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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> everyone with a middle name anna marie tweet me. i want to know how many. showers likely but not a total loss from what our writers have from michael wolds. he'll with be the forecast coming up. >> two olympic swimmers pulled off their flight back to the u.s. and had their passports confiscated as brazilian authorities investigate that they and ryan lockte robbed at gunpoint. >> donald trump received first intelligence briefing but on his way in wasn't sure if he trusted all the information. meanwhile hillary clinton talked taxes in cleveland. and also met with somebody very famous and we'll tell you all
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streetlights to fight crime. considering stalling stoplights that would double as security cameras. >> sure, why not? [laughter] hi kerry drew. >> hello jot juliet great to see you and at home as well. >> talking about harry potter a little while ootion. harry potter stuff is coming the. i didn't know ines was an expert at this. did you mike? >> i did know that. >> all experts here. pore whatever it's called harry potter world and ines said -- [inaudible] she's on it. everyone bought a wand. >> nerd alert . >> get you up and rolling out the door. of course not the.
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70 in poughkeepsie. right now let's check the dew points painly upper 60s around 70 a little bit lower than yesterday but on higher side making it a little uncomfortable. but not redig ridiculous like few days back. but through pennsylvania and new jersey to give you a quick round of shower but a we can splash and out of here. but wet through roadways. a l a trough of low pressure hanging in area to get the atmosphere going and give you showers and a storms that's what we have out there for you this morning. but again not a huge deal just inconvenient checking on tropics a tropical storm out there. fiona with winds of 45 miles per hour. rolling to the west around 16 miles per hour. west northwest i should say right now pb to stay over atlantic waters but you never
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so we'll be keeping an eye on it for you. showers in the morning. sun up to 82 an shower refire in the evening. through next seven days high of 87 for you tomorrow. same thing for you on saturday humid throughout the weekend with small storm is chances here and there. typical summer stuff let's bring in ines right now, so this harry potter stuff been to it since how long? >> since 2000. so butter beer craving. ginger, butter beer one those. let's talk about commute a lot of nrdz here we like this stuff and commute is looking good. l.i.e. no problems. new jersey 0 doing fine. go to cameras check out on lsm i.e. southern state parkway. westbound doing fine no problem on qb side. as for cross bronx, trying to
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trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. kerry and juliet you have to give harry a chance. >> maybe -- >> watched it late. late in the game to be -- >> never too late. >> never too old to be young. [laughter] >> yeah, juliet. >> lets talk about this whole swim gate water gate -- get it? water gate. two american swimmers down brazil held by brazilian police they're expected to give statements today. >> authorities looking to find out what really happened when they and teammate ryan lockte robbed at gunpoint. fox 5 teresa priolo with the latest on this. good morning teresa. >> good morning teresa, everyone. questions about the timeline and details, there are questions what might compel olympians to fabricate a story if, in fact, they did. this morning ryan lockte waking up on u.s. soil but three of his
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brazil until they talk about what really happen haded early sunday morning. >> it's another bizarre twist in what has been unsettling and potentially embarrassing story out of the 2016 rio games. two olympic swimmers jack and gunner pence pull off departing plane late wednesday night held in a brazilian police station for a short time and then eventually released their passports order as brazilian authorities look to question them about alleged robbery that occurred sunday night. >> pulled out their gun an called to get on the ground. olympic medalist and o'limp jimmy back the in u.s. he's stl in brazil. lockte told nbc news the men rob at gunpoint after partying sunday and said their taxi
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were robbed. >> guy pulled out his gun. he packed it. put it to my forehead and eve to put my hands up like whatever. now this story seems to be changing in a phone interview with nbc lockte claimed gun wasn't held to his forehead but rather in his direction. he also claims that taxi wasn't pulled over but rather stopped at a gas station. and then this, the reason authorities attempted to cease the swimmer's p security footage obtained by "daily mail" shows swimmers arrive at the olympic village long after alleged distinct took place. the judge say this is group does not appear to be shaken bit crime and instead is joking as they go through security. and we should also mention the state department is does have representatives there in brazil they say they are on stand by to provide any assistance that
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present when lockte spoke to police initially. >> i'm sure we'll harl more about this later today. turning now to pleks donald trump holds a town hall event howevers after getting a first national security briefing. meanwhile hillary clinton is talking tas. >> let's talk outside in midtown good morning. >> l hillary clinton will be here in the city. she is to meet with law enforcement lead percent today. donald trump will be heading south. this just a day after trump hopscotched the city in meetings with presidential trappings. >> donald trump returns to the campaign trail with a rally tonight in charlotte during a town hall which aired last night on fox trump left open possibility of using racial profiling to protect the united states. >> whether it's racial profiling or plilsly correct we better get
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of people into our country. we don't know what the hell we're doing. >> trump received his first classified intelligence briefing yesterday at the fbi offices in lower manhattan. new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant general michael flynn accompanied him. but earlier this week, trump said he may not even trust the information relaid to him. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. look what's happened over last 12 -- the years it's been catastrophic. >> trump held a round i believe on rad cam slammic terrorism joined by among others rudy giuliani peter king, his new executive steven from the conservative bright bart news website and kellyanne conway. hillary clinton meantime contrasting her tax plan with trump's. she said his only benefits the wealthy and called on him to
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staff shake yum doesn't change anything. >> hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. there's no new donald trump. this is it. >> some saw staffing shakeup as a last ditch effort to rescue a strug lings candidate, campaign framed it in positive terms. >> expansion. we're growing with team. we have to -- more and more responsibility. >> we told you that hillary clinto she took a brief detour as you can see here, this is a picture that paul mccartney tweeted out, hillary clinton spent about half an hour at quicken loans arena with mccartney where he was performing. we're told that the two spent about 30 minutes together as a i said. and they discussed issues including the race, their families, and the olympics. that is the latest live from trump tower this morning.
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thank you. >> 19-year-old who climbed trump tower last week said he did it, quote, for the publicity. kerry: that is what prosecutors revealed during his arraignment on reckless endanger the an trespassing charges. he appeared from bellevue hospital they say he waited until his parents left home before driving to new york and then snuck into a reare stricted area of trump tower before starting the climb from the 5th floor. prosecutors wanted $20,000 bail. they say backpack during climb including laptop endangering people below on the street. the judge imposed half of that amount. really interesting from an area right outside of -- d.c. where a lot of congressman and senators, their kids live. juliet: a 10,000 fine against donald trump stemming from closure of public space for campaign events. back in january, the city also ordered building to remove two kiosk or order they be removed
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that sold trump merchandise these kiosks did and they wanted those things to be replaced they wanted to repolice a bench that had been there as well. trump was hilt with a fine when he didn't show up for a hearing on the matter in june. the city says building finally replaced the bench and ditched kiosk but trump still has to pay the fine. kerry: 6:11 on this thursday morning and a lot more still to come. juliet: mike is watching the weather for us early this morning. mike: showers kind of coming and going at you here today. but a few showers rolling through especially out east and in connecticut. and then a partly sunny sky and temp this afternoon 73 degrees. cooler outside that gives you a little bit of a break. if you want a live interactive radar in your palm download fox 5 weather app atsd itunes and google play store that will show you exactly where rainfall is and if it is affecting you. download the it for free.
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>> here's maybe strangest question too late to get in on "game of thrones" ever heard of bin j watch tv. >> that's what had if i was
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isn't it? right now i want to get out to play. when i don't to go anywhere and binge. i did that with breaking bad it scared me so bad, i stopped watching. [laughter] >> not real it's hollywood. >> kind of realish. first of all we've got live radar fired up. wetted showers over city right now taking a break but they're going out to the see new haven near middlesex county also u up around county and sullivan back in western, eastern section of pennsylvania that may hold together for us. small shower threat and 73 degrees with a loud did i sky central park right now. 75 in philly. 76 in d.c., and again we have a
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bringing us showers early on. typically wait until the afternoon but not today. stuff that gets in and out fairly quickly. there's possible that thunderstorms could be popping up this afternoon but it looks scattered and in action here nots a lot of us get in on a lot of that. into tonight, into tomorrow looks luke it starts dry but may fire up in the afternoon and that gives us possibility of should you evers. early showered today and then sun and clouds in afternoon with a stray shower possible later. so here we go through next four days humid, high temp day 94. 87, friday, saturday, and on sunday it's back to 86 for a high but storm chances in the afternoon again . all right let's bring in ines, get an update on what's happening with the commute. we have any big problems out there ines?
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commute on long island things good nassau county, suffolk into queens no problems at all. cameras brooklyn, though, a problem on gowanus to prospect eastbound traffic slower than normal here. you can see all of the red lights next to each oh. there's an accident in area blocking two lanes. after the prospect that's ramp coming in from prospect. westbound side you're fine. lincoln tunnel minor delays at the cash toll plaza and george washington bridge. kerry and juliet. good news for people who live and work along second avenue, many good people up in this area upper east side area. >> those people will be notice that a lot of fencing and temporary structures that were up between 68 and 71st streets that were put up during second avenue subway construction for the last couple of years well they are now done. and that means that sidewalks are a little wider and store fronts are now visible. base one of the second avenue construction set to ohm at the
6:18 am
to 63rd street to exist to q line. >> more good news for park people planning to rebuild five city parks many in poor neighborhoods. the city will invest 150 million dollars, 30 million for each park. these parks are st. mary's park in the bronx, betsy head park in brooklyn. fresh kills park over on staten island. high bridge park in washington heights, where else but queens. hiking trails and running tracks and improvements could take up to four years to complete but you know -- probably mo faster than that. i have faith. >> fighting crime with new york city streetlights nypd is thinking about it. considering intrusion high-tech streetlights that would double as security cameras. they could be outfitted with special sensors that could pinpoint the sound of gunfire. >> we're now looking at
6:19 am
is every stoplight could be both a shots -- camera, as well as the ability to control the voltage of the light increasing lightage, for example. shot spotter system that commissioner mentioned in brooklyn and bronx last year. right now there are more than 250,000 stoplights across the five boroughs. riots in crown heights brooklyn happened 25 years ago this month and lost loved ones in that violence have a bond. antwan lewis shows their communities was torn apart by racism. j haven't seen each over in five years but it goes become to riots in brooklyn. >> as a father, i wanted to see things better. for the world you know to --
6:20 am
killed while crash ared while fixing his bike. angela also hit by survived. the accident touched off three days of riot between august 19th and 21st by african-american residents angered that driver of the station wag go was jewish. it was in ensuing that a man targeted because he was jewish. >> my brother just didn't see color. he didn't see d he saw the commonality between everybody. and when i think of the way which he -- just everything he stood for . marks anniversary of the darkest chapter in new york city history and jewish residents have healed. richard greene brokered that
6:21 am
that is needed today. >> especially around a nation at this community has been a shiny example of -- example about stellarment an race and group relationships. >> crown heights can be the forefront but something is that community should be schaited congratulated for. >> reporting from brooklyn antwan lewis "fox 5 news." dges they have kept in touch 25 years. this morning longer than a football field and world largest aircraft. >> a historic flight. ? ?
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>> 6:24 today's "health health e in three that a patient released from intensive care will suffer from sphretion. a study found that rate of depression among icu patients is to four higher than general population. researchers say depression can slow down physical recovery but it can cause a financial strain because patients may not be able to work as quickly as possible. you know get back to work as quickly. they say further research is needed to find ways to help
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trackers out of happy meals after customers reported getting skin irritations from devices. step it fitness partners protect a healthier image and swap out margarine for butter. ditch iceburg lettuce and now testing new menu items such as the kale salad. j world largest aircraft made its maid in flight. this monstrosity is air landing filled with helium but part plane and helicopter that allows it to stay in flight for days a time and carry ton of cargo and made a short flight yesterday over central england as hundred gathered to watch the tackoff. nicknamed the flying bum because of the rather large front end. >> like to say hello to people by the way. i got a massage and facial
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. >> kerry drew -- juliet huddy what is happening everyone? it is well you know it's not exactly a beautiful start to the -- day and by the way we're noticing that it's gettings darker and da rker as the early hours -- are, you know, kind of moving on. does that make any sense? getting light later that's what i meant to say. give me a break it's u 6:29 expect showers on your morning commute. lunch time should be better, though. mike has details.
6:30 am
robbery are story. two heading become to the u.s. when they were pulled off their flight to be questioned by brazilian no, sir. we have a live report coming up. donald trump on the road an hillary clinton not concerned about changes he's mag with his campaign staff. we'll talk about that. >> some may not believe it but flying is getting less frustrated according to u.s. department of transportation that says complaints are down this year . good morning everybody good to have you with us i'm >> i'm juliet huddy. lil friday whe with wake up the next day we don't have of to an alarm clock. we like that very much. >> translation for it. does mike have one on monday morning or will he be out? >> i'll be here. >> when not? thursday, with friday of next week. >> we'll see. oh. summer time afterall. what we do. anyway.
6:31 am
anyway here's what's going on. showers come through tristate region just outside for a cup of coffee nothing happening but cloudy outside and sun is up technically but don't see much because we have clouds out there too. we have showers from pennsylvania looks like they work their way through new jersey, a little bit of that light stuff holding together but not a lot out in east end of long island just is now dealing with the showers out there and hamptons, you'll deal with that for early morning. basically next hour or two and then y'l conditioning there too. 73 out at central park. same in newark. 66 degrees in sussex and 64 monticello. generally cooler but dew points are fairly high but not as high as yesterday upper 60s in a few spots sit at 70 for you central park as well as belmar but generally trying to dry out from the cooler, drier air dropping in from canada. our high temp yesterday up to 85 degrees. it is about the same for you
6:32 am
trough is in the area. wherever you have a trough in these -- tends to hang out sometimes and that's going to happen with this one. that's what's got showers going for you today. that may happening out in area for next couple of days. so some morning showers high up to 84. showers possible. they're scattered about later on this eek as we drop back down to lower 80s. through next seven days got a high of 87 for you tomorrow as well as saturday, sunday high 86 so temps around same range that stays on humid side and storms bubble up here and there. let's bring in ines and see the commute, you know what we're in the august month where we get a break and it's been decent today i'd say. >> it has except if you're headings to gowanus by bqe accident skyfox hd eastbound by brooklyn battery tunnel exit. you have that accident involving that tractor trail arer and that car blocking two center lanes peb berk qe so traffic backed up
6:33 am
lanes getting through but still a rough l.i.e. normal delays had an earlier accident on grand central that's been cleared away. cameras new jersey a problem on guard garden state parkway but g lane. with trains our checklist things good this morning everything kerry and juliet. >> two american swimmers being held by brazilian police expected to give statements today. rmts authorities want to know what happened when they and ryan lockte and one robbed at gunpoint. teresa priolo is here we've been trying to sort of speculate exactly went on here. kind of strange -- the whole thing. >> incredibly strange. you have olympians why would
6:34 am
something and concerned about the outcome if that came out. big black eye for brazil or for four olympic medallest this morning ryan is waking up on u.s. soils but three of his teammates are not and they've been told this cannot leave the country until they testify. bizarre twist out of the 2016 rio games. tw ungoer pulled off a departing plane late wednesday night held in a brazilian police station for a short time, then eventually released. their passports temporarily confiscated by court order as brazilian authorities look to question them about aled robbery that occurred sunday night. only they told other parents to get down on the ground with 12 time olympic medallest and
6:35 am
lockte is back in the u.s. faye still in bradisrk il they were partying sunday. he initially said their taxi pulled over by men posing as police officers. and the four men were robbed. >> the guy pulled out his gun. he cooked, it to my forehead. said whatever. >> now that story is changing in a phone interview with nbc lockte to his forehead but rather in his direction. he also claims that taxi wasn't pulled over but rather stopped at a gas station and then this reason attempts to cease passports. security footage obtained by "daily mail" shows swimmers arriving back at the olympic village after aled distinct took place. the judge says this group does not appear to be shaken by the crime and joke as they go
6:36 am
all right so state department said u.s. is ready to provide any assistance that alt leets might need creating so much buzz even here on set. u.s. swimmers account of a robbery may not be only one. or there are reports this morning in the "daily news" that a british track and field athlete was actually held at gun points. not much is known about the incident other than it apparently happened tuesday morning. british officials alerting their athletes to take precautions. these guys are going to talk today so hopefully something will come of that and it could you know clear up -- clear the air a little bit. >> i hope they don't you know get convicted of perjury and thrown into jail there. >> jail if they did, in fact, file a false report. >> a bit much i think don't you think? >> brazilian law. i know. >> thanks teresa. thanks t all right talk about rooted to the white house. trurp held a town hall event
6:37 am
hillary clinton meantime talked tax it is and mccartney. >> let's head to robert moses live this morning outside trump tower with the latest in this political wrapup. good morning to you, robert. >> kerry and juliet good morning to you learned that dhts will be introduing a character here at trump tower this morning known as donald ducks. no i'm not making this up. i promise that donald ducks presume >> to remind voters that donald tmp demands to release his tax returns and we're told this new character will be following trump around the country including to his rally down south tonight. trump left open the possibility of using racial profiling to protect the united states. >> whether it's rainfall profiling or politically correct we better get smart.
6:38 am
of people into our country. we don't know what the hell we're doing. >> trump received first classified intelligence briefing yesterday at the fbi offices in lower manhattan. new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant general michael flynn accompanied him but earlier trump said he may not even trust the information relaid to him. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much from people that have been doing it for our country look what's happen d over last ten happened over the years. it's cat catastrophic held a meeting on islamic terrorism and joined by peter king and new executive stephen bannon from conservative bright bart news website and new campaign manager kellyanne conway. hillary clinton meantime in cleveland contrasting her tax plan with trumps's. she says his only benefits the wealthy.
6:39 am
says the trump staff shakeup doesn't change anything. >> he can hire and fire anyone from the xaip. there's no new donald trump this is it opinion >> u saw it as a last ditch fort to rescue a struggling candidate the campaign framed it in positive terms. >> it is expansion. we're growing with team. there's more and more responsibility. trump rally in charlotte and hint in the today meeting with law enforcement leaders. that is the latest live from outside trump tower this morning. juliet and kerry back to you. >> all right robert moses thanks very much. joining us from fox business studio and why flying maybe less aggravating than it used to be.
6:40 am
bag is never lost and fares went down. yes this is what people are saying. [laughter] okay these new number pres department of transportation are for the first six monthses of the year. they do not include the southwest and the delta power outages. so keep that in mind. but the news is that because fare are down and airlines are doing a better job getting you where you need to go passenger complaints are down 12% from the same period last year. the best airlines in terms of receiving like one complaint on prntionzs that fly are southwest and express jet. and the most criticize airlines are american and united. i would throw delta on that. >> i have to look that up for you. i would tell you they'rest louisiana on the list of complaints i'm guaranteeing that. rnl guarantee.
6:41 am
>> catch lauren simonetti weekday on the fox business network. >> michael, what is up? >> you know -- >> by the way you i think are playing poker later today with a famous poker player beth gorgeous but married to rick leventhal they got married roongtly. only my pal too. >> obviously not, because he didn't know. : very cool a good story how they got married. >> it is let's have a party. >> good to me. >> good stuff coming up and i'm the dealer. show you what's happen hadding out there we have showers coming at you this morning so far a lot of us dealt with rain but in and out quickly here. and then we'll see sun coming at you later on so a mixed bag kind
6:42 am
could pop up again this afternoon. now, friday looks like we have warm one coming up for you here. but we might see a late day storm out there too. there's trough in the area that wants to keep atmosphere stirred up that means few more storms bubbling tracking few showers over weensd as well. so kind of a stagnant weather pat thearn gives us a little this and that. let's bring in ines rosales and check out what's going on with the commute hello ines . >> the commute in orange dutchess county and ellen in orange county your commute looking good. no problem in gnu berg beacon bridge and staten island expressway heading to brooklyn you're fine. but brooklyn side gowanus traffic jammed approaching brooklyn battery tunnel an accident there blocking two of the center lanes. a for loik tunnel driving into the city normal delays. 20 minutes inbounds. holland and washington bridge five to ten.
6:43 am
hi tina. first gold, second, bronze see how u.s. women continue dominating these olympic storelines as red, white, and blue sweep a podium in rio game and that's coming up in sports. >> plus latest in the entertainment world i singer ade is apologizing to her fans and she got on camera to actually make the big apology. good day is come right back stay with us. it is 6:43 it shall ? ? at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers.
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>> welcome back here's headlines donald trump returns to campaign trail tonight with a rally in charlotte yesterday he got his first national security briefing and later held a primary time town hall on fox news channel. hillary clinton was talking up her tax plan. >> registered sphertd charged with raping 278-year-old woman in bushwick brooklyn on tuesday. his name is michael mann 52 years old. victim was treated and released. twofnlg american swillers yanked off flight leaving brazil xted to give their statement there is today. a third swimmer will also now questioned. police want to know what happened during a robbery that involved olympic medallest ryan
6:47 am
his hair platinum and it turned green. strange looking. get olympics in a second but start with bad baseball in new york. wrapping their series in arizona for their game but diamond backs pulled fourth inning takes jonathan nice deep giving arizona a 2-1 lead. then next batser, he has managed, solo home run that makes i and fifth inning weeks does it again this time a three-run shot off erika giving arizona then a 6-1 lead. mets did add two of their own from curtis granderson but too late too late. arizona wins 13-5. yankees and toronto and their game in the bronx first inning toronto devins travis and watch making this over the should earl
6:48 am
one. skip to the second inning and jays have a 3-0 lead but yankees get one back. gary sanchez goes yard, cuts the jays lead to 3-1. so fireworks in third c.c. sabathia gets josh swinging so donaldson back to throws his bat manager john gibbons isn't happy. they discussed and needed to be separated a bit. he was curious about my sabathia gives up a shot. jays beat the yankees 7-4. >> day 13 of the rio games and a big day for team usa at the track and field events. two time world champion, she picks up the gold melds and women's long jump watch this a career best. 7.17 meters that's just over 23 and a half feet. now teammate britney took silver
6:49 am
size of a nickel difference between gold and silver. get out the brooms in 100 meter hurdle. there winning 12.l p 4 seconds. kristy takes bronze that gives u.s. e-usa a total of 93 and looed the count. china is next country with 54 total medals. men's basketball finishes with 27 points and they advance to the semifinals to face spain tomorrow. carmelo anthony will pis a knicks teammate ricky gomez and former nick in jose both play as for spain. giants kicker josh brown suspended for violating nfl's personal conduct policy. according to a report by new jersey advance media, brown was officered back in may for domestic violence charge.
6:50 am
victim's name but it say brown grabbed victim wrist leaving redness and a small cut. giants had no comment on the story. tssments that's a look at sports this morning. >> thank you very much. i would like to say hi to rich and guys in blackberry smoke we were talking about zac brown band. cool bad band from atlanta i'llt you know when had they're around. maybe you'll go with me. yo me. i don't know why. >> tuesday, call you good time shaar is charlotte, tuesday. >> been out late at night? week days. not me, the old man here. >> didn't see you argue with that one. developed it down 2073 which feeling pretty good this morning. but only reason it got that cool is we have showers in the area
6:51 am
you have showers out to the east also 73 in bridgeport same in newark. 70 in montauk that's where rain is come through right now. and you can see on radar salt satellite in and out quickly. there's still some to the west of us to hold together to give us a we can shower but rain this weekend is incons again consequential so clouds and sun today. morning rain showers temps start afternoon. but then a stray shower could pop up later in the afternoon, evening. so dot be too surprised if that does indeed happen. tomorrow a high of 87 degrees. chance of a storm the in afternoon. 87 again on saturday. sunday's high at 8 6 again another storm is chance there and sightly unstable weather pattern and took a small break yesterday and back today and it wants to hag out. a live radar at the itunes and
6:52 am
it's free check it out.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> good morning if you're gowanus heading to bqe live picture from skyfox hd traffic jammed on gowanus from belt
6:55 am
tunnel an accident blocking two lanes so expect delay pps trains good, though. metro knot long island railroad, new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule. juliet and kerry. j okay thank you so much ines. adele must really love her fans. >> she is very, very sick and had concerts out in phoenix and she blew it out and then succeed one canceled. this is what she said. j i've had a cold for a and i've been pushing for it and i did my show last night and i pushed too hard and my cold has got better of me as you can hear even if i did the show it wouldn't be very good. >> i totally understand that. you know, you're sick, you can't help it. anyway that was on twitter by the way. you can see she's sick her nose is red all of that business so her next concert not until september 6th so hopefully
6:56 am
she planned to reschedule her show in phoenix. harry potter fans will love this. author is not done with hog wart people. >> ines is a big fan. j. k. rowling has short digital works where they hone their magic and focus on characters other than harry like slug horn and professor -- the first three through potter and other digital retailers an each will cost about $3. star-spangled banner ringing with electric urgency it did nearly 50 years ago at wood stock. tack a look, this is incredible. ? ? maybe you think it's you know jimmy he hendrix clone and it is although only 12 years old name is brandon.
6:57 am
wood stock performance by playing the anthem during the curtain call at school of walk at the winter garden theater and we have lucky enough to have video taken of that. >> what were you doing when you were 12? not play guitar like that. "good day new york" coming up next. have a great day.
6:58 am
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rosanna: hello. "good day new york." august 8 teams. ibm rosanna scotto. >> greg is taking a few days off. rosanna: there are some showers this morning. mike says it is clearing up right now for all logos. how hot will it mike has all the answers for us. antwan: two olympic swimmers being pulled off an airplane so they can be questioned. brian lochte already back in the united states. rosanna: donald trump received his first classified briefing.


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