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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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trump left open the possibility of using racial profiling for the united states. we better get smart. we are getting tens of thousands of people into
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>> he received his first classified intelligence briefing in lower manhattan chris christie and michael flynn accompanied him but earlier this week, trump said he might not even trust the information relayed to him. >> do you trust them? >> not so much for the people that i've been doing for our country? look what has happened it's been catastrophic. >> trump held a roundtable on radical islamic terrorism. he was joined by rudy giuliani , peter king, his new campaign executive from the conservative website and his newcampaign manager , kelly and conway. hillary clinton was in cleveland. she says his only benefits the wealthy and she called on him to release his tax returns and the trump staff
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>> she can hire andfire whoever he wants but there is no new donald trump. this is it . >> the campaign framed it in positive terms. >> we look at it like in expansion. we are growing the team with more responsibility. >> the 19-year-old from virginia who climbed the trump he did it for the publicit. prosecutors revealed on reckless endangerment charges. he said he waited until spence left home before driving to new york and sneaking into a restricted area. they said items fell from his back pack like a laptop
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the city had upheld a firm against donald trump stemming from the closure of public space that trumps our four campaign events. the city ordered them to remove two kiosks. trump will pay for a fine. they paid for the bench and ditched the kiosk. american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. teresa's live in the newsroom with more.>> good morning. it's a very public story of a very violent crime. there's still some who do not believe that it is true. if it is it threatens to tarnish the real games.
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but they have been told they cannot leave brazil until they testify. it's another bizarre twist. to a topic swimmers pulled off a departing plane wednesday night held in a brazilian police station and released. their passports temp confiscated by court order. brazilian authorities look to question numberabout an alleged robbery that occurred sunday night . >> ryan locke the eighth and figure were robbed at
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the text was pulled over by men posing as police and the four men were robbed. he pulled out his gun and put it to my four head. in a phone interview he claims the gun wasn't held to his forehead but in his direction. he says the taxi wasn't pulled over but stopped at a gas station. the reason authorities attempted to seize his passport to begin with. security footage shows that arriving back in the olympic knowledge long after the alleged incident took place. the judge says this group does not appear to be shaken by the crime. if they determine that it did notoccur that could face six months and a
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they were put up during the construction they are now gone. the sidewalk is now wider and storefronts are visible. phase i says to open in the summer going from 96 straight down to 63rd street where it will connect to the existing line. the mayor is expected to announce plans to rebuild five city parks. they will invest 150 million for each part. st. mary's, betsy had, staten island and soria park in queens. the improvements could take up to four years to
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is not as bad as what the radar appears to indicate. have your showers down dutchess county and some coming-out of the jersey shore. it's a little bit wet out there for starters.ooks like it's primarily this round of showers getting dry for a little while. we had another opportunity to fire up again. here's what we have ?78b0 in central park and 79 with 70 in montauk. another mild morning. here is the radar and satellite. we have seen showers come through down to south. for a little while we will get moderate rain but it's in and out pretty quickly. behind all of this we will see drier conditions and a set up that we could see if
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rolling by but the majority has already passed through. let's take a look at the future caspian showers and storms are isolated. keep in mind. there is a troth lingering nearby with stray showers as well and hopefully as we go into the weekend, they will hang up out there. take a look at what's going on in the tropics. fiona is a tropical stor itwill stay out in the patlantic . storms could come back. not a lot but a few. don't forget the fox 5 weather at.
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talk about looking for it westbound. it's a little bit blurry but this activity is affecting the commute right now with an accident blocking two lanes now. the upper and a lower level looks good things to the lincoln and the holland tunnel. >> and as, thank you. it's the worst headache and flooding in the states history. president obama has directed fema to respond and give all the available resources that they could
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we are hearing reports that they could rise more than 40,000 homes have been damaged and it seems like no one in the entire area has been spared. is depends on what part of town you are. >> the water was coming in faster them out . they had water in the lower level. >> state officials are asking the landlords to give short-term leases to the tens of thousands of people who have pretty much lost everything. >> a raging wildfire has forced thousands of people to run for their lives. the blue cut fire started on tuesday 50 miles east of los angeles. it has been more than 40 mi.b2. it destroyed countless homes and buildings.
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ordered to leave but many stay behind. 1,500 firefighters are battling the fire. so many are only contained. the governor wants to know if there was panic at the airport following reports of gunfire. the terminals were evacuated in it was a complete mess. turns out the reports were least no one found any gunfire . say some people are cheering and it could have been mistaken for gunfire. to be continued. it's very strange looking. this monstrosity is called the air lenders hand.
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it's shaped like a helium. as part plane and part helicopter. it allows it to stay in flight and carry tons of cargo. it made a short flight as hundreds gathered to watch the takeoff. the ship has been nicknamed theflying bomb because of its large front and . >> it's like a dodgeball did not really. >> gold, silver and bronze. the us women's sweep and a historic olympic event.
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are we looking at warm and muggy? looking at breezy? >> it's a little bit humid. >> these, normal temperatures or are we harder? >> is warmer than normal. just a little bit. >> do we have a good beach weekend? i am not doing anything on saturday.
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i might be a little bit further east. >> keep it moving. >> we have some prices around dutchess and sullivan and lynch lynn county. you have seen some decent showers but it's impressive on the radar. the heavier showers and rainfall are out here to the atlantic. is not really bothering to me people. we also have dispatch of showers. attending to the east as
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this is good. both of these baseball highlights arizona went on a tear. rickie weeks junior takes him deeper into the home run. that gives arizona a 2/1 lead . the batter builds a solo home run to make it 3/1. it again. it's three run off of eric and that made it six /1. arizona has with the lead. it met tab 2/1 and tj rivera had too little too
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they say rodriguez always has an open invitation to return as an advisor. steinbrenner says he would clear any decision with him
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it's a big day for team usa at the track and field event. it's just over 23 and a half feet the usa swept all three metals in the hurdle. breanna rollins christie catlin finishing 27 points. there will be a rematch of the next two gold medals. carmelo anthony will face one of his teammates. the personal conduct
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he was arrested last year for domestic violence charge. it's unclear if that arrest is the reason for the extension. he had no comment on the story. all right! he did so much there. just a few short things. >> multitasking! >> thank you very much. the star-spangled banner with the electric urgency. this is brandon channeling his inner jimi hendrix. he honored the woodstock
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little song right here. he played the national anthem during yesterday's matinee performance. it was the school of rock
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good day everyone. showers are's just wimpy showers. it hasn't been a total loss though we are told. it's not looking so bad. what is the weekend looking like we were getting closer forecast. two olympic swimmers both purred pulled off their flights and confiscated. they claim they were robbed at gunpoint. we have report coming up. >> they arrested a 52-year-old sex offender raped a woman in bushwick. we will tell you more about the assault that happened. he said he might not trust all the information given to him.


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