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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning everyone. ism like we should be listening to u2 another beautiful day today. sunny and warm. as windy i don't know which i kind of like the wind a little bit. but highs already near 80 degrees and 62 very early this morning. mike has >> president obama will get a firsthand look at the flood damage louisiana today. the devastation being described as the worst since sandy. >> pretty bad. >> five daily fantasy sports companies are free to resume business here in new york. the companies will be required to pay tax and fie tots state that is kind of an onis going thing, though. >> doc gooden is not pleased with former teammates claiming about his health. taylor strawberry was never
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he's using cocaine again that's such a sad story especially when you see the cover of the "daily news" this morning. he just -- looks like he's all skin and bone. >> good morning everybody i'm juliet huddy. >> i'm robert moses 23rd day of august and mike is promising another beautiful day. mike: another good one with a little less winds and sunshine throughout the day what more can you ask for here? it is looking really flies. these are your high temps from idea. up to 79 central park. 81 topped out in newark 82 belmar. but today close to that and might be just about the same maybe a little bit warmer. right now we've got 63 and starting off cool or than 24 hours ago. 63 in allentown. 46 in monticello and 49 in sussex well north of town chilly and temperature changes are 16
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degrees in monticello. six degrees off lower for you in central park but a cooler start to the day. winds have backed down and now a mainly clear sky that's radar and satellite loop nothing really to show you because it is so dry. now air is not on top of us but to our south and start to come up this way over next few days so temps climb a bit by bit as we go into next several days. systems. gaston and a disturbance likely becomes next name storming and fiona gone through. strongest part is what it appears to be. so we're just taking -- keeping an eye on tropics because as we approach lalls late august into september that's the peak of the hurricane season. 7 8 degrees for air temperature. water temperature at 73 rip current risk is low so that's
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day out for it. cool for your taste but not bads. 81 today. 85 on thursday and warmest day that we have for this workweek is 89 degrees on friday and it is a little humid then too. let's bring in ines and see the update problems in tunnel as well as gowanus so how are they looking now? >> good morning mike better now problems so old. belt parksway eastbound good morning by the way. 150th working on this accident blocking lane. here belt and brooks linn westbound slow to because of an earlier stalking and new jersey things good 80, 287 in morris county. go to our cameras traffic this morning there's the westbound side no problems. eastbound a little bit you can see looks good. l.i.e. in queens unusual here traffic by grand central parkway spaces between cars. problem is between van quick and you have delays after springfield heading to vanl wick
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fine. but that accident is causings that backup there. as for trains everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect city wide. juliet and robert. >> thanks ines. taking the road to the white house. ever interintaying road to the white house. hillary clinton e-mails back to the spotlight. thousands more released between now and a election day. >> her opponent campaign has been had telling us we'll see a kinder an gentler drurp and haven't seen that yet. liz dahlem live with presidential race. good morning to you. >> good morning a judge is putting pressure on state department to release those 15,000 e-mails that have been recovered from hillary clinton's e-mail server so we should see those sooner rather than later. meanwhile donald trump campaign manager she he was done throwint personal insults over the weekend but that didn't last long. >> before his rally in ohio
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after mika and her co-host criticize the republican candidates campaign, he tweeted, mika is off the wall a neurorotting very bright mess a adafer trump new campaign manager kellyanne conway said this it shall as for hillary clinton there was more fallout over her prieflt e-mail server opinion former secretary of state colin powell is speaking out against clinton claims that he gave her the idea to use a powell said, her people trying o pin it on me. truth is she was using it for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. on top of that fbi investigation uncovered close to 15,000 e-mails and documents that were not disclosed by clinton's attorneys. a federal judge pushed the state department to release the messages earlier than the schedule deadline which ised mid-october. >> considered using face time
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"jimmy kimmel live" last night. >> build terrified if my e-mails were released. >> jimmy my e-mails are so boring -- i'm l embarrassed about that. so boring, so we've already released i don't know 30,000 plus. so what's a few more? >> back to donald trump he's can seated three campaign events and key battleground states including colorado, robert as you mentioned before, trump was can want expected to deliver a speech on thursday about immigration in colorado. but again that has been postponed but he will be attending few fundraising events in those three states we mentioned and no comment where the cancelations are taking place. but some are speculating there -- may they need time to restrategize efforts in the campaign. live outside trump tower this
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>> liz thanks very much. donald trump and running mate travel la just a few days ago today president obama will do the same to see the damage up close caused by those deadly floods. >> yes it is just terrible. estimated 60,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. more than 2800 people are still living in shelters and 13 were killed. more than 110,000 residents registered for federal disaster aid. again, donald trump visited the area five days ago. he was the bringing a lot of attention to it many supporters say. president obama has taken some flak for not being there. but white house says president wanted to make sure his visit didn't interfere with recovery efforts. >> president has been focused on the response, and not frankly as concerned with the optic of all of you appear to be. >> just help us. don't -- no red tape. just help us. don't make us jump through all
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some of us just don't have anything. >> i've seen a lot of intufers that's the people who are upset that the president hasn't shown up there. >> this is what story is about the people. >> don't blame yeedz on that one. hints plans to travel to the flood damaged area but she has not given any specific date for that. >> mets legend dwight gooden publicly responding to darryl strawberry claim about his health. >> lashed out about teammate anden again after years of sobriety. you've been watching the documentary -- >> i found most interesting not really familiar with their past relationship up to speed on them, how they met and they had these struggles to begin with and they sort of spiraled out of the control as their careers took off so you have two people with a long hurst of substance abuse and claim they're both in recovery they were once teammates. they were once friends and both
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substance abuse issues. now darryl strawberry involved in a gerbil joust with people taking especially when you look at the cover of the "daily news" today. this picture has a lot of people asking -- among other things if doc gooden has relapsed. >> i'm an addict -- [inaudible] >> the first tbrordz dwight gooden on strange relationship with former mets teammate darryl strawberry, yesterday he spoke with joe >> i thought we would have our relationship. >> hit the rock last week when two mets greats set to host an a ents together but doc didn't show. gooden claimed it was a, quote, personal situation that got out of hand. but strawberry tells it durchtly. he says that gooden is, quote, a complete junkie addict. one that he's been trying to help for some time. goodsen's drug issues have been
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strawberry is the owner of a treatment center in florida. [inaudible] >> never on the bus. never said anything about it publicly. two men repairing their suskt a espn documentary called doc and darrell. but now doc says that's over. and strawberry's comments were, quote, unreal. his ex-girlfriend pinned a later in "daily news" saying, quote, you are refusing to accept any responsibility for what you were doing to yourself, your family, and your true friends. >> doc gooden went on to tell joe piscopo he's not read this letter in "daily news" but hurt that he is still using drugs because he has kids and he said his kids are reading all of these headlines. as i've been digging into this
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issue is trust is a factor and plagues individuals because they've broken trust so if he isn't using again he's pegged by this -- you know his past, and if not then, you know, his friends want to get him help. it's a very sad all the way from all angles. >> thanks teresa. >> 6:11 now. daily fact city sports back in business in new york state. >> draft king and faan dual and three resume bees in new york after lawmakers passed temp rairl permits to piengsding them as games of skill rather than gambling that is the game chance. companies have to pay annual fee up to 15% tax on revenues as well as adhere to consumer protections. but it's all temporary until state can have long time laws. first century fox is aen investor in draft kings.
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plenty more coming up. >> like autumn. mike is watching the weather for us. >> taste of autumn in the air. cool outside just a tiny bit of a wind from northwest that's not a big deal. 63 with sunny sky. less witness stand out there. high temp this afternoon up to about 81 degrees. so temps where they should be this time of the year as we head towards end of august. daily and hourly forecast on the fox 5 weather app at the google and a physical store free and forecast in your hot little hand. we will be back in a little bit. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> welcome back, another scare of hershey park. roller coaster apparently got stuck. officials say 27 riderses korted off half an hour, though, after it stopped working so they're stuck up there half an hour. at least they weren't upside down. ride is closed and again this is second time in less than a week at a coaster at the pennsylvania amusement park stopped mid-ride. last friday fahrenheit coaster stuck for about six minutes. >> mike juliet told me she wants to go ride that. she wantses to go. such a thrill seeker. [laughter] >> so is robert.
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>> i thought run out of time. great adventure two months ago. but look hire we are. where is -- we've got to get -- two where's greg kelly we have to get him on the case. what's up. trust me phones are asking on facebook where are you goings? we don't know yet. >> we do. they do they want to join us. anyhow show you what's going on. a perfect day for the park anything that you want to do outdoors. 63 central park. 53 allentown and 46 month sell so it's cool this morning but dry at the same time. dew points are upper 40s low 50s for most of us. 54 degree dew point in islip even that's not bad. any time you drop below 55 to 60 you're plenty krvelg that's what we have out there for you today so take a nice deep breath of fresh air. that's what we have for you this morning. now our sky is mainly clear.
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clear. not much happens on future casts. we have to wait until thursday before clouds start coming back us to here in tristate region. more of a southerly return and winds from the south, southwest to pull back up warmer air. more humidity too and then eventually talk about storm chances. but i think even what comes to us on friday is minimal and northwest of town. todays you've got sunny skies no shower, storm threat at all. high temp up to 81. tomorrow 84 and then 85 anything there could isolated so the northwest of town and humid at that time too and it guess drier, cool or over the weekends. all right let's bring back ines rosales and get an update on what's happening with problems in lincoln tunnel i believe, and -- >> lincoln tunnel that is gone morning. we just been of the mornings one new problem after another causing minor delays but nothing big. start off with l.i.e. cleared
6:18 am
parkway 150th street that accident gone. but now a car fire over by springfield boulevard lanes subject to closure. westbound by 188 an accident there. things in engine have been quiet no problems for example, 80, 287, 84 looking good. expressway over by bradley avenue a moving fine this morning. let's check out l. iment e. in queens so as i mentioned that accident cleared away so you have delays back there heading to queens boulevard. at 30, 40 minutes inbound. a stalled or garbage truck that affected inbound so holland or george washington bridge five to ten. robert and juliet. for new yorkers fed up with traffic owning car that drives you will soon be a reality. j soon this, of course, the race to launch driverless cars and ford is speeding ahead of the
6:19 am
shelly palmer is here to tell us about the automakers recent announcement. shelly good morning to you. j how are you? >> what's this going to look like and cars will look like? >> interesting technological time. three technologies coming together to make a really interesting day for the autoindustry. driverless cars are coming very soon. the ceo ford announced by 2021 driverless cars for fleets but you have also ride hailing that's the ?ber, lyft all of those other guys, and when you start thinking about putting together ride hailing cars electric cars, now we have a really interesting set of technologies that are really going to change autoindustry. so the cars don't have to look like cars we're in. >> it is actually going to change a lot just gong to change society because people who don't have drivers licenses will be able l to get in cars -- >> cars may hold one person because they don't need a driver
6:20 am
>> so safer for us on roads? >> according to ford there won't be a streel, brake or gas pedal but safer because you're getting into a module to not remake cars it is a different way to approach the business. how would you get from here to here and what does it mean to get from here to here. but a different way to think about it. so i have a really stupid question. >> when you get in theoretically will the car know where you want to go or program that in? >> no not a stupid question. two things here. you have goolings and apple and tesla who are tech companies getting into all the business and then you have other nine automakers wanting to get into the tech business so these cars are computer controlled. imagine just on your hands held using google maps or whatever we use then. glasses special tattoo, however, five years out you tell the car
6:21 am
and go. and now ford guys are thinking about fleets only. first time that drive thelses won't be for us to buy but sell them to ?ber to ride sharing services to reduce costs to make those ride sharing services for efficient but that's ford's idea not necessarily everybody else's. everybody else is competing to sell you a driverless car. >> i've been told i have a led foot safely but fast will these little units be fast? so i guess the speeds? >> i would argue they're going to drive the speed limit because that's what they're going to do which might mac a led footed driver who is safe but ledded depressed. good news is there's more room on the road. you start, stop -- a computer controlled car especially one that's aware of its surroundings will be exactly right distance and speed behind
6:22 am
because you're not doing start, stop and no human reaction time for a line of cars so in prablght going slower, you'll go faster. >> all right shelly palmer thank you so much. coming up, if you don't like your job -- it may be hazardous to your health. >> it might interesting.
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rng american heart association wants kids to cut down on sugar. organization now recommends children eat or drink less than six tea spodes of added dell and give nor fruits and veggies and whole grains, of course. health officials say kids cut back on shog drinks and believe it will prevent diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. >> quit your job if you don't like it it will save your health in the long run. i won't mac a joke about that. a study says -- going to throw my stuff down and walk e away. suffering through job dissatisfaction while in your 20s and 30s can lead to poor health in your 40s.
6:26 am
workers had worse mental health, poor sleep habits and anxiety. the study followed more than 6400 people dating back to 1979. their findings presented yesterday at the american sociological association but not yet pleasured in a medical journal. >> this says can lead to poor health in your 40s you don't have to worry about that for another 20 years. >> so true -- yeah. [laughter] >> divorce season. >> there's a season? research rs found divorce filings go up two times a year. in august because summer sb to end -- kids are heading back to school and couples railed -- and at the end of the holidays and winter vacation and they have time to get their finances in order. >> i would think it would be like the beginning of the year and just like i'm starting anew
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>> bummed out after the holidays. we will look into it.
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>> robert moses look at that skyyline dupght it make you want to go jogging? >> not at the moment but l to enjoy yesterday beautiful weather enjoy it today. it is beginning to be beautiful, beautiful day pup sunny less windy with highs near 0. what's the humidity mike he'll tell us in a second. donald trump appealing to minority vote rs this as hillary clinton deals with more fallout from her use of a private e-mail server hearing more might be coming out. smg big fire in sayreville, new
6:31 am
heroic effort, kids were jumping out too. >> heroic police officer. low gas prices have a downside traffic is getting worse. u.s. drivers logged a record number of miles in first six months of this year. are you ever dubious between gas prices and driving? people drive because they have to drive. no matter what gas price is. i'm robert moses. >> i'm juliet huddy a beautiful day yesterday. channeling this sun through your tie there. very nice. >> i had another red i was like red yesterday. today -- >> let's go to yellow. >> thank you for taking us inside your brain. >> oh, the wind -- whew. >> easy now. breezy.
6:32 am
is another beautiful day the there. the sun sup there its thing now an bhak to 81 for a high. similar to yesterday with we topped out 79 degrees but warmer less wind and feel a little bit of the warmth outside. right now 60 in bridgeport. basically clear sky throughout the tristate. warmed it back up to 478 degrees in monticello and 49 where you are once again in sussex. winds are northwest 3 to 7 miles per hour. not a huge amount a of winds. not breezy yesterday but now things are backing down. now we have a mainly clear sky and high temp up to about 81 degrees and you know it's going to be pretty comfortable tomorrow up to 84 for a high and then 85. and then 9 warmest day that we have on friday with humidity become at that time too. all right let's bring in ines rosales and see what you've got
6:33 am
got to go. >> got to go to work right now, and commute this morning well belt parkway you have a car fire peb by springfield boulevard blocking at least a lane. all lanes subject to closure. westbound by 188th street an accident. l.i.e. better alternate around that and queens boulevard both sides of the tappan zee bridge great. cameras tack a look at your commutes on long island no problems westbou eastbound bronx your commute on cross bronx an a major deegan both a delight. no problem in either direction. bqe slow heading to brooklyn bridge. normal delays there. trains are on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect city wide. robert and juliet. >> thanks so much. donald trump mag a new push to reach out to minority vote rs but the words he is using are -- raising some eyebrows. >> meantime we should see thousands of these e-mails more that we haven't heard from before --
6:34 am
server let's talk to liz dahlem about it she's in midtown with the latest on the presidential race. gorping. >> good morning to you juliet and robert. 15,000 e-mails have been recovered from hillary clinton's prieflt e-mail serve herb. we're guidance to see those hopefully within next few week and donald trump new campaign manager said he was done with personal sin insult but before a campaign event he took to iter two and continued with name calling. co-host after they criticize the republican candidates campaign and he tweeted, quote, mika is off the wall erotic and not very bright mess. trump comments during the rally are are also getting a lot of attention. after he said this to appeal -- what do you have to lose? i will straighten it up. i bring jobs back. we'll bring spirit back.
6:35 am
street without getting shot. right now, you walked down the street you get shot. look at the statistics. we'll straighten it out. >> and drama continues for hillary clinton regarding her e-mail scandal, former secretary of state colin powell is speaking out against clinton's claims that he gave her the idea to use the private server saying, quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me the truth is she was using it for a year before i sent telling her what i did. on top of that fbi investigation uncovered close e-mails and documents not disclosed by clinton attorneys. a federal judge pushed the state department to release those messages earlier than scheduled deadline which is due mid-october and clinton addressed this latest issue on "jimmy k. >> considered using face time
6:36 am
?ild be terrified if my e-mails were released. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so bore. i'm embarrassed that about so released 30,000 plus. so what's a few more? >> kimmel went on to ask clinton if she had sent one to trump. she said no. back to truch he has canceled three campaign events one as early as this week all of those events taking place in nevada, oregon sent to attend fundraisers in two of the states but camp is not saying exactly why he wngt through with these cancelations. many are speculating that the campaign is taking some time to sort of rework things after some not so great headline it is over the last few weeks. we're live outside at trump tower morning. back to you in the studio. roasht robert and juliet. >> 6:36 a police officer in sayreville, new jersey helped it
6:37 am
fell. >> video of the afternoon fire posted on the police department page. officer brian gaye one of the first at the scene and girl who escaped told him four more people were inside and caught two other girls who jumped from up stairs window and baby boy dropped down to him by a woman. that woman was then able to get out using a lad or that neighbors found. thanks to officer gaye's quick with actions nobody seriously hurt still no word on what caused the fire. burglarized kind of a qeerd story police say a man and woman fairly young looking got into building on east 68 et street through ab unlocked side door. now, ftion it clear to them that this was a consulate that's not clear but swiped a samsung tab let and suitcase full of clothe and keys it a van and they actually took that van that was a 2004 tan colored honda odyssey
6:38 am
stoppers at 1-800-577-tips consulate general said he felt like new york is a safe place and he didn't expect this type of thing to happen. all right fox means business. >> joining us now from fox business network lauren simonetti to tell us how gas prices are affecting americans drive aring habit hads. hey lauren. >> car purchasing habit and gas prices are cheaper and in new york salas not as afraid to drive those cars that's why for the first half of this year, the department of transportation says we have driven 1.6 trillion miles on u.s. roads. that is a record. low price gas prices are helping but not only reason. there's more people in general going places. last year hit a record are too. on sunday six million riding
6:39 am
reasons for this but cheaper gas price she she is helping out. >> with a little bow. >> all of this means traffic and many of us drive places right? it means you're sitting in traffic as we know every friday when we try to go down east or shore wherever we're hitting -- right? >> no shortage of that. [inaudible] i don't know arguing that point. >> the traffic. aren't you skeptical a built of people saying well gas prices are $220 i'll go but 230 -- >> huge chasm and if jump 5. >> why do you think we're driving so much? j economy improving a little bit i don't know. >> your job to answer, lauren. we don't know. >> speculating.
6:40 am
all right great. >> you can catch lauren weekdays on fox business network. 6:40, 63 degrees we crept up one degree. j been here how long? >> six -- seven hours -- >> i can't add. it's why we do this. >> you keep asking questions that uh-uh yo don't know -- >> yes are gas prices higher? >> how many planets? >> eight, nine, i don't know. >> all right here's what to expect, the answers for your weather questions a snapshot here. nice and sunny today but comfortably warm up into the lower 80s with less wind. and then tonight will be clear and cool again. a lot like what we have for you this morning for this time of the year a little bit below normal an quiet weather helicopters for rest of the week
6:41 am
pretty good warmup by friday high temps close to 90 at that point and time but altogether that south carolina looks real quiet. a snapshot of what it's like on roadways. you have information we can use ines. >> traveling in long island suffolk county looks good. southern state good. jog washington bridge if that's your option into the city let's go to upper lower level not a bad option this morning. minute delay and same for lower level. 30 minutes, 40 heading inbound. holland a five to ten minute delay from each approach. >> thank you ines. check the latest sports and entertainment news coming up. >> ryan lockte is about a million poorer today paying a big price for bad behavior in rio.
6:42 am
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>> welcome back 6:44 let's check the headlines this morning. president obama makes his first visit to flood ravaged louisiana today and try to assure tens of thousands there that government will make their recovery a priority. sixth person died are that
6:45 am
the latest victim is the 71-year-old wife of an 81-year-old man who also died in that accident. doc goode season ugh tay about his strange relationship with darryl strawberry. strawberry had concerns for gooden health and called him a junkied add i-ct but missed in a public radio interview gooden says he's not currently doing drug. flght let's get to again had a blazing night. yankees bullpen, however, just did -- yeah. blazed into the gutter there. >> don't mawk playoffs there future is looking pretty good with bead bomb rs. sanchez hit another two home runs one in the first and this one in the sixth. deep left center field -- his second multihome run game in a week before game he was named
6:46 am
the first yank catcher to get that weekly honor but bullpen let's not discuss that with yankees up 5-3 in the sixth. seattle mike clears the bases with this three-run shot off anthony. mariners up 6-5 and win it 7-5. to metropolitan now they again a series with cardinals now the st. louis tonight without one of their key starters. unfortunately steven is placed on dl with tightness in his shoulder and didn't finding i so he can heal. water gate situation four companies ended endorsement deals with ryan lockte because his lies overexaggeration. >> saw this coming. ralph lauren speedo own or of a laser hair removal system and japanese mattress all cut tie. contract worth estimated $1 million last week he along with three teammates claim they were
6:47 am
lockte's head and he apologized for exaggerateing for what happened and backs up that armed guards demanded money but with language barrier unclear if they thought they were being robbed. a former yankee property smashed a grand slam in minor league game. >> costing him a bit sunday night brandon thoma illinois september the ball over the wall for grand salami but it went flying into a windshield but belonging to thomas himself. he took matter in stride and tweeted definitely worth it. homer gave the team the lead and beat the slammers of illinois 17-6. gold medal winning aly raisman asked out on a date by a famous
6:48 am
and here's what she said. >> if you're in san jose and want to go on date with me and andrew let me know. >> i would go on a date with him. >> pretty cute. video part of a segment raisman did with yahoo! sports at the rio games. tight end colton asked if she had like a double date with him and andrew east and his john johnson raisman heard of underwood as you saw this ended quite well and called him very cute and agreed to the date. said it's not going to last. what makes you say that? >> pressure situations just difficult. think positively it will work. >> let's get over to mike.
6:49 am
>> i'm only kidding. i'm sure it is going to be wonderful. >> and then hearing about things all over the place. here's what we have on almanac. 82 your high. dropped it down to 62 back up to 63 right now. record high for today is 92 degrees, and yeah looks like a good day coming up. clear sky, 63 out at central park right now. 62 in philly. 52 in albany an port with a clear sky. a lot of sunshine out there. less wind and remember that gusty northwest wind, a little bit of a problem but not really. not a big deal but a beautiful day. today another sunny beautiful one with less wind that is dry. the warmer air is really down to south so we're not really seeing warm temps with us just yet but mag a comeback next few day. now tropics and storms out there. three different systems but this
6:50 am
one forecasted to become a hurricane, category one. but it's way out in atlantic waters still so with that being the case it doesn't look look it is a big threat to land area but we have to watch other two storms especially one that doesn't have a name yet. that one could be a little more threatening down the road but for now let's get through what we have out there today. sunny skies, comfortable highs up to 81 for a high this afternoon. 84 your high tomorrow. so you can see that ramp up in temperatures cools weekend. humidity only challenge day out there will be on friday. daily an hourly forecast on fox five weather app at the google play store an it is free. check it out when you get a chance comes in handy here. over to you. >> i want this aly raisman thing to work. why can't it work? >> focus on your own love life and forget about everybody
6:51 am
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>> welcome back right now your commute in queens several problems one cleared away. a car fire on belt parkway by spring field. also accident by 188th street cleared away as well. 287 not a bad commute this morning. tappan zee problem westchester bound. traffic slow mid-span that truck stalled on right side there so a bit of a delay off throughway past that you're fine. robert and juliet back to you. j queen performing next month. >> aretha franklin canceled and she'll miss tony bennett 90th birthday bash and solo show on the 23rd. the 74-year-old legend become on the road in november. you remember that franklin canceled two because of exhaustion. we showed you this earlier hillary clinton visited jiminy
6:55 am
donald trump. >> why reallies are making such a big deal about her health. shelfs great so jimmy gave her a test. >> can you open a jar of pickles? this is -- [applause] not been touched earlier he held her wrist to make sure she her pulse but she's alive. kanye west, rapper mcdonald's enthusiast. >> the mcdonald's man for frank oceans limited magazie boys don't cry -- the ode includes lines line i don't trust no food that smells that good, man. and even the mcrib was jealous of the fries i could see it through his artificial meat
6:56 am
>> smoking when he wrote this? >> mcdonald's responded with a little verse of its own. like the beef in our burgers are love for our fans creativity is 100%. you go mickey d's fan of "sex and the city" mr. bigs says there's not going to be a third movie. j he did an interview with am new york chris did, mr. bigg, and he dashed all hopes of another "sex and the city" flick saying if he was going to ham it would have happened years ago. in 2010 andenedded in 2004. so that's that. >> wait a second. thank you ines for letting me borrow your jacket today. yogurt on that jacket today -- she's not listening. i'll attack it to the dry cleaner. like it will not come off tried to wipe it off with water. >> i gave her a wipe so charitable of me soful look it
6:57 am
because you said it made it worse -- >> it's all your fault. you have stuff here. watch yourself. i see greg, i see rosanna all is good in the world. >> greg -- you have only three hours you know to chat and be wonderful. >> see you tomorrow. ? ? and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked.
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kerry: all
7:00 am
it is tuesday. august 23. greg: the humidity is gone. everything is chill, in a good way. it is going to be nice. rosanna: donald trump regrouping. this says hillary clinton deals with more fallout. greg: a having a bit of a feud right now. is he using drugs again? rosanna: thinking there is a problem there. greg: rooting for white goodwin


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