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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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rosanna: hello. "good day new york." august 8 teams. ibm rosanna scotto. >> greg is taking a few days off. rosanna: there are some showers this morning. mike says it is clearing up right now for all logos. how hot will it mike has all the answers for us. antwan: two olympic swimmers being pulled off an airplane so they can be questioned. brian lochte already back in the united states. rosanna: donald trump received his first classified briefing.
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you will be very interested in this. hillary clinton attack is tax plan. antwan: arraigned via video link from bellevue hospital. rosanna: high-technology street cameras to help identify crime. >> anything that is going to lp rosanna: are we going to feel it today? do we know what drake is doing on his days off? he is a man of mystery. mike: i am trying to figure this one out. >> to think he took that hot ride of his on a road trip?
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i think that that one -- it could not go any further. >> we all seem to be familiar with this, too. rosanna: we hope he is enjoying the day. sleeping in. mike woods. i was surprised to see a little rain this morning. mike: we have a little disturba it was actually a pretty decent little shower in the overnight hours. mainly down in south jersey. also parts of connecticut. check out the espn radar. fairfield county. you have some lighter showers going on. it little bit more action back
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do not be surprised if a few more quick showers or sprinkles spring through the area. it will not be a big deal, but a little something for you. same thing for you and belmar. same thing in bridgeport in islip. getting you into the pretty humid range. it is not ridiculous and oppressive like we have seen through a good part of the august. looks like the bulk of it is pushing to the east. there is still that small chance you will see a little bit coming through. a possibility that we could see a few more storms pop up. not going to completely call off the showers just to have. as we go through the next four days, more of the same situation.
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let's bring in ines rosales and check out what is going on. ines: not too bad out there. northern state and southern state parkway. traveling on the bqe, expect delays. heading towards the prospect, you have an accident. let's take a look at the garden state traffic slow because of an accident by mayor marker 143. southbound, you have your delays through the queue garden interchange. >> things are getting a little shady down in rio. two american olympics numbers being held by brazilian police are expected to give statements
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plane. antwan: they want to know what really happened to them and lochte. lots of questions here. pour forth interesting part is we're saying reportedly. there is some confusion as to whether or not they were really robbed or what they were doing prior to being robbed. this is either a big black eye for the country of brazil or a olympians. three of them are waking up in brazil this morning. ryan lochte is back in the u.s. >> another bizarre twist in what has been an unsettling and potentially embarrassing story out of the 2016 rio games.
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late wednesday night. held in a police station for a short time and then eventually release. their passports temporarily confiscated. >> they pulled out their guns. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. >> reporter: they were with ryan lochte. he has already back in the u.s. he initially said their taxi was pulled over by men posing as police officers and the four men were robbed. >> he pulled out his gun. put it to my four head. cox did it.
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direction. and then there's this. the reason authorities attempted to seize the swimmers passports. the swimmers arriving back at the olympic village long after the alleged incident to place. the judge says that this group did not appear to be shaken by the crime and were joking as they went through brazilian police are investigating. lochte is fully cooperating with authorities. he told nbc news that personally and officials did not seem to doubt his account of what happened. they thanked him for his honesty. they congratulated him on his
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he said he is just happy that he is safe and unharmed. >> you can see both sides here. or whether this is such a big black guy for the brazilian authorities. >> there have been multiple reports. >> he thought that he was just robbed by the police. he did not tell the olympic committee because he thought he would be in trouble for partying. rosanna: he tweeted nine hours ago. he retreated somebody's comment that that i am from brazil. i believe ryan. i was robbed in the bus. drivers are working with the robbers. he retreated that just a few hours ago. he is still standing by his story. >> reporter: we will see. rosanna: let's talk about what
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now. donald trump holding an event. >> hillary clinton questioning trumps economic plan. >> reporter: good morning. let's check out what the candidates will be doing today. hillary clinton will be here in the city meeting with law enforcement commissioners. meantime, donald trump will be heading south. donald trump returns to the campaign trail with a rally tonight in charlotte. trump left open the possibility of using racial profiling to protect the united states. >> we better get smart. we're letting we are letting tens of thousands of people into our country. we do not know what in the hell
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new jersey governor chris christie and michael flynn accompanied him. earlier this week, trump said he may not even trust the information relayed to him. >> do you trust intelligence? >> look at what has happened over the last 10 years. it has been catastrophic. >> earlier in the day trump held a rou rudy giuliani, peter king and stephen bannon and his new campaign manager kelly mike conway. hillary clinton was in cleveland yesterday contrasting her plan with the trumps. she says hers only benefits the wealthy. she says that the trump staff shakeup does not change anything.
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he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> the campaign framed it in positive terms. >> we're growing the team. there is more and more responsibility. >> we told you that hillary clinton and spent the day yesterday in cleveland. she took a brief detou he tweeted out a photo that said she's with me. they got together for about a half an hour or so and they spoke about their families, the presidential race and the olympics. rosanna and antwan, back to you. rosanna: a young man from virginia decided he was going to
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tower. he shimmied up trump tower. he is now saying he did it for the publicity. really? that is what prosecutors revealed during his arraignment. >> he appeared via video link. he waited until his parents left home before driving up here to new york. he then snuck into a restricted area. prosecutors wanted $20,000 bail saying items fell from his back talk untrimmed pack endangering people below. antwan: you talked about this. it is raining today. >> he would have slid down the side of the tower.
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light for the something on the street that you should not have done. you better be careful. those city lights are not just throwing off lights anymore. soon listening and keeping an eye on what is going on. >> big brother is watching, liz. >> reporter: good morning to you. says 250,000 street lights are used in all five euros. imagine if they all had tiny little cameras inside to watch our every move. they would have cameras and special sensors to pinpoint the sound of gunfire. piggybacks off the idea that the nypd has already implemented.
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location to nypd officers on the ground. commissioner bratton says that this could be a big help when it comes to crime fighting. >> every streetlight could effectively be a camera, as well as the ability to control the voltage of the lights. >> everybody has cell phones. everybody is watching everybody anyway. posting things with no control. this is a public street. it does not bother me. >> new yorkers that we spoke to seemed to like this idea. the other side of the argument, what about privacy issues. putting these little cameras inside every single streetlight,
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these are already being used in parts of brooklyn and the bronx as a test run. rolling it out citywide is going to take a wild. this is in the preliminary stages. he did not give a timeline for when he hopes to see this. we are live in downtown brooklyn this morning. back over to you. >> thank you so much. mayor de blasio is expected to announce plans t parks. >> the city will invest $150 million. 30 million for each of the parks. the money will go towards new soccer fields. hiking trails and running tracks. the improvements could take four years to complete.
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parents have a place to bring their kids. >> we are putting our dollars in our city. rosanna: i hope they will have sprinklers to. there are the sprinklers. it is just fun here at mike, you know if those parts will have sprinklers? mike: i sure hope so. my mom would have to get a new sprinkler every two weeks because i would flip over and break it. she should have gotten me a slip and slide. [laughter] we have a lot of clouds out there. a few showers have already come through. our temperature will get up to 85 degrees.
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seventy-two is your current temperature. actually not too bad. the temperatures are a little bit cooler than it was yesterday at the same time. the radar is fired up. kind of focused in these showers that are coming through. you hampton. it will be moving on quickly. i do not think that there will be much. a quick sprinkle. there is still that trough out there. even though the morning showers get by, you may see another one popped up this afternoon. eighty-seven for you tomorrow.
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storm chances out there every day through the weekend. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ines: and unauthorized person. make sure to plan and alternate route. in accident over by the brooklyn battery tunnel. blocking two lanes. the delays remain around there. the garden state parkway south island 5-mile marker 145. very slow. two lanes blocked within accident. partially blocked because of a crash.
7:19 am
there is the purpose 4.578 that i was telling you about. heading towards the grand central parkway. bqe heading westbound. street cleaning rules are in effect today citywide. rosanna: thank you so much. usually in the summer, things slow down. traffic gets the better. i do not think that we're feeling that yet in august.
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smartphone. only from fios. ? rosanna: all right. people are out there. no umbrellas up. did it fl you this morning? yesterday had a nice breeze to it. 72 degrees. not too bad. okay. antwan: scary moments on a ferry boat. rosanna: and america cruise ferry. it happened yesterday. the fire spread to the rest of the ship neared it was coming from the dominican republic and
7:23 am
rico. several dozen people were injured and thank goodness nobody life-threatening. the cause of the fire is under investigation. jay johnson is going to visit louisiana today. what a mess there. the worst flooding in state history. antwan: the president has directed fema to have availab it seems like no one has been spared. >> some have inches, some have feet. it just depends on what side of town you are. >> we sandbag two days ago. trying to keep the water out. the water was coming in faster than the pumps could keep it
7:24 am
level. >> asking landlords to give short term leases to the tens of thousands of people that were lost everything. rosanna: we knew john. a friend of "good day new york" and a friend of the city. he passed away in miami from lung cancer. he became the youngest chief of the department in the nypd history. he later became commissioner of police in he was chief in miami. he introduced innovative tactics such as shifting from car patrols to both patrols. he was under bratton when bratton was here the first time. under giuliani. antwan: he spoke highly of him in his book. rosanna: rest in peace. we will miss you.
7:25 am
travel apart second avenue -- did you know that some of the scaffolding is coming down? antwan: look at, everybody. now gone. rosanna: beach caf?. we could not even see them. they had so much scaffolding in front of them for years. i don't even know how they stayed in business, but i am glad they did. very tough for the stores and restaurants. it looks better. stores and restaurants are now visible from the streets again. >> it is looking much better. it is not perfect, obviously.
7:26 am
people are able to go into stores. >> it makes a big difference. i am happy that it is finally getting better. rosanna: me to. they keep talking december or january. there is light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. antwan: still revisiting the crown high -- rosanna: his brother died during the crown heights riots. he just had a very special reunion with the father who lost his young son. we will talk to them coming up.
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world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore now at ? rosanna: it is still cloudy out there, antwan we will take a little bit of a break from that heat and humidity.
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he is always complaining about the reservoirs. we did get some rain overnight. that should maybe help a little bit. what are you think? 730 in the morning. antwan is then for greg today. >> back by popular demand. antwan: greg had a couple of days off. rosanna: where is he, by the way? rosanna: he is very mysterious about that. i am told i cannot talk about it. he needs to know every detail. >> both of views is pretty nosy. [laughter] antwan: i hear you, mike.
7:31 am
rosanna: how do you say corn? antwan: corn. [laughter] did you know that tonight is a full moon? it is called the red moon. rosanna: isn't there a creedence clearwater okay. [laughter] >> close. not really. >> i have been drinking the moonshine in the morning. rosanna: it is encouraged on this show, apparently. >> a little cloudy in the morning. it is also humid.
7:32 am
summertime in new york city to me. there will be some scattered showers out there in the morning. it's possible you will see more in the after now untrimmed afternoon, two. we have 71 in boston. your temperatures are just a little bit above normal for this time of year throughout the northeast. most of it is out in the atlantic a little area of low pressure that came through here. we still have a trough off to the northeast. it is next to an area of low pressure up to the north. it is not going anywhere anytime soon. usually quiets down overnight. as we go through the weekend, we're kind of stuck in the same
7:33 am
mostly in the afternoon. high temperature goes up to 84 degrees. same thing for you on saturday. a few shots of rain here and there is until sunday. let's bring in ines rosales. good morning to you. >> good morning, mike. let's start with the rails. an unauthorized person on the there is an investigation going on. everything else with the rails doing fine. hudson river crossing. looking good. 495 heading towards the lincoln tunnel. let's go to our delays and show you the l.i.e. as far as the rest of your communal, you do have delays in brooklyn here.
7:34 am
there is an earlier accident by the brooklyn battery tunnel that was blocking two lanes. street cleaning rules are in effect today citywide. back to you. >> i cannot believe i'm just talking with norman rosenbaum writes here. probably one of the darkest periods in new york city history. we have the crown heights i never thought that this would happen. such chaos erupted in brooklyn. >> two men have lost loved ones in the violence formed in unlikely bond. torn apart by racism. i was there yesterday as they had the special reunion. >> they have not seen each other in five years.
7:35 am
>> as a father, i wanted to see things better. for the world. >> reporter: his 7-year-old son was killed when a station wagon came onto the sidewalk and smashed into him. three days of riots. mostly african-american residents angered that the driver of the station wagon was an innocent man targeted only because he was jewish. >> my brother did not see differences. he saw the commonality between everybody. when i think of the way his death is out, it was everything he stood for. rosanna: we have norman here
7:36 am
thank you so much for being here. sorry for your loss. >> if it was yesterday, we are rough like him back on what is happening 25 years. it is almost like everything has been fast forward and condensed. so very much with us. we think about him on a daily basis. there is not a day that goes we talk about him or reflect about him or what he would have done or how he would have reacted. very much part of our lives. >> we did ask mr. kato to come and geared tomorrow would have been the day his son would have been killed. it is a beautiful thing that you and this kato family have.
7:37 am
>> full credit to carmelo. he reached out to our family. at the end of an interview. is there anything else? he said, i would like to meet the family. it was headed by rudy giuliani. deputy mayor. schwartz from the jewish community. put it all together. i was very skeptical and cynical. i was totally wrong. you could not find a more decent person. very quietly spoken, but a finger. does not say a lot after what he
7:38 am
relevant. >> you have been back to the city a number of times. you live in australia. your thoughts on crown heights now and how much it has changed. >> at the time, there was a very popular narrative. somehow the violence erupted out of the tensions. that is not true. it just i they were not part of the integrated neighborhood. they had the focus of the world literally put upon them. they did not get into an intellectual argument. they took out the challenge and said if you are going to focus on us, we will lead by example.
7:39 am
they have looked together to have really be a beacon of not only inspiration, but of achievement. for that, they have to be complemented. rosanna: the city trying to figure out what they could do to commemorate the day. if festival this what is your reaction? is it something that you think is a good idea? >> a couple of points have to be made. any efforts which improve community harm and improve and advance the understanding and respect of the community and individuals is to be endorsed, applauded.
7:40 am
to celebrate it, not a difficulty. not at this time. whatever you do has to be honest. although sad parts about the advertising for this festival. no mention of my brother. no mention of the riots. there are messages of the ceremony, but it does not say for what or for if you want to take advantage of all the achievements, i think you have to be very, very honest and focused about what the 19th of august 1991, going into the 23rd, what those four days did from a historical point of view. what the responses were. what the community did in 25
7:41 am
initiatives. often people sort of like to pigeonhole this. it is not fair. there have been great advances. >> just having spoke with you yesterday and getting another sense of it, there is this lovely come from you. what is keeping you? there is this peaceful quality. you have every right to be upset. is it your faith? >> a number of contributing factors. i have to give credit to my parents. they brought us up in a particular way.
7:42 am
do not worry about their religion or whatever else. the second thing is the community. the people around you to have an influence about the way you you want to be treated by them as you would treat them. >> i have a family who has kept me very the supporters of government. the people who have been with me, not standing behind me, but shoulder to shoulder with me, and not just from the jewish community, i have been very fortunate. you name it.
7:43 am
that, if reagan stores your faith in human beings. sensitive and appreciative of the decency of those around you. >> we thank you so much for coming on "good day new york" this morning and sharing your thoughts and perspective with us. >> the day is going to be right back.
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. 's seven welcome back, everyone. we have a cooler start to the day. seventy in poughkeepsie. seventy-five in islip. some showers moving on through. the rainfall has brought us a little bit of faith cooling effect. it looks like we will see a few more showers trying to hold together. it is not that big of a deal at this point in time. we have a trough lingering
7:47 am
not a whole lot expected in terms of rainfall here today. for the most part, it is a mixed sky. a high level out there. the uv index is up to eight. the air quality is good. some showers, you early. some sun in the afternoon. eighty-seven for a high friday and that her day. sh a live interactive radar. it is all set to go. we have two birthday shout outs. that is a but turning 11 years old did that is and miller. it is her 94th birthday. that is her great-grandmother. happy birthday. here comes ines. she has your commute.
7:48 am
unauthorized person stuck on the tracks. let's go to our cameras and take a look at the commute this morning. looks great at 79th street. let's go to our maps. putnam county, you are fine. in the bronx, you have your normal delays. heading towards the bronx river parkway. heading towards the deegan, th >> thank you so much. should we talk more olympics? >> this is the good stuff. day third teen of the real games and a really big day for team usa. let's begin with two-time world champion as she picks up a gold medal in the women's long jump. here she goes.
7:49 am
that is just over 23 and a half feet. heard teammate took silver. she came up short. just 2 centimeters behind her. that is the size of a nickel. get out the brooms. sweeping all three medals in the hurdles. that gives the usa a total of 93 medals. they lead t china is an excellent 54. onto men's basketball. demarcus adds 15. team usa defeats argentina. advancing to the semi finals. they will face spain tomorrow. carmelo anthony. in baseball, the mets were
7:50 am
the diamondbacks went on a tear in the middle innings to pull away. deep for a two run home run. giving arizona a two run home leave. a solo home run. making it three-one. in the fifth inning, he does it again. giving arizona a six-one lead. they did at two home runs in the ninth it is too little too late. arizona wins 13-five. yankees and toronto. first-inning here, he makes the grade over the shoulder catch. put a circle around that one in your scorebook.
7:51 am
inning. donelson throws it back going to the dugout. his manager is not happy.r and e separated a bit. they say he was just curious about his cologne. [laughter] giving up a home the jays beat the yankees seven-four. josh brown has been suspended for one game for violating the nfl's personal conduct policy. brown was arrested back in may of last year for a domestic violence charge. it is unclear if that arrest is the reason for the suspension. it says brown grabbed the victim's rest leaving redness
7:52 am
the giants have no comment on the story. >> speaking of a former giant, steve weatherford is going to be here. he will be cohosting the 9:00 o'clock. >> he will be working out. [laughter] rosanna: he has some exercises that will make your arms and inch bigger. >> he talked about his own social media. ? fios is not cable. we're wired differently,
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>> i am a big fan of dell. she took his social media. no makeup. >> she has a horrible cold. she posted an apology after canceling a concert in phoenix. >> i have had a cold for a couple of days. i have been pushing for it. i did my show last night and i pushed her up. my cold has gotten the best of me. even if i did the show, it would not be very good. antwan: that is not faking there. she is clearly sick. rosanna: she did promise to reschedule her show in phoenix. i believe she is coming to new york sometime. >> the star-spangled banner once
7:56 am
? >> is it me or does he have the pair also? >> 12 years old. he definitely is channeling jimi hendrix. he honored the anniversary of the woodstock's performance playing at the winter garden. the kids in that show are so talented. antwan: they do turn out a great bunch. >> he is good. he is good. let's talk about our facebook fan of the hour. he is good, too. thank you for saying good things about us on our facebook fan of
7:57 am
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well we both throw a heck of a fast ball! not just anyone can be a major league pitcher like jacob degrom. but anyone could save money with geico. geico, proud partner of the new york mets. >> hello. "good day new york." i am rosanna scotto. antwan: i am antwan lewis. those showers that we walked into the building with, it looks like they have moved through the area. mike will have the full forecast. rosanna: two swimmers were
8:00 am
night. they cannot find evidence that confirms claims that ryan lochte and his teammates were robbed. i am not buying what the police are saying they are. they are questionable. anyway, some of those olympic teammates were pulled off a plane. they are in real right now. antwan: his first briefing yesterday. rosanna: days after the chaos at jfk airport. turned out to be a false alarm. they were not impressed by the
8:01 am
the plan of $150 million on each of those projects. rosanna: how are you on this morning? >> it is always nice to come home when you just have to shift the clock. you got my vote of rosanna: he knows not to. [laughter] speak your mind. we have fun. the weekend is almost here. that is two weeks in a row.
8:02 am
what we like to call leno friday around here. not bad. looking at dryer weather. our temperature will end up that about 84 degrees later on this afternoon. seventy-three in central park. 63 degrees in sussex. the dew points are still fairly high. dropping down into the upper 60s. it does make it a little easier. not in the oppressive range. it had been for a while. just uncomfortable at this point. we are settling for that did that is what you have to deal
8:03 am
not some scattered showers. it looks like we have some dryer conditions working our way towards us here. the potential for more showers to pop up here. do not expect any huge weather changes for us here just yet. the same weather pattern. the middle of the day is when you see the most sun a temperatures. eighty-seven is your high tomorrow. eighty-six on sunday. pretty much throughout the next four days. let's see what we have with the challenges getting around town. >> good morning, mike.
8:04 am
this will happen by the mineola station. on or close to schedule. an earlier accident by the brooklyn battery tunnel. this left the ways back to the verrazano bridge. take a look at the l.i.e. to our maps, a few problems in westchester. the bronx river parkway heard about an accident you can see that it is not causing delays. a couple of problems on the parkway traveling southbound. a stall by 142. normal 2478 looks pretty good. rosanna: i woke up and checked my phone. two olympians pulled off a plane
8:05 am
wanting to know what really happened and when lochte was reportedly robbed. twists and turns. of sandown's. >> people asking me on twitter how you can pull two americans. they have to the timeline of this incident. ryan lochte is waking up on u.s. soil. talking about what really
8:06 am
stories. two olympic swimmers pulled off a departing plane late wednesday night. temporarily confiscated by order. authorities looked to question them about an alleged robbery that occurred sunday night. twelve time ryan lochte. lochte is already back in the u.s. they were robbed at gunpoint after partying sunday. he initially said their taxi was pulled over by men posing as police officers and the four men were robbed. >> he got his gun. cocked it.
8:07 am
>> reporter: the story seems to be changing. lochte claimed the claims the gun was not held to his for head, but rather in his direction. he also claimed the taxi was not pulled over, but rather stopped at a gas station. obtaining by the daily mail. the swimmers arriving back long after the alleged incident took place. the judge said this group did not appear to be shaken by the crime through security. he did it in rio before he left. they say he sat down with an interview. the state department, the fbi and the olympic committee. this has a lot of people concerned. the daily news is reporting this morning that a british track and
8:08 am
tuesday morning. british officials sent out an e-mail to all athletes warning them to use extra caution. we have heard of this time and time again. whether or not lochte and his teammates are telling the truth is another story. they have been told that they cannot leave brazil until they give a statement to their attorneys are not saying anything more. >> the ioc initially apologized in the immediate aftermath of this. if you read the statement that was put out by the u.s. olympic committee, the way that they worded it was a little suspect. according to our swimmers, they
8:09 am
space for interpretation here. i have seen ryan lochte. i don't know if you've seen his reality show a few years ago. he is not the brightest bulb in the socket. >> he is also quite open about his use with -- rosanna: it does not take away from if a crime took voice there. >> i want her as my attorney. rosanna: we will talk later. police say they caught inspected over raping a woman in brooklyn. >> a registered sex offender. he sexually assaulted a woman. twenty-seven years old. she was treated and released. the post is reporting that police caught him yesterday after he made a 911 call during a dispute with his roommate.
8:10 am
in washington heights, police noticed a man driving his suv very erratically so they pulled him over. they found in entire arsenal inside. 45-year-old cleon cortez is from north carolina. donald trump making h national security briefs. rosanna: talk right through it. the donald talking about his plan to protect the country against terrorism. hillary clinton. talk that she will be sitting down with commissioner bratton. >> robert moses will wrap all of this up for us.
8:11 am
i just got a chance to speak with eric trump. he said he was in a hurry here it he is leaving shortly for north carolina. as you mentioned, hillary clinton will be here in the city. meeting with incoming commissioner jimmy o neill and other law-enforcement leaders. donald trump returns to the campaign trail today for a rally in charlotte. trump left open the possibility of using racial profiling to protect the united states. >> we better get smart. we're letting tens of thousands of people into our country. we do not know what in the hell we are doing. new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant michael flynn accompanied him.
8:12 am
may not even trust the information relayed to him. >> do you trust intelligence? >> look at what has happened over the last 10 years. it has been catastrophic. >> joined by rudy giuliani, congressman peter king, stephen bannon and his new campaign manager hillary clinton, meantime says his only benefit the wealthy. she again called upon him to release his tax returns. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it.
8:13 am
>> we look at it as an expansion. we are growing the team. >> in less than an hour and a half, at 930, democrats will be introducing a that they are calling donald ducks. he has so far ducked to man's to release his tax returns. expecting the unveiling then we are told that he will be following trump not only to north carolina tonight, but beyond. rooster and antwan, back to you. >> a $10,000 fine from donald trump. >> you may remember this. ordering the building to remove
8:14 am
trump was hit with a fine when he did not show up for the hearing back in june. they finally replace the bench and got rid of the kiosk, but trump must still pay the fine. >> he says he did it for the publicity. not surprised. prosecutors revealed that information during the arraignment. he bellevue hospital. they say he waited until his parents left home and then he drove to new york. he started his climb from the fifth floor. prosecutors wanted $20,000 bail. things fell from his back pack including a laptop. he could have hurt the people below on the ground.
8:15 am
in. >> that was a really scary moment. we will keep an eye and see if he makes bail. >> governor cuomo is launching an investigation into the chaos that happened sunday at kennedy airport. >> it turned out to be unfounded. it raise questions as to how well the pulleys would respond to an actual hundreds of officers were on scene. the port authority called that tactically sound. police commissioner bratton also agreed. >> a very short period of time have three-four police officers with the right equipment at that location. if there would have been an actual event, we would have had resources there.
8:16 am
from our perspective. it was, fortunately, and we need to be thankful for this, a false alarm that we can learn from. >> the agency failed to keep passengers informed. >> a two-mile stretch of property on long island is causing. problems. >> full of mice and insects as we it was once a functional railroad track. they are now spending hundreds of dollars just to keep their families suffer it. nothing has been done. >> it does not need a study. it does not need a plan.
8:17 am
>> it will continue trimming the property. >> it looks pretty unsightly. give me a break. the city. the state. everybody is worried about c cup. antwan: one of the things worried about. rosanna: they should practice what they preach. antwan: mice -- rosanna: mice, rats, you name it. it is almost coming to an end. hopefully december and january. yes. let's talk about the weather. talking about it raining when we came in. they are gone. >> mother nature likes to pull a fast one every once in a while.
8:18 am
nearly 6 inches behind. here is what we have on the almanac. pretty close to the normal high of 83. the record high as 94 degrees. your sunset time is getting earlier. 749. it is 73 in central park. seventy-one in poughkeepsie. showers came through early this morning. still aew those two will be wrapping up here fairly soon. an opportunity for more to pop up later this afternoon. we have some early showers. high temperature up to about 84. tomorrow, you will see a similar situation. a high of 87 tomorrow. eighty-six on sunday.
8:19 am
also, in other birthday shout out to beatrice. happy birthday to you. let's bring in ines right now. see what is happening on our thursday morning. ines: i know. i am confused, too. an unauthorized person on the tracks. this investigation going on both ways. you can use that each reins. head over to penn station on that. as far as your commute on staten island, the expressway is looking good. cleans, we do have a problem. the bqe, you have an accident blocking a lane. the van wyck is slow.
8:20 am
rosanna, i see you are a little extra happy. rosanna: he came by to cause trouble. steve weatherford is in the house. antwan: he will be here joining you in the 9:00 o'clock hour. rosanna: he will cohost the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> i heard that you may be working out with us at the point. all right. stay with us. "good day new york" will be right back. ? and will be for eternity. honey bunches of oats.
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8:24 am
here. rosanna: when was the last time you were at the airport? >> early july. i flew to south carolina. >> july. i went with my daughter to london. i am hearing that people are okay with going to the airport. no problems. >> we need to talk about this. the numbers in the story i am going to tell you about have to do for the first half o year. 4000 flights canceled. not included in this data. they say our complaints with the airlines are down 12% this year versus last year. the flights are on time. they are comfortable. if you look at southwest, they get one complaint for 200,000
8:25 am
complaining. we have accepted this. >> if i have a problem, i am not really going to call them. when you call them, you get an animated voice. you get pushed to i don't know how many times you are dialing numbers. it is not worth your tim antwan: we are fed up. >> i cannot wait to get the second half of the year numbers. rosanna: all right. lauren, have a beautiful day. >> you to. >> instagram is launching a new service that will likely make you feel like your life is very
8:26 am
from around the world. a selection of videos all tailored to you showing everything from concerts here in the city to the olympics and rail. rosanna: this will not be good for us. coming up. we will meet a professional poker player. she rates among the best in the world. she is hosting a big charity event. this woman is very interesting. i will tell you why. she has a collection of shoes worth a million dollars. she recently closed down a movie theater so her dog to go to the movies. she married somebody that we know and love here at fox news. she is such a wild girl. she went swimming in the pool at the four seasons and had to go to the hospital.
8:27 am
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there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold. ? rosanna: this is not version of cake that i like.
8:30 am
>> you wanted oth this is not the -- i know it is too good but it doesn't sound like drake. he does it slower. it is a remix. >> this is not bad. this is fine. rosanna: i'm like all about drake this summer. i love his my nieces get a kick when i start singing all the songs. >> but you don't love this one? rosanna: i asked for the songs. not the investigation that i wanted. >> looking for different version of i. rosanna: i like the slower version of rihanna. >> i like rihanna. rosanna: you can relate to that. >> oh, yeah. bring more. rosanna: 8:30 in morning. nice to have you here.
8:31 am
friday? >> baby friday. friday eve. rosanna: there you go. how are you feeling? i want to slow down the summer, even though i wish it was friday. i want to slow it down. this is it. >> i know. but, well, you know, we, you know what summer technically goes to like september 21st or 2nd. rosanna: officially ends at labor day. the good times are over. >> no, no. rosanna: good time charlie. >> good time charlie rosanna: what more do you have? i heard you are taking on the beach this weekend. >> i got a little beach action. rosanna: what else is up your sleeve? >> up to our pal's place. maybe montreal next weekend, something like that. see? rosanna: interesting. i know good time charlie has to live up to his reputation. >> wanted to slip away. somebody else to claim that prize. rosanna: how is the weather? >> weather is okay.
8:32 am
warm temps are still here a few showers here and there. looks like potential later on this afternoon. give you an idea what to expect here. few showers. they're out there right now. but then some sun pops back into the area, mix with clouds. it will be highs, up into the mid '80s. warmer than what we have today. still looking possibility of a late-day storm then. saturday looks nice, sunday we're tracking a few sho pretty typical in the summer months. hard to get away with the sunny weekend all the way through the summer. 73 degrees at central park at this point. 74 in bridgeport. 71 in montauk and 66 degrees in monticello. with a mixed skies around the tri-state. dewpoints are upper 60s to around 70s. that is a little bit lower than what we had yesterday. still fairly humid. just a little bit of a break.
8:33 am
we're looking drier condition taking over for just about everyone. eastern long island, maybe a few more showers next hour or two. that is about it. this trough will keep things a little bit interesting. as we head into the afternoon you could see a stray shower pop up. we have to take a quick look at the tropics. we have a tropical storm out there, that is fiona, 45 miles an hour. we're heading into the peak of the hurricane season. it i it heads to the west-northwest. most forecasts want to seem to keep it out there and not really affect the land airs. high temp 84 degrees. humidity sticks around through the weekend. typical summertime stuff. let's bring in ines see if there is update on road and situation. anything better, ines. >> we have update on long island railroad with unauthorized
8:34 am
limited service is been restored on port jefferson branches, all the westbound trains on the ronkanka and oyster bay branch both directions are still suspended. trains are running on or close to schedule. george washington into the bridge no delays. lincoln tunnel 20 minutes delay. if you're taking buses, exclusive bus delay is 10, 15 minutes port authority. look at cameras. commute on lie, lakeville road no problems. let's check out our maps. queens keeping an eye on the crash on bqe by meeker morgan avenue. de. delays westbound and eastbound across the cross island parkway. there are five different versions. the original is slow. here is another version. that one was fast. do you have it, vivian? no, she doesn't have it.
8:35 am
thanks, ines. governor christie of jersey has ordered emergency money from the state's general fund for quote absolutely essential road projects. >> came in an executive order last night. christie saying he had to issue it because the democratic controlled legislature still hasn't passed a law needed to refill the transportation trust fund. back in june christie stopped all non-essential projects paid bit fund in order to ration what money is left over. he raising the gas tax. rosanna: mayor de blasio announced plans to rebuild five city parks many in poor neighborhoods. >> they are investing 150 million. st. mary's park. fresh kills and staten island, highbridge park in washington heights and astoria park in queens. they will go for new hiking trails and running tracks. they will take about four years
8:36 am
new york city street lights. the nypd is thinking about it. it is considering introducing high-tech street lights that would double as security cameras. they could be outfitted with special sensors that can pinpoint the sound of gunfire. >> we are now looking at street light capabilities where every street light to effectively be a shot spotter camera, as well as ability to creel the voltage of the lig, if there was shot. increase the wattage. rosanna: why not use technology, right? >> i agree. rosanna: called the shot spotter system. it was used in parts of brooklyn in the bronx last year. right now there are more than 250,000 street lights across the five boroughs. be careful what you're doing outside. big brother is watching. >> some people are worried about privacy issues. that is the other side of that but, all right. rosanna: helps in fighting crime. >> i agree with you. rosanna: have you heard about
8:37 am
>> heard about the guy in florida -- rosanna: ate face of somebody. >> may have been on "flaaka." rosanna: college student in florida accused of gruesome murder of a company. there is a talk he was on flakka. i don't know what this is. what is this, dr. raschein any raj? >> this is flakka, similar to bath salts. it causes accuse aggressive behavior, superhuman strength to the point where people can really start very violently harming others and desire to eat someone's face. sounds like out of a horror moving movie. >> the walking dead. >> they thought they cracked down on it in south florida but a college student may have been on it when he viciously attacked and murdered a couple. it can be ingested, eaten,
8:38 am
it was legal in china until october of 2015. so a lot of people imported it from there. it is now illegal worldwide. still disturbing reports of this, can cause paranoia, psychosis, superhuman strength. can last within your system, five days. two weeks if you're chronic user, effects after taking one time. very dangerous new drug out there. rosanna: it is a balt salt, right? >> similar to type of bath salts. salt. >> if there is will or way to find a way to use dangerous drugs. rosanna: the man had posted something to youtube a few days ago. looking at it this morning talking about not using steroids. he seems like he is a little delusional. >> disturbed, yeah. >> authorities say he had superhuman strength. they had to says taser this guy. sick a dog on him. >> four police officers and a animal.
8:39 am
that can give you superhuman strength and unfortunately violent and aggressive strength. not good. let's talks about stroller injuries. the journal of american pediatrics is reporting there is increase over past couple decades of head injuries, traumatic brain injuries due to stroller accidents and baby carrier accident. not necessarily that the strollers or baby carriers these days but perhaps doctors are better diagnosing the injuries. parents are we're seeing a large number of e.r. visits due to head injuries from strollers tipping over or baby carriers falling off of a bed, someone not supervising. and concussions from brain injuries. maybe sure you don't put anything on the bags on the stroller so it tips over. make sure the kids are strapped in the stroller. baby carrier, you place it
8:40 am
could fall. you have to watch it all the time. rosanna: been there, done that already. >> me too. i remember when my son was a baby my husband was out of town, literally turned my back for one second, it was on the bed, on the floor. rosanna: you're kidding. >> he was totally fine. babies get a huge lump even with big injury. i was scared to tell my husband. they got it worked out. can happen to everyone. we have to be extra, extra careful putting your child in a stroller or baby rosanna: thanks for that good information. >> you're welcome. rosanna: have a good day and weekend. >> you too. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york," one of the most popular sports figures in town has to be our friend steve weatherford. you know him as former punter for the giants and jets. he is coasting the 9:00 hour with moi. >> book he will be talking about. rosanna: will he keep his shirt on. will mike woods keep his shirt
8:41 am
will antoine lewis keep his on? >> duke is here so we know the answer to that. rosanna: "good day new york" is
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everybody looks like you're a killer. antoine: you get bad eyes, that is for sure. rosanna: enjoy the day, 8:44 in the morning. we're talking about it this morning there are major problems with the lirr. ines has been talking about it. all three lines were suspended. limited service has been restored to two lines. antoine: two of the lines. get to liz dahlem. she is in reporter: all this started when a man jumped on the tracks. he was killed immediately when the train hit him. they removed his body from the tracks a few minutes ago. medical examiner to the scene has been removed from the train tracks. as you can imagine this halted morning commute and started a couple of delays.
8:45 am
not sure where to put themselves. again after the train was just stopped in the middle. tracks here at the mineola station. ronkama. port jefferson and oyster bays lines were affected. they are dropping at every train stop to penn. they're making slow speed as they head into the city. oyster bay branch is still suspended at this point. someone someh trip tracks, struck by a train heading westbound. i spoke to someone via twitter, the train was going full speed through the station. they felt a rumbling at the bottom of the train. the conductor tried to stop as quickly as possible. it was too late. one person was killed as they jumped on to the tracks at the mineola station. the to recap the oyster bay branch suspended entirely with the delay and backup.
8:46 am
con can ma branches are up and running but going slow through the stations. another live look as we toss things brac to you, antwan and rosanna. rosanna: we'll keep an eye on this. >> our assistant news director. rosanna: sometimes takes the lirr in. he had so many problems this summer he decided to drive. >> he had a rough july. rosanna: pain in let's get in a good mood, shall we, ballet x. they have so much grace and are athletic. they will be here to perform for
8:47 am
8:48 am
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8:50 am
antwan. those of us who remember, remember it. david bowie. antwan: that is fifth avenue. rosanna: all right. let's talk about amy schumer. love her. love her show. but now, you know, she's tweeting something like everybody finds a little odd. it has to do with her comedy central show. she is saying, it has been canceled. is that possible? antwan: i don't know. a lot of questions about this. she apparently caught up in a twitter battle over one much her curt metser is apparently made hurtful comment about sexual assault victims and internet blew up demanding she should fire him. i didn't fire curt, he isn't a writer for my show because we aren't making show anymore. rosanna: they aren't making show anymore. antwan: there are no more writers. seems to imply she may have cans settle, inside amy chum schumer
8:51 am
rosanna: you never know what shows up. including blake shelton had old tweets at that came back to haunt him. he issued for apology with tweets that resurfaced several years ago, and questions, well, one of them came from 2011. he mentions a man order ad skinny carmel latte, and shelton said he could tell if the man was gay. antwan: another tweet wishing a man near him would speak english so he could know what he is hmmm. rosanna: a new tweet. he is still tweeting blake shelton. he said comedy has always been a part of his career. he can be inappropriate and immature but never hateful. etch quote, deeply apologizes to anybody that may have been offended. saying basically it was a joke. all right. let's talk about the harlem havana music and cultural festival. it continues this week today from noon to 1:00. from 6:00 to 8:00.
8:52 am
macy's herald square showcasing music, fashion and food. ? antwan: so that the apollo theater last night where they had the party with a performance from who are say pacheco. harlem havana musical cult trillion festival celebrates the bond the city has not just with fashion but music. havana holding week long february if you love "harry potter." you may love this. author j.k. rowling is not done with the hogwart's. antwan: sorry. rosanna: go for it. antwan: written a series of digital shorts about the school where potter and friends hone the magic. they will focus on characters other than than harry and hermine. the first collection will be released through potter and other digital retailers. each costing about three bucks.
8:53 am
"good day new york." we have a poker pro, beth shack. she is incredible and raising money for a share. she is a colorful out side of the casino. antwan: fan of christian lou baton. rosanna: her collection of shoes totals like a million dollars. antwan: likes movie theaters, right? rosanna: her dog likes to be in the movie theater with nobody antwan: can't wait to meet her. rosanna: getting down with beth
8:54 am
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>> good day brought to you by mazda, driving matters. antwan: it is time for our instagram picture of the the morning. rosanna: ann, thank you so much for sending the shot to our instagram account using hashtag. thank you. antwan: always. rosanna: see you back here tomorrow. don't go anywhere, steve weatherford will be here co-hosting the 9:00 with my.
8:57 am
fitness segment. antwan: bally x will be here. rosanna: come dressed appropriately for fitness. antwan: ballet x. you don't want me for that one, right? rosanna: ballet i will skip you for that one. come dress for fitness, antwan. steve weatherford and beth shak real life poker player will be here. it will be fun.
8:58 am
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>> from fox 5 news, it is time for more "good day" new york. coming up this hour. novelist colson whitehead already has one big fan, oprah winfrey. his novel, underground railroad is getting tons of buzz. ballet x is getting ready to close out the 10-year anniversary at the theater. we're getting a performance here >> we're playing poker for a good cause. professional poker player, beth shak is giving us hot tips. destination dogs. they are taking this snack to new heights. rosanna: i hear they're bringing kangaroo hotdogs. only one person would down that. no, not greg kelly. he is off today. maybe he is somewhere in this crowd having a cup of coffee, enjoying a thursday.


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