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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 18, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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>> it's the aspca is a bench of federalist. >> what's wrong as you have 200 buddy rabbits in the backyard. >> welcome to thelding the colony. >> it's the aspca is a bench of federalist. >> what's wrong as you have 200 buddy rabbits in the backyard. >> welcome to the island of crete. >> it was built from a man from greece so homesick for the mediterranean island. >> it's a beautiful island, have you ever gone there? >> it's made f p >> who was donald trump before he became a billionaire? an eighth-grade his father put him at the new york military academy. >> to know who this woman is? >> no. >> i could that would have entailed a lot more puss mups. >> tamra, your chasing a story of the bunny hoarder. >> she is back in court. she she is chosen to defend herself and she is rebuilding the colony. brooklyn's infamous honey hoarder was back in, court wednesday morning fighting for her bunny colony of nearly 200 bunnies that were seized by authorities in 2015. >> the aspca is a bunch of
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>> i caught her outside the courtroom in brooklyn. she she told me she is defending herself this time. her problems with the city began january 20nin when someone reported the bunny colony in her backyard, causing authorities to investigate and then sees nearly 200 bunnies that were living in her backyard. i originally chase the story when it was happening. i was there before her bunnies were taken away, what i saw on her ba filled with bunnies. bunnies everywhere. she is facing trials on charges of animal cruelty. i asked her about that. >> some people say it is animal cruelty to have so many of them back here in one place. >> know, the rabbits there is a lot of young rabbits, when i asked a qth stion the court room
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>> in a year and half since the bunnies were seiin,d, she says says there has been a lot of i donlse information. >> the group the eight aspca say a stupid story about sickness. >> i spoke to the a sniecie and they are getting back to me details. the report that many of bunnies had sick lists when they were taken inches many the bunnies were adopted out. but she's doing fine, she is rebuilding the colony. here's the colony. here's what she has to say. >> in the meantime r the rabbits are still there and they are going to be there forever. there is more than 60 rabbits. >> for next court appearances on sei >> i just like a she is going to pick fits about whether they are sick or not. what's what's wrong
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rabbits in the backyard and you should not represent yourself in court. >> this woman knows what she's doing and she's trying to mer be billions of dollars. actlynlly n march she had a 2 billion-dollar lawsuit against the aspca and the city and the brooklyn court was tossed out by judge. >> she does say that she is going to refile thaick this time for 6,000,000,000 dollars. >> there you go. that's all the bunnies in the world. >> in all seriousness did she give a reason why she >> and she's a self-outsoclaimed bunny lover. she said she is a bunny advocate. >> i don't get the impression that she is spain or during the bunnies. we have 200 bunnies in the bacard,ard it will be a monh before you have 1200. >> you have 80 now, he hadny. 0 before you started the sm iment, you have 80 now. >> scores of people die in catastrophic fires worldwide every and
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there was a kitchen caught an offense in sacramento. he got his little teeny foot caught in the fence. somebody called the firemen who came and loosened up the board letting the kitten free. yea, the kitchen didn't die. the cat has been given to a local shelter you can adoi you live in sacramento or if you live in sacramento or really want to pay the price. >> there have been hundreds of people in the howard beach neighborhood in qth ens in katrina's footsteps and tuesday night in what has been called the trail of tears. the path she took, exathis ly two ws before when she went at jogging, went missing and was eventlynlly found dead by her own father. her parents were here to start of the walk with members of the neighborhowe l who had been tryg to sort out the pain and co housion they felt since the crime h aniened on august second. they briefly briefly adjust the media before hand. >> we will get you. it is just a matter of time. so if he is someone you might know, get the money. >> in some cases, criminals will
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the vigils, the athis ivity afterwards with law-enforcement. i wanted to keep a close eye on the cry. i did. i did not see anything but it was amazing to see a massive outsesence from the neighbou oo. nieople with balloons, kids, friends, family members and totaabbistrangers memorializing karina's life and symbolically taking back the street. i talked to the father from the next neighborhood over has from the next neighborhood over has a and she's 33 and she jogs. he immediately felt he needed to get on the pho w government something h aniens to my daughter. i think i would go nuts. it was a universal feeling in the feeling that this killer needs some pretty diabolical the award money is over a quarter million dollars between donations. the money the police are putting together. so far nothing.
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it might be your eome ally as r. >> i got a chance to talk with darcy who is kathy's best friend and civic leader in the immunity. she explained how people feel. >> i believe someone is going to come forward and they're going to tell us what happened. to our >> again this is really difficult because there has been connected dna to get a profile enknons killer. it's an entiwere a. >> the gofundme raised over a quarter million dollars. ep there same strangers come to him on on the street. >> there's so much technology at beacrk, i'm suroutsised there ht made an arrest. >> this person's contact with nieople in his life. if a person knows this is something
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aur. to the person they are trying to caorwh because a karina thoustht back. >> has this change any of your behavior qth stion what. >> i live nbalt door to a runnig path and i want to go out there in the middle of the day. i read an article about the same thing. women running groups in new york ciwere a have changed the way ty operate. they no longer go out morning spee4 worker in the middle of the day. they go out impacts. >> after that one time 70 came up to the run. my heart was pounding. i was sher ben by the time i got homei never did that lap again just because you realize that you did not know that you were in a routine but someone else to. >> it is a sad state sad state of astreairs when a woman cannot go for a run. when a woman gets killed you have to feel weird about going for a l a around your block. >> okay wow.
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welcome to the island of gre ar. a man from greece so homesick for that meta-chairing itatand for which he came he did know what what to do. he built a replica in his backyard. [inaudible] that was 11 years ago when george first built his treasure in and little figurines. it still stanof ti in the same spot but o longer is it his escape but his wife's. >> in memory comes pleasure. this is wheres wife laura. he died in april and it is up to
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>> here's the mermaid, the straight about the mermaid, a ae nieople areautery warh,nieople. >> so when you step inside here to feel like like you are transformed to a different place? >> they were married 55 years. meeting george shortly after she not sved here from gre arre. >> it took five a little bit. somebody asked him this is for you and he said i go in side here with the first shot of whiskey and i'll come out and continue. >> it's not unusual for people to stop by and ggink at what thy see. tourists plan trips here. >> they don't want to live r thy just stay there.
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they love it. >> and gr. male >> everybody create something. >> my ome estion to you, is what is your mark? >> wow, i don't know. anyway, that's cool cool. >> it's me for pr. i don't thank you would fit. >> thanks diana, great story. >> in that blaiff panther parwea declare there is a war on blacks in america. >> there has been a war wdded ddainst black people that is been going on. >> : and were between whites and black is incredibly dangerous. >> wise and he frustrated and upset with a black man that beaculd was pointing a gun at te officer?
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season and he had to re-create a music video of the winner's choice. winner's choice. this was miley cyrus wrecking ball. it some, disturbing to say the least. >> notorious for holding a fist high of a sky and now a week after violence arise, riots have erupted in milwaukee after black man who was armed was shot and killed by black officer. the new black panther party has declared there is a war on blacks on america. >> we made attention with the police to say this man was armed will the milwaukee residents know that there has been a war raged against black people. it has been going on throughout the whole nation. >> he is a very outspoken leader of the new black party party leader. you can see this video of him at the republican national convention in cleveland. the. the group falls within the
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and black power. many from the original black panther party which people know from malcolm x., say this is not a direct link. the new black panther party state plaques need to defend themselves by any means possible. when i asked him does that mean violence? he did not leave that off the table come i'll it that way. >> of a man's life is at stake and the person threatening to take his life is wrong, you want to defend yourself to the best says they want black officers patrolling black neighborhoods. they also want more whites to get involved in the movement in terms of speaking out against those that are racist. those that have the power and education, financial
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system. >> how did you feel talking to him question work. >> he does not speak for me and i want to be very clear. >> what did you take away from what he said? >> i think he shows the disparity that we have been seeing going on when you are looking at these rights on a national scale. i think this is to an extreme though, calling it war between whites and blacks and fanning the flames is dangerous. >> i take a lot of people in this room on the starting blocks ready to jump in the sky. oh he is a racist, he's advocating violence, i listen to the whole interview, i didn't hear anything that was that outrageous. >> really outrageous. >> really? >> he sounds a lot like what i've heard community. they're not happy with where they're being policed. >> wise and he frustrated and upset with a black man that pointed a gun at the officer? that's what's incredible to me. it's so easy to start talking
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then a black man on armed being killed by a cop. >> i want to know how you thank you know that? >> it what you mean, because i read. try reading some of the research and maybe we'll have a better conversation. >> i >> but those with a strong head over the shoulders are not going to go violence, the danger is a loose cannon who subscribes to this. >> was donald trump before he became a billionaire? i have given you a tour of his childhood home. this time i headed to cornwall on hudson in new york to check out his former military school. donald trump was made of discipline as a child, he punched his second grade music teacher. so in eighth grade his father put him at the new york military academy.
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she is the school library media specialist. she pulled out donald trump's yearbook. he. he was there from eighth grade through 12th grade. i wanted to see if he had, first off the sink and a pair. so looking at looking at these pictures donald trump is always blonde, none of that here that we're seeing now. >> what i learned is that he was a phenomenal athlete. he was not only of varsity football player but a varsity baseball player, soccer, and he and h >> he also wrestled on the varsity wrestling team. >> i thought we can stop at football and baseball. >> i also saw a picture in the yearbook that talked about popularity and said that he was a ladies man. this mystery woman whose photograph right next to him do you know who this woman is? >> no i honestly don't know who she is. looking through the senior yearbook, they're not any other
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page. even back then donald trump had a reputation with the ladies. >> i opened up to sergeant bailey in the academic building and we walk through hall of alumni distinction. sure enough, enough, there was a big picture of donald trump. >> anything memorable? >> he is a donald trump and i do what i do, he do it he do. >> then we headed upstairs to a dedicated to the school and touching note on the door. >> i dedicate my parents and mary and fred trump who inspired me to ring my dreams to permission. class of of 1964. >> i love the whole sunshine on donald trump as if their present donald trump were not a complete nightmare and as if every word he said did not come back on him
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republican party. i. i don't know who is charmed by this. i see them on tv every day and could care less what he is doing in high school. what he is doing now is a nightmare. >> i think that a person's character is worn by their education. it is important to find out where he came from, what he from, what he learned and what his formation was. >> a cadet would have entailed a lot more push-ups than i did already. >> we dished out the scoop on justin bieber and his ex, selena gomez. >> apparently just in bieber felt sorry about something. >> he also discussed hillary clinton and donald trump. >> brooklyn, harlem, guess who's back. with every change -- harlem is
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[inaudible] do we look like a married couple? that's kind of gross, i'm sorry.
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>> in the wise words of the answer, diva is a female version of a hustler. this guy is a is a
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>> check out the sheriff deputy that is gone viral for doing a queen bee dance. the lieutenant shows a wall lip-synching the hit song formation and breaks out into the splits. well done. >> come on, i can't to the splits. that's the best were going to get. >> ashley you are checked in with her friend at >> in entertainment news, front of this show and dish nation show dished out the scoop on what is going down between justin bieber and his ex, selena gomez. headlines show that heated comments between both accusing each other cheating. the big the big news, justin bieber deleted his instagram account.
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ritchie took to the side be a twitter and now apparently on snapchat, you have to keep up with the social media elements, selena posted with scenes like an apology but to get to the point had cracked breaks it down. >> i think it somewhere in the middle because apparently justin bieber felt sorry about something. then he made this on called sorry. so you're trying to win the girl back and he have for name written on the walls in the video. i think just in bieber probably drove selena away to the point where maybe she did have like a hangout session and justin felt about it and moved on by dating random chick after random chick. it is super creepy to be flying around the country after his 17 year ago. >> that 17-year-old girl seemed to be 18, that's be 18, that's his new girlfriend, sophia
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their dirty laundry in front of everybody. >> remember when your parents used to have arguments and go to the bathroom and close the door, no, this new generation, don't know what's wrong with them, must be the water, they liked water argue in front of the kids. >> he also discussed the saga between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> is worried. >> donald trump is like your crazy uncle with no filter. he cool, but he say things like should but slightly less racist. heavy emphasis racist. heavy emphasis on slightly. hillary clinton is like that aunt who says she's going to buy your bike but he found out later how she got it. >> social media ruins everyone's relationships mac did he delete it like it's gone. >> it's gone. >> for all of you believers he'll be back. within my girl's selena gomez, she wrote the song the heart wants what it wants.
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the fox broadcasting company welcome to "dish nation." interview and showing stretch marks. p >> a really, really big bombshell having to do with one of the biggesd? >> here's the thing. he's done hundreds of interviews, never made this type of confession before, until now. >> oh, god. >> they have actually had to glow to couple's counseling before. >> makes sense. married so long. at some time you got to seek help to keep going. >> sounds natural to us.


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