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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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manafort, he's staying in the role despite some seeing this as a demotion. he is the subject of new scrutiny over his pro russian political work in the ukraine and the u.s. rival hillary clinton looking to exploit the campaign shakeup. >> he is still the same man who insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than o generals. >> reporter: the clinton campaign navigating fallout from her e-mail scandal. the fbi turning over to congress notes from its investigation, something clinton critics are seizing on. >> the fbi has declared information to be classified that was, according to miss clinton and the state department, unclassified. you can't have it both ways. this is a complete and utter failure of the system. >> reporter: the democratic nominee is building on recent
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string of recent controversies. a new quinnipiac pole showing hillary clinton opening up a double digit lead in colorado and virginia and on the plus side of a too close to call race in iowa. back to you. ernie: thank you for that. joining me, bob burkowitz, you know it all. you follow this so well. now we have a new trump team. what do you think? what do you make of this? if the people say look, mr. trump, you have to stay on message. no getting into fights with gold star family or accusing people of being cofounders of isis. stick to the message. he said in an interview yesterday with a local tv station i've got to be me. i'm not going to pivot. i'm going to be who i am. he quoted popeye.
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so for all the business about stay on message, you're going to pivot, he can't. he has to be the kind of guy that's going to speak his mind. ernie: a lot of people are looking to this as a desperate move. is it too late? >> i don't think it's too late but it's getting close. he's down double digits in a lot of states. he's down by 9 points in florida. 9 points nationally. down in colorado. he's put two republican states in play, arizona and georgia. he's got one percentage approval rate with african-americans. he's down 20 percent with women and with hispanic voters. ernie: what does he need to do? >> get back on message. there's plenty of stuff to talk about when it comes to hillary clinton. there's the e-mail, benghazi, certainly the issues about the foundation and her position on
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state. plenty of good material. ernie: he should stay with this. >> every day over and over and don't let go. ernie: we hear about the october surprise. maybe there might be something he might decide not to run. the party could change. you hear all of this. >> i don't think the party will change. i don't think they have a right to pull a nomination from somebody who was nominated by tens of millions of voters. could he say at the last minute i don't want to be called a loser, saying this to himself? i don't think don't think so. i think he's there for the long haul. ernie: thank you for joining us. let's continue to follow some of the other stories making news. in the headlines, according to the huffington post, the withdrawal of aetna from obamacare was a reaction to the justice department blocking a merger with humana. aetna said it was leaving because of costs. people in 11 states now have to find new healthcare providers. >> water is starting to recede in devastated parts of louisiana.
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were damaged or destroyed. more than 30,000 people have been rescued since friday. and many are staying in shelters or in hotels. >> it's like my subdivision was in a bowl. everything around us was flooding. >> it was scary. we didn't know how high or fast the waters would rise. ernie: the amount of water is staggering, almost 7 trillion gallons over the course of a week. livingston parish was hit with 2-1/2 feet over 15 hours yesterday. that's what's happening in louisiana. nick is joining us. huge amounts of rain there. nick: the video is reminiscent of katrina in 2005 going into that area. ernie: the government was there helping these people out. nick: it's a ton of rain for them. it becomes multiple problems because you have the rainfall
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that eventually collects in the low-lying areas. a big, big problem. ernie: we've got a little rain in the forecast? nick: a couple of showers overnight. maybe about day break. other than that, we're okay. better day today. the humidity was down. ernie: much better. nick: more comfortable. 85 and 77 in new york city. a good day. little warm on the morning low. the average low should be 68. nowhere near records. the record high and record low of 95 and 56. did you hear thehu area. we had a hundredth of an inch in the city. 82. the humidity at 53 percent. the wind's out of the northwest at 9. it should be a dry evening. nothing really happening tonight. the action takes place overnight, more so the first part of tomorrow morning. it was mid 80s for the city and to the hudson valley, southern connecticut. no sea breeze today. wind coming out of the west and northwest. 87 at newark and islip and the east end. montauk, 82.
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it's mid 80s back west towards central long island down to the jersey shore as well. low 80s for the city northward. sussex, 81. 75 from monticello. the dew point numbers, big difference. yesterday they were in the mid and upper 70s. oppressive. today, low and middle 60s so more comfortable. the humidity levels start rising again tomorrow and beyond as we get more of a southwesterly wind coming into the forecast. right now the wind is out of the west-northwest. we'll see that continue and tomorrow we'll see the wind change to the south and southwest. nothing nearby as far as any showers now. take a look at the satellite photograph. as we go westward, you'll see showers trying to make it across pennsylvania. the initial batch just getting eaten up by the dry air. there are showers back to detroit and down here in west virginia. i think some of these, while the initial part may not survive, we'll start to see the threat about the day break hour. there's no organized system that will be moving through the first
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things out tomorrow afternoon and turning more humid and quite warm through the end of the week into the humidity. we'll see humidity and temperatures on the uncomfortable side. 73 in the city. 60s in the suburbs. the shower threat through 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. more sun in the afternoon. 84 will be the high. that's where it should be. there's futurecast and the showers initially getting out of the way. later tomorrow afternoon, early eening, could be an isolated shower w the city or an isolated thunderstorm. i don't think much of that will happen. friday, sunshine, clouds, back in the upper 80s. this front will be the next weather maker. that could bring the threat back by mid to late sunday afternoon and lingering through monday. traveling around the country, not bad in the northeast. boston, 82. 92 in atlanta. nicer in chicago at 88. denver 88. scattered storms across texas towards the desert southwest. 88 seattle with sunshine.
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tonight we drop to 73 in the city. 60s to the north and west. the shower risk closer towards day break. more humid tomorrow. the shower risk early. 84 will be the high. upper 80s friday, saturday, sunday. humid days. storms will arrive sunday and get out monday. staying in the middle 80s. tuesday, wednesday, more comfortable weather comes in. back to the lower 80s. lower humidity and lots of sunshine. ernie: i think people are enjoying summer. there's a lot of good weather. nick: we were thinking a hot and it's been online. ernie: everybody in the pool. nick: after you with your speedo. ernie: when we come back, chances are you qualify for affordable housing. wait until you hear the guidelines and the rents for an upper west side lottery. we'll look at what affordable housing really means coming up
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in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ernie: welcome back. here's a question about affordable housing which would seem to be reserved for people not making a whole lot of money. but as jessica formoso shows us, lotteries that include people making up to and more than six
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affordable tough to define. watch. >> reporter: when people think about affordable housing, they think about apartments subsidized by the government. that's not always the case. the cost of living in manhattan is so high, that affordable housing programs are covering incomes high and low. >> the median rent in new york is more than $3,000. >> amy, the editor at curb new york, says that's why so many people are applying for affordable housing developers have been given incentives by mayor de administration to build more of it throughout the city. >> when the developer says we have apartments ready. we'll put them in the lottery system, they've earmarked typically about 20 percent of the housing in any particular building for affordable housing. >> reporter: affordable housing depends on income, neighborhood and on the developer. >> you can see affordable housing in new york is stretched so thin, especially when we're talking about market rate apartments which aren't
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one had 86 affordable apartments available and 56,000 applied. >> you have to make over $70,000 a year in order to apply for a studio or one bedroom apartment. the rent? more than $2,000. >> while it sounds kind of unbelievable to you and me like how can that be people who need to find affordable hous the case because it's so hard for all income brackets aside from the very, very wealthy to find affordable apartments. >> i went to college in baltimore and paid 626 a month for rent. that in new york city will get you a shoe box. >> reporter: to live comfortable, one shouldn't spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent. but that's not the case for new yorkers. >> a recent found that new yorkers are going to spend at
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>> reporter: i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much. one of our regular guests is back. this is your beat. this is what you follow. and you certainly have been watching this. people are wondering is it really affordable housing? is that really what we can call it when you look at the numbers involved? >> there are some units defined as affordable where the applicants who win the units are making $120,000 for a family of four. make near 120,000. the fact is you can't have all your affordable units reserved for the very poor. if you concentrate poverty in one place, you end up with bad results. what you want is a mix of incomes. the city doesn't really have enough money to subsidize affordable housing for all of the very poor people. so it costs less to subsidize a middle class apartment. ernie: this has been a big push for the de blasio administration
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thousands of people trying to get these affordable apartments. your attitude is just keep going for it. even though you have all the competition? >> you have to be relentless. let's be honest. the odds of winning are one in a thousand. but you can apply to lots and lots. you can apply to a thousand over the years. you may win one and it may come in handy. so many are spending half of their income on rent or more than half. so they are one financial disa why not keep applying for the lotteries? the rent for these affordable units is no more than 30 percent of your income. that could be the cushion you need if you get into trouble. ernie: you talk to brokers. you can call 311 and the mayor's office for assistance. >> call 311. talk to your community board and get recommendations for organizations to walk you through the process. it is complicated.
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if your income is in a certain range and you have a certain family, you will qualify for some of these units, but you have to win them. ernie: does it look promising over the next five, 10 years? how's the future look? >> honestly -- the mayor sounds very optimistic when he talks about how many units he has created, affordable units. he has created record numbers of units. if you look at the broader new york city housing market, it's so tough. we have 8-1/2 million people. more than 3 million housi units. he's creating about 8,000 a year. ernie: a drop in the bucket. >> a drop in the bucket. it's a very small number. there are other programs outside of it you can get housing through and there are a million rent stabilized units. try to get those. ernie: good information. thank you for the advice. >> coming up next, our international food week continues with some of manhattan's best brazilian food. plus i've got a question for
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ernie: the robbery involving u.s. swimmers in rio took a weird turn today. a judge ordered ryan lochte and jimmy feigen to stay in brazil, but lochte is back in the u.s. no one knows where feigen is. we've learned they never went to the police about the robbery, after it hits the news. it's unclear what the next step will be. the games have been going pretty well. and new york's brazilian community is excited to watch the olympics, hosted in their home country. so we decided to dedicate the latest installment of our international food week to them. here's kerry drew with her trip to manhattan's little brazil. ? ? >> reporter: a taste of rio
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street. you'll find some of the best brazilian restaurants in the city. the street is known as little brazil. you can watch the olympics while sampling some of the culture from this year's home country. >> definitely brought a lot of people here that would never have thought let's eat brazilian. >> reporter: victor is the owner of empa ins >> it created the atmosphere my dad wanted here. >> he showed us his favorite brazilian classics on the menu. >> this is shrimp and coconut, mashed potatoes on top. we'll be eating a popular steak in brazil, top sirloin on a platter that's sizzling.
6:22 pm
perfectly ripe and battered and fried. >> reporter: you have to wash it down with the most well known brazilian cocktail. tell us about the signature drink of brazil. >> we'll be making brazilian's national cocktail. it's a refreshing cold drink that a lot drink on the beach. >> reporter: he muddles the sugar and lime and adds this. >> and loves watching his city on the global stage. >> i love to see the beach volleyball. a few blocks from my home. i know that area very well. >> reporter: let's face it. not all of us could make it for the olympics, but little brazil brings you closer to the action. we have to say cheers. teach me how to say it. what is it? >> salud.
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drew. ernie: salud. looks delicious. get ready for fun tomorrow when we head to staten island for amazing german and spanish food and drink. and coming up, a question about personal hygiene in a public bathroom. do you prefer using the hand blower or a paper towel? think about that. your answers are coming up after the break on fox 5. rs, all stop & shop produce is triple checked.
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for just $6. it's all here, it's only here. at the great new york state fair! everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. ni do you prefer a hand blow drier or a paper towel? >> probably the paper towel. just a little more convenient and a little bit quicker. know what i mean? the hand drier, you've got to stand there and wait for someone to be done. paper towel, you grab it and go. >> i hate the noise and it doesn't feel it dries it. i prefer a paper towel. >> i think they're the same as far as sanitary. >> i like paper one. it's a one time use. you don't touch anything.
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>> i use the hand drier. ernie: you like the hand drier. why do you like that? >> quick dry and -- ernie: fast. just walk out. >> that's it. ernie: we're still asking the question. which do you prefer? >> i guess if it's one of those super driers that's really fast, i'll use that. but the paper towels are quicker. it just depends how much a hurry i'm in and where i'm heading. ernie: that makes sense. what do you prefer? >> i think because it's more -- it's better for the environment. ernie: oh, okay. >> which is important to me. yeah. ernie: you're careful about the environment, too. okay. >> i try to be. ernie: all right. take care, guys. we had a lot of reaction to that question. it was amazing. nick, you'll tell me, too. that's it for now. thank you for joining us tonight. for all of us in studio 5, our control room, big john, give us
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we'll see you again tonight. what do you prefer, nick? nick: the air drying. ernie: that's a lot better.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> drake went way, way, way over the top to prove there's no beef with eminem. >> the greatest rapper to ever get on the [bleep] microphone. >> drake begins to bow down to eminem. >> say he's the greatest of all time or bow, but don't do both. >> in terms of how people think of eminem, they think of him as one with of the greatest rapp that way. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> i don't. >> that never stopped him before. >> officials in rio are questioning the legitimacy of ryan lochte's claims he got robbed. there's video of them coming back to the olympic village in good spirits. >> to draw a picture of ryan lochte being the mastermind of something -- >> there's no mastermind. he had to tell cops what he did and contradicted himself. >> no, that's a scam.


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