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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  January 12, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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>> so bad. debate. we will tell you who and why. >> how could will it get tonight? i will have that accurate weather forecast. >> bob: starting with a weather alert alert. frigid air invading central florida. definitely jacket weather. this is the camera on international drive. it is only 50 degrees. i laughed at the car dealer ship. so cold parts of the viewing area are under a freeze warning. >> depending on where you live you may want to bring in the
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pipes. glenn richards joins us for more. >> glenn: colder further to the north. that is where the freeze warning is. no clouds outside so no moisture moving ashore. that would have helped like a blanket so instead it will get colder. ocala, gainesville, putnam, flagler, st. johnson county, citrus and areas north and west of orlando is where the coldest air is found. 33 in gainesville, 45 in daytona, 41 in deland, 46 in the city. 53 in melbourne and 48 in kissimmee. these are the dew points, again the numbers that indicate just how dry the air is. 20s and 30s and that means the air is so dry temperatures can
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31 in ocala, 28 in gainesville, 38 in sanford, 37 in daytona, and 40 in titusville. winds light enough the wind chill is not an issue but there is a freeze north and west of orlando and there will be also frost across portions of volusia, lake and marion counties and areas up to the north. downtown, clear as can be. 46 degrees. we will talk more about the cool temperatures county by county and see how much we will warm up through the week. i will have the complete forecast coming up. >> bob: developing tonight out of jacksonville. we have sad news on the search for toddler lonzie barton. authorities believe they have found the remains of the little boy. the 21-month-old vanished last summer. the toddler's mother and boyfriend have been charged with child neglect. we are learning the boyfriend
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remains. tiffany teasley reporting from jacksonville. >> reporter: you can see the signs, flowers and cards left here at the scene where deputies believed they discovered the remains of little lonzie barton bringing a sense of relief to the community. >> to know that this baby is no longer suffering and has to go through any pain and agony is sweet. >> reporter: a somber day for this jacket community after investigators believe they discovered the remain of lonzie, the toddler missing since july who was presumed dead. >> i pray when it is all done and said we can say that justice was served. >> reporter: investigators tell us the remains were found in a wooded area off of u.s.-1 but wouldn't disclose the condition of the body or how barton may have died. the suspect, ruben ebrom, the boyfriend of the toddler's
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led investigators to the remains. >> that little boy didn't need to be discarded like a piece of trash. today we can take what we believe to be him from being disposed just like that in the hopes that he can spend his eternity in somewhere that is peaceful and not somewhere that is basically a garbage heap. >> reporter: the discovery comes on the same say ebrom's trial was supposed to start. he waved the speedy trial and the case was considered as prosecutors consider upgrading the original charges that included child neglect and giving false information to police. >> there is new charges being considered but i cannot say against who or how many. >> reporter: officials would not confirm if a plea deal was in the works. >> bob: as we wait for new
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keep it here on fox35 and in the days ahead. from marion county, authorities need your help to find this missing girl. a deputy reports dropping off margaret mayman at bellevue high school after spotting her warwick walking away from the building but she never made it home. she is considered autistic. >> luanne: a three year old boy struck by a car and the driver took off. tonight winter garden police are looking for the boy. the boy was hit on east cypress and 9th street. keith landry spoke to the boy's brother about what happened. >> reporter: the three year old was treated at a local hospital after being struck while buying
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winter garden police are looking for the hit-and-run driver. a passing car clipped the boy after his brother bought him an ice cream from the ice cream truck. >> he hit by brother and took off. >> reporter: we talked to 16 year old luis garcia. >> he hit by brother on the side and he fell down. >> reporter: this chrysler van is the car involved in the accident. the man took off. garcia scrambled to help his brother. >> i went to grab him and see if he is okay and take him to my mom. >> reporter: lieutenant alan adds the boy has road rash and is being treated at a local hospital. luis wants the driver caught.
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that was pretty bad what he did. >> reporter: police tell me they will search the car for fingerprints and dna evidence tomorrow and interview the owner of the car to decide what comes next. in winter garden, keith landry, fox news. >> bob: and a woman says she was kidnapped by a man and woman before she was set to testify against them. valerie boy reports from the orange county sheriff's office. >> reporter: deputies say a man pointed a gun at a woman and her boyfriend as they walked past this trailer park off orange blossom trail. the man threatened to shoot the victim's boyfriend and told him to run and forced the victim into a trailer at gunpoint. once inside, the suspect terrorized the woman and ordered her to stop testifying against him in an ongoing investigation. another person was telling the
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under for punishment on testifying against him. the officers headed to the seen after the victim's boyfriend called the police. >> the police running through the house is all i saw. >> reporter: according to investigators the male suspect got away but had gun was later found. i talked to a woman who lives inside the trailer and she said she rents a room out to him. >> one neighbor recognized him after showing him the mug >> i know that girl. >> reporter: in the arrest report, she denies the allegations saying the victim came into her apartment to plea from her boyfriend as a result of domestic dispute. she is charged with kidnapping while trying to inflict harm while using a weapon. buddy dyer is on his way to
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governor in the state. he was sworn in for his fourth running. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the government of the united states and of florida. >> luanne: the mayor joined three commissioners who all took the oath of office today. the mayor joked about how far he has come from when he first took office. [inaudible talking] >> this is what inspires me. and the other part is i thought i was prepared. >> luanne: the mayor plans to finish all of the projects including sun rain rail and the major league soccer stadium. >> bob: lawmakers headed to tallahassee for the start of the
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governor rick scott opening the session with the annual state of the state speech where the governor will call on lawmakers to pass a one billion tax package, expanding gun rights, approving a gambling agreement between governor scott and a seminal tribe and a regulation on fracking. you decide 2016. we now know the podium lineup for thursday's big presidential debate in south carolina. due to a fall in poll numbers many will be on the second stage. but the rand paul press office sent out a statement saying that rand paul will not let the media decide the tiers of the race and instead campaign in new hampshire and iowa. you will have to wait and see
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tox for the latest. >> luanne: fun spot orlando is announcing plans to expand. the proposed project is said to include six themes that will take guest the past american and present time periods. no concrete details have been announced but the plans are set for the upcoming years and could include water rides and roller coasters. no word on when construction could begin but we will keep you updated on future fun spot plans. and powerball fever continues. the only prescription is a winner. nobody matched all six numbers on saturday so wednesday's jackpot rolls to $1.4 billion. that is a lot of zeros. we will bring you the winning numbers on wednesday night at 11 p.m. after they are drawn. bob?
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central florida is taking a stand on hoverboard. where the hands-free scooters are banned. and big changes coming to the 911 center in lake county. the new upgrades that will allow people to text and even video chat with a 911 dispatcher in an emergency. and we will go to detroit for the north american international auto show. there is hot new minivans out there. you would be proud to be seen in them. and there is an even cooler concept sports car we will show you. good monday evening. a look at the i-4 forecast. a couple construction projects are starting and we will have lane closure. this is i-4 west bound from fair banks to par street. we will have a right lane closed. this is happening all week long
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left lanes closed from new hampshire down to colonial there. again, if you are traveling i-4 use caution in the area especially overnight. remember you can check out traffic and construction updates on your phone. download the weather and traffic app by texting i-phone or
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>> hoverboards are the hottest gifts around for the holiday season and even into the new year. >> luanne: a lot are still rolling but ucf announced hoverboards are no longer welcome in certain parts of the campus. tom johnson shows us.
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>> reporter: he rides his hoverboard everywhere on ucf's campus. >> it is a learning process. after the first time you learn it and figure it out. busted my butt for sure. >> reporter: and apparently fall in love with the feeling of gliding around. >> it is great. i can travel around fast. it is easy to use. not too big. i think it is a great invention. >> reporter: a lot of other people do, too. take a walk around campus and you will spot a few. we saw seven foot tall basketball player riding, this guy rolling up to the student center and remi. after the holidays remi got news concerning his hoverboard that he and other students are not too happy about. >> reporter: this flier is announcing a ban of hoverboards
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managed communities. it cites fire concerns and investigation. >> this is a recent invention. bought it. so it is a shame for the investment to go to waste. >> reporter: he is not that upset about the hoverboard housing ban. >> i understand the safety concern because once it becomes a danger to other people. >> reporter: that is why his hoverboard will not be shipped home any time soon. >> i will put it in my car instead. >> reporter: and then he will tom johnson. >> i will be going to classes with this and everything. >> luanne: ucf says students who have a hoverboard in any housing have until wednesday to get them out. if you want to learn more about the safety concerns with hoverboard or read the full ucf housing flier we have links for you on our website. just go to
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isis is claiming responsible for an attack on a baghdad mall that killed 18 people. gunmen stormed into the mall after setting off a car bomb and law enforcement officering and launching a suicide attack. a car bomb and four islamic state fighters carried out the attacks and more attacks are coming. at least four police officers were among those killed and 50 people were wounded. >> luanne: a brevard county veteran accused of firing hundreds of shots at police last week will stay behind bars. mikeer mikeer mikeer -- darryl nails more. >> reporter: michael taylor was reminded of the ten hour standoff with melbourne police
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inside his apartment complex. it started with the police trying to arrest taylor for alleged domestic battery from his wife but ended in gunfire. taylor ended the shootout and surrendered to the police after a local veteran's advocate asked him to stop through a robot. the state attorney office asked to deny any bond and it was approved. >> luanne: going high tech to catch coyotes. dana jay looks at what a team in indian river beach is doing. >> reporter: usually this treme treks through the woods to find an animal but today they are using a drone. when the city asked leo cross to help find the coyotes at the park he enlisted friends. the trappers expect the view from above to focus on the best place to put their traps.
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drones at another park nearby. when they do capture the coyotes they say they will relocate them. >> luanne: the orlando magic is gearing up for major road trip. it is not just going to another state but another continent. the magic are heading across the pond to london. they got one last practice in this morning before hopping on the plane for the eight hour flight. they are hoping to get a little rest in europe. the magic played seven games in 11 days and only won two of the games. thursday they will take on the toronto raptors in london. for more on all these stories check out >> bob: still ahead, a mom arrested after her baby is found alone at an orlando hotel. how she reacted when we confronted her today.
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technology in one this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free,
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are enjoying their first
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>> bob: cold out there. >> glenn: they dropped off quickly. going from upper 50s quickly down to the low 40s and that is the case now. temperatures holding tight. live radar rain-free. no clouds across the area. overall turning out to be a pretty day across the sunshine state. but again temperatures are chilly. freeze warning continuing in
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areas up to the north and west. clermont is 42, and 42 in kissimmee, and 42-44 toward christmas. by 7 am is sun is popping up. 41 in the villages. dropping off quickly, 53 in daytona beach and 41 in clermont. 43 in the villages. down just above freezing in gainesville. 10-16 degrees colder tonight compared to last night. the breeze is from the north and northwest.
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the hyatt regency orlando. north wind at six. hopefully the lights toward i i-trive are putting on a show for you. the rain chance builds and there is a chance for stronger thunderstorms late thursday overnight or early on the day friday. we will get more on the timing but right now be aware late in the week a chance of stronger storms mainly in the form of gusty winds. 65 in miami. 36 back up toward tallahassee. everybody is cooling down. the winds are light out of the north/northwest and that is the case tomorrow. here is the model showing a light northwesterly breeze. this is 4 in the afternoon. not a cloud to be had. as we get into the day on wednesday, pretty much the same thing after a cold start. temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. lots of sunshine for the
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41 in melbourne and titusville, 40-42 in metro, 38 in sanford, 28 in gainesville with a freeze likely, 31 in ocala. we will put it at 63 downtown for tomorrow afternoon. at the beach tomorrow, we are expecting high temperatures also only in the low to mid-60s. here is my seven-day forecast. starting to warm up. 66 by thursday, chance of storms late thursday night/early friday, and temperatures not too bad this weekend with 60s to 70s. i am john brown. the federal government released new and controversial dietary guidelines and we will break down what is new and explain what the fus is about. and our overnight breaking news, weather and traffic. good day orlando from 4:30-10:00 right here. >> bob: a toddler is safe after a terrifying ordeal. >> luanne: the child was found
12:57 am
hotel near the pool area. we have a live report on what happened to the mother.
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with the fox35 pump patrol: again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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>> bob: a toddler was found wandering around outside of a hotel and the mother is charged with child neglect. >> luanne: here is the story you will only see on fox. >> reporter: the woman got out of jail at 8 o'clock this evening. her baby was found alone outside of the hotel in a diaper and long sleeve shirt at 3 am. when deputies found the woman she had a bag of cannabis and uttered she had smoked marijuana earlier in the day. she covered her face with the blanket and had no comment. she was returning from the store to buy alcohol and cigarettes when another guest tracked her down. >> bob: and an orange county judge said more time is needed to decide whether the teenager
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orlando police officer should be allow allowed to bound out. anderson and his wife were in court asking the judge to keep william kelty behind bars. he is accused of running over the officer after the officer tried to pull him over and ordered the boys to get out. instead kelty took off and allegedly his the oft. his wife said he hasn't ben the same. >> memory issues, tremors, spinal cord pain, head pain, neck pain, he suffers from ptsd and depression, he has nightmares almost every single evening, he cannot pick up our three year old daughter nor hold her. >> kelty's attorney argued his client didn't try to run over the officer but was steering away when anderson fell.
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kelty can bond out or remain in jail. >> luanne: president obama will deliver this final state of the union address tomorrow night. kevin cork reports from the white house. >> reporter: optimistic is how the speech is being described. >> it is about the american people and the country. >> reporter: the president is expected to paint an optimistic look for 2016 based on 2015. also in the president's check list renewed relations with cuba, iran nuclear deal, as well as initiatives on climate change and trade. >> the big things that will guarantee a stronger, better prosperous america for our kids. the america we believe in. that is what is on my mind. >> reporter: but the list of items the president promised to
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and well documented including the failure to secure immigration reform, saying nothing of the ongoing fight in isis and syria, and ending the war in afghanistan the longest con conflict in history and closing bay. >> he feels he will do that. and that is why we will. >> you are? >> sure we are. >> reporter: critics are not so sure. another detainees was released today has some saying they think the president will empty it. >> he is preventing any successor president from undoing what he did.
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he has to give it back to the cubans. >> will he rise to the moment? based on what the white house is saying in the media is unlikely we will hear a unifying message. >> reporter: they expect the president to be conversation in the style and tone like campaign mode according to white house officials. we learned the family of the third counselmen made it possible for kim davis to attend the speech. she is the county clerk in the state of kentucky who refused to issue marriage license for same-sex couples. the white house invited one of the plaintiffs from the case that made same-sex marriage the law of the land. >> the state of the union starts 9 p.m. and we will have an analysis during the newscast following. >> bob: 911 is going high tech
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>> the next generation has to be able to send off the line from the scene to a 911 system. >> bob: details on the upgrades that will allow people to texas t and face time during an emergency. and ringling brothers retired all of the elephants in their fleet and we visit the sanctuary where they'll live. and police caught the suspect into string of jewelry heist. find out who she is and see the facebook post that led investigators right to her. that is coming up on the news at 1 # 11:00. move over golden globes. make way for the new award winners. today the honda civic driving away with the 2016 north america car of the year award and the volvo gained the truck of the
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coming from auto motive journalist. and if you like to text, at&t is bringing back unlimited data. but you have to sign up for direct tv or at&t's home tv surface. and folks living in the villages in florida seem to have no trouble paying their bills on time. the poplar retirement community
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>> bob: big changes are coming to lake county. >> technology is changing the way people can call for help when they need it. >> reporter: $118,000 in up dprad grades are on the way this lake county 911 call center. hundreds of calls come in every day. >> emergency pending. >> reporter: lake county is replacing six outdated analog emergency recording systems with new ones. gl >> it will allow us to record text and video anything coming in in the technology digital world. >> reporter: there is nothing in-house yet but the coordinator says there will be sign language support, and you will eventually be able to text 911 and he said you will eventually be able to use video, too. >> it is the next generation and
1:09 am
a scene to a 911 system in order to do so you need to have the technology to be able to record and collect that data. >> reporter: he said being able to converse with 911 via video is crucial. >> it is extremely important. if you have a fire or auto accident it would give the first responders information they don't have prior to responding today >> i think that is wonderful. >> reporter: angela smith had to call 911 while trapped into closet afraid to speak to 911. >> i would have just hit my address. >> reporter: all she could do was call 911 and stay quite. >> if he would have known i was calling the police he would have probably killed me. >> reporter: for thousands of people live saving upgrades are on the way. >> it will save lives. >> reporter: you should be able to text and video back and forth with the dispatchers within the next 18 months to two years.
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are under one roof right now. >> bob: the north american international auto show is going on in detroit. remember that hot new minivan we were talking about. a lot of blue on the map. >> glenn: welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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>> bob: the auto industry is plying high in profits. >> luanne: and detroit reflects the growth with 45 new concept cars. >> reporter: it is a different auto show with the most interesting unveiling being a soccer mom. the company is out with a new one soccer moms will not be embarrassed to be in. the chrysler pacifica is here. and chevy has a hatch back version of the cruise. mary bar behind the wheel here. vw made the transition from diesel to electric but all anyone wanted to talk about was
1:12 am
scandal. the ceo telling fox business that an agreement with u.s. officials on the fix for half a million emission test being cheated is near. >> i am confidant within the next couple weeks they might come to a conclusion. >> reporter: ford unveiled a new version of the fusion. merce mercedes with the latest take on their e-class. buic buick continues the reinvention with a car built on a chevy camero platform. it is sleek and has lots of power. it is not likely to get made any time soon unfortunately. either is this one. the audi quatro concept car. the h strands for the hydrogen.
1:13 am
likely to get much attraction. >> look up here, i am in heaven. >> bob: haunting images from david bowie's final album with the rock star dying at the age of 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. his most poplar songs live on forever. >> bob: david bowie's death two days after his birthday and the release of his final album.
1:14 am
flowers and candles outside of his apartment and in california people are remembering him at the hollywood walk of flame with candles and flowers in glitter. he is known for his androgynus look and his '70s era ziggy star dust dust. >> it is a struggling to understand how i am 20 and getting older. most people get to 20 and stay there. it didn't happen to me. i went on and on. >> bob: friends and family are leaving condolences on social media. madonna tweeting i am devastating. this script artist changed my life.
1:15 am
peter gabriel saying i was shocked to learn of david bowie's death this morning. and the "orlando sentinel" tweeted out this photo of david bowie performing at the orlando arena in 1990. >> glenn: the forecast in central florida with a chill in the area. the skies are clear across central florida and with the humidity being low the driest air mass of the season and temperatures are dropping off quick. marion, ocala, gainesville, and including flagler county you will have a freeze warning with temperatures being about freezing or just a degree or two below freezing. 61 was the high today. 61 in melbourne. 59 in sanford and 56 in gainesville.
1:16 am
compared to a couple weeks ago. 40 in deland, 53 in melbourne, 43 in leesburg, and 43 in clermont as well. the dew point numbers, the temperatures getting down into the 30s very dry air. we had dew points in the 20s. dry air. almost desert like. 32 degrees. dew point temperature up in deland and temperatures are going to be allowed to get a little colder because it so dry. here is a live picture across metro orlando and out through central florida. visit the tower cam on top of the hyatt regency. here is the planner for tomorrow. starting out in the low 40s, 62 in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine, breeze coming in light from the north. 30 in kentucky, 20 in cleveland, single digits through the northern plains, across the new england area the 20s.
1:17 am
el nino is still around but the weather pattern shifted temporarily with the colder arctic air. here is the county cast over the next seven days. no rain tomorrow or wednesday, a chance of showers late thursday night and early friday, warming up for the weekend and cooling off again beginning of next week. early morning lows 40-45 tomorrow and the cold front moving through next week as well toward monday. here is ocala and gainesville with early morning lows in the 30s the next three nights and as we get into next week expecting
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>> luanne: in tonight's o-town count. >> number three. >> a new plan to make the roads safer for bike riders in orlando. they are called share roads. nearly 50 of the roadway markings will guide the bikers to a safer paths. >> steven martin and martin short will perform at the dr. philip's performing arts center. and a ribbon cutting for the new
1:20 am
roll rollins street. the 12-story 332 bed facility offers a variety of services for women of all ages. that is tonight's o-town countdown.
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break, the
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in the division playoff and there are six new tiny fans cheering on the steelers. check out the towels being used to keep the newborns warm. wrapping the babies in the colors of the team is a tradition there in pittsburgh. >> the excitement it generates with the staff wearing their t-shirts getting in preparation for the game. they are excited and the parents
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