81 in the city. 81 at the shore and long island. back to the 60's to the for and the west. the humidity lef level on the high side as well. all right. we put the radar into motion. you can see the next line west of albany extending to the central pennsylvania. started to show some breaks in the tense areas of precipitation. we call for shower and storms and the risk of it and the night. look's the dewpoints. it is humid. per 70's across the area. dewpoint temperature-wise, appan, it is uncomfortable. here is future cast. watch that line of showers and storms roll on through as we go in through tonight. a combination of sun and clouds. humidity drops a bit. a little better day. upper 80's again for tomorrow. now we have to put the shower threat back in forecast for thursday afternoon with a little disturbance clam along here. so we keep that, again, on the radar scope for
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and humid day. 76 tonight. 68 in the burbs. a shower and thunderstorm may move through. a gusty southwest wind. a breezy day. temperatures chime to the 80's. 89 in the afternoon. but that west wind, the humidity will drop. steve, allison m. >> finally. >> google without a new video calling app. steve: all right. what it can do that facetime cannot. >> getting your favorite tie to look good as new. saving ties are file. steve: candy and other sweets make kids hyper. why parents could be totally wrong with about
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>> look out. google is coming without a new video app. steve: what google's version can do that the others can not. i will go ahead and call now.
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one one of the famed present tagses from steve jobs. one of the last before the death. >> hi, johnny? [cheering and applauding] reporter: facetime, the video calling technology is a significant step in mobile to mobile communication. a point of pride. >> i grew up here in the u.s. with the jetsons and with "star trek" and communicators and just dreaming about this. you know? dreaming about video calling. and it is real now. facetime way back in 2003, skype helped lay the building blocks of videoconferencing, at the time, primarily pc to pc. everything looks good. >> and pow, more than a decade later, a new twist on the piece of the future we have come to accept as normal. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> the google app could set the new standard overshadowing apple one of the long-time digital rivals into. the biggest benefit, it
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face-typement? you have to worry about what the friend has iphone or out. reporter: iphone, android, as pg willing as it is not a pretty, mike, editor of tom's guyed, and laptop mag says video calls will work. that could be a big draw for google. >> it is a way to get more people using google service. but it doesn't require a google aup count. they want to provide a service that lets them video chat. >> reporter: are when conaccept, the new spin will help set you apart. it introduces a neat feature where it is called mock knock. see video preview of the person calling you. you may see somebody show up with tk debts to the basketball game or you may see your kid or your nephew. that encourages apple to two back to add new features. think is a good thing for video calling apps engen ral. it works on iphones and androids. from the newsroom, dan
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a steering wheel in the works. ford is developing a self-driving car that should be ready by 2021. it is designed for ridesharing services. ford is doubling the new special technology teams to have the car ready in five years. google felt they roll without peddles or steering wheels as well. >> all right. how about this? how do you look the ability to know when the traffic lights turn green. awed disworking on future that would allow the vehicles to communicate with stop line lights and counting the carmakers say it should be available on several cars beginning in 2017. >> the world transit-is open for business. the shoppers filled the space nor morning's grand opening. the mall will have more than 100 shops. that is 60 open today. the rest should be ready by this winter f. has, today, access to transportation-s from street level. all right. neckties may be the machine's best accessory. a little shops south of
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making sure your tie stands the test of time. matt king shows because the tie craters is all about. reporter: over four ties have passed through the shop. reporter: he knew little about necktie when he purchased 35 years ago. i answered aaa in "the new york times." the owner looking to sell. reporter: now 61 years old. the president overseas four employees over 26 years with the company and cleaning and altering neckties longing to customer hose kate around the world from the basement on 29th too. >> we probably are the best at cleaning in the country report president nixon and the cast of celebrities have sent ties in need of maintenance and while other luxury brands recommend to the customer. he welm cos at all price points of materials colors and patterns in repairing business. there is no sun much thing as ugly necktie.
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their preference on what, what the perfect tie is. so i will never comment to somebody about an ugly tie. >> the necktie fluctuates in poplar ty from deck a id to decade. the most recent transition from fat ties to skinny ties and the sky crafters with influx of new customer. the narrowing has been a fresh air for us. >> they spend much of the days trimming ties. but cleaning staple. the self verbs say it is nemesis. >> if you take a napkin, rub out the stain, you will pull the color. reporter: the other strition around the city retire and surrender to large corporations and their machines, amid hang colorful bouquets of neck wear, the five-person team continues to seam, tip of, sew, despite tilings of the array of customers of the present
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kipping, fox 5 moose. >> the olympics striking a cord. watching at home. steve: how games are inspiring more people to hit the gym. fans pushing for kanye west to the super bowl halftime show. how they are getting the
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>> aer
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divorce. the released a statement. the couple were married in february of last year. tmz reports dep agreed to pay $7 noll walk away. herd says she will doe mit the divorce to charity but unclear which charity or how much. >> kanye west fans wan the raptor headline the super bowl halftime show. close to 30,000 people asking the west. adele de: the offer. nfl have talked to several artists but not made any formal offers much? is next february. steve: in the of the road for caitlyn jenner's show "i am kit" caitlyn jenner said it is time for the next adventure. it premiered last july but the numbers wen down were there. dari: more than a weekend and watching
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taking a toll on me. am in the minority here. they are being en spired to hit the gym. melissa shows thus he deal. reporter: with the craze about the olympics going on. we decided to if to one of the hottest gyms in the city. >> a move coming in and asking about it. >> check out at the olympic fever is motivating people the gym to got the sweat on. >> i love watching volleyball in here. listening to music watching the action makes me put na everything. reporter: even to the field hockey. never one has their opinion of what even gets them of the couch noon the gym. >> yesterday, i actually started training for a 5k. because of the olympics. reporter: its not just watching those heart pupping evens that motivate people to strib for that stamina, the
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favorite along with michael fems so so i wanted to be fit like they were were are report olympic fever being felt around the world. i just love the energy. out there on the court. everything that they have. reporter: in the gym. know, be more ac of in- the p.m. >> people of all ages striving to get their own medal. >> am winning the gold. just watch out. >> at the gym, melissa, "fox 5 news." >> i wished that would effect the olympics. >> no. >> yeah. >> the olympics at this point. >> well grate. >> as we get close for the 25th anniversary of the deadly crown heights riot. the ongoing effort to create inclusive community but one even stirring up controversy.
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new plan is drawing
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>> hate been 25 years since race rayoths tore through brooklyn. this weekend he evens are supposed to bring the come in the together. steve: all right. they include a festival with game, ride, other entertainment. that is no way to railroad the victims of the violence. >> well, i was shocked. was shocked. >> 25 year a, norman rossen bum's brother was stabbed to death during the crown heights riot. as the the ceremony festival at the neighborhood today, rosenbaum thinks the effort is inappropriate. >> it was not tasteful, appropriate, all up thes considered, it was disrespectful. the mayhem in 16 1 sparked by the death of kato, a seven-year-old boy killed in a car crash. the student from australia was killed in the three days of violence that followed. we find it disappointing.
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come men rate the murder. >> it is a celebration of how people came together after a very tumultuous, difficult period. >> the brooklyn bureau president among the elected officials planning to attend the event on sunday. he said it was planned by leaderness the black and jewish come machines en tenned to show yoon ty. >> that community saw how to turn pain into percents. and this is the result of it. you could not anything like this for the jewish and the comen ins of colors will get together and it gave birth to the come continuities am cotogether. >> he has offered invitation to rosenbaum. >> needs to see for himself how the death of his brother brought life to many people in that am coin this ty as the death. >> he has not picked up the phone. i don't think this is appropriate. >> in stead, rones baum
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privately with the family. dan bowens be where "fox 5 news." >> the family will receive more than $4 million in the settlement with the city. the 28-year-old was killed in a stairwell in the brooklyn housing complex back in 2014. in i aye doings the city's settlement, the former cop who shot him has been ordered to pay the family $25 the and will get $4--thousand from the housing ahr tain the money will sit in the trust fund for the daughter when she >> john mclaughlin has died. he died two days after missing a taping of this show for the first time in 34 years. he was a staple of the weekend mornings. the mchof lynn group and hosted 101 which ran from 1984 to 2013. he was 9 years old. universally beloved. >> well, we hard the term extreme vetting a lot. its part of donald
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joe tui takes a look at how it call in pact the immigration poll. she the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. donald trump adding a new wrinkle to foreign policy platform. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme, extreme vetting. were are report in a largely scripted on message foreign policy speech in ohio yesterday. outlined the plan for the test. vowing to ban visas to countries with suspect security practices to did he ni access to epp a one that does not embrace what trillionp described as tolerant, american society. >> i will be lifted, this ban, when and as a nation. we are in a position top proarely and perfectly screen these people coming into our country. >> they are pouring in and we don't know what we are doing. >> already facing backthrash the proposed
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constitutional and un-american. >> total and complete shutdown. of muslims terning the united states. >> trump advisors are now saying the new test is updated version of it. an example of how the boss can change. >> that shows the evolution and the mature evolution based on input and information. he actually operates now almost like a president listening toeded a viers and people in the intelligence or work in the intelligence deends fence, issued $10.00 million and denied about three million according to government staistics. of those, less than 1,000 because of terrorism related activities. >> still experts say trump's proposals leave a lot of questions unanswered. >> how are you going to determine whether a person loves the first amendment or not. what by this so how effective can these be
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>> woo google providing the own get out the vote campaign. the internet giant trying to get all t vit and show you what the requirements are ap all of the relevant deadlines. >> all right. we long believed the kids buns off the tarball they teat many sweets. the sugar high could be a myth. we will take a look at the theory as to why it as it myth. >> the sold for $100,000. why the party will still
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>> a parking lot in queens has turned in a small trash >> this is pretty pa thet k because i was here not too many months ago. >> it makes me feel a since its a been so crean. >> forest hill residents say the endless piles of garbage is ruining the quality of hive. >> you not clean it u.n. the rhoden, the vermin, it is disgusting. was here last night at 8:00. it was moving. district manager of
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inundated withle as about the trash. last mon he says this spores authority closed and almost immediately after the parking lot became a dumping ground. i believe this is because a major thundershower's fair now. they don't want to go somewhere else to dumb it off. it seems to be feked pay the trash so much so in the short time we have been here, several cars were driving stopped and thanked us for doing the story one drover says she has called 311 mer am toos than she can count. sanitation actually called me back and said to me. there is a process they have to go to. according to city record, appears the california based ral ty company owns the pretor and we reached out and have not been able to get in touch with anyone. they tell us they sent
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action and do inspection in about a weak fan the trash has not been removed, the sanitation department says it will go ahead and clean the mess. in forest hills, "fox 5 news." >> they claim the bar in freeport can no longer serve alcohol. liquor license suspend today following a pop-up concert on august 6th. at this. three people are arrested and two officers were injured in that pull be the kitchen and spilled to the street and new york state lecter authority ordered the emergency spinnings on the recommendation of the freeport p.d. >> a longstanding land mark in up the strip now gone. >> the hotel ap casino came down. >> wow.
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all right came down this morning leveled the tower was the first high-rise in the most famous casinos and hosted singers from liberace. that is dramatic into. the playboy mappings is officially sold and bought for $100 million. this the mansion originally listed for $200 million back in january terms of the sale. 9-year-old hugh hefner must be allowed to stay as long as he did he sirs. playboy sought the mappings 45 years ago. back then with a ton of money. $1 million. >> all right. too much sugar make your kids hook hooper active? most parents will say yes. some say is not true. we break down the story as to why the kids may get round up. >> if you bring home the
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steve: it turns out millions could be paid out over problems caused by the air concern. the 200 women were involved in the chase action lawsuit brought it afans the product's maker and distributor and ex he were poohed hair loss, breakage, rashes andle about aing. $26 million settlement has been reached and will still were the federal judge. >> it may get harder to find health insurance through a government exchange. aetna will withdraw for most states and offers plans through the affordable care act. next area the third largest will participate in exchanges in four states, virginia, delaware, i would, nebraska down from 15 states this year. aetna struggled to enroll enough halt think people to balance the claims. it lost hundreds of
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in the exchanges. steve: at least 480 confirmed cases can of nick za virus in new york city including 49 pregnant women who most were infected through lo ski tow bitest this got while trav ing. mayor de blasio calling on congress to improve emergency funding to fight zika. he has committed $21 million to protect new yorkers from the virus. >> a new study linking a popular bane killer to behavior problems in kids. they looked acetaminophen and found it could raise the risk of attention disothers like adhd and applies to women who with took it between 18 and 32s would be in the pregnancy but didn't say how much or hu of then used. it was only seen on 5% in the women. they do need to do more research and there could be greater risks if pregnant women do use to treat in this like fever.
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mess. >> ask any parent who tried to calm the kids down after sugar filled birthday party. they will it is real. we sent mt. math king to get to the bottom of it? >> ice cream. reporter: six-year-old benji and eight-year-old had their first milkshake. it is natural. we lead them to list other favorite things. >> we love it. >> chocolate. >> feed kid a bun of sugar and watch them lose their minds beforele faking asleep. this is experience that most parents probably know well. >> peal them of the ceiling. >> a bunch studies also conducted here than 20 scientific connection
10:47 pm
to some parental expectation of how candy should affect their child. >> this is a typical disconnect between science in and common sense. >> peed pediatrician and likely other parent believe the sugar high. when the child ingests refine sugars like everything for sale in yogurt and candy world, the chalked's body quickly absorbs the sugar and releases insulin which leads to low blood, sugar w correct. it releases adrenaline. and we know what adrenaline does everybody. gets you out. >> that may explain benji's excite am. well, or perhaps post milkshake they are looking for the soons of excitement? whatever the reason, no kid is going to turn down a chance of a sugar high. whether or not sirensts, doctors and parents can agree whether or not such a thing exists. >> i do like it. >> upper west side, mt. math king, "fox 5 news."
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get the time my mom cut me off from got or aid. it made me hyper. iated. i didn't last long. >> come to my house halloween night. there is such a thing as a sugar high. >> bunsing of the wallses? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> sagar is original addiction. >> oh, yeah. >> keep going. >> keep going. >> all right. you are back from vacation. were in florida where it was cooler and more come for. yeah. it was humid. the heat is we are down there. about 90 most days. we had you beat almost dave. >> a nice getaway and nice family time. now i will tell you, we have good weather coming up for summer vacation plans this week. a um couple of bumps in the road. tomorrow is not one of them. a couple of thors again tonight. >> you may get them thursday afternoon. a small chance. they should be ok friday and saturday. 87-78 today. 3-68 is where we should be. 83 is down a little bit from the average high temperature of just about a weak ago.
10:49 pm
august, aren't we. the set time we thatted. 1100ths of an inch of rain ap the thunderstorm that came through. 81 the dewpoint at 78 now. some humid 91% humidity. southwest wind, a few scattered clouds, but showers and some thunderstorms are still off to the west and we got them on fox 5 sky guardian. you can see them now approaching allentown going up. these are the and dering through as the night guess along. look for more in the waive vivid lightning look the one storm that came through. we broke 90 at newark toward allentown and bellmawr. per 80's. poe kep city to bridgeport and to long eye in there. still hang on around the city. down the shore and out east as well. bridgeport at 82. 70's to the north and west. monticello, 73. a tape, dewpoint temperatures tell the story. way upen there the's. so humid night out there. the wind continues out of the south-southwest. a little breezy.
10:50 pm
the west tomorrow. that will drop a little bit. still in the telephoner 80's. 77 at boston. lower 70's as you get west to you toward detroit. mid to upper 80's. again, the wide view show thing showers inning up now to west virginia and so we'll see these roll through. notice the last couple of framest this do start weakening a little bit here. we see how much of that holes together. it doesn't look like a lot. we're again watching ba social here. it will be sliding to the east. so once that front moves along, well see that little drop in am ty at least for again the dy or so. highs tomorrow. upper 80's here. middle 80's to dy chy down to memphis. still over 90 though in atlanta. close to 90 most of florida tomorrow. the heat in the desert southwest. vegas, 106 and 108 in fee incomes. back to 71 and more comfortable in san francisco. the day planner, a combination of sun and
10:51 pm
70 he in the suburbs. 84 at lunch time. 9 the high here tomorrow afternoon. that combination things sun and clouds to continue. that front moves along quickly. but notice the high pressure tries to build in. there is still the poe continuation for um coshowers and storms to fire as we get toward thursday afternoon and early evening. so again, that is a little at justment to the forecast from earlier on in the day. after this moves along. we should get much better weather coming into play for friday and saturday. still warm and humid days as we get to that point. mall craft advisory up. gusty winds at 15-25 knots. watch out for rip currents a the area beaches tomorrow. then sun block needed because nine on the uvi. one of those warm in the upper 70's now. showers, a couple of thunderstorms tonight. then, again, not a lot of that happening. well sea see. we keep it in the forecast. 76 in the city. 68-70 in the bushes. tomorrow, a breezy less humid day. still pushing the upper
10:52 pm
a west wind. all right. there is thursday forecast now showing afternoon scattered shower or thunderstorm. into the evening at 88. friday, 89. same for saturday. nice looking days. some showers and storms. threatened by sunday afternoon and may linger monday and the middle 80's temperature range. 70 at night drying out for tuesday. >> we werep joking about it. after the stretch of weather when it is a high of 75 that is going to feel like today. >> a big difference. >> yeah. >> we're getting used to this. >> another month or s thank you, nick. >> all right. secret, you are not going to leave believe pit is real. this is crazy. what it is. where they found the wide eyed thing. >> i am i nes rosales the toyota traffic fracker. construction is going on southbound between westchester avenue and east tremont. the right lane will be closed from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tune in to
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morning in a will why
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>> oh limb pinnians can take home a lot of cash but they have to share earnings. he winner gets $25,000 for gold. $15 howe for silver. $10,000 for each bronze medal. michael phelps with il get a tax bill of $55,000 and wil be taxed on the value of each of those met as. $600 for each gold $300 for the silver. >> worse than winning the consider on the price is right. is a scam. a gigantic moneymaking scam. don't watch stay tuned us to instead. all right. join in is found a creature straight out of a cartoon theory. giant eyes. they lack like they are pained on. everyone is the first testimony they see it, they do a double take. resensor aboard the explore passion vessel spotted the species of the bob tail squid off the coast of southern california. the squid dwell along the ocean floor at depths of between 1 the
10:57 pm
mucous that acts like camouflage jacket and now it needss own theme song. >> spongebob. >> whatever. >> yeah. >> we don't like alley yips. that is whole fascinating world. >> how nice. sounds attractive.
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i'm sorry? do you have allergies? no. is there too much pepper on your salad? i don't put pepper on salads. i've heard enough. sit over there. oh, come on. i don't want to sit by myself. that's what typhoid mary said, and clearly, her friends buckled. guys, help me. sheldon, come on. yeah, it's just one sneeze. (sneezes) you're on your own. see you, buddy. oh, leonard, i have something for you. per our roommate agreement, this is your 24-hour notice that i will be having a non-related female spending two nights in our apartment. when you say "non-related female," you still mean human, right? of course. pets are banned under the roommate agreement, with the exception of service animals, such as seeing eye dogs and, one day, cybernetically- enhanced helper monkeys.


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