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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good day everyone. showers are's just wimpy showers. it hasn't been a total loss though we are told. it's not looking so bad. what is the weekend looking like we were getting closer forecast. two olympic swimmers both purred pulled off their flights and confiscated. they claim they were robbed at gunpoint. we have report coming up. >> they arrested a 52-year-old sex offender raped a woman in bushwick. we will tell you more about the assault that happened. he said he might not trust all the information given to him.
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been benefits the wealthy. >> tons of meetings before he went and.t was a very cabinet looking thing. very presidential. still, he said he did not trust the intelligence. it's this thursday morning ?little friday. ryan locked he is leaving the headlines. he is not really in it's really like stuff and it should not be a big problem. whenever we have the warm and humid air your potential with some of it this morning. we have some showers passing by and if anything ?it's just a few sprinkles
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sussex county to the east. the bulk of the rainfall is over the atlantic. northern tier seeing some showers. there is a disturbance coming through and that's why he sees some of the rain. it's a little bit inconvenient. newark is at 70b0 and poughkeepsie team came down in islip and temperatures are cooler his morning. 70s and now in the mid-? upper 60s. coming down a little bit and it's a little bit humid. not too bad out there. you can see what's going on. is a little disturbance back to the low pressure and it doesn't have a lot of potential but it did bring some showers for some of us. an extreme corner of connecticut ?were moving
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of rain and back behind it they look a little bit more dry. there's enough going on where the child is moving through and we could see more storms fire out this afternoon.we are 1.7 inches behind for the month of august. for january 1 were 5.61. high temperature gets up about 84b0. 87 is high tomorrow and is little bit humid throughout the weekend. chances are on the minimal size i would not get to work over it. thatspring and ines with an earlier check . >> all in all doing okay. we have the commute in new jersey with 287. we are keeping an ion the
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you have two lanes blocked with an accident and is a little bit tough to see with all the activity going on. that's the reason you have delays on the eastern side. looks good both directions. no problems in indian. rains are running on or close to schedule. thanks very much. a big kerfuffle down in rio. they are expected to give statements today. >> they are expecting to find out what happened when they were reportedly robbed at gunpoint. teresa is here now with the very latest. good morning. >> i suppose the simple answer is will he ever know? there is not a lot of evidence with brazilian authorities not able to find anything to substantiate the claims.
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are referring all questions to local authorities. they are saying there is confusion about the judge's orders to have them stay in the country and tell the claims of robbery can be substantiated. ryan locked the is waking up on ussoil but his three teammates are not .hey are told they cannot leave brazil until they testify. > it's another bizarre twist and what has been an unsettling and potentially emba the 2,016 real game. two olympic swimmers pulled off a departing plane late wednesday night held in a brazilian police station for a short time. they were eventually
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the men were robbed at gunpoint after being robbed on sunday. here initially said the taxi was pulled over by men posing as police officers and the four men were robbed. >> they pulled out his gun and cocked it and put it to my four head and said get down. >> i put my hands up and said whatever. >> now the story in a phone interview he claims the gun was not held to his forehead but in his direction. he also claimed the taxi wasn't pulled over but stopped at a gas station. then there is this ?they attempted to seize his passport.ecurity footage obtained by the daily mail shows swimmers arriving back at the olympic village long after the alleged incident took place. the judge says this group did not appear to be shaken by the crime and is joking
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security. the account may not be the only one. a british track and field candidate was held at gunpoint but not much is known about that. they warn their athletes to take extreme caution when we leaving the village. that's the latest from here. >> and released. he made a 911 call during a disputeduring his remake . rriving officers noticed his distinctive red sneakers. the 52-year-old is facing several charges including
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donald trump holds a primetime event after getting hisfirst national security briefing. hillary clinton is talking taxes. >> let's talk with robert moses who is live . i can't believe this! good morning. during a town hall that aired last night, trump left open the possibility of using racial profiling to protect the united states. we are allowing tens of thousands of people into the country and we don't know what we are doing.
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>> earlier in the day he held a roundtable on radil she says the drop staff shakeup doesn't change anything.
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we look at it as an expansion. we mentioned that hillary clinton spent part of the day in cleveland. she took a brief detour there. the two spent a half an hour together talking about families, the presidential race and the olympics. that is the latest.juliet and carrie ?back to you. >> speaking of trumped power. the 19-year-old from great falls virginia who climbed trump tower last week said he did it for the publicity. >> that the prosecutors
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without a appeared but internet link. he struck into a restricted area of trump tower. items fell during the climb. that includes a laptop. the judgeimposed half the amount. the port authority has explaining . that's after a panic at jfk. there's been so many problems with these airlines lately. governor andrew cuomo hopes to learn from the false alarm. mike is here keeping track of the forecast. hello, my. >> we have showers passing through right now. that means we had an inconvenience for the morning commute but they are coming pretty quickly. you could see a stray storm
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for a new thrill ride how about this one? never falls has four zip lines. the cables on the canadian side of the falls. they are trying to hundred feet long and very nice. >> they reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. the zip line rides have surged in popularity and there is 200 and the us alone. >> would you do that? >> would you do that? >> > that increasing the probability that i could die. as you get older ?i don't know. >> not sureyet . >> baby that means i've done it all. >> whatever that something goes wrong. >> it will never go wrong. it's so not true. >> let's show you what's
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the disturbance roles via anheaviest of rain is out here in the atlantic water periods over the northwestern section of connecticut . they are moving quickly to the east. if you see the rain you probably have seen it just behind with a spring collection going to get some late rain that comes through.lose you down and it's humid again. the sun is not even up yet! it's the same thing in newark. it's the same thing in montauk and how these guys where temperatures are running about three ?9b0 warmer than it was. 5b0 cooler in belmar and islip. six to be cooler than it was. here is the is a disturbance rolling through the tri-state and it helps to enhance the showers that we do have.
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later on. later on this afternoon we could re-fire again with the future cass indicating the tropics. there is some action up there again and we do have tropical storm fiona which has a maximum sustained wind at 45 mph rolling to the west and northwest deflate gate. forecast track continues to take it out into the atlantic and it looks like it will not affect the land but it is san juan puerto rico. the trajectory doesn't even take it that way. have to keep an eye on things because every once in a while the wind that directs the storm changes on us. we have to keep an eye on it. showers in the morning and a break in the afternoon with a high at 84b0.ou have to adjust that. 84 is the high and it will be humid as well for the next few days. high temperatures will be around 84 ?87b0. not a whole lot of
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back again. let's bring ines and see what's going on. wet roadways out there but not huge heavy downpours. >> thank goodness. it's not wax let's check out the staten island expressway. looks good. you don't have any significant delays but you do have to slow down with the road were going on. ong island andlie doing fine . let's go to the cameras and ch are on the bqe. there is an accident westbound blocking two lanes.raffic is moving again on the eastbound side. as for the george washington bridgeon the upper and lower level. lincoln and holland is doing good . carrie nd juliet. >> good news for people who live and work along second avenue. finally! it is amazing. >> a lot of the fencing from 68 is put up during me subway construction. it's now gone. >> there is angels singing.
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bit wider and storefronts are visible. phase 1 is set to open at the end of december running from 96 street down to 63rd street. it will connect to the existing line. mayor deblasio was excited to announce plans to rebuild five city parks. it's the astoria park in queens. it will go to new hiking trails and running parks the improvements could take up to four years to complete . cuomo launches the review that happened on sunday night. remember when we heard the
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gunshots? they said it cause a lot of panic in a massive response. liz is in the newsroom with the story. >> good morning. at least 29 911 calls were made. there were talks about the shots being fired off but they were just the sounds of cheering and clapping from a airport bar. they eventually found no evidence that shots were fired but during the initial response, two terminals were shut down for planesthat were diverted the port authority says 200 people responded and he calls the response tactically sound. three high-ranking officers told the news that the port authority police were understaffed. police commissioner bill bratton says it's something to learn from. we had a very short period of time with 300 police officers with the right equipment and that
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if there had been an actual event or multiple events, which we trained for, we would have had resources there. the response was satisfactory from our perspective but the confusion was the fact that it was a false alarm that we can learn from. >> the nypd will be involved in the review. the port authority director says the agency failed to keep passengers in form. that night and stuck on his plane for 2 and a half hours. >> not good. >> we are glad everything turned out to be nothing. >> what a mess! >> we have a lot more coming up. it's looking like the airlines might be listening to your feedback. the carriers are making
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good day is coming right
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juliet: at&t will join rise on raising the prices for the data is not calling the changes a price hike. the higher prices come wih
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per gigabyte . a lot of folks will be benefiting. folks that want will keep their crack plans. at&t customers want to keep their plans don't need to do anything. >> target is adding single stall bathrooms to all of its stores. it's part of the bathroom policymaking customers angry. it allows transgender individuals to use whichever restaurant gender identity. they have single occupancy residents and those who don't will have them next march. the new bathrooms will cause target about $20 million. >> instagram launches a new service leaving you feel like your life is boring. the new events channel will show live video. the algorithm will curate the videos tailored to you showing everything from concerts here in the city to the olympics in rio. it started rolling out
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in trouble . >> is just to it show you what an exciting life you could have. >> airline seem to be tempting according to a writer to make writers happy. >> they dropped 12% compared to the same time time. one year ago. customers are reporting delays, cancellation and issues with the baggage. you could be complaining about longer lines come labor day at 15 and a half million crowding the airports. it's a 4% jump from last year. >> i am never run into a problem on that airline. it's the greatest in
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is "good day wakeup" . >> as we saw with robert moses outside in front of trump tower, not the best weather. you will have a fewshowers on your morning commute . lunchtime should be better. mike woods has all the details. it's some festive weekend weathercoming up . >> will tell you about the latest twist in the robbery story coming out of rio. two of his olympic teammates their flights to be questioned by authorities. we will have the latest on that. >> donald trump is on the road hitting the campaign trail after making changes. he met with the fbi. the shakeup is not wearing hillary clinton. big day for team usa. they make a clean sweep at one olympic event and history is made. good morning. i am juliet hardy.
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i heard a rumor yesterday that mike woods will be on vacation again. >> you have to add up to some good time charlie days. >> you have to add it up. i think you are supposed to. >> like every tuesdayt another concert you worked a full week and i don't know how long. >> how many concerts this month? >> i go and work. i shoot the concert and i interview the people. >> i am not getting involved in this. >> we need more guys up in here. let's show you what's going on. showers that were dealing
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tend to pop up in the afternoon. every once in a while they happen in the morning. in thesummer months you have to stay on your toes. most of the rain is over connecticut and the eastern sections of long island. it'sbroken up . a few showers as you had in the lower hudson valley. some back to can pennsylvania and we are not necessarily in the clear yet . we aren't looking at a whole lot of rainfall that we will look at. 78 in the last hours of the rain calls you down 5b0. the wind is coming in from the east at 3 miles per hour. generally light and variable. 74b0 in philly and 68 in williamsport. there is the disturbance. it's kicking up the showers that we have and the bulk of it is here in the offshore. we still have somefollow-up showers on the backside. we are not quite done . it is on the lighter side. don't worry about things getting too involved. if you look at a high
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for a while all the way through the weekend. storm chances are out there but they are minimal. let's bring in ines. it's a little bit wet but not causing much of a problem. >> some of them are wet here or there. let's start out in rockland heading towards the tappan zee bridge. the bronx river parkway at the's take a look at the fdr drive. you can see some of the roads are wet the northbound and southbound. let's look at the lie on queens. traffic oving westbound with construction set up here. not a lot affecting the commute. trends trains are running on or close to schedule industry clean rules in effect citywide. >> we are talking about the news that was breaking overnight with two american swimmers held by police. they are out at this point
5:34 am
give statements. they have to stay there in brazil. >> authorities are looking to find out what happened when they and ryan lofty work on that robbed at gunpoint. they are here now with the latest. >> ryan is known for being a partier. he had a show on me and it was all about him partying. hy would july about something like this? pulling olympians off of a claim new level regardless. it's either a black i-4 brazil which threatens to tarnish the games or it's an embarrassing lie that was concocted by four olympic medalist and attempt to cover their tracks. ryan is waking up on us soil but three of his teammates arenot . they are being told they cannot leave brazil until they testify.> it's another bizarre twist in what has been an unsettling and potentially
5:35 am
the 2,016 rio games. two olympic swimmers, jack conger and gunnar bent pulled off a departing plane on wednesday night and they were held in a police station for a short time eventually released. the passports were temporarily confiscated by court order. authorities look to question him about an alleged robbery that occurred sunday night. >> they were with ryan lofty and jimmy fagan. he is already back in the us and fagan is still in brazil.e told us that they were robbed at gunpoint after party on sunday. he initially said the taxi was pulled over my men posing as police. the four men were robbed. >> that i pulled out his gun and can't it and said get down. i put my hands up and said whatever. >> now, the story changes.
5:36 am
held to his forehead but rather in his direction. he also claims the taxi wasn't pulled over but stopped at a gas station. then there is this.he reason they sees the passport. security footage obtained shows the swimmers arriving back at the olympic village long after the alleged incident took lace and the judge says this group does not appear to be shaken and instead is joking as they go through security. you ask how a judge could know by that video if they want shaken? >> they said because ryan was hitting one of his teammates with his lanyard that shows that they were taking it seriously. >> you should just be freaked out and try to lighten up the situation. >> we should mention that the account of the robbery is not the only one come out of rio.
5:37 am
held at gunpoint. all that's being reported is happening tuesday morning. the bread sent an email to other athletes warning them to use extreme caution when they leave the olympic village. not to wear anything that suggests they are part of an olympic team and do not carry anything of value. it's not the only one that has occurred allegedly. >> and i think it's funny but no one even knows their names. it's like the situation. i men, they certainly get enough attention. >> they are young guys. they are celebrating. who knows. donald trump held a town hall event in prime time after getting his first national security briefing. hillary clinton talked taxes. in midtown this morning
5:38 am
if you will recall, you were talking about a major trump staffing shakeup. the trump campaign says this was not a shakeup or a reset or a overhaul. it was simply an expansion. either way trump returns to the campaign trail today and he will be heading south. >> donald trump returns to the trail with a rally tonight in charlotte during a town hall on fox left open the possibility of using racial profiling to protect the united states. >> whether it's racial profiling or politically correct, we have to get smart . we are letting tens of thousands of people into the country and we don't know what we are doing. >> trump received his intelligence briefing yesterday at the fbi office in lower manhattan.hris christie and michael flynn
5:39 am
he said he might not even trust the information relayed to him. >> do trust intelligence? > not so much from the people that have been doing it for thecountry. look whathappened over the past 10 years . it has been catastrophic . >> trump held a roundtable joined by rudy giuliani and peter king. his new campaign chief executive stephen banner from the breitbart news website and hi campaign manager, kelly and conway. hillary clinton was in cleveland with her tax plan with trump. she says his only benefits the wealthy. she called on him to release his tax return and says the trump staff shakeup doesn't change anything. >> he can hire and fire anyone he wants from his campaign. there is no newdonald trump. this is it . >> the campaign framed it
5:40 am
>> we look at it as an expansion were growing team. we have more and more responsibility. donald trump will be in charlotte for the rally. hillary clinton will be here and she is set to meet with law enforcement officers. that is the latest life from trump tower. juliet and carrie ?back to you. >> let's get over to goodtime charlie. >> me >> very good. >> i love her. i taper show. i have always liked her but she is really funny.
5:41 am
syndicated show ?she was ramping up her show and i was like this one will be a winner. she just hasn't. >> think a lot of folks will miss out afterwards and maybe a few isolated storms popping up. tomorrow looks like a warm friday with a storm popping up here too. saturday looks nice with if shoe showers and storms possible. it's like an in district weather pattern. they could get a shower here or there. that's all we are in. it's 70b0 in poughkeepsie and there is a mostly cloudy sky with a few
5:42 am
there is the cooler air that came through yesterday. drop the temperatures by three ?9b0. you can feel the difference out there. here is the radar and satellite. showers have come by. the bulk of the heavier showers have moved offshore and they are out in the atlantic waters. there is a few pockets of heavy rainfall in new jersey but it's not to say thatwhat's to the west wo will deal with a few more showers as we come through the morning commute . be prepared for that. on-again off-again showers with temperatures around 75 for a high later this afternoon. an isolated shower in the afternoon also impossible 87b0 tomorrow. humidity sticks around the weekend.on't forget the fox 5 weather app has the daily and hourly forecast at the google play store
5:43 am
it's 5:43 am and the sun is an up yet. >> it's like a half an hour away. >> the committee is looking good. no issues here by the henry hudson. you are fine on the pturnpike here by interchange 11. the time because of construction going on there. you have a significant delay . let's check out what's going on there on the lie. things are fine westbound and eastbound. it's a little bit darker there. it's coming but it's taking longer there. let's check out the george
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headlines at 5:46 am. little friday. donald trump continues to the rally down in charlotte. yesterday he received his first national security briefing. he later held a primetime town hall on fox news. hillary clinton was in cleveland talking about the tax plan.> registered sex offender was charged with raping a 27-year-old woman in bristol and his name is michael mann. he was 52 years old. the victim was treated and
5:47 am
will or yanked off of a fight flight and they will give their statements today. there's one will be questioned.hey want to know what really happened during a robbery with the gold medalist and his buddies. we will take a look now at sports. we start with baseball. don't look! the mets are in the game in arizona last night. the diamondbks and never look back . here's the fourth inning with rickie weeks junior taking jonathan dever in the two run home run. that gives arizona a two /1 lead. the next batter is jo mary thomas. he made it 3/1. curtis patterson and tj rivera havetoo little too
5:48 am
>> yankees in toronto in the bronx with devon travis. he makes the catch over the shoulder again. he looks great there. the yankees get one back. there is some fireworks in the third. he is of the big three run and it's the jays and the yankees. both teams are just flipping in thewild-card race.
5:49 am
he always has an open invitation to return to the team.ven if he decides to play for another one last season. steinbrenner says rodriguez would need to clear any decision with him first. he would have to list to start when i let him know that he is signing a contract with another team. he would have to get permission. it's complicated. he's welcomed back.> day 13. tiana breaks up a gold medal with a career 7.71 m. teammate takes silver.
5:50 am
they also sweep all three metals in the 100 m hurdles. it's 12.4 seconds. mia takes bronze and the us leads the count with 93 total metals. china's next with 54. >> they advanced to th spain tomorrow. carmelo anthony's face is one of his rookies, gomez. that's a look at sports. the long jump is unbelievable. >> is all about the speed. every centimeter counts. >>. [laughter] let's check in with mike. a look at the forecast. >> were off to another mild start.
5:51 am
the temperatures as it's pretty hot in august so far. 71b0 in tarrytown and brentwood at 74. same thing in stony brook with a lot of clouds around town. showers have cameand gone and the central and eastern sections of long island over connecticut to the east fairly quick .e ready for light showers to be in and out fairly quickly. we're not done yet with showers on the and eastern sections of pennsylvania. it's risky for the morning with a quick shower that you are dealing with. it's all you should need. we will start to catch a break in between but there is a chance that you will see more storms bubbling up again later in the afternoon. the future cast wants to pop up with more stain
5:52 am
heading into friday at a future cast popping up some more with another disturbance hanging around the area. it keeps it unstable. you won't have much going on with the rainfall tomorrow. the deal is that through the next four or five days there is a small chance out there every day. mostly in the morning with a small chance in the afternoon. most of it will be the afternoon storms with dryer for you on saturday and sunday with afternoon storms again trying to pop into the picture. it's still dark out there. >> i am starting to see some daylight showing up. >> here is putnam county at 684 and that iconic doing
5:53 am
no issues of your heading towards bridgewater. as for the go on as, let's take a look at the emerging as you had to be qa. as for the trains, things are running schedule. >> thank you ines. we will talkentertainment . great news forharry potter fans. >> good day is coming right back .nks. >> think you they're all gone. i know i bought them. well, staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more...
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author receives a nomination for directing the famous film starring allie mcgraw with the highest the decade. it was more than his 50 year career he directed 30 films. he was a former president of the directors guild and the academy. author died of natural causes in los angeles. he was 92 years old >> such an iconic movie. >> harry potter fans ?are you out there? jk rowling is not done! she has written a series of
5:57 am
where they hone their magic. it will focus on other characters like harris and the professor. the first three collections will be released through potter and other researchers causing three dollars. i never got into it. >> the star-spangled banner once again renting at woodstock. take a look at this. >> he is channeling mister hendrix. the famed guitar legend. he honored the 47th anniversary of the performance by playing the
5:58 am
performance of the school of rock at the winterland theater. if you have not seen it ,go see it! those kids are fantastic .
5:59 am
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>> everyone with a middle name anna marie tweet me. i want to know how many. showers likely but not a total loss from what our writers have from michael wolds. he'll with be the forecast coming up. >> two olympic swimmers pulled off their flight back to the u.s. and had their passports confiscated as brazilian authorities investigate that they and ryan lockte robbed at gunpoint. >> donald trump received first intelligence briefing but on his way in wasn't sure if he trusted all the information. meanwhile hillary clinton talked taxes in cleveland. and also met with somebody very famous and we'll tell you all


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