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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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january 14th. i'm ryan elijah. i'm gina benitez. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- three lucky people finally drew the winning numbers in the powerball -pot! one of those tickets was purchased in the sunshine state. more details coming up. plus-- orlando authorities looking for the person... who attacked two women outside an apartment complex. we'll show you some 'ew%11nce video. .. orange county school leaders will discuss starting school later! more on the public workshop they're holding this afternoon.
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powerball winners! last night... tickets in california, tennessee, and florida matched all of the winning numbers. those numbers were 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball of 10. at one point five billion dollars...this was the highest- jackpot prize ever for the powerball it started at just 40-million dollars back in november. in california, officials say the winning ticket was purchased at a gas station in chino hills. locals there say-- they're celebrating the big win.
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the locations in florida and tennessee. we will let you know as soon as we know. meanwhile-- sh to limit the number of scratch- off games in florida is moving forward in tallahassee. a house committee just passed the bill yesterday. it still has to pass several steps before it becomes law. the bill aims to limit the number of games- that one lawmaker says- are most popular in the state's poorest neighborhoods. some tickets cost 25 dollars a piece. the bill would require a 5 dollar price limit. it would also cut the number of games from 79 to 20. a crime alert now-- two women attacked at the 'fountains at millenia' apartments on millenia boulevard. now, police are asking you to help identify the man captured on video. fox 35's tiffany teasley has the latest. a news alert now-- asian stock markets are down across the
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meaning it could be another bad day on wall street. the economic issues on the other side of causing the u-s stock markets to reach historic lows.
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companies-- like apple-- have a big customer base in china.... and are now taking a hit in the markets. the dow was down 364 points at the yesterday. seven people are dead after an explosion inside a starbucks in indonesia. three others were killed in the attack. police say the explosions... then a gun battle broke out with police for more than an hour. right now it's unclear if other suspects are at large. at this time--no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. and the suicide bomber who attacked istanbul had registered as refugee last week. the attack on tuesday killed 10 people. turkish officials say fingerprints allowed them to identify the man quickly. they also say the bomber wasn't on any turkish or international watch list of isis militants. a hearing is set for today to discuss the death penalty in a volusia county murder case. just this week-- the supreme court ruled that florida's death penalty law is unconstitutional. so now-- luis toledo's defense team wants his trial put on hold as the
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what will happen with all future cases. toledo is charged with 2 counts of first degree murder and 1 count of 2nd degree murder in the deaths of his wife yesseina suarez and her two children. the family vanished from their deltona xl6 jtheir bodies have never been found. a 15-year-old brevard county boy is accused of murdering his baby sister. the sheriff's office says--noah walls intentionally hit 21- month-old riley mullins on sunday. the girl was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. walls is charged with 2nd degree murder. developing this morning-- investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened... after a teen is hit and killed by a car. fox 35's valerie boey has the details. happening today-- orange county *ders will consider later school start times for teenagers. happening today-- orange county
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school start times for teenagers. the district will have a workshop in the afternoon to study the pro's and cons. pushing back high school start times would cost the county millions of dollars, mostly because the district will need to buy *uses, and hire more drivers. but advocates say it will be worth the cost in the long run. the school board will not make a final decision at today's workshop... ...but they will come up with 8 different options and decide
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coming up next-- tonight... the g-o-p candidates will gather in south carolina... for the first presidential debate of the new year. a lot of hot topics will be on the agenda tonight. coming up... we'll have a preview of
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on twitter, or tweet us-- just use #g-d-o developing at this hour-- u-s defense officials are ruling out mechanical issues as to why 10 u-s sailors ended up in iranian territorial waters. the finding comes as some claim the
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the sailors surrendering... is a conventions. they specifically ban photographing prisoners and releasing images that publicly humiliate them. the state department is also denying it apologized to iran... as iranian state news claims. the f-b-i is now officially investigating last week's shooting of a philadelphia police officer... as an "act of terrorism". edward archer is accused of shooting officer jesse hartnett as he sat in his patrol car last thursday. police say archer confessed to the shooting... and told investigators he had allegiance to isis. harnett is recovering in the hospital... where he'll require 3 surgeries. the u-s defense secretary says isis must be stopped in syria... if there is any hope of defeating the terrorist group. secretary carter is calling on congress to approve a "more agressive" approach against the extremists. paris next week... where carter's meeting with european leaders... commit more resources to the fight against isis. candidates are
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south carolina... ahead of tonight's prime-time g-o-p the debate is set to time on the fox fox news waldman has more. waldman-evening- debate-1/13 category: aehq / item: 90a block: evening slug: joel waldman evening insert- fbn/gop debate 1/13 source: fox / pool runs: 1:09++ notes: ++check wires embargo: nns (anchor intro) already arriving in south carolina... ahead of tomorrow night's prime time g- o-p presidential debate there. the debate is set to air at 9pm eastern on the fox business network. fox news correspondent joel waldman has the latest from the debate site in north charleston, south carolina. (take pkg) chyrons: 0:15-0:25 sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate a form substitute teacher accused of
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teen in osceola county... is arrested again! still ahead... why authorities say she :%q! evidence. plus-- a car that was frozen solid in buffalo, new york is finally free. how they were able to remove the car from it's icy cage--straight ahead. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's
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ringling brothers and barnum & bailey kick off the first of their five shows at the amway center tonight. the show starts at 7-30... but all ticketholders can come an hour early for the all access pre-show. you can meet the performers, get autographs and take photos. the circus' last show in orlando is monday at 1 o'lcok. police identifed the body of a man, found behind an orlando nightclub. that story kicks off our morning rush. police tell us the victim is 43-year-old "essex taylor the third." they are investigating the case as a suspicious death. someone found his body behind the gilt nightclub, off east
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we will bring you more details when we get them. the trial against a former f-i-t student is set for march, after he pleaded not guilty. 24 year old hamid rehaif entered the plea yesterday. investigators say he was in the country illegally, when they busted him in december. they say he was holed up in a melbourne hotel room with guns and a lot of ammo. this is all that is left of a hoverboard, after it caught on fire. firefighters responded to the call, at a home in port saint john yesterday. no one was hurt. the fire did burn some carpet, a wall, and caused smoke damage. in osceola county-- a former substitute teacher is arrested for a second time-- accused of tampering with evidence. sara moore is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a teen. police say moore helped investigators remove the password from her phone. then they turned it off-- and put it in evidence. investigators say they got a call from a clerk at a st. cloud verizon store. the clerk told them
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she could delete things remotely from her phone...saying "she was in trouble with the police." prosecutors say moore did tamper with her phone remotely. she's being held on 75-thousand dollars bond. an update on a weather alert in new york state. a man's car became frozen after a rough storm over the weekend. water from lake erie splashed up, and covered the car. yesterday, a towing company worked to get the car free. they eventually got it. buffalo news reporter john hickey tweeted this picture of crews freeing the car from its icy shell. you can see the freed blue car in the
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turning now to
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are getting ready to
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fans in london. the magic are playing the raptors, at o-2 arena. it is an early tip for us. the game starts at three o clock this afternoon, our time. orlando has been struggling in 2016. the magic have lost five of six to begin the new year. they slipped down to eighth place in the eastern conference. the raptors are second in the east. toronto is on a nugame winning streak. orlando city soccer club fans will have to wait a little longer to see the lions play in their new stadium. the team says the will not be ready until march of 2017. the lions hoped to play there at some point in the 2016 season. construction on the new stadium got and crews have not been able to make up the time. so the lions will season in the citrus bowl. and big n-f-l coaching news. according to multiple sources, the giants are close to promoting coordinator, ben mcadoo, to head coach. new york is looking to replace tom coughlin. mcadoo has been the giants' offensive coordinator for the past two seasons -- his only two seasons ever as a coordinator. he never has been a
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praise for his work with quarterback eli manning. and he interviewed with the eagles for their head coach opening last week. coming up next-- the wife of a man killed in a shooting at a pasco county movie theater... is taking legal action against the theater itself. why she says employees could have prevented her husband's death. remember the florida "zombie cat" that clawed it's way out of a grave? the cat has since been with a foster family. still ahead... we'll tell you how that little guy is doing today! you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's we'll be right back. taking a live look at .
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trending right now-- this could be bad news for fans of the boy band "one direction." there are now rumors... that the group might be parting ways! sources say each of the guys wants a solo career--but not necessarily in singing. the group -- which got its start on the show "x factor" -- is set to release a new music video for their r"!e a.m." time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. first-- a hillsborough county school bus driver is facing
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u students inside! this all happened yesterday afternoon, along u-s highway 301 in riverview police say the driver collided with another car-- after trying to make a left turn. police say there were more than 30 elementary students on board at the tiime of the crash. but there were only minor injuries. the bus driver was cited with failure to yield. new developments in a deadly movie theater shooting in pasco county from three years ago. now-- the victim's wife is suing the theater where her husband was killed. curtis reeves is accused of shooting and killing chad oulson in an argument over texting. oulson's wife and her attorneys filed a civil lawsuit against the movie theater, claiming negligence. the complaint says they had a responsibility to de-escalate the situation-- but instead did nothing. reeves will appear in court later this year. in hillsborough county-- remember zombie cat? we're now getting .te on how the little guy is doing. here's how "bart the cat" used to look. he was nicknamed "zombie cat" because he clawed his way out of shallow grave after being buried by accident. bart was in bad shape when he went
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but with a little t- l-c... his foster parents say he is thriving. bart is in foster care right now--but the couple is looking into adopting the cat. on the business watch-- a new report suggests car prices won't be going up. plus-- one american city is suffering from a serious bedbug problem. fox's charles payne has the details in "fox means business." slug: bc-fox-92-fox-
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drawings... three lucky people got the winning numbers in the powerball jackpot! one of those tickets was drawn right here in the sunshine state. we've got the details. plus-- the g-o-p candidates will gather in south carolina tonight... for the first presidential debate of the new year. a lot of hot topics are expected to be discussed-- we'll have the
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