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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the group apparently did give the gas station owner money. ryan lochte left rio monday before a judge ordered their passports be taken. jack conger and bentz were pulled from the plane. >> they will cooperate with the justice and police. >> due to privacy considerations, we cannot give any more information but refer to the brazilian authorities for more potentially face punishment, probation, suspension, a fine or expulsion. pyou see the usa swimming code f conduct prohibits dishonesty or fraud. it was not clear if the organization plans to act. we don't know if the swimmers could face criminal charges. steve: bizarro. thank you. the grieving parents of the jogger who was killed in queens say progress is being made into the investigation. her mother and father held a
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howard beach home and say police have strong leads and it could be a matter of days until an arrest is made. she was found face down in a marsh near jamaica bay more than two weeks ago after going for a run. police say she was sexually assaulted and strangled to death. >> we know that there is a family member of the killer that we need for them to come forward, you know, to finalize this very than $250,000 for anyone with information leading to an arrest. anyone with information should call crimestoppers. alison: the man accused of killing a bronx deli work in court. he will not testify in front of a grand jury. police say guzman shot and killed the man last week after guzman grabbed an officer's gun outside the deli and fired 15 shots before police shot him.
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guzman will be arraigned on murder and attempted murder charges at the next court hearing. >> we understand there's a grand jury convened that is taking evidence. >> this guy is bad, very bad pe person. alison: he is due in court september 1st. there is a vigil tomorrow night at east 198th street and valentine avenue. steve: presidential hopeful donald trump giving himself a new nickname in alison: hillary clinton in new york city meeting with the nypd's top brass. dan bowens here with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: and old clinton controversy, the monica lewinsky schedule making a first appearance and it's a new talking point not being pushed by the trump campaign. instead, it's a re-examination of old comments from hillary clinton's own running mate, tim ka
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but that's now 20 years old. >> reporter: democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine downplaying the feelings he had years ago. in 2002, he said former president bill clinton, husband to his running mate, should have resigned because of the monica lewinsky scandal. >> it was a feeling i had at the time. now i'm thinking what do we do to help the country be strong. so the past controversies don't have anything to do with that question. >> ghosts re-emerging as she is pressing forward, meeting with nypd commissioner bill bratton and speaking at john jay school of criminal justice in manhattan, focusing on relationships between police and the communities they serve. >> recent events, from dallas and baton rouge to milwaukee and across the country, underscore how difficult and important the work is ahead of us. >> reporter: her rival, donald trump, earlier sending this cryptic tweet.
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a nod to the referendum approved by voters allowing the united kingdom to leave europe, once considered a long shot in the polls. trump now back on the campaign trail the day after shaking up his team, adding two new managers. >> running for president is a huge job. you need a lot of talent. these are two very smart people trump has brought in. >> reporter: as he looks to get back on message, strange twist to his image. thesna at various public locations across the country, including union square park in the city. >> that is a frightening thought, rich. when he's wearing clothes, i don't like him. i can only imagine what he's like without them. >> reporter: that statue has been removed. mr. trump campaigning today in north carolina where he stopped by a gun range and fired an m-4 assault rifle. the tar heel state is considered
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"wall street journal" poll by anyone points. back over to you. steve: very well. thank you. a healthy ego can be like a suit of armor for candidates. coming up, joe will take a look at the confidence it takes to be able to brush off controversy after controversy. alison: the parents of a staten island teen who committed suicide say bullies pushed their son past the breaking point. steve: dana sat down with the family to talk about the boy's die. nobody wants their children to die. and i guess i couldn't accept the fact that my son would consider doing this. >> last week, one of daniel's sisters found her younger brother hanging from a belt in the family's staten island home. the teen's distraught family believes it was the result of him being bullied at holy angels catholic academy in brooklyn. >> we were very scared and we took him to counseling.
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see if there was something they could give him for depression. the psychiatrist said, no, he's fine. take him out of the school. >> so they say their son sat down last month to write this letter about his experiences. daniel wrote about being bullied in school while his teachers turned a blind eye. the fitzpatrick family says before he died, they were planning to send the letter to local elected officials to complain about what they claim was unfair treatment in school. a spokeer deeply saddened by the tragedy and their hearts go out to daniel's family. however, they do say that there was an anti-bullying program at the school and they feel that the school did everything in its power to help daniel. in reports out today, there are claims that daniel was struggling at home due to his parents' drinking too much. but this grieving couple says these claims are false and were made by the school after they started complaining. >> we do socialize.
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we've had parties here. maybe they took all that and collaborated and they twisted my words with the letter. >> reporter: the city's administration for children services did visit the fitzpatrick home last year, but sent them this letter afterwards. it states no evidence was found to suggest daniel had been abused or maltreated in his home. >> if the school released any documents, they, too, may have violated certain rules o protocol because anything in that child's file is also supposed to be sealed. >> reporter: the family's attorney says they're considering a wrongful death action against the school. while they say they have no choice but to keep on living with the hole in their hearts. alison: seven chicago police officers involved in the 2014 shooting death of an african-american teen could be fired. the city's inspector general says the officers filed false
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superintendent is recommending that the police board fires them. the death was caught on video. the video contradicts the seven officers' accounts that he was threatening officer van dyke. he shot him 16 times at close range. he has been charged with first-degree murder. steve: two dozen media groups arguing in federal court over the release of 911 calls from the pulse nightclub shooting. they say the case does not belong in federal court and they want it moved to state cour and recordings will help the public evaluate the police response to the deadly shooting that killed 49 people and left 53 injured in june. alison: a major weapons arrest during a traffic stop in washington heights. it happened tuesday night when officers pulled over a man driving erratically. when officers inspected his vehicle, they found an ak-47 assault rifle and double barrelled shotgun, ammunition and pot. the driver, identified as
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of charges, including criminal possession of a weapon and firearms. steve: a fast moving wildfire continues to cause destruction across parts of california, the home threatening mountain homes 60 miles east of los angeles. fire crews working to contain it. it has spread across 49 square miles of mountain and desert. more than 80,000 people are under evacuation warnings. alison: tens of thousands of people in louisiana forced from their homes. the death toll now at 13. the flooding is getting better but it's been a disaster for a lot of cars. my daughter lost two cars. we've lost our house. the water was up to the windows. and we come to the shelter. we had to be rescued twice. alison: secretary of homeland security jeh johnson visited louisiana to meet with officials
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alison: one brewery's recipe for success, ugly fruit. steve: that's right. melissa shows us why cider makers would rather use less than perfect produce. >> reporter: on a beautiful country road in upstate new york sits an apple orchard. the home where brooklyn cider house products are made, recognized for more than just their delicious beverages. >> obviously it's a pretty funny and catchy slogan. >> reporter: a catchy slogan with a deeper >> a twin star has been reducing the use of pesticides and sprays. the lower amounts, the apples may not look perfect or as big as what a supermarket wants, but the less pesticides, the apples will taste better. >> got a little blemish. >> i'm not sure how many stores would take them.
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handful of stores and restaurants. >> our cider is an equal opportunity beverage. it doesn't care what the apples look like. only the flavor. >> reporter: their all natural production approach is a first of its kind in the industry. >> i want to make great apples. i want to make apples with explosive flavor because that's what you need to make cider. >> reporter: do ugly apples test >> this is aged 12 months. it's cloudy. it's unfiltered. >> looks like wine. >> reporter: >> this is 5.8 percent alcohol. you can drink double. it's a nice benefit. >> reporter: what's the most popular? >> the half sour. probably 60 of our sales. >> ugly apples making a
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steve: love cider. alison: i do, too. i don't care how ugly the apples are. steve: it's so popular, they need so many apples. it's an endless need. alison: cider this time of year in this weather. refreshing. nick: another month or so, everybody goes apple picking. that will be coming down the road. it's still summertime weather and felt it today. not a bad day. a couple of showers earlier that moved through. there's a few and storms way north and west. i think we're done with them in the immediate new york area. it's a warm and more humid night coming up. 85 and 72 the split today. just a little above average. 95 the record high. that was a year ago. 56 on this date in 1979. 6:09 sunrise. .03 of an inch of rain earlier. 83 now. dew point up a notch. we're at 66. the humidity starting to become
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that will continue into tomorrow. the wind out of the west is variable here on this graphic. basically the pressure 29.99 and falling. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, you'll see the showers off to the north and west. they've been in parts of pennsylvania and extending into sullivan county and points north and west. a few areas to the north and west of the city might pick up an shower or thundershower this evening. not a huge amount of that going on. today and tomorrow looks dry. so does saturday. late afternoon into sunday night. middle 80s most of the area today. 85 at newark. 84 belmar. also sussex. 87 poughkeepsie. we're still generally in the 80s now. 87 at poughkeepsie. 84 bridgeport. holding on to 80 on the east end. 81 at the jersey shore. and lower 80s around town. 86 the warm spot at allentown. dew points are up from
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there's a 70 degree dew point at belmar. 67 at allentown. 65 is the thresholds of when it starts to feel uncomfortable. 70 or greater, you start sweating. we'll be back in that range tomorrow into the weekend. wind variable, mainly west-southwesterly. that will continue tonight and come around light out of the north-northeast tomorrow. take a look at the radar in motion. you can see how the showers are trying to move down from the north and west. they get to here and start falling apart. a few could drift into the area this ev and quiet. there's not a lot out there. you see not a big deal going on. no big real weather features going on. showers and storms, scattered, typical afternoon weather and thunderstorms around the carolinas back into eastern texas. our next weather feature is way off to the northwest here. that's a cold front. again, that's going to be sunday's weather. until then, look for sun and clouds tomorrow. be in the 70s through 9:00 a.m. 82 at lunchtime. stopping at 88 tomorrow
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the combination of sunshine and clouds coming up in the forecast here. that's for tomorrow. now we go on to saturday. highs off to the south. i think it's a dry day even though we're depicting scattered showers and storms on the futurecast model. i don't think that will be the case. it's that front that will be the one to watch. as it lines up across michigan and the ohio valley, saturday will be our problem. 73 in the city tonight. 60s to 70 in the suburb night across the area. then tomorrow, sun and clouds. warm and humid. we'll climb to 88 in town. middle 80s at the shore. particularly south facing shore areas. there's saturday. 87. sunshine and clouds. stay in the 80s on sunday. thunderstorms come mid to late afternoon. probably lasting until about just before day break monday. sun comes back at 83. nice couple of days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, humidity down. there's the lows in the 60s.
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burbs. nick: 60s will be here for a portion of next week. mid to upper 60s. alison: you cleaned up monday. looking better. nick: i did. i did. stay tuned. i reserve the right to change, as you know. steve: fair enough. we know the disclaimer. there is a push underway to keep the pop-up pool in brooklyn bridge park open. as of now, it's slated to close at the end of the summer. a survey shows it draws swimmers from br use any other pools. >> as a parent, it's really hard to find affordable, active, cool ways to enjoy the summer outdoors here in the city. >> we love to come as a family. it's a place that's manageable for me to bring my three kids and not worry about them. steve: officials for the city say they would welcome a permanent pool if funding could be raised. they plan to demolish the pop-up pool to make way for construction at the park. alison: uber passengers in
5:20 pm
few weeks. the company offering free rides with a human driver as backup. volvo is providing the self-driving suv's. uber's ceo sees the future of uber and transportation as driverless. steve: the bills ushering in a new era, dropping the name of ralph wilson from the stadium. it will be new era field following a naming rights deal with the hat company. that raises much needed money. the small market struggled to keep up they will play their home game on september 15th against the new york jets. saturday the giants are heading up to arrow field to face the bills. catch the game on our sister station, my 9, starting at 4 p.m. alison: i love hearing that music. football season. steve: that time of year. alison: awesome. taking a shot at reinventing a popular character. steve: how hamilton's new aaron burr is growing into his new role. >> despite all the ipads and all
5:21 pm
most popular format for children is still books. alison: how one community is helping people read the good old-fashioned way. i know you!
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steve: hamilton's new aaron burr
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own. alison: amy schumer addressed a controversy with a former writer. >> reporter: this is messy. a lot of people have been talking about it. amy schumer's book debuted to rave reviews. she publicly distanced herself from somebody who used to work on her show. a former writer on her tv show wrote a facebook post responding to recent rape allegatio comedian. many found the comments offensive as they appear to shame rape victims for coming forward. we're not going to repeat the inflammatory language that he has apologized for. instead, we'll share amy's response on twitter. quote, i am so saddened and disappointed in him. he's a friend and a great writer and i couldn't be more against his recent actions. amy schumer is a victim of sexual assault herself and
5:25 pm
she's taking a break from her show to focus on writing and touring. so amy schumer one of the great hollywood entertainers of today. you've got a pay a pretty penny to see her. there's a great opportunity to see some of the best theatre in the world as the fall return of broadway week is around the corner. two for one tickets are on sale. there's a deep discount to 19 shows including cats, the color purple, on your feet and september 5th through the 18th. head to nyc to pick up your tickets. i love broadway. that's one you don't want to miss out on. >> speaking of broadway, heard of hamilton? there's been a change in the cast. there was a tony nomination performance for shuffle along, but he's now the new aaron burr starting august 23rd. he recently performed in a
5:26 pm
him about his big hamilton debut. >> initially i was like all right. i'm going to give the audience and building something they're used to, they've been working with leslie and listening to leslie. since i've been working on it, it will be a new ball game. >> reporter: he's discovered new things about the character all the time and i know a lot of people who bought tickets when the original cast was there, they've been disappointed. but just trying to approach it with a fresh set of eyes. you never kw interpretation could be. steve: that's the right way. make it a new thing. breathe new life into it. alison: it will be a great show. steve: thank you, simone. alison: crawling into the mind of a presidential candidate. steve: that's right. how ego helps them survive their many times of crisis. alison: plus a push for peace as police shootings and racial
5:27 pm
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alison: questions but few answers surrounding the murder of a queen's imam and his friend. steve: lidia curanaj shows how the victims' families and friends are calling for justice. >> in the -- >> on the steps of city hall,
5:30 pm
gathered to show unity after the killings of imam maulana akonjee and his assistant thara uddin. >> we want to know what the reason for it and we want justice for it. >> reporter: the nypd says oscar morel planned the execution-style murders in ozone park saturday, but the motive remains a mystery. >> we obviously believe we have the person who did it. i think he'll be put away for a long, long time. but we're going to keep working until we figure out wh who was speaking at another event in the bronx, about the case. he believes rhetoric by donald trump has indeed stoked hatred towards all muslims. >> here are people, you know, running for president of the united states trying to blame american citizens, loyal american citizens, simply because of their faith. >> reporter: the nypd has not called this a hate crime, but there are reports morel, who had recently moved to ozone park,
5:31 pm
muslims. >> we believe that this is a -- something he acted upon because of the political environment. >> reporter: he added regardless of what anyone says, the person responsible for this heinous act is the one who pulled the trigger. >> it doesn't matter what mr. trump or anybody else said. if somebody acts, that's his responsibility. he should be held responsible for it. >> reporter: morel has been charged with first-degree murder, which carries a maximum penalty of life without parole. he told the new york post recently that he did muslims and was also claimed he was innocent. steve: all right. thank you. improving relationships between police in the community a hot button issue in new york city and across the country. alison: as antipolice riots keep happening, people are looking for ways to stop the violence. that's the topic of street soldiers. lisa evers here with push for peace part 2. >> thank you very much. new york can look to a new neighborhood policing plan and
5:32 pm
summer. >> leave the area. >> reporter: in milwaukee, the streets erupted into violence after the fatal police shooting of a 23-year-old african-american man, who was armed with an illegal gun. the officer who shot him is also black and was wearing a body camera. the police chief says the video, not initially made public, shows the shooting was justified. >> the yesterday afternoon, and no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting. >> reporter: milwaukee leaders pleaded for calm while acknowledging long simmering anger and hostilities. >> there's problems, racial problems here in milwaukee, wisconsin, that have to be closely not examined, but rectified. >> reporter: the dismissal of
5:33 pm
involved in the arrest and death of freddie gray seemed to justify frustrations with the legal system. days later, the justice department released a scathing report that found the baltimore police department routinely violated the rights of the citizens it was supposed to protect. >> it undermines community trust. blanket assumptions or stereotypes about certain neighborhoods can lead to resentment of the police. >> reporter: in new york, the city is paying $4 settle a wrongful death suit brought by the family of akai gu gu gurley. peter liang will pay $25,000. he is working off the 800 hours of community service he was sentenced to after being found guilty of negligent homicide. >> every day that the children
5:34 pm
difficult to explain to a two and five-year-old what's going on. >> reporter: the federal government is ordering the baltimore police department to institute reforms. in the city, the nypd is planning to expand a program that brings police and residents into closer, non-confrontional contact. we're talking about what could be done to move forward in a positive way on our street soldiers town hall saturday night after the news. you won't want to miss this. steve: thank you. alison: thanks. steve: outrage over a new report billionaires and millionaires accused of trying to drown out the voices of voters. the hedge clippers campaign released the report claiming a new super pac, new yorkers for independent action, is spending millions to buy elections in low income neighborhoods in the bronx, brooklyn and long island. >> to all of those poverty -- to all of the blood suckers of our community, that you will have no
5:35 pm
resources for our district. steve: organizers say the super pac has financed media attacks on black lives matter and pushed for tax cuts for the rich and deep cuts in social security and medicare. >> some say running for the white house is the ultimate ego trip. alison: joe is here with a look at how confidence helps them keep going when the campaign trail gets rocky. >> reporter: hey. the combative nature of wonder why would anyone choose to run for office. only 43 men have been president. looking at the people that decide to run, experts say some common themes emerge. >> do you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? donald trump can't even handle the rough and tumble of a
5:36 pm
>> reporter: much is made of the mental capacity of those vying to be the next commander in chief. >> she's really pretty close to unhinged and she's like an unbalanced person. >> reporter: for most americans, the idea of running for president may seem like a foreign concept. the psychological switches that convince someone they're the most qualified candidate for the most important job are sometimes switched into hyper drive. >> what we would hope is what compels people to run is there's something beyond themselves that they believe is so important, that they're willing to fight for the expense of themselves. >> reporter: becky is a professor studying characteristics of leadership. >> those traits tend to be a strong desire for dominance, to have control over others, a high level of self-confidence. sometimes that manifests as a high level of narcissism or grandiosity. >> reporter: this combination of ego and ambition goes beyond presidential runs fuelling politicians with the ability to stick it out in the face of
5:37 pm
and trump or client no. 9 and carlos danger. >> you become tolerant of exposure and embarrassment really comes through the sense of being exposed. your inner self was revealed to the public. people in this day and age are in the public eye so much, you kind of become -- the exposure is less troubling. >> reporter: as voters weigh the options over the next head of state, trying to get inside of minds of your head spin. an expert on the subject put candidates' ambition and ego on a scale of one to 100. ceo -- steve: thank you, joe. getting kids to put down their devices and pick up a book. alison: how one community is
5:38 pm
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a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. steve: little libraries popping up over one long island community. alison: jodi goldberg shows us how they're encouraging kids to read the old school way. >> reporter: a library houses books usually inside a building or room. but this one is mobile.
5:41 pm
free libraries in the village and it's part of a nationwide trend to promote reading with a free book exchange. you don't need a library card. despite the ipads and all those devices out there, the most popular format for children is still books. >> reporter: since the assistant director of the amityville has been filling the books weekly >> my favorite readings is adventures. >> reporter: reading books the old-fashioned way, the concept skippy hopes will be reintroduced to children who he says too often rely on technology. >> how do you get to hawaii if you don't take a plane? you go through your imagination and your mind reading a book. >> reporter: the pop-up library is convenient to ellie. she works at the beach where this handcrafted colorful cubby is. we've actually even had some people come and bring, like,
5:42 pm
they don't read and they'll stick them in there for other people to use. it's nice for them to recycle and for them to be used by every else, too. >> i go there to put books in the libraries and there are children running up asking for books. you go there and you see a parent reading to their child. >> reporter: parents with young children think it's a great idea. >> nothing is the same as a good old-fashioned book. sit down, read, the smell of it. >> we in the house. now if you're in the park and spending time with the kids, doing some reading outside is nice. >> close to 400 books have been circulated. people who have extra children and young adult books are encouraged to bring them to the library to expand the program. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. alison: still to come, an unexpected place to play 18 holes. steve: where to find the city's newest mini golf course.
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alison: in fox 5 health news, researchers working on a project that's going to sound crazy. they're looking for volunteers who are willing to be infected with the zika virus to find a vaccine. steve: this begs the question who would want to sign up for that duty? >> that's a really good question. so obviously there's a lot that virus. it is thought that most adults are able to clear the virus without long-term effects. however, we do have some data that can affect adults and developing children. so usually these vaccines or types of challenges are done with a modified virus, which is not quite as strong as the virus that you would acquire naturally. and generally, they do figure out a safe way to administer this type of study. yes, you're donating your body
5:47 pm
alison: seems scary. you said it's common to say a study with the flu where you know what the flu is. so many questions about zika. >> there are a lot of unknowns here. again, they think they can safely administer the virus and hopefully the vaccine will be effective. but, you know, certainly a lot of unknowns here. steve: indeed. hair loss in women may be a lot more common than you think. a survey looks at how widespread of a problem it is. it is something you don't think about, with this. >> sure. hair loss mistakenly thought to be a condition that only affects men, but extremely common in women. i believe that probably 50 percent of women by the age of 50 experience hair loss at some point in their lives. i see it almost daily if not multiple times during the day. i think a big misconception for women, they don't realize the most common type of hair loss is
5:48 pm
hereditary hair loss. although women can develop other kinds and there can be lots of causes. if you are a woman and experiencing hair loss, it's important to get it checked out. steve: do you know where it comes from as far as they say it's your father -- alison: your mother's father -- steve: right. >> in your genes. mom or dad. certainly both sides have hair loss, you're at higher risk. there was a thought initially that it came from your mom's side, so the men on your mom's that had to do with an x chromosome thing. it can happen from either side. to, you know, you can blame either parent. steve: fair enough. always good to have people to blame. alison: exactly. thank you. steve: thank you. humidity returned today in a big way. alison: you could feel it. nick: yeah. you're going to feel more of it. it will be increasing tomorrow and saturday for the weekend. it is august. it's supposed to be there way. it won't be overly hot. it will be quite warm the next couple of days, pushing the
5:49 pm
for this time of year. our average high should be 83. we're 85 today. this map showing 84. we actually snuck up one degree. 89 at boston. 91 in washington, d.c., with the warm spot in the group. williamsport, 87. 83 in buffalo and middle 80s back towards pittsburgh as well. we have been keeping an eye on a couple of isolated showers and storms. we talked about the possibility that north and west of the city, late today into early this evening, that would be the case. we see a few of them out towards the catskills region. extending up to ulster county as well. a couple of scattered showers in eastern pennsylvania. we'll put this in motion. you can see as they try to move closer to the tri-state area, they're not making great process. i don't think we'll be seeing any in the immediate new york city area. these will probably start to fade out shortly. so just again those of you north and west of the city, you might run into a quick shower or isolated thundershower first part of the evening and things will quiet down for the rest of the night.
5:50 pm
with the wind out of the west and southwest. there's the northeast satellite photograph. you can see a smattering of showers from williamsport to albany. we'll see that threat diminish as time goes along. the current temperatures are warm, holding on to 86 at allentown. 83 in the city. 81 down towards belmar and point pleasant beach. 87 from poughkeepsie. lower 80s on long island, stopping at 80 when you get to montauk. wind kind of variable. it's mostly southwesterly to westerly. that will be the c wind to start tomorrow. more of a variable wind at times. the problem will be onshore tomorrow out of the south-southeast at 5 miles an hour. let's see the players on the weather map. not many. we have scattered thunderstorms ten from texas to the north carolina. this is a cold front causing showers and thundershowers. parts of minnesota back towards
5:51 pm
in the meantime, warm and humid through the forecast. you'll look at temperatures tomorrow into the upper 80s. back to 90 raleigh to atlanta. 92 down to new orleans. 88 chicago. warm and humid east of the mississippi. 89 in miami. on the other side of the front it's much cooler. denver, in the upper 80s today, only mid 70s tomorrow. 65 at billings. a little hint of fall kind of weather for them. that's not coming our way. we don't see that. we see a little lowering of the temperature and humidity into next week. 83 in l.a. tomorrow. 90 in seattle. there's the showers we showed you. notice they fall apart. not worried about much happening tonight. tomorrow, sun and clouds. even though the model is grinding out a couple of showers, i don't see it for tomorrow. neither on saturday either. this model is trying to show that. i disagree. i think we'll still see a good amount of sunshine on saturday with a southerly wind. the humidity will be ramping up this weekend. best chance for showers and
5:52 pm
into sunday night. light seas, only one to two feet. water mid to upper 70s. uvi an 8 tomorrow. 73 in the city with clouds tonight. mid 60s to 70s in the northern and western suburbs but turning more humid. 88 tomorrow. sunshine and some clouds. the wind light out of the north becoming southeasterly. 87 saturday and humid as well. showers and storms mid to late sunday afternoon into sunday night. 86. they'll get out of here day break monday. sun retur a tuesday and wednesday. low to middle 80s. 60s in the city. that will feel nice. back to 86 on thursday. there you have it. alison: looks good. thousands of tourists in hawaii's volcano national park checking out a massive lava flow. it started three weeks ago and it's created eight acres of land. the large crowds have park rangers concerned. the new lava deltas aren't stable. they're worried the crowds could
5:53 pm
steve: yikes. that will do it. a more than 200-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of oswego. there was a wreckage of the washington in lake ontario, the ship sank back in 1803. all died. the rare discovery marks the second oldest confirmed shipwreck in the great lakes. alison: mini golf? a stressful way to play nine holes. steve: how a course in brooklyn is making it fun for kids kids at heart. >> reporter: there's a new golf game, shipwrecked, an 18 hole mini golf course. based in a warehouse, golfers are taken through a theatrical adventure. this is one of the co-owners. >> we wanted to mix theatre and miniature golf and mash them together and mix those two elements to give people new miniature golf experience. that's how this became a reality. >> reporter: shipwrecked has a
5:54 pm
variety of scenes sighed -- tied together through a story. >> i love the interaction. it's cool special effects. >> it's a little different than other types of mini golf where you're just hitting. and the course is really like user friendly for kids who hae never played. >> reporter: the kids love it. >> love all the pirates and all the ships and stuff. >> i like the fire park. >> reporter: some of the holes have a new york city the subway into brooklyn. 80 percent of the materials used here are recycled. >> we ended up taking recycled film sets that would have gone in the garbage and modified them to fit our themes. >> reporter: like the submarine made from the bourne identity. and there's a snack bar and room for birthday parties. video arcade machines play 50
5:55 pm
pacman. audrey puente, fox 5 news. steve: we'll see you back here at 10:00. alison: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. we're right on top of the news for you. plus tonight, a special report. is a standardized test a fair way to decide if a kid graduates high school? that's what new jersey wants. we'll talk about it with an expert next. >> also ahead, international food week takes us to staten island the city's oldest restaurants. we'll have that and much more all live and next at 6:00.
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ernie: all right. thursday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. at the very top of our news tonight, a new requirement for new jersey students to pass a controversial test to graduate. the idea is sparking a controversy as linda schmidt tells us parents and teachers are sounding off on what could be a disaster for the garden state. >> what will the consequences be if over 50 percent of new jersey
5:59 pm
high school? >> reporter: dr. monica taylor says that could be a reality if new jersey continues with standardized testing called park. the state debuted the controversial exams for math and english last year for students of all ages. earlier this month, the state board of education said by 2021, high school seniors will have to pass the park test in order to graduate. so far, more than 50 percent of students from different grades test. >> in fact, parents who have taken the park, like the third grade park, the fourth grade park, have had difficulty answering the questions. >> reporter: dr. taylor is associate professor at montclair and with save our schools which is fighting against the testing. she says unless you're an a student, you're pretty much out of luck.
6:00 pm
the average student will fail the park. >> reporter: parent beth fisher is with save our schools, among those who oppose the test. >> if you're not the -- right in the center of the box kid who just tests really well, you're going to end up like walking out of high school without a diploma. >> to protest, fisher is among thousands of parents who have opted out of their children the state department of education issued this statement saying in part that, quote, the most recent adoption of the new graduation assessment requirements was the culmination of our deliberative process to implement an effective assessment that has been validated by numerous educators and researchers. save our schools says it will continue to fight. they say new jersey will have a new governor in 2018 and they will put pressure on the


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