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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news time from a "good day new york" coming that this hour, rosanna has a missile guest, rob shooter is cohosting the summer slam event hitting barclays this weekend, wwe legend nick foley giving us a preview of the main event, one of the most highly anticipated animated films of the year, the star and director of the two strings, the first annual bunker fest is arriving at coney island, we are getting ready with amazing acts in our studio and getting the weekend started right with somebody marys, kingsley restaurant showing off
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rosanna: the people who work on those scaffolding, hats off to them. antwan: i couldn't even go out on the balcony of that. rosanna: they were doing some pointing book on the building, i could see them go on the scaffolding and in the afternoon, hats off to them. they work hard, it is dangerous even though there are safety procedures. antwan: look at them on the fight of the building, up, maybe higher, not for us. rosanna: we are used to walking the tight rope. i'm too busy reading my inquirer. >> the only reason you invited me was to bring my magazine. rosanna: michael douglas's family caught in a war. >> i have a column, the national enquirer but i don't get the
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rosanna: greg is taking a little time off and he is probably sleeping in, i know you are one of his favorites. >> i will be fine. think of mary poppins. rosanna: most of us would disagree. most of us liked being >> everybody there is a brit. in america i feel very special and it is complete phony baloney. i sound smart or witty, don't believe it. i am a real bore. it is the accent. rosanna: when we say something we take it as gospel. can we dish a little bit. rosanna: let's talk about ryan lochte, i can't get enough of
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he took advantage of a bad situation which everybody knows they deal with serious crime. >> this is their achilles heel. everyone put the other pics together, they went out of their way to prove to the world it is a safe place. you can be a two risk there. this is the window to their country, the best advertisement they ever were going to have to millions of people. rosanna: he didn't originally go to the police. >> this is what is missing from the story, his mother is the one who made the blowup. he called his mom, told his mother he was held up and robbed, his mother did an interview and that started this. rosanna: she broke the news. but then he continued, should
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didn't go down that way, early in the morning, there is a way to backtrack. >> interesting thought. when i do shows, i meet lawyers and smart people and ask them what should i do? it will happen at some point. do not speak, don't say anything. that is something we should and social media you tweet, ryan probably had his phone taken away. we spotted him in north carolina, he rolls around north carolina trying to be subtle in a black rolls-royce, we see his
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a big interview, sorry, and trying to set up some meeting with him and michael phelps. that looks like a big brother is forgiving you. rosanna: don't know if that is enough for me. i want him to say sorry. >> story broke, about michael phelps and lochte don't like each other. rosanna: ryan is a little jealous of michael phelps? >> a little of that and michael phelps was a party boy. been apparently -- he looks at lochte as a wild child he once
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rosanna: let's see how that plays out. it is only 9:05. what is going on with barbra streisand? she was at the barclays last weekend and was fantastic. >> the voice. rosanna: the voice is fantastic. >> 74 years old, she have all the hits, every song you want her to sing she does, she does a few songs people don't know as well which is want this to be the greatest hits but she does do the hits, things great and look fantastic. rosanna: she has a new out him. >> her last duet our bum was a huge hit and this is part 2, jamie fox and alec baldwin, who knew he could sing. rosanna: and kenny? >> he can sing.
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there is a fight between britney and babs to see who can get another one. who will it be? rosanna: they have two different audiences. rosanna: britney's last album sold 300,000, barbara's old 900,000. barbara might be number one. rosanna: barbara has a loyal audi still buy albums, younger people are downloading kind of buying physical albums, maybe barbara will knock britney, believe we are saying this? barbra streisand will knock britney at the number one. >> show britney how it is done. >> there something politically justified. she is doing an hour on jimmy fallon's show, doing the duet
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eric singh and britney doing mtv awards to promote her album so we will see how that works out. rosanna: anything else? >> justin bieber is not only wanting to get involved in acting, he has an acting coach, he has ensured his penis for $500 million. rosanna: how did he come did that. >> one of his greatest assets. i don't know how out. >> it is not rated. >> what are you trying to say? >> wondering how they the deuced 5 million. >> we will figure out how much it is worth during the break. rosanna: okay. >> stunned. rosanna: we are going to talk to
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has an apartment in new york city but i heard it is tiny. >> they will make new york their home base, they start at the end of august, this will be home base. after different shows they fly to new york looking for a bigger apartment. >> they don't want to pay. are you kidding me? do they not have money? >> they have a lot of money but don't want to pay. they worth $30 million. rosanna: this will be interesting because landlords in new york city are not like landlords anywhere in the world. >> nobody wants them and it is not just because they are not paying but they don't want the hassle of kim and kanye in the building, pain in the bottom. rosanna: if it is a co-op they
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and the deal is if you give them a free rent kim will tweet about the builder. a cheap building might care about it but if you can afford a $30 billion apartment you don't need kim's instagram or twitter. rosanna: i don't live in a $30 million apartment but for the right price i might move out, bit. do you mind? i come with a dog and a husband. we could have a play day. what kind of dog? >> wire fox terrier, derby, still getting to know me. i got him two days ago and he is a nightmare. cries constantly. i love it. rosanna: that happens with children. >> i feel like a mother of a newborn. rosanna: we will continue the fun. let's find out what is happening
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>> meteorologist: we have nothing but sunshine. the weekend looks great, mostly sunny skies with high temperature 86 ?, a beach day, sunny doesn't look bad, partly cloudy skies coming in, thickening up and storms later in the day, of the two saturday is better in terms of the weather, late a storm with a high of 85. temperatures on the way up, 77 ? central park, 79 newark, islip and bridgeport, 74 in montauk and 72 in monticello, most of us looking at a lot of sunshine, winds from the northeast at 3 to 16 mph, a little bit of a breeze for some of us but that helps us feel cooler, humidity levels, do points a little high mostly in the upper 60s which is still not exactly comfortable but better than we had a week ago.
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in control, what that does typically is brings is mainly clear sky and a few clouds pop up from time to time and that is what we have today, we have this trough nearby gives an additional lift and we could see a few storms that pop up but if anything does happen it will be in the high country to the northwest, places like the catskills and poconos, might see a brief shower but in the city in the rest of the tri-state we will be fine with by the cloudy to clear day today and tomorrow. late saturday into are rolling back into town. looks dry early sunday but later if there is a cold front to the northwest which we swing through will bring scattered storms at that time. beach forecast, air temperature that 83 ?, water temperature 73,
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be a hotspot, beaches crowd in on a day like this, high temperature 87 ?, a little humid outside but a lot of sun and humidity until we get to sunday when the cold front will come through, we have showers and but afterwards some nice days lined up with mainly sunny sky, high down to 82 tuesday, that is where we should be this time of year, we are still in the above normal temperatures but the weekend looks fantastic. rosanna: it will be fun. got a little gossip on the kanye west pop-up story. >> in march everybody hoped and assumed they would seek him and kanye at the pop up fans are rushing downtown to see this. they didn't go last time. rosanna: will they go this time? >> i think they will. i'm convinced this is a car boot sale. it is like the oldest drunk in the house. rosanna: lots of people behind you already. >> we are beside this pop up
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the early morning hours, we are here at the corner of broadway and walker street, this place is known as the supermarket here, the line wraps around the corner and the next block, all these people have gathered waiting for the opening of pablo merchandise store, one of 20 one of these opening this weekend, locations revealed on kanye's website 24 hours ago, openings happening in new york, vegas, south africa, coincide with kanye's life pablo tour which starts next week, the merchandise includes t-shirt, hat, jacket fence which are then some people told me they have been waiting several hours. >> 6:00 last night, merchandise. >> what specifically do you want to buy? >> we don't know.
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come we have been here 10 hours. >> hats, everything. >> i am trying to cop a tease. >> 9 hours for two t-shirts? >> i am hoping to buy whatever i can to resell however i can to make money. >> reporter: the merchandise will sell 50 to $500 but as the kid is incredible. it is in the thousands on retail fight like ebay. it plays off of kanye's album at 10:00, and tomorrow again, sunday at 11:00, we get a sneak peek to go in there. we can see any of the gear until 10:00 :00 am. no easy.
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rosanna: i am pining for these. they are cool. >> the fact you can't get them -- >> they are not that expensive but they are online and the thousand dollars. >> a pop up store pops up for a couple days. if we get that many people to line up why not just open a store? why not have a regular full-time -- rosanna: you makes too much sense. >> you are the first person ever to tell me that. rosanna: nick foley is here. he has a new reality show and he will be part of summer slam at berkeley center. people love this.
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light & fit greek crunch yogurt runchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. rosanna: former wwe champion and hall of famer nick foley is in town.
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years and continues to reinvent himself time and again. >> since he has been retiring from that competition, outside the ring, his own reality show and is here to join us with summer slam or. that new show. welcome. >> thank you for the bill that. rosanna: did you like that? >> great name for a show. tell us a little about the you are the new kim kardashian. >> i don't know. >> looks like a piece of swiss cheese. it won't break the internet, it might strain some eyeballs. we were thought to be on the right side of dysfunctional. my daughter really shines.
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three arguments in our lives free reality show. we had a couple on the reality show. rosanna: i heard she makes this confession based to you. >> the worst news a father can here, worse than what you are thinking, i want to train to be a wwe star. haven't you seen the clips? you saw what >> what is the biggest fear about following in your footsteps? getting injured? >> the injury yes. a very physical style, i am doing pretty good now but you pay for that. i got to live out all my dreams. my mom went to my first two matches and never attended another match again.
9:22 am
when she came to me i got my choice whether to help her achieve her dream or push her away and have her do it in spite of me. rosanna: some people fear reality shows, they can break up families, make you look a little crazy but we have a clip of the new show called holy foley. >> now that we are all gathered >> i got some big news too. >> what is the big news? >> rua stripper? >> i am going to be a stripper. >> you are not going to be a stripper. you are nick foley's daughter. >> tell us the truth.
9:23 am
>> well. >> i want to be a wwe superstar. >> the dog was afraid of your reaction. the show premieres right after your big -- >> summer slam. summer slam is only on the can binge watch holy foley after that. >> at berkeley sunday, what do you tell about the summer slam? >> on monday nice, super super busy, to see what my role will be, i am interacting again with john stuart. rosanna: the comedian?
9:24 am
show. got into a fight. >> the world championship match. only thing i can think of the next day when he reveals his rationale, he did not want john topping the record of 16 world titles. went to crack -- it is all over the news. >> it will happen again this time. >> there will be no cracks. what we love about john stuart regardless of fans of the daily show, he loves wwe and it shows. it is something he loves doing like a great experience,
9:25 am
rosanna: can't get tickets at the berkeley center. summer slam. >> bigger than barbara streisand and the tickets for the front row are 500 bucks, people love this. >> what else is crazy, the chat backstage. >> he is from coney >> leaned over to adam, i got the most unique job in the room. it will be great tv. >> she is over there. >> he is lively, firecracker. rosanna: we will know more about that coming up. is this real? do you mind? >> it is meant to be pooled. >> something that looked this
9:26 am
rosanna: it doesn't look real. >> it is so carefully sculpted around your cheeks. >> it is a high follicle count. >> long island guy, you live on long island, you are okay with the neighbors, didn't have to body slam anybody? >> i'm a long island native, they don't make a big deal out of me, they are used to me being there. i don't make much noise you don't mind a cherry picker we are going to be okay. rosanna: go watch on tv on the wwe channel summer slam. right after summer slam what is the name of the show again? holy foley!
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rosanna: so much fun these days and this weekend there's a major festival going on. it's called the coney island
9:30 am
doing it. you know, what they've always had unusual performers at koney island. now we're going to celebrate it, rob. >> i can't wait. we brought them here for you today. i think we have executive director of the festival. joanna zaky? >> zachy. >> how are you? >> good tell us about the fest? >> first annual busker fest a third signature event we have mermaid parade and th it is koney island fest rebring out street performers. we have five performance areas, over 25 free performances, of course. tipping is what they do this for is cash is king. koney island tomorrow, but it's tons of fun. very family friendly. we're taking over sowell and surf avenue so two blocks, food venders, performers we have koney island brewery doing a
9:31 am
>> we should -- [inaudible] how do we find them, do they audition or go around the world looking for them? >> they perform all over the world. we work with magic brian here with us. rosanna: should we know a little bit about magic brian? tell us about yourself. >> magician comedian from stage for 20 years they scdz me advice and i'm producing amazing acts. >> magic brian what is a good tip for someone to give you when you're performing? >> for a 45 minute show i say five to ten dollars is very reasonable. >> i'll do that. >> what is your specialty that you will be performing on "good day new york"? >> i will be performing something different on "good day new york" than i'll be forming at the festival. special performance, request in the festival i'm a skate jacket in 40 feet of chain.
9:32 am
>> longer than what we have this morning. >> i'm gong to eat a lightbulb. >> do they taste different for a 60 -- >> little wattage is light or. it is easy you chew and swallow. dangerous, however, but i've trained by body to chew, swallow and pass gas, glass -- [laughter] magic brian. all right what are we going to do? >> you switch it on. i'm magic trick this is 100% real and this is what you're going to unscrew it and drop it into the bag. empty bag. >> try to put my hand in. empty bag -- here we go real lightbulb. great. and then -- you're going to smash it. oh -- >> you want me to smash it. [inaudible] [laughter]
9:33 am
>> now i want you to very carefully reach in. and grab a piece. >> don't get the biggest -- >> that doesn't matter. >> that is tiny give me more of a challenge. [laughter] so we can see it. there you go. place it right there. >> you want me to do it? >> come on. >> are you sure is? >> oh -- >> can i have some more? >> did that hurt? >> no. quite easy. going to quash it down it's look a vitamin. >> can rob try? >> no this is a very skilled task that has taken years of experience. >> you cannot eat the metal part but the film for flossing. >> are you okay? >> i'm fine. >> if that didn't get your attention, let's meet wendy the gorgeous wendy. >> hi guys.
9:34 am
>> very impressed. >> tell us about you. >> you haven't seen anything yet, though. >> my name is wendy i'm from coney island. i am a sword swallow pretty new to the game doing it for about one year. i work with at coney island usa a nonprofit organization preserving pom art. so basically what i'm here today to do for you is swallow a sword. >> is that a real one? >> it is. wo does it bend, collapse -- is it fake? yeah, touch it. >> how did this begin for you what day did you wake up to swallow a sword? >> it is an interesting story it all happened when i decided you know i could do anything i put my mind to and i went to my mentor who was a very lovely gentleman, and i asked hmm, i need to learn how to do this. he was like why do you want to learn. tell me why. so i had to sit and i tortured
9:35 am
want to do this for me, and i started the process, ab i finally got to do it, and now here i am. >> so we should point out, though, to everybody at home you are really trained professional so you should not try this at home. >> no. end up in the hospital you could puncture holes in this is something not to try at home. we have at coney island a circus side show school so more than welcome to learn side show tricks, we >> that's good to know wendy. >> what do you need right now to prepare yourself? >> so -- just requires a little bit of lubrication. >> oh, wendy. >> wendy. >> sorry guys. >> i'm nervous for you wendy. >> oh, lord. i don't like to watch this either. >> l shall i hold your specks? >> if you like. >> thank you. now, old side show they say -- you know, down the hatch without
9:36 am
do but to it so i guess all of u here and for demented entertainment come to the fest you'll see more of this tomorrow. >> take your time. >> wendy don't rush. oh -- wendy are you okay wendy? e oh, lord. how did you do that? how did you do that? [applause] it's pretty easwo >> no. >> you didn't even smudge your lipstick. did you start with a little sword and then built up to a big one. this one is about 18 inches long. i have a few i have one that's 24 inches. i have one that's about 12 inches. >> do you ever get nervous? >> it's there -- it's there. ivelg but do you ever do it when you have a cold or something is?
9:37 am
it's not -- you keep going. >> go check out wendy and magic brian at the first annual coney island busker fest what time? >> 12:30 to 7 p.m.. >> excellent. >> well -- we need to take a deep breath on this one, rob. when we come back we're going to meet the star of this great new animated film call thed kubo and two strings and also the di star of kubo is this young boy who was icon on "game of thrones" it is exciting. the movie looks great. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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>> there's this movie opening up today that everybody is talking about. travis knight has revitalized the craft of an mace beloved film such as carr lean and box trolls his new film has everybody buzzes kubo besting a mated feature of the summer. >> it looks amazing along with travis, we have here an actor that is lent his voice to the movie. but you probably know him from games of thrones please welcome our guests right here, art parkinson and travis are knight so we have a sneak peek of the film it's beautiful.
9:41 am
beautiful. and a great, great film. what was it like doing a voice instead of being on an actor using a body? >> for live action, you know, it's a lot easier than doing animation because you have all of the physicalities in the words to bring a character to life. but as for animation, you know, you have to really take all of the emotion that you get to express in your physicality everything, and put that you know channel that into your voice that can be quite to other character and other ashts because sometimes i know you're like in a booth by yrg. right talking to yourself. >> well i got to work with charlize -- theron? >> yeah. >> and wait who's other person? >> brenda it. >> you're kidding me. >> it is great. you've got a-list talent for this. how -- this is your first time directing is that right? >> yeah. wharvelgt made you step into the shoes for this one? >> this film really resonated
9:42 am
this incredible world in fantastic version of japan, and you know when i was a kid my mom introduced me to fantasy stories and my dad took me to japan on one of his business trips when i was eight years old. >> your dad is or was head of nike right? >> the grand of nike that's right. >> what? >> did you get free sneakers to this day? >> last no you're not to give stuff away. coif to pay just like everybody else does. >> so you spent a lot of your childhood in japan and i went there with a mind blowing experience and this film combines those two things love fantasy with japan and a movie that's about family. >> how long did it take you to do this? i heard it's beautiful the way it's done. >> it is a lovely film that took a long way to make. the pace of making it is glacial it took five years to form. >> how did you get together on this project? >> well, you know we auditioned hundreds of actors across every
9:43 am
and arts audition was so good. it was just amazing. but then he was doing american accent so i heard him speak in native accent like somebody is playing a trick on me. [laughter] >> so does he speak in english accent or -- >> in the film i have american accent. >> yeah. can you give us a little bit of that now? >> what had do you want me to say? >> rosanna is superbeautiful. >> you don't have to say that. >> rosanna is superbeautiful. >> you sound american. audience knows you too from "game of thrones" you got killed in that -- >> spoiler alert. >> now is is that done for you or could you magically come back? >> that's me completely done -- >> why not? everybody is -- why zigzag? >> i didn't write the script. >> but you wrote that in the script when you read that it was over for you, i'm sure you were a bit sad. >> well i didn't agree to i got a call and they sort of
9:44 am
going on before i got the script. so yeah, sad but at the same time you know, it was exciting because i had such a great scene to die in, you know. >> it was a great scene. >> plus been working on this film for five years. >> i came on three years -- >> three years is a long time to be committed to a film. >> did your voice change in three years? >> oh, yes. >> how did you deal with that? >> we record over a six months period and by the time we got to the last session his voice -- his voice had octave deeper than mine at this point he was often australian shooting san andreas and the rock came out. >> it is a mighty samurai but he was alone his family taken from him. his kingdom in ruins, and his army destroyed by the dreaded moon king. you may recall he was roaming
9:45 am
magical suit of armor. only weapon in the whole world that could protect him from the power of the moon king. this armor was made up of three pieces. the first -- >> i know, i know. the sword unbreakable. [applause] the second -- >> the rest plate -- >> inpenetrable. >> wow. it looks great. >> so great. so what year was his >> it was just about 12 years old. and now he's you know getting close to 15 so it's -- >> i never thought about voice changing. what can animation do in movies that live action can't? why did you do this as animated? : there's something about animation that i think is really interest and beautiful you can tell rich stories that are removed from reality and so through the stylized prism of fantasy and animation you can explore interesting issues that
9:46 am
to doing something in an animated world that sometimes ss trickier to do in live action so ting that kids see part of themselves in it and because it's removed from reality, you can explore some big things without worrying about freaking kids out. >> charlize in person as beautiful as those -- [inaudible] >> it's a little unfair she's beautiful. extraordinarily talented supersmart and very funny it's almost like she has too many gifts. leave some for the rest of wrong -- >> we haven't is found it yet. >> i found huntsman movie that she did and brought her son to the set was it the same true on your film with family? >> she didn't bring her kids to the studio. but that was the reason that she wantedded to make this movie is because fundamentally film is about beauty and power of family why bisquely every adult actor was drawn to this. they saw experiences and something to share with their
9:47 am
>> it's getting rave reviews rotten tomatoes has a high number. i noticed sword i couldn't help but thinking about our sword swallower, did you want to hire her for your next animation trend? >> might want to try that. [laughter] try to do that. >> art what do you think? >> definitely. >> congratulations. kub own the two strings thank you so much for being here. >> are you ready for bloody mary yet? >> i thought you would >> okay, it's been a beautiful show, it's been a little stressful at times. but you and i are going to a bloody mary bar at the kingsly, stay with us.% >> delicious. ? ? welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time.
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>> all right going to good day cafe and boy oh boy drink ourselves to happiness today. this is the outside of the kingslies it's been around eight monthses. have you been there? >> i have not you know in new york city you have hot spots and everybody is trying to get into the kingsly. they have a unique thing they have a bloody mary bar which is you be pest for us because 5:00 somewhere. [laughter] with us this morning is the chef
9:51 am
here. tell us about the place. so >> we have been open for eight months in east village, and avenue b and 12th street. we do a great brunch on saturdays and sundays and starting tomorrow we're lunching build your own bloody mary bar so you get -- >> so up our alley here so i have signature dishes from brunch so we have a bacon praline bread pudding known for our burger. j look at this with egg. he would have attacked this before we even went on the air. >> how do you get the idea for the bloody mary bar why not a margarita, why? >> i'm from chicago and this is a midwest thing to kind of have insane amount of stuff on top of your bloody mary so why eat your brunch when you can drink it. so you're making plate on top of your bloody mary. >> i like your style. >> most favorite toppings i
9:52 am
>> but happy with a good -- maybe an olive. >> exactly. a good day if i get both. but that's nothing compared to all of this. >> an halls in house so this is bacon that we cure and smoke in house. a swizzle stick and house made hard pretzel, pepperoni pickled egg, pickles, meets, you know. >> show us your favorite bloody mary. >> prebatch mix for you guys and we'll make one of the recipes we do a combination of tomato juice and tomato water from our heirloom tomatoes in house. >> mike woods is standing by salivating so is ines come in here. >> what is the biggest mistake when they make a bloody mary. >> you don't use enough acid that could be a problem. >> shimmying she's he's so happy. >> so excited for this segment.
9:53 am
>> i'm here now. so we use a really neutral base because you're adding so much stuff to it. if you want it more spicy there's horseradish paprika old bay whatever you can think of. we'll have a constant rotation of about 30 different things. >> what do we have next? >> if you want to taste before we add anything. >> that's perfect. >> you did -- ah >> perfect. >> okay -- so now -- [laughter] absolutely. rosanna: how about if we give them ones that you made already. this one who wants the bacon? >> okay there we go these are pretty too. rosanna: i'll put in mine roxanne bacon how about you? >> i'll have some of this try an egg. i'll try and egg -- >> eww. piece of cheese.
9:54 am
>> take a break and be right back with roxanne from kingsly and two spirited friends. cheers. cheers. >> cheers. 5:00 right now. >> i like this.
9:55 am
an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk.
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a good mornings lead to great days. >> mayan thank you for saying nice things on our facebook page. thank you roxanne we'll see you
9:57 am
lushes, and you -- >> thank you. >> this is a hoot. >> how much fun was rob today? >> i felt like it was me and you at the bar where we outs maltly ended up. going to continue the conversation on our facebook page live and contine drinking and learning more about -- the kingsly and their -- how is she doing? >> great. >> taking hers out. >> cheers. have a "good day new york." >> thank you. >> thank you roxanne. delicious. ? ? light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? he's kidding! [laughs] oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! ?? >> wendy: so nice. >> whooo, whooo! >> wendy: thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my


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