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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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greg: and daryl strawberry coming up. rosanna: hey, what a gorgeous day to be outside. 9:01 in the morning. the temps going to up to the mid 80s. greg: welcome back to america. rosanna had a three in fort portugal. rosanna: we were celebrating a friend's birthday. she wanted to do something special. greg: how old is she, a hundred? rosanna: no, half of that. greg: it is a big deal s. that a restaurant over there? rosanna: yes, about 15 of us went.
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it is not ryan lochte. that is elvis durant. he's moving in on you. look at this. rosanna: no, it is a fun picture. greg: were you doing on purpose? rosanna: yes, we were travel buddies. we went together on the a little fun and send the picture to one my husband and two, his partner. there you go. we rent add boat. we went to a seaside place for seafood. if you are thinking about portugal, you get a lot of value for the dollar. the people are lovely there. greg: you shouldn't rent an
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recklessly. that is what rosanna did and the co-pilot was the elvis character. rosanna: elvis let me drive the g go-cart. it was a great way to check out the city. listen to this. >> we are going down no fast. rosanna: no hands. greg: great idea. what side of the road? rosanna: the side to. it is built on 7 hills. i can't believe they allowed us to drive there. greg: don't you have to have credentials to do this? rosanna: we had to put on nets under the hell nets. it was fun. greg: i am glad you survived. rosanna: elvis wanted me to drive.
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greg: you came back and guess what made for her on the plane. the pilot. the captain of 757 thrilled that you and what's his was in the back. rosanna: yes, elvis. he was very nice. he wrote a note on a business card. we had a great time. greg: and the husband was at home on his own? rosanna: my husband was s he had two golf tournaments and with the buddies. he was mad at the kids because they were supposed to walk the dog. greg: nice job, lj and jenna. rosanna: no party in the apartment. that is good. what'd you do while i was gone? greg: i went to jones beach. how about that for excitement. it was amazing.
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greg: we talked about that yesterday. you being home is news. rosanna: whatever, it is nice to be home. greg: daryl strawberry and doc gooden. these guys were on the mets together. the championship team. rosanna: they were riding high, more ways than one. greg: they have had issues and they have spoken alcohol and drug addiction. da moment. a couple of months ago they got together for the 30 on 30 documentary and daryl and doc spoke openly about the triumphs and the struggles over the years. since then, there is demand for the guys to appear publicly. doc gooden is not appearing on
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by the way is a minister now. he's got rehab centers and he knows what it is like to struggle. greg: did you see the front page of the daily news. put it up on the screen, please. at death's doorstep. a ghost of himself. rosanna: doc is not saying that, by the way. greg: no, doc gooden according to he's saying. he's saying that daryl is in the midst of it and needs help. daryl is saying he's fine. good morning, sir. daryl, can you hear us? rosanna: we'll call him back. we have a problem with the phone line.
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mission in life to help other people who were dealing with addictions. and you know, lots of reports, doc is saying it is not true that i have problem. i don't want to see this out. i have children. meanwhile, his children are reaching out to people like daryl to help their dad. greg: in a statement, daryl in the greatest seasons. i have been supported daryl during the best and worst days, i recall the times he was in prison and i was there him and struggling and i was there for him then too, i never failed to be there for daryl. i don't do cocaine and have not for years. last thursday night i was unable
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but daryl has always made our differences personal going back to the days of the mets. i would hope we could keep the differences between us. i am sorry for the inability to show more character and strength while i was there for him, he was never there for me. rosanna: you know what, that sounds like somebody helped him write that. it is too packaged. a statement out to world, someone hems you out. the thrust of it, the heart is coming from gooden. you can't make this stuff up. rosanna: daryl strawberry has been done the road. he's on the phone now. daryl, can you hear us?
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give us a second. daryl, are you there? greg: oh boy. i hate when this happens. rosanna: we shall going to get this right if it is the last thing we do. greg: it just might be. rosanna: we are going to mike woods and then we'll tweak this. i want to talk to daryl strawberry. greg: just call him on a cell rosanna: mike woods, talk about the weather and we'll figure this out. mike: we have a nice and sunny day coming up. it is warm. the highs up to the low 80s. now, looks like tonight clear skies out there. it is on the cool side. a lot like this morning. quiet weather is helicoptering for the rest of the week and into the weekend. the only thing that happens for
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back down, so really not much movement with the weather scene all together. 63 central park. 68 montauk. 59 in monticello. mainly clear skies. the dew points are low. probably running 50-55 in the region and the air has dried up quite a bit. the cool northwest wind is coming down from canada dropped the dew points aoo and we don't have to worry about the heat and the humidity combo. right now, you are fine. we have a clear sky out there on the radar and satellite right now. we are keeping an eye on the cold front over canada and dropping down to the tristate region in two to three days. for now, you are okay.
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this right here is invest 99l, could be the next named tropical system. so today if you are headed to the beach, well, we are going up to 78 degrees. the water temperature around 73. the rip today. it is a decent beach coming to you. high of 81 today. 84 tomorrow. 85 on thursday. going up to 89 on friday. the warmest of the weather out there and humid at the same time. cooler air is pushing back to tristate. all these temperatures are above normal with the exception of
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phone. rosanna: he's on the phone right now. greg: yes, from florida. daryl, you heard from good season saying, you know, you are not supporting me like i supported you, what do you say, sir? >> you know, first of all, we love dwight and this is a long journey. friend is when someone is struggling you have to speak out. with the celebrities nobody wants to speak out. i don't want to stand silent. he missed an i vent thursday night. i needed to speak out. it is on my heart. i love what i am doing. i am helping people all over the place. he needs help.
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if people want to rationalize it, that is on them. rosanna: doc is saying he's fine. that there's wrong with him and -- >> look at him. you saw the paper today. the cover of what? greg: the daily news. he's nowhere near the prime here. >> yes, he's 51 # years old. that speaks for itself. addiction the real. i have two treatment centers. i see the people coming through the door every day, with the same problems, chronic addicts. look at the physical physique of
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big thing about this, you know what, i want to help you save your life. the others are not doing what i am doing. greg: i appreciate where you are coming from, you are doing it publicly. have you tried to reach out to doc privately behind is scenes? >> yes. i have. i have been reaching behind him and asking him, i us, we are here for you. we are here to help you. i know a lot of people that have treatment centers that are willing to put him in a treat m center. he wants to manipulate and bs everybody. look at the picture today, it is speaking for itself what's happening with him. rosanna: do you think it could be other health issues.
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issues, god forbid maybe he has cancer. >> look at what is writing the article. look at who is speaking in the article. i always kept it behind the scenes. there comes a point in time when someone has to speak up and say something. greg: y you are doing. rosanna: what do you think he's doing, what drugs do you think he's partaking in? >> he's an addict. a cocaine addict like i was. what i see, that was me, 13 years ago i was that same person. my wife helped me. people came into my life and helped me. he needs positive people coming
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not the bs. this is about your life is on the line. >> greg: wow, powerful stuff. daryl, we hope he gets the message. rosanna: thank you, daryl. we appreciate it. daryl has rehab he's helping lots of people. greg: did that help with holding that up to mic? rosanna: i think so. it works for the housewives all the time on the show. greg: man, that housewives show. rosanna: do you watch it? >> greg: i catch a couple of moments. it is not real. rosanna: also, people admit it is scripted.
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much. by the way, the world series in 1986, i should have asked daryl about this. gooden didn't make it. we learned that he was in a drug dealer's apartment on long island at this moment. i will go later. i am enjoying the drugs. rosanna: he was getting high at the height of the career. greg: wow, this is not where i meanwhile, all the other players, that is ed koch. rosanna: he was the mayor then. greg: who else on the scene? rosanna: i was, i was a reporter back in '86. it was a great time for the city. want to hear a little bit? greg: sure. rosanna: it pays to believe. greg: i got to tell you, i have seen a lot of rosanna's footage
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a clever writer, really memorable things to say on the camera. rosanna: we were trained that way. there was a difference between then and now. greg: it is gibberish now. rosanna: now it is a train of traukt. whatever we are thinking it is coming out. greg: we have three hours to fill. great stuff. all right, dwight get help, please. rosanna: our thoughts and we hope he'll admit the problems, part of that is admitting. they don't admit. greg: again, who knows, we saw a picture in the paper. rosanna: i think daryl knows. greg: fat joe. rosanna: he's coming here. he's got a new song out. kareem abdul will be here.
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greg: seen at the democratic national convention. we might have footage. rosanna: maybe angling for a post with hillary clinton. greg: how about this? take a look at this. a personal note to kareem from donald trump. this is wild. rosanna: how did you get that? greg: how about that. this is a
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greg: what's wrong fat joe. rosanna: this is video of you. >> this video saved my life. rosanna: why? >> the biggest record of my career. you know, it is amazing, you know. greg: fat joe, we album. cooking is the new single. ros rosanna: remi is involved. they were here -- >> we came here today bu the
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this is like a rabbit's foot right now. i have todebut the video here. i have to go see these guys. they bring me good luck. greg: awesome. good luck. there is a rumor that cooking, the new song, is about cooking crack cocaine. before you crack any more. rosanna: i feel like you are on it some days. >> you might have had your share this morning. stick to the coffee. greg: no, crack is not the thing any more. >> i couldn't tell you. it is like flying, cooking.
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balling. you work 9-5, you go to the club and you are cooking, hot. rosanna: that makes sense to me. are you happy with the new song? >> yes, we went to dubai to film it. if you want to ball, that is the place to go. we went over the top balling. it is an greg: it is amazing. it is like las vegas on the ocean and without the gambling. it is a fantastic place. rosanna: can we debut it? >> yes. you have to trailer.
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greg: you got the camels and girls. vehicles. >> i stole one of the sheiks, the woman from the harem. it is amazing. rosanna: did you really shot >> it is like being a pizza oven all day. greg: if you shot this inside of a tv studio that would be a bust. >> i learned from j-lo, we shot a video in the bronx and she had a mini shirt and a crop top and it was 30 degrees below.
9:26 am
take the licks. it is what it is. we have to get the job done. rosanna: did you get permission? >> yeah. rosanna: did they give you extra bucks to do it there? >> no, no. you know. greg: this is all sand. the camels were there. rosanna: sexy stuff out there. >> it was beautiful. w wanted to do something over the top and celebrating the success. where to take it from there. we said let's go to dubai. greg: that is what they did in sex and the city 3.
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downs with remy. you buried the hatchet in the sand. >> yes, that is one of the lines. we have been buried the hatchet. greg: what was the issue or the beef? >> she was coming up in the game and her first solo didn't do as well she wanted it to do>>ed i was the fall guy. greg: she blamed you? >> well, it was the record label. the album was really, really talented work. it is okay. she has a platinum out now. we are proud of her know. greg: it is fat joe. you are not that big. >> not as fat. i used to be fat, fat joe.
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buffet. you lost. you lost out on that one. rosanna: he could give you a run for the money. greg: how many white castles can you eat? >> we do it once a year we go to hay makers and buying ten thousand white castles. >> i prefer the 1 on fordham road. my record is 37. when are you doing that again? >> we we did it. greg: it is brutal to the body. i love them. >> it is immediate express to the bathroom. greg, we have to top. we are cooking, greg. rosanna: you are doing well. nothing else. i like that. when can we see it? >> this week it is debuting,
9:29 am
greg: where is the bootleg copy? >> no more like that. greg: when is the big moment it is dropping? >> this week. we are doing a private screening. rosanna: i am hearing it is thursday. fat joe, we love you. star and author kareem >> a personal nasty note from donald trump to kareem. would you like me to read it. kareem, now i know why the press always hated you so badly. they couldn't stand you. [laughter] he wrote this. best wishes, donald trump. rosanna: all right, "good day"
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>> nba hall of famer. >> he spent a lot of time if los angeles and he starting todayed
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incredit i believe guy. >> with the world watching, there is kareem, we have the footage, rosanna. he was in the news before the democratic national convention of a feud he was having with donald trump. donald trump sent him a personal message, note. drum donald trump is telling you what he's feeling. he signs his name. rosanna: he's a writer. he's written 11 books. the latest is writings on the wall. welcome, sir. >> first, how did donald trump send you this note?
9:34 am
trump. he signs it best wishes donald trump. did you think it was a joke? >> no, it was just him spouting off. he as a huge ego and thinks that everybody he thinks is important. greg: this is unusual behavior. >> rosanna: you have been socially active. you have talked about the difference of bernie sanders and donald trump, and you put your opinions out there. >> yes, i did. i still hold them. the best choice that we have is hillary clinton. and nothing has come about to change my mind.
9:35 am
publiclyist. he wrote this. so some respect you respect that? >> yes, he lets everyone know what he thinks z. so do i. rosanna: would you like to be active in her administration if she's elected? >> i don't know. it really depend on what they have in certain things may or may not suit my schedule or the plans that i have. rosanna: all right. let's talk about your book. this is 11th or the 12th? >> 12th. >> rosanna: congratulations. why did you want to write this book? >> i am concerned about what is happening in the country for the past couple of years. the fact that people are at it
9:36 am
are supposed to be fellow citizens. even though you are not from my community, we live in the same country and we have common goals and we have to identify them and make sure that we participate in seeing the goals come to fruition. rosanna: did you pinpoint why race relations have gotten worse? >> well, they have not gotten worse, but there is more over what's going on because change is becoming obvious. our country is becoming more browner than it has been traditionally and a lot of people seeing that with alarm and they shouldn't. greg: do you think it is worse now, i mean, look back in the 70s, this country seemed to be in a state of civil war. we had domestic terrorism. it seems overall, i know on
9:37 am
image, but every day life people are fine, but the media magnifies the differences and in doing so, do you think they distorte them? >> i don't know. i think the reduction in crime and violent crime has been a good thing for our country but a lot of people don't take that into consideration when they look around and they see a change in who is runni we have had 8 years of african-american president. there's definitely a change. but it hasn't been a change to the worse. it is just different. rosanna: what do you hope people get out of this book? >> i hope they'll understand we have to get to the point of communicateing with the people that we might have differences with, respect them and understand their side of the argument.
9:38 am
us and respect our side of the argument and when we get to to point we get stuff down. that is what the founding fathers did. they argued a lot and the people from vermont had to come down. other factions wouldn't participate because people were not listening to them. it took a while before we got through that and got the constitution done. what it gives the means to go forward and grow. greg: and thank god they didn't have twitter or instagram. rosanna: how about a selfie with you? >> greg: social media intensifies the differences, and in the process, distorted them. you walk around in a
9:39 am
often. >> but you know, the speed of it is really what alarms everybody because you say one thing and all the contradictory opinions are out in 20 seconds. it used to take weeks. that is part of it. greg: donald trump sits down and writes a note to you with a big fat magic marker and signs his name. rosanna: were you alarmed when you got >> no, i crumbled it up. greg: i might frame it. it is wild. but he's known for -- he's written really heart felt notes of praise and sensitivity to people from all walks of life. kareem, writings on the wall. rosanna: we can meet you tonight. >> yes, in union square. tonight at 7:00, barnes and
9:40 am
rosanna: it is out now. >> yes, it is. greg: sorry, one more thing, any acting? >> no. i have given that out. greg: oh, that was the funniest scene. you played the co-pilot. >> roger murdock. see the kid there. just like two years ago i met his wife. he's like 40 years old now.
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? greg hey, we are back. what else is going on? ros rosanna: broadway. greg: legendary actor. he had a tough guy rosanna: yes. greg: he had a way of speaking. watch this. rosanna: he was a tough guy. greg: i wonder what was
9:44 am
rosanna: the next guest reminds me of cagney. >> i get that a lot. greg: you play him in cagney the musical. >> you have a little bit, too i think. greg: i appreciate that. my dad, ray kelly, may look like him. >> he was forged on the streets of new york. started in vaudeville and became the most i conic gangster in film. rosanna: you always wanted to play him? >> it started in acting school and felt the connection there z. i reminded them of james cagney and here we are. west side theatre. beautiful. rosanna: about his life story? >> yes, vaudeville and into the
9:45 am
battles with jack warner from warner brothers. he start of created the stars in the days. he was part of the stable of warner brothers and wept up against the studio and started the screen actor's guild. there are a lot of things that people don't know about cagney. rosanna: and you are doing a music from the shows. oscar for yankee doodle dandy. rosanna: take it away with cagney the musical.
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? ?
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? ?
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rosanna: bravo. go see them at cagney the musical at the west side theatre. >> yes, here in new york. >> josh. >> danete. >> jeremy. >> we are in cake form when we come back thanks to the cake boss. ?? dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite.
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rosanna: the cake boss. greg: buddy and the family they have been in the baking business for a long time. rosanna: it is more than baking, it is a production. greg: they are famous. the cake boss on tlc. in the 8th season. the season premier is tonight and he's still sticking to the basics. look at the cakes here. rosanna and greg in rosanna: i look a little coo coo. >> you do over the top cakes. this season what are you doing? >> this season we have good stuff coming up. we are going to do a coney island hot dog cake.
9:53 am
>> it is vanilla. then we also got a pirate cake. it is amazing to be doing what we are doing. i'm actually building a cake this week that is a fire breathing dragon. rosanna: how do you do that? >> i have been playing with the blow torches. we have to kick it up another level. rosanna: check it out tonight. we have a >> i got into and hours of time goes by. my arm is throbbing and every time i squeeze i feel it, but it got me back into the zone. >> we have to go around the entire thing. rosanna: he's going to wreck my head.
9:54 am
>> well, it wasn't. it is an amazing journey. it started in 2009. we have over 200 episodes of cake boss. rosanna: how many stores do you have? >> 13 bakeries. greg: where should i start. rosanna: don't touch my face. "good day new york" is coming right back. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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rosanna: it is all about you. we wish you were here to celebrate. we are tasting the cake. greg: the hype is legitimate. man oh man. rosanna: check him out tonight at 9:00. we are live on facebook. don't touch the hair. i worked on the hair.
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made for you to love. live from new york city, it is "the wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you ra now, here's wendy! >> thank you for watching.


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