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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is good day early call. ibly17 a 6 victim dies after that crash on the long island expressway, we have a very said details. >> is donaltr what he is saying now and his latest attack on hillary clinton. >> fantasy sports is back in business. can you keep track of this whole thing? lawmakers are saying they are a game of skill and not gambling. okay. >> if i told you my fantasy sports dance?
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i mean. what is your fantasy sports stand? >> i don't like to play because they distract me from the games. i don't want to worry about setting my lineups and figure out what receiver, let me watch the games, leave me alone. dari: 7 what is your stance? >> meteorologist: i'm trying to catch up with the that happened. >> do you want to see my fantasy sports stance? >> meteorologist: got it. thank you. yes please. let's get you going, let's talk about high temperatures yesterday, we made it to 79 ? yesterday, on the cooler side central park, 81 is what you made it up to in newark, 82 in belmar, a lot of upper 70s to
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time of year. this may not be the low for the day, 64 as promised, it will feel more like fall this morning, you have a 48 ? reading in monticello, 50 in sussex, 63 at newark, temperatures a lot cooler than it was 24 hours ago, 16 ? drop in sussex, 8 ? cooler in newark, 7 in central park, 10 ? cooler in bridgeport. winds pretty lht enough to mix it up a little bit and keep you cool this morning. was how clear it is, radar and satellite loop hardly a thing going on. another cold front to the
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high-pressure firmly in control keeping us on the dry side was the warmer air will work its way to the north starting tomorrow but today on the cooler side topping out at 81 in this afternoon with sunshine out there, let's wind than yesterday, 80 for your high tomorrow, 90 friday and the humidity picking up a little bit and it starts to come back down into the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is up early on tuesday morning as you hit the roads. ines: we are starting off pretty good, let's check how things are moving in connecticut, looks good greenwich, as far as your commute, the parkway, turnpike through the woodbridge area no issues. let's check out the throughway in westchester. there is traffic northbound southbound no traffic to worry about, grand central pkwy. in front of laguardia airport moving fine, construction westbound is wrapped up, you
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about. as for the bqe off to a good start and trained on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect today. duke: tragic story. a sixth person has died after the awful crash. juliet: we were telling you a wife of the 80 when-year-old ran who died was in critical, unfortunately she has died as well. police say the driver of a
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police say the subaru may have been speeding. witnesses say it was as it approached slowing cars in a work them. ernie: a police officer in new jersey helps rescue people from a burning home by catching them as they fell. video of the monday afternoon fire was posted to the police department's facebook page, officer brian gaye was one of the first on scene and the girl who had already escaped told him four more people were inside. he cut two of the girls who jumped from an upstairs window and a baby boy dropped down to him by a woman. the woman got out using a ladder neighbors found thanks to officer gaps quick action nobody was seriously hurt, no word how the fire started. juliet: president obama travels to louisiana to see the devastation caused by the deadly floods, 60,000 homes damaged or destroyed. more than 2800 people still
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residents have registered for federal disaster aid. donald trump visited the area 5 days ago. president obama has taken some flack for not visiting sooner but the white house says the president wants to make sure his visit doesn't interfere with recovery efforts. >> the president is focused on response and not as concerned with the optic that all of your peer to be. >> just help us, no redtape, just help us, don't make us jum some of us just don't have anything. ernie: i ache for these people. they are still dealing with it. juliet: hillary clinton plans to travel to that area but hasn't given any specific date at this point. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump appears to be softening his stance on
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under scrutiny. liz doll and has the latest. >> we are going to build a wall. >> reporter: before his rally in ohio donald trump took to twitter to continue the name-calling. after the republican candidate caps campaign was criticized, she is off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mix, just a day manager said this. >> he doesn't her personal insults. >> reporter: every hillary clinton there is more fallout over her private email server. former secretary of state colin powell is speaking out against clinton's claims he gave her the idea to use a private server. powell said, quote, people have been trying to pin it on me, the truth is she was using it for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. on top of that the fbi investigation uncovered 50,000
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disclosed by clinton's attorneys. a federal judge pushed the state department to release the messages earlier than the scheduled deadline in october. >> have you considered using face time instead of email? >> reporter: clinton addressed the issue on to become alive last night. >> are you concerned about that? i would be terrified of my emails were released. >> my emails are so boring. i am embarrassed about we have released 30,000 plus, what is a few more. ernie: the justice department is weighing legal options after federal judge in texas blocked and obama administration order saying schools muslim students use locker rooms and bathrooms consistent with their chosen gender identity. a judge but the order on hold citing a federal law that says gender is defined by biological and anatomical differences at
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ruling is an attack on transgender people. >> fantasy sports lovers can once again place their bets. ernie: matt king tells us about the deal that came in time for football season. >> the law has to be changed if they are going to operate. we will see what happens in albany and if it is not changed we are back in court. >> reporter: eric schneiderman said they agreed to suspend state delaying the company's proceedings until the fall. that arrangement left open the possibility of new legislation protecting the new yorker's right to bed real dollars on the real stats of a lineup of real players on a simulated online roster against others simulated online rosters. earlier this month governor cuomo signed such a bill into law and on monday, three other fantasy sites received permits to resume operations in the state of new york.
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government wants to make. >> this entire year-long process is seen as a cash grab on the part of new york state. >> every state in the country will do this because it will be good money for the government. >> reporter: the deal calls for every daily fantasy site to pay new york $50,000 every year plus year plus 15% of its in-state revenue. >> the government estimated that will be $4 million or $5 million it will be more than that. >> ror thorough and expedient and the return of fantasy sports to new york. a spokesman wrote we want to thank governor cuomo and the new york legislature for bringing back our contest to millions of sports fans. monday night both sites offer daily fantasy games to new yorkers for the first time in 6 months. juliet: another scare at hersheypark where a roller coaster got stuck, such a
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upside down. officials say all 27 riders were escorted off of the sidewinder safely. half an hour after it stopped working the ride is closed while the malfunction is investigated. this is the second time in a week that coaster stopped mid-ride. last friday the fahrenheit coaster was stuck for 6 minutes. no coasters, ocean, roller coasters, sand, skydiving, i like lowering the probability that i will die in a horrible accident. ernie: that is smart. juliet: let's start about what is next on the day early call. really nice yesterday. gorgeous. mike will tell us what it is like the next couple days. ernie: a case of mistaken identity for a 10-year-old boy in new york, find out what
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police. 4:41 tuesday morning, we will be
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>> meteorologist: time to get up and running, another good-looking day coming at us with a lot of sunshine, cool temperatures in the morning and some folks guilty of putting on
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you are one of them. >> put on the heater in the car. frozen grapes, very effective. ernie: kai: i don't know what you are doing two month. >> meteorologist: this is what we have today, sunny skies, we should make it to 81 ? later this afternoon so still pretty warm but for this time of year where warm dry. looks like a change and the humidity has dropped out of the picture. 63 your temperature in newark, 54 in allentown, 50 in sussex, 48 in monticello, 60 in bridgeport, 65 in montauk, temperatures a little cool for this time of year but check your
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monticello. clearly we are at a comfortable range. anything below 60, you are not feeling the humidity in the air but a majority of the last few weeks through august we had high dewpoint and humidity levels pumped up too, not today. t skies, nothing coming at us. a warm cold front over canada wants to head this way. 0 for the next couple days, a few high clouds. by the time we get to thursday into friday bum's humidity picks up ahead of fronts but that is it, then we check out the tropics. if you think going on. guest on is a tropical storm. you like that?
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guy right here may become a storm before you know it. the tropics are heating up. sunny skies today, high temperature 81 ?, 80 for your high tomorrow, humidity is back temporarily, should be out of here in time for the weekend, don't forget the weather apps with daily and hourly forecasts, it is free. let's bring in ines: send the beast after him. your commute looks good. off to a good start in putnam county, 684 no problems as far as your commute in the bronx a lot of green, let's get the lie, this is over here, they just wrapped up construction eastbound, traffic moving find no problems on the westbound side if you want to take the george washington bridge it is a good option.
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the holland tunnel. robert: i like your french. and exclusive look at a new round of antiterrorist training on long island. >> patrol oficers are helping combat terrorism and the active shooter attacks, very concerned about here. offices are being trained to use military grade weapon, semi automatic rifle officers will have to attend training classes several times every year to maintain their proficiency. robert: an innocent 10-year-old boy was mistakenly chased down and hourly by police officers looking for an armed robbery suspect. juliet: they admit -- they cut
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>> reporter: 10-year-old legend solomon is big for his age and while he has been mistaken for being older he never dreamed police would mistake him for criminal. >> i ran into the backyard and they were chasing me. >> the soft-spoken fifth-grader was playing basketball with his friends when for a robbery suspect. why did you think the police were chasing you? >> almost hit their car. >> reporter: afraid for his life he ran to a nearby alley way. >> they chased him with shotguns out, armed, drawn. >> reporter: the accusation is supported by her two neighbors, jackie kelly and her mother who intervened when they saw officers halogens cornered. >> he is only 10 years old.
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child. >> reporter: he had a gun in his hand and he was like he fit the description. >> reporter: a short time later police arrested the suspect, casey joseph robinson. despite with legend the neighbors say newark police say at no time did officers ever point a weapon at any child in the area. >> no one came to him and said i am sorry that happened to you. >> reporter: legend whose favorite subject is math and dreams of being a scientist says the people he used to look up to are now the ones he fears the most. how do you feel when you see police? >> i feel they are going to chase me. >> reporter: newark police say its internal affairs unit is investigating the complaints. robert: that t-shirt seemed appropriate. >> reporter: yankees rookie catcher is a big hit with the
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windbreaker? you are a little dainty. can't handle a little chill in the air. she put on the heater today. juliet: i had my frozen grapes and they were cold. they >> meteorologist: let's get you going. a little cool out there compared to what we have seen through the majority of the summer. once the front comes through it brings in a significant amount of cool air you feel a little chill, 62 ?, you have clear sky, wents from the west northwest at 3 mph, wents are backing down, 54 in williamsport with mainly clear sky. a lot of sunshine, winds backing down but starting with cooler temperatures than yesterday, most of us 10 ? cooler but
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the pipeline for us, we will see more sunshine and cooler temperatures, a degree or two from the normal. this is typical for this time of year. are high tops out at 81 ?. 81 your high today, 84 tomorrow, 85 thursday. we wrap it up close to 90, we will see if you 90s friday, humidity will be highs in the mid-80s, no real rain in the forecast. if you want the weather forecast, 70377, we will text it to you, 6:30 in the morning all set to go. robert and juliet, over to you.
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say? let's talk about sports. juliet: late last night first yankee the weekly, that is pretty good. the bullpen faltered with the yanks up 5-3, seattle's mike clears the basis, mariners go 6-5 and would win 7-5. not so good news metz, in st. louis they will do it without one of their key starters. >> reporter: stephen has been based on the disabled list with
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damage but needs to sit out. four companies have ended their endorsement deals with american swimmer ryan locked. juliet: they are cut ties with lochte. they were worth an estimated $1 million. he and three eammates were robbed, he later apologized for exaggerating what happened, today investigation backs up his claim that armed guards held him at gunpoint and with language barrier it is unclear whether they far they were being robbed. former yankee prospect smashed a grand slam and minor-league
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juliet: in southern illinois, in hit a windshield, was actually the windshield, the guy hit the ball.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day" wake-up. juliet: really -- mike woods tells us how beautiful, how long cooler hillary clinton comes under fire for a new set of emails, thousands of them. juliet: police searching for the suspect in the robbery of an indonesian consulate on the upper east side. hoping surveillance video will lead to arrests. robert: sports betting returns


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