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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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sarah more is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a teenager and is now accused of deleteing evidence. holly bristow is live with more. >> reporter: moore has a bond at $70,000 but she is not going anywhere soon because the judge decided to revoke the bond from her previous charges. 35 year old sarah moore shaking her head as she made her first appearance before a judge this afternoon on the new charge against her. tampering with evidence. >> my understanding of the facts are that moore went to a verizon store on bond on 1/12/2016 and asked them how to remotely
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>> reporter: moore was arrested for ten counts of sexual battery on a minor and took her i-phone. moore, who was a substitute teacher, had sex with a 14 year old boy in her home and car. the boy's parents called the police after finding her son with condoms and dirty messages from the 35 year old on social media. moore was out on bond for a week before being arrested again last night. moore walked into this verizon store and asked for information on remotely delete information from her phone. the clerk looked her up and called investigators. >> the defendant's cellphone did not have a passcode because it
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at the time of the defense positive initial arrest. the phone was turned off and placed into evidence. >> reporter: there is proof moore tampered with the phone. >> the phone was removed from evidence and has a pass code that prevents law enforcement from accessing the phone. >> reporter: moore said she went to the verizon store to have one of her daughter's phone react reactivated. a new storm taking shape in the gulf. >> and due to el nino we could have severe weather on friday. glenn joins us now on what is going on. >> glenn: changes on the way as we approach the end of the week. the storm system we have been
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is looks like it is coming together and it will move across the state on friday with the threat of severe weather. the first big el nino type storm. we have smoke across the area with the controlled burn. the storm is beginning to take shape across the middle of gum. all of the models agree the system wraps up tomorrow, and works quickly toward us. this is the way it will look at about friday at 5 p.m. upper level winds very strong, it could get up to 160 miles per hour. the temperatures will not be warm, though. that is the one thing that could help us out a bit. with the storm center spinning, upper level winds strong, it looks like a line of heavy rain and potentially severe weather. the greatest risk of severe weather is further to the north in gainesville and up toward jacksonville. any tweak of the storm further
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threat over the metro as we once again head toward the early part of the afternoon and through the evening. upper 50s with smoke around. you can see the haze. 58 downtown. we will talk about the potential for frost for later on tonight. that complete forecast is coming up. and a possible delay in justice for a woman and her children. her husband is accused of the murder and the trial was set to begin next week but after the supreme court ruling of the death penalty being unconstitutional prosecutors want to put the hearing on hold. >> reporter: this last-minute hearing was set for tomorrow at 8 o'clock at the deland court house. the judge will take an hour to hear the state's motion to continue the trial against
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in today's motion, it says the state has elected to seek the death penalty. the case is set for trial on january 19th, next tuesday. yesterday, the united states supreme court issued a ruling in hearse vs florida declaring the death penalty unconstitutional that requires the judge alone to find the existence of an aggravated circumstances. they want to do this to allow time for the issues raised in the case to be addressed. they did tell the defense counsel what they were intending to do and they have said they object to this motion. we will hear what the judge has to say tomorrow. toledo is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder. if the death penalty is off the case it could change the trial. three arrest after a gas station clerk in cocoa opened fire on would be burglars.
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county to show us. darryl? >> reporter: it happened here at this chevron in cocoa next to the water tower. police say the leader of these three suspects called it a quote money mission. but it was a mission that ended in failure with one of them shot and all three of them arrested. >> give me money. >> reporter: those were the words the gas station owner who didn't want his face on camera said were uttered by this man. this man tried to rob the chevron in cocoa around 8 o'clock. >> they opened the door wearing ski masks and one hand had a bag and the other had a gun. i reached for my gun and i shot them. >> i heard a boom. >> reporter: long-tim customer wilson price was standing
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running after hearing the suspect shot several times. >> i looked back and he was staggering out the door and fell down. he is telling me to help him. i ran around that way. i was getting out of the way. >> reporter: smith planned the robbery and was watching inside a silver camero with driver wright loo was 24. he drove toward the fallen suspect who police say you can hear yelling for his friends on the gas station owner's 911 call after a gun shot. >> hello? >> 911, location of your emergency? >> yeah, can you come? >> then i saw he tried to hit me. >> reporter: police say the two backed up and sped away but were
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ledge who spotted the silver camero with bullet holes in it. high man was arrested and taken to the hospital for surgery. >> i can't do nothing. if i don't shoot them they will shoot me. >> reporter: all three suspects will be taken to jail. the one is in the hospital having surgery on that bullet wound. they all three according to cocoa police have long criminal records. in cocoa, darryl nail, fox35 news. the driver who turned himself in after running over a little boy in winter garden could bond out of jail. billy gibson went before the judge today. >> luckily the three year old boy is okay. >> his bond is set at 1100 dollars.
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boy's brother bought him a treat from an ice cream truck. he is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspend license. the lions will have to play their entire upcoming season at the citrus bowl. mike synan is live to explain what is going on here. hi, mike. >> reporter: good evening. work is already underway. in fact you can see there are still a few workers out here even after five a clock but it will not be finished in time for the season. it runs from march until early october. >> the team is making progress just not enough >> i am frustrated they promised this before. with the stadium we are in there are problems with the internet, and the attendance and getting everybody there.
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until 2017 to enjoy the stadium. many like the citrus bowl soon. >> you look at the support and it is possible that should be a target of any football club or soccer club i should say. and i am sure rawlings and his team when they moved into the new stadium. they said in a statement this will allow fans, neighbors, community, and competitors a first-class experience from the first day. the team will get more fans in the door next year in the larger citrus bowl. if you are looking for someone government. the city and team were trying to get $30 million from the state and that put them behind time on
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once they decided to go alone it was too late to get it ready for the march opening so we will see you in 2017. we want to get back to the breaking news we told you about at the top of hour. a body found outside of a nightclub near baldwin park. tiffany teasley is live with more. what is going on? >> reporter: there is a lot of police activity off the scene here. they discovered a man's body here outside of the nightclub in a grassy area. that is all officers have released so far. we see crime scene investigators on the scene. we are still waiting to learn how this man way have died and if the circumstances surrounding this death are suspicious. those are the questions that orlando police are trying to get to the bottom of right now. police have not yet released this man's identity. of course as soon as we learn any new details we will be sure
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reporting live from orange news. the heat is on. the powerball drawing is for tonight. >> and not surprisingly the lines are getting long. >> it has been non-stop and gets
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>> a closer look a news alert. stocks down. the dow down nearly 365 points, nasdaq and s&p down as well. here is insight on invex -- investments. >> it is a continuation of what
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it is called a bare market where prices go down more than anyone would think. we have not had one in seven years and we are overdue. what it does is bring the major industries down 20-30 percent so i believe there is more to go. for an investor that is watching you have to decide what is best for you. i use the sleep indicator. if you cannot sleep at night it means you have too much in the market and maybe take a few chips off the table. >> speaking of money, americans biting their nails because less than six hours from now the winning powerball numbers will be chosen and we can go home. >> $1.5 billion on the table. kelly kelly joyce shows us the hot rush. >> reporter: this manager is
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>> it has been non-stop. it keeps getting busier and busier. >> it is always busy. they say it doesn't change the average of winning but i believe you have a $100 worth of tickets and you win. i looked at the most poplar numbers. >> others leave it to chance. >> reporter: we talked to customers to find out what they would do with the money. >> buy my granddaughter a car. >> lots of cars! >> buy an island. >> give it to charity and help out my family. >> reporter: customers are playing hefty odds. mike nelson and others are watching to see the lucky numbers. >> hopefully somebody wins this time. kelly joyce, fox35 news.
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powerball numbers tonight an fox35 newt as 11:00. governor rick scott taking the bus tour through orlando saying he is on a role creating jobs and more tax cuts maybe. >> reporter: governor rick scott is celebrating the success of people getting back to work with more than a million jobs createded in the past five years. he is kicking off a state wide bus tour. he is traveling a million miles in this bus. >> a million jobs in five years! we have a lot to brag about. we are growing this economy. >> reporter: it is true for scott sim's company victory tailgate. he makes things to tailgate and plans to add a hundred more jobs this year. he said the state has helped them grow. >> there is a multiculture
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there is a huge advantage to be here. >> reporter: there is a new incentive for businesses to setup here. >> we are guaranteed to get a return for the taxpayers because we don't put out the money until the jobs are created. we get a return on investment and more jobs. we have to compete to get more manufacture and regional and corporate offices. we are competing with other states and countries. >> reporter: the governor talked about cutting more than a billion in taxes this year. he said this will help business owners like scott sims hire more people. his next stop is tampa, sun rise and other cities the rest of the week. reporting like in orlando, jackie orozco. ten u.s. sailors are safe after drifting into iranian waters and being held all night. there is controversy about a
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>> it is our mistake and we apologize apologize. the iranian's behavior was amazing while we were here. >> secretary of state john kerry said he never authorizeded any apology apologies. officials believe they had a mechanical problem. the state department noted images of prisoners are not supposed to be shown under the terms of the geneva convention. those sailors are now in qutar. all right. switching gears to weather. it has been a roller coaster of a winter. warm for a long time, cold for a few days, and then warm again. is that the trend for the entire winter? >> glenn: with el nino ups and downs we go. live radar is rain-free. a hazy, smoky evening across the area. we have burns going on out there. nothing major but enough and the way the atmosphere is setup we
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is the reason for the smoke. 44 degrees this morning in sanford, 46 in melbourne, 44 in leesburg, 37 in ocala, 35 in gainesville. we had the frost anticipated to the north and west. temperatures are cool. mid to upper 50s due to the clouds. up to the north there is a frost warning up toward i-10. that is the only area with temperatures down into the mid-30s where frost will be likely. 46 in orlando, 46 in sanford, 42 in leesburg and mid-30s toward gainesville and ocala. another chilly night but not as cold as what we had a couple nights. 58 right now. north wind currently at 7 miles per hour.
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ad advance of the storm on friday. tonight. we will warm it up for the next couple days. a wave of rain and thunderstorms will arrive on friday primarily latter part of the morning and as we go through the afternoon. we are even going to see a few showers as early as late thursday night, tomorrow night, in advance of the storm itself but the main core is during the day friday. a few showers on the back edge with another wave blowing through as we get into the day on sunday. lots of moisture, powerful upper level winds developing, forecast indicates the winds with the jet stream over north florida blowing 160 knots or so give or take. very powerful upper level winds that support severe weather. this is tomorrow evening, 7 o
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tomorrow evening we will get a wave of showers blowing through not a big deal. this is friday morning, this is friday early afternoon notice the main core goes to the north. we get the front blowing through. there is rotation around the area. we will watch for the threat of an isolated tornado also powerful winds with a few of the storms as we go through the day on friday. 67 tomorrow, 76 with storms on friday, skies clear and good day saturday, and a chance of scattered little showers on sunday. more generosity in orlando tonight. police lit the streets to give out more donated coats and blankets in need and brought the rest to the coalition to the families >> the community has been great. it is very heartwarming. yesterday was non-stop with colds. everyone can relate to being
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and not having a jacket or cold when you are out on the this community. >> orlando police are thinking of doing it it again in the near future due to the success. do you have the latest i-phone? your technology is about to fall behind. >> that is always the case. straight ahead, fox business
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i-phone 7 yeyeahah, , ththatat's's r rigightht. . d deaeall didivava c comomining g ththrorougugh.h. yoyou u sesee e alall l mymy b bogogosos,, mymy w weeeeklkly y adad.. jujustst w waiait t titillll y youou s seeee mymy s savaviningsgs.. anand d brbracace e yoyoururseselflf.. ththe e didigigitatal l cocoupupononss arare e cocomimingng n nexext.t. lolookok a at t heher,r, s so o prprououdd ofof h herer m momommama.. y youou s savaveded q quiuitete a a b bitit t tododayay gogo a aheheadad. . sasay y itit.. chcha-a-chchining!g! ththanank k yoyouu ththe e weweekeklyly a ad,d, b bogogosos anand d cocoupuponons.s. ththreree e eaeasysy w wayays s toto s savavee atat t thehe s samame e plplacacee yoyou u loloveve t to o shshopop.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng
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we have seen it happen in other areas and mow it looks like a house fire that broke out in port st. john in brevard county was started by a hoverboard. there it is. firefighters managed to put that fire out quickly and thankfully no one was hurt. the rumor about the i-phone the phone water-proof but that is not all. geri willis is here with more. >> we have big expectations whenever they start a new number we have big expectations about pen. one of the things they are talking about is no head phone jack. and i think a lot of people are
5:25 pm
is planned. it would be a lightning port used instead because the idea is to get the phone thinner so it is lighter weight. >> what are the cons and pros? a con being the no jack. any pros? water-proof maybe? is that true? >> that is right. it would be lighter weight, battery would last longer, it would make it easier to make it water-proof. so there are pros. but i think, at this point, i think apple users are in a prove-it-to-me mode. we have seen so many improvements and upgrades. samsung has already done wireless charging so we will have to wait and see what they come up with. >> it is highlighting the issue of android users saying we had that. what is special apple is getting it but they have great market marketing.
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have they hit a ceiling where they cannot do better? >> you are asking a good question. and this is a question apple is asking which is why the share prices are struggling. people are wondering what else can you get? can you get a new product to market that will have the kinds of excitement around it that we have seen in the past. lots of people are critical of the company right now. >> this product isn't scheduled to come out until september? >> yeah, we are talking about the rumors of a product not on the market yet. it is a lot of rumor. people watch this company very closely. >> we will have to wait and see. thank you, geri, appreciate it.
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securi it is what people feared but didn't want to believe. marion county investigators believe remains they found late last year are likely that of johnny rad. the mentally disabled man vanished back in february 2016. >> david williams has more from investigators and the man's family. >> reporter: almost two years past since seeing johnny who had the mental capacity of a child and turned 51 this year. >> it has been hard. christmas time you miss him. >> reporter: he vanished february 2014 with a massive search effort launched to try to find him. the investigation into his
5:28 pm
since day one. in november of last year human bones were found. >> we received information that is it is probably the bones found could be johnny's. >> it is not the outcome i wanted. i was hoping to find him alive. >> reporter: thick woods like this one surround the home. johnny's father tells me those remains were found just seven miles from their house. the marion county sheriff's office doesn't have final conformation and stress this is preliminary but told the family the information and are waiting for the final lab report. >> we are definitely hoping we can identify this is him to confirm that so that family has that closure they need. >> i was hoping it would be different. but i don't know yet. >> reporter: the marion county sheriff's office says the fdle
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back in about two weeks. reporting in marion county, david williams, fox35 news. now to a crime alert. the hunt is on for the person who attacked an elderly woman out walking her dog. she was walking on south atlantic avenue when attacked in broad daylight before 1 p.m. tuesday. the victim is scared to show her face but did talk to us about what happened to her. >> this kid came around, hit me in the side of the head. it happened so fast. all i could do was scream and i yelled help as loud as i could and he took off running. >> police say the suspect is a dark skin man, 20s, thin build, and a scar on the left side of his face. no leads on a motive. a daycare worker arrested accused of throwing water in the face of an autistic three year old. >> you are titany littlepage is
5:30 pm
>> reporter: former daycare worker tiffany little page went n in front of a judge after deputies say she abused a three year old in her care. >> apparently you no longer have a job, is that right? >> that is correct. >> reporter: the school off state road 54 fired littlepage after the incident. a three year old boy was playing with her water bottle and to punish him she through water in the child's face. >> i would have been upset had it been my daughter. >> reporter: this woman's daughter goes to the daycare and she said it is out of character. >> total shock. unless other things we didn't know about. the kids seem to be happy with her. >> reporter: deputies say other workers told them littlepage
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special needs children for unjust punishment. the daycare owner apologized for the actions, fired her training. >> it happened at our school so we feel horrible. that. it is out of bounds. they are not trained that way. >> in line of recent attacks, area theme parks are now increasing their security. we look at what the parks are planning and what this means for guest. first, glenn. >> forecast in central florida, the clouds are thickening and chance of storms going up but how much rain will be get later on in the week?
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>> first the fox35 pump patrol: plenty to talk about after president obama's last state of the union address. an interesting moment was the president's expression of regret. he had if there is one thing he could change he wishes the two parties could work together getter in congress. >> that is one of the few regreets of my president. that the rank and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better.
5:33 pm
the gifts of lincoln or roosevelt might have better bridged the divide. i will keep trying to be better as long as i hold this office. >> joining me on the power panel tonight is peoples and ware. our political insiders. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> how do you thing the president did during his final state of the union address? >> i think he showed a swagger that all last-term presidents give in their last state of the union have. he showed that swagger. but ultimately he fell back on the same ideals that have really revealed that he just doesn't grasp the issues as president. he is a brilliant man. but he doesn't grasp those issues that are hurt the american people, making the american people say that, yeah, you say the unemployment is at 5% but we still can't find jobs because we stopped looking
5:34 pm
because of what obamacare has done to our jobs. so what we saw from the president is more of the same. more of the same rhetoric. and it is very disengenius to say we need to look past hatred and get along as we agree with him. that is not america. he needs to understand people have differences with him that are not based in race but in terrible policies he championed before becoming president. >> do you think he missed the mark or was he on point? >> he was absolutely on point. he came into office with two wars, dealing with a huge oil spill, a lot of people have short-term memories and forget what we walked into. he was right on target last night and did a really good job. >> it seemed to me the president
5:35 pm
the issue of chair -- terrorism and downplayed the threat of isis is to the country. did you get that as well? >> i think everyone of a reasonable mind did. if you look back at history, president truman could have complained and wined that he inherited the problems dealing with world war ii but didn't do that. he took the reins and took control and did what he could to defeat the powers. but president obama has done nothing but make excuses, wines and cried and made an effort to say i inherited all of this. he knew that coming into the game and if he uses that excuse he should have never run. >> he talked about not hating religions and other cultures. don't you think he was talking about trump without saying his name specifically? >> absolutely. if we are going to have leaders
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understand you cannot go around slamming other races and religions. it is just not american. it really isn't. and i think he really spoke to donald trump last night and hopefully trump heard him. >> thank you both so much. we appreciate you coming in tonight. we are following breaking news. this is the southbound lanes of john wane parkway at colonial. you can see a car flipped over. there are firefighters and police officers on the scene right now. but this is causing traffic issues in the area. no word yet on who was inside. if it was just a driver or if there were any passengers inside and if anyone was hurt in this accident. this is happening along
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continual to follow th right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from
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eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month for 12 months. orlando theme parks are not just magical experiences but now there is more security. disney and universal need to hire hundreds of people to get the kind of protection they want.
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thanks for being with us. just last months, disney world and universal added those metal detectors to the entrances of their facilities. now they are adding more security guards. do we know why they are doing this? >> well, i think this is just part of a general beefing up in security at theme parks around the country. experts say given what happened in paris and san bernardino you can really expect entertaining venues in general to be thinking about security more. disney in particular started out with a third party company that was operating the metal detectors and they are bringing that operation in-house. that is driving a lot of the hiring they are doing of the security guards. >> sandra, do we know how many security guards the parks are hiring? >> we don't. the parks wouldn't get into that level of detail. although again experts we talk to say given the nature of the
5:40 pm
are probably going to be pretty large especially at disney if they are going to take over the operation of the metal detectors and that is something that needs to be staffed heavily. >> are you expecting to see more changes when it comes to security at the parks? >> yeah, we have seen other things beside metal detectors. new rules in affect with tight restrictions on costumes. you have seen patrols with the past few weeks. so there is a lot of these incremental things we are seeing and experts we talked to say they expect to see more things. one possibility they threw out is disney asked for permission to fly drones at nighttime and shows for entertainment but experts said that could be something used for security later on. >> very interesting. thank you so much for being with
5:41 pm
about your story in the "orlando sentinel." >> thanks for having me. >> glenn: forecast in central florida is drone-free. scanning the skies and not picking up on rain but there is clouds. temperatures are moving basically back down to the 40s. there is colder pockets to the north where temperatures will drop to the 30s with frost. the other big story is in addition to the chilly weather is the prospect for rain on friday. this is the rain fall forecast taking us through friday afternoon basically about an inch of rain in the metro. a little bit less to the north around leesburg. and heavier amounts up where the low pressure center is going to be again with the threat of severe weather as we go through friday afternoon. any tweak north or south of the projected path of that low pressure center will greatly change these numbers for rain fall. but basically right now we are expecting about half an inch to an inch of rain.
5:42 pm
night and the main batch coming in during the day on friday. temperatures earlier this afternoon did top out in the promised. 57 in sanford. temperatures are running cooler now compared to yesterday at the same time because of the clouds and the smoke. this is our live picture across central florida toward i-drive with the visit orlando tower cam up on top of the hyatt regency orlando. 58 and a north wind at 7 miles per hour right now. here is a look at the planner tomorrow. starting out in the mid to upper 40s, 67 in the afternoon, clouds thickening with a chance of showers late in the evening. here is the county by county seven-day forecast. 67 tomorrow, 76 on friday for the metro with an 80% chance of storms and next week cooler with highs in the 60s and lows back
5:43 pm
chance of storms 70% along the coastline on friday and a slight risk of severe weather. low 60s for day time highs next week. this stop takes us to the ocala-gainesville area. 65 tomorrow, 71 for a high on friday with a hundred percent chance of showers and storms, and look at the highs next week, 50s and overnight lows going back into the 30s. it looks like as we head toward the end of the week and approaching the weekend big changes on the way. >> glenn, thank you. a cellphone case covered in unicorns is causing serious injuries to a little
5:44 pm
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trending tonight. this is a nasty burn on her leg. a young girl in the uk said a poplar cellphone case cracked and leaked acid on her leg scars. the mom said she had third-degree burns. the case featured unicorns and rainbows. sapphire. she wanted christmas cards and america delivered with more than
5:47 pm
her family hired volunteers to make sure every card is read. >> reporter: america's oldest teacher turned 102 years old on tuesday and works 12 hours a week teaching pre-k at a private school. the students call her granny. check it out. she started working as a teacher at the age of 81. >> i have no right to complain about anything because she is dealing with elementary students at 102. >> and you can find our passion still at 81. we love to soak up the sun much to the detriment of our skin. >> with fun in the sun comes
5:48 pm
researchers a new blood test might
5:49 pm
track the spread of advanced melanoma. dr. joe is here. what does the current blood test do and what the new one is doing to advance it. >> sure. the current blood test is stream. it is not specific to melanoma and it is not really sensitive so it is not always elevated when you do have melanoma. the newer test is more specific so what it is looking for is the dna fragment of the melanoma itself itself. it is looking for the genetic finger print that is specific to melanoma. >> now far in advance can this detect something? >> they looked at people who already had melanoma. i don't know how far back we can
5:50 pm
i guess it depends on how good the test becomes. they looked at individuals who were pre-treated and known to have melanoma. they picked it up in 80% of the cases. the other blood test only picked up 30% of the cases. the other thing that is really, really promising is the reoccurrence of melanoma. when they looked at individuals where the melanoma was coming back it it picked up 85% of the cases and when they used the other blood test only half. it looks promising. the study was relatively small at this point but then again we are looking for these liquid biopsies. the science and technology is getting better at deteching tiny quantities of things circulating in the blood stream -- detecting. >> it sounds promising.
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a powerball pool you can buy into it but it will cost you $500. a central florida man
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