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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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all around your home. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month for 12 months. i'm amy kaufeldt. here is a look at this morning's top stories.
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first-- a weather alert... the radar is lit up with rain... and strong storms are on their way. meteorologist jayme king is tracking those storms-- and will have the details on when they are expected to hit! right now we have live team coverage. fox 35 reporter jackie orozco is chasing the storms... and checking the problems. her in a moment.
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pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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reselling used tickets to disney parks! orange county deputies say the trio sold them out of this gas station near the disney entrance off of highway 535. this is how the scheme worked. if someone came in --looking for tickets--the suspects would sell them used multi-day tickets... that they said still had a few days on them. two problems though. first--selling used theme park tickets is illegal. second-- undercover deputies say those tickets did not have as many left on them as the suspects claimed. disney's security investigator tells us... all three suspects had been kicked-out of their parks in the past... because of similar schemes. developing at this hour... u-s defense secretary ash carter says a "navigation error" is to blame for 10 u-s sailors drifting into iranian waters. 10 sailors were detained because of the mishap. the state department says iran
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did not violate geneva conventions by sharing pictures of the sailors it detained... because the u-s is not at war with iran. a man accused of killing a florida woman in florence, italy... has been arrested. an attorney for 27- year-old cheik diaw says his client reacted "badly" when ashley olsen pushed him out of her apartment last friday. olsen's body was found the next day... showing signs of strangulation. indonesian police have arrested three men accused of taking part in yesterday's attacks in jakarta. investigators say they also found an "isis flag" in the home of one of the men... supporting claims that the terror group orchestrated the attack that killed two people... and five of the attackers. the first january hurricane in the atlantic ocean in nearly 80-years... is j9tensity as it heads toward land. hurricane alex is packing sustained winds of 80-miles- per-hour right now. yesterday its winds were maxing out at 85-miles-per-hour. while alex is slowing down... the national hurricane center says it should remain
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around its current strength through sunday. right now hurricane conditions are still expected over the portugal island "azores" tmorning. the last time a january hurricane
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on the business watch-- after one of the worst starts to any year... the stock market is looking to eback. but today's tumble in china might kill the momentum. the dow jumped 228 points yesterday... closing with its best day since early december. the s-&-p 500 jumped as well... going up 1.7%. and the nasdaq
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following a calmer day in china on thursday. but today... asian markets began dropping again. over the past couple of days... the federal reserve has indicated future interest rate hikes could be delayed by the slowing economy. amazon is cutting the price for new prime members... this weekend only. beginning at midnight... the membership goes on sale for 73-dollars. normally it'll cost you 99-dollars. the price is meant to celebrate the 73rd annual golden globe awards. the company is also making the first two seasons of its critically acclaimed show "mozart in the jungle" free for everyone... through sunday. you may not think twice about it... but a-t-m and overdraft fees cost americans six-billion dollars last year alone. and that's just when you factor in the country's three largest banks... according "s-n-l financial". right now presidential candidate bernie sanders is campaigning on capping a-t-m fees at 2-dollars... and hillary clinton has also called the fees
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an issue that must be addressed. coming up in our next half hour-- the supreme court's decision to overturn the state's death penalty is affecting one volusia county case. today-- a judge is expected to decide if the trial should be delayed... the details--straight ahead. plus-- we are continuing to follow the storms making their way into our area. we'll check back in with jayme king for more on when they
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welcome back... i'm amy kaufedlt. i'm ryan elijah. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- a weather alert... the radar is lit up with rain... and strong storms are on their way. meteorologist jayme king is tracking those storms-- and will have the details on when they are expected to hit! right now we have live team coverage. fox 35 reporter jackie orozco is chasing the storms... and checking the roads for any problems.
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then-- a former u-c-f player in the m-l-s we are going to tell what connection he already has to the team. but first, let's get
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we continue our team coverage with fox 35's jackie
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roads. how's it looking out there jackie?
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donald trump and senator ted cruz battle it out in the latest g-o-p debate. while both men are getting high marks for their performances ... the other candidates struggled to get much attention. shively has more. trt-1:31 oc-sig out today--
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penalty case in volusia county should be delayed. that story kicks off our morning rush. this week--the supreme court declared the florida death penalty unconstitutional. luis toledo is charged with first degree murder. he's accused of killing his wife and her two children. telodo would have faced a possible death sentenced if convicted. now prosecutors are asking for a 60- day delay to sort out the impact of the supreme court decision. the defense is fighting that delay. orlando police are now investigating a suspicious death as a homocide. this comes-- after the body of a man was found behind the "gilt" nightclub in orlando wednesday afternoon. police say the victim is 43-year-old "essex taylor the third." that club is off east colonial drive -- near downtown orlando. police say .. they do not have a cause of
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volusia county deputies are searching for the person who shot and killed a family's pets. last week a lake helen family's goose and duck were found dead. then on tuesday--a neighbor's cat was also killed. the family thinks kids are to blame... but are still worried for their other pet's safety... and are sending a warning to the community. the magic's trip across the pond... ends with disappointment. orlando sentinel sports columnist mike bianchi.. and host of "open mike" on the new f-m, ninety-six-nine, the game ... joins us live to talk about it. magic lose in england. the london fog continues. where is this team headed? orlando city drafts cyle larin's best
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draft and also take a player from ucf. bucs are one of the last team's to fill their coaching opening, but they will likely name dirk koetter sometime
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you can catch mike bianchi on "open mike" from 6 am - 9 am on the new f-m, ninety-six-nine, the game. sometimes you hear
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that seem out of date... and that's exactly what this is. turns out in florida--it's illegal to live a significant other that you're . straight ahead-- we are going to take a look at the fight to get that law and it's
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it's a strange law-- in florida if you want to live with your significant .i9. you need to be married! then penalty--500 dollars fine and 60 days in jail. the law dates back to 18-68.
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florida and michigan are the only states where the law still exists. but now the florida senate is looking to repeal it. while one person did show up to the senate asking to keep the law... several want it gone. some say it's not just young people living together.. but seniors who are widowed and won't remarry. senators voted unanimously to get rid of the law... the same bill in the had a hearing yet. legislators have until march to pass it. a winter weather the first big snowfall of the season hit parts of the northeast... bringing more than jsnow in some areas. the freezing temperatures also effecting parts of the midwest... ...where ice and slippery roads led to a few car accidents. the warm weather isn't totally gone though--
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temperatures are expected to rise in .northeast the next couple days, before dropping back down below iing through
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toss to john at the wall your first headline comes from "the new york daily news." it reads-- "turkey flies on airliner with passengers as 'emotional support animal.'" delta let a live turkey onto one of its flights earlier this month. it was allowed because the bird counted as an "emotional support animal".. which is a service animal. the turkey stood on a wheelchair to get through the
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airport... and you can see it stood on the chair in the plane! another delta flight attendant posted these pictures of a different "emotional support turkey"... so wasn't the first delta. your next headline comes from "fox news latino." it reads-- "ex 'power ranger' ricardo medina charged with murder in roommate's stabbing." the former "power gers" star was arrested on suspicion of murder this week in california. the weapon he used-- was unique to his t-v role. the district attorney's office says-- medina got into an argument with his roommate-- and it ended in a stabbing. the weapon... was a sword. you can see-- one of the 'power ranger' characters medina used to play-- used a sword. he faces 26 years to
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life, if convicted. your final headline comes from "a-o-l." it reads-- "cautionary tale: this iphone feature lead to a $2,000 monthly bill." a san francisco teenager found out... a new iphone feature... led to him racking up a 2- thousand dollar phone bill. the teen says his phone's "wifi-assist" feature is to blame. apple added it in an operating-system update last september. "wifi assist" senses when your wifi signal is weak... and makes up for it by using data. it's a way of keeping your internet from crashing, or being slowthe teen says he didn't even know it was on... until it was too late. if you have an i- phone... you can turn "wifi assist" off in
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coming up next-- there's a new fight over uber in miami! why new legislation in the county could get rid of the ride- sharing service altogether! plus-- authorities in tampa now looking for the thieves behind an un-thinkable crime. they say someone stole remains from a family's grave! the details-- next. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the
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world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that'
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around florida. police say someone stole remains from a soleum in hillsborough county. this happened at a private family mausoleum in tampa. the family says thieves stole a skull and other remains... from their relatives who died in the 19- 90s. signs warn of surveillance cameras... but police say there were none. officers say they
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found a rusty, broken lock on the ground-- leaving them to wonder when the theft actually happened. we're now hearing from someone who called police on "backstreet boy" nick carter. art levin is the manager of the "hog's breath" bar in according to police friend michael papayans -- were appearing "highly intoxicated." the two were asked to leave. that's when the pair became physically aggressive. carter and his friend were both was charged with misdemeanor battery. he was released from jail on 15- \*rs bond. there's a new battle over uber in miami! according to the miami herald-- the ride-sharing service is asking the public to write to commissioners... in an effort to keep uber in miami-dade county. commissioners are voting on a measure-- that would change the way the county screens uber drivers. but company officials say... that
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measure would make it "impossible" for uber to continue operating there at all. commissioners will meet to vote on that ordinance next wednesday. taking a look at what we're working on for good day orlando at six. first.. we are tracking severe weather coming to central florida in a few hours. jayme king will have all the details in your full weekend forecast. and all new: hundreds of hyatt hotels were infected with malware recently. coming up on good day orlando... what customers need to do right away... to *q("!eir
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