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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>>juliet: good morning everyone, the weekend looking awesome so far. pmike woods has the full detail coming up. out of their homes this morning after a massive fire on staten island. the fire happened in the st. george neighborhood. more than 20 firefighters were injured, more than one seriously. the olympic committee is doing an apology on behalf, on behalf of them but because of that guy, the bizarre ryan lochte armed robbery scandal. watergate too. i've decided to call it. this is happening right now,
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heading home. the two guys being held down there are headed home. the truth of the made up robbery comes to light. donald trump and mike pence inspected to be in louisiana to tour flood damage, meanwhile new information this morning about hillary clinton's meeting with the fbi over private email servers. >>juliet: good morning, i'm juliet huddy. >>carrie: tgif. i'm going to the sack event. >>juliet: our producer is going to. it's going to be cool like? >>mike: perfect. sunny, warm. what time is the concert? >>carrie: it's tonight. >>juliet: i think it's an all day thing. >>mike: this is going to be like fox 5 good day girls gone wild. >>carrie: i don't think so. >>juliet: let's be honest here. that one maybe. >>mike: this is definitely going to be bad.
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let's see what's happening out there this morning. 75 degrees at central park, 74 in britain port, same thing for you and isolate but 64 in sussex. your dew point in the same region as yesterday, upper 60s in a few spots, sitting at the low 70s in long island. 68 in central park which isn't so bad. it's still a little uncomfortable but not that bad and which is what we had been dealing with for quite a while and temperatures are down a bit so this doesn't feel that bad even though for this time of year it's still warmer than normal. i mainly clear sky and we're going to see lots of sunshine out there. there was a shower that came through south jersey near the
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quieter for us. high-pressure building in and for the most part it should be a sunny day. here's what your temperatures will be doing. 76 degrees by 9 am, 86 degrees by midday and a high of 87 degrees, that's what we will do today and tomorrow we will see a lot of sunshine out there. a little humid, high temperature gets up to 86, 87 degrees or so and you're going to be warm through the weekend. not muchhappening with rainfall but it looks like maybe a shower or storm coming late on sunday . that looks like the best possibility for rain. let's bring you to ines rosales and see what you have going on this weekend >>ines: i'm thinking 20 days left till labor day. i'm going to hang out with juliet, maybe take her to the beach. right now problems this morning in queens, the l.i.e. closed by the beach you be because of an accident.
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287 looking good this morning. let's take a look at fdr drive. traffic southbound and northbound looking good, no problems at all. the l.i.e. from the empire state building, here's what's going on. looks like they are leading, no they're not. this is the beach you eat. police activity there and the traffic backed up westbound because of this accident. as for trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect the why. >>carrie: said news, or a little more than that don't have homes on staten island after a massive fire gutted them. >>juliet: officials say it started at a three-story home on bensinger avenue in the st. george neighborhood after 6 pm. it quickly spread to nearby buildings on that block.n all seven structures were damaged, two of those completely destroyed.
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one seriously. many said to be suffering from heat exhaustion. this fire remains under investigation. >>carrie: let's talk about those olympic swimmers. the two being questioned are headed home. a little more than a day after they were pulled off the plane by brazilian authorities. >>juliet: the olympic committee has apologized for how they behaved in brazil. now with the latest on this is our story, teresa, good morning. >> was trending on twitter is ryan lochte gates. yours is better.ither way you have to be the judge, are they victims or vandals? that is what's going around this morning and at least in part the truth is coming out. there are reports out of rio that both police and olympic officials say three of the four americans have confessed to concocting a lie about being victims in an armed robbery sunday morning but instead they are the ones who may have committed a crime. international reaction has been swift this morning. local papers are going easy on them, the post describing ryan lochte at the center of this scandal as the ugly american and the daily news calls him the lochte nest monster. throngs of angry brazilians
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and jack conger make their way through rios airport last night. gunnar bentz and jack conger two of the four olympians embroiled in the scandal of the olympic games along with jimmy feigen and lochte the mental admit their robbery at a brazilian gas station was nothing more than alive. >> there was no robbery. in the way it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts they described. the police can confirm this. >>teresa: it was this surveillance video that gave them up. for drunk americans leaving a party at thursday morning, they stopped at this gas asian to use the restroom. at some point one of the athletes kicked down the door. when they tried to leave without paying for the damages, and armed security guard without a gun, ordered them from their taxi and demanded money. when that debt was settled the
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robbery surfaced. it's an embarrassing lapse of judgment, that's how the us olympic committee and swim team are describing this ordeal. on behalf of the united states olympic committee we apologize to our host in real and the people of brazilfor this distracting ordeal in the midst of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. the at international backlash but olympic officials are requesting the matter be dropped . p>> let's give these kids a break, you know? sometimes you take action you later regret.hey had fun. they made a mistake. it's part of life, life goes on. >>teresa: that guy is really amazing. anybody who's thinking that is wishing that were my dad. i get in trouble, no big deal. jimmy feigen has been talking with investigators and at last
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apparently he's not allowed to leave until a judge will release his passport. these men could be charged with falsifying a police report as well as destruction of property, both punishable by up to six months in jail and a hefty fine but it is unlikely they will face jail time. carrie and juliet, back to both of you. >>carrie: teresa, thank side of donald trump? the republican nominee saying he regrets things that have caused peoplepain. >>juliet: he has a whole new team heading up his campaign. we are learning more about what hillary clinton told the fbi as well about her use of the private email server , talking about: powell. robert moses is in midtown and he has the latest for us, good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. donald trump is bold and brash and impulsive but last night we saw and heard a much different side he was far more measured, reflective, even regretful. and those are not words we
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today, donald trump and mike pence expected to travel to louisiana to tour the flood damage there. last night was unusually contrite as he addressed the crowd in charlotte. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake be consumed with these issues. >>reporter: trump didn't specify exactly what he regretted, whether it was his feud with a gold star family, his second amendment comments or something else. the clinton spokeswoman said quote, trumps speechwriter and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize.
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paul manafort continues to face criticism for lobbying on behalf of russia's political party without disclosing it. in 1938 law requires those who lobby on behalf of foreign governments to register as foreign agents which metaphors did not do. trump has had kind words for russian president vladimir putin. hillary clinton meantime is still under fire for her use of a privateemail server. the new york times reports that former secretary of state colin powell told her to use her personal email account except for classified communications. clinton was in the city yesterday meeting with police leaders . >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law andwhen everyone is respected by the law . >>reporter: earlier thisweek trump said clinton was aganst the police. police commissioner bill
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doesn't agree with that . >> i don't believe the secretary is against police at all. she's for police. >>reporter: we mention the trip to louisiana for trump today. he is also scheduled to hold a rally at 5:00 in michigan area clinton has no public schedule. bill clinton made news yesterday when he announced the clintonfoundation would no longer accept foreign or corporate donations if lori clinton is elected president. that presumably is to avoid any appearance conflict of interest. that is the latest, live from outside trump tower. juliet and carrie, back to you. >>carrie: robert, thank you and speakingof donald trump, the naked trump statue that someone put up in union square park has been taken down . >>juliet: the sculpture depicted the moguls endowment asless than stellar, if you know what i'm. similar ones , these interesting looking statues have been put up in other cities by people who are not
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the small endowment. the artist says he was asked to make it by an activist group called in decline.his particular one was out for about two hoursbefore the officials took it down. mayor diblasio made some comments about it . >> that is a frightening thought thought. when he's wearing clothes i don't like him. i can only imagine what he's like with his close off. >>juliet: that was funny. also funny is the statement from the new york city parks department regarding this issue. is this quote, nyc parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small. that is the kind of sarcasm we like.hat is the sarcasm even trump would like, i imagine. >>carrie: i don't know about that. >>juliet: he's got a great sense of humor. a lot more coming up here.
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mike is keeping track of the forecast. >>mike: we've got a little beautiful day coming up this friday, 75 degrees. a clear sky and lots of sun out there. warm but a little humid outside. i temperature at 87 degrees later on. the fox 5 whether app has interactive radar that will let you know where the showers are. downloaded at the itunes store or google play >> ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>>mike: good morning everyone, here's what we have with your weather headlines. a nice finish to the week, warm but a little humi sunshine out there. the chance of a late a storm coming on sunday and then we got a really nice stretch of weather ahead when we get into next week so things are looking so bad at all as we go through the next 5 to 7 days. partly's cloudy sky, 75 degrees, winds call at this hour.wo points at 68 degrees, so it's a bit humid outside but not ridiculous to
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handle it but we got 74 in philadelphia, 68 degrees in williamsport, 70 in buffalo. same thing in albany with a mainly clear sky. not much happening storm fired up in the central to southern sections of new jersey, that happened in the overnight hours and died out so not abig deal. high pressure will be the bigger weather maker and it's going to make you more sunshine out there, lots of sun out there. a little humid, a chance you could see an isolated shower to the northwest i'm not even so worried about that. winds coming in from the south later today around 5 to 10 miles per hour. those dropping down between 62 and 74 tonight and as you go through the next seven days a high of 87 today, a little humid for the next three days. 6 is your by tomorrow, 85 on sunday. there could be shatters and storms late sunday but by the time we get to monday and the workweek that is looking good and on the dryer side as well. let's bring in ines rosales and get an update on whatever commuting issues out are out
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expressway, all lanes closed by bbq read because in an acciden . as far as your commute, rockland county you are free through the tappan zee bridge. westchester and the bronx parkway. let's go to our cameras and check things out. on the fdr drive looking good in both directions. and that l.i.e. problem, let's go to our cameras.his is the bq e. this is what you are dealing with on the l.i.e.. tr accident. >>juliet: a major reversal from the statedepartment about the hostages released from iran earlier this year .>carrie: spokesman now says the cash payment to iran back in january was contingent on the release of the four american prisoners. owever they still insist
5:19 am
instead officials say the payment was from a decade old arms deal. the question is where they planning on paying that arms deal regardless of whether there were hostages? that's the question a lot of people are raising. the us liberally held the cast as leverage until iran allow the americans leave the country. there are calls for president obama to end his vacation and had to louisiana. secretary jay johnson turned the area and says he will brief the president. he reassured victims the president will apply eight if they apply for it. he was encouraged by the state flooding in the states history if i have to characterize the mood here at the community it would be one first responder said to me a few hours ago, whose home had been severely damaged by the flooding. our hearts are broken but our faith is strong.>>carrie: 13 people have been killed in that flooding and some 40,000 homes are damaged. more than 900 fema personnel
5:20 am
state with more on the way. >>juliet: hempstead woman facing charges of torturing animals. 56-year-old louise hanna left her two small dogs on the balcony of her apartment building in the blazing sun. there was no shade, also no way for them to get inside the apartment. one of the dogs died of heat exposure, the other taken to the town of hempstead animal shelter for treatment. hannah is doing court later today. the grieving parents of a jogger killed in queens says progress is being made in their daughter's murder investigation. bill bratton says the nypd is not close to an arrest. despite those comments, trials mother and father say please have strong leads and it could be a matter of days until an arrest was made. trina's body was found more than two weeks ago after going out for a run. police say she was sexually assaulted and strangled. >> we know that there is a family member of the killer that we need for them to come
5:21 am
very quickly. >>carrie: karina's family has raised more than $250,000 with anyone leading to an arrest and conviction. anyone with information should call crime stoppers. the number at the bottom of your screen. coming up, the next time you order a ride you may not see a person holding the wheel, at pleast if you are in pittsburg. self driving over cars are coming sooner than you m >>juliet: good day is coming right back, stay with us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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5:24 am will shut down next week. univisio $135 million a couple days ago. six other sites were part of that deal including dense spin and they will remain in operation. gawker was ordered to pay kerry, a.k.a. okanogan 100 40 million in damages after a jury determined gawker invaded his privacy by posting sex takes of him but i digress. univision declined to comment on its decision to shut the website down. >>juliet: harley-davidson has agreed to pay $15 million in clean air violations. the maker has manufactured
5:25 am
term tuners since 2008. the bike add-on allows users to modify mike's emission controls system to increase power and performance. the tumors caused the motorcycle to admit higher tha allowed levels of air pollution. harley-davidson will pay $12 million penalties and $3 million on a project that will mitigate air pollution . >carrie: twitter taking steps to prevent online harassment. the platform will introduce a new setting that wil notifications from accounts they follow. that's interesting. twiddle will roll out a quality filler aim to limit the visibility of trolls and other online undesirables. the tools will be provided to all users . >>juliet: we don't like those undesirables. >>carrie: let's talk about number. everybody seems to be using this app. passengers in pittsburgh can actually ride in a self driving car over the next few weeks.
5:26 am
each will have a backup and in it for employee watching from the passenger seat.nly a few will beavailable at first but the goal of having 100 in pittsford and other cities in the next few months, potentially newyork city? i don't know . >>juliet: i wonder how it's going to work? >>carrie: all of your top stories when we come back .
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is flying by.eel like the day - >>carrie: it's flying. >>juliet: i love fridays. not like idon't like my job at all , i'm not saying that but i love the fact we don't have to wake up tomorrow at two in the morning. but i digress.plenty of sunshine today, it's going to be gorgeous, sounds like it will be a great day to go to
5:30 am
continue tomorrow, mike has the complete weekend forecast. >>carrie: the olympic committee apologizing for the conduct of four us swimmers who claim they were robbed in rioe had now have proof that story was a lie coming up . >>juliet: donald trump wants voters to know he regrets some of the hurtful things he has said during his run for president . >>carrie: new details emerging about the whole hillary clinton email fbi server situation. johnny depp's ex-wife got $7 million in their divorce element but now says she's giving it all away to charity. >>carrie: that's pretty amazing for her. >>carrie: great to have you with us, i'm terry drew. >>juliet: i'm juliet huddy. i think i'm going to be getting a coffee in the future. >>carrie: mike: you have wonderful news for the
5:31 am
>>mike: weekend forecast finally looks really good. right now it's all thumbs up. here's what we have. the weekend, sunny skies coming tomorrow, might be a little humid outside but it's still a great beach day, i getting up to 86 degrees so not ridiculously hot.5. on sunday. a chance of storms late in the day but you got theearly part to enjoy some outdoor time stuff. we got 75 right now in central park, 64 in sussex. 22 in montauk . you point at about the same range as yesterday which actually is still high but compared to what we had last weekend this is all right. 68 degrees dew point, you're going to feel it but 71 degrees so that high as well. still, we can take some humidity, we just don't want to choke ourselves to death and have the extreme temperatures like last weekend but we have a partly cloudy sky, no real worries of showers right now. we could see an isolated shower
5:32 am
the northeast and in general so that keeps some instability in the air and the fact that that's also quite warm and humid. every once in a while something jumps up at you but it looks quiet for the most part here. sunny sky, 84 by midday, temperature goes up to 87 pdegrees and as we go through the next five or seven days we're looking at a high of 86 for you tomorrow, still on the human side here for you on sunday but that's a better chance of storms will be back in the tri-state region. let's bring in the road this morning. >>ines: all lanes open on the l.i.e., they were closed westbound because of an accident on the bq we so traffic moving again through the area. as far as to 87 and 88 looks good this morning.but check things out on the fdr drive, 79 feet all lanes open northbound and southbound, no construction going on so your commute looking good there. new jersey transit and the path
5:33 am
schedule. >>carrie: us olympic committee apologizing for the conduct of four swimmers who claim they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. >>juliet: to swimmers departed rio last night. teresa has been watching this all morning. you have breaking news for us. >>teresa: we are learning this morning that jimmy feigen is the only swimmer that remains in brazil has agreed to donate $10,800 to this cause. so with that he is no returntheir passport to him . >>carrie: to which cause? >>teresa: we don't exactly know where the money is going to go. it's a donation but the nbc news and a bunch of news agencies are all recording the same thing without specifics so where it will go i'm sure we will find out in the next couple of hours but he is able
5:34 am
in the words of rios police chief he said, we saw our city stained. what was thought to be a major embarrassment for brazil has now become a colossal whiteguy for the united states. there are reports that for olympians may perhaps not have been the victims of violent crime but rather the vandals this is out some of our papers are describing this . they are echoing the international outrage , this is what's on t the ugly american. throngs of angry brazilians shouting loudly as gunnar bentz and jack conger make their way through rios airport last night. gunnar bentz and jack conger two of the four olympians embroiled in the scandal of the real games along with jimmy feigen and ryan lochte, the men admit their story of a robbery at a brazilian gas nation was nothing more than a lie.>
5:35 am
in a way that it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts that they described. the police can already confirm this. >>teresa: it was this surveillance video that gave them up, for drunk americans leaving a party thursday morning. they stopped at this gas station to use the restroom. at one point one of the athletes kicked down the door. without paying for the damages, and armed security guard word them from their taxi and demanded money. when the debt was settled the men were released. thereafter the armed robbery lie surfaced. it's an embarrassing lapse of judgment, that's how the us olympic midi and swim team are describing this ordeal. on behalf of the united states olympic committee we apologize to our host in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal inthe midst of what should rightly be a
5:36 am
international backlash but international olympic officials are requesting the matter be dropped. >> let's give these kids a break. sometimes you take actions that you later regret. they had fun, they made a mistake. it's part of life, life goes on. >>mike: >>teresa: i wouldn't be surprised if that man is getting a lot of positive words of praise. let's move on. jimmfe with investigators for hours. e can now leave brazil because he has paid this fine so his passport will be released. police are considering charging these athletes with falsifying a police report and destruction of property, all that but punishable with six months in jail and ahefty fine. it is unlikely they will face jail time. ochte hasn't said anything else about the event senses teammate admitted the initial story was false . >>juliet: especially since he's
5:37 am
of what occurred in two separate interviews. >>carrie: it's all true according to officials in rio. >>juliet: maybe it's best if he doesn't say anything else. >>carrie: you will be returning to brazil anytime soon. thanks to you. >>juliet: a man who virtually never apologizes to hold down consistently is now expressing regret or some of his conduct on the campaign trail >>carrie: donald trump expressing regret for saying some things that cause people personal thing pain. robert moses is in midtown with that and more on the road to the white house. >>reporter: terry and juliet, good morning. we normally don't hear donald trump sound like he sounded last night and his first big rally since two new hires at the top of his campaign. donald trump adopted a tone unlike any we've heard from him in recent memory.
5:38 am
pence are expected to travel to louisiana to tour the flood damage there. last night trumpwas unusually contrite as he addressed the crowd in charlotte . >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake be consumed with these issues. >>reporter: trump didn't specify what he regretted, whether it was his feud with a gold star family, his second amendment comment or something else.
5:39 am
speechwriter and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize. trump's campaign manager continues to face criticism for lobbying on behalf of ukraine's pro-russian ruling political party without disclosing it. in 1938 law requires those who lobby on behalf of foreign governments to register as foreign did not do. trump has had kind words for russian president vladimir. hillary clinton meantime is still under fire for her use of a private email server. the new york times reports that former secretary of state colin powell told her to use her personal email account except for classified communications. clinton was in the city yesterday meeting with police leaders . >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing gohand-in-hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >>reporter: earlier this week trump said clinton was against
5:40 am
bratton says he doesn't agree with that . >> i don't believe that the secretary is against police at all. she's for police. >>reporter: back to the campaign trail with 80 days to go until election day. we mentioned donald trump will be inlouisiana during the flood damage. he is scheduled to head to michigan for a rally, that takes place at 5:00 this afternoon . no public schedule has been released as of now for hillary clinton. that is the latest live from outside trump tower this morning, juliet and carrie, back to you >>juliet: robert thank you. >>carrie: let's get over to mike, he has wonderful news for our weekend, at least the beginning part. >>mike: wind is coming at you later but who cares? by that point you should be home and in bed. this morning your temperatures are mild. 75 in central park, far rockaway, you've got 76
5:41 am
tarrytown. decent temperatures this morning and the humidity, it's up there but it's not so much that you are choking up on it but yes, basically we got drive sky around the tri-state. a few clouds here and there but that's it. i pressure in control, we are going to see hot day out there. a few isolated showers popping up around the poconos and catskills but nothing for anyone else as far as storms go. here'sou day. air temperatures should be at 83 degrees, water temperatures at 73. rip current risk back below so we appreciate that. something coming in light if that helps you out there. humidity will be high for the next few days but compared to last week this isn't bad. 86 tomorrow, 85 on sunday and there's the storm chance coming late sunday and by the time we get you next week, things looking a little cooler and drier. pretty typical mid to late summer weather coming out of here. get your daily forecast on the fox 5 weather app. here comes ynez to give you the
5:42 am
>>ines: a couple of them right now. your commute to long island looking good. the l.i.e., same goes for union new jersey as well as sussex county and you you're headed to morris county looking good. the throughway here, a little hard to see because it's so dark but this is the throughway approaching exit 11 towards the tappan zee bridge. it's dark but this is smoke you are seeing, a truck caught fire. all lanes you're going to have heavy delays southbound headed toward the tappan zee bridge. let's go to that camera shot by the grand central parkway. the main road, construction up on the service road so you will have to lazier, this is the grand central parkway on-ramp, natalie getting on the l.i.e. service road because of that construction.
5:43 am
>>juliet: coming up, the fastest man alive once again makes history at the olympics . >>carrie: we will tell you all about it. "good day" is coming right back.
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that 5:45, 3000 people homeless after a fire in the st. george neighborhood on staten island. the fire was solarge it destroyed three homes and damaged five others. 20 firefighters were hurt battling the fire, one of them seriously . >>juliet: katrina the ramos parents say police have leads in her daughter's murder investigation despite comments from police commissioner bill bratton who says the nypd is not close to making arrests. brazilian authorities three other olympic swimmers lied about being robbed at gunpoint. there's surveillance video that shows the man vandaliing a gas station. lock the end jimmy feigen have been indicted, olympic officials are urging police to drop the case. >>juliet: boys will be boys kind of commentary going on. >>carrie: let's get to sports. the yankeesstarted a three-game series at anaheim .
5:47 am
four-game series with san francisco. justin reggiano at the plate for the mets with bases loaded. he takes medicine bow garters pitch depended is gone. grand slam giving the metaphor nothing lead. giant would come back after giving up that grand slam, baumgartner building a home run of his own, giving giants the lead. san fran tagamet for eight runs as they go on to win 10 seven the final score. >>carrie: at the rio games it's another go bolt, you can expect it. you won the 200 meter title, his third straight gold in that event. both had been hoping to be his world record of 19.9 seconds but there was a light drizzle falling and that slowed things up and he has insisted this is his last olympics. meantime, aston eaton of the us defended his gold medal in the decathlon. the 28-year-old had a big surge on the last lap of the 1500 meter race, the final event in the two day competition. he ended with 8893 points time the olympic record and it is a
5:48 am
new york city girl delilah mohammed rum jamaica queens. she won the 400 meter hurdles in 15 point three seconds, the first americans to win the gold in that event. teammate ashley spencer on the bronze, the 90 i've been 100 metals 14 usa at these games. >>juliet: football now, the jets play the redskins in a preseason matchup. more details coming about giants kicker josh brown who was suspended one game for violating the nfl's personal conduct policy.t was revealed this week brown was arrested in may 2015 for
5:49 am
arrest his wife told police he had been physically violent with her more than 20 times. state prosecutors declined to file charges. more giants news of a different nature. eli manning says he didn't like being benched last monday during the first preseason game against miami. he put it close, it's not something i ideally like but he added you have to listen to the coaches orders. he says his daily routine got thrown off because he was told he wasn't going to dress for the game but was later told you have to go through warm-ups. that threw him off? manning will start tomorrow afternoon news game against the buffalo bills. why is that a big deal? >>carrie: maybe because he was initially told he wasn't playing area you can watch all the action in the game on our sister patient bay nine. justin buffalo kick off at nine. >>juliet: i see him walking to his weather wall, michael. >>carrie: how's it looking this weekend mike? >>mike: everybody smiling here at the factthat it's friday, i get smiles anyway. here's what we have for the forecast today . we got sunny skies coming, son
5:50 am
it's a warm day out there, a little bit humid but not too crazy.ostly sunny skies, we get you up to a high of 87 degrees later on. 76 in newark, bellmawr 72, 68 in allentown and 68 in poughkeepsie,74 degrees in bridgeport but we are looking at a partly cloudy to mainly cloudy sky, wins inconsequential here today . it's coming in generally from the west northwest at 3 to 6 miles an hour but we have a clear sky, a few clouds here and there but no rainmakers to worry about . we are in pretty good shape. high-pressure in control and we still have this now, it's mainly hanging to the south of us but it's having some impact on minorities and that's why there could be a few isolated showers that pop up area you might be able to pick that out there on the future cast. i'm not going to sweat that and
5:51 am
warm temperatures, i was about four degrees nor more warmer than normal.omorrow is going to be much the same, mainly sunny with an isolated shower, wind northwest. better chance of rain will be here until one day and that late in the day. today mostly sunny, high temperature going up to 87 degrees. a little humid up there until we get past sunday, storms pcoming at you later in the day so the first part of the and then we see slightly cooler, drier weather coming as we head into the work week. let's bring back ines rosales and get an update on the road and rail situation this friday morning. >>ines: your commute, a couple problems out there . let's start with rockland county. traffic towards the tappan zee bridge slow. there's a truck that caught fire so all lanes subject to closure. westchester side of the bridge looks good.
5:52 am
as you head into queens. expect delays as you head past lakeville road. let's take a look at the l.i.e.. crosswalk looks good, no problems. carrie and juliet. >>juliet: andrea cannon, if you guys watch dateline. she is one of the correspondence, she's amazing. she's watching our show right now. we love her. she's smart and beautiful and wonderful.e have entertainment news coming up. if you haven't caught abroadway show in a great time to get a fantastic
5:53 am
at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month
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welcome back. amberheard is making good on her promise . the away every penny of the $7 million divorce settlement she got from johnny depp. that's being divided equally between the children's hospital of los angeles and the american civil liberties union to prevent violence against women. burden that settled their divorce today. it was acrimonious to say the least. the couple married for 15 months. that's good for her. amy schumer panicked fans by dropping a social media bombshell >>carrie: the funny lady hated
5:56 am
canceled, to we are to making the show anymore. she later backtracked, clarifying the show was slated for a fifth season but is on hiatus while she works on other projects. call down. >>juliet: good news for metallica fans after months of waiting . >>carrie: the heavy metal icons announced plans to release a new album in the fall called hardwired to self-destruct. the band also released this hardwired. 12 new songs. metallica's 10th studio album, first since 2008, give it a listen. [heavy metal playing] it's just like, i mean, i love this kind of music but if you drive in the car you're going to bash your head into the front windshield. hardwired to self-destruct will
5:57 am
broadway fans, now is your chance to see some of the best theater in the world at a deep discount. how many people in the world you think are broadway fans and metallica fans? broadway week is aroundthe corner and 241 tickets are on sale. 19shows are a part of this week including cats , the color purple, on your feet, with it and the lion king . pe through the 15th, buy >>juliet: metallica is going to be here performing at, it's kind of like a festival. i will find out the date but are you a fan? >>carrie: not so much but the song is entertaining. i can appreciate the music. >>juliet: can we grit on the way out joel? can we get queued up western mark . >>carrie: you're going to make me a fan. >>juliet: i'm going to take all of you.
5:58 am
headlines coming up next was traffic and weather, we will be right back. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision detect diabetes. eye exams that can help because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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although just 4 foot 8, simone biles is not to be underestimated. despite her size, simone's packed with power. refined, concentrated power. that's why she trusts tide pods.
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>> wake with up everyone. it's friday this is a day that you can just bust out your door of your home and frol egg down the street like a whirling, or tasmanian devil. weather looks good. serving great. everyby most everybody is happy. mike woods will is have full details coming up. >> 40 people from their homes there fire threatened an entire block and sent 20 firefighters to the hospital. juliet: two of the four olympic swimmers involved in water gate, i'm tboipg to -- before the end of the day calling it water otherwise known as ryan lockte armed robbery saying affair whatever you want


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