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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now on fox five news at ten. now he is in the know, donald trump gets its first official classified intelligence briefing. that meeting taken place at the fbi offices in new york city. >> it happened a few hours after we learned about a shakeup a shakeup at the top of the trump campaign. can the new blood improvement transit poll n the campaign trail. >> they are all busy this day. this is the second time in the last two months that donald trump has made big changes to the top of his team. it is seen as an effort to boost the campaign widely regarded at as in serious trouble. it comes as the gop nominee met with the fbi for his first confidential security briefing. >> donald trump's motorcade arrived at fbi headquarters in
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security and foreign policy even as the gop nominee earlier seem to downplay the significance. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much of from the people that have been doing it for a country. look at what has happened over the last ten years. look at what is happened over the years. it has been catastrophic. >> the new york billionaire also convened a group of advisors for his own security briefing. at the table former new york mayor rudy giuliani, and the newer's members of trump's team. stephen bannon and kelly in conway. bannon is the executive chairman of conservative website, breitbart news is the campaign chief executive. he was campaign manager. >> we are going the team. there is more more responsibility out there. >> reporter: the campaign staff reset as trump is prepared to roll out his first national tv
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digits to hillary clinton and colorado and virginia. polls in iowa are much closer. >> he is still the same man who insulted goldstar families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis that are generals. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> reporter: the democratic nominee laid out her economic agenda in ohio where polls are tighter. she is navigating fallout from turning notes from its investigation over to congress. >> we have a candidate that has not has found to be extremely careless --
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the new hires as a demotion. it comes as manafort is the subject of new scrutiny over his pro-russian political work in the ukraine and the united states. the shifting staff signals trump is clearly trying to move past what has been a brutal stretch on the campaign. >> steve: thank you dan. meanwhile the man who climbed trump towers using suction cups is being held on 10,000 dollar bond. prosecutor say the 19-year-old stephen regatta of virginia waited until his parents were out of town before driving to new york city. he climbed from. he climbed from the fifth floor to the 21st for last week. his attorney called the episode profoundly stupid. says her client is receiving needed he faces a reckless endangerment, trespass and and and other charges as. >> alison: donald trump $10000 for a penalty. they paid too much -- the kiosk of violated city rolls over privately owned public space. >> steve: please in florida are investigating an attack. it teen went on a vicious rampage trying to eat the face
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the outburst has been triggered by a dangerous drug. here is more of what it is. >> reporter: this is one freaky story. it is a is a drug and it is called flocka. we told you about it before. there has been been another attack, bizarre double murder where a suspect was seen biting on minute austin, 19-year-old florida state university student was having dinner with his family at a restaurant. suddenly, he became agitated and stormed off. forty-five minutes later, police say he stabbed a couple to death at their florida home. he had never met them. >> it does look inexplicably as it sounds, like a a completely unprovoked and random attack. it was on to people who were sitting in their open garage. >> reporter: when police arrived and they said he was a biting one of the victims faces. they
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>> that is a side effect of the designer street drug called flocka. doctors are currently testing the teenager for the drug. the dr. is a emergency physician and he says the drug, which looks like crystals is similar to bath salts and can cause psychotic behavior. >> the drug leads to hallucinations, visual visual hallucinations where you see things that are not there. so he may have been seen something else and in so doing performed this horrible cannibalistic realizing what he was doing. >> in april of last year for the man got impaled on a 9-foot fence after trying to climb it. another man was caught on tape trying to break into the fort lauderdale police station. the dr. says flocka can make the user feel like they are superman. >> they can jump off a building, run in front of a car, do, do things they would not do. >> it can also cause a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure kidney failure. >> you can snort it, smoke it,
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difficult to basically have people come down off of it. it can sometime takes months to be in rehab. >> reporter: the dr. also told us earlier tonight that so far he has not seen any cases involving lockouts over far here in the city. he does recommend that parents everywhere talk to your children about the strike so that they recognize that the dangers are. that they know about it so if they do come in contact with flocka, they will will not be tempted to try. back to you. >> alison: thank thank you. fighting crime with new york city streetlights. the nypd is thinking about it. they're considering introducing high-tech streetlights that would double as security cameras. special sensors would. special sensors would pinpoint
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>> we're now looking at streetlight capabilities where every streetlight could effectively be both a shots barter, camera, as well as the ability to control the voltage of the lights, increasing by digit if there is a shot. increase the wattage. >> alison: the high-tech lamps were used in brooklyn and the bronx last year. right now they're more than 250,000 streetlights across there are more than 250,000 streetlights across the five boroughs. >> steve: governor countable clever review of last week and scary kennedy airport. he announced that a multiagency panel will investigate what happened on jfk on sunday night. terminals one and a were evacuated following reports of empire that turned out to be unfounded. olympic celebrations may have been what part of the false reports. >> alison: the riots in brooklyn happened 25 years ago this month. in the decade since, two men who lost loved ones and that pilots have formed an unlikely bond. antoine lewis shows us how their friendship helped a community torn apart by racism. >> reporter: in august 1991, the crown heights riots in brooklyn. >> is a father, i wanted to see
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for the world of different peoples. >> his seven-year-old son kevin was killed when the station wagon came onto the sidewalk and crashed into him while he was fixing his bike. his 7-year-old cousin angelo was also hit bites arrive. the accident ? or three days of rights between august 19 and august 21. by mostly african-american residents anger that the driver of the station wagon was jewish. other alertness it man was murdered targeted only because he was jewish. >> my brother just did it differences, he saw the commonality between everybody. when i think of the way which his death came about, it is just the antithesis for everything that he stood for. >> reporter: this weekend's marks the 25th anniversary of the what is the called one of the darkest chapters in your city history. since that that time relationship between jewish and black relationship have
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he helps the current heights of today cancer medicine that he feels is needed today. >> when we see things happening around the nation, this community has been a shining example, groin example of our stellar accomplishments in grayson group relationship. >> if crown heights can be the forefront, think it it is something that the community should be congratulated for endorsed and encouraged. >> reporter: reporting from brooklyn, with "fox five news". >> steve: staten island today services for 13-year-old boy who committed suicide, daniel fitzpatrick's funeral at a church in west bright took place this monday. he place this money. he took his own life last thursday. in and out the boy claimed that his classmates at brooklyn's holy angel catholic academy and split him because of his weight. he said he told school administrators about the bullying but they did not help
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in a new jersey house fire. that fire broke out late last night in a three-story multi family home and little ferry. some of the people inside had to jump from the windows to escape. the little the little girl died in the hospital this morning. her grandmothers in critical condition right now. the fires under investigation. >> steve: a two-mile stretch along long island is causing big problems. the property on neptune lane is full of mice and insects, high we did degrees. it was once a functional railroad track renown neighbor say they're spending hundreds on exterminators, rodent traps and fences families from hypodermic needles in the yards. officials say they demanded the property gets cleaned up but nothing has been done. >> this is not rocket science. this doesn't need a study, doesn't need a plan, it needs a lawnmower. >> steve: the li double art told us they talked about the commission last month and will continue trimming the property while communicating with elected officials. >> alison: good news for people
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avenue. a lot of fence and in temporary structures between 68701st street there put after in the second avenue subway construction are gone. that means the sidewalks are wider, storefronts are visible again. phase one of the second avenue subway is set to open at the end of the december. >> steve: the sidewalk is way wider. it's great. look at that. it's a highway of sidewalk. police shooting and and on racial unrest continue to make headlines the summer. >> a rights. this week street soldiers another piece push for peace. >> steve: celebrating music and dance a much more. we'll take take you to the harlem havana music and cultural festival. >> steve: was ryan lochte really
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relationships between police and community as a hot button in new york. >> as riots continue to be wrapped people are looking for solutions to end the violence. the topic of this week's street soldiers. >> hi guys, while new york and look to a new pleasing plan, by the cameras on tops this fall. were seeing signs of ongoing tension between police and communities of color. increasing involvement with the federal government. >> in milwaukee the streets erected in violence after the fatal police shooting of a 23-year-old african-american man. civil smith was armed with an illegal gun. the officer who shot him is also black and was wearing a body camera. the police chief says the video, not initially made public shows that shooting was justify. >> the young man lost his life
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frustrations with the legal system. days later, the justice department released a report that found the baltimore police department routinely violated the rights of the citizens it was supposed to protect. >> policing that violates the constitution severely and a minds community trust. blanket are stereotypes about certain neighborhoods can lead to resentment of the police. >> reporter: in new york, the city is paying 4,000,000 dollars to settle a wrongful death wrongful death suit brought by
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peter liang, the x nypd officer who shot and killed him in the stairwell of the pink houses in 2014 will personally pay $25000. he is working off the 800 hours of community service he was sentenced to after being found guilty of negligent homicide. >> every day the children ask about akai. it is getting difficult to explain to a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old what is going on. >> reporter: the federal government is ordering the baltimore police department to instit city the nypd is planning to expand the program that brings the police and residents into closer, nonconfrontational contact. were talking about why these tensions exist and what can be done to move forward in a more positive way. on our street soldiers town hall
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>> alison: a raging wildfire in california, 40% contain. it has burned more than 30,000 acres in san bernardino county since yesterday. dozens of buildings. dozens of buildings, mobile homes and vehicles all destroy. heat, dry winds have made the fire top to control. this is the latest in a series of wildfires burning across california. >> steve: people in louisiana tring to recover from the worst flooding since hurricane katrina. floodwaters have killed at least 11 people or damaged and washed away 40,000 homes. survivors are thousand homes. survivors are trying t clean up their homes. please are going door to door looking for people injured or missing, even dead. more than 30,000 people have been rescued since friday. >> steve: taylor swift is helping out and donated 1,000,000 dollars to flood relief. the state graciously welcomed her when she kicked out her 1989 world tour last year. she said it's heartbreaking that so many people have been forced from their homes. she's encouraging other people who can to help out. >> steve: the sights and sounds of a have been on display in harlem.
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a twist. harlem havana music and cultural festival. >> it's definitely good it's amazing. >> corey was a special guest tonight. a musician straight from cuba. there's 30 artists in town from the program. >> they have the ability to transcend the barriers and connect people. >> of course, music is universal language. >> the exchange is new intended to build bridges. the culture escape exchange came together after years of planning with president obama's desire to improve relationships with cuba. the festival runs until the 24th. then a group from harlem will head to havana from the 18th 18th-25th of harlem havana. harlem will be going to havana during february during black history month. havana is coming to harlem
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to teach each other's cultures so we're we're going to be dealing with music, dance, culinary, fashion and art. >> celebrating culture and two amazing cities. in harlem, with "fox five news". >> alison: spending the summer spinning. >> steve: the camp transforming young talented to skilled djs. >> steve: tried to make happy meals healthier by swapping out
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>> steve: aspiring djs learning how to get the party started. >> alison: we go to the school that is putting kids behind the turntable. >> reporter: here it's been dj academy we are learning the basics of music production and how to mash up hits. dj, make the beat drop. >> we have kids that we taught he in the business and our teenagers. >> the instructor shares over 30 years of dj experience with his inspiring stars. he. he learned how to spend all touring with artist like the tories pag and little wayne. >> learning how to scratch, learning how to mix, transition, were swapping out 32 beats. we're just basically just basically swapping out these parts of the song, finding our spot jumped in. >> 9-year-old avery has been
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>> he is still working on his dj name. my favorite pok?mon is dig light. dj dig light, do you like a question of. >> it's helping luke overcome adhd which impairs his ability to socialize and communicate. dj luke has no problem getting the party started. >> what are some of your favorite styles to mix together. >> basically like it feels great. honestly. i basically like read the crowd, see what they are feeling. >> reporter: giancarlo rodriguez has been training for two years and recently put his skills to the test. how did it feel to be dj in front of a crowd? >> everest was scary but then
10:25 pm
i love playing for the crowded showing the music. >> summer camp season is officially over but classes are offered year-round as been dj academy. >> these kids here are future stars. ey. >> steve: the star-spangled banner once again ringing with the electric urgency did nearly 50 years ago at woodstock. >> so talented and obsessed with that guitar, amazing. a 12-year-old guitarist is channeling his inner jimi hendrix. he honored the 47th anniversary of the rock legends woodstock performance by playing the national anthem during the curtain call. it was at the school of rock. >> alison: coolest kid ever. >> steve: if you're a 12-year-old start playing guitar now. >> steve: a potentially life-saving vice for those with
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pens are soaring. that's causing lots of problems. >> alison: instagram is even more like snapchat. the latest features they say it is copying. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> alison: they're lifesavers for people with allergies but now the soaring price of epipen's have patience scrambling. >> steve: fox five and has the latest. >> reporter: for caitlin and nicole, simple foods foods most americans eat could cost them their lives. >> even if it is a trace of peanuts and i don't have my epipen, there is a very good chance that i would die. >> reporter: both never go anywhere without their epipen. >> i don't use it for fun. i use it when i can't breathe and if i don't use it immediately the reaction gets worse. >> reporter: the cost to save their lives with an epipen is now higher than ever. since 2009, the price of the epipen has risen more than 480%. back then a two pack cost about $100. now the cost is more than $600. >> we are very concerned about the increase in the price.
10:30 pm
owners being placed on the patient by the insurance plans. >> reporter: the allergist treats nicole and caitlin and is part of the asthma and allergy network. >> that one thing our nonprofit is working on is getting epipen's on a preventative medicine list so you can be touched by deductibles. >> right now the manufacturer has a virtual napoli after the main competitor wants to recall. price of epipen's has been steadily climbing over the years. many many are only now noticing it due to high deductible health plans. >> family simply do not understand that when they took that high deductible health plan with a lower premium that they would have to pay for those of pharmaceuticals out-of-pocket. >> reporter: caitlin also has a 4000-dollar deductible.
10:31 pm
the agreed. >> i think it's the fact that people are profiting off of sick children, exorbitantly profiting off of them. it really makes me sick. >> an epipen has a cost savings plan as well as coupons. in response to the issue the epipen manufactures says the price has changed to better reflect important product features and that they have made a significant investment to support the device over the past years. >> steve: as a kid head off to school many college students binge drink even they know it can be harmful for them. full-time students aged 18 ? 22 have higher rates of binge drinking compared to others. abot 38% of college students polled said they had a binge drinking episode over the past month. they were less likely to smoke cigarettes. >> alison: target adding sigel star single stall bathrooms.
10:32 pm
corresponds with the gender identity. most targets have a single occupancy restrooms, those who don't will have it by next march. they will cost $20 million. >> steve: mcdonald's is taking fitness trackers out of the happy meals. the fitness tractor's were part of the larger goal to help project a healthier image. they have have swapped out margin for butter, ditch for more colorful vegetables and is testing menu items like a kale salad. >> steve: because everyone wants mcdonald's for a kale salad. your cell phone is not safe by telemarketers call. until congress passes it into law you will still get those a frustrating calls from unknown numbers. >> they can just use automated calling information into cycle through phone number after phone number that's one of the big
10:33 pm
increase in the technology has changed so much. >> alison: telemarketers can buy list of numbers and can buy software and that reaches even more people. >> steve: another shot across from instagram to other social media platforms. they were rolling out an events channel on an ex explorer page. user generated like sporting games. it looks like snapchat where users post pictures and videos publicly to event-based story. so for the updates far the updates are only available in the u.s. instagram says it plans to bring the feature to the rest of the world very soon. >> alison: bargain hunters hadn't used a to shop. it was national thrift store day. they teamed up with more than 60 nonprofit thrift stop it saves money, and create screen jobs.
10:34 pm
second-guessing whether some olympic swimmes were actually robbed. >> alison: will ask lower potential consequences if they are lying. >> steve: the biggest concerns they hear about from voters. >> years tonight's new york minute. >> hundreds of volunteers, many of them school kids got together at the school in long island pack backpacks for underprivileged kids. it's 15th annual supplies for success has grown a lot from its humble beginning of donating just a few dozen packs to get the knee. >> yesterday we did 1721 backpacks, today backpacks, today we're hoping to do 1700 more. in total throughout the new york area by the end of the month we'll have almost 11,000 backpacks packed for for all those underprivileged children who cannot afford it.
10:35 pm
a week funding. >> with that libraries in new york will be open six days a week. the pilot program is made permanent because libraries have grown into much more than places to read and do research. >> this is really a community center that provide so much to all stages of life. >> you can find your local library at nypd that is your new york minute. ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology,
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>> steve: lime disease is not only a health risk it's become a political issue as well. >> alison: more cases are diagnosed as a push to increase research and medical care. how candidates are taken on lime disease in the hudson valley. >> i was a bit by a ticket in 2012. >> my son was a bit when his 12 years old. >> people are getting ill and they can't work, cancer for their family. >> here the hudson valley, dutchess county and surrounding counties, there are more people counties, there are more people fighting lyme disease than almost anywhere in the country. in fact, one dr. i talked to called it an epidemic. >> are we in the middle of an epidemic?
10:39 pm
in a full-blown economic. >> the doctor moves his practice from queens to hyde park new york to be closer to what he considers the epicenter of the problem. he has has treated more than 12000 lyme disease patients here, written books on it and is pushing lawmakers, federally and locally for more funding for research. lyme disease is caused by a tick bite and can produce a wide range of symptoms. >> the zika virus got almost 1,000,000,000, even though lyme is the number one spreading epidemic in the united states at this point. >> lyme disease cases are so prevalent in the hudson valley it has become a campaign issue. republican new york state senators susan reno is running for reelection that represents dutchess county. >> it is one of my top priorities. i have seen the devastating effects of lyme disease when it is not treated and how it affects people. it breaks my heart.
10:40 pm
cover costs of the long-term effects. some patients have lyme disease. >> a democrat running against reno says a study does not go far enough. health insurers have long resisted covering the long term affects of lyme disease until the cdc recognizes it as a chronic disease. >> it is a long past time to study. we know that we have a large amount county and a new york state that are suffering from lyme disease and can afford to pay medical bills because insurance companies are not covering them. >> reporter: look for lyme disease to remain the center of this campaign for the state senate in the hudson valley. as the number of people diagnosed with lyme disease each day shows no sign of letting up. >> we need answers quickly because we are in the middle of an epidemic. >> ryan lochte and other olympic swimmers really robbed? >> why authorities in brazil are
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>> alison: harry potter fans, authors not done done with the visiting world. she has written a series of short digital works that are centered on how the school awards on their magic. three collections will be released on september 6 through potter short stories from hogwarts, no close-up. she will star in a star is born upset a bradley cooper. she will write and perform and confirm the announcement on twitter. warner bros. has not yet given a release date but that will be a big hit. >> alison: authorities in brazil think the limbic swimmer reported getting robbed at gunpoint in rio have some explaining to do. we just
10:45 pm
fly back to the u.s. tonight. >> earlier tonight judge ordered a judge to seize the passports, luckily for locke to his back in the air us. but officials are not ready to let the matter slide. >> they pulled out their guns, they told the others to get down on the ground. >> of five days after winning a gold medal and three days after swimming his final event of the real games, american swimmer ryan lochte told the today show men posing as a police stopped a taxi caring him and stole all the money their wallet. >> i'd like wood into anything wrong so i'm not getting down on the ground. when the guy pulled out his gun coming he pet talk to put it to my four head and said get down. i put my hands up and i said whatever. >> on wednesday a brazilian judge ordered a search and seizure warrant for locked in one of the other swimmers who
10:46 pm
at the limbic village on wednesday to seize liked his passport only to find the second was decorated swimmer ever had return to the united states two days earlier. >> the potential bad news for him is that apparently the statement that he gave was under oath. so here in new york for example, that was, that was subject him to perjury. >> criminal defense attorney found it unlikely brazil would attempt to charge like to refer perjury based off his of body language, the swimmers returning to the limbic village on sunday morning. the failure of investigators to find the or that the decision phones. they'll need more than that to substantiate a perjury case. >> they would also need to prove it false, instead they expect the country to continue to publicize its investigation until public opinion around the world concludes this never happened. >> they are doing everything they can to try to portray this as a fiction and make it look like ryan lochte and his cohorts
10:47 pm
with. >> let's is probably more for them. whatever's going on there now. >> so a disclaimer before we put up this video, no hollowing allowed. >> that's only two months away. the cloud cover up there and there's the moon. a beautiful shot tonight and it is gone overcast again. you're probably not good to see much of the moon as we wait for showers to commit. that's a commit. that's a spectacular picture after really nice day. the humidity went down, the temperature is comfortably warm and their ego, nice day for the middle part of august. 85 was the was the high today, 83 and 68 is the average split.
10:48 pm
that we have showers coming in after midnight. 81 degrees now but air is dry. dewpoint at 63. humidity 54 percent, the wind has backed off as it the wind has backed off as it was gusty earlier. it is cloudy now on the pressure is on the rise. showers on the sky guardian over eastern pennsylvania. good rain here, south of redington philadelphia. that may that may clip central new jersey in continues to advance to the east. the shower threat will be around into the morning commute and die off around nine or 10:0. mid- 80s today, 86 at bridgeport. 89 at belmar. no seabreeze today. it was a today. it was a nice beach day. eighty-seven in newark. montauk was in the low eighties. now it 75. still 81 in still 81 in town. seventy-nine in belmar.
10:49 pm
lower 70s to the north and west of monticello coming in at 66. dewpoint numbers are creeping up to the south and west. we have enjoyed a break from the humidity today is the lingo southwesterly the next two days you will start you'll start to see the humidity come back up. right now it is a calm wind, expectant expectant light out of the west. overnight 5210 miles an hour. tomorrow here's a look and you can see the showers. heavier showers to billy southward. >> lawn mid-eighties there, same at williamsport as you get further towards the west. there's a couple showers and then climbed to 78 at lunchtime. more sun as you go into the afternoon. humidity starts
10:50 pm
pretty seasonable now for this time of year. you'll see that on the future cast. showers come in during the overnight periods. they will be out of here by midmorning. more son in the afternoon. later in the day northwest jersey around sussex county going towards dutchess county, you might run into an isolated shower or thunderstorm. friday is nice, high-pressure built-in, warm and humid on friday. that will take us to the first half of the weekend. that front will bring more showers and afternoon and sunday night. uv is at eight tomorrow. upper 70s and a lower risk at rip currents. a a nice beach day coming up tomorrow in the afternoon. >> a lot of clouds and shower risk overnight. seventy-three in the city. it will be in the 60s it more humidity go through the day.
10:51 pm
the back to the upper 80s on friday, saturday and sunday. friday and saturday nice son. and that will last mid-day monday staying in the middle 80s. tuesday once a little break. humidity should drop. >> just for one night. i like that that's really just for the suburbs. >> we will take it though. >> my ac is off the hook. >> everybody is getting it week. >> check this out, a poor squirrel got its head stuck and a yogurt cup late last week. it it cannot figure out how to get it off. so to infill paramedics used a blanket to catch the squirrel, after a couple of attempts they caught him and got the cup off his head. the squirrel took off back into the woods. i imagine that's his last yogurt cup.
10:52 pm
the beehive. >> see his spot on recreation of beyonc?'s information dance routine. >> i'm ynez, the harlem river drive northbound construction will have one leg close between 150 this street and 1603rd street tomorrow and friday from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. tune into good day new york at 4:30 a.m. and i will k
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>> hold big mess
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(whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh.
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officer going above and beyond the call of duty for good cause. >> the lieutenant digs busting out impressive moves to beyonc?'s song, formation. is that is that a recent back-to-school expo. the event collect school
10:57 pm
lip-synch contest between law enforcement are easily won the top prize. it is also gone viral with 13000 views and climbing on instagram. >> that's impressive. >> that will deliver us tonight. enjoy the. enjoy the cool weather and full moon.
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okay, babydoll pink, let's see if you can cover up the fact that i got my dad's feet. leonard: it's just two degrees, sheldon. i just want to turn up the thermostat two degrees! sheldon: let me point out that two degrees can be the difference between water and steam. leonard: yes, if we lived in a teakettle. sheldon: this is the temperature you agreed to in the roommate agreement. leonard: aw, screw the roommate agreement! sheldon: no, you don't screw the roommate agreement. the roommate agreement screws you. ir thermostat. sheldon: i don't have to go to hell. at 73 degrees, i'm there already! (door slams) (insistent knocking) who is it? leonard. hang on. can i sleep on your couch tonight? uh, well, you can try, but the people across the hall are being very noisy.


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