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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning everyone. that is just not what you want to come home to. not having a home, obviously. fa homes in the staten island neighborhood. flames ending 20 firefighters to the hospital, leaving dozens without homes. we will bring you an update. saying sorry, the us olympic committee apologizing for the lie told by ryan lochte. this is two of the swimmers involved in that scandal head home. donald trump may be on the road but not before being exposed in new york city. the award today for the funniest line of all goes to the parks department of new york and we will explainin just
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terry drew. >>juliet: i'm juliet huddy. what is today, it's the 19th? i never know what the day is. hi mike. >>teresa: you don't have everything together today. >>mike: it's fine, let's see what you've got. >>juliet: i've got jeans and flip-flops on under the stress. >>mike: let's show you what we had with the high temperatures yesterday. warm, not too high, 85 degrees. almost where we should be this year, a hair above no normal. 87 also is what you made it to in allentown. not bad numbers at all. dew point numbers were down to where it made it more comfortable. we got used to that high humidity and high dew point. it's a little better for you right now. we got 75 degrees at central
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well as bridgeport. those are your temperatures. it's a little cooler out this morning, we like that too. winds coming in gently from the southwest around 3 to 6 miles per hour. we have a mainly clear sky, no showers deal with this morning. it looks like it's going to be a good-looking friday. rain chances almost nil so we will take it. mainly sunny skies, high temperature up to 87 degrees. still a little bit sticky but not too bad. shower chances are out there, we will have an afternoon shower on sunday. so the week is looking pretty good. let's get over to ines rosales and see what's going on this friday. >>ines: yes it is, tgif. estchester county off to a good start, no problems heading towards the tappan zee bridge, also new jersey looking good.
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best the westbound side looks good, eastbound looks good, cross bronx looks good although there is police activity to the side adding toward the major deegan but is not affecting your commute. fine if you are headed towards the deegan, no problems northbound or southbound, trains running on or close to schedule, cleaning rules are in effect citywide. >>teresa: 40 people are basically homeless on staten island after a massive took all the zones out. officials say it started at a three-story home on bensinger avenue in the c george neighborhood. this is just after 6 pm and it quickly spread to nearby buildings on the block. in all, seven structures were damaged.wo of those are just destroyed. 20firefighters were injured, one seriously. many said to be suffering from
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two people were hurt, the fire is under ivestigation . >>juliet: an update on the story we started talking about yesterdayhe two swimmers involved in ryan lochte's apparent robbing liar headed home . >>teresa: the committee is getting an apology for what they call a distracting ordeal. more on this. teresa, the new york post summed it up when they show a picture of ryan lochte and they sayugly american . >>teresa: you are going to see that right now. you are completely right. that is the cover that sums up the sentiment from around the world this morning. in the words of rio'spolice chief, we saw our city stained . embarrassment or at least we thought were brazil has now become a colossal black eye for the united states. there are reports that at least four olympians may not be the victims of violent crime but rather vandals and that cover we were talking about, the new york post this morning. liar liar, speedo on fire. the ugly americans. throngs of angry birds brazilians shouting as gunnar
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their way through rio's airport. gunnar bentz and jack conger two of the olympians and boiled in the scandal of the olympic games along with jimmy feigen and ryan lochte they admit their story of being robbed at gunpoint at a brazilian gas station was nothing more than a lie. >> there was no robbery in the way that it wasreported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts that they described . the poli confirmed this. >>teresa: it was this surveillance video that gave them up. for drunk americans leaving a party stopped here at this gas station to use the restroom. at some point one of the athletes kicked down the door. when they tried to leave without paying for the damages, and armed security guard told alec gun, ordered them from their taxi and demanded money. when that debt was settled the men were released.
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armed robbery surfaced. it's a lapse of judgment, that's how the us olympic committee and the swim team are describing this ordeal. on behalf of the united states olympic committee we apologize to our host in rio and the people ofbrazil for this distracting ordeal in the midst of what should rightly be a celebrationof excellence. the athletes are receiving inte requesting the matter be dropped . >> let's give these kids a break. sometime you take actions that you later regret . they had fun, they made a mistake. it's part of life, life goes on. >>teresa: jimmy feigen by the way has been talking with investigators for hours.t last check he was still in brazil and had not boarded a plane to the united states. these athletes could be charged with falsifying a police report which could be punishable by
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fine although terry and juliet, it is unlikely they will face jail time. >>juliet: it's pretty clear ryan lochte is not a rocket scientist, we can agree on that. but the thing is, going to the cab, taking out a gun. it doesn't look like the guy look like a police officer. i kind of see, maybe he wasn't speaking english.t does seem a little bit dramatic. >>juliet: they initially say that somebody posing as a police officer flashed a bad but there were no flashing lights the initial story is completely different than >>carrie: or at least what we see in the video. i don't know. >>juliet: thanks so much. i have said woman is facing charges of torturing animals. officers say 56-year-old lewis hannah left her two dogs on the balcony in the sun without shape. there was no way for them to get back inside the apartment. one of those died of heat exposure, the other taken to
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now to politics, donald trump and his running mate mike pence will be in louisiana today taking a firsthand look at the historic flooding. >>carrie: this aftera speech in which trump says he regrets some of his rhetoric which is surprising from him. robert moses has the latest . >>reporter: donald trump and mike pence expected to travel to louisiana to tour the flood damage last night trump was unusually contrite as he addressed the crowd in charlotte. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. i regret it.articularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to
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>>reporter: trump didn't specify exactly what he regretted, whether it was his feud with a gold star family, his second amendment comments or something else. clinton spokeswoman said quote, trumps each writer and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize. trump's campaign chairman continues to face criticism for lobbying on behalf of ukraine's pro-russian ruling political party without disclosing it. a 1938 law requires those who lobby on behalf of foreign foreign agents which metaphor to did not do. trump has had kind words for russian president vladimir putin. hillary clinton meantime is still under fire for her use of a private email server. the new york times reports that
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personalemail account except for classified communications. clinton was in the city yesterday meeting with police leaders. >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand-in-hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law . >>reporter: earlier this week trump said clinton was against the police. police commissioner bill bratton who attended yesterday's meeting says he doesn't agree with that. >> i don't believe the secretary is against police at all. she's for police. >>reporter: robertmoses, good day new york . >>juliet: we want to especially a statue that someone put up in union square park. it has been taken down. the sculpture depicted the moguls and almonds as less than stellar. similar ones have been put up in other cities by people who are not fond of the republican candidate. people who i would imagine have not seen him in the bath. the artist says he was asked to make it by an activist group called in decline. the statue was up for about two hours before park officials to
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when he's wearing close i don't like him, i can only imagine. >> that was actually funny. the report for best funny goes to the new york city parks department. i want to give a bravo to them. his says quote, nyc parks stands firmly against any erection in city parks, no matter how small. >>juliet: that is the kind of sarcasm even trump himself probably >>carrie: were snl writers working for the parks department? >>juliet: still ahead on good day early call, your day will be getting off to an early start, mike has your forecast. >>carrie: a big change to pittsburgh, writers will be getting to self driving cars but they will be staff with the security measures. we will talk about it coming up. >>
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>>mike: welcome back everyone, let's show you what the weekend is looking like. we've got a sunny sky coming, high both days. that's a beach day. you could have a late a storm coming on sunday. a front coming that looks like it could get a little messy at that time but that means you can do the beat the early part of the day so a good-looking
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central park right now with winds calm at this hour, two points at 68 degrees. the area is dryer again so it's more comfortable, we appreciate that. 74 in philly, 77 in dc and 75 in boston. mild through the northeast with slightly above normal temperatures. when it comes to showers it's quieter today, one renegade storm there over the central and southern sections of new jersey, that's died out and is headed offshore. it looks like a lot of sunshine coming up today . we still have that trough lingering close by. you see it to the south of new jersey. high-pressure trying to control the weather and getting us a clear sky. more sunshine coming but it's not out of the question you could see a little something fire up mainly to the northwest.taking a look at that future you see tiny showers popping up near shelby county, sterger county later on this afternoon. tomorrow sunny and dry is what we are looking at and as we had deeper into saturday, every once in a while a little something tries to fire up but it's not much at all on the
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on sunday. here's what we have for you today. early showers, this is yesterday's. it looks pretty dry today. i tmperature going up to 87 degrees, a little humid today, tomorrow and sunday and that's your best chance for showers coming through, late on sunday. then it dries out after that, monday and tuesday and wednesday looking a little more comfortable around the tri-state. don't forget the fox 5 weather app. radar also to go for free that's a good thing for me. let's bring in seewhat's going on . we do have something going on. >>ines: we do. we have a problem at queens on the l.i.e.. all lanes closed because of an accident. this is westbound, the eastbound side is fine. this is the belt parkway over
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and show you that activity. this is the beat qe on top and all that police activity shutting down the li eastbound as you approach the beat qe so expect delays on the westbound side. eastbound doing fine. street cleaning rules go into effect citywide. >>carrie: thank you very much i'm as, looking beautiful by the way. a reversal from the state department about the hostages released from iran. this is causing some tension. and controversy, spokesperson payment to iran back in january was contingent on the release of four american prisoners. they are still insisting it wasn't ransom so they are saying this wasn't direct money paid to get these men out. officials say the man the payment was from a decades-old arms deal and the us withheld the cash as leverage until tehran allowed the americans to leave the country. which sounds too many like it's ransom. but they say no.
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louisiana and made the promise he ensured victims that the government will provide aid if they apply for it. johnson said he was encouraged by the community spirit during the worst flooding in that state's history. >> if i have to characterize the mood here in the community it would be, on first responder said to me a few hours ago, his home had been severely damaged by the flooding. our hearts are broken faith is strong.>>juliet: 13 people have been killed from flooding and some 30,000 homes in the area are damaged. fema personnel sent to the state with more on the way. >>carrie: crews are making progress battling that wildfire in california. the bluecut fire is burning in san bernardino county , 22 percent contained this morning.
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miles since tuesday, destroying an unknown number of homes and forcing widespread evacuations. authorities blaming strong winds and basically the santa ana winds they get out there. dry brush which is also a problem and 100 degree temperatures that are essentially fueling the fire. >>juliet: will be shutting down last week. univision bought media for $135 million a couple days ago. six other sites were part of the deal including dead spin which will remain in gawker was ordered to pay okanogan $149 million in damages after a florida jury determined they invaded his privacy by posting sex tapes of him in 2012. univision declined on to comment on his decision to shut down. >>carrie: passengers can ride in a self driving car but they will not be riding alone. each one will have a human driver as a backup and another employee watching from the
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the people who live in pittsburgh. only a few vehicles will be available at firstwith the goal of having 100 in pittsburgh and possibly other cities in the next few months . >>juliet: that's pretty bizarre. >>carrie: ,i don't like it. there's so many things that can go wrong. >>juliet: i will let other people be the guinea pigs in that.>>carrie: have fun pittsburgh. coming up,twice is nice. greatest athletes that ever lived. he wins the gold in another a says he could've performed better . >>juliet: "good day early call"
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>>carrie: looking like a nice beach weekend, a >>juliet: maybe after 1000 cocktails, you're not going to get me to go in that water. >>mike: a little liquid courage never hurt. >>juliet: i can stand on the beach, that is about as far as i want to go. i know this is coming out tomorrow. >>mike: it's going to be a good
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i know a lot of folks thinking that summer is wrapping up. we've got a good one on our hands.ere's what it's going to look like. a lot of sunshine out there, we are starting off at 75 but we are going to end up at 87 degrees. it's a little humid outside but not ridiculous and not like what we had last week, that's for sure. bridgeport. 71 in montauk and 64 degrees in monticello with a clear sky. i temperature goes up to 87 degrees read humidity hangs around for the weekend but you know what? temperatures aren't out of control like they were last week so temperatures in the mid-80s are doable and it gets a little bit cooler next week so that? >>carrie: yankees started a
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top of the fourth we go, justin reggiano at the plates for the mets with bases loaded and he takes medicine baumgartner's pitch deep and it's gone. a grand slam gave the mets a four nothing lead and the jets came back after giving up that grand slam, baumgartner belts one of his own, to run shop give the giants lead. san fran tags jacob degroff for eight runs as they go on to win 10 - seven the final score. >>carrie: another gold medal for usian bolt. he won the title, this is the third straight goal in that event. both had been hoping to be his a light drizzle was falling and it may times a little bit slower. he has insisted this is his last olympics. he said i am the greatest, i'm proving that i'm the greatest so i don't need to do anymore olympics. ashton successfully defended his gold medal in the castle on. he had a search on the last lap of the race of the two day competition. he ended with 8893 points,
4:56 am
is a goal for new york city. delilah mohammed from jamaica queens, she wins the 400 meter hurdles in over 83.13 seconds, the first american to win gold in that event so let's give her a hand. teammate ashley spencer on the bronze. the 19th metals for the us at these games. we are destroying everyone. >>juliet: way to represent new york city.ust will both play the redskins in a preseason matchup and more details coming out about jets kicker ryan brown who was suspended for one game for violating the nfl's personal conduct policy.t was revealed that brown was arrested in may 2015 for domestic violence in washington state. the daily news says during the arrest his ex-wife told police he had been physically violent with her more than 20 times. the paper says she also told
4:57 am
with their daughter. it's unclear if that was the reason brown was suspended. state prosecutors declined to file charges . >>carrie: quarterback eli manning says he did not like being benched last friday during the last preseason game against miami. the way he put it, not something i ideally like buddy", you have to listen to the coaches orders. he says his daily routine.roloff because he was told he didn't have to dress but then was told he have to go get into uniform and go through warm-ups. he will start against the bills. >>juliet: watch that game on our sisternetwork. giants andbuffalo kick off at 4 pm away from the top of the hour . >>juliet: "good day wake up" coming up at the top of the
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>>juliet: good morning everyone, the weekend looking awesome so far. pmike woods has the full detail coming up. out of their homes this morning after a massive fire on staten island. the fire happened in the st. george neighborhood. more than 20 firefighters were injured, more than one seriously. the olympic committee is doing an apology on behalf, on behalf of them but because of that guy, the bizarre ryan lochte armed robbery scandal. watergate too. i've decided to call it. this is happening right now,


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