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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: prosecutors say that the story of ryan lochte is bogus. the authorities say the olympic swimmers were vandals as opposed to victims. story has unraveled bit by bit and it may have been too cover of h sharon crowley has more on what officials say has happened. reporter: it is an ever evolving story. the latest tonight was that the rio de janeiro police are recommending an indictment against the u.s. olympic swimmers ryan lochte and james feigen for falsely reporting a
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happened. reporter: this is what happened following the interrogation of ryan lochte and james feigen. four olympians including six-time gold title winner ryan lochte lied when they claimed that they were robbed at gunpoint, returning to the olympic village on sunday. and the police said that there is not was not a robbery but a dispute between for drunk americans who trashed a gas station bathroom and then tried to leave without paying for the damages. surveillance video shows the athletes entering the bathroom. gas station employees come to the floor and then they exit the
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ordered by security guards to sit on the curb. >> there was no robbery. in the way that it was reported. reporter: he left brazil before a judge ordered his passport seized. they were seated upon a board the houston when the passports were seized. police recommended ryan lochte and james feigen be charged with filing a fse it started as an embarrassment for brazil as the games are in progress. >> i don't think that brazil is interested in bringing ryan lochte to court. >> it is punishable up to six
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case will be dropped. and swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz were seen checking into the rio de janeiro airport bound for a flight to miami. steve: i bet they can get out of there fast enough. what a wacko case that is. the state department says this release was contingent on iran getting $400 million in cash although they insist that it was dan bowens has more with what is going on. reporter: the payment and the release of the prisoners took place on the same day, january 17. for the first time the u.s. state department is
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reporter: they said the payment was withheld until a group of american prisoners was on their way home. >> if you're asking me if there was a connection, i'm not going to wait and james feigen denied that. reporter: a first for the obama administration giving critics new reason to paint the exchange as a hostage ransom arrangement. >> whether or not they want maintain that it was not a ransom, they look silly. >> the 400 million-dollar payment, part of a debt of $1.7 million. white house officials including president obama have consistently said the financial statement was made public at the time you. >> we are completely open with everyone about it. >> in basic english you are saying that he would not give them the $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released. is that correct? >> that is correct.
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>> at greater risk of being kidnapped, hillary clinton was president obama is iranian policy. reporter: many of the details of payments and return of the wall street journal." gop leaders say they plan to hold hearings on the next month. back over to you. >> one day after changing the top of his campaign team, signs that donald trump could be pivoting into general election mode. he even said that he regrets the offensive remarks that he's made over the last year and vowed to change them. >> i do regret them. particularly where it may have
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be consumed with these issues. but one thing i can promise you is this. i will always tell you the truth. meanwhile the associated press reports that they have obtained damaging e-mails from paul manafort he and his deputies never disclosed their work as federal agent not commented on the report. hillary clinton meeting with bill bratton. clinton reaffirmed her support thing that she plans to provide resources they need to do jobs, she also talked about the challenges they face as well. >> recent events from dallas baton rouge underscore just how difficult and important work is
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also today the clinton foundation announcing that they will no longer accept corporate donations if hillary clinton is elected president. steve: a girl being sitting in an ambulance covered in dirt and blood. they say this is a lasting image. john kerry is meeting with the top diplomat discusses conflict in syria. according to the u.n. more than syria with 11 million others displaced by the situation. allison: this is what he had to say. >> if i had to characterize the mood here and the community, it would be what first responders
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whose home had been severely damaged by the flooding. our hearts are broken but our faith is strong. the death toll is 13. the red cross expecting efforts will cost at least $30 million. and it seems like every week we learn new and disturbing information about the zika virus. not only can it affect baby braves but it can also cause problems for adult brains that the zika virus could impact stem cells in adult brains. there are fears that this new finding could mean that infected adults will be more at risk for depression and even alzheimer's. >> we have to be cautious before we apply animal studies to human
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this study that was conducted on a select group of mice and not humans. >> it takes a while until he can prove it. the virus has been around for a while. it came from africa and now it is in south and central america. there really are not reports of long-term or logic infections. >> but with many new yorkers concerns of dozens of infected women head mayor bill de blasio emphasizing the need for funding to remain vigilant in the fight against zika virus. >> we need the federal government to pass the authorization for actions against zika virus. reporter: she continues to be concerned about the impact on
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transmission. >> keep an eye open, the careful of sexual intercourse with someone who has traveled to an infected area. reporter: doctor fischer does not believe that they will ever make their way up here to new york. allison: that is good news. thank you. no word on people of all different faiths joined together on the steps of city hall to show unity. the nypd says that he planned the killings, but they do not know why. >> obviously we believe we have the person that did it. we believe that he will be put away for a long time. we are going to keep working until we figure out why. >> we want to know what the reason is for it.
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allison: there are reports that he recently moved here and has been charged with first-degree murder. and the violent attack being treated as a hate crime. a man came up behind her and hit her in the head with a hammer. the suspect described as a heavy set man. anyone with any information is asked to call crime allison: at their teenage son committed suicide because of bullies. now the parents are speaking out about his struggle and what they plan to do next. allison: and it's not the crime, it is the cover-up. steve: the false robbery report
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allison: these parents say that his son was killed due to bullying. >> we did not want our son to die. and nobody wants their children to die. i guess that i just couldn't accept the fact that my son would center doing this. their brother hanging from a belt. the family believes it was the result of him being bullied at this catholic academy in brooklyn. >> we took him to counseling, we took him to a psychiatrist. the psychiatrist said no, he's fine, take them out of the school. reporter: they say that their son sat down last month to write
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experiences. he wrote about being bullied in school and his teachers turned a blind eye. the family says before he died they were planning to send a letter to elected officials to complain about what they said was unfair treatment in school. they are deeply saddened by this tragedy in and our hearts go out to the family. however they did say that there was an anti-bullying program at their power to help them in reports today there are claims that he was struggling due to his parents drinking. but they said it the claims are false and were made by the school after they started complaining that maybe they took all of that and collaborated and twisted my words.
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children's services visited the family's home last year but they sent them this letter afterwards. it states that no evidence was found just that he had been abused or maltreated in his home. >> if the school released any documents and they may have violated laws or protocols because anything in the file is also supposed to be sealed. the family's attorney says that they are considering a wrongful death action against the school. the family says they have with a hole in their hearts. reporting live for "fox 5 news". allison: the grieving family of a jogger killed in queens as the police are close to an arrest. they are asking a family member to come forward. no confirmation on that in the nypd. her body was found over two weeks ago after he ran out for a run. she was raped and strangled to
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quickly spreading and it's not hard to see why. two buildings totally destroyed, 250 firefighters on the scene, 10 of them suffering from heat exhaustion. the fire under investigation. allison: new jersey police arresting 40 men for distribution of anyone distributing 25 or more items faces a mandatory five-year sentence. it is an operation called operation statewide. steve: the inspector general says officers filed false reports in the death of laquan mcdonald. contradicting that mcdonald was threatening the officer.
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range, the officer charged with murder. allison: the justice department says that they plan to end their relationship with privately run prisons. and twitter taking steps to prevent online harassment. the platform will introduce a new setting that will allow users to see mobile and desktop notifications. they plan to limit the visibility of tros online undesirables. for years they have only been available to high-profile celebrities. allison: gawker shutting down next week. six other sites are part of the deal. the summer they were forced to pay hulk hogan $140 million in
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steve: and uber employee watching from the passenger seat, watch this. only a few vehicles will be available. the goal of having 100 in pittsburgh and possibly other cities in the next few months. allison: at&t rolling out new advantage plans customers can switch their plans starting this weekend. steve: six new mobile libraries are promoting reading with a free book exchange. the public library stocks the boxes weekly. nearly 400 books have been put into circulation since it again. allison: that's wonderful.
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a recipe for success. plus, putting academics before talent. we will be right back ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts.
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allison: what they are doing with some ugly apples. reporter: on a beautiful country road in upstate new york, this is an apple orchard. the home where brooklyn cider house products are made. a place recognized for more than just the wishes beverages. >> it is a funny and catchy slogan. >> we have been reducing pesticides and the apples may not look perfect. they may have blemishes, they might not be as vague as to what a supermarket would want to buy but the less pesticides, the better. reporter: the cider house is taking the market by storm. >> it's got a little bit of a blemish. >> i'm not sure how many stores would be apt to take them. >> already found in a handful of
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>> they only care about the flavor inside. >> we all love it. >> i want to make apples with explosive flavor because that is what you need to make cider. reporter: do ugly apples taste >> this one is aged 18 months. and so this is kind which means it's unfiltered. this one is only 5.8% alcohol. when everyone else is drinking wine you can pretty much drink double. it is a nice benefit. [laughter] >> 60% are all half sour. reporter: ugly apples making a
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steve: okay, donald trump like you have never seen him before. that is the perfect warm-up description. why naked statues of donald trump have popped up all over the allison: and this is la guardia high school's focus. ? ? ?
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allison: back in the 80s the movie fame put the high school on the map. it is known for nurturing celebrity grads, but times may
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forcing the school to put academics before talent. they have started a petition to bring the same back la guardia high school. reporter: imitating life at this performing arts school. it has been the premier school, a story told in the classic movie "fame". appearance teachers and alumni are afraid that the newest talent is not being given a fair chance to shine. >> you can have 100% perfect score on your audition and still fail to get in.
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than an 80 on academic subject is not eligible for admission. reporter: they want to have admissions requirement with what they were before. >> when i applied in 1994, you had to have that effect the academic and you had to do well on your audition. reporter: the online petition states that with the new administration criteria, talent counts only 14% of the admissions decision and as a result hundreds of talented students have been denied. >> our goal is for the artistic aspect of the education to be as important as the academics. that's the whole idea is to have them audition and also look at the great. >> we reach out to the department of education we are told that the policies are in accordance with all laws and
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petition, they say they plan to meet with education leaders to resolve this matter. allison: chris brown fans are trying to get him to headline 2017 super bowl halftime show. more than 3500 people have already signed a petition asking the nfl to invite him on the stage. the nfl has talked with several artists but has not made any offers. super bowl li is next february. steve: i admire the sick of the super bowl halftime show. well, metallica fans waiting for information about the new album. ? ? ?
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the band released a single and a two disc set will feature 12 new songs. it is their tent studio album. it will be released november 18. allison: when it comes to social media vacuum matthew mckay steve: thousands of tourists rushing to hawaii's volcano national park. lava flowing down into the pacific ocean, the eruption started weeks ago and has created a new acres of land.
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are not stable. allison: a shipwreck discovered off the coast. a team of explorers found the wreckage in lake ontario. the ship sank during a storm in 1803 and everyone on board died. this is the second oldest confirmed shipwreck. allison: accused of making up a story of being robbed at gunpoint. why would ryan lochte made up why people lie in certain circumstances. allison: and the statues that popped up across the country including right here in union
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allison: some people say that running for the white house is the ultimate ego trip. steve: how confidence helps candidates keep going when the going gets rough. >> do you really think that donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? donald trump cannot even handle the rough-and-tumble of a
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reporter: much is made of the mental capacity of those vying to be the next commander in chief. >> she's really close to unhinged and she's like an unbalanced person. >> for most americans the idea of running for president could seem like a foreign concept. the psychological switches that convince someone that they are the most qualified candidate are sometimes switched into hyperdrive. >> what we hope is that they fight for the cause even if it's an expense. reporter: this is what an expert on the study of leadership had to say. >> desire for dominance, desire to have self-confidence and unfortunately sometimes they hve a high level of narcissism. reporter: this combination goes beyond presidential runs, fueling politicians with the
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much overseas. >> you become tolerant of exposure. the embarrassment comes through the sense of being exposed. your inner self was revealed to the public. people in this day and age are in the public eye so much that you kind of become -- that exposure becomes less troubling tour as voters weigh the the minds of candidate make your head spin. another expert says they put ambition and ego on a scale of one to 100. ceos and big companies are in the 65 range and presidential candidates are in the '90s. reporting live for "fox 5 news". allison: you are about to see more of donald trump.
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the full frontal sculpture stood for two hours before it was hauled away. everyone had an opinion including the mayor. >> when he's wearing clothes i can only imagine. [laughter] allison: the artist says he was commissioned by an anonymous activist gro steve: sometimes what you think is a white lie can turn into a scandal. allison: a putter's paradise in the middle of brooklyn. the new over-the-top mini golf course. ? ?
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steve: the network re-airing all
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realities series what would ryan lochte do. the series aired on e! in 2013. if all of his life in and out of the pool, covering everything from his dating life to training. allison: he's not the first person accused of lying. when the cover-up becomes the crime. reporter: details emerge can about the fabricated story of ryan loce olympics. it has left everyone questioning what he was thinking. >> he was on a reality show. reporter: it's no surprise he is at the center of this olympic
10:45 pm
he's got that reputation. reporter: he's definitely a buzz. between his press conference and chances to come clean. >> people tend to want to maintain consistency with the lie that they originally made. the problem is that once people recognize that lie, much of part of it. reporter: the psychologist believes that there's plenty to learn from. >> i think what it really teaches us is even when honesty seems like a harder course of action, go for honesty because line to take you down an unfortunate spiral. reporter: do people think that he will be able to overcome this? >> it was a huge lie.
10:46 pm
him. you can't come back from that. >> the longer he goes without addressing this, the more tarnished his reputation will become. nick: it just gets more and more bizarre. steve: a part of me feels like the whole thing is contrived. i don't know. i don't trust any of it. it smells. [laughter] allison: it doesn't stink. [laughter] nick: we have a great the last two days. the next couple of days we will see a trend going toward more comfortable weather. humidity was okay most of the day but now it's getting a
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ago at 95. fifty-six and 1979. a light shower over manhattan. there are sprinkles up there as well. sixty-eight and humidity pushing through. the pressure is rising. a couple of isolated showers out there. see one right there and it looks like a couple of showers as you get what.
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as you head towards long island, mid-seventies, upper 70s, 72 in suspects. here come the dew point numbers, upper 60s, getting more uncomfortable. staying uncomfortably humid for the next couple of days. a southwest wind coming to the north. coming off shore as we head into friday afternoon. the picture on the satellite will show nothing nearby. but towards texas and chicago,
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and then 70s out the door, 82 at lunchtime mid-to-late afternoon showers and storms crowds tonight, 73 in the city. again, warm and humid weather, up to 88 degrees with sunshine and clouds and 87 on saturday. and then tuesday and wednesday and thursday, overnight lows in the 60s and the humidity is
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how will you be celebrating her 100 birthday? we have the story next. >> grew 22 both ways heading towards west washington avenue. one lane closed for construction from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. tune into "good day new york" and i will keep you updated on your commute keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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allison: dearing teed a medal today and he didn't even raise a blog.
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which is the best result in 2004 for an american boxer. steve: a fun way to spend hours with family and friends. allison: a new golf game in brooklyn. reporter: welcome to shipwrecked a mini golf course in brooklyn. based in a warehouse, have a unique experience. >> we wanted to mix theater and miniature golf. and a new experience for folks. >> i love the interaction.
10:55 pm
>> the course is really user friendly for kids that have never played. >> the kids love it. reporter: some of the holes have a new york city theme. right now you will take the subway into brooklyn. 80% of the materials used are recyclable. >> we ended up taking recycled films that that would've gone in the garbage and modify them to fit us here at the miniature golf it sounds like shipwrecked is a
10:56 pm
and check this out. this is a grandmother celebrating her 100 birthday with a game of your palm. everyone looks on in amazement. the video has gotten thousands of views. they do not move onto cake stands or anything [laughter] steve: you have to keep your mind sharp. allison: you have to get there first. steve: take care, we will see
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