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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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authorized. >> we didn't get good explanations for it. there were periods of time when the investigations lapsed. nypd in its defense, they're saying that those investigations were already -- were always supervised, but there is no excuse for poor record keeping. >> reporter: the report found going as far back as 2004, the nypd failed to follow rules as it monitored muslim groups. yet the inspector general did not question the motive of the agency, which is to keep us saf and pointed out every case the nypd initiated was justified. >> they believed according to the guidelines were well founded. they believed that every case they reviewed we met and articulated the predicates that set the bars for the investigations. >> on the glass half empty side, the police department says they're going to adopt the recommendations made in the report and they hope that will
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ernie: now that the report is out, does that mean it's over and the nypd will start complying? >> reporter: well, there's a little bit of a finesse analysis in this. the nypd sees it as an administrative issue, that they've got it clear and done with. the doi is going to circle back to make sure everybody is on the same page ernie: thank you very much. arthur chi'en on our top story tonight. thank you. the city of newark has been dealing with an outbreak of gun violence. police are investigating a shooting that wounded a pregnant woman this morning. at least six people have been killed by gunfire on the streets of newark in the past 72 hours. >> donald trump will be at a rally in austin, texas, tonight talking about immigration and border security. meanwhile, the state department has been ordered now to release a portion of nearly 15,000 of hillary clinton's e-mails on her private server as the green party candidate makes her case to be included in the presidential debates. >> polls show that the majority
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motivated by supporting trump. they're motivated by not liking hillary clinton. so let's give them another choice besides donald trump as an alternative to hillary clinton ernie: the latest poll from nbc shows dr. stein trailing trump, clinton and libertarian nominee gary johnson with 5% of likely voters. president obama in louisiana today surveying the damage there caused by severe flooding. his visit some that he should have been there immediately after the august 11th storm, which dumped more than 20 inches of rain in some communities. that's what's happening in the news right now. nick is here joining me with beautiful skies and great temperatures and low humidity. that's it. nick: this had to be a top 5 day of the year. really. that sky was the -- the blue was fantastic and warm. great. we have another nice one
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more -- ernie: making us feel good. nick: this is big vacation time for folks. it should work out nice for the rest of the week. 82, 61 today in new york. how about that 61 this morning? how comfortable was that. it was in the upper 40s in the cooler valleys well north and west of new york city. but, again, that was a one-time deal. be not as cool tomorrow morning. 82, 67 is average now. 92 the record high. 51 the record low. our sunrise at 6:15. it's down at humidity is low. wind is variable mostly out of the west as the sunny sky for the most part. look at the strong pressure on the barometer. 30.23 and holding steady. 84 newark. the warm spot. everybody else about 80. north jerusalsey up to the huds valley. 75 up in sullivan county. they were in the upper to middle 40s this morning up there, but now they're at 75.
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73 on the east end. it's mainly a west wind. it will stay light at 5 miles an hour tonight. west-southwesterly wind will get in play tomorrow. through the next couple of days, the wind shift more to the southwest will start bringing the temperature up and increase the humidity. now we're dry as you look at fox 5 sky guardian. as you look at satellite for the northeast, there are no clouds around. off by pittsburgh, scattered high clouds there going back towards michigan. what we will see is high pressure building will continue to make this move slowly off the eastern seaboard. these showers and storms that you see from minnesota all the way to missouri aren't going to survive as they come towards us in the eastern part of the country. we'll be looking for a quiet forecast. tomorrow a sunny day, about 68 out the door in the city. 70 at the 9:00 a.m. hour. climbing to 79 for your lunchtime. and 85 tomorrow afternoon. getting back above average for this time of year. there goes the high. here's a beautiful day for wednesday.
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but the high will fight them off. thursday, a couple of clouds in the afternoon. may feel more humid late in the day. back to the middle 80s one more time. friday will feature the hottest day. we'll see scattered showers potentially late thursday and early friday. i don't think we'll see that much. then we'll talk about heat and humidity. 91 on friday as the humidity will be on the uncomfortable side. it's better for the weekend. showers and storms tomorrow if you're traveling from wisconsin and right on down into parts of texas, mostly afternoon scattered storms. 92 austin. indianapolis, 86. savannah, nice, 89. beautiful in portland tomorrow. vegas coming in at 102. here's our forecast for tonight. clear, mild, 68 in the city. but 50s to about 60 out in the northern and western suburbs. sunshine in the forecast tomorrow. 85 the high. about 80 at the coast. there's the seven day. 86 thursday.
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the cloud cover starts out friday. a combination of sun and clouds. the temperature takes off to 91. there's the nice weekend. middle 80s saturday and sunday. middle to lower 70s at night. monday, 74. looks okay tuesday as well ernie: looking good. thank you so much. next, being single at 70 doesn't mean you have to be lonely. romance is on the rise in senior communities. the one and here to talk about this growing trend next. >> tomorrow, can a massive park and public space really be built underground? we'll look at where the ambitious lowline project stands. join us for that tomorrow at 6:00. we're coming right back with
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ernie: welcome back to our feature story. you know what? there's no expiration date on falling in love. in fact, new research shows more seniors are starting new relationships and many right in their assisted living communities. dr. ruth will join me in just a moment to talk about that after we get a closer look from linda schmidt. >> reporter: 74-year-old kelly dixon signed up for a dating
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hebrew home nursing home in the bronx where he lives. >> to me, it's just as important as eating, sleeping. >> reporter: he lost his wife about 15 years ago. he, like money older americans, are looking for companionship in their nursing homes as well as intimacy. >> it's about the companionship. at this age, if you're going to have a relationship with a lady, it's better -- it's better for you if you get along with the lady, you enjoy her company. that makes it all worthwhile, you know. the sex is like the icing on the cake. >> reporter: the hebrew home allowed residents to have sexual relationships and spend the night in one another's rooms. their belief is that growing older can mean we lose our
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lose intimacy. >> it's really a quality of life issue. just because people are older doesn't mean they don't have feelings, they don't want intimacy and touch in their lives. seems very natural to allow and respect them to be who they are. >> reporter: francine is waiting to be set up through the nursing home's dating service. >> i'm looking for the companionship, the strolls at beautiful thing. so that's why i would look into that. >> it's a connection. >> it definitely is a connection. >> hebrew home has 850 residents. in addition to a dating program, the staff has organized a senior prom and happy hours to help residents who are looking for a relationship. beverly is one of the residents who has been on a date in the
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she's 88 and lost her husband two years ago. >> you like to have a gentleman sit across the table from you and tell you you look very pretty tonight. a woman loves it. >> reporter: beverly hasn't found a love connection, but at 88, she says it's a normal part of life no matter your age. >> reporter: the physicality, like sex as you get older and in your 80s and 90s, about how important that can be as well. what do >> i think it's wonderful if two people agree to it. two people agree. so let them go at it and let them enjoy themselves. this is their home. >> everybody likes to be touched, you know, either str stroked. you don't have to be oversexed or crazy but you like a hand.
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ernie: thank you. i love this story. joining me right now, dr. ruth westheimer. so happy to have you here. celebrated author and noted sex therapist. you know a lot about the the topic. >> i like when you say sex. say it again. ernie: sex. this is a good thing. elderly romance. popular. you've written so many books on so many aspects of this. why is it so important, doctor? why? >> first important, it's not just the act. what's important is the relationship. what's important is the smile. especially for older people, it's very important to touch. ernie: absolutely. no question about it. >> but there are problems involved in it. and part of the problems is not between the older people. part of the problems is the family.
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worrying about the money. if somebody starts a relationship already -- ernie: worried about what's going to happen with finances. >> instead of saying, thank god, look at these older people -- i'm now 88. if you know somebody who is 89, let me know. how important it is that we accept that older people, they don't have to make love the way they made love when they were 25. ernie: but it's the combination of a companionship, the smile, the happiness you're talking about. >> the broad smile that you see that you showed when somebody walks into the room so that there's something to look forward to. now, people have to learn there are some limitations. i'll tell you a secret. at a certain age, he cannot hang from a chandelier anymore. so you have to know that there
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have to be sexually literate. you have to know that the enjoyment doesn't feel exactly like it felt when you were 50. ernie: there are adjustments. >> you have to adjust to certain things. you should ask a gynecologist for something so it's not painful for the woman. you should also ask a urologist what to do, and i know some tricks. i'll tell you one. ernie: go activity that i talk about at night. do it in the mornings. get up, have -- i love your smile. ernie: we could talk about this a long time. >> make breakfast. then go back to bed. because that feeling and the ability to have that activity that we're talking about, sex, is easier in the morning.
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wish we had a half hour to talk, but you know, you speak about this in such a respectful and a loving way. it makes a lot of sense for so many people at any age. i think talking about the subject of elderly romance is important. i hope a lot of people have listened and watched our report. i think it has some value. thank you so much for joining me. >> they should call you and tell you they're listening. thank you. ernie: a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you so much. ernie: when flavors are already here. we're not even done with summer. we'll talk about it in today's "trending tuesday" segment. plus this question for you. >> do you read what's on people's t-shirts when you're walking down the street. ernie: what about you? do you read them? that's coming up. and a story that is a tour of new york's most photogenic
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ernie: the yankees are struggling but here's a reason
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giving him eight over 19 games. most ever by a yankee over that long stretch. sanchez is the first yankee catcher since munson will be named player of the week and he's become the new starter. so check him out. he could be a new star. keep your eyes on him. speaking of stars, trending tuesday is here and the star, simone boyce, is joining us. good to have you here. we're talking about this wonderful subject of pumpkin spice. it's not end of summer. what's going on? >> reporter: i'm in summer mode. i need to go to the beach more. we're talking about pumpkin spice lattes. we have a pumpkin spice going on. the drinks can make you a lot of money. we're seeing dunkin' donuts and all their products coming out august 29th. ernie: everybody is cashing in.
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>> reporter: it is. the pumpkin spice has its own market. the starbucks pumpkin spiced latte debut in 2003. last year starbucks made over $100 million on their pumpkin spiced latte. ernie: astronomical numbers. a lot of people like it. but it's not for everyone. >> it's not. some people don't want it to come. they don't want pumpkin spice season. nutmeg is paired with pumpkin and it's overpowering flavor, that clove flavor. if you don't like that, you're probably not going to like pumpkin anything. ernie: i started looking at some of the things that were interesting. oreo cookies, pumpkin spice sausage and kitty litter with that scent. >> reporter: i don't see how that would be productive.
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greek yogurt. i think it belongs in certain things like pies, lattes, maybe a fragrance, a candle. ernie: a natural thing. do you think it's part of rushing the seasons? >> absolutely. goes back to money. these companies have a lot at stake. they can make hundreds of millions by forcing pumpkin spice down our throats. ernie: a lot of people want to take each season at a time. some of four-week period and that's enough. i think it's overdone personally. >> reporter: i think so, too. the connecticut state police would agree. they announced a funny joke on their social media profile. they said if anybody posts anything fall related before september 22nd, you'll be receiving a fine. ernie: no. >> reporter: i fully support this. i'm sure they're not serious about the fine but it's a funny joke. ernie: a spicy joke. thank you so much. keep it right here.
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do you read the t-shirts people wear as they walk past you? do you read them? your answers coming up after the break. keep it here. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines
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ernie: okay. let's try this one out. do you read what's on people's t-shirts? >> yes, i do. i do read them. one that i happen to like in particular, it said front, it said i'm out of my mind. and the back it said leave me a message. ernie: you really read them. >> i do. ernie: and you remember them. >> yes, i do. yes, i do. ernie: something you like about reading these t-shirts? >> some of them are very interesting. some of them are just stupid. ernie: yeah. >> yeah. i don't know. ernie: some can be a little gross. >> true. true. ernie: you still read them? >> i still read them. >> i'm always looking at other people. i'm interested in what they have
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ernie: which do you like? >> schools, college. ernie: you read the name of a school. that's kind of interesting. just to see where they go to school or what school they like? >> uh-huh. >> i do read them. i do enjoy them. i think it says a lot about the wearer's personality. i think they can be a lot of fun. ernie: do you read them? >> i do. i like the positive affirmations they say. ernie: do you remember them after you see it? >> absolutely. ernie: do you everep >> yes. ernie: do you wear t-shirts with messages? >> i make them. ernie: what's your favorite message? >> adore yourself. love yourself. ernie: good stuff. i like that. keep doing it. >> thank you. ernie: tell me what you think. go to my facebook page. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our control room staff, john, give us a wave, thanks for being
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ariana grande has proven you can go back. >> she was pictured kissing mac miller. at one point she was laying her head down on his lap. harvey: speaking of laps, so she was with big sean before, right? [laughter] >> which makes sense because she might have needed a break. >> oh, is? >> magic johnson, denzel washington and samuel jackson all threw a huge house party for hillary clinton. e.j. johnson's taking video of it. >> let e.j. do the recording? >> she did. she was there the whole entire night. and she's supposed to go to another one. >> that was not fair! >> d.m.x. had another baby. harvey: what's in his head?


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