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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> it was my fault, so i take full responsibility for this. antwan: ryan lochte apologizing to brazilians for making up that story, but he is not out of hot water yet, i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park, first the line of storms moved through the area, clearing the way for a commute. antwan: but the question is, will they becoming back? we check in with audrey puente with a first check of the forecast. audrey: quite an active evening here in our radar center here. we have a batch of heavy rainfall out of westchester and putnam counties, moving into ffairfield county. we have light rainfall across
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couple of cells in and around the bronx. we see dryer weather, off to the west, moving to new jersey, a couple of isolated showers left over, but it looks like we'll see it improve through the overnight. into the first part of tomorrow. rainfall amounts have been about a half inch on average across the tri-state area. we'll add to totals to the east. as i mentioned drier weather working into ohio valley, that is headed in our direction, you will feel a big difference tomorrow, dewpoints to west dropped to 50s and 60s. it will feel dryer across the area tomorrow, tomorrow we are expecting sunshine, temperatures in 7s and low 80s, but humidity will take a big drop, over to you. antwan: we like that, thank you.
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lochte and his three teammates. >> swimmer lochte is being remembered more for his lies during the rio de janeiro olympics than his gold medal, he is shedding light on details what really happened. >> it was something that i did. i ripped a responsibility. reporter: in this interview, ryan lochte said when he vandalized a gas station bathroom in rio de janeiro, armed security guards approached the swimmers, pointing a gun and demanding money. >> we had to pay damage for the poster, i can't say what it was.
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frightened. reporter: the whole world is asking, why did lochte make up such a story with fabricated details. >> i over exaggerated. and you know -- >> why? >> i don't know, i just want the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i am. because, it is -- i'm embarrassed for myself and my family and my country. reporter: not over for lochte, united states olympic committee said all will face discipline. the punishment is unknown right now, but scott black man said they let down our athletes and americans. christina: thank you,. antwan: police looking for killer of a 61-year-old woman, an innocent bystander shot to death in harlem. christina: that is not only reason why the community is so
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described it as a nice summer night, they were playing cards when the bullets went flying through the area, these flowers are for the victim, miss simms, they say they need to bring an end to this sense lens gun violence. >> we must take a stand, and stop being squ scared of our community, killing each other. >> a family lost their mother, wife. >> 3 of us were playing cards, she was observing the game over my shoulder. and we heard two shots. her blood splattered on my back. and he is just went to the ground. reporter: odessa simms it
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last night, some feel that too many youngsters outlay and unsupervised could have played a role in how the night within. >> last night we had over 4 shootings with this community. reporter: the leaders met at the play ground today, they made a call to action. >> something is wrong when we have to in our own community, fear sitting out on a bench, playing cards or that we have to worry about, young people playing with guns. >> when the police come out, and shoot someone of us, thousands of us, that come out, now we're killing i've other, come on, come out community, let's stop their violence, enough is enough. reporter: zachary kiesch. >> fox 5 news. >> a horrific crash on long
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hid car, and slammed into two vehicles on the westbound side. panel is and his sister patrick why was killed. >> 20-year-old scott martella who was communication director for steve, a former aide to governor cuomo was also kill, governor cuomo expressed his condolences, saying scott a to worked day in and day out to improve the lives of his fellow new yorkers. >> on road to white house, donald trump's third campaign manager hitting the sunday talk show circuit today. christina: kellyann conway was asked about a variety of issues that donald trump has been facing. they have not decided to enforce
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and she addressed trump's controversial manner of speaking. >> he just this week, look at what he talked about. he is doing he is challenging the democratic party, challenging hillary clinton and president obama's legacy. >> clinton campaign sticking with swept trump. >> i think we need to evaluate both candidates, but secretary clinton did you not draw salary from the foundation, it does charitable work. donald trump's businesses have real ties to countries like russia and china. antwan: clinton is leading trump by 8% nationally accords to a
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riots divided a community, but today a festival helps to bring people together. antwan: lisa evers explains. reporter: members of the crown heights community and city leaders came together on 25 anniversary of the riots this tore the neighborhood apart, they came together to recognize the improvement and progress made and a pledge to make better for future generations, ? ? the band provide a live sound track for summer afternoon neighborhood festival, in this park, are on x jewish, caribbean american, family and kids plays together. >> this is all about the kids now. so many families here, wonderful to see everyone together. joining in together and loving this lovely day.
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reporter: community leaders elected officials, and residents gathered for speeches, talking how much it changed for the better, that included caramel cato, the ca-- carmel cato, father of 7 year ale old caddo. >> like the legacy of your son to be? >> love. i appreciate all of the good things that all different people are doing. you know it is a great thing. reporter: gavin cato's death was followed a few hours later by the murder of student. three days of disturbances followed but now many here. have committed time and resources to putting all that in
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experiences. black, hisp historic. >> they are barely aware of the tensions of the past. these leaders and community residents are determined to show them there is another way forward. lisa evers, "f. >> fox 5 news. christina: senator schumer is looking for week's scare at kennedy airport. >> and pampers the pups how dogs get royal treatment in brooklyn, high, tina. tina: we'll talk about yankees in anaheim, and usa basketball wins gold, carmelo anthony retires, from that team. we'll talk giants and jets, we'll be back fox 5 news at
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christina: turkish officials say that the suicide bomber who attacked a kurdish wedding yesterday was between 12 and 14 years old, 51 people died, dozen more hurt, some critically when the bomb went off at the outdoor wedding near the border with syria. the bride and groom were injured
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>> 10 m minutes after the blaste ran to the site. >> turk's positive blames terrorist group isis for the attack. antwan: senator schumer wanted a swift review of the recent scare at kennedy airport, it was determined that no shots were fired. some say it may have been loud celebrations by passengers who were to make sure there are no but thats in airport security centre -- senator schumer wants a review. >> i am calling on department of homeland security to do a comprehensive investigation to what within wrong involving all of the agents and coming up with a comprehensive plan where they would have to coordinate with each other, if god forbid there
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antwan: governor cuomo has announced plans of his own review of this incident. christina: we have had some rain this week but we get a dry start to the workweek. antwan: you say it will be decent week? audrey: finally getting relief from humidity, 86 was high in central park today, this morning 74, so far park is records 2 -- tomorrow we'll see some of them in 70s. and right now we're sitting in searches,? central park across long island and bridgeport, connecticut, we're in 60s in monticello, probably drop into 50s by tomorrow morning, dewpoint are high, in 70s, we'll see these numbers drop. to the west, our number are dropping to 60s, in pittsburgh,
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spreading tri-state area. as that cold front works eastward. it will take rain out to east as well, right now heaviest rainfall are coming across connecticut. and now we're seeing dryer weather working into new jersey, and to long island as we go through next several hours, from the west, clear skies. and as i mention they will move in overnight, tomorrow, high pressure will start to work in from the west, and that is going to dominate our weather, for setting us up for nice weather pattern, highs tomorrow in searches, in chicago, in low 80s in city, but some of our suburbs in upper 7 0s. to the west, comfortable readings, 72 in seattle, 82 in l.a. rain heads to to the east, tomorrow morning sunshine across the tri-state area, stepping out
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difference compared to the weekend, and sunshine tomorrow, and also into tuesday. high pressure will settle overhead, giving us clear and try their for several more day issue rain moving east, clearing overnight, lows in 50s, north and west in 60s. tomorrow. 15 to 20 miles per hour, highs in upper 70s, may sound warm to some of you but you will feel the difference, 80 only tuesday, wednesday 85. overnight lows, optimistic here, some spots may not get out of 50s, could be isolated 40 degree, 49 or 48. all right, thursday, flu cloud then end -- a few clouds then at the end of week, raid humidity a little bit, then we could see isolated showers thursday night.
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the one that we've been waiting for. christina: great. antwan: i'm going to the beach tuesday. christina: he is very excited. >> thank you. christina: a lot of dog gone fun in brooklyn today. celebrating man's best friend, brooklyn dog day. they had a buffett and a photo booth. antwan: free a day to appreciate dogs for who they are and how they impact our lives, and brings awareness to issues like pet adoption and animal cruelty. antwan: a bag of garbage made an impressive journey, when we return. ?
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garbage bags around. antwan: they knew something smelled bad that whole time, they just didn't know it was garbage until they got to indiana and unpacked. the story went viral this weekend after it got picked up by a news web site. christina: tina is here with what is coming up next on "sports extra." tina: yankees try to complete their sweep of the angels, i will have highlights from anaheim. we have a lot to >> carmelo anthony making history in rio, then retires -- i'll explain in "sports extra." antwan: a cool tease, thank you tina. >> a look at what you need to know about tomorrow's c commute.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. antwan: we proudly leave you with newest addition to facts 5 family. christina: stacy delikat gave birth to a 5 pounds, le 11 ounces, so cute. antwan: stacy is like all picture ready is that common? christina: looks so good. audrey: she was here last week, she was working until the end. christina: she was not showing anyway. audrey: tomorrow, we're
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drier sunnier and much more comfortable. we have a really nice stretch of weather coming up. temps in 80s, and overnight lows in 50s, and 60s, you can give ac a break. antwan: yes. christina: finally. audrey: and the bill. christina: and the bill. antwan: i love that. that is it for us thank you for watching i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park with audrey puente and cervasio, wake up with "good day new york" tomorrow morning. antwan: stay tuned, "sports extra" with tina cervasio is unup next. th, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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for the road. for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? tina: good evening welcome to sp"sports extra," i am tina cervasio in for duke castiglione tonight. >> in anaheim, the yankees tried
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angels. let's pick it up in bottom of fifth, yankees trailing 1-0. it could have been more with runner on, pujols drills this to deep center, ellsbury making that catch, robbing albert of that two-run home run. simmons drives in a the night, giving angels 2-0 lead, that is the final, yankees are 4 1/2 back in the wild charred. >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte won a gold in medal, but it seems only story has been about his lies surrounding an armed robbery that never really happened. in a new interview today with a


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