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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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friday, august 19. i am rosanna scotto. antwan: antwan lewis. rosanna: it is going to be core just. i want you to know about the rain. the next few days, sunny and warm. temperatures to hit the upper '80s. mike woods has all the details. antwan: a deadly two transit buses. we will have enough faith in just a little bit. rosanna: we will tell you more about that. brian lochte and his teammates. did they make that whole thing up? they originally said that they were robbed by gunpoint. maybe it did not happen exactly
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being forced to pay $11,000 before she leaves brazil. antwan: the heartbreaking story of a suicide of a staten island boy. rosanna: unflattering and totally naked statue of donald trump popped up the statues were huge. sir and parts, they had a literary license. antwan: looking down the whole time. once you look at it, you cannot unlock -- unlooked at it. >> that is true.
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we're keeping an eye on the situation there. terrible bus accident. mike: lots of sunshine coming up for us and warm temperatures, two. we have a sunny sky coming to you. in little bit humid. not too bad. sunday starting off with a partly cloudy skies. still making it up to 85 degrees. saturday looking better than sunday. we have 75 degrees out at central park right now. sixty-five in sussex. our do plants are kind of in the moderate range.
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you will be a little bit uncomfortable out there. in the peak of the heat, it is uncomfortable. we were at that oppressive point. it is not happening this go round. just a little bit of the humidity in the air. there is a small chance that something could fire up. i think i pressure will do a pretty good job of keeping things quiet here today. you are air temperature should be right around 83 degrees. it looks like as far as the wind
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eighty-five on sunday. showers are possible. let's get over to ines rosales. we have pictures from skyfoxhd over nyack. this tractor-trailer caught fire. you d h involved. right now, and you have two lanes closed. traffic that to the garden state parkway. approaching 15 w. that is the western spur. let's go to our cameras.
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there is an accident by 63rd. the l.i.e. in queens. very, very slow here. we have breaking news right now. a deadly crash in newark. to mj transit buses have crashed. antwan: one of the main arteries. let's get to jim smith who is live in skyfoxhd. >> the intersection of raymond
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being treated for injuries. at this point, it appears that at least seven people were injured. how many people were aboard the buses is not known at this time. this point, the injured have been removed. the fire department is still on the scene. police, ems, everybody beginning this investigation will probably take quite some time. closing down at this intersection. watching about an hour ago. that will be part of the investigation phase.
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seven people from our vantage point were treated him put into ambulances. >> before you go, is this near a traffic light? for those of us that do not know the area very well. >> it is right in the heart of what you would call downtown newark. a major intersection. multiple routes on each direction. at this point, it is difficult to completely assess which direction the bus may have been going. an initial oppression is one buses going north to south along broad street. and other vehicle going east to
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investigation. with this intersection closed down, that will cause a lot of traffic problems for people commuting in that area. do we know, jim, whether there was immediate reaction and help to those people on the buses? >> we believe that that was the case. we did see firefighters going into the bus side. they are to have a portion of the roof cut off that bus to get in there and get access to the people that were on the bus. immediately treating people. they were initially treating some of the injured to the side of the road. five and two additional people being treated. a massive response in terms of
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true that the driver that one of the buses was one of those killed? >> we have not learned that. we have been following the situation from high above. antwan: jim smith from skyfoxhd. thank you. new developments to tell you about in the olympic swimmers apologizing for the conduct of four swimmers that claimed they were robbed at gunpoint. rosanna: there was talk that there was gunpoint, but maybe not at the time they said there was. a third swimmer has to give $11,000 to charity before he is allowed to leave the country.
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where is the truth? >> reporter: a lot of incredible moments and stories. this one takes the cake. jimmy feigen has agreed to make a donation for his passport. the only one still in brazil. the others have returned home. everyone but lochte has confessed to concocting a lie about a armed a group resilience shouting loudly as jack conger and gunnar bentz make their way through rio last night.
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story of robbery at gunpoint was nothing more than a lie. >> there was no robbery in the way that it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal fax that they described. the police can already confirm this. >> reporter: it was this surveillance video that gave them up. they stopped here at this gas station to use the restroom. at some point, one of the when they try to leave without paying for the damages, and armed security guard pulled his gun and ordered them to their taxi. it is an embarrassing lapse of justice. that is how the olympic committee and swimming team is describing this ordeal.
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which should rightly be a celebration of excellence. the athletes are receiving international backlash. >> let's give these kids a break. sometimes you take actions that you later regret. they had fun. they made a mistake. life goes on. rosanna: life goes on. antwan: i do not know if i agree with that. when i read that, i thought this is coming from a parent perspective. jimmy feigen's payment of $11,000, yahoo! sports this morning say it will go to a nongovernmental sporting program. one that uses judo to promote development and social inclusion. a donation can be made to a
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prosecution for a minor offense. rosanna: own kind of community service. >> paying money to get your passport back. antwan: lochte needs to own up and say something. rosanna: i just want to know who broke the soap dispenser in the gas station. >> reporter: i will leave that for you to to rosanna: let's talk about what happened on staten island. many people left without homes or sporting on staten island. there was a massive fire. antwan: it quickly spread to nearby buildings on that block. two structures were destroyed. many are said to be suffering from heated josh chin.
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investigation. rosanna: donald trump is expressing regret. he is not saying specifically what he is apologizing for, but he is apologizing. antwan: learning more about hillary clinton's e-mail. >> today donald trump and mike pence are expected to travel to louisiana. trump was unusually contrite as he addressed the charlotte. >> sometimes in the heated debate in speaking on a multitude of issues, you do not choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain.
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>> trump did not specify exactly what he regretted. clinton spokeswoman said trump speech writer and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize. lobbying on behalf of ukraine's political party without disclosing it. a lot requires those that love the on behalf of of foreign governments trump has had kind words for russian president vladimir putin. former secretary of state colin powell told them to use her personal e-mail account.
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hand-in-hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law. bill bratton to attended yesterday's meeting says he does not agree with that. we mentioned that trump visits affected to head to louisiana. by the way, bill clinton made some news yesterday when he announced that the clinton foundation no longer accepted corporate donations or quit and is accepted to the presidency. robert moses, "good day new york." rosanna: thank you so much, robert. yesterday, my phone was blowing up. somebody put that in union
7:17 am
it has now since been dismantled. antwan: similar ones have been put in places of other cities by people that are not too fond of trump. it was up for about two hours before park officials took it away. here is what the mayor, he had some interesting comments to say about this. >> when he is weang i do not like him. i can only imagine what it is like without clothing. rosanna: everyone was having a good laugh yesterday. antwan: best statement from the new york city parks department. standing firmly against any unpermitted direction in city parks.
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they broke it off at the ankle and toss it in the back of a truck. anyway. moving along mike woods. how are things outside? >> it looks good did sunnier skies coming out as here. humidity all coming back down. 83 degrees is your average high. it does not look like it is in ou your sunset is at 748. pretty good-looking day coming up for us here. a partly cloudy skies here in the tri-state. high pressure in control. if anything, maybe a quick storm. i do not think that there is much happening. partly cloudy to may make clear.
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shower chances * picking start picking up as a get a little deeper into the day. our high temperature goes up. next week looks a little bit better for you. happy birthday to shayna. we know she is a big fan. been watching for quite a while. hope you have a fantastic birthday. let's bring in ines now. ines: if you have to go to work right now, we have traffic slow. the lad, normal delays used down, same thing goes for the bqe. minor delays. no problems for the taconic this morning. nice ride westbound.
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lincoln tunnel driving into the city, 20-30 minute delayed inbound. george washington bridge, 20 on the upper level, 15 on the lower level. rosanna: it is a gorgeous day outside here at we will be right back.
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>> welcome back to "good day new york." breaking news for you. a deadly transit bus crash in new jersey. we're we are hearing out ways one person has been killed. several more are hurt. antwan: robert moses' live with the latest. >> reporter: we just got to the scene of couple seconds ago. it is we are now at the corner of raymond boulevard and broad street. you can see one of the buses t-bones the other. you can see the mangled interior. it is hard to imagine that there were not more injuries than what we are hearing right now. we know at least one person was killed. seven were injured.
7:24 am
to climb because of the violence of this crash. we are in the heart of downtown newark. not too far from the prudential building. a staple of the new york city skyline. let's give you a view from above. skyfoxhd live over the scene. happened around an hour or so ago. new jersey transit is too late because a good part of downtown newark is completely shut down. raymond boulevard are shut down. we walked a third of a mile or so just to get to this rash seen. many of the streets are closed as a result of this crash. at least one person has been
7:25 am
we will pass them along to you as we get up dates from the scene. that is the latest. back to you. rosanna: robert, thank you so much. what a sad situation there. antwan: that is not too hard -- that is not too far from city hall. there was talk that the bus was speeding through a life. our there. "good day new york" is coming right back.
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perfect. right, mike woods. you want things to be perfect. >> it has to be perfect. i don't do much of the beach in the summer. that's not true. one of the better looking weekends that we have coming up for us here. 75 degrees. a lot of sunshine out there. you should be able to get make sure that you hydrate. the sun will be fairly intense. seventy-three and isolate did 74 bridgeport. the wind now coming in generally from the northwest around five-9 miles per hour. it will be a fairly comfortable day. no worries about showers and storms right now.
7:30 am
some fair skies in that area. rain does not happen too much. here is a quick look at the beach forecast for you. water temperature is that 73. the representative current risk is low. that is good news for your friday. a little bit humid outside. it stays humid through the weekend. there is will your one ines rosales going to give you the latest info on the commute situation. >> good morning, mike. skyfoxhd was over this scene earlier in the nyack area where that tractor-trailer caught fire. there was also a diesel spill involved. heading towards the top of the
7:31 am
close. let's go to our maps and show you how that this delay is. very, very heavy heading inbound. westchester side of the tappan zee, you are doing fine. antioxidant eastbound by 84. the southbound, this accident over by exit six. let's go to our cameras. staten island expressway. eastbound westbound looks good. long island railroad, new jersey transit and the path trains running on or close. >> thank you very much. for the last few days we have been heartbroken when we heard about this beautiful little boy from staten island. danny fitzpatrick. he took his life.
7:32 am
story. it is shining the spotlight on the serious issue of bullying. he left back a heartbreaking letter to describe the torment he was going through in school and how hardly anyone would help him. antwan: welcome to "good day new york." we are so sorry we have to meet you under these circumstances. just tell us about your son. >> he had a big heart. he was very soft-spoken. he just wanted to have friends, but he was extremely shy. i think that people sense that his heart was so big that it% made him, i guess, an easy target. he was always forgive and as well. rosanna: you went to the school several times and talked about the problem? >> yes. i have three or four meetings
7:33 am
nothing really happened. they just did not, just kind of felt -- rosanna: your son mentioned this in the letter that you found the day he died. >> yes. he wanted to be heard. he spoke to the principal several times. they just do not want to hear his words. he just could not wrap his head around the fact that they would not hear him. his pleas for help. they adored it. it is like turning a switch on and off. he would go back to class. he is like, it is supposed to be over. nothing changed. >> we feel that the school
7:34 am
they had an obligation to. they had a duty to act. they had a duty to intervene and stop what was happening. possibly, this tragedy could have been avoided. >> we are hearing some crazy things. somebody leaked a report which accused both of you of drinking too much and in the reported that that your son was upset with the drinking that was on in the house. he was angry and would lash out. >> it is spite. that is false. it happened right after i started writing letters of complaints. issuing a letter that all the charges were not founded. when you read the note that daniel left, nowhere in it doesn't mention anything about
7:35 am
what he mentioned over and over again was the bullying that he was tormented by an school. rosanna: who would leak this report? usually those are confidential reports. >> i will be writing a letter today asking the department of investigation to perform an inquiry. we do not even believe it was a report from acs. whoever made a claim leaked that report. >> anti-bullying measures put in place. how can this get unaddressed like this. >> it just shows you the powerful lobby. those bullying laws have a specific section that they do not apply to religious organizations or religious
7:36 am
they get to slide on any bullying issues. >> a spokesman for the catholic diocese of brooklyn says the principals and teachers are heartbroken over the death of daniel fitzpatrick. they truly cared for danny and believed they did their best to help him. antwan: your reaction? >> they did not do anyth the principal in particular that it will pass. things will get better. she kept referring to me. i think you need therapy. i think he needs this. i think you need that. >> you did therapy with him? >> yes. they damaged his soul. >> you said that you met with
7:37 am
that your son said were accused of bullying? >> no. we asked if we could meet with the parents several times. i called her. she refused. she refused to let the parents have a meeting together. it is a school matter. >> i has to have to have a meeting with the parents individually. i was told two fathers going at it in my classroom hallway. >> the school themselves claim to have an anti-bullying prevention program. if they had really been following that program, they would have had meetings. we believe at this point, they did not follow their own anti-bullying program. >> it is such a shame that you
7:38 am
i know it is difficult to come on the show and talk about this. >> i am only here because i want to help my son. my son's life had value. he will not die in vain. we need to have change. the fact that these types of schools skate through the crack in the law is not right. i know my son is not the only one. there have been people that have reached out the same kind of situations and have been pushed out. that is what the catholic school did. they pushed my son out. they broke his spirit. his confidence was stripped of him. he had no confidence in himself. we tried everything. we tried everything we could to try to help our son. we are broken. we are broken that we could not stop this.
7:39 am
take his life. rosanna: how is your daughter doing? >> not well. i am going to call grief counseling next week and try to set up some meetings. she has been staying at her sister's house because she has been unable to come home. it is way too hard for her. >> just before we came back from break, you shared a charming story about your son. and the would you share it with us. >> this is another reason i felt like the show reached out to us. i took it as a sign from my son. every morning we would get ready together. he would get ready for school and i would get ready for work. my son had a sense of humor. you have a great humor on your dynamics. a great way to start the day. we would wait for mike to tell
7:40 am
we always believe mike with the weather because he was always right. rosanna: what? >> that is what he would say. he is right today. >> what was his dream? what did you want to be? >> when he was little he used to say i want to work with you, dad. i work for conrad. i told him, no, you do not want to work like me. you are better. >> the little children gravitate to him. like i said, his heart was really obvious. he was always transparent. children would gravitate to him and talk to him easily. he had the patience to talk to them. for a kid his age, you usually
7:41 am
that. i used to encourage him to maybe want to be a teacher or a pediatrician. it is not easy. he just had a natural gift with children, you know. rosanna: we're saying a prayer for danny and a prayer for the strength of your family. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> good day is going to take a quick break. we will be right back.
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>> good friday morning, everyone. here are your weather headlines. a nice finish to the week. as we get to saturday, that looks great. your chance of r there. there will be some storms trying to make a comeback at that time. overall, the extended forecast is looking pretty good. a lot better than last weekend, anyhow. partly cloudy to mainly clear skies. no weather troubles out there. the humidity is really the only challenge that we have out
7:45 am
time. there is the trough. possibly popping up a quick little afternoon storm for you. allergy forecast, still at a high level. uv index up to nine. the air quality is still good. one place we are catching a break. storm chances out there on sunday then drying out after that. they should be this time of year. keep that in mind. the fox5 ny weather out. that after that the itunes store and google play store. there it is. download it or free and you are all set to go. let's bring in ines and see what >> the rails are doing pretty
7:46 am
as an alternate. your commute in new jersey looks pretty good. on the belt parkway, this is past the boulevard. westbound traffic moving pretty good. these downside looks good did lincoln tunnel, 30 minutes inbound. the gwb, 40 on the upper level. thirty on the lower. >> thank you so much. duke is off. guess who was in let's talk a little sports. the yankees were off. so far so good. antwan: so far so good. let's go to the top of the fourth. grand slam. giving the mets a four-zero lead. it did not last. hitting a home run of his own in the bottom of the fourth. a two run shot to give the
7:47 am
they will go on to win 10-seven is your final. >> let's talk real games. another gold medal for both. hoping to beat his own world record of 19 seconds. a light drizzle was falling making times of the slower. he is insisting that this is his last united states. he is 29 years old. he had a big surge on the last lap. the final event in the two-day competition. there he is hugging his wife after he won. he ended with 8893. the olympic record.
7:48 am
the first american to ever win gold in that event. her teammate ashley spencer won the bronze medal. >> they are fast. let's talk football. the jets will play the red skins tomorrow. the giants played the bulls. you can catch on our sister the fallout from the ryan lochte kendall. other celebrity gossip coming up next. ? at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic.
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the resale. let's get down to the good stuff rock shooter is here. he has the latest gossip. everyone is talking about ryan lochte. >> what we do not know, he is back here. we have not seen him, but we have seen his black rolls-royce rolling through north he seems to be pretty casual. rosanna: i hope that he dyed his hair back. >> no. it is still that crazy color. he seems to be having a relatively good time. he does have a legal team that told him to get off twitter. not say a word about this until those guys are safe back on. they are terrified that ryan will open his mouth and make
7:53 am
>> we know to wound up landin in miami. >> there is one more. they paid a fine. got that. i spoke to a couple of people that know the olympics really well. we should remember that michael phelps got suspended twice from swimming. after the dui in one's after a photograph of him smoking from a bong. >> what about the sponsorships that he has? >> this is where it will hit him in the pocket. telling his mom something that was not true and she told the world. it will literally cost him millions and millions of dollars. it is two days after now and
7:54 am
i think if he does that, we move on pretty fast. he does not yet seem to be aware of how serious this whole thing is. >> he took advantage of a situation in brazil. we know that there is a high crime situation there. when he said that, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. >> we should point out, the story got out because his mother did an interview. he was out late. he must have called his mother and told his mom this story. his mom was the one that started this process. i am not blaming the mom here. >> he then gave an interview to billy bush where he could have scaled it back. >> i think it will probably be matt lauer.
7:55 am
the today show. they own the olympics, basically. i think he will get that fix it down interview. although, billy bush wants it, too. >> i think that that city is upset. they said that they had never seen anything like this. he is on the cover of newspapers today. this kid has a lot to say sorry for. i think if you move on. he is not really listening to anybody. >> i saw his reality show. he is not the brightest bold in the socket. that is all i am going to say. [laughter] >> he is not the smartest kid. i love that show. i do not think we will see a new reality show.
7:56 am
scared. >> you are my celebrity cohost of the 9:00 o'clock hour. i will not say cheerio right now. >> anything else? >> of all people, michael phelps may be in more trouble than ryan lochte financially. kim and kanye may be moving here. i read that they are looking for and air b&b. they have a lot of money. steve. >> they do not want to pay for that type of apartment a wild. >> they're so used to getting things on the arm. >> that is what it is. >> they have a ton of money.
7:57 am
much as we think they do. >> kim is not the type of girl that pays for stuff. when she goes out to restaurants, she does not get a check. i think that they are expecting somebody to give them an apartment. rosanna: all right. thank you so much. what do you think, carmella? good day is coming right back. ? as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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rosanna: good morning, "good day new york." i am rosanna scotto. hopefully greg is sleeping in this morning. it is going to be a nice day. lots of sunshine. nice conditions. highs should reach the '80s. mike has all the details for you. antwan: to new jersey transit buses collided at the intersection of north broad street and raymond boulevard. one person possibly killed. several more injured. >> continuing the conversation on the u.s. olympic committee. they are apologizing for the conduct of their swimmers. four of them claiming they were
8:01 am
the third has agreed to pay nearly $11,000 to get out of brazil. >> new cases in miami beach. most likely transmitted by mosquitoes. rosanna: did you hear about this? princeton university has ordered gender-neutral words on all official material. freshmen are now to first-year students. interesting. actresses are to be called out actors. the list goes on. we are getting very politically correct. i heard that there were a few
8:02 am
brochures. antwan: what you think about it? >> i have not been a freshman for so long. >> it still confuses me. >> you are not a weatherman. or a forecaster.r person.- >> easy now. [laughter] i do not know when she is going to learn. it is the happy friday to you. do you have a big weekend? it is the end of summer, after all. i hope that you like sunshine. we have plenty of that. today also looks great out there. this is a snapshot. sunny skies coming to you. a peach day, if you will.
8:03 am
the clouds start to make a comeback. plan on something early. later in the day, and may start to get a little messy on you. it will be a little humid over the weekend, two. 76 degrees over at central park right now. same thing for you and belmar. your dew points are still fairly high. not as bad as what we had last weekend. it still feels good even though we are in the oppressive definitely better than what we had last weekend. and mainly clear skies. a lot of sunshine. high pressure is in control. not a lot happening. sometimes it sparks a quick shower. does not look like the threat is too good today. heading to the beach, this is not a bad day for it. getting up to 83 degrees.
8:04 am
the representative current risk is that a low level today. a great day for the beach, to be honest with you. humid conditions for you today, tomorrow and sunday. for the most part, it should hold off until sunday afternoon. it gets quieter and a little bit cooler. highs topping down even more so. the humidity will take a break, too. let's get over to ines rosales. good morning to you, ines. >> take a look at this delay. why we are dealing with this delay. that tractor-trailer caught fire there. you have a diesel spill involved. two lanes remained closed. you can see how that front cab of the truck or trailer was
8:05 am
it goes all the way back to the garden state parkway. almost to the toll plaza. drugs that bridge, expected ways. as for the van wyck southbound, one name blocked within accident thereby liberty. let see how things are moving on the l.i.e. as for the cross bronx, coming off the george washington bridge, nothing to worry about right now. the bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge, those abnormal delays. there is some mechanical problems. a 15-20 minutes delay. everything else running on our close. >> following breaking news today. a deadly bus crash in newark. >> one person has been killed,
8:06 am
robert moses can bring us up to speed. >> good morning to you. we have been moved slightly back from the accident scene. you can see that to new jersey buses involved. this is just a horrific crash. this crash took place around 6:00 a.m. i just got off the phone with a traveling northbound on broad street when it t-bone day number third team bus which was traveling west on raymond boulevard. the 59 bus had no passengers aboard. about 20 people were aboard the number 13 bus. i am told by a witness that many of their injuries were severe. severe leg injuries. severe head injuries.
8:07 am
driver with no passengers aboard has been killed in this awful crash. i spoke to two workers from starbucks. they told me that they rushed to the aid of the injured immediately. >> came down with ice water,?wee could provide for anybody. anything we could do, we were down here to help them. >> when i came the scene, i said, we have to go. we have to get out there now. we immediately locked the doors. grabbed ice, water, riggs. did whatever we could. >> reporter: and other live look at the scene. that ambulances parked in that position because the body of that driver that was killed still have not been removed from
8:08 am
one of the witnesses told me that she believes perhaps one of the drivers may have been trying to eat a red light. that is what caused this awful crash. we are situated right in the heart of newark. this crash has shut down a major section of downtown newark. not only parts of broad street, but also parts of raymond boulevard shut down as well. new jersey transit bus service in twenty people heard in this crash. some of them seriously. one bus driver has been killed. we are in a briefing at some point. the mayor of newark is also due here at some point this morning. rosanna and antwan, back to you. >> i hear that this is a problem intersection. confusing and there have been
8:09 am
area before. do you know anything about that? >> i have gotten a couple of twitter messages about that. this is a varied disease thorough fair. both street are major thorough affairs to downtown newark. they may be trying to beat traffic lights. that is clearly a possibility and one will undoubtedly be pursued in this investigation. just an awful scene here in downtown newark. a lot of spec daters looking at these road closures. we had to park, play a half a mile away from this crash scene. >> hank you so much, robert. let us know if you hear anything
8:10 am
lochte. two of the swimmers touched down on u.s. soil in miami. this is the footage from rio that you are looking at. if third swimmer is still in rio. he apparently had to pay a few thousand dollars before he was allowed to leave brazil. teresa priolo is following the latest developments. you cannot make it up, but they made it up. >> touch?. gunnar bentz and jack conger just touched down a few moments ago. jimmy feigen remains in brazil. he had to make a donation in
8:11 am
the news that the swimmers concocted a story of armed robbery. this is a quick shop from inside the miami airport. you burned a whole country. the police chief says this is a stain on our entire city. the lochte monster. the ugly american. angry brazilians shouting loudly as make their weight through the airport late last night. two of the four olympians embroiled in this scandal of the games. along with jimmy feigen and ryan lochte admit that it was nothing more than a lie. >> there was no robbery in the way that it was reported by the athletes.
8:12 am
described. the police cannot really confirm this. >> for drunk americans leaving a party early sunday morning. they stopped here at this gas station to use the restroom. at some point, one of the athletes could down the door. and armed security guard pulled out a gun, ordered them from their taxi and demanded money. when that that was settled, the men were released. soon robbery surfaced. the u.s. olympic committee and swim team are describing this ordeal. on behalf of the olympic committee, we apologize. this distracting ordeal in the midst of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. the athletes are receiving
8:13 am
>> let's give these kids a break. sometimes you take action that you may later regret. they made a mistake. life goes on. >> i do not know about that. >> they slandered and entire countries and police force. >> they have a very high crime rate. ryan lochte was re- tweeting there. same thing happened to me while i was in rio. the gentleman that you just heard from is a spokesperson for the game. he does not want an apology here it this $11,000 payment that was made by jimmy feigen, there are reports based on yahoo! sports sources that it will go to a
8:14 am
program. promoting development and social inclusion. this is completely acceptable. >> apparently, i was reading in a very reputable newspaper that this is considered a misdemeanor. it would maybe require a fine. maybe a little community service. in terms of criminal activity, not a big deal. >> also find a police report and the other was vandalism. even in this country, those are considered misdemeanors. money has been paid and that is that. >> hank you for getting us up to speed on that. let's talk about this woman from hempstead. torturing animals charges. she left two small dogs on the balcony of her apartment building in the sun without shade here it this happened on
8:15 am
no way for them to get inside the apartment. one of them died of heat its closure. the lady that you see there is due in court a little bit later today. >> the parents of the jogger that was killed in queens say that progress is being made in their daughters murder investigation. >> police have some very strong leads in the case. bill bratton close to an arrest. police say that she was raped and strangled to death. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. >> you know how much i love miami. there are some new concerns there've. two new cases possibly linked to
8:16 am
>> confirmed cases of locally transmitted cases of zika. right now federal and state officials are can do during rather to advise pregnant women to avoid even traveling down to miami. >> a new study that shows it may affect stem cells. these cells are essential for learning and memory development. even if you a you and other ways. >> adults could be more at risk for depression and alzheimer's disease. this study was not conducted on humans. >> applying findings from an abuse compromise model, it takes a while to improve it.
8:17 am
done. okay. the naked donald trump statue. did anybody send you a picture of that yesterday? apparently, some people got a real kick out of this. a big statue of donald trump. it has been broken down. >> they could not get it off. they could not get it out of union square so they broke it at the >> similar ones have been in cities from people that are not too fond of mister trump. the artist said he was asked to make it by a group called in to client. here is the mayor's reaction. >> that is a frightening thought. when he is wearing clothing, i do not like him. i can only imagine.
8:18 am
donald. the donald definitely does not like the mayor. anyway. the award for the best statement goes to the new york city parks department. city park stands firmly against any unpermitted direction in city parks no matter how small. >> that is the kind of sarcasm that mister trump himself would appreciate. >> i am not s all right. mike woods. moving on. >> because you read that improperly. you know you are supposed to emphasize certain things. >> move on. [laughter] >> okay. now i am going to stay away. nothing good can come from this.
8:19 am
seventy-six at this point in time. it will be warm and a little humid outside. about three more days straight in a row. 76 degrees. partly cloudy sky. pretty mild throughout the northeast. boston has checked in at 77. seventy-nine out it dc. sixty-nine in williamsport. a mainly clear we will just kind of keep an eye on what is happening up to our northwest. futurecast wants to pick up a quick little shower. it does not look like much is happening either today or tomorrow. sunday, that is when you will see a better chance of showers coming to us. showers probably do not happen
8:20 am
it looks like we will keep it quite warm as we get through the weekend. the weather app has daily and hourly forecasts. let's bring in ines right now. trying to push it through so you can get to your thing. ines: a lot of green. the parkway. even the parkway looks this is the l.i.e. eastbound traffic looks good. about a 30 minute to lay into the city. if you want to take, excuse me, that is the gwb. stay tuned. more good day coming right back.
8:21 am
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antwan: taking a look at the of famed waldorf astoria.
8:24 am
waldorf's new owner announced it would convert about 1000 of its 1400 rooms into luxury apartments. only 400 rooms to rent. that renovation is expected to start in the spring. countless celebrities have stayed there over the past eight decades. every president since herbert hoover. i believe that china bought the hotel. recently, when the president was in town, he refused to stay there. he is staying at another hotel on madison avenue. let's get down to business. fox means business. >> happy friday. coming down. next week. no more.
8:25 am
expected to approve the sale later today. now part of the deal. this website known for taking down powerful figures, it is controversial. it is coming down next week. nobody wants to touch it. peter teal. he is gay. he is a billionaire. he was out it by the wanted revenge. he has funded all of these lawsuits against the country. univision buying everything but the workers from that website, many of them will be absorbed into other sites. >> okay. you knew that there was going to be some kind of fallout from this.
8:26 am
we appreciate it. coming up on "good day new york." list. have you ever used list? they have been around for two years. they are celebrating. we will hear from one of the men hoping to keep that service running. ? you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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8:29 am
? greg: a cool song. rosanna: we embrace this song and encourage you to sing along. we celebrate native new yorkers, those who live in this town and call it home. it is a good song, it is a classic but we love it. let's raise it up.
8:30 am
rosanna: the golf man is going in. >> meteorologist: what is his name again? they waited for me to sing, waiting for that. rosanna: i can't believe that is your true bravado. you sound like a goat. >> meteorologist: they to leave. rosanna: did your mother think it was strange when you were younger? >> meteorologist: i don't think it became noticeable until your voice deepens or changes but it has always been there. rosanna: nice to have you here.
8:31 am
you can tell. we are learning so much. >> only come twice a year. rosanna: greg has the day off and is singing as we speak. >> meteorologist: he sounds like kermit a big menagerie. rosanna: let's get down to the circus. what is happening with the weather? >> meteorologist: looks pretty good, not much happening, nice sunny skies, humidity in the air but nothing like last week when we were drowning in it, if you are going to the beach or something fun over the weekend here is a snapshot, look forward to that. a lot of sunshine, beach day,
8:32 am
making a come back in late day storms coming through at that time, 78 ? in newark, 77 in bridgeport and islip, 72 in poughkeepsie, 70 in monticello and sussex with partly cloudy to mainly clear sky, pretty good-looking day, wents coming from the north northeast and sussex with partly cloudy to mainly clear sky, pretty good-looking day, wents coming from the north northeast at 3 to 12 mph. shouldn't be a problem, cloudy sky, high-pressure in control, fair skies generally speaking, don't get much happening in the area. and stirs up the spot and get something going, future cast saying take a look. it is pretty quiet today and tomorrow, sunday clouds increase
8:33 am
swinging through sunday into monday, a lot of sunshine, high temperature, humid, partly cloudy sky, mild lows, 62 to 74, 86 tomorrow, humidity hanging out for the weekend, storms are expected late in the day sunday and it is out of here into the work week, gradual monday and tuesday, and temperatures are comfortable. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is happening. ines: still dealing with this delay by exit 11. a tractor-trailer caught fire, a diesel still, two lanes closed,
8:34 am
turnpike, southbound by interchange 10, two accidents, no problems with the parkway, let's look at cameras on the expressway, heading toward the verrazano bridge eastbound no problems, george washington bridge busy, and 20 minutes, lincoln tunnel 495, coast is clear towards kennedy, 20 mite delay, holland tunnel 30 minutes, a 20 minute delay for mechanical problems, the montauk branch, and earlier disabled train. greg: we are following a deadly crash in the work, new jersey, buses collided. newark's mayor spoke with reporters, robert moses was
8:35 am
latest. >> reporter: let's push right into the scene by broad street, a block or so away, you can see ambulances blocking slightly but one of the buses is almost completely on its side. the impact of the crash was so great the bus was almost severed in two. let's get you caught up to speed on what happened, height of the morning rush hour, a bus on broad street when it t-boned a bus traveling west on raymond boulevard. the 59 bus had no passengers on board. there were passengers on board the other bus, 19 people hurt, seven critically according to the mayor. unfortunately the driver of the 59 bus was killed in this or the crash. he has not been identified.
8:36 am
>> one of the buses had no passengers at all, the other bus did have passengers. 19 of those passengers have been moved to the hospital, 7 in critical condition, one of the bus drivers is doa. right now there is an investigation going on in terms of what actually caused the accident. we have for luminary data saying we drivers may have gone through a red light. >> reporter: that is the working theory we have been hearing throughout the morning. very busy intersection in the heart of downtown newark near the prudential building. this has major impacts for the monday morning rush. i spoke to a couple starbucks
8:37 am
scene and they locked up the starbucks as soon as the crash happened, grabbed ice, grabbed water and towels, whatever they could get their hands on to come and help these passengers, some have been seriously injured, critically injured as you heard the mayor say. back to you. rosanna: if you hear anything more let us know. john lennon's killer is reportedly up for parole next week, the ninth time he is up for parole. antwan: he has five letters in support of letting him out, one possibly from a florida pastor who has written on his behalf in the past, chatman shot and killed john lennon december 8, 1980, just as the singer and his wife, yoko ono were returning to their apartment in the dakota building. he was sentenced to 20 years in
8:38 am
them from yoko ono. princeton man is no longer allowed in the hollowed halls of princeton university. do not say man. before ivy league school ordered gender-neutral words on official material. this decree came in a four page memo and a resource departing, instead of words like freshman it is first year student and mankind is now humankind. rosanna: other praises being phased out include best man for the job, man and wife, man hours, manpower, just to name a few things. what happens if you use those words? >> they line you alongside one of the buildings. the animated film that is drawing praise from critics, they are out in theaters and a movie director is here to talk
8:39 am
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creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at ? >> see that taxi over there? usually at this time of morning
8:42 am
unoccupied. before remember the time five years ago you and greg had to explain what the light on meant and what the light off meant and what is going my way. rosanna: a lot of people use taxis but a lot of people are using these apps when it comes to catching a ride. there is huber and lift. one of those ride sharing companies that is going fast, so bring their two year anniversary. antwan: coast operations, happy anniversary. what can we expect? does it feel like it has been two years? >> thanks for having me on. it has been two years, feels like a long two years, start from scratch, lift is four years old, headquarters in san francisco, two years ago we made an important strategic step to open operations in new york, had to do it, new york is the best in the country, biggest city and
8:43 am
yorkers to get around places quickly. we are here to help. rosanna: i am not your with lift. is it only a sharing ride or can you get it for yourself? >> both. you download the apps to your smart phone, hit the button a car will show up. you have a couple options, one is a nice car will come quickly, pick you up and take you where you want to go, cars are always available. another is lift line, a shared ride service like a carpool, there might be one or two other passengers in the car. you might have a slight detour but everyone is going the same way, the benefit thee is it is a lot cheaper. in manhattan during commute hours we have 70% off for our lift line product so you can get
8:44 am
something. >> getting towards the subway prices the goal. the goal is to provide consistent reliable transportation solution for new yorkers and folks around the country that is cheap, reliable and always there. rosanna: how do you compare to huber? >> we call them the other guy. rosanna: how do you compare to the other guy? >> we focus on creating a more warm, experience in the car. it starts with the drivers. we treat our drivers better. it is a part of our mission, values and strategy. rosanna: do you pay the more? >> we do in several ways. we allow customers to tip drivers. if you like your driver and had a fairly experience you can tip the guy in the apps, the other competitor doesn't let you do that. rosanna: you can give them cash. >> you are not supposed to, they are supposed to refuse cash. we provide the tip mechanism.
8:45 am
commission with our drivers, we pay them more. rosanna: how do we summary two years? >> first of all a bunch of parties this week back at the office, it is an important milestone. it signifies how much we have grown and accomplished in new york, some number crunching, we found out we delivered 45 million rides over the last two years, enough to go back and forth to the moon almost 100 times. it gives us a sense of sca and commemorate his we have tens of thousands of rides we are delivering a day, thousands of drivers on the road. the cars get through one or 3 minutes and it is more affordable. antwan: my best greg impression, what is up with a mustache? >> that with our famous icon back in the early days. the drivers put a mustache on
8:46 am
it is part of our history, it is being phased out as we become more of a mature company. you don't see the big mustachees anymore. we embrace the fun eclectic brand, that is another difference from the other guy. we are fun, youthful, popular with millennials and women and we do fund crazy you mentioned the ghostbusters promo, we had a couple of those anecdote numb one cars when the movie came out last month and if you want to lift you could get picked up by one of those. rosanna: congratulations on your anniversary. i know you are thinking about what to do next weekend, you should go back to my old neighborhood in brooklyn, time for the annual 1870 feast, it is a lot of fun. this is the 41st year of the
8:47 am
in sicily. antwan: like any good feast there will be tons of food. i have known you for a wild. also live music and games, it runs from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm weekdays and 11 to 11 on the weekends through august 28th. rosanna: robert shooter is here talking celebrity gossip, has some olympic drama. he will cohost 9:00.
8:48 am
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marymac time to get down and dirty. rosanna: robert is here. rosanna: great columnist for the national enquirer.
8:51 am
>> michael phelps is in trouble too. took a photograph with a cover of sports illustrated, great picture of two olympians looking fantastic, he is wearing nike in that photograph which is not his sponsor, under armour, there he is on the cover, looking great, took that picture in minutes. wasn't a big set up, no stylist. it was taken on the fly, only time to get the 3 of them together, took the picture quickly, slapped it on the cover, it will reach 18 million people, you are his sponsor and paying him millions of dollars to promote your sportswear and that is what happened.
8:52 am
between the ears. that is the only excuse. >> a technicality which i love is nike is the sponsor for the american olympic team so when he is in the pool he has to wear nike. outside the olympics they have their own sponsorship so the question is is that an official olympic event or is it something -- rosanna: he was in the >> if you are not wet it is not official. if you are not in the pool, if you are not swimming, what do you think? rosanna: stirring the pot, won a gold medal. >> he will be doing some more stuff. after what lochte did, let's call it a bonus, some justin bieber news, when he finishes this tour he will start acting. he is meeting with an acting
8:53 am
movies. good luck with that. rosanna: he is a talented young man. i hope he can withstand the pressure. a lot to balance, the singing career and acting. >> when you reach that level of fame it is hard to transition to another genre. madonna tried it. rosanna: justin timberlake is doing a great job. >> let's hope he follows in justin timberlake's tracks. happy birthday. rosanna: we will dish more. >> ran for the whole hour. i hope you can stand this. rosanna: that will be jolly. it is going to be >> my mother called me that. rosanna: "good day" coming right
8:54 am
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rosanna: a pretty picture from peter, thank you for sending
8:57 am
you for being here this week while greg takes a little break. we are outside the kanye pop-up store. we will see a little more of that was our cohost for the 9:00 hour, rob shooter with the native sunny shooting scandal. antwan: rick will be here. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right.
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>> from fox 5 news time from a "good day new york" coming that this hour, rosanna has a missile guest, rob shooter is cohosting the summer slam event hitting barclays this weekend, wwe legend nick foley giving us a preview of the main event, one of the most highly anticipated animated films of the year, the star and director of the two strings, the first annual bunker fest is arriving at coney island, we are getting ready with amazing acts in our studio and getting the weekend started right with somebody marys, kingsley restaurant showing off


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