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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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churning do i listen to mike for the first time in a while and i've come to find out it going to be a beautiful week. clear skies, cold temperatures, both on tap for today. it is that way pretty much the mike will confirm or deny. ben: do not race for president crisscrossing but not before they took to the airwaves on the talk shows. juliet: a horrific crash. five people died on the highway. the victims included a child and a former aide to governor andrew cuomo. ben: an apology for brian lochte. he explains his perspective on
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make him tell that story and it's story and it's a bit of a rambling interview. juliet: is this an apology? he says the words i'm sorry, but i don't understand what he is saying in. i am so confused. he is still confused frankly. we've got a lot of stuff. hi, robert. >> hi, juliette. did that crash effect due >> i didn't realize what was going on, but guess it was quite a mess yesterday. a lot of folks feeling the pain. the accident more important than anything. off to a quiet start to the day. the weather hasn't done so with another sunny day coming at you. it is also windy coming at you. 71 degrees. we will end up to 83 for highly to run and lives will be picking
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hasn't done so that's not going to be a player for the morning commute. east of long island near the twin forks, south fork turning out rather quickly if the strike continues to press the issue still dealing with showers and new enclave near decade. for us, we are good and we will see dryer dryer conditions coming at us. 69 in newark on the seven essential part. same thing in bridgeport. 67 degrees in still so close as the rain upset that the class will also be breaking up. let's check out temperature changes. 70 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 11 degrees cooler in allentown and seven degrees cooler in monticello. there's the last of the rain.
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know that her while. the only thing with them as today winds from the northwest are going to keep it on the breezy it's now been decided later in this afternoon. we also have sunny skies come in with that. a comfortable day. i attempt to 83 degrees. the average height and 80, 83. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. even cooler with a high of 80 in the morning though jeb kellyanne conway and a 64 degrees. we haven't seen that in quite a while. you'll feel like back to summer anyway. 80 by friday. let's get you back to ines rosales. >> i hope juliet heard that. we wanted to see farmers tomorrow. good morning. the commit off to a good start. find them and return statement southern state. the exhibit to 87. no problems on the turnpike.
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158th street in queens. traffic on the eastbound and westbound side moving time. upper and lower level, no delays. trains are running on schedule. rules in effect citywide. juliet: thanks very much. robert: and horrific crash on the expressway has claimed another life within the total number dax 25. six others hurt. juli comella sat last night. is the son of camargo pinellas. 26 years old driving east yesterday morning when he lost control. this car jumped the median income the median, slamming into two vehicles. he and his sister patricia were killed. 81-year-old isidore angel san ann scott marcela were also killed. i told as a former aide to governor cuomo and communications director for
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in a statement saying in part scout was a dedicated comment beloved public servant who worked day in and day out to improve the lives of fellow new yorkers. suffolk county police are investigating reports. the elderly man killed in that crash was in a bmw. his wife is in critical condition at this moment. on the road to the white house. donald trump will be in ohio today. hillary clinton goes to los angeles. robert: appearances come after the spokespeople made the rounds of the sunday talkshow circuit. liz donald life outside clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn heights with more. good morning to you. reporter: good morning, robert and julia. they were outside content headquarters in downtown brooklyn. she's in the height of a grueling campaign schedule. 43 events taking place over the next 42 weeks.
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the weekend he has been campaigning on the idea of illegal immigration be deported from the country, but now he may be changing his mind. >> with that plan included deportation for us, the kind you just heard in that sound bite and that he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> donald trump's new campaign manager, said the same republican candidate is i'm undecided about he hit the media circuit on sunday week after he took over for paul manafort and promised americans would see a change within the campaign. >> i do. the reason is i don't like when people hurl personal insults. it would be a terrible example otherwise. reporter: the clinton camp defending the foundations date if hillary were elected president would no longer accept donations from foreign countries. >> we look at donald trump.
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interests you refuses to disclose. they affect his network. the steps being taken if she should become president are unprecedented. reporter: so let's talk about the polls. clinton is leading trump eight points in the latest reuters poll that was released on friday and the rnc chairman saying he expects this to be an even race for trying to close in on the poll we will see. live in downtown brooklyn this morning. robert and juliet back to you. juliet: time to get your hair up in a little button i think. by the 7:00. an innocent a standard shot and killed in harlem. robert: augusta sims was killed while playing dominoes that there has been on 144th street on saturday evening at witnesses say a man stepped from behind a car and started shooting at
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one of the bullets hit since, killing her. community leaders demanding an end to the violence. >> we must take a stand and stop being scared of our community and speak up and stop killing each other. >> something is wrong when we have two ignorant community fears sitting out on a bench, playing cards in checkers or chess on a nice summer night that we have to worry about young people playing with guns. but if police come some one of us, that we are killing each other. let's stop this violence. enough is enough. >> police are still looking for the person who shot a death sentence. there is an interview with there has been. they've been together 40 years. he said i don't know what i'm going to do without her. juliet: awful. by the way to club.
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after he said there is a robbery in rio. all these famous sayings are getting kind of tiring but we're still going to talk about it. robert: if lochte has since apologized for his reactions i guess. this interview we are going hear his rambling. i don't even know what he says. >> he does apologize to the question you have to figure it have to figure it is is he apologiz is he apologizing because he got caught. what is he apologizing for? >> i don't know either. i just have very exaggerated part of a. the very first part. ryan lochte in his own words explaining what happened the night when his u.s. teammates were held at gunpoint. in this interview he apologizes and attempts to explain.
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enough. >> i take full responsibility and i just let the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i because i'm embarrassed. reporter: ryan lochte coming clean on resilient tv. >> if i didn't over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would've happened. >> the 12 time medalist reveals what really happened the night he claimed he had three swimmers, ryan conger, check bags and jimmy feagin were held at gunpoint. the story ultimately disproved by this video. >> i ripped the poster of the wallet in a gas station and coming out the security guard had a god. we got stepped out of the taxi cab. the guns were pointing at us, so a gun was pointed at us and we had to get the money. you can either call that a
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just say we had to pay the money for the damage of that poster. i can't say what it was. all i know is we were framed. reporter: at first it was pointed at brazil and then at these olympians. >> over exaggerated the story. >> why? >> i don't know. i still wonder that like to myself every day now since like brazil doesn't deserve that. reporter: the head of the united states olympic committee's primacy in this matter is far from over. >> a letdown or athletes. divac 10 americans and they really let down are hosted in rio. reporter: the u.s. olympic committee is trying to determine what the exact punishment will
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lochte says he hopes they will be able to compete in the 2020 games for the united states. at the beginning of the videogames they said he wasn't sure he was going to hang it up before the incident occurred. the part that is troubling is the fact that he made very general statements in this initial tv interviews and now he's saying i can't say that's really what that is. but you did good you went on tv and essentially defend this city and a juliet: he twisted what was happening there. i'm not saying i don't think it might've been kind of a shady guy. i definitely could've gone down to the fact he came in and created this whole extravaganza. it just wasn't true. robert: stay united and apologized. juliet: throw some money down to a charity. reporter: i don't know if that is enough. juliet: fighting the zika virus
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robert: 5:12. 70 degrees. they feels so nice out there. wait until tomorrow morning when we are down into the 60s. talking about the low 65. a little cool out there. 70 with the current temperatures in central park. mostly sunny, windy and dry. we are still making it back to 83 degrees for high temperatures. still not too warmer than normal temperatures for a while. daily forecasts on the weather at. visit the itunes store and is free. check it out when you get a chance. it's all good stuff. we are back in a little bit. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts.
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won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. robert: welcome back. 5:16 on a monday morning. nice, crisp and refreshing. juliet: it really is. see former time. teresa is not happy about this. she's getting used to leaving the building with a jacket on. what are we going to do? i have frozen grapes were frozen grapes when i go into the works of that cools the innards of may. the seat warmer is very helpful. robert: okay, i get it.
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juliet: frozen grapes are delicious. robert: it interesting. couple days. you can definitely feel more freshness in the air as the cold front is going through and it really does mean business. take your temps down and humidity levels down. showers out of the picture except for just a tiny bit of leftover rain for you over the next hour. just about 68 degrees. 70 -- 68 degrees in montauk, seven in central park and 62 in allentown. not a bad start. dewpoint numbers down quite a bit. much more comfortable range below 65 to 62-degree two-point good 64 in new work. same thing in belmar as we drop it down to the human ranch where
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the uncomfortable stuff we are getting a break from that. the sky is going to dry up for you. still some clubs have used the showers are moving on quickly and lunacy high pressure building then. see that already happening over new jersey. the area of low pressure which is driving adult and definite little taste of policy step out the door this morning. the northwest fun with renewed those conditions. mormons times and also the dryer air does make a difference in terms of overall. forks are appreciated the dryer air today. sunny and windy and warm today. 83 degrees and then clear skies, comfortable lows tonight dropping below 52 and 64. here we go. tomorrow morning. the temperature will end up at
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by the end of the workweek. we start to bring it down just a touch over the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales. the reds are nice and dry, looking relatively good for your monday. >> good morning, mike. looking good on the cross bronx. queens, things are fine and yuki e. as well. let's go to our cameras and see how things are moving this morning. 158th traveling through brooklyn, you were fine. 30 gigs straight traffic looking good as you make a return is a prospect expressway. robert: the u.s. is condemning the deadly attack on a wedding party in turkey. 51 people were killed and 71 others hurt. juliet: horrible, horrible story. officials say was carried out by suicide bomber who is a child
5:20 am
the deadliest attack in turkey this year. hundreds gathered for the trainer yesterday. many can be great because the dna test to identify the dems. robert: miami is taking the fight mosquitoes. workers and trucks were out in force across the city sprayed pesticide to eradicate disease carriers. governor rick scott announced five cases per connect it to mosquitoes in miami beach. the center for disease control expanded its travel warning telling pregna one of its top officials want to buy this could hang around in the united states for a year or two. they're not 36 cases in florida that were not travel related. juliet: volunteers are hoping that instead the flooding the louisiana get their lives back together. hundreds of volunteers spent the weekend helping families and to their homes before all the mold and mildew scent had. a lot of us come in many of you watching right now are familiar
5:21 am
sandy. many down there working together to help elderly couples who can't lift their furniture and pull out the carpet. >> we have allowed it difficult to eat for the last five to six weeks. her upcoming together. when the storm come, columnist come. the wind blows them in the sunshine again. train to my friends at their house wiped away by hurricane andrew. they sit there and look at their house. we've lost everything. president upon expected to visit tomorrow. 25 years ago the crown heights riots divided a community. yesterday there is a festival helping people bring together. >> they recognize the nature progress made in or working to make it better for the next generation. orthodox jewish, african-american and caribbean families and kids join events together without tension in the
5:22 am
in 1991 gavin cato was struck and killed a motorcade carrying a jewish leader. hours later the jewish student was stabbed and killed by a mob setting up dates of violence. cadiz family and others say it is a different crown heights today. >> i appreciate all of it. >> day after day from the experiences. back on you guys are great. nice to see you. positive experience on the ground. reporter: the festival was not without a bit of controversy. rosenbaum's family has says it was insensitive. trading two of them are coming up this morning. 5:22. your next flight to key west might have just become a little easier. mike woods, pay attention to this. >> 5:22.
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robert: welcome back. 5:25. had. honda and mitsubishi are issuing recalls this morning. the stopper on the hyundai a bunch of great title can wear out causing the transmission to ship at a park without pressing the brake.
5:26 am
2016 models of the alexander sport in 2016 models of the outlander and lancer apparently a problem can do lake celebration. >> key west is one of the coolest places on the planet. getting away from the snow this winter, may be heading down there got easier. such great news. these sites will begin december 16th. bake for the next year. tickets for the new fights went on sale saturday. start planning your next beach vacation. i hate those things. will you be particularly direct key west flights? >> absolutely i will. that can be kind of pricey.
5:27 am
three-hour drive. it's pretty nice. robert: we will do it. top stories when we come back. juliet: took a party press tab to miami to key west. 26 people and then there were only three of us because everybody missed their flights. robert: we will be right back. juliet: top story. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation,
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juliet: good day, everyone. at the monday as our writers have told us they care. the start of a lovely week it sounds like. su low humidity and it sounds pretty awesome next week. robert: is the trump campaign back on track? top strategists say so. the clinton campaign says he can capture both candidates back on the trail today. juliet: president obama back to work at the first family home in washington after a 16 day vacation vineyard.
5:31 am
lochte went on tv to tell the people of rio sorry for claiming he and three of teammates were robbed at gunpoint. he didn't quite admit that he lied. i don't really understand this interview. i'll let you listen to it and decides further. juliet: he is one crazy cat. robert: good monday morning, everyone. i'm robert moses. juliet: i am transfixed. monday, robert: 21st -- 22nd. it is the 22nd. juliet: did you hear that story i did about key west? >> i did. that is exciting news. because that tries for me was a little bit torturers. i would rather fly this. juliet: it's a beautiful drive. i don't know what you're talking about. reporter: it kept going on and on.
5:32 am
out there. juliet: islamorada, key largo. reporter: this morning, starting to feel little bit like fall in the air. i know folks are ready for it, but just a little touch of it. seven in central park with a clear sky right now. when coming through from the northwest at five miles per hour. the pulled friend clearing the area and that is where we have slightly cooler, dryer condition this morning. 61 degrees and wind ruth. 62 degrees in buffalo and 63 out in they make clear sky over the majority of state. on the east end of long island and the class will be breaking up as well for everyone else. the clear skies are taking over, so you will see sunshine, but the sun is another 40 minutes before that is happening. we will see a sunny, windy warm one. high tech at 83 degrees. business today come in and around 10 to 25 miles per hour.
5:33 am
84 high tomorrow, but morning buzz only 64. and i think 80. temperatures where we should be. warming up a little bit day by day at the middle of the week. back up to the apparatus above normal temperatures the end of the week. a lot of sunshine. let's bring in ins and take peek at what is happening this monday morning. moving ac. >> we are off for a expressway. this is just telling me that construction wrapped up there. looking good on the term paper. let's go to our cameras to check things out this morning. traffic stop of looks good as well as the northbound side. no problems crossing up this morning. a live look come into its westchester for broadway county doing great this morning. but the trains everything on or close to schedule.
5:34 am
juliet: i met with ines this weekend. she came out >> it was fun, yeah. have a good time. juliet: let's talk about the road to the white house. donald ines in his campaign back on track according to top officials from the republican party and the gop nominee campaign. robert: democrat dismissing the threat of a trump turned around. light outside clinto headquarters good morning to you. juliet: good morning, robert and juliet. hillary clinton in the middle of a grueling friend raiser list. she is visiting 43 different fundraisers over 14 states over the next couple weeks and donald trump also making news over the weekend for potentially changing his stance on immigration. >> with that plan included included deforestation and
5:35 am
in the soundbite and he talked about during the republican primaries. >> to be determined. >> donald trump's campaign manager, kelley kellyanne conway with the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. conway has a circuit on sunday less than a week after taking over for paul manafort and promised americans would promised americans that these changes in the campaign. >> i do. i don't like when people hurl personal insults that will never change. that's not my style. it'd be a terrible example to feel otherwise. >> defending the famous foundations and if hillary were elected president would no longer accept donations from countries. >> would look at donald trump. his bottom line is in or connected to all kinds of financial interests he refuses to disclose. they affect his net worth. the steps being taken if she should become president are
5:36 am
trump nationally and the latest reuters poll by eight percentage points. the rnc chairman says this is a turning point for trump and predicts that the poll numbers will even out a labor day. live in downtown brooklyn this morning. juliet and robert, back to you. robert: thank you drainage. demand their trying to replace, president obama with his family back at the white house. >> they wrapped to martha's vineyard. he was criticized for not leaving to go to visit flood ravaged louisiana. yet announced plans to visit their. he is expected to be busy including campaign for hillary clinton. robert: the olympics may be over, but the scandal surrounding the american service continues to make headlines. juliet: brian, what are we to do with you? he's apologizing to the people
5:37 am
that he wasn't lying to a certain extent. theresa. where do we even begin? >> i don't know if i'm the brian decoder, but i will certainly try. ryan lochte is blaming us over exaggeration on amateur behavior claiming he was frightened when back to him fabricating a story about what happened in a brazilian gas station. >> i take full responsibility and i want the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i had because i'm embarrassed. reporter: ryan lochte coming clean on brazilian tv. >> and five -- if i didn't over exaggerate the story and told
5:38 am
>> the top 10 medalist reveals what really happened. that night he claimed he and three fellow swimmers were held at gunpoint. the story ultimately disproved by the surveillance video. >> a poster off the loan the gas station and the security guard had a gun. the guns were pointed at us, as though we had we can either call that a robbery, extortion or just say we had to pay the money for the poster. i can't say what it was. all i know is we were writing. reporter: at first it was pointed out so and then it is the.
5:39 am
>> why? i don't know. i still wonder that like to myself every day since then. brazil doesn't deserve that. >> despite apologies come in ahead of the united states olympic committee is promising the matter is far from over. >> they let down our athletes. they let down americans and they really liked on our host in rio. >> at the end of the day, that's what tatters. a lot of people were saying bryant and his tea the ugly american in line and stereotyping these people. we will see what happens from this point forward. the u.s. olympic committee not a buddhist punishment might be and what the procedures may be going forward and if this could compete him from competing in 2020. juliet: they got to play multiple choice. this is extortion? >> bribery are paying for
5:40 am
things are very different. juliet: yes, they are. thank you. he's going to lose a lot of money and endorsement and he's ruined the day he pulled that poster down. robert: or resumes to dispenser? i do not understand those interviews. mike, i understand you. >> is pretty easy as far as what i've got. it is just over a half a day. the storms clear on out of here and we are going to see they went on the backside to bring us a nice cool temperatures in the next couple days. a picture-perfect week with a lot of sunshine of comfortably warm temperatures here and there. we will give your commissioners a bit of a break is cooler temperatures come back at night, especially tonight.
5:41 am
17 central part. rich gordon 65 and 62 degrees in allentown was mainly clear skies. the cold front moving through and you can see the wind we have out there this coming from the northwest around five to seven miles per hour. late last night, early this morning moving into the atlantic waters a few showers in the parts of new england. most of us started looking at clearing skies in the northeast is t sunny and warm but a little bit breezy. at 283 degrees for high temperature today. again, the northwest winds coming around sometimes guessing a little higher. higher at 84 on wednesday. 86 on thursday and 88 by friday. just a touch as we get into next week. again, warmer than normal.
5:42 am
let's bring in ines. looks like we do have some issues on the roads. >> good morning. traffic looking okay. no problems on the eq v. the problem between batches in orange county. a look at the commute i have been. do we have that camera? the traffic looking westbound and eastbound. some mechanical problems affect danish trains. we have southbound running on the plane between 36 and coney island. robert and juliet. juliet: thank you drainage, ines. the latest in sports coming out. they might end up on the losing end. a big blast was all they needed.
5:43 am
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five people died after a horrific crash on monday morning. one of the victims, scott martel was a former aide to governor cuomo. robert: overseas in turkey, chose suicide bomber attacked a wedding party killing at least 51 people. many of them children. nearly 70 were her. police say the bomber was between 12 and 15 years old. the deadliest assault in turkey this year. the u.s. condemning the attack. juliet: 25 years after the community celebrate the healing in progress made. in attendance was the family of the catholic at the start of the riots. the brother of a jewish student killed did not attend calling the festival and sent and sensitive and trivializing. a look at your morning sports but the mets wrapped up their series that cisco playing the giants. robert: i told you the results of this game. the giants no-hitter bid in the
5:47 am
two run shot in his 25th home run of the year. third home run in two days. i was going to mess with it. to do nothing as the final. juliet: los angeles gets off to an early lead. one run comes in. and then to the eighth inning he does it again. to the right side that is the final. >> by 47:00. the 2016 olympic summer games. athletes and fans back a stadium for the closing ceremonies of the olympic cauldron was extinguished did the dance party ensued. this wrapped up in the six events of the 16 days of competition. the world turns to the 2010 winter games in korea in the
5:48 am
night. the men's basketball team blew a serbia in the gold-medal game. cap interbrand scored eight points as the team to gold for the third straight olympics. juliet: carissa shields with the first to win gold in boxing. a unanimous decision of our dutch competitor. she won her first gold in london and grassland, kyl snyder one to 97-kilogram class. the youngest olympic champion in u.s. already massive haul by team u.s.a. at these games. this is the final medal count. we basically trounced everyone. 46 gold for the americans. dirty apron, 121 total beats the u.s. for metals had a fully attended olympics. 1108 years ago far as china with the next 70 total medals.
5:49 am
and better than at the london 2012 games. >> does a pretty good couple weeks in rio. >> definitely. congratulations rob yeah ways. not that you're watching. >> simone biles got to carry the flag. that was so cool to watch other than stopping to take pictures with her. all the athletes stop. very cool. >> very time to get back out there and get to work as we enjoy the last few weeks of summer. i'm nicely coming up for us and it's a little bit cooler. today the forecast high is 83 degrees. pretty much on the mark. 95 is the record high. we don't see any 90s in our new future. we might get close before we are all said and done. 70 essential part is 69 degrees
5:50 am
59 degrees in monticello. we have to down into the 50s. our two points are about lord. 62 degrees out essential part is 66 and on top. a little longer for the dryer air to work its way to argue that it will be happening the next couple days. showers and storms even late last night. you are still getting it out there at the east end of long island. the clouds are starting to break and moved on and we see at clearing condition for everyone in the tri-state on the backside of the cold front. we will see a pretty windy situation here is the northwest winds can read 10 to 20 miles per hour. high pressure and that is what we will see not only for today but for quite a while. the only thing you pick out your
5:51 am
north, northwest will come through and keep your temps down at the debate. again, a touch of fall, taste of fall as temperatures come back down to normal. high temps in the 80s for the next couple days. that might be a hair below normal. this on behalf of the day today. 7:00 a.m. up to 70. 80 degrees later on this afternoon and as we go to the next seven days 84 and wednesday. 86 thursday, 80 friday. no showers in the things are looking pretty good. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. some problems popping up. >> the roads are looking great as far as your commute on the throwaway. westchester site doing fine this morning. that's good or cameras. take a look at the turnpike. no problems here. westbound, eastbound traffic at the george washington bridge into the city.
5:52 am
tunnel. problems with the mechanical problems how they are running between 36 in coney island avenue. expect to them. juliet: thank you very much. a lot more coming up. robert: bette midler apologizing for controversial comments he made about caitlyn jenner. 5:52. we will be right back.
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5:55 am
juliet: welcome back, everyone. leonardo dicaprio links to offering the hand ends. just like this one does, too. woeful wall street got into a minor car crash, however. robert: the oscar winners on montauk highway and wanes on highway when a woman driving a mini cooper. dicaprio's girlfriend was with him but neither was apparently shaken up but not her. witnesses say dicaprio is a fine gentleman tending to not only his girlfriend but helping the other driver as well. no word if charges were filed. robert: bette midler who were just listening to in the last week has apologized for controversial tweed she posted about caitlyn jenner. juliet: now that i am kate has been canceled, will she go back
5:56 am
she was referring to the e. network canceling jenner shot after two seasons. patrice costacurta restoring pitchy posted an apology which reads sorry, last week defended. they seem to have misread the temper of the times. she's a comedian. she makes jokes. that's what they do. robert: i guess that hitting nerves lately. juliet: sometimes i feel it the world needs to be a little less than a you can disagree. robert: at the low hand trying to cash in on her tumultuous relationship with her on-again off-again day igor terror boss off. juliet: that's a good thing to do when you run it relationship. willing to tell all to do number one talk show demanding a private jet, a penthouse suite. she wants to be paid half a million dollars and insist on meeting russian president latin america written.
5:57 am
robert: why do you care? juliet: exactly. some of her demands have been met. the remake appears to be a flop at the box office of biblical proportions. transfer the movie cost more than $100 million to make, but it only took a little more than $7 million over the weekend. for the third week in a row, suicide squad took the number one spot raking sausage party with backend father a war dogs, kubo in the two strains and then bent her. what is with that animated? juliet: i love it. robert: have you seen it? juliet: now, i've seen little clips. not for the overly sensitive. we are just a few minutes away
5:58 am
robert: you look at me and stick your tongue out at me. we will be right back. ? sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia?
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juliet: i know that it is monday and that bums people out. are you ready? anybody going to answer me? we are we are excited about the weather this week. we are alive and happy. let's enjoy the fact that we are very blessed. robert: mike is here with the forecast. serious news to tell you about this morning. tragic news from long island.


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