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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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antwan: hi, everybody. it is monday. i am greg kelly. kerry: i am carried through. mike woods has the full details. >> a horrible accident on the long island expressway. at least five people are dead. including a former aide to governor cuomo. a horrible accident on the kerry: ryan lochte admitting to over exaggerating the story and offering an apology, somewhat. hillary clinton versus donald trump. donald trump versus hillary clinton. is he changing his stance on deporting illegal immigrants?
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-- expressing concern about his drug use. >> the guy was an amazing man. on the cover of time magazine at the age of team. he teamed up with darrell for a documentary. very well done film. promoting it, though, he has not been there at times. a lot of folks are very did you miss me? rosanna is in portugal. she missed a huge party. lionell richie. he has been in the news lately as the father of justin bieber's girlfriend. great guy. he performed at that apollo benefit over the weekend. let's see. ron perlman.
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>> ushered jumped around. glenn stephani. do we have a picture of usher? i was very cool, too. i did not ask anyone for a selfie. imagine having all of those people at your kerry: did you see them acting all lovey-dovey? greg: they were making out. they did a nice duet together. all right. what else? top that. mike: hamptons weekend with friends. it was good.
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it is a short one. greg: there are people at her house. do not be thinking about dropping by her house while she is gone. >> it is back to it. we did have to do with some rain from time to time. here is what we have this morning. it is actually pretty we have 70 out that newark. sixty-nine in central park. we are going to see a lot of sunshine out there today. 59 degrees in monticello. two points are definitely lower. we have been dropping the dew points down into the lower 60s. that definitely helps us out a little bit. the northwest wind northwest
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forecast coming up to 20 miles per hour. gusting up higher at times here. you can see the showers moving on. for us here in the tri-state, we are fine. the cold front continues to work its way offshore. we will see the clear skies here. making it feel a little bit cooler than it actually is. 79 degrees by noon. eighty-thr all kinds of sunshine and windier conditions as well. we started off as only 64. we have sunny skies for the rest of the week. all the way back up to 88 degrees by friday. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on. we have some backups.
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cross bronx. traffic slow. this is causing exiting delays. the cross bronx as you come off the george washington bridge. there was a debrief spell. they'll parkway, still working on an accident blocking a lane. over by lakeville road, no problems. i told you about the accident on the deegan. it is about a 20-25 minute delay in balance. if you want to take the lincoln tunnel, 30-40 heading into the city. service has resumed. expect the laze. as for the d train, mechanical problems. rest of the trains are running
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did you see the closing ceremonies last night? usa, by the way, did great. i think that we topped the medal count. forty-six gold medals. our closest competition was great britain at 27. we are still talking about ryan lochte wild night out with friends. >> apologizing to the country for claiming that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint. he said that he was not lying to a certain extent. greg: it is all about ryan lochte and the curfew. >> reporter: to your point about michael phelps, we have the best
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concerned, i just over exaggerated part of it.% just the first part. speaking out about his tall tale of being robbed at gunpoint. he admits that this recent scandal and all the backlash is all his fault. is it enough to spare him the wrath of the u.s. olympic officials? >> i take full i just want the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i am. i am embarrassed. poor for coming clean on brazilian tv. >> if i did it over that rate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. >> reporter: revealing what really happened the night he claimed he and three fellow slumbers, gunnar bentz, jack
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>> i ripped a poster off the wall in a gas station. coming out, the security guards had a gun. we stepped out of the taxi cab. the guns were pointed out is. a gun was pointed at us. we had to give them money. you can call it a robbery. you can call it extortion. you can say that we had to pay the money for the i cannot say what it was. all i know is that we were frightened. >> the incident caused international outrage. first pointed out brazil and then at these olympians. >> i over exaggerated the story. >> why? >> i don't know. i still wonder to myself.
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>> the olympic committee is promising that this matter is far from over. >> they let down our athletes. they let down americans. they really let down our host in rio. >> reporter: he really offended an entire country and certainly the city of rio. for his part, ryan lochte hope see you able to compete. >> you see in the conversation mayor, two. a global united nations commission on this one? i think he said he was sorry. i believe the rio authorities have accepted his apology. >> yes.
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>> he made a mistake. >> poor michael phelps. nobody cares about those medals that the one anymore. kerry: everyone is talking about this. in our area, a horrific crash on long island has claimed another life. greg: christopher pinellas died last night. he is the daughter of aide to governor cuomo. scout martellus. twenty-nine years old. he was killed in the crash. we're hearing from governor cuomo on this. a dedicated and public servant. suffix county police are investigating reports that pinellas was speeding. this may have been speed relate
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horrible crash yesterday morning on the long island expressway. >> turning out to the road to the white house. >> hillary clinton versus donald trump. >> he has that new team. kelly and conway. seems to be walking back some of donald trumps tougher positions on immigration. let's go to our reporter. there she >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton is not in her campaign office. she is on the trail again. she will be at 43 different events in 14 different states. donald trump making news over the weekend for potentially backpedaling a little bit on what was once a very strict
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>> will that plan include a deportation force. the kind that you just heard in that soundbite in the kind that he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. the republican candidate is still undecided about the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. promised americans would see a change within the campaign. >> i i do not like when people hurl personal insults. it would be a terrible example for me to feel otherwise. >> if hillary were elected resident, no longer accept donations from foreign countries. >> we look at donald trump. connected to all kinds of financial interest that he
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>> waistcoat to the polls. trump i had with 45%. clinton trailing out 43 percentage points. in a separate poll last week, trump is, clinton is leading trump nationally by eight percentage points. again, giving a different perspective depending on which one you look at wednesday chairman says this is really a turning point for trumps campaigned and expects him to narrow in on the lead. we are live outside the headquarters this morning. back to you in the studio. >> just a little more than two months away from election day. did you hear what she said about that one poll?
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the l.a. times reporting this. when will we know? >> we are down to the wire now. the crown heights riot's. there was a festival there that tried to bring people together. >> recognizing the progress that was made. enjoying several events together. kind of like a it way different atmosphere. gavin cato was struck and killed by a motorcade. the family and others say it is a different crown heights today. >> i appreciate all the good things that all the people are
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>> day after day, i have had friendly experiences. positive experiences. >> seems like a great event. everyone seems to enjoy themselves. greg: it is summer and that means that it is hot. especially underground. more cars. more people complaining that you do not have air >> they are called hot cars. as many as 16 calls every single day. >> that does not seem like a big number. 8 million people. >> people just complaining to each other. >> here is a little tip. if one car is hot, it does not
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sixteen and they say that that is up. that does not sound like much at all. mike: i got caught in one of those hot cars last friday. it was rough. i was too lazy to get up and do anything about it. by the time i got there, my t-shirt was soaking wet. the weather is going to take a little bit of a break here soon enough. it will be breezy and dryer out there, the normal high is 82 degrees. we do not have any 90s coming up anytime soon. we have one in bridgeport as well as isolate. same thing for you in montauk. 66 degrees is your current temperature in belmar. our temperatures are down from% 24 hours ago. 11 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago.
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through. pretty much did its job. even out use. now even that has dried up for the time being. we have a pretty good-looking day coming up for us. the northwest northwest wind will come through and keep your temperatures down a little bit. that additional wind, you feel the difference in terms of the combo. a clear sky. a lot of sunshine out there for you. pretty much out there. just today is on the windier side. it will not feel quite that warm because of the wind. starting off at only 64. by friday, all the way up to 88485. let's bring in ines rosales. get a check up on the road rail situation.
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putnam county, and you do have a problem on 84. let's go to our cameras. things on long island have been good this morning. eastbound, the bqe, we do have a slight trouble on. an accident blocking a lane there. the bqe, heading towards the brooklyn bridge. >> after the helicopter a live look at air force trump. a huge asset to him and his campaign. he did a flyby once at a campaign rally in alabama. what do you think? >> we all know that is is coming and going. who was on that plane. >> he keeps it right there. one more time.
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i guess he may be in new york right now. right, jim? >> that is possible. that is a 757. you do not take that on little short hops. long trips. that is definitely the airplane. >> keeping it at a place like laguardia airport have still cost a lot. ? at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager.
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greg: i did not think it was ever going to stick. this bridge. we used to call it the triboro. robert f kennedy. they renamed it a couple years ago. despite rosanna's protest. you have to change all the signs. it is a big to it stuck. robert f kennedy, you deserved it. what a guy. did all of that. died in his 40s. attorney general to his big brother. all right. the bridge is doing fine. >> it is. it is going to be really nice today. greg: did you hear about that
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more than 20 of those killed were under the age of 14. the suicide bomber may have been a child. the deadliest attack in turkey this year. many cannot be buried because dna tests test have to identify all of the big towns speed. kerry: on friday, governor rick scott announced five cases zika. pregnant women need to avoid the city. the virus could hang around in the u.s. for about a year or 2-yard. greg: what is happening here in new york city? the fight is partly digital.% a new website nyc doubt of /
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there are 27 trucks out there spraying. four times as many trucks as used in the past. it is time to go to louisiana where they are dealing with the aftermath of that horrible storm and flooding. >> many elderly couples. >> a lot of difficulty for the last five or six weeks. we all come together. the wind blows. and in the sunshine begins. kerry: officials say about 4000 people remain in shelters at
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greg: the president has been on vacation for about two weeks. he is wrapping things up. tomorrow, it is to louisiana. he has gotten some heat for not going to the flood zone so far. donald trump went to the flood zone. there he is handing out stuff. nice gesture. the president will be there kerry: though obama's will be very busy over the next few months of office. pressing lawmakers for more money to fight the zika virus. actively campaigning for hillary clinton. greg: what is he going to do. he is going to be 50 some years old. already served two years -- two terms as president. i think that they will end up
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i think they're junk or daughter will be a junior in high school. i think they will let her finish high school. greg: what is he going to do with this time on his hands?
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? greg: oh, that is that little automatic lighthouse that jim likes. it is underneath the george washington bridge. right, jim? >> yep. that is correct. right underneath the manhattan side of the bridge. greg: does it work? >> i believe it still does. greg: i would hope at this point, although hard to see the light in the day time. greg: would have a radar or a lan. on a friend's boat ago. he said all kinds of electronic gear. what does that stuff do? i don't know. i think -- jim, thanks a lot. kerry: thanks, jim. greg: everything good? kerry: everything is great. what is that. greg: what was that song you are talking about. kerry: chicken fries. we went to the zac brown band.
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good day girls gone wild. audrey, sam and i were there. everyone was well-behaved. greg: my idea. your idea. you said it first. >> it's a good one, right. greg: billion dollar idea. kerry: the line is a little bit of chicken fried, cold beer on friday night, pair of jeans that fit right, the radio on. greg: then what happens? kerry: everyone is loud. thanks, greg. >> hope you had a great weekend here. we had to deal with rain here and there. it is now all moved on. here are weather headlines what to expect here today. it is looking good now that the front has gone on by. skies clearing out. little refreshing wind on the back side. it's a northwest wind. keeps us a little bit cooler today. picture-perfect week coming at us. it gets even warmer later on in the week. in the tropics a little something there.
7:31 am
that is the only storm. it is getting active assess especially going towards late week. nothing to keep an eye on. 70 in newark and 63 degrees in sussex. there is that northwest wind coming through five to 10 miles per hour. some wind, not tremendous just yet. it should pick up. cold front moved through. that brought us showers and storms. things are clearing out nicely. a lot of sunshine coming to you. the only weather challenge or weather bum is the northwest wind. because of pressure grade with respect over the northeast. that is it what drives the wind. difference between area of low pressure and high pressure building in is fairly significant. you will see a breezy if not windy day. high temp goes to 83 degrees.
7:32 am
tomorrow. with the sunshine hanging out pretty much entire week. look at that low tomorrow. feels a little brisk. feels like fall this morning. with the lou starting off at4. let's bring in ines, a peek what is going on. >> you will encounter problems. staten island expressway no problems. belle parkway in rook lynn you have two problems. crosby avenue. coney island avenue there is crash. accident by van wyk not bound. bqe is slow. look at new england through way, play land parkway. no problems. you're fine in westchester, northbound and southbound. couple problems on the george washington bridge. alexander hamilton bridge there is a accident.
7:33 am
that is cleared away. traffic is moving. bqe heading toward the brooklyn bridge, normal delays. kerry and greg. greg: all kinds of gun violence this weekend. one guy was shot attending a vigil commemorating those lost to gun violence. 67-year-old grand another was cut in the crossfire. robert moses is live in harlem with more. good morning, robert. reporter: good morning, greg an rr in the killing of that 61-year-old woman, odessa sims. i want to show you the memorial on the edge of the colonel charles young playground where the shooting took place. she was a bee of lloyd member of the community. she was married nearly 40 years. her husband called her the best person in the world. she loved to cook and play the lottery. she lived a short distance away, two blocks from the shooting scene. appears sims was in the wrong
7:34 am
saturday evening. she was sitting outside with her friends when she was shot in the neck. the shooting may have been the result of a dispute between two people in this area. sims was rushed to harlem hospital but she could not be saved. she died from her injuries. she live ad couple blocks away on 142nd street. the community gathered yesterday to call for an end to the violence. >> we must take a stand and and speak up and stop killing each other. >> something is wrong when we have to in our own community fear sitting out on a bench, playing cards and checkers or chess on a nice summer night. that we have to worry about young people playing with guns. >> when the police come out and shoot someone of us, there are thousands of us. now we're killing each other. come on now, community, let's
7:35 am
enough is enough. reporter: clearly a lot of anger in this community. this is one of at least two shootings in this area. actually, at least two other shootings in this area, in addition to the one that we've been telling you b i spoke to police this morning. they did arrest a man named, arnell hodgson, short distance away from the shooting scene. he was charged with criminal possession of a connection of the killing of odessa sims. police, as i mentioned are still looking for her killer. that is the latest live from harlem this morning. greg and kerry back to you. greg: thank you, robert. kerry: new details about how prince died. police found a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin stashed in his home.
7:36 am
they were in bags that he carried around with him. they are trying to figure out how prince was able to get the pills. the 57-year-old did not have a subscription for any substances in the state of minnesota. greg: he hasn't been showing up at key engagements. doc has been in the news lately. he and darryl strawberry put together a great documentary about their professional lives and personal lives. doc as we know had a lot of problems with substance abuse over the years. kerry: juliet huddy with much more on the story. good morning to you. reporter: a problem that plagued him for a long, long time. sounds like all of the recent stuff after gooden failed to show up for a joint appearance with strawberry last week. that prompted concerns and those concerns are being voiced by strawberry as well as gooden's ex among others. gooden for his part is denying he has a drug problem.
7:37 am
story. he has to try something, quote, before gooden is dead. strawberry says gooden is hooked on owe cain. he is deep into the addiction and something has to be done immediately. >> i know addiction. and my fear that people, don't change they die. they die this way. and, i just hope, i just hope the light comes on soon before it is too late. reporter: and you know strawberry has said he has been trying to do this behind the scenes and not make a big public spectacle. gooden just won't listen. strawberry said the problem is big enough for his son to see. he recently appeared on a espn documentary, 30 for 30. >> he was hammered. had his head down on the bar sleeping. i was like, he was going to be at spring training. >> we made good friends once we
7:38 am
reporter: i mentioned gooden's ex. her name, janet root. she lived with the baseball great four years until his problem became too much to deal with. she moved out in february. she says gooden has been in downward spiral for the last two years. sounds like again something going on for a long time. greg: sure has. juliet huddy. stay with us on doc gooden for a moment. when he was just a kid, 19, 20 years old, he was so "time" magazine. you may remember. there he is. you referred to the documentary. it was fantastic. judd apatow, comedy writer/producer had a hand. it is on espn. i think you can see it on demand. you saw in the clip, a lot is doc and darrell talking about their, the ups and the downs. darrell by the way told us on "good day new york" he has been clean and sober for about a dozen years or something like that. he is doing great.
7:39 am
shall we? weatherwise, what do we have there, mike? kerry: gorgeous. >> a little breezy. greg: do we drink water from the reservoir right in the middle of central park? anybody know? kerry: i have no idea. greg: got to come from somewhere. beautiful lake essentially right in the middle of central park.
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n dunkin'. ? greg: central park south. what a view you have from those apartment, huh? kerry: unbelievable. greg: hey, jim, a little bit to the right. it still says i think helmsly house, even though the great, leona helmsley no longer with us. remember her? doug named trouble. left him all the money? there it is says helmsley house on the top in red? there you go. essex house. i'm sorry. used to be a nico hotel. she ran that joint by the way. kerry: i believe it's a marriott now. greg: her office looked out on the park.
7:43 am
he got a lot of cash. they took care of him for a long time. he died a few years ago in connecticut. all right. time for the weather with like. >> very good, you guys had a good weekend here? kerry: very good. greg: solid. >> good times. friends, big shoutout out there to my east quad peeps. we survived to monday morning. show you what is up out there. 82 degrees. average high is 82 degrees. 68 is the average low. much on point there with the temps here today. we have showers and storms early this morning. they're now out to sea. a few showers out in the cape. even there it will be drying out. all together we're in good shape here on monday morning. 69 degrees at central park. 70 in newark. we're all set up for a really good-looking day here. check the dewpoints.
7:44 am
considerably. only a few spots above 65. that is is montauk and islip sitting at 66. once it gets down to 61, or lower 60s, feels a lot better. not like what we had through the majority of the summer it seems and majority of august so far. pretty comfortable. that's what we're looking at all together. we have skies clearing out. storms harassed us yesterday. they are moving on. high pressure on the back side. cold pressure heading out to area of low pressure driving wind across the great lakes to us here in the tri-state. that is a reason we have a little bit of a breezy condition. the winds pick up more so this afternoon. high pressure trying to build in as the area of low pressure departs we'll keep it on breezy and mild side. we'll see high testimony of 83 degrees later on this afternon. a little bid windy. tomorrow we start off at 64 degrees but we end up at 8:00ty. it will be fantastic.
7:45 am
looking forward to this weekend if i get over past weekend. still a little tired monday morning. fox 5 fy app, at itunes store, google play store. check it out and you're set to go. here comes ines. >> talking about good day "girls gone wild." look at you, you're recovering from the weekend. >> i had a picture shoutout, that is a little too much. >> that kind of weekend, that good. commute this bridge you have no problems crossing that at all. connecticut normal delays 95 as you make way toward norwalk and merit parkway a little slow. commute by the lie looks good. george washington bridge you have a bit of a delay on the upper level, 20 to 25 minutes. 80, 95 crest. lower levels doing fine. lincoln tunnel 20 minutes from each approach.
7:46 am
kerry: ines, thanks so much. 2016 rio olympics came to an end with a big party. greg: closing ceremonies were yesterday and the usa did great. what is the med county? i think we got more than anybody else? kerry: world looking ahead. more medals handed out last night. u.s. men beat serbians in the gold medal game for basketball, 96-6. kevin durant the team took gold for the third straight olympics. a 21-year-old earned unanimous decision over dutch competitor. she won the first gold four years ago. in wrestling, kyle snyder won gold in the 97 kilogram class at 20 years old, youngest in olympic history. greg: gold by the men's basketball team added to the massive haul by the u.s. at the games.
7:47 am
us. china distant second place with 26. 27 for the uk. they should be ahead, total medal count, factor in bronze and silver, there you have it on the right. we did awesome despite the furor over that ryan lochte guy and his crazy night out. kerry: total of 121 medals that beat the record of fully attended olympic greg: mets wrapped up the series with the giants out in san francisco. they're in third place right now. the giants had a no-hitter until the 7th inning, when the mets broke it with two hits. first a double. then home run you saw there, making it 2-0. that is all the scoring they needed. mets win it 2-0 in the final. kerry: l.a. got early lead. that would make it one zip angels.
7:48 am
theth also by l.a. they go on to beat the yanks, 2-0 is the final score. greg: prospect park they had a brooklyn dog day thing celebrating dogs. they had a k-9 buffet, four-legged fashion show and photo booth for the dogs. kerry: more importantly free veterinary care was offered. organizers call it a day to appreciate dogs who they are and how they affect our lives. greg: moist of the dogs seem to be little dogs. there is a big fancy. you know what you don't see too muchp of in new york? kerry: what? greg: mutts. mixed breeds. a lot of fancy dogs in this town. once again thank you to the north shore animal legal louing me to adopt spike a long time ago. kerry: ah. greg: we couldn't tell what he was, he was a little bit of everything. spike courtesy of the north shore animal league. looks like everybody had a fun time in prospect park. kerry: how old did spike live?
7:49 am
great dog. how about a peek outside. kerry: looks like live look at columbus circle, yeah. greg: hey, remember that time -- ines, you were with us, to that fancy restaurant at columbus circle. >> yeah, yes. greg: per se. over in the time warner center called per se. you remember they had 17 different types of salt. >> i lost count of the courses. greg: they had like a salt consultant >> yes. there were a lot of consultants. greg: they were so cool. they knew what they were talking about when it came to food. i never seen this kind of expertise. they were not snobs. >> can you get a view of the park? >> get a view of the park. anyway, per se, one of the finest restaurants in the world right here in new york. we'll be right back.
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? kerry: beautiful monday morning in new york city mike says. it will be a great week. so that's good. greg: leonardo dicaprio, very talented actor, may not be such a hot driver. he was in an accident over the weekend in, in the hamptons. what happened there?
7:53 am
according to page six he was in a car woman in mini-cooper rear-ended his suv. the woman driving the mini was shaken up but not apparently. decaprio was perfect gentleman and attending to the other driver. greg: whose fault was it? kerry: they were rear-ended. greg: they were rear-ended in. kerry: no charges at this point have been filed. greg: "ben hur, the movie reboot came not do well. i'm not sure if they publicized the movie. i like "ben hur the original with charlton heston. more than that in a moment. kerry: i did not hear much about the remake. it cost $100 million to make. took in over $11 million in the box office. for the third weekend, "suicide squad" took the top spot. adult animated comedy "sausage party" came in second
7:54 am
kubo. greg: took this to plug "ben hur from charlton heston. amazing movie. kerry: classic. greg: lasted five hours. here is charlton heston back then before he became a bit after gun nut. late, great, charlton heston. "ben hur, original, a classic. kerry: it is interesting, the remake cost $100 million to make. i didn't see one ad for it. did you see any ads on tv? greg: no buzz about that movie. you heard of backstreet and 'n sync. the guy died after a controversial life. lou pearlman died in prison at age of 62. kerry: he was convicted of a running a half billion dollar ponzi scheme. justin timberlake and tweeted condolences and lance bass. i hope he found peace and god bless. i believe lance bass tweeted as well.
7:55 am
his condolences. lou pearlman was behind some of the biggest boy bands of the '90s, including backstreet boys. lou pearlman dead at age of 62. another pearlman who is alive and thriving, ron pearlman, had a benefit to apollo theater at his beach. you know who was there? kerry: who? greg: pump up the volume. lionel richie, is father of justin bieber's ne greg: he performed live for a pretty small group considering. he was there. gwen stefani. who is gwen stefani's boyfriend? kerry: blake shelton. greg: blake shelton. pharell. joe walsh, for classic rock fans. it all goes to benefit the apollo theater. they raise something like 5 million bucks. ron pearlman, he is very, very generous and, gives a lot to the
7:56 am
because i finally got to go to a pearl where rosanna wasn't. kerry: you have to tell her about it when she comes back. our facebook fan of the hour. thanks so much, maria. if you like to be facebook fan of the hour, "good day" coming right back.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." greg: hi, everybody, welcome to the show. it is monday, of the 22nd of august. i'm greg kelly. kerry: i'm kerry rosanna. it will be a low humidity and beautiful beach day. mike woods has full forecast. greg: two weeks to labor day. winding down. we had this, a terrible accident on the long island expressway in suffolk county, several people, at least five fatalities. a lot of people in the hospital clinging to life. one of the victims, one of the fatalities, 29-year-old former aide to the governor. kerry: swimmer ryan lochte went on brazilian tv to tell the
8:00 am
about three teammates were robbed at gunpoint. he didn't fully tell. greg: could a park avenue hotel be infested with bedbugs. two people that said there, who happen to be doctors, say there are big problems in the hotel. kerry: two weeks ago, jim furyk made history as very first golfer to shoot 58 in a pga tour event. that made him such a success on the links. greg: everybody doing all right? i went on vacation and i thought this ryan lochte thing would be over. we were talking about it on wednesday. still in the news. take a look at that guy. so he apologized you about still raising questions about what did or did not happen and why he was telling that crazy story for as long as he did. and, by the way, poor michael phelps lost in the mix.
8:01 am
general petraeus. kerry: yeah. greg: like, he is not in the news anymore. kerry: exactly. everybody is talking about ryan lochte, not michael phelps. question why did he give the initial interview in the first place? that is what everybody is wondering. greg: bully bush ran into him on the beach. doesn't he look like spock from "star trek" a little bit. mike woods, veteran of partying in rio many times. you know better than anybody can get way, way out of hand. what do you think here? >> i never done anything like that. that is just stupid. greg: really child's play when >> not that big of a thing, but you still made us look pretty bad. kerry: interview over the weekend he said he ripped a -- poster off the wall. but didn't say why he did that. greg: poiseter isn't anything. like a thumbtack. >> cost somebody $11,000 to get out of rio. kerry: exactly.
8:02 am
pretty decent weekend. we had rain come through, depends where you were. a lot of folks didn't get it. the rain is done for everyone. we had showers early this morning. we'll see a lot of sunshine, windy and warm and dry at same time. we'll get back up to 83 for a high later on. still 69 degrees, central park with sunny sky. northwest winds at 3 miles an hour. they will pick up as we head into the later morning and early afternoon. other 73 in d.c. 67 degrees in williamsport. 64 in albany with a mainly clear sky. we had showers early this morning but they have now moved on. new england drying out as the cold front heads offshore and takes the rain. we have good looking day coming up with sunny skies coming in. we'll have a weather challenge, potential for some wind from the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an
8:03 am
day. there are no boating advisories. only thing you watch out for, northwest wind at 15 miles per hour. you could see gusts up to 25 knots, not miles per hour. visibility is excellent out there. sunset at 7:43. days are getting shorter. summer is wrapping up. high is 83 degrees in the city. windy as well. tomorrow starts off cool with a low of 64. we see temps wrapping up. sunshine is stick checkup what is going on with the roads and rails. how are we doing out there, ines? >> not too bad. a couple of incidents. garden state parkway, accident at 148 blocking a lane. westchester, a lot of green. both sides of the through way look good. go to the cameras to check things out on the lie. lakeville road. traffic westbound. eastbound looks good. george washington bridge off 80-95 express.
8:04 am
lincoln tunnel. 20 to 30 inbound. holland tunnel. 20 to 30 each approach. street cleaning rules in effect. greg: ines, thanks very much. they had a great closing ceremony for the olympics t was fun while it lasted. rio largely success especially for america. we won more med than anybody. of course -- medals than anybody. certain swimmer opened his big mouth and got into trouble. kerry: the people of brazil claiming that he wasn't lying to a certain extent. fox news's teresa priolo with latest on the story. good morning. >> what does that even mean, not lying to a certain extent. he is blaming his overexaggeration what he calls immature behavior. ryan lochte claiming he was frightened when a gun was pointed at him, that led him to fabricate a story what happened at a brazilian gas station. >> i take full responsibility.
8:05 am
because, it's, i'm embarrassed. >> ryan lochte coming clean on brazilian tv. >> if i, if i didn't overexaggerate the story, and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. >> in an extensive interview the 12-time medalist reveals what really happened the night he claimed he and three fellow swimmers, brian conger, jack bentz and jimmy feeing began began. the story was disapproved by this surveillance video. >> i ripped a poster off the wall in the gas station. the security guards had a gun. we stepped out of the taxicab. the guns were pointed at us. so a gun was pointed at us. we had to give them money. you can either call that a robbery. you can call that extortion or just say we had a to pay the money for the damage of that
8:06 am
all i know is that we were frightened. >> the incident caused international outrage. at first it was pointed at brazil. and then at these olympians. >> i overexaggerated the story. and you know -- >> why? >> that was my fault. i don't know. i still, i still wonder that to, like to myself every day now, since then. like i, brazil doesn't deserve that. >> despite lochte's apologies the head of olympic committee is promising this matter is far from over. >> they let down our athletes. they let down americans. and they really let down our hosts in rio. >> we also want to mention to you that the u.s. olympic committee is not saying exactly what the punishment might be for all the swimmers. lochte is hoping to at least qualify for the tokyo games in 2020. unclear at this time if this specific incident will bar him from being able to qualify for
8:07 am
go. look at video of him one more time. his hair is back to normal. >> that's good. greg: we can move on. sometimes it is lost, he was drunk. he was seriously intoxicated. that might be why he is having trouble piecing this all together. >> he said that he said he was so intoxicated he doesn't some people are wondering, if you're so drunk you can't remember what happened, why fabricate an entire story around the events you don't even remember? kerry: he was saying he was drunk in the first interview. >> we'll see if this is enough. greg: anyway, we have other things to talk about. thank you very much, theresa. this is bad one. there was a serious car crash on the long island expressway. the fatality number is at five, five people. speeding driver may have been the cause. kerry: six other people were injured as well. 10-year-old christopher pinellas died last night.
8:08 am
on the lie in shirley when he lost control. his car jumped median, slammed into two vehicles. both he and his sister patricia was killed. 81-year-old and a 29-year-old was killed. martello was former aid to governor cuomo and former aide to suffolk county executive, steve malone. he expressed condolences. scott was a dedicated beloved public servant who worked day in, day out to improve theiv at this point suffolk county police are investigating reports that pinellas may have been speeding. greg: all right. time for politics. donald trump versus hillary clinton. let's see. we are a little more than two months away from the election. nothing huge happened over the weekend except for the new campaign manager for donald trump. here she is, considered a bright light in politics, particularly on the republican side, kellyanne conway, during an interview she seemed to be
8:09 am
donald trump's hard-line position on immigration. let's go to our reporter. kerry: liz dahlem is live outside clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn heights with more on politics. good morning to you, liz? reporter: good morning, kerry and greg. hillary clinton is with an aggressive fund-raising schedule. 14 events planned in 14 states over the next few weeks. trump camp sounding very different whe their policies when it comes to his new campaign manager even pedaling back on some comments made over the weekend. >> well will that plan include deportation force, the kind you heard in the sound bite and he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. reporter: donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway saying the republican candidate is still undecided about the deportation
8:10 am
hit the media circuit on sunday, less than a week after taking over for paul manafort, promised americans would see a change within the campaign. >> i do. i don't like people hurl personal insults. that is not my child. i'm a mother of four small children. would be terrible example for me to do otherwise. port port clinton campaign defending the foundation. if elected president she will no longer accept donations from >> donald trump is interconnected to all financial interests that he refuses to disclose. they affect his net worth. steps being taken if she should become president are unprecedented. reporter: talk about the polls. the latest usc-"l.a. times poll" has trump leading clinton in the national tracking poll. trump coming in at 45 percentage points and clinton with 43 percentage points. there is another poll out there.
8:11 am
points. different perspectives there. rnc chairman is being very confident this morning an over the weekend he expects that lead from clinton to tighten and expects trump to pull ahead and saying there could be an even race by labor day. we're live outside of clinton campaign headquarters this morning. greg, and kerry, i will send things back over to you. greg: liz, stay with us for a second, trump tower is like a scene. people show up. tourists are right there in midtown manhattan. there is always a bit of a spectacle. lots of news trucks out there, tourists taking pictures, that kind of thing. what is it like over there in downtown brooklyn heights? i bet it is kind of anonymous right? no one even knows it is there? reporter: it is. very much hidden. trump is very much plastered all over that building. seems like clinton is sort of, in the background here a little bit more here in the plaza.
8:12 am
people walking their dogs. a little more subdued than trump tower in midtown. greg: liz, thanks a lot. kerry: nobody out there taking pictures or anything like that. liz, thank you. 25 years ago the crown heights riots divided community. yesterday a festival helped bring people together. making things better for the next generation. orthodox jewish, african-american and caribbean american families and kids enjoyed the events without any tension. back cato was struck and killed by a motorcade carrying a jewish leader. hours later a jewish student royce send obama was killed by a mob. that set off days violence. families say it's a different crown heights today. >> i apprecate all the different people. you know, it is a great thing. >> day after day, friendly experiences. black, hispanic, shake hands,
8:13 am
i walk all around. kerry: festival for the most part seemed it was success. it was criticized by rosenbaum's family as being insensitive. greg: okay. the catano hotel, park avenue in the south, high 30s, nice hotel. they may have a bedbug problem? kerry: wedding guests say they were bitten by bedbugs by the hotel in murray hill. they say the hotel would not ackn august 6th. several guests woke up that morning with swollen red bite marks. the post spoke with the groom's mother. management had housekeeping inspect the rooms insisted there were no bugs. they refused to comp the four rooms, guests say were infested. they have filed a complaint with the city housing preservation and development. greg: all of this is from our bedbug library. not from the hotel. this is a complaint. nothing has been formally
8:14 am
that footage is not from the catano hotel. kerry: important to point out. miami taking the fight to mosquitoes. they were across the city of miami spraying pesticide trying to eradicate the dizzy carriers. governor rick scott announced that five cases of zika were connected to mosquitoes in miami beach. they expandedded travel warning to avoid the city all togethe around in the u.s. for a year or two. there are 36 cases of zika in florida that were not travel related. greg: all right in new york city, fighting zika, it's a digital fight apparently. it debut ad new website, you can track neighborhoods which have been sprayed. very nice. kerry: they have five biologists going through mosquito traps
8:15 am
that is four times as many trucks used in the past. greg: i see people do this at starbucks. they flash the phone and buy their coffee. you can do the same thing on the railroad. metro-north is the latest railroad where you can not only buy the ticket on an through ann app, you can display it. you don't have to happened the conductor anything. they scan your phone, that's it just like at starbucks. kerry: exactly this is metro-north new haven line in and out of the city. it works for new haven and danbury and waterford lines. they have train schedules and service updates. you have to download the app for starbucks. greg: you have to download the apps. does it work really well? kerry: yes. imsurprised you haven't done it. greg: i'm not a big starbucks guy. i go to the other place for two bucks less.
8:16 am
greg: 2.50. mike you're big with the starbucks. >> with the app it is done and bye. works out well. there you go. show you what is happening. we have another nice day coming up for us. it will be sunny and dry and a little bit windy out there today. tomorrow, not. different. cool start to the day but bright blue skies coming at you, tomorrow, same basic thing for you on wednesday. another winter out there. another stretch of really good stuff. if you're back at work, tell you there. if you have a chance to get out there to enjoy summertime, do it, it will be perfect. 73 in glen cove. 71 in brentwood and stoneybrook. 73 degrees in bridgeport. temps are about where they should be this time. year. it starts to cool down. we've done the peak of the heat for summer. big storms yesterday, last night and early this morning. it finally moved on even for the hamptons, southfork, all cleared out now.
8:17 am
you, with high pressure in control. you get fair skies or clear skies with high pressure in control. only thing we still have coming at us is the wind, back side of area of low pressure. wind drives across the great lakes and northeast. keep it on windier side here today. it should relax tonight into tomorrow. other than that on the futurecast, only thing we see coming to us are a few high clouds from time to time. that northwest wind keeps the temps down just t because we drop down into the 50s and 60s. it will feel a little bit like fall. even more so tomorrow. high temp goes up to 83 degrees. tomorrow we started off at 64. end up at 84 high. we slowly but surely warm it up as we end the week. highs close to 90 by end of the week. fox5ny weather app has daily and hourly forecasts on it.
8:18 am
android app stores. ines? kerry: a little cold going to the beach? >> a little later. 75. greg: tuesday, ines? off on tuesday. >> no. after work. 10:00 we're done. go to the beach. >> beauty of working. greg: fred flintstone you go home as soon as show is over? >> yeah. we start at 3:30. got to go. greg: good for you. >> we do have to go to work. bq heading westbound. so traffic backed up all the way to the belts merge. belts parkway, traffic bumper-to-bumper by coney island avenue westbound. one lane blocked because of interest. truck route one and nine, traffic jam heading towards newark. accident by central avenue. traffic jam at least one lane blocked. jersey city you're fine. grand central parkway, another traffic jam in front of
8:19 am
eastbound side you're fine. greg, you never went out to the beach after work? greg: on school day? come on. i cut work and gone to the beach. >> you've done that. greg: not both. by the time you get there -- >> you have done great adventure after work. greg: yeah. anyway, ines, good luck on at beach. going on tuesday. good luck to her. couple things coming up? kerry: jim furyk made history as first golfer to shoot 58 in a pga tour event. he will "good day new york" to teach us golf tips and talk about great things he and his wife are doing off the golf course. ? ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts.
8:20 am
america runs on dunkin'. ? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together.
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's this, this, this, and this. it is the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal and will be for eternity. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. ? greg: wow. looks like a mountain lion or a fox. kerry: beautiful dog. greg: just a dog in the park. kerry: so cute. greg: what is that guy doing? texting. kerry: texting. dog seems to be enjoying the
8:23 am
at by the way? upper east side, along the east river. see what view he is not enjoying on that phone. ? okay. pretty good. kerry: beautiful park there. the dog is taking it all in and the guy is not paying attention. is on his phone. greg: doing his thing. good for him. that is abba in the background. love them. kerry: yeah. getting away from the snow this winter to the a little bit easier because united is adding direct flights from newark to key west, florida. those flights starting on december 16th, running through may 4th next year. they started on sale saturday to plan your beach vacation. greg: ever been to key west? kerry: never have. greg: pretty cool. great spot. feels like you're in another country. this is unique. you don't have to take a puddle jumper from miami. those rickketly little planes. direct flight to key west. not bad. time to dot business report.
8:24 am
business network studios, lauren simonetti. >> we're in the wrong career, guys. good morning. if you look at top 10 highest paid jobs in the nation using government data, the first nine are all something medical-related. surgeon, doctor, anesthesiologist, or the done tivity, poe die tivity. number one is anesthesiologist. average worker making $260,000. so you go through the nine. what comes in at number 10 since it is not ceo. now, average salary of a chief executive might surprise you because i think millions and millions of dollars which is the case. but you also have big-tie executives, now know what, we have so many stock options we'll work for a dollar a year. you have the smaller companies where the ceo doesn't take home as much money. average salary right there, $185,000. greg: i'm a little surprised. i thought that, baseball players, basketball players, not
8:25 am
terms of study like this? >> that is a good point. if you look at surgeon-type jobs only 3,000 or 5,000 of them in the entire country. greg: lauren, thank you very much. >> thank you. greg: look who is doing really well and probably going to do even better now. front page of "the wall street journal," a little bit higher up, a little bit higher, kobe bryant! huh? he is starting a new career as venture capitalist. those guys make huge sometimes they lose huge money too. what is the story? kerry: he and his partner put $100 million into a venture-capital fund. it is called bryant-steibel. they will invest in up-and-coming businesses like "shark tank" how they do that they have put money into 15 different companies, including legal zoom and sports media website, called the players tribune. bryant retired from los angeles
8:26 am
personality sway is looking for the next big star. his show is one-shot. you seen him on mtv a million times. he is making hip-hop stars on b.e.t. tv. kerry: how would you qualify. greg: wouldn't qualify for an audition. ? fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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? greg: man, you can do anything in this city. a sailboat under the bridge. so, kerry, what is the latest with you? kerry: well, not a lot. i had a good weekend. what about you? i went to a show at citi field. greg: lionel ritchie is now a
8:30 am
hey, lionel. all right, i bought the papers again for ten bucks. man. you see little things. everyone has the same headlines. ceremonies in rio. it looks like they are ice skating but they are. the fireworks. kerry: simone biles who is 4-8 had that is nine feet tall. greg: all right. what else? so we have to wait four years. oh two years until the winter olympics. where are they? kerry: south korea. greg: i like them better than the summer olympics. rosanna safe travels from
8:31 am
mike: i have not been. i will add it to the list. you were gone a couple of days last week. rosanna was acting out. she kept bringing in the hunks. - it was a hunk parade. greg: elvis duran. steve weatherford. mike: keep an eye on her. good weekend overall and now to get back to it and get back to work. you can feel it in the air. back to school commercials are back on. for the month of august, two-thirds of the way through,
8:32 am
and we are outdoing that tomorrow morning. total precip 1.97 inches. we are behind for the year. at central park, well, the forecast for the day, sunny and 83 for the high. windy out there too. keep that in mind. not a huge problem, but you will notice a difference there. 69 central park. same thing in belmar. dew points are lower here. 60 in newark. that makes it more comfortable. a lot more comfortable than we had in the past several weeks. so here is what we have with the showers, they have moved on. everyone is drying out. so now things are looking good. high pressure in control.
8:33 am
throughout the day and a little windy, that's it. only weather challenge out there. the high up to 83 today with the northwest winds 10 #-25 miles per hour. clear and comfortable today. lows between 52 and 64. and there is the 7-day forecast, 80 tomorrow. 84 wednesday. 86 thursday. you see the trend. sunny and warming up throughout the rest of the workweek. now to ines and a peek on the commute with the slow downs out morning. we have the bqe. delays back to the gowanus. belts parkway, coney island avenue cleared away an accident. now to cameras and staten island expressway, headed to the verrazano, fine eastbound. no problems westbound. the grand central parkway, look
8:34 am
if you are taking the gwb, upper, lower no delays. lincoln tunnel inbound 30. holland tunnel 20. back to you. greg: thank you very much. a lot of people shot over the weekend in new york city including a grandmother. she was caught kerry: 61 years old and the gunman is still on the lose. we are going live to robert moses live in harlem this morning with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning, there is a deal of out rage in the neighborhood and signs saying enough is enough and there is memorial on the edge of this platform. colonel charles young playground, this is where the killing took place over the
8:35 am
saying rest in peace. we are talking about miss sims, a beloved member of the neighborhood and married for nearly 40 years. she loved to cook and play the lottery. she was essentially a mother to so many people in the neighborhood. it appears as in the wrong place at the wrong time on saturday evening. sitting outside with friends here at the in the neck. she was rushed to the hospital but couldn't be saved. she lived a couple of blocks away from here on west 142nd. she was caught in the cross fire. a short time ago i spoke to a man that told me he knew her well and she was loved.
8:36 am
all around decent lady. >> reporter: people called her sort of the neighborhood mother. >> you know, she was caring and giving and she was humbled. very, very humble. she wasn't loud. she was just a pleasure. pleasant to be around. i know, i believe she didn't deserve this.p>> reporter: i sp this made any arrests in connection with the death of mrs. sims. they have arrested a man that was taken scointo custody and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. by the way, in addition to this shooting, at least two other shooting incidents in this area.
8:37 am
harlem this morning, greg, kerry, back to you z. greg: yikes, thank you, robert. kerry: more details on how prince died. a drug 50 times harder than heroin and that is called feintel. prince died on april 21st from an overdose. the police are looking into how the 57-year-old didn't have prescriptions for controlled subs substances. >> a big birthday party. greg: yes, for a panda bear. it is now one. they are usually dirty and shy. this one looks active and clean. kerry: yes, yes. greg: what else?
8:38 am
and there was a cake. a frozen fruit desert. greg: he's eating the sign. kerry: two others are celebrating their birthdays this week. one turning 19 and one becoming three. greg: what happened to the idea of having a panda bear at the central park zoo. the congress person went to china to pitch it. well, you need documentation and letter they look like raccoons at times. sometimes they can get dirty. like this one. by the way, going to video one more time, when turning four, they send her to china. she's returning to china. we have joint custody with china. all right. she be here three more years.
8:39 am
her. >> jim furyk shooting 58 in a pga tournament and the lowest score in pga tour history and he's coming up on "good day new
8:40 am
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greg: looks great out there. and who recognizes that song? kerry: not me. greg: you are in for such a treat. the greatest golf movie, caddy shack and it is the opinion of the next guest as well, jim furyk is coming up. here is jim in action and an amazing putt. jim sinks them all the time. the type of concentration to make it happen. it's going in. jim furyk is in town. the barclays golf tournament is
8:43 am
jim and his wife tabatha are joining us. welcome. >> thank you. >> kerry: you made history and what is that like? >> really unbelievable. i was thinking about catching a flight and going to a concert and had the best day of my career and the best day ever on the well wishes and attention is incredible. greg: how do you stay in the zone and summon that type of concentration? >> for me, i broke 60 now on the tour, it is a mental grind. i got under par early and the idea is keeping it down. greg: the fans cooperate.
8:44 am
every other sport the fans are actively rooting against some of the players. we have a picture of this. but in golf, they all kind of quiet down at the right moment. you appreciate that i am sure. >> absolutely. >> do you get nervous watching him? >> absolutely. we have been together 20 years and he's won 17 times on the tour and it is allai greg: tell us about the foundation. >> we have started when winning the fed ex in 2010, we start add foundation to make more of an impact in the community to support the children and families in need. and we have raised $6 million and today we are partnering again with fed ex for the dress
8:45 am
>> we are asking the fans to bring a nearly article of clothing for women and the first one on tuesday, wednesday and thursday have the opportunity to get a ticket for the week to tournament. greg: business folks, okay. this is cool. >> absolutely. think about it, when you dress nice you feel good and e empowering the women, they can go to the job interview and make a difference. >> i agree with that. look good feel good. i know your dad play add big role and your swing has been changed before and your dad said keep it. it is different, unique and awkward but feels good to me.
8:46 am
mechanically inclined. we didn't work on the swing through the mechanics. i think one of the reasons that i have had success in my career, i trust my swing. my fingerprint and my dad was smart enough not to change the swing or manufacture a new one and take what i had and make it better. greg: the first thing they do is change your swing with the golf lessons. >> we worked on the and the posture and alignment, the club has to move on a glad plane and path. we worked on the fundamentals and he allowed me to get there. o how did you meet? >> in columbus, ohio. i was doing marketing there and jim was in a tournament and a friend introduced us. 20 years ago. >> a mutual friend that was doing a radio job.
8:47 am
checking her out. >> do you play golf as well? >> not so much. >> what about miniature golf? >> very good at that. >> have you noticed the the miniature golf courses are going away in america? >> yes. my son loves them. he checks them around the towns. i'm not sure why that is falling out. greg: one other thing, we how about happy gillmore? what is your favorite golf movie? >> caddy shack. it has to be. >> yes, that is terrific. >> everyone that plays golf, they know a hundred lines from the movie. and uses them way too often.
8:48 am
can. your event is throughout the tournament, correct? >> yes. again, it happens throughout the week, and fed ex is asking the folks to bring a business article of clothing nearly new piece of business attire for the women on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the first hundred folks have the opportunity to get a ticket to the tournament. fed ex cares is program. so we are proud with the foundation to partner up with them. >> fed ex and getting it to overnight. >> absolutely. thank you both. continued success. >> thank you for having us. >> now to a peek outside. let's do it. mopped morning. greg: we are not the best golfers.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
? greg: i have always liked that bette to her. is she a new yorker by the way? >> i think she is. greg: here is a picture of her. bette midler, beautiful music, sometimes comedian. she's in trouble for a tweet. kerry: it is about caitlin
8:53 am
she was referring to the e network cancelling the show after two seasons. she apologized on twitter as well. greg: sometimes when you start a fire storm what the people say about the offense, is worse than what you said. kerry: she said sorry. i seem to have misread the temper of the greg: get it, temper, tempo. people were very, very mad. bruce springsteen touring. what is the latest? kerry: well, you have a chance to go to shows at metlife. new seats are going on sale this morning. go to metlife and buy them at the box office at 11:00 and ticket matter starting at noon
8:54 am
thursday and august 30th. greg: i saw him life once, he's in incredible shape. he works out. kerry: what is your favorite song? greg: oh, i like born in the usa. kerry: i like thunder road. greg: i can't hear that right now. kerry: still more to come. stay with us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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kerry: the instagram pic of the morning. stay with us, more of "good day" coming back. s. is the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal in all the history and will be for eternity.
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