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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> they tried to shoot you? did they hold the gun up to you? >> an innocent ten-year-old mistakingly taken down by a group of officers who were looking for armed robbery suspect. they briefly detained before catin >> lidia curanaj spoke to lemming gend and his mother who are understandably shaken up. li di a? reporter: steve, he tells me, he is afraid to do that again because he thinks that police will arrest him. at 5'5", tep-year-old legend solomon is big for his age and while he has been mistaken for being oller. >> i thought they would shoot me. >> reporter: he never
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mistake him far criminal. i ran to the backyard. they were chasing me with guns. reporter: just before 5:00 p.m. on august 1th. a soft-spoken fifth-grader was playing basketball here with the friends when suddenly newark police began searching the area for a robbery suspect. why did you think the police were chasing you? a because i rolled in the street and almost hit their car report afraid for his life, he ran into a nearby aliway. >> they c shotguns out. armed. drawn. pointing to him. reporter: accusation is sported by two neighbors. rack can i kelly and her mother who interfenned when they saw officers had legend corn kerred. >> he was kid. only ten years old. they got out here with the guns drawn. he was like a short time later, police arrested
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time did officers ever point a weapon at any child in the area. inn one even came to him, you know what? i am sorry about that. am sorely that happened to you. from us to you. reporter: legend's favorite subject is math. he dreams of being a scientist. the people he used to look up to are the once he fears the most. >> how do you feel when you see police now? >> feel like they are going to chase me. is still waiting for apology from newark police. meantime, police say, they are investigating the complaint. live tonight in newark, lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." back to you. >> thanks, lidia. donald trump taking the campaign to the battleground state of ohio tonight. >> meantime, another wave hillary clinton's e-mails coming to light. linda schmidt here now. linda? reporter: the latest tonight, guys. a poll. a new poll showing
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points in ohio. trump wants ohio, which by the way, is a swing state, that is considered crucial in order for trump to win in november. also, today, trump attacked another number of the media on twitter. >> that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. reporter: in ohio tonight, donald trump once again promising to build a wall as part of the immigration plan. throughout the campaign, he has also prom messed would be mass dep or tations of undowned immigrant, well, now that is firm but fair. some are accusing him of flip-flopping. trump defended himself during a phone interview on fox and friends. >> no, i am not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a fair but firm answer. i has to be firm. he with with president to come up with something fair. reporter: and trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway said yesterday that trump has not participated in name-calling throughout the campaign. >> i don't like when people hurl personal
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i am mother of four small children. it would be a terrible example. >> do you think mr. trump is going to change? >> he doesn't. reporter: conway may want to ask mika about that. after she and the co-host criticized trump's campaign, he tweeted she is off the wall and erot in, not very bright mess. as for hillary clinton, colin powell is pushing back against her claim, he give her the idea to use her private e-mail server. powell s have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is, she was using it fo a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. and adding to clinton's e-mail mess, it was reported, the fbi actually found 15,000 additional e-mails from the private server, that were not disclosed by her attorneys. professor david bird sell is a political analysts. >> she cannot get past these issues. in any other campaign season. this could be something
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donald trump. donald trump creates so much news we are not able to focus on the questions about hillary clinton. >> and tonight, hillary clinton is in california where she taped appearance earlier today on "jimmy kimmel live" ap attending fund-raisers inch one of them is being held by justin timberlake t. the tech kets are going for $33,000 per person. steve, dari, back to you. >> all right. >> good morning. >> thanks. >> new york ty in the fight aance the zika virus. can learn when the neighborhood was last sprayed and where standing water vie lagses were issued. that site will be updated weekly. >> and back to school. a bit different south florida this year. schools near the miami neighborhood of lynwood. the hot zone for zika are offering prescription lessons. todays with the first day of school by the way. they are stock up on mosquito repel and and also wearing long sleeves and pants to protect against fights. >> a brooklyn man
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innocent and claims the police sketch proves it. the suspected shooter wearing eyeglass. a lawyer argued the client wears contacts and does not own a pair of glasses. the prosecutors saying saw them in oh zone park queens. today, a grand jury indicted moral of five counts including first-degree murder. >> a sixth person has died after the horrific crash on the l.i.e. the latest victim is the an81-year-old man who also died in the accident. the subaru lost coal this car, crossed the median, struck two vo vehicle yesterday in manorville. the driver sister and ten-year-old son died along with 29-year-old scott martela. police are egg having whether speed was factor in that crash. >> another scare in hershey park where a stuck. all 27 riders were
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wounder safely. the ride has been closed while the malfunction is being looked to. the second time a coaster at the pennsylvania amusement park stopped mid ride. last friday, the coaster got stuck for six minutes. >> well, tonight, we're getting exclusive look at a new round of be a tie terror training on long line. as? county patrol officers are undergoing intense treaning to help combat terrorism and active shooter attacks. officers are being trained to use military-grade weapon. it is weapon right there that can fire 30 rounds per magazine. nassau county police say the officers will have to attend training classes several times a year to maintain proferb we that weapon. >> all right. last week's scare at kennedy airport raising new questions here in our area. >> well, lisa evers takes a look at the protocols in place in the event of an actual terror attack. >> the mayhem started with reports of shootings that turned out to be fake inside of terminal 8 and terminal
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august 16th? much passengers tried to run. others took cover. no one knew what to do. we have learned because it is police who reports say arrived wan couple of minutessed into access to public address systems. the former director of security for airlines says it inexcusable in 2016. if you are in the airport, and something guess on, you need to get instructions what to do. your are passenger, you are, you are somebody who is see core person. somebody needs to instruct you what to do. stay in place. move to a shelter. do something. >> another big issue says this man is the lack of integrated ctv or video surveillance. some terminals have their own feeds but no overall comprehensive system so police can see where a threat may be. the port you a are ho ty police yawn is recommending that police have access to real-time
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>> most shopping malls in america are more protected and better trained people, protect them, than airports. the port authority says it is working with the federal, state, local partners on top to pot tom review of what went wrong that night. for starters, the papd-pba says how about evacuation plan. emergency exit signs and text message alerts in case of danger. senator charles schumer is asking for homeland security to step in. >> i am calling on the department of homeland security. the federal department of home lap see core investigation as to what we wrong involving all the agencies and then, coming up with a comprehensive plan, where the various agencies have to coordinate with each other if god forbid there was terrorist attack or the report of a terrorist attack. >> governor cuomo is also taking a look at what went wrong here. and says the real enemies panic not so much the video cameras but the number of voices calling on the port authority to upgrade the systems to get the times
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lisa evers, "fox 5 news." >> timely question this time of day. it is it die charge the cell forever over night? what this is best way to center etch the life of a the battery? all right. for weeks we could not take our ice off fems, biles ap bolt so what do we do now? how fans are recovering from the olympic hangover. then this -- 2:00. >> a new weapon in the war on cancer. >> i think for the first time, we can begin to talk about curing cancers. >> the the i that is changing and saving lives. >> if i get it. oh my gosh.
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it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate. learn how to make their summer unforgettable at >> all right. the weop to cure cancer could be inside of our own bodies. >> sharon crowley shows house immunotherapy is a game charger in this mnt's big idea. ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? >> they are talking about curability. i think for the first time in medical oncology, we can begin to talk about curing cancers. they were considered incurable. reporter: cancer specialists have discovered a new way to activate the body's immune system. >> we have gone from endurable to curable cancer. reporter: immunotherapy may be the weapon needed to concur one of med season's fiercest foes. >> i was shaken. reporter: reis 52 now. when he was 43, he felt a pain in his left knee running on the treadmill. doctors diagnosed him with sarcoma, a rare and deadly soft tissue cancer and end you are doody pill tating rounds known as chemotherapy and put the cancer in remission, but left him weak. then the cancer returns this time, it is spread to the lungs. >> that spot there. >> ok. >> that is cancer. >> i was depressed.
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to take part in a clinical trial run by the dr. gary schwartz. dr. schwartz is chief of oncology at new york-presbyterian columbia university medical center. he used a prom mits newing treatment known as immunotherapy administered by iv, the patient takes a drug that activates normally dormant sell cells if a. tea cell is a a type of white blood cell essential to the immune systems. it is unparalleled in the hest riff remember, we're taking that cell. so it is silent. iting there. not doing anything. we changed the biology by aching the cell for the first time in the anales of man. reporter: in a few in mo, immunotherapy seemed to be working for a him. are are r the time are on the ling -- n. >> it is completely gone. >> what caused that to be zone. >> this is immunotherapy. now we are seeing he are response rates that are
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survivals that are unparallel where were report according to the american cancer society, in 2016, more than 1.5 million people in the sups will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. and nearly 600,000 people will die of it. >> now we have success in lung cancer, in types of neck cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma is extraordinary 90% of response rates, types of breast cancer t. there is not a tumor type work tin to some debris. >> during immunotherapy. doctors administered drugs that will actually boost the immune system, training your own body to fight the cancer. there are virtually no side effects. >> it doesn't hurt. you doesn't make you feel fatigued. no fever physically and emotionally. >> strong enough that the husband and father
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>> when i get it, i get a feeling, oh, my god. god has give mean day to lead. >> this computer programmer now hopes he with will have a long life. are you can he freer now. 3:00 do you see day where you would be cured? >> definitely. i see a day that i will be cured. i am expecting a day i will be cured. if. >> sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." youtube page for in depth look at the hest riff cancer and why it has been so difficult to find a cure. >> mislabeled pills may have lead to the death of prince. investigators say pills labeled hydrocodone contained a painkiller described as 50 times stronger than heroin they showed musician died of tental overdose. prince did not have a prescription for the powerful opioid. they are trying to filling if you are out how he got the drugs in
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>> pfizer is buying the the company for $14 billion in cash. its the america of the prostate cancer drug. it has number of promising cancer drugs in clinical development now the boards of both companies hope to close the deal by the end of the year. >> dwight good in says he is fine but the relationship with darryl straw perry may never in the same. straw perry feared for the former team met's life and concerned the doctor may be b good in claimed everything is all good. >> i don't have a drug problem. is with an addict. he hurt me a lot. >> all right. good in put out a statement tonight saying i don't do cocaine and have not for years. , generous home depot employees are maying life easier for a special needs child in texas. two-year-old silas
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gen tettic disorder that left him blinked and with low muscle tone. well, regular size walker as to small for silas. well, so his grandfather decided to go to home depot to try and build him one from scratch. that is when a few employees hearded the boy's condition and offered to help free of charge. >> four-inch casters. i used the foam around the edges to make it soft. roped to see core the seat and reflective tape on it to stand out or something. >> awe. well the mother says the new walker helps her son be a little bit more pent. >> good, good works in the world. well, just in time for your fantasy draft party. all right. deal this that paved the way for new yorkers to get back in on daily fantasy football. >> brian look ryan lochte's apology was not enough how travelers are telling rio they are so sorry for his bow
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>> fantly sports lovers can once again place their bets in new york. >> matt king tell us if the deal that came in time for the beginning of football. well, the law has to be changeed if they are going to operate. we'll see what happens in albany and not changed. we're back in court.
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schneiderman announced draftkings and fanduel agreed to suspend operation in the state of new york in exchange for the state delaying the company cans out of court spreadings until the fall. that left open the possibility of new legislation to protect new yorker's right to bet real dollar on the real stat avs line-up of real players only simulated on-line roster against other simulated on-line rosters. earlier this in ho, governor cuomo signed a nil law. on monday, draft kings, fanduel, thr received permits to resume operations in the state of new york. this is billion the machine nay the government wants to make. >> attorney steve callous says this yearlong process as a cash crash grab on the part of new york state. >> every state in the country is fog start to do this because it is going to be good machine if i for the government. pay $50,000 every year and 15% of the in-state revenues. the governor estimated
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>> the statement draftkings ceo wrote, "we thank thank for being thour row and expedient" a fanduel spokesman wrote, we want to thank governor cuomo and the new york ledge lay legislature for em bring back the contest tole ms of sport fans they offer daily fantasy games for the first for the first time in months. in midtown, matt inning can, fox 5 yous into. ryan lochte's lies are costing him bigtime. speedo dropped the sponsorship after he admitted to lying to rio police about being held up at gunpoint. speedo donated the $50,000 portion of ryan's to children in brazil. ralph lauren says they will not be renewing ryan lock kill's tur current deal. >> travelers are letting them know they are sorry. a marker board was set up. the most popular message board sentiment appeared
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lochte. the u.s. olympic committee has apologized to the mayor of ry yes and promised further actions would be coming. all right. donald trump's new move to appeal toll african-american voters? >> it is his messaging actually getting through? all right. officials are not laughing the stunt which involved australia. live crock dale dials. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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>> all right. ironically donald trump trying to break down walls by appealing to minority voters. >> with the polls indicating dismal support now. the republican nominee realizing he support of some african-americans he if planes to win the presidency. all right. the speech directed african mains getting mixed refews down party lines. zachary kiesch has more on how trump's messages coming across. the trump's speech is getting attention. did the pitch appeal to black voters? is he serious about getting their support? >> look at how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control? to those i say the
10:29 pm
what do you have to lose? >> the speech took place about 90-mile is a way from detroit in the city about 90% white but there in michigan, presidential candidate donald trump spoke to black americans. >> i appreciate at the plea. >> the crowd thoroughly enjoyed mr. trump, the candidate offered take on black life and offered a figurative life rate. the audience from my view loved it. this is david webb. >> am a republican. i have been that way since i was 18. reporter: how do black people two black views. the views cut on political lines. >> well, it is bigger than donald trump. he is making appeal to do it and get attention to it. and i hope blacks take a look at the economic policies of trump versus hillary. >> i say it again. what do you have to last? look. what do you have to lose? you are living in poverty. the schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth unemployed.
10:30 pm
have to last? >> if you want to speak to african-americans? you come in and you speak. you ask questions. you try to understand at zero% in places like ohio and pens vein yain states you have to win. you listen to people. you come up with it. you craft an argument that makes sense. >> brian penza j mim ben ja mip is a democrat. he is not big. it is lip service. us focus on white suburban women. he will be the first republican in a long time to lose white, wh a democrat. white women don't want to be seen as racist. were aring from "fox 5 news." am zachary keish. >> president obama heading to louisiana tomorrow to meet with vick victims. more than 6 thousand homes were damaged after days of record rainfall. some 3,000 people in shelters. the president has ordered federal aid to help state and local recovery efforts in the areas devastated by flooding. in a statement. the white house says america will be the people with louisiana as
10:31 pm
today after a federal judge in texas blocked obama administration order saying schools must let students use locker rooms and also bathrooms consistent with their chosen gender identity. the judge put the order on hold citing a federal law that says that gender is defined by biological, anatomical difference at birth but a gay rights attorney says the ruling is an attack on transgender people. >> the queen of soul getting much needed awreath that fran link says it is on doctor's orders including two shows next month at radio city music hall. the 74-year-old legend should be back on the road in mop. franklin canceled two shows in vegas last year as well. >> barb about a tries sand said enough is enough with siri mispronouncing the name so she went to the top and called apple's ceo tim cook and complained the voice-activated assistant is pronouncing
10:32 pm
with a "z" instead of an "s." >> that is clout there. dari: without a doubt. many people, myself included, stick their cell phones then charger before going to bed. know we are not supposed to. i heard it is like frying your phone. when you wake up thresh battery is full. >> is it helping or hurting the phones in general? matt king delves into that. >> well, what are these? >> i carry i have a battery back in here. >> if it is not 30%, i will start getting a little nervous. reporter: for many of us in the city, our phone's percentage of pat ry charge dictates what we can do. >> so i heard you should let it die fully then fully charge it. >> 10 to 15 years ago this the scavenging for battery use from so many cables in so many locations throughout the days would likely have destroyed our phone batteries. >> well, chemistry.
10:33 pm
correspondent says our smartphones now also contain smart charging systems. to prevent so-called overcharging. >> the technology inside virtually every phone now. every did he slice has rechargeable battery there is to machinage it. like they know how to handle it. >> we attempt to charge a phone that is overheating or use cheap third party charger instead of the brick and cable certified by the phone's manufacturer. they put a little bit of technology inside of that other side. >> for those of us marveling at the in most cases, the batteries have not actually improved. larger popes simply allow for larger batteries. >> we are also getting faster charging. we are getting wireless charging. >> charging says we can do as much of as often as we like as long as we use the right hardware. >> all day. >> once before pi head out and when i get home. >> i charge it once a day. if that? >> at nighttime. >> yeah. when we're sleeping. >> in the flat iron
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"fox 5 news." >> police in northern australia everyoning for group of vandals who set three crocodiles lose inside of a college office is part of a school prank they show the crocks being shoved through a broken window before four maxed uptruders ransacked the police and took off. they are not sure where the 6.5-foot crocodiles came from but the mouths were taped shut when they found them. >> well, call it olympic hangover. >> right. what people are doing now instead of watching the games on tv. >> kanye west to mcdonald's the new poll about fast-food. yeah. >> but first here is tonight's new york minute. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> hi. >> dozens of kids from all five came to central park for a tennis tournament today. more importantly a summer mer of building new relationships. >> i feel like a family when i am playing ten this is about these guys. i love tennis as a
10:35 pm
mine blood. whip plate. it makes me feel happy liken my heart. >> across country effort to help cancer patience survivor and their families through painting is are a wrapping up at mount sinai this week and called paint fest america and will end with huge murals in every hospital. >> tomorrow will be the last hospital to come in. the idea is thousands of cancer patients will see color perhaps hope and be calm during the treatment. we just, we want to love and comfort people in the hospitals. >> that is your new york minute. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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>> all right. here is your chance to in the sum mer a pos. more tickets were released for springsteen's three shows at metlife stadium tomorrow, thursday in next tuesday. so far, estimates say that springsteen's concerts grossed more than 77 million this year. only beyonce has made more. kanye west, rap, he designers, mcdn al enthuses. mcdobble a's man for
10:39 pm
magazine bawl the fast-food chain. i don't trust no food that smells that food, man. even the mcrib was jealous of the fries. i could see it through the artificial meat eyes. everybody was jealous of the french fries except smooth apple pie. >> clever. >> australian burger joint is cashing in on the craze with burgers. you can get picachoo or burger. my kid was kill me for each one is side match the pokemon's person al ty the barring he is cost $11 each ap only only available for the next two weeks. >> people in rio not the only ones feeling olympic-size letdown. what we're supposed to do now that the torch is out on the summer olympics. >> simone boys taking it to the court to get pointers of the ladies of the new york liberty.
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>> all right.
10:43 pm
bolt had a lot to celebrate including his 30th birthday and received a special birthday wish from brit continue's prince harry who beat him in a race four years ago at kenningston palace tweeting thought photo saying congratulations you are officially the greatest. you may be ready for a rerun. bolt replied let's do it respect for the birthday wishes. >> i am sure he was being very nice the prince. well now that the olympics are officially over. our daily dose of competitive television has also come to an end. >> right. a lot time. jen lahmers explains how we could be suffering from an olympic hangover. reporter: we tried to peel our eyes away for a if you horse then michael fellps made history and usain bolt got a triple triple and ryan lochte got robbed ap gunpoint, then he sort of did, they he pail gizzed which leavest there us with one rim pick size hangover. >> what do you think? does it make you sad?
10:44 pm
i guess we have another four years? after waiting so long for it. yeah. i am. >> 16 days of nonstop wall to wall coast-to-coast coverage and now you that the torch is out, the party is over, we might be asking ourselves -- what are we going to watch now? >> psychologist dr. jeff says after binge watching so many peak-form athletes wing on a world stage, it icy how to feel at a loss when it comes to an end. when we something that can be excite exiting it becomes addictive. dopamine which is a neurotransmitter race leased andp says that was good. do it again. keep on watching. you can compare it especially, i think, to the nfl because there are several games that go on. you can compare it to sometimes the netflix, binging on that. >> speak of the nfl. anyone who is missing that live sports action will be happy to know. we only have 17 days left until the official start of the football
10:45 pm
gets you going quite like the olympics, sorry to say, you will have to wait two more years until the start of the winter games. reporting from upper east side, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." no such hangover. i didn't watch one second. >> it is really good. >> it was really good. >> well. it is great. >> with all my daughters involved in some kind of a support. ol volleyball was one. gymnastics the other. >> no he is are big highlight, too. yeah. was walking around this evening. i was very back to school. >> yeah. we'll change that feeling a little bit as the week guess on. >> i am not ready yesterday. >> 70 feels like 35. tonight will drop to 50. we are down he low 60's here in the city. so nice and refreshing but it will warm-up as we going there the week p.m. we're not quite done with summer yet. a little ways to go. 79-69 today. yeah. we didn't break 80 in new york city. 82-67 now. that is average. but 95 and 52 in the
10:46 pm
sunrise at 6:14 so a big change for earlier of course in the summer season. the set times, 7:43 so still losing one or two minutes of daylight per day. 78 now. humidity at 44%. sky clear. light north wind. pressure strong. and it it is still rising and big high pressure builds in from the ohio valley and going to stay quiet. take a look at fox 5. have it on the wide range tonight. nothing for miles. so we'll stay dry. right through the weak for that matter. again, highs today. 79 in and newark. so sea breeze today the north we thad was gusting. 75 at sussex. only 0 monticello. 80 at bridgeport. 78 as you get to montauk and now look at temperatures. it is 6's. upper 60's across the island toward southern connecticut. bellmawr, 66 and there are 50's pairing in suss ses. 55 monticello. perhaps the cooler valleys around 50 but i wouldn't be surprised if some areas pop to the upper 40's. if all right here are temperature change
10:47 pm
ago. yeah. we haven't put this map up in awhile pause temperature has not changed. now we are down five or ten degrees from most lowle as from last night at time. 14 degrees cooler in sussex. there's the north wind that il with continue now at five miles per hour. it is diminished. now am coback out of the north for tomorrow. it may switch to the west as we head to afternoon. alright 60 degrees weather in albany. 68 in boston. buffalo, 6p. but still 77 down to washington, d.c. barclay a cloud to be found the high pressure ridge comes in. the sky clears. there is the high are shall sure here in the ohio valley for the next few day, meander the east once it finally gets toest that, and that is when we start to see wind shift to the south and west that is when temperature comes back up and the humidity will return as well. again, that is later on in the week. meantime, look at 63-64 out the door. much cooler in the suburbs. looks good. 76 at noon. 1 tomorrow afternoon. really nice days.
10:48 pm
show that is no the right future cast. the clouds are right. the weather front system is not there. high pressure building in that will give as you great forecast awhile until these clod clouds come our which and going to be ahead of the warmer more humid air as we get to friday and i feel it is going to stay dre as we going that the week. two to three physician foot seas. u is a seven tomorrow but a low risk for rip currents. comfortable tonight. cool in the burbs the sky is sunny tomorrow. upper 70 he again lower 80's. comfortable day. 84 wednesday. here comes the warmer trend. 86 on thursday. still not too humid until about late in the day. i think then you can feel the humidity am coback to thursday night. friday quite warm and humid. 89 with sun giving to clouds. the front goes by friday night and get back to mild 80's saturday, sunday, monday. allilelogical lower. good vacation. i can tell everybody is on vacation. >> good deal.
10:49 pm
and humidity and thunder thunderstorms. but not something like this. a massive dust storm. look at that. this was fifi next glad caused traffic james and flight delays and the dust darkened the skies and visibility was horrible. to make matters worse. heavy rain then let the area as well. >> something you don't see too often. three major fires this month have been you caused by children playing with fire today in the fire safety event in queen this they showed youngsters the lan dangers of playing with matches. delivered at home as well. parents should ensure that children have no access to lighterrors matches or don't play with the stove or other source of fire, and parents should maintain supervision over crowning children at all times. >> recent stud die i the national fire protection association says nearly 50,000 fires a year nationwide have caused by kids playing with
10:50 pm
caused for excitement. why is this one left the batter wanting a doover. 2:00. reporter: aim ines rosales. route 17 both directions from century rad to midland avenue various lanes will be closed this week for construction from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. expect delays. tune in to good day new york starting a at 4:30 in the morning and i
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>> new york liberty first let the hardwood 20 years ago, which is hard to believe. now the young girls who grew up watching the simone boyce tested with two of the team's star. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> whens is the first time you picked up a basketball. >> two. >> i art started when i was 12. started late. >> how do file the season to so for that really good. really good. >> we're in third place. we are trying to get to the second spot.
10:54 pm
men bass cat bell as well. i really respect it. we trained just as hard. we work harder. we have a passion for it. it should be showing how far we worked to get to where we're. you have tow teach me to how play. >> ok. >> you got that. >> all right. now try it left han with a little jog in there. >> look. see. all the shooting. >> you know the form that they teach us is right hand. right leg guess up. right legos up. >> 1, 2. >> yeah. >> woe. how was that? >> um, take one. shoot. >> reach for the cookie jar. >> ok. ok. ok. i like cookies. >> cookies. yeah. [applause] 3:00.
10:55 pm
>> i should like, you know, like this or something. >> box out. >> yeah. yeah. >> slide. >> yeah. >> yes. >> ok, you no know what? i got something four guy. after this, but are going to have v to do something, you with will have to try a little bit of my job. ok. >> ok. three, two. >> hi, i am beth. >> hi, i >> i amky a. >> ok. try again. >> come on. >> we are here to teach little boys how to play basketball. >> yeah. >> very good. >> yeah. >> the next home game is against the fee next mark ry on saturday, september 3rd. head to for tickets. i am simone boyce, "fox 5 news." >> i will be there. a minor leaguer's grab slm may help the team
10:56 pm
gateway grizzlies sent the billion over the walled for the grand slam. the bad news the ball hit the truck smashing his own windshield right there. >> right there. i know it is long. tweeting definitely worth it. by the way, the team beat the juliette slammers 17-6. i love those team natenames. >> so great. 17-6? he needs to ply the hot ry, though. what are the odds of that. >> right. now superstitious. that is not spot. >> yeah. park the dollars. get out of the slump. >> very foo cool. >> just look the weather. cooler tomorrow. >> again. going to be refreshing out the door. 50's in the suburbs. you get. >> in the cooler spots. low 60 he a in the city. going to feel nice for change. >> a huge change after this. >> yeah. zoo is we'll enjoy it? good deal. >> all right. >> see you tomorrow. >> all right.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
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whatcha doin' there? working on a new plan to catch the roadrunner? the humorous implication being that i am wile e. coyote? yes. and this is a schematic for a bird-trapping device that will ultimately backfire and cause me physical injury? yes. (quick chuckle) what i'm doing here is trying to determine when i'm going to die. a lot of people are working on that research. so what is all this? my family history factoring in longevity, propensity for disease, et cetera. interesting. cause of death for uncle carl was kbb. what's kbb? killed by badger. how's that? it was thanksgiving.


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