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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  January 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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. plus, sad news in the music world, david bowie has died at the age of 69. we're gonna take you live to new york city with a closer look at how the world is honoring the rock and roll legend. >> and more teenagers are turning to plastic surgery. we'll introduce you to a local girl part of a national trend and let her explain why going under the knife was something she wanted to do while she was very young. >> i priced the new ford gt, about $140,000 bates price but because of demand, it will probably go way up because there are only so many of them. so i posted a picture on facebook. >> yeah, it's out of my price range. >> pocket change for john brown. >> sell the house and move into the car with the kids. good morning, everybody. hope you're having a good morning. finally, temperatures with the sun up. starting to rise.
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>> temperatures still in the 40s, 49, melbourne, 46, orlando. 39 in gainesville. we still have some breezes outside. so wind chills stay in the mid-30s to mid-40s. folks, it's going to be a sunny but a cool, crisp day central florida style. >> starting off right now in the 40s, we'll end up in orlando in the low 60s. same thing in brevard. a little west of i-4, highs in the upper 50s with north winds coming in and reinforcing the cool, dry air. 7 -day forecast is coming up. developing this morning, police in daytona beach make an arrest in the deaths of two men in a shooting death outside of a club. >> authorities say the whole thing happened at the varitz club on pearl street near bethane cookman university in daytona. three men were involved in a fight when shots were fired. two men were killed, another man injured. police also issued an arrest warrant for 40 -year-old andre mayo in connection with those
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shooting deaths. he's also facing two counts of first degree murder. mayo is still on the run. >> also, the woman from brevard accused of driving drunk with four kids in her car is set to go in front of a judge today. >> police say 33 -year-old jacqueline was arrested saturday night in melbourne? investigators say a driver spotted her driving erratically on u.s. one and called police. police say they finally caught up with her and pulled her car over and discovered four kids in the car, none of which were hers. patrol units were able to catch up to her. she still didn't have her lights on. they attempted to do a traffic stop on her. she made a u-turn, came all the way back down u.s. one south to ogalley, where they finally stopped her. >> she is now in the brevard county jail with no bond. by the way, it's not her first run in with the law. police say she was on probation for a dui conviction from last year. she was driving with a suspended license. >> also, this morning, the city of indian harbor beach is going
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high tech to search for coyotes. >> a trapper is going to start using drones today to try to capture those nuisance nachlz. dana is joining us live with more on the plan and pretty fascinating stuff going on behind you. >> yeah, it's pretty cool, amy. we're in gleeson park here and a family that lives nearby, they caught a coyote on camera chasing after they are cat. they contacted the city and a few days later, well, the city decided, with the help of some trappers and a drone company, they're gonna start taking a look at what these coyotes are doing. so you can see these two drones that are here on the ground morning. they're gonna fly up over the woods here in gleeson park and take a look and see what they can see. leo cross and his team are hoping to use the drones and trail cameras to try and spot coyotes in the woods here at the park. the hope is that the cameras will help the trappers learn about the routes that the coyotes are taking through the
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tracks accordingly, and the drones, the hope is they might make it easier to spot where the animals are building then. so the idea here is to get a bird's eye view of these animals instead of trekking through the woods. that way, they can catch the coyotes a little quicker if they had to just track them on foot. so coyotes becoming more and more of a nuisance here in brevard county, trappers are catching more and more. florida fish and wildlife say there are coyotes in every county here in florida and that can be a danger, too, especially small pets. you don't want to have them come in contact with humans, either. so the trappers are going to try and find them, trap them, and relocate them. reporting live in brevard this news. >> also, a lot of people shocked this morning after hearing the news about david bowie. >> yeah, there's a growing memorial happening for him in new york city. we're joined live right outside of his apartment building there in new york to show us that growing memorial. >> hey, good morning, john and amy.
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john, you mentioned people are shocked by the death of david bowie. not only are they shocked because he was only 69 years old. they're shocked because very, very few people knew that he was battling cancer. the memorial behind me continues to grow this morning. i see a number of different bouquets here, candles on the floor. in fact, just a few moments ago, we saw a woman who stopped just before the entrance to his building and was crying as she thought about david bowie. the accords, the flowers, the tributes to a man who has inspired and influenced generations. he's going to forever be known, daifbd bowie will forever be known by his voice and also by his look, by someone who seemed to be so unique and ever changing. chameleonic is the word we keep hearing this morning. for some other musicians and superstars, that would have led to their demise, but for him, it's what made his special and the secret to his success.
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as space odyssey, let's dance, heroes, last seen here in new york about a month ago for the opening of his off broadway play. and then as we know, last friday, he released his rolz album, black star before passing away on sunday. the song, lazarus, though, in it, he talks about being in heaven. he says just look up. he says he's as free as a blueberry. it seems to suggest that this was his last song for people who just, you know, who really wanted to know what his parting gift would be to people. as we join you live, more people bringing flowers and stopping by to pay their respects. david bowie, 69 years old. survived by his wife, supermodel, his son and daughter. it really is quite nice to be out here, see people just stop by and just put flowers down. they of course didn't know david bowie, but they were flubsed by his music. they say they grew up by his
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music and they felt it was important to be here this morning. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. this morning, crews are working to try to restore power to parts of cape coral after an ef two tornado hit that area. >> the storm caused an estimated five and a half million dollars with damage to homes on saturday night, but that number could top $10 million after they calculate the damage with the number of downed power lines. it's unknown whether florida will need federal dollars to recover. no deaths, but three people have minor injuries. governor rick scott is crediting smart phones for saving lives, says it could have been a whole lot worse without good technology. runners from around the world gathered to pound the pavement as disney world over the weekend. >> it was a big weekend. the annual marathon through the parks is now over and some florida locals are celebrating big, big wins. >> you just saw one of the runners who came through.
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name is natasha, shy finished first in the women's race and then brazil native won the men's race for the third time. he also now lives in orlando. and look at that, there's john brown. >> i didn't win. >> did manny give you a high five? >> i got a few high fives. >> john also ran the marathon and all the races this weekend, he did what is called the dopey challenge. he did the thursday race, the friday, the saturday, and the sunday. you got some great pictures. >> yeah, great pictures. >> is that swag? >> there were three other med lings. that's the start. one of our photographers took that picture. and then the picture you're about to see, the guy on the stop is the director of the boston marathon. he invite meade up to run this year, just for kicks and down below, other vips. but it was fun. you know, behind the scenes, all the vips. i tell you what. >> and here's a mistake. >> here's the problem. >> you can't put shoes on because his feet hurts.
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>> we have a vip guest coming in. every one of the tow nails is gone. that's just one of the gross things. i tied my shoes too tight to the half marathon and so it's hilarious. i can't tie a shoe. >> well you won't do that again. next time, just get velcro shoes. >> or bare to the. there were people running bear foot. >> you should see some of the outfits for this race. >> no, i did and i don't want to see them again. >> and i didn't want to run behind some of them. still to come, the deadline to apply for the healthcare under the affordable care act is quickly approaching. >> that's right. the u.s. department of health and human services secretary is here in the studio. she's right over there. she's gonna join us live. put your shoes on. please. at $1.3 billion on the line for the power ball lottery, but officials are having a hard time communicating the number. we'll tell you why, it has to do with the fact that it's so big. plus, david martin. good morning, amy.
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we're live at the carnality store, celebrating national clear off your desk day. that is today. and in this hour, we're talking about all that paperwork that comes to your house or your home office or your work office. we get a lot of it. so my friend jules here who runs the store, all the stores in the entire country, kind of, not really, hi, good morning. good morning. >> so what are these you're looking at? >> this is the time of year to get rid of the 2015 files, clear out the space, get ready for 2016. this is a great way to store
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. 9:15 here on "good day orlando." enrollment for the affordable care act is now open. you only have until theonth to get signed up for healthcare corbelling. florida actually leads the nation, or led the nation last year for people signed up for healthcare plans and our numbers are large once again this year. and today the department of health and human services secretary cindy is here to make sure that trend continue. your thoughts, first of all, last year i believe the first full year and now it seems like people are getting involved. what are your thoughts on the
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way it's progressing at this point? >> so far, we've had a strong open enrollment up to this point. 11.3 million folks have come into the marketplace and are signed up, but as you mentioned, our deadline is january 31st, and we know more people out there who do not have coverage. affordable. seven in ten folks can find premiums a month with that financial assistance. many people don't know about that financial assistance. second, simpler and easier. we've worked to make the website easier and to respond to consumer demand in terms of estimate your total out of pocket costs or search for physicians or drugs that you might want in a plan. and finally, you can get in person assistance and here in the orlando area, we're very lucky that your united way, 211, you can dial up that number and they can connect you with an appointment. >> i think there's still confusion about who needs to sign up. what's your advice? do they go online and sign up if
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they need to, if they're eligible? what's the best way? >> if you don't have health insurance, that's probably the most and important sign that you can get it and affordable coverage. what you should do is go to the website, and do it that way. if you'd rather, you can find out by going flout website or by calling 1 -800 -315 -296. in english or spanish. someone can help you understand what you should sign up for. >> they say they're seeing a lot of people who were losing health insurance through different organizations. is that a concern for you, that some people are losing it and have to look somewhere else? >> you know, in terms of those losses, you would be interested to know why and where they feel people are losing it. because we know as a nation right now, since the affordable care act, 17.6 million newer americans are auninsured. it's a 45 % drop in the number of uninsured in our nation so many more people in the country
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some of them because they've gotten jobs, some of those because they've come through the marketplace, and some of those because medicaid has expanded. program? >> i think the future right now, this is baked in and it's baked in in terms of three things that the affordable care act was about. access, affordable, and quality. we've talked about the access. on the quality front, for those of us who have employee based care, we no longer need to be kept out because of prechemisting conditions. all of us know someone with cancer or asthma and that fear that you won't be able to get insurance because you have that preexisting condition. or if you know anybody who has a kid on the policy, up to 26. or for people, i actually met someone that before the affordable care act, she did not get a chemotherapy treatment because she'd hit her annual limits. that doesn't exist for anybody. so i think these changes are changes that are permanent, improvements to the system, and we want to work and build on that. >> help me understand this one.
9:17 am
stop offering some plans, but yet they had record numbers when it comes to dollars over the previous years. >> speaking on the specifics of a smifk company is something i won't do, but after yipped made its comments, we know that several of the other major players came out and said, we're in, we want to look forward. our goal is serve the consumer and we know when we can serve the consumer that the issueers want to come in and do that, too. that's their objective, too. >> one more time, the website. >> health or 1 -800 -318 -2596. >> health and human services secretary silvia. appreciate you being here today. have a great trip back to d.c. i know you gotta be back there tomorrow for the state of the union. 199:00 here on "good day orlando." brooks joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> i suggest you stay here, it's a whole lot warmer here. >> yeah, even though it's chilly here, d.c., i think tomorrow is going to be stuck in the 30s all day.
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all i have view outside. gorgeous morning shaping up across central florida if you can handle the chill, if you're in the sun and out of the breezes, it'll feel nice today. but look at the temperature change. 24 hours ago, we were 24 degrees warmer in orlando. a significant cold front came through all of central florida. let's get your weather headlines. through the rest of thrust wednesday or probably thursday, temperatures will stay cooler than normal. late thursday into friday and saturday, looks like we're going to be a little warmer, a little windier, and a little wetter as the system comes out of the gulf. and next monday, martin luther king, jr. holiday could be frigid, not just here, but we could be talking snow one state away. 46 degrees outside right now in downtown, live view from our amway camera. winds this morning predominantly out of the north and the north winds will continue for the next few days. and so the immediate thing is when you factor in the temperature and the wind, you get what we call the wind chill
9:19 am
the skin, wind chills still at this 9:00 hour in the 30s to low 40s for the most part. so just bundle up. you know the drill. stay warm today. through the week, we're going to continue with north winds at least through wednesday or into some of the coldest airborne to the north. morning. still, 14 atlanta, 12 nashville. you know it's cold when bourbon street wind chill is 33 degrees. you have to head inside and have a little cup of coffee and a ben yay, don't you. 62 for our high this afternoon, sunny skies today and tomorrow. mainly sunny on wednesday. all three days, temperatures well below normal. freeze watch in effect tonight. alachua marion, we'll keep an update on that. and off the week, a little warmer and a little wetter, especially on friday. >> all right. big changes again. we're gonna take a look at the wiggest power ball jackpot ever. >> i can't even wrap my brain
9:20 am
we're talking about $1.3 billion, but if we're driving down the street and you look at the bill boards, the lottery bill boards, well, it might have a different amount and ryan is here to explain why that is. >> you know, they just never imagined that we would get this high so you'll see the jackpot signs, $999 million. some in other states will reflect 1.3. they just never imagined this on the board. so let's take you through some of the numbers. of course, no one took home the entire prize last weekend which meant someone in florida did become a millionaire. there are 24 people who won a million dollars, 1 of those here in the state of florida. a ticket was sold that matched all five numbers, not the power ball. of course the next power ball drawing, this wednesday at 11:00 p.m. interestingly, if you win, you wouldn't quite crack the forbes top 100 list, but you mind be close, winning that one ticket, guys. >> wow. after taxes, though, ryan, after
9:21 am
>> yeah. >> we should have called holly to explain the mathematics behind how a gazillion people bought a gazillion tickets. >> and nobody won. >> right. i need to see it on paper. >> do you want to go with a conspiracy on this one? no? still to come, from the home to
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yeyeahah, , ththatat's's r rigightht. . d deaeall didivava c comomining g ththrorougugh.h. yoyou u sesee e alall l mymy b bogogosos,, mymy w weeeeklkly y adad.. jujustst w waiait t titillll y youou s seeee mymy s savaviningsgs.. anand d brbracace e yoyoururseselflf.. ththe e didigigitatal l cocoupupononss arare e cocomimingng n nexext.t. lolookok a at t heher,r, s so o prprououdd ofof h herer m momommama.. y youou s savaveded q quiuitete a a b bitit t tododayay
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gogo a aheheadad. . sasay y itit.. chcha-a-chchining!g! ththanank k yoyouu ththe e weweekeklyly a ad,d, b bogogosos anand d cocoupuponons.s. ththreree e eaeasysy w wayays s toto s savavee atat t thehe s samame e plplacacee yoyou u loloveve t to o shshopop.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng
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other and she was upset about her nose and having that prominent bump on her nose and we discussed it and i knew the doctor so we called the office and scheduled a consultation, and they referred us to dr. kazowski and we had a great consultation, so that's what made our decision. and she was gung ho about it. we want her confidence level --. >> you feel good now? >> definitely. >> i think you and i have talked about this before. if somebody is getting bullied early on, that's a pretty valid reason because the damage from being bullied and made fun of, that can be life long. >> and it's not that she was being bullied or anything, it
9:25 am
bothered her and it's really, when we're talking about this particular age bract and cosmetic procedures, we want to
9:26 am
the source. >> is there too young for plastic surgery? >> what do you say about that? >> well, i think i do see very, very young patients and i think it's all about aligning expectations. if there's somebody, if you're truly spending a lot of time in front of a mirror, it's bothering you, getting to the point where it's taking over and you're just staring at the mirror for most of the day thinking about, it i think it's the time to do on that. and i don't generally tend to put an age limit on things like that. >> i know you have a website people can check. >> batson plastic >> and just see if it's right for you. thanks for coming in toledo. best of luck to you. appreciate you all being here, and we'll put the information on our website. amy, over to you. thanks so much. still to come, the awards season in full swing now. we'll check out who won the top
9:27 am
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. all right.
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the 33rd annual global globes in hollywood last night. the big buzz this morning, leo decaprio. take a look. >> and the golden globe goes to leonardo decaprio. >> i don't think it was a big surprise. a lot of people knew leo was going to win, taking home the golden globe for best actor in a motion picture or drama for his role in the resonance. it could signal that the actor will finally take home his first oscar at the academy awards next month. for the small screen, lady gaga owned best actress for american horror story, hotel. it was her first major acting gig. of course, everyone's talking about the fashions on the red carpet and our good friend and fashion expert melanie pace is here to talk about the best and the worst dressed from the golden globes. great to see you. >> happy new year. >> to you, too. i love the fashion, the glitz and the glamour, the old
9:31 am
you're going to take us through your favorites and least favorites. >> yes, and we're gonna be nice. >> oh, good. i like it when you're nice and a little mean. >> our first best dressed is jenny tatum's wife. let's take a look at her gorgeous gown. they called it midnight magic. she showed up to a red carpet event and she really just nailed it. >> that's beautiful. >> it's absolutely beautiful. and i'm sure in person, the detail of this is just amazing. >> i almost need to see a close-up because i'm trying to figure out what is that. >> it's a nazy blue and literally every crystal, it's super blingy, really, really beautiful, the plunging neck line, which is a huge trend on the red carpet and it just looks. she's got her hair pulled back so it's very simple and elegant. >> and next on your list. >> next is kierston dunst and she's also wearing another trend that was huge on the red carpet,
9:32 am
she is in -- this plunging neck line is all the way to her naval. >> here's the thing. we're beyond cleavage now in hollywood. now we just show half of your you know what. there's no such thing as cleavage anymore, we're just showing everything snobut i do feel this is pretty elsdpnt. she's showing a lot, but at the same time she's wearing a lot of material, definitely got it up over her shoulders. >> she's gut a lot to show. >> it's one of the trends, very beautiful. i hear a lot of giggles on set, but i love it. she's one of my best dressed and i do love a lot of the hair pulled back because it makes the dresses really stand. >> sure, absolutely. >> and so offer next one is jamie alexander. another gorgeous dress. this is very much like gena's. again, anti-cleavage. just show everything. >> plunging neck line, it's a
9:33 am
designer jenn y and again, it emphasizes the long. >> credit. >> yes, very beautiful. she took the jewelry and really made it very understated, pulled back the hair, makes it simple and elegant and makes the dress stand. >> different, too. i've never seen a dress like that. >> it's not too much. this dress really nails it. and i love the pockets. >> yeah, that's very nice. >> okay. >> we have to move on. >> okay. moving on to worst. my first is jane fonda. oh, yeah, let's take a look at jane fonda. she's gorgeous. she's 78 years old. she is 78. and she is beautiful. but the ruffles. >> that is not beautiful. >> this whole look is just not looking good for her. >> but as the director told me in my ear, she's not showing any cleavage. so that's something different. >> maybe she should try showing a little cleavage and she might not end up on the worst dressed
9:34 am
a little tidbit of information. my next is regina king. this is also just not good. it looks like tin foil with an added cape. it doesn't make sense. why is there a cape on the back of her dres? it's not great. and she's someone that's been in the spotlight for the past year with her roles, and she just -- she really missed it. not flattering at all. and my last is eva lawn gorria. she's 40 years old, gorgeous, showed off all her curves but in the wrong way. it was like an embroidered napkin, and then added details, a bow around the neck line and the waist. and the back of the dress is a plunging and she's got the belt in the middle of her back. so it doesn't make sense. it looks like she's trying to go with something maybe a little bit of a latin flare, but it's just not working for her. >> it does, but sometimes that can be a little too literal.
9:35 am
up what you've got going on. but smas gorgeous. she's 40 years old, and so i think it was a miss for he. >> yeah, a big miss. i'm with you. >> and this is more about a hair style. oh, that's terrible. >> i always have on my facebook page, the worst, and one of the guys said channing tatum's hair. he's way too old to be trying to do this, but then there were expectations that maybe he's preparing for a role. >> but that doesn't mean you have to wear your hair that way for the awards ceremony. >> and then the whole time, he kept pushing it back and moving it over to the side. it was horrible. >> that's bad because he's a handsome man. >> i met him at the magic mike premier and he's just as beautiful in person as he is on screen. >> even with the hair? >> well, i mean, he's really nice, too, so you can't knock him too much. >> you're the best. how can our viewers find you? >> go to my instagram, melanie
9:36 am
pace, or i'm on twitter. you can go to my blog and there's all kind of fun, fashion, new things on there all the time. >> like this gorgeous dress right here. >> love you. >> have a good day. >> 9:49 right now. let's check in with brooks. channing tatum should have just worn a ball cap and no one could have complained about his hair. good morning, everybody. blue skies but chilly conditions. look at the north winds coming in through central florida. once again, if the calendar says january or february, we have north winds blowing, you know it's going to be chilly. so we have the north winds, we have temperatures predominantly now in the mid-40s, but the wind chills are still in the upper 30s to mid-40s. so it's just going to be a chilly day, and as long as we continue to tap into air that's really cold, hey, it's january, it's cold, up to the north, we're going to stay cooler than normal and that will occur all the way through wednesday or thursday. one final thing, just to show you. it's pretty cool, a lot of lake effect snow in the great lakes.
9:37 am
for us, we're going to be seeing sunny skies for the next few days. crisp conditions, central florida style. get the fire pit or the fireplace going. high temperatures in the low 60s today, tomorrow, and wednesday in central florida, upper 50s north and west of i-4. lows in the 40s, even 30-degree readings in alachua, marion county with a freeze watch tonight. time for weather baby. this morning, we had dalton. dalton's hanging out with mom and dad, and they call that the fedora, absolutely. see, i do know a little bit of fashion. and then we've got jaden. that's called a beanie, right? am i two for two this morning. >> holy cow. jamie, thank you so much for joining us. if you want your child on weather baby, log onto our website and follow the links. still to come, eat like a king for a cause. >> how about that. after the break, a local chef will prepare king crab in liquid nitrogen. oh, yeah. we'll tell you how you can enjoy that while benefiting the folks
9:38 am
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premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month
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. one of the chefs will be executive sous chef from the four seasons resort here in orlando. >> we're also joined this morning by sasha, the second harvest food bank. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> tell us about this event. >> we're having an amazing chef night series, this thursday the 14th at 6:00 p.m. at second harvest food bank and chef sam and his friends at the four seasons resort orlando is going to be preparing a multicourse prefix menu for a very lucky and gracious donors who have come in to dine with us. and all the proceeds go back to supporting our culinary training program where adults come to us and it's a 14 -week criminal. so a chef is going to be working with those students. >> that's wonderful. >> fantastic. >> and you're gonna teach them something cool. anytime you bring in liquid nitrogen, i'm in. >> what are you doing here? i've never heard of cooking with
9:41 am
liquid nitrogen. technique. this is a grape fruit brown butter. so you take a little butter, melt it. what happens is the preen separates from the fat and the melt solids are the preen so they toast. it becomes very nutty and we add a little gram fruit juice, basically to add that citrus element to it. so what we're gonna do, and this is exciting, we kind of pour a little bit of this butter over the crab leg, so the king crab leg, which we just removed from the shell. and we're just gonna pour a little liquid nitrogen on here, and what it does is -- yeah, you do have to be careful, but i've used it quite a bit. so basically this has made a seafood m & m and instead of a candy shell, it's a thin brown butter shell and it really incapsulates the crab right on there. i let it sit a little too long
9:42 am
and it's already freezing. but then, really what you have here. >> does it hurt to touch it? >> no, not anymore. so now it's just completely incapsulated. >> it's all good. >> you're gonna try that at this event; is that correct?. >> yeah, absolutely. and what we have over here is the finished dish. what we have is celery root puree, chips, the grape fruit that compliments the juice and the butter and a lish massage for a clean element. >> they can visit feed hope to go to the event.
9:43 am
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