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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> zika virus in south beach. links to an area where new zika virus infections have been reported. the latest cases have left the cdc to recommend that the pregnant women should avoid travel to the south beach reporter: as you know, miami beach is a vacation hotspot for many new yorker. some at the airport say that they are not worried, but many others and to be very concerned especially after learning that a new yorker that travel the south beach is among those infected with the zika virus. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention
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concerning news to many new yorkers. tonya will be boarding a flight to miami next week, a trip that she's been planning for. >> i'm kind of worried but i don't know. >> what worries you? >> may be getting an infection or something. reporter: three men and two women, in addition to a new yorker, one is from texas and another is from taiwan and two of them are local to the miami area. the second area of the transmission on the u.s windward arts district as an infection zone. >> of today we have two very small areas where we believe that local transmissions are occurring. after aggressive testing in this area we were able to clear three additional blocks of the northeastern area because we are seeing no evidence of active transmission. reporter: this outbreak brings the number of cases in florida to 36. a high number of passengers who
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miami-dade county. >> wouldn't affect my decision? probably. probably getting lots of insect repellent and stuff like that. reporter: officials have been spraying pesticides complains flying over the windward's arts district that they can do the same in south beach because the planes cannot fly low enough due to high rise buildings and strong winds. however florida officials say that they are doing all they can to stop the virus from spreading. and tonight the new york city health officials are echoing the cdc telling the pregnant women and their partners not to travel. they say that if a pregnant new yorker or her partner have visited any of those areas they should seek medical attention right away so that his or her doctor can determine if they need to be tested for the virus.
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allison: a horrible crash involving two new jersey transit buses. two people dead and more than a dozen injured. arthur has the latest. >> this was the scene after a new new jersey transit bus crash into another. just the driver on board was beginning its run when it t-bones into a 13 line bus including its driver. the driver of the bus was dead at thece passenger would die at the hospital and nearly everyone was hospitalized in several were in critical condition. >> obviously we are not doctors and we would not know. at this point we know that they are in the hot little and some people have been released. >> nonimpact bystanders rushed in to help including two starbucks employees. these two they came running with ice and water and a first aid
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injuries, major leg injuries, anyone that was on the back half of the bus was tracked. we were here before the emts and fired department were here. >> this area was shut down to all traffic as rescue turn to investigation. transit officials say that both drivers were in good standing, each of them with about 30 years of experience on the job. the process for answers will take time but surveillance may help to number things >> mechanical examination takes a while. there is an interview of the witnesses involved including people involved as passengers, operators and etc. >> some already laying blame at the evidence in this case doesn't allow for that just yet. investigators still want to find out if the buses were operating mechanically and they want to look into the health of the bus driver to see if something like
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play. allison: children playing with matches started a fire on staten island yesterday. i broke out in st. george burning seven homes and injuring 21 people. according to the fire department. a six-year-old in an 8-year-old set papers on fire when they threw them onto the porch around 8:00 o'clock. 250 firefighters was on it. more than 40 people were homeless and on the 25th anniversary of the crown heights riots, a memorial service for one of the victims. he attended the service in brooklyn in honor of his brother in 1991, it happened after the motorcade struck and killed a 7-year-old. a few hours later he was stabbed to death by a crowd. but norman says the tensions between african-americans and
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violence. >> the people that wish to indulge in this, somehow the communities are responsible and we know was a bunch of anti-semites. steve: he says the past 25 years in crown heights show how people can work and prosper together in the same community. and on the road to the white house. hillary clinton forced to answer mre questions about her private e-mails dan bowens has the details. >> at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will did over 95% of the african-american vote. and making a bull prediction and offering a forward invitation.
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lose a match. >> donald trump is reaching out to african-americans, a community he struggled with in the polls but some say that this new approach is offensive. >> fewer schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed. >> labor stats show young black men and women are unemployed at rates higher than whites and hispanics nationally, the number is less than half of what donald trump says, closer to 20%. the broad generalization drawn harsh marshall is saying that he painted the entire african-american community is living in poverty with no jobs shows that he is completely out of touch with us and earlier the gop nominee striking a softer tone volunteering in flood stricken louisiana and the trip coming after another major shakeup to his team, campaign chair resigning, the departure
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$12 million from the ousted progressive government in the ukraine when he partially intended to influence u.s. policy decisions. >> and on the other side hillary clinton also doing damage control and a federal judge ruling the democratic nominee must answer written questions from a conservative legal group about her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. the scandal shadowing her campaign providing fuel for critics. >> slamming democratic policies and reaching out to minorities as does the first part of the new strategy for the first time, he is also airing tv ads and four crucial swing state after reportedly being outspent by a clinton by $61 million to zero in just the last two months.
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asian in louisiana when he visits baton rouge on wednesday% but the white house insists that they have been monitoring the situation closely, they say he wanted to make sure that the visit would not enter your with the recovery effort. allison: a college student facing murder charges in florida. if florida state student has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder on monday night. a neighbor tried to intervene when police arrived and they said that he was biting one of the victims faces and they had to pull them off. steve: divers posing for pictures with a dog of a rescued. and he was eventually returned
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there'll strawberry. allison: parts of queens boulevard will be closed for repairs as well. what it couldn't reveal about intelligence coming up next. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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for the road. for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? steve: new concerns regarding dwight good after he missed a scheduled appearance. one of many people hoping for the best, mac king explains. >> thank you for showing up. how worried were you? reporter: there'll strawberry pods before answering the question on thursday night after he failed to show up at the scheduled live interview. >> i'm worried.
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>> the youngest pitcher to ever win the award. >> you always worry. if it's someone that is that close to you in your heart. >> the special consultant and columnist little brother. the two of them met nearly 40 years ago and last spoke on wednesday night. >> if you are out there, that i want you to come home. because you know, we want to help you. >> i know addiction. people don't change, they die. they die this way. >> he also knows that many
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him important. >> and i was like that's crazy. >> he feels good about his appearance and it's been like that for a little bit. >> he last appeared last saturday at yankee stadium to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1996 world series team. >> the only saw that caliber was that. reporter: mac king for "fox 5 news". and the nfl defending their decision to suspend josh brown for just one game for his mistake violence arrest in the state of washington last year. they say that is ex-wife refused to cooperate with the investigation prosecutors say
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relationship. steve: a fire east of l.a., only 26% contained, more than a thousand firefighters are working on it it has more than 58 square miles of desert and mountain areas. more than 80,000 people now under evacuation orders. and twitter cracking down on terrorism. supporters using social media as a recruitment tool, they hav preventing users from promoting terrorist activities. companies adding new tools to detect accounts that are suspicious, they have suspended 360,000 accounts. and facebook trying to err teenagers from snapchat. steve: just like snapchat it starts with your filters.
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says that lifestage is what it would look like if it was designed today. allison: researchers at the university of connecticut looked at a survey of 3000 heterosexual married men and women from 1997 through 2011. when matt men were the breadwinners their psychological well-being and health declined. >> it is something that they will steve: uconn researchers say that it may benefit both women and men. allison: a federal judge rules on the uber case.
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relationship with a 380,000 drivers. if classified as employees, drivers would need more rights and benefits causing their expenses to increase. allison: driving along queens boulevard will take longer this weekend. steve: it will be shut down all weekend for repairs. the move is not a very popular one. reporter: as you drive down queens boulevard, it warns drivers of what's to come at 11:00 p.m. >> it will be effective. [inaudible] reporter: repair project over queens boulevard will require the road to be closed in both directions until monday at 5:00 o'clock a.m. those that frequent the area is creating some annoyance. especially since the hectic area
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usually they vote on it. or they just come out and say we told you so. tomorrow morning it will be a mess. >> single lane closures will be in effect eastbound starting a grand avenue and westbound at junction boulevard. the exit ramp from the westbound long island expressway will also be closed. the road will be closed monday at 5:00 a.m. there will be some service roads open but they will have restricted access. allison: this playground at grand and jackson getting love for the first time in more than 20 years. these are the first parts to be fixed up as part of the
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will split the 7 million-dollar amount equally between children's hospital of los angeles and the american civil liberties union and then later it will be geared toward preventing violence against women. they privately settled their divorce after being married for 15 months. and what better way to spend an evening with advanced screenings of pitch. they hosted this event on 10th avenue. it shows a premier right here on fox 5. and that means that fall is around the corner. the 2016 governors award, in recognition of the show's impact in the television industry. it concluded earlier this year running for 15 seasons. he was viewed as a game changer by the academy.
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academy award. it won eight emmy awards. ? ? ? and a few friends can take an adventure. check it out. reporter: at this undisclosed location you have no idea what is happening. >> everyone gets a clue before you get started. i am not sure what to make of this. when asked why are you here? >> oh, we have to get out of
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and we have a letter. >> all right, guys. >> the experience takes about an hour from the time he did and in the time you leave and not everybody gets >> okay, we have a lot to look for in here. [laughter] [inaudible] >> we have about 30% success rate of people that are actually
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steve: the fallout after the ryan lochte scandal. allison: and how this amazing weight loss journey started with a walk to wal-mart. ? ?
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allison: the international olympic committee has set a disciplinary committee to investigate the incident. how will this scandal affect his future earnings? sherron has more with the details and it doesn't look
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there's more investigations going on and they could also affect his professional future. reporter: he apologized on social media for his behavior in and brazil. could we say that he and three olympic swimming teammates got drunk and vandalize a gas station bathroom prompting on security guards to stop the group as they tried to leave. after returning to the olympic village from a night of partying, he would say this about what he said get down and i was like whatever. we took our money. >> it sparked an immediate investigation, the brazilian authorities determining that he and his teammates lied. today the 32-year-old athlete posted this message saying that i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candidate and candid and how i describe
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and for my role in taking the focus away from the many aptly the filling their dreams of participating in the olympics. he burst onto the international scene during a 2008 olympics. his good looks and personality prompted a short-lived reality tv show after the games. but marketing experts say that this time the international scandal could cost him millions in mainstream endorsement it is fine if he wants to be on reality tv but those seven-figure kind of deals that he has now, i think that those are going to die immediately if they have not already. and the u.s. olympic officials have also apologized to the brazilian people for the distraction caused by the u.s. athletes.
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face sanctions including fines or a suspension and so this is not quite over yet. but the real punishment is the big bucks. >> we still want to know what was in those three minutes of video. we will find out. one of these days we will find out. it's always out there somewhere. and ex-employees claiming they were denied wages and tips, the burger chain from massachusetts. five brooklyn location filed a class action lawsuit claiming that they've failed to pay proper minimum wage and kept its designated for servers and in one instance the employees then receive a 3000-dollar tip following a cast party of bluebloods and a scene straight
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what he claimed was $165,000 given between 2014 and 2015 after he told them that she signed on to play the lead role, she did not. scheming to the charge of the fraud. steve: kanye west pop-up locations for the life of pablo fashion line. many have wrapped around the block since morning. we caught up with the fans who waited hours to get their hands on quoting from the exclusive collection. >> it's amazing to know. >> i had this bomber jacket. >> was it worth it for you? >> yes, i got to get what i wanted and i was able to look
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march he opened a pop-up store for two days and reportedly moved a million dollars worth of merchandise. after that it is just endless money. thinking wal-mart for his remarkable weight loss. check out the before and after pictures where he talked the scale at 605 pounds and he decided to walk to wal-mart every time he felt hungry and that was about three times a day, a mile each way, eventually he says he f so far he lost 326 pounds and it's like he did it incrementally. that is the way to do it. that is cool. a first for donald trump in the general election. how he is changing strategy to gain ground in the key swing states. and a new study and what's revealing about the people that post on social media.
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? >> broadway came to the bronx with performances from the cast of stomp and the phantom of the opera. organized by the mayors media and entertainment to expose more people to what broadway has to offer. >> it's about access and using local parks where people happen to be congregating as well as those that we invited and broadway fans. to just come and be together and have access to talking with cast members and it's very much interactive and engaging and about a dozen migrators ventured into the woods for teambuilding. the goal is to get the student out of the comfort zone and learn to see the world differently. >> these kids are outside of their comfort zones and they have come out here into the wilderness and they are experiencing something that they've never experienced
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>> do not accept see the names of some of these individuals, verification letters sent out to all potential candidates that won the these pranksters have
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filings if they don't respond in 30 days. the agency received more than 1800 fake candidate filings this year. and donald trump ending his advertising blackout. they look at the potential impact. >> taking to the airwaves. for the first time in the general election the republican nominee has begun airing with his campaign is calling a contract at again up until this point they had charged him of running an unserious campaign after being outspent by clinton 60 million to zero on the last two months. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
10:40 pm
presence is not enough. >> the voters are genuinely undecided, looking at a situation like the year 2000 in florida, only a handful of voters who decided the entire presidency. political ads have been a mainstay in the airwaves every election cycle and they can have a huge impact. some say famous political ad of all time, 1964 run by lyndon johnson against barry goldwater featuring a young girl. >> we must either love each other or we must die. >> it never mentioned him by name but it certainly implied
10:41 pm
with nuclear weapons and it only aired once but it galvanized people's fears and as the aerial assault gets underway the republican nominee hope that the new commercials could help them close the gap against hillary clinton. they spent about $5 million on these first round of ads, the ones that we showed you as well as more will be airing over the next 10 days and four swing states. reporting for "fox 5 new steve: coming up next a fan that got carried away. ? ?
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, ater for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. allison: a scorned woman from england put her wedding gown up
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53 bidders later. $86,000 she says her dress is in great condition. steve: good for her. we are all too familiar with friends who are always trying to post inspirational messages. >> a new study out by the people that do it. and the results are not too flattering. >> we all know people are full of inspirational quotes, but maybe we are one of those people. a news of the offering a less than inspiring message including people that do that may actually have a lower iq, conducted by researchers refers to the seemingly endless stream of motivation and encouragement and enlightenment and posted on
10:46 pm
>> a lot of times you have old artist. you can't say that they have a lower iq for writing this is. reporter: this is what they said. >> it is the reason that people find meaning in things -- they are too open-minded to sit back some of these things.
10:47 pm
understand, i think that the researchers could have made the conclusions more worthy. and perhaps it truly is as what they once said, nothing is more important than reconnecting with your blades. nothing is more real. and some people seem to get their whole identity from that. >> and occasional note is cool. >> less is more. that is the take away. >> i try to just give you what you can use.
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plans. if you have been outside, you know how it was feeling. >> we can't even tell anymore. and it is one the human side mid to upper '80s, east and south easterly wind. ninety-four and 55. it is human lot of the dewpoint, 85% pressure rising at last check.
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connecticut. seventy-seven delmar, poughkeepsie, down to 66 and the wind continuing and mostly offshore and showing where the big storms are here, next timeframe for that. sunday morning. and then we will watch that approach from the west, showers and storms lining up by sunday afternoon to the west late in the day. some of those could produce local heavy rainfall.
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until sunday night. connecticut beaches, afternoon storms going to the mountains and tomorrow is a better day. thunderstorms in the afternoon and no change for the catskills. showers and storms coming in and about 80 on saturday, 76 on sunday. in the mid-70s in the water. watch out for rip currents tomorrow. warm and 60s back to 86 tomorrow and sunlit clouds and cooler at the shore. storms come in mid-to-late afternoon and could produce local heavy rainfall and then good news because we have a good-looking forecast for monday and tuesday and wednesday. sixtys at night, humidity drops and we have some good august days ahead.
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excuse to not run anymore black. >> we are going to have to hold you to that. [laughter] >> still to come, a young man's life turned around. how he made the most of his
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? ? allison: seven years ago a young man stood a step away from becoming a statistic. steve: but he was given a second chance. >> this a success, that is what everyone loves, when you >> but for the 2015 national champion, the path to becoming the world's top young boxer. he was arrested on drug charges, but an overwhelming number of
10:55 pm
>> my wife was more than i expected, the second chance was all he needed. he ultimately found his purpose. >> you know, it wouldn't be anything because boxing gave me my discipline, it humbled me, it made me a man. and it shows, the list of accolades from his career is impressive. he was making the olympic team. but the losses have never faltered his comments because for him, the journey is about so much more than just boxing. >> i definitely want to be a world champion. that is my goal. but i also want to help mentor and give them a better place and a better atmosphere than what i grew up in. >> the 25-year-old is doing that and so much more.
10:56 pm
for me to be able to be that somebody is everything to me and it means more than the championship. >> we have seen the hard work firsthand. he fights this sunday in coney island. reporting for "fox 5 news". steve: bringing out the pride in his mother. [cheers] [applause] and as you can see from her reaction, she is also a super fan, cheering for him when he competed for his third straight gold medal.
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times. >> that is so great. that's the beauty of the olympics. that is what it is all about. steve: take care, have a good
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