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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, it is time for more "good day" new york. coming up this hour. novelist colson whitehead already has one big fan, oprah winfrey. his novel, underground railroad is getting tons of buzz. ballet x is getting ready to close out the 10-year anniversary at the theater. we're getting a performance here >> we're playing poker for a good cause. professional poker player, beth shak is giving us hot tips. destination dogs. they are taking this snack to new heights. rosanna: i hear they're bringing kangaroo hotdogs. only one person would down that. no, not greg kelly. he is off today. maybe he is somewhere in this crowd having a cup of coffee, enjoying a thursday.
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steve weatherford! steve: good to be back. rosanna: how are you? steve: i'm doing good. rosanna: i haven't seen you so much. steve: be here at 8:15 to get makeup on and get ready, i show up at 7:45. i want to make sure i see my friends. good to be back here. rosanna: are you having a great summer? steve: having a great summer spending a lot of time for the family for first time in like 19 years. i'm not in training camp. i mean that started when i i'm almost 34. almost 20 years of training camp. for me not to be in it this year i thought would be very strange. that was the worst part of the job. nobody wants to be in training camp. rosanna: okay. you played for the giants and jets. a little melancholy you're not doing it this year? steve: no, you know what? there is very few people during the course of their career that get to walk away from the nfl when they want to.
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not good enough, but for me it was, you know, i made the decision i wanted to pursue another passion in my life in fitness and public speaking and you know, just kind of entrepreneurial stuff. and so for me right now i'm so excited about that. i really haven't had time to kind of reflect on what i'm missing out on, because i don't feel like i'm missing out, so. rosanna: you have about 85 kids. howl kids do you have? steve: i have only got four, but i don't know where they get all their energy from. rosanna: really? i'm looking at it. steve: seems i have 18 of them. rosanna: you and your gorgeous wife laura, she deserves a medal not only to be married to you. steve: for sure. rosanna: four kids keep her very active. steve: everybody is like, i'm so heavily involved in fitness. your wife is in such great shape. you must do great programs for her. she doesn't work out. she chases kids. rosanna: she doesn't?
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she will work out because she is bored. not because she feels like she needs to go to the weight room. rosanna: my son said he saw you bench press your wife. steve: i have. rosanna: that's easy? steve: if you don't have weights -- she is only 112 pounds. rosanna: that is amazing. first of all, i see you doing arm exercises here. i'm looking at your jacket. steve: that was the day i went to work out with mike woods. you see mike woods in the back. rosanna: i kno where you're increasing your arm size in 10 days. steve: i've taken your son. not 10 day, not that quick. in january, once i decided i didn't want to play in the nfl anymore, i went on a 90-day journey. i put together a program. i always wanted my arms to be bigger. while i was playing i didn't have the time to dedicate to arm training because i was trying to become a better athlete, get bigger, faster, stronger for
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first day i started, 16.75-inch biceps and 90 days later i was at 19.1. rosanna: what did you do? steve: i put on a lot of size. rosanna: did you take anything? steve: i never take anything in my life. i played pro sports and got drug tested every time i turned around. that is one thing very important to me. and that is why i will never get into bodybuilding. in order to compete in that industry you have to take things that aren't healthy for and the reason i'm, is involved in fitness because i love it. you know, i want to be healthier. i want higher quality of life and i want to role model that to my kids. i share so much on social media. i think the greatest investment you can make or i can make in our lifetime not within our kids but it is within ourself. if you build the best version of yourself, at that at that point that is the greatest gift you can give your husband or your children, you being healthy and
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your quality of life is higher and energy is levels are higher. that's why i love it. rosanna: wait, did you put it in a book now? steve: it is in a ebook, set to be released in three weeks. i'm excited. first time i ever done anything like this. and i could not be more excited because something i actualy went through myself. i know it works. rosanna: it's real? steve: it's real. rosanna: can we preorder it? what is the title? steve: i'm sharing a lot of information in the updates on my social media and website, we're three weeks away from releasing it. putting finishing touches on it. rosanna: are there pictures. steve: i'm an author now. rosanna: excuse me. steve: i'm an author. there are pictures. if you don't want to do arm workouts, do it for the pictures. rosanna: that is my favorite picture. steve: you do love that picture. i feel like you show that picture every time i am here.
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rosanna: how big was the picture you gave me? steve: it was gigantic poster. rosanna: i keep it in my office. my husband came one time, why do you have this picture? steve: i know your husband. we have a great relationship. i know he can't get mad at me. rosanna: i know your life laura. she is amazing woman. steve: you have a great family. we've been talk about my family. i tell you what, your husband, son, daughter, you're very blessed as well. rosanna: thank you. steve: l.j. is my guy. rosanna: you have taken him steve: he is a good kid. rosanna: he is really into fitness. what else is going on with you? what will you do in septemer? you will promote the book. steve: promote the book. i'm working on that. i have a meal prep company i work on, lifestyle cuisine with carlo filopone. rosanna: i know. he posted funniest instagram. steve: carlo did? i haven't seen it. rosanna: he said i wept on a
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thing i lost was two weeks. steve: nobody likes to diet. rosanna: i can so relate to that. the food that carlo prepares is very, very good. steve: oh, yeah. mike woods is one of our clients. rosanna: yeah, totally. right, mike? it is delicious. at same time healthy. >> always. steve: it is convenient too. rosanna: not talking about dieting as far as like or counting calories. your family. when i want a cheat meal we go to fresco and had lasgna. a lot of those same entrees with healthy alternative ingredients. maybe it is chicken vegetable lasgna. it is a lot of fun. makes my life easier and more convenient. rosanna: don't have to think about cooking. it is right there. steve: steve: takes about four minutes. rosanna: we'll talk about getting around.
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a tough commute. steve: have you seen this? three lanes closed. >> three lines closed this morning on li railroad. major obstruction. sadly somebody was hit west of mineola station. a third remains sub spended. people are waiting. their patience is being tested. liz dahlem is in minute nee ol' la. steve: get us what have we got going on? reporter: good morning, steve and rosanna, they just removed the body from the tracks, the person who jumped on to the tracks before 7:00 this morning which caused all of these delays. appears this happened not far from where we're standing. as you can imagine, the ripple effect of all delays is starting to build up for the long island railroad passengers right now at the mineola train station. we're told that the port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches are running with limited service.
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stop along the way into penn because of what happened here earlier this morning. and the oyster bay branch is still suspended at this hour. we're told by investigators someone snuck on to the tracks, jumped on to the tracks just before a westbound train heading to penn station was coming through mineola here. i spoke to someone who was on the train through twitter and he told me they were going full speed westbound when he felt something at the bottom of the train. the conductor tried to stop as soon as possible. th the train was stopped here for hours as the investigators combed through the scene and got the body off of the tracks. we're told a middle age man by some people here at mineola's train stop when all of this went down. gone we're told service has been restored on the port jefferson as well as ronkonkoma branches. oyster bay at this point still no service running at this hour. when we come back here live, i want to show you the scene,
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we have not even one comb through here in probably half an hour or so. at this hour usually trains come through every 15, 20 m trains wt moving a little bit faster. we're told everything is moving very local at this point, stopping at every train stop along the way into penn. throughout the day as we head into the tail end of the morning rush. things should get a little bitig into the city this morning. we're live from mineola. send things back to you in the studio. rosanna: liz dahlem. thank you. steve: ines rosales, oyster bay is reinstated to limited service. i want to know what is going on with the weather. liz, thank you for the update. mike, what have we got? >> steve, good to have you.
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this morning. >> thank you very much. i try to. you always come in here, he comes to play, rosanna, right? rosanna: yeah. i'm next to like two fashion plates. are you kidding me? >> there is theme going on, rosanna. you keep pulling in hunks when greg is gone. rosanna: greg is a hung in his own right. steve: i'm so much more than that, mike [laughter]. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. steve: i'm a heck of a nice guy. rosanna: i did not want any eye candy for the wom >> who is next? fabio? what? anyway, good to have you, steve. steve: good to be back. >> here when we have with the weather headlines. a few showers out there this morning have come and gone. for the most part they are breaking up. we'll see a exmove clouds and suns later on this afternoon. warm temperatures on the way for you tomorrow. there could be a late-day storm coming at you tomorrow as well. we have a trough hanging in there. saturday looks to be pretty
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so as this mixed bag we often times get in the tri-state in the summer months here, it is coming to you again. right now we have-- 76 degrees at central park. 66 in monticello with the winds kind of light and variabe coming through five to seven miles an hour. that is pretty variable all over the place. trough of low pressure swung by early this morning. we have somewhat of a disturbed long island. other than everyone else dried out. a few showers up around middlesex and new london counties in connecticut. that's it. not a big deal. but that trough will keep things somewhat stirred up. that means an opportunity for more showers is there. when you get into the afternoon and evening hours primarily. every once in a while you get something in the morning. futurecast wants to pop a few spotty showers later on this afternoon. it gets quieter in the evening,
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the area, few more showers get going. scattered around the tri-state region. we'll see what comes through with the trough in the area. it stays risky for more showers to pop up from time to time. high temp goes up to 84 degrees. 87 for you tomorrow. it is humid again. it will be that way through the upcoming weekend. shower chances on minimal side but they are out there almost every day. probably saturday being driest of the days out there. next week looks a little break. rosanna, steve, over to you. rosanna: you are going to meet a very special woman. this woman, look how serious. she has poker face on. steve: that is a peck he poker poker -- pokers face,. rosanna: she is one of the best in the world. steve: i knew who she is. i like poker.
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amy duke. i know the whole circuit. rosanna: she has great package. not only raising money for poker but raising money for a great charity. it is called, deal me in for jed. have fun and learn more about the game. support the cause. beth is here. also we have to congratulate beth. hi. >> hi. >> beth has been here a few times. steve: she is off the market now, so i here. rosanna: beth is lady. >> yes, i am. steve: sorry, guys, she is off the market now. rosanna: married to somebody we know and love her at fox, rick leventhal. >> yes. rosanna: when did this happen? how did this happen? >> we were playing a world series of poker event. we were having dinner with robin leach and rick said to me, actually rick said to robin, i will marry this woman. robin said, no you're crazy. he said, yes i am.
9:15 am
before i knew it, robin was on the phone. we were planning a wedding. i said to rick, we have to get married on -- rosanna: when? >> six nine. steve: he won't forget that one. for a woman make as living gambling. rosanna: june 9th, you got married. >> yeah. steve: what time of day was it? >> it was, it was about 12:10. steve: about 12:10 exactly. that is not at noon. rosanna: this woman is wild. let me tell you how wild she is. she has admitted not only is she a great poker player, you played poker with some guys dated. rick, don't listen to this part. you might get upset. played poker with some guys you dated. if you really like them, strip poker. steve: rosanna is going there. rosanna: if you like them, you would lose, and if you didn't like them, you would make them lose, right?
9:16 am
really funny to get them to be stark naked and get them out of your apartment. steve: that is righteous walk of fame. not only lose everything in the game but have to get home. rosanna: how did rick fair doing those games. >> oh, he is so hot. i mean, i can't say it. i want him undressed all the time. steve: shifting tell me more about this deal me in for jed. i am coming. i love poker. >> i want you both to come. steve: i can't play strip poker. >> this is august 27. a major estate in the hamptons. it is an amazing, amassing charity. the program is in over 3500 colleges nationwide. what it is, it is mental health awareness for high school and college age children, and it
9:17 am
when your child is away and, they might be struggling. they might be having signs and need help. jed goes in and educates the colleges on how to pick up on signs when you're not there to see that your kids are struggling. rosanna: that is really smart. why did you get involved with this particular charity? was there a reason? >> well, twofold. a, i have a duarte that struggled or did struggle. she is perfect now. she struggled with learning disabilities growing up. i know when you have a child that struggles with problems, it is hard sometimes to go, to go away to college to figure out how, am i going to be there and work on my academics -- rosanna: kids don't want the stigma either. they don't want to feel they go somewhere special. if their friends find out, blah, blah. steve: rosanna, sometimes not even going somewhere special,
9:18 am
it wasn't that i had to be in different classes with other people, but with adhd, there are issues come along with that. that is considered a learning disability. am i still intelligent? i don't know, it is debatable. rosanna: yes. steve: technically i had a learning disability, it made high school difficult, things easier for some children were more difficult for me. sitting down reading chapters was very difficult. rosanna: makes perfect sense. steve: i's mag what you're doing. how did you get involved? i'm assuming they contacted you? >> no. i went to them and said i want to be a part of this. i would like to give you my time, my money, my name. would you you will be to start a poker event with me? i owe them everything because had it not been for them and their willingness to work with me, i would have never met my husband. steve: that's amazing. >> i owe them the world. i want everyone to buy tickets
9:19 am
i want you to go on the jed website -- rosanna: what it is called, jed website. >> j-e-d. steve: >> jed .org. rosanna: i need to brush up my poker skills. we happen to have -- steve: deal me in. rosanna: can we go every towards the set here. i don't know if you know this mike woods was a dealer. steve: don't forget to las vegas, right? >> harrah's lake tahoe. steve: did you really? >> i did. i was a blackjack dealer. insurance even money. steve: i don't take even money. >> how are you. rosanna: do you know how to play poker? >> this might be a little bit of a struggle. but i have an expert on my side and i won't be looking at you at [laughter] took me like ten minutes to get the tie right.
9:20 am
>> if you buy this at zaron-w s. rosanna: i want to see you who you deal and shuffle. >> you see, i got to tell you, you want me to shuffle again? i just finished. this is double deck. i got to tell you i'm used to single deck. rosanna: excuses, excuses. >> this is early days. steve: i want to see the cards rosanna: you're getting me nervous right now. >> look, you're messing. steve: success as professional poker player. >> that is not how you shuffle. rosanna: that is how we shuffle in brooklyn. start dealing there. steve: beth loves her husband. >> are you ready? steve: playing your cards right, pun intended. >> that's right. rosanna: can you deal it already? steve: come on, mike. >> easy now. i don't deal myself, do i.
9:21 am
>> you're not playing? you don't want to play. you're just dealing. >> i'm in. >> okay. steve: all-in. >> we're going three rounds, right? you guys are in trouble. >> okay. we're betting. rosanna: we're betting? >> i didn't get any coins. steve: in poker but i'm using it. >> i don't even have any coins. thank you. i appreciate it. steve: dealer just dealt himself in. rosanna: what do i do? stev rosanna. >> come to you first, beth. you're the guest. steve: can i raise dealer? >> you can. steve: i'm going to raise, rosanna. i've already seen your hand. >> are these donations here? steve: how much did i raise? this much. >> exactly. >> everybody is in on me. >> got to go the next round of cards, right? rosanna: she has a monster hand. >> did you show already?
9:22 am
just fold. >> you're not dealing right. what are you doing? steve: no. we don't need a card. you're supposed put that right here. >> you have to burn a card. i thought you said he knew how to deal? rosanna: we'll be right back. steve: i'm all-in. >> i told you. rosanna: i think i won? did i win? i won. i won! steve: i got a joker. security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk.
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? rosanna: this is our book club. i know if greg was here he would be so crazy about this next book and of course the man who wrote it, carlson whitehead. his next book, everybody is talking about it. oprah winfrey has embraced it. when oprah gives it the seal of approval, you know this is goo book to get right away. the book is called, "the underground railroad."?so nice n whitehead. >> thanks for letting me be here. rosanna: is it the same book you thought you were going to write? >> it change ads lot. i was finishing one book. sitting on my couch, remembering when i was a kid first heard about the underground railroad.
9:26 am
actual subway. steve: when i think of in my mind. >> a lot of people first hear about it, still adulthood think that that's okay. steve: i'm one of those. >> what if. and, you know, started working on the premise, if she, if the hero is going north, running away, what if every state, south carolina, north carolina, was a different state of american possibilities. so as she leaves the plantation americas, exploring different facets of american history. rosanna: you did a lot of research on it. you focus on this one young woman, core a you take her through her adventure, the ups and downs of freedom. and i'm just wondering, the research, was this a real person or a historical person or is this a composite? >> it is bits of her from different historical figures. there is woman named harriet
9:27 am
and ran away and hid in an attic for seven years until she could get passage out of the state. she informs the north carolina chapter, where cora, our protagonist is trapped in an attic and can't leave. i drew from a lot of slave narratives. famous ones, frederick douglass. the government in the great depression, give writers back to work, give them money, had them interview fme 80-year-old, 90-year-old, who had been kids or teens when slavery finished. there are thousands of accounts they gathered, interviews. that really fed a lot of details in the book, what they wore, what they ate. steve: rosanna and greg have a book club but i'm reading that you made oprah's book club 2.0. rosanna: oh, oprah. steve: great to be on her book club -- rosanna: but not the same. steve: oprah's subscription list
9:28 am
bigger. tell me what that phone call is like. when something like that happens, that really kind of validates the investment of time and passion and energy into a project like this, when oprah says this is so good, i'm putting it on my book club. >> brings to new audience about books. wrote a book about elevators inspectors. that doesn't sound interesting to a lot of people, but when oprah epdoorses it, it breaks barrier of sometimes weird ideas. you heard she is contacting you because she is asking if she can -- >> i was traveling from a reading at duke university and whenever i was on the plane, soon as landing gear comes down i always check my phone. there is message from my agent. usually when my agent calls me i messed up or something. i called her back immediately. oprah. i was, shut the front door. oprah book club. i started cursing for real. i was on the plane. people are looking at me.
9:29 am
off the plane by homeland security. >> not again. so, and then since it was a secret. we kept, i couldn't tell anybody for four months. told my wife. steve: i would have had real trouble keeping that a secret. i love oprah. >> she is in the book industry. she knew to keep her mouth shut. and then, they shipped 200,000 copies to booksellers in secret. steve: where can people get the book? >> it is eve waiting for you. steve: you don't have to tell people specific places to go. you know he what? it is on oprah's book club 2.0. you can just get it anywhere. rosanna: i about the way, he is new yorker. we're very proud of him. steve: and new jersey people doing well. rosanna: you went to trinity high school. >> yeah. rosanna: my daughter did too. rosanna: i heard you went to harvard. >> yeah. i came back to the city. rosanna: came back to the city. by the way he has taught at
9:30 am
might be easier. catholic university? steve: he has taught everywhere and can get his book everywhere. he is a big deal. rosanna: telling you a fascinating book from page one, it is called, "the underground rail yesterday." you will learn a lot. steve: can you get it on audio book any can't sit still to read a book. >> great narrator. steve it wasn't morgan freeman, was it? i could listen to all day. >> that would have been cool. thanks a lot. rosanna: congratulations. not only is he on "oprah"'s book list -- steve: taught anywhere. rosanna: do not downplay it. steve: i'm not downplaying it. rosanna: "good day new york" is coming right back. we have a lot -- we'll meet ballet x. put on your tutu, steve weatherford. steve: i have tear away pants on. when we come back i will pull
9:31 am
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9:33 am
>> bally x, they are one of the premier about contemporary ballet companies out of pfltd philadelphia, but they are celebrating in new york a special time in their life. they're going to bed a joyce theater joining us right now is
9:34 am
x nice to have you here. how would you describe -- the way -- the ballet, the performance, and everything with this company. >> so we're ten year old. we're from philadelphia, and we do all new work and commissioned 58 world premiers in our ten years. we're making bally new and fresh. >> a modern take on it. one of the showcases is by amy winehouse so we -- you k surprises in the piece and program is really different. you go on a huge journey that takes ballet into a u new direction. >> what makes ballet x different or unique to regular ballet? >> yeah. well we train classically in brn choreographers around the world with different voices so you get to see their take on what ballet can be. so it's really fresh. it's different. >> collaboration of a bunch of
9:35 am
world. >> in new york city. >> where can people get tickets? >> at the joyce ticket threat or. >> so i want to wear stretchy pants -- >> can you tell us about this piece they're going to perform. >> a duet the music is classical it is bock but on our program music is very showcaseing chloe and richard. only ballet x.
9:36 am
9:37 am
overage, how beautiful. ballet x christine, gorgeous. steve, can you mimic any of those moves right now? let's give it your best shot. >> during the commercial break you guys are amazing. very cool. see them at joyce theater through the weekend good day is coming right back. by the way we have the most delicious hot dogs we worked up an appetite watching them.
9:38 am
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> ? ? after all of that exercise i worked up -- >> deserve it. hot dog appetite. >> you know what you're in luck because we have a chef is here that's prepared some amazing dish. >> what do you call those hot water dog -- dirty water dogs out there. >> nathaniels. this is isn't the normal hot do?
9:41 am
>> jimmy cofound or co-owner of destination dogs in new jersey. j new brunswick new jersey. you do hot dogs 2.0. >> try to do 5.0. these are more than 2.0. jim umy what do we have here? >> we have here a mix of traditional hot dogs and international styles of hot dogs that we do at designation dogs -- j like. >> everything from your traditional standard chili dog >> chili dog chicago dog, to our variation of a queens hot dog called cleo mcdowel. >> cleo mcdowel is hot dog with cheese sauce, secret sauce, cabbage onion, sesame seeds and pickles. >> meat, though -- >> it's a hot dog. standard. j but hearing we have other -- exotic meats if you will. >> yeah and our menu inspired from places around the the world
9:42 am
they eat there and do a creative topping to coincide with that. that is a kangaroo sausage this one right over here. >> you killed a kangaroo with that -- j i didn't -- but -- >> i love kangaroos. >> that is -- support this. hop to it and eat that. >> the kangaroo. and for those of you who don't know what is harsh sometimes. but flavor goes very nicely on that. is it good. taste like chicken? >> it taste like a kangaroo. [laughter] i love kangaroo but never i don't support this, but it taste good. >> thank you so much. this here is another exotic that is python sausage. >> i hate snakes i'll eat a snake. >> that is chicken sausage rosanna that you have right there. i wanted to try the python.
9:43 am
>> this is -- >> that is chicken. >> i've eaten plenty of chicken and never a python so -- >> we try to have a little everything. >> not often can you get python. >> not in my mouth. >> rosanna you're so fancy. ? ? so -- jimmy go ahead. >> what we're building here today -- >> i thought you were going to >> how do you feel? two declares. what's it taste look? >> i like the python better than the kangaroo. it is good. >> so we have two traditional. this is a traditional dog on our menu it is a kansas city beefs from kansas. it's our kansas city dog opinion >> who knew there were variations jimmy. >> a lot of variations we make up ourselves not a traditional dog traditional for last four years des nation dogs this is a hot dog.
9:44 am
>> oh -- >> don't do that to me. kansas city is good sloppy barbecue that's what we like and top with coleslaw. >> this is -- this is good. >> rosanna -- >> this is goods and top with a little bit of scallion and that is a kansas city beef. >> this one has my name on it. >> i'll napkin you. ? ? >> you better get in t real bite rosanna. >> it's so good. >> hard to eat sometimes eat with a fork and knife which i don't know if that's normal. we make bun in house as well as extra sausages. >> that goes for $8. >> nice meal. >>tell our friends where they cn find destination dog -- >> new brunswick new jersey also ohming u new location in center city, philadelphia in september. >> they're taking python
9:45 am
philly. >> it's worth the destination. >> i might have to make a stop. >> thank you so much. enjoy. >> taste amazing looks amazing. >> thank you. >> we have to work this stuff off. shall we do another fitness segment. who's there? >> i got done eating kangaroo so i need it. >> we're going to find out new exercises steve that maybe even a little difficult for you. >> i doubt it. [laughter] ?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore now at your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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light & fit crunch. >> small patrol is out today. i couldn't wait to get you feeling comfortable on this show. >> i felt like superman going into the phone booth and then changing my clothes too. but no. now it's just me. >> tina is here -- >> the victim. >> seen her before. >> and tina beat me in a 5k we ran through the lincoln tunnel i was like sure, just follow me. i know where i'm going. >> by the way -- >> like a bullet. >> important to you. did you meet c.j.? >> just did a former punter. >> that's what i hear. >> from umass. myles --
9:49 am
>> very simila. >> pretty much in the same stuff. >> so you have a lot in common. >> we have rocket launchers for a leg. >> shoot the potato gun. >> i have trouble getting through tsa also. c.j. i want you to show something to steve he's never seen before. i want you to kick some butt. >> you have four minutes. so easy back to basic workout squats, lunges important we have people who do different things. skateboarder crossfiter back to basic. >> so we have a sweatshirt -- [laughter] so back to basics with regular movements doesn't matter what you do it becomes all relevant so five burpies and then ten pushup to rest right back to it. >> can you do that mr. steve ?eef >> five? >> yes. five here we go.
9:50 am
you're right here. three, two, one let's go five burpy jump at the end. oh got to jump. two, back down. >> come on weatherford tina always beating up on me. so straight down to tin pushups no rest. pushups, all right. one, two, three. >> i can handle pushups but burpies i hate. chris modifying on his knees. >> that's how we like to d big swole with the one arm. get me three more. another -- two more 15 squats. here we go, one, two -- three, four, five, one of those workouts you can do anywhere hotel room in the park. >> what is key to your fitness plan? >> functional training find sthng you love and train to make yourself better at it. look at tina go. based in new york city.
9:51 am
coleman my instagram. website and what would you say is your main focus for your clients? >> fitness main focus is having fun with fitness more you have fun the more you want to do it and more you'll see change. >> do you only do one-on-ones or no? i have an app based program to go to sign up for. volatile functional fitness so very much run around the city. >> sounds like me. >> are >> 19 inch articles. >> the swole patrol is out this morning. >> that was great workout. rosanna, great job. >> i'm exhausted -- >> killed it. did you see me, i broke a sweat not for the same reason. but -- >> ten to 15 minutes all it takes. >> amazing. c.j. thank you so much. tina looking good. can we get a round of applause
9:52 am
inspirational introduce -- this is danny she does crossfit. chris eats cookies. skateboards -- obviously tina. pfnlgt so crossfit, u how do you do training as well? >> all of the time. okay crossfit is part of the functional training. ten and i can have an arm like that. >> i have to get her workout going. >> thank you hard work takes a lot more than that. nutrition -- thanks, we're coming back with more steve weatherford are you
9:53 am
9:54 am
an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk.
9:55 am
>> karla looking good thank you so much for saying nice things about us on ny facebook page. >> you guys get a lot of love on facebook. a lot of people commuting from long island that they've had a morni. >> ines has an update a lot of people sitting in traffic. what have you got for us? >> update sups pended and port jefferson branch so latest we have service restored on all three branches but a 60 to 940 minute delay on ronkonkoma and port jefferson branches. there was someone stuck by train earlier and they have that service suspended two branches are making always local stop and
9:56 am
trains get by passed for customer safety. limited service and mta from jamaica to penn station both directions to help you get around this one. steve and rosanna. back to you. >> thank you so much. maybe you should exercise while you're waiting, right? >> i was in my suit and i'm a lot more comfortable right now. >> you're making me a lot more comfortable too. i'm looking at the arms i can tell they're bigger has to do with the new -- routine you're doing. called armageddon you love the name too. armageddon releasing on ebook here in three weeks so i'm superexcited about that. first time i've written anything so you're sit next to an author and didn't know it. so you're welcome. >> my favorite arm exercise -- >> yes. >> that what is that? >> ten ounce curl. rosanna you're so full of it. she's in good shape, and -- you workout all of the time.
9:57 am
spending last hour with you. thank you so much for watching. >> i can't wait to come back fox 5 fan love you guys. >> facebook live thank you.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> the kids havave come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy!


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