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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  January 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> now on fox 35 news. >> an elderly woman roughed up during a home invasion. neighbors noticed something wasn't right and ran to help. >> when i moved over to look at the drivers there were two men inside unidentified wearing hoods. >> a 13 year old boy accused of taking a school bus on a joy ride and doing some damage along the way. plus, one little boy just became the coolest kid on the playground thanks to some very generous ucf students. fox 35 news at 10 starts now. >> and we begin wat fox 35 crime alert from osceola county, kissimmee police need your help to find two daismg rs men. >> officers say the two burglars
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locked her en her own bathroom. this is a com posit sketch. the burglary happened last night along the 1800 block of broin street in kissimmee, and fox 35's dana jay has the story from that neighborhood. >> the woman told police she woke up and saw two men standing over her. she also said they ripped the phone off the wall and locked her in the bath r. thanks feal a neighbor saw something that didn't seem quite right and called 911. something just wasn't right in the driveway of the home where an 85 year old woman live shuns it wasn't her in the car, there were two people wearing hoods. >> the neighbor qhoo had walked across the street to see what was up ran back home and called 911. >> i didn't know what if they had weapons or anything. i do not know if they're still in there. she does live alone
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the residence at all. >> to find the men in her bedroom, she thought it was her grandson playing a prank. it wasn't. she helps officers make a sketch of one of the suspects. police say the other suspect is a light-skinned black man between 5-5 and 5-7 wearing black clothing. his face was covered. the woman told detectives they demanded money and pills and kicked her before locking her up minutes. they allegedly to steal a car and that's when they attracted attention. >> rich sylvester says he tried to get a good look at his suspect as they ran through their yard. >> by the time i made it over there and hopped the fence i could hear them hitting the other one like i said i knew i then. >> there is enough information from the woman to put together this sketch.
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things like that, they don't need to be on the streets. the faster we get this news out there everybody will be happier and safer. >> if you recognize the people in these sketches you can call kissimmee police or crime line at 1-800- 423-tips. you leave a tip there anonymously. dana jay fox 35 news. >> this is a live look in downtown orlando tonight. you can call it the calm after the storm. mother nature gave central florida quite a soaking this morning. last night we warned you that there was a potential for severe weather. >> thunderstorms did roll through but thankfully no major damage was reported. it was just before noon when the heavy rain and strong winds drenched our area of i-4 west bound, a semi truck jack knifed and hit a barricade near princeton street. while the cause of this crash is still under investigation, it
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mateland crews were busy today repairing power lines. did take down some power lines instead. check out the pouring rain just pounding the window of this home. the question is now well, can we expect more storms this weekend? that's where meat chief meteorologist glenn richards comes into play. >> the calm between the storms, the big storms hitting earlier today, but also another batch is on the way for first thing sunday morning and a batch on sunday looks to be about as strong, maybe even a little bit stronger. so there is another severe threat for central florida. right now live radar is rain-free, the skies cleared out quickly for today, the replay of the squall line blowing through the area. all the warm air stayed trap down to the south, but that is where the tornadoes occurred. if that warm air had made it we would have had tornadoes today. the warm air was trapped well
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there goes the first front. next storm, there it is. western texas. i know it doesn't look like much but as we go through the weekend and by early sunday morning another low is going to form in the gulf of mexico due to el nio, going to quickly swing through the state in this one and right now based on the computer models is moving right toward central florida so we wouldn't get the warmer air, and because of that we maybe have a rotating thunder storm threat. >> you can track the weather 24-7 by downloading our free fox 35 weather app just text iphone or android to 87057. >> developing tonight from volusia county a debury man's body found in the river. >> today just after 2 at the sub
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fishing here on a pier found a body in the water. neighbors and family watched today as dive crews and investigators pulled walter mckinnon's body from the water. >> my dad was my best friend. i loved my dad more than anything and he did anything he could to help everybody no matter who they were. >> family reported mckinnon missing monday night, they saw him last sunday night. deputies say right now they don't know how mckinnon died. >> right now it's just an investigation of a death. >> joanne rogan says this scene is all too familiar. her ex-husband was found floating in the st. johns river in 2012 just a few miles from here. >> i went through this three years with my ex-husband at high banks and he was found at marker 82. we had no closure. >> deputies aren't making any connections to the case from today.
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it's just heartbreaking that this has happened now. >> they have no official cause of death right now. they're wait thong medical examiner, we're told it could take until about tuesday to have those results. in debury, kelly joyce, fox 35 new. >> also in volusia county, a judge agrees to delay the murder trial of toledo, accused of killing his wife and her two children in 2013. the prosecution plans to seek the death penalty in this case, but they asked for the delay after the u.s. supreme court ruled this week florida's death penalty procedures are unconstitutional. that ruling from the high court is forcing the florida supreme court to hear arguments regarding the case of a man already on death row. carrie michael lamryks is supposed to be put to death on february 11. with this latest ruling, lawyers have asked the state supreme court to indefinitely postpone
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the court has refused to do that, but they will hear oral arguments on whether the supreme court ruling specifically impacts this case. rsh new at 10, it's hard to take a joy ride in a big, yellow school bus, but one student in lake county learned that les thn hard way today. tracy jacim reports. >> it was here at the corner of whiteman avenue and beecher street when leesberg police say they finally caught up with some and stopped a 13 year old driving a lake cient school bus. a traffic stop almost five miles from where the youngster began his criminal joy ride. here i am at the bus depot where some of the lake county school buses are parked. what happened was the bus driver had parked the bus right here. he used the restroom inside, and while she's inside the route manager hears a bang and sees
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the female bus driver comes back outside astonished the bus is missing and that's when they call leesberg police. >> we don't get a lot of stolen school buses to begin with. >> no. >> et rr out of the norm. >> leesberg police spokesman gave us these pictures that show some damage, scratches, and small dents to the side door and the window of the bus he says the boy stole. police estimate 1,000-dollars in damage. the spokes woman for the school dis district says the boy hit some poles in the parking lot. the route manager used the gps system and worked with law enforcement to track the bus and return. >> it's concerning any time that juveniles commit crimes particularly stealinga school bus where a lot of damage can be inflicted as a result of that. we're glad he was taken into
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>> because the boy's a juvenile, the school can't tell us much about him. we don't know what school he attends, he just know he's bold and in big trouble. in leesberg, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. >> investment money and another rough day for stocks never before has wall street got p off to a worse start to a year. falling oil prices and government reports showing a dip in retail sales cause stocks to nose dive. oil is actually below thurtd buck as barrel now. it the dow latest 391 points, the nasdaq dropped 326 points and smp 500 ended up down. all three major stock indexes are now in what's known as a correction or a drop of 10 percent or more from their recent peak. fox 35 consumer alert, florida
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regulators to approve a rate hike. the hike would jump to 14-dollars a month by the year 2020. fdnl says they need that extra money to cover 16 billion-dollars to improve its electricity service along with building a $1.3 billion natural gas fire power plan in okeechobee county. state regulators are expected to make a decision on the request by the end of november. a big day for tampa bay bucks fans, the team has a new coach. here's adam shadoff with those details. >> the bucks haven't had a lot of continuity in their coaching staff for the past decade but as they announce their new head coach on friday they'll get some this time, kind of. tampa bay introduced dirk cutter as the new head coach promoted from his role as offensive coordinator to replace lovie smith.
10:12 pm
he helped tampa bay improve from the league's 30th overall offense last year to fifth this season. >> you know to the fans, i hope you're with me and you're with jason, you're with the glaziers when we tell you this franchise is headed in the right direction. easy to say, harder to do. >> also friday evening the buck announced they have hire ad new defensive coordinator, mike smith, formally the head coach of the atlanta falcons. >> stay tuned for the nfl on fox 35 this very weekend. the seattle seahawks face the carolina panthers in the nfc divisional playoff, the game starts at 1:00 p.m. sunday right here on fox 35. a boy in nebraska receives a bionic arm with a star wars theme and if that's not cool enough, the bionic arm has a ucf connection. we're going to hear from that little boy and the creators coming up after the break. and can you say jealous?
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third of that monster power ball jackpot has stepped forward today. we're going to hear from the winners about how they plan to spend all that cash. new at 10, a spoalings need for foster homes in central florida. officials need more homes where the moms and dads speak spanish. but before we head to break tonight we want to get you caught up on your i-forecast. intermittent closure state road 423 lee road from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. cries are doing temporary widening and paving of that red road. poo to get personal traffic alerts that affect your commute
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>> a non-profit group at ucf is giving children a boost of confidence with high-tech prosthetic arms designed on a 3d printer. >> this is really cool. a boy in nebraska is the latest person to receive one of their 3d arms and it has a strong star wars connection. keith landry has the story. >> alvin garcia was born with one arm. >> waiting a lon arm and i was thinking about getting it. >> now this 10 year old feels like a star wars action figure. garcia just received a bionic prosthetic storm trooper arm. some popular star wars characters delivered the device to him at his school in nebraska. alvin is thrilled with his 3d print prosthetic arm and mom is too. >> i told him i really, really happy for him. >> john sparkman's cofounder of
10:16 pm
non-profit group is located in ucf. sparkman tfs team has designed and printed 3d arms for almost 20 children across america. it takes 36 hours to pre 3d print an arm and 22 hours hours to make a hand p. alvin showed off his new arm to the other students and he had some forceful supporters by his side while he did it. mom says alvin will never forget this experience. >> he's an out going kid, he's very friendly. i always tell him you have just one arm, but that's the way you are and you have to keep going. >> a smiling child on a new mobility. in orlando, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> what a great company. limitless solutions says the materials for each of these arms costs between 300 and 500-dollars. rch. they donate their services to every child.
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out their website, 3d new details about that historic $1.6 billion power ball jackpot. >> today's tennessee winners revealed and of course we know three winning tickets were sold, the two others in florida, right here and in california. fox's mccue reports. >> talk about a lucky dog. this pooch is now part of a tennessee family that won the lottery. john robinson says he purchased the winning ticket at a grocery store on his way home from work. speaking of work, he's in it and dermatologist's office. jobs. >> why not? >> that's what we've done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. how long you gonna last? >> the robinsons have two children asson whose.
10:18 pm
just graduate from college. >> when we bought the tickets our first priority was to pay her student loans off because we just wanted a little piece of the pie. now i'm real grateful that we got the big piece of the pie. >> because the main thing is we always say i want a small piece of the pie and i always hope for five numbers, i never hope for the winning numbers, i always hope for 5 because i know you get a million for 5. >> their daughter says she really wants her father to buy her a horse. tiffany says she's been asking for one for a long time and he always told her yeah, when i win the lottery. as for the question most of us wish we had to answer right now, instead of the yearly payments check. >> we're going to take the lump tomorrow. >> karen mccue, fox news. >> now we can't forget there are two more winning power ball tickets out there, one mystery winner brought their ticket at the publix in melbourne beach.
10:19 pm
over time, or take that lump sum like that couple day. 327 million bucks, the winner has 180 days from the time they purchase that ticket to claim their winnings. and the other mystery power ball winner bought their ticket at a 7-eleven in chino hills, california. people crowded the store after they found out there was a winner there. california gives its winner as year to contact lottery officials. if you still have power ball fever, don't fear, tomorrow's drawing is worth 40 million bucks and guess what there's still a lot of money. >> i'll take it. >> the skies half cleared the first batch of storms gone, but there's another batch for sunday, more on that coming up. >> a 911 operator in trouble for ignoring an emergency call while she ordered lunch. plus, two middle schoolers suspended for sharing an asthma inhaler, the school now
10:20 pm
public attenti >> it was nasty this morning, but then it turned into a really nice day. >> it was crazy, a complete 180. >> came in quick, went out quick, it was a do it again sunday in quick, out quick. unfortunately it looks like it will get nasty again. live radar right now, looking good here for the overnight, remember we have the rain earlier today so there's a pretty decent chance we're going to get some thick fog forming tonight. be aware of the fog first thing tomorrow morning. severe
10:21 pm
tornadoes blowing down to the south where it was warmer earlier today and because it was extra warm we had some of the heavy rain totals farther south. half of an inch of rain in metro orlando, one to one and a half inches of rain through indian river county and the southern half of brevard county. 61 in day toap uh, 59 towards the villages, winds coming in from the west, ease up and go calm in many locations some fog is expected to form and visibility could get pretty low due to the rain from earlier today we've got some moist soil, evaporates a little bit out of the atmosphere and we end up with fog. 62-degrees right now south westerly wind currently at 7-miles per hour downtown. here's what's going to happen now for the weekend. skies clearing out overnight tonight. nice, looks good. tomorrow, a beautiful day. got a lot of festival going on, got the highland games going on,
10:22 pm
at winter springs high school, it looks perfect for that on saturday, but sunday a little iffy because showers and storms will be blowing through early in the day on sunday just right around sun up. rn it's 63 in tampa, 66 miami, 61-degrees towards jacksonville. here's where the storm is currently located. it's here, right here. starting to drop now down out of new mexico, working its way into texas it's got a long way to go but it's moving along. remember the, jet stream is all amp up due to el nio, and because of that, that storm is just going to move at about 15-miles an hour through the gulf of mexico, gain strength and move towards us. tomorrow looks good in the afternoon, looks good in the evening, here's overnight saturday night, this is early sunday morning, 4 to 5:00 a.m., rain showers beginning in gainesville, ocala. look how quick this moves in, about 5 to 6:00 a.m., isolated storms.
10:23 pm
the low is going to track right over us this time and that will allow more rotation in the atmosphere and that also allows a little more warmth to come up. that mean the atmos atmosphere is more unstable, and what occurred south today would be located here in central florida sunday morning. tornadoes in south florida today. again, more ro taig, uh, possibly some isolated wind gusts up to 60-miles an hour. rotating storms. 9:00 a.m. on sunday pretty much a done deal. again this is going to be very early morning hours, only last about four to five hours but unfortunately it could get nasty. it's 76 for tomorrow, beautiful day, enjoy it. thunderstorms early sunday clearing in the afternoon, and sunny, cool weather next week. >> thanks glenn, all new at 10:30 p.m., a fox 35 crime alert from lake county a man arrested for sexual battery inside the
10:24 pm
authorities say the crime happened inside a store and now they're afraid there could be more victims out there. >> first, we're saving you cash with the fox 35 pump patrol, pay 1.75 at the speedway on vineland road in kissimmee, and the same price at the murphy usa on south golden rod and market place
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>> a crime alert from lake county astore employee at a leesberg mall has been arrested on sexual battery charges. >> now police are concerned there could be more victims out there. tracy jacim at the mall with more details. >> that's right ladies. police say the victim alleges back on january 2, she was sexually assaulted and held against her will inside a store right here at via port mall in leesberg. and now tonight police do have a message. take a listen. the art store was closed tonight with the mall security officer posted in front stopping us or any media from taking any video. we can't show you the store but can tell you it's near the sent of the mall, near the food court, and is new.
10:27 pm
34 year old late thursday on sexual battery and false imprisonment charges. >> went out to the store yesterday, took him to custody on those charges. >> the victim was a 23 year old woman who went into the store by herself to buy a lamp. according to the arrest affidavit, offered her a cut price and then grabbed her hand forcefully rushing her to the back of the store. the victim claims he told her he loved her and inappropriately touched her over her clothing. >> if there was anybody that had kind of an odd interaction with this individual we would ask that they come forth. >> at last check, was still being held in the lake county jail on 30,000-dollars bond and we'll of course continue to follow this story. i did put in phone calls to mall management but no one returned any of those phone calls. >> tracy, thank you.
10:28 pm
tonight a teenager who was killed as he crossed an orange county highway was remembered at a vigil. >> the memories, close friends and family gathered to look back on the memories they had of 14 year old michael rod rodriguez. he was also known as big mike. troopers say michael was crossing john young parkway wednesday night with his sister and some other teens when he was hit by two different cars and died. spoke out about their grief and losing him at such a young age. >> he was a good kid. he made everybody laugh. he made a lot of friends. he took care of me. even though i was older than him, he protected me. >> my heart is broken right now. so broken.
10:29 pm
>> investigators say the driver stayed on the scene and they were questioned. they are still trying to determine the exact cause of that crash. mean while, michael's mother says more need to be done to improve pedestrian safety along that stlech of highway. new at 10, a special need for foster homes in central florida. officials need homes where the mom and dad speak spanish. fox 35's dana jay reports. >> uno dos, tres. >> play time is special time in the fuentes home because the youngest member of the family might only be here for a little while. >> it's been a phenomenal experience. >> herman and their son max are a foster family, they make sure the little guy has clothes and food, and a loving place to call home for awhile. and they alts make sure to use a language that's familiar to him. >> we know that the family is also oaf a spanish heritage in
10:30 pm
when he goes back to his family we want him to be able to match, you know, not to be isolated. >: representatives from community-based care of central florida say the need for foster families who speak spanish is especially high. >> right now we have one in third child coming in is a spanish-speaking child. it's such a great opportunity for those that are bilingual to love on these children to help make the transition more easy for them. >> within the past year or so, new policies have meant an influx of children of all cultures into florida's foster care system. >> orange, osceola, and seminole about 200,300,000 children part of this system of care we touch every day. >> if you're like the fuentes family and you have room in your heart, in your home, and in your budget, a foster child needs you
10:31 pm
english or something else. in orlando, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> now if you would like to learn more about how you can help go to protectand wrurn of central florida's most exclusive islands has one big problem and it has four legs. >> coming up after the break, what have they done to trap the elusive coyote in brevard county. >> coming up, investigators say it was a case of revenge that turned deadly. hear from police about who they say murdered a beloved softball coach in his own driveway. and we are talking politics tonight, republican presidential candidates seem to have no problem attacking each other on the campaign trail. we are breaking down the debate rivalry. that's coming up in just over 20 find your sweet spot today
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the new caramel macchiato let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> crews searching for 12 missing marines are still hopeful there will be survivors, the marines disappeared after two helicopters crashed off oahu after a late night training session. several people on the island reported hearinga loud explosion just as a crash happened. >> all of a sudden you see a
10:35 pm
then all of a sudden you didn't see anything, it went black, and then like a second later it felt like thunder, like the ocean just went like peeeuuu and it was shaking. >> soldiers spotted an empty life raft about two and a half miles north of haleua beach. we'll let you know if anyone was found. a private island in brevard county and the only way you can get to it is brie by dray bridge so people want to know how a coyote got on that island. derrol nail was with a trapper today trying to catch it. >> the island itself is completely surrounded by water, lots of water front properties here that are in the several million dollar range. wie saw a few of those as we were coming in. wild life trappers are cub srned about how - - concerned about this how this coyote got over
10:36 pm
they've taken a trap out of gleeson park where they think there may have been a connection to the coyotes that have come here and move that trap to a vacant lot on lancing island. with this trap set they're hoping they can get the coyotes that have been sighted here five and out of here. >> free wi-fi is coming to downtown sanford. mike synan talked to the mayor about how much it's going to cost. >> a decade ago when sanford put wi-fi in their downtown, but now it simply doesn't work. so now the city looking into doing it again. the plan is to saturate the entire downtown with wi-fi. it's not like downtown sanford is a tech desert. still the idea is to get more people to come and stay longer. development.
10:37 pm
year for wi-fi for everyone. >> marion county deputies need you to be ob the look out for they say is pulling people over with a fake patrol car. this picture of the jeep using. man pulled over a car at ocala's pearl britain plaza on northeast 35th street yesterday. they say the jeep has blue and red flashing lights on the front grill and it also has white flashing lights down the side. if this jeep tries to pull you over, deputies say keep on driving and call police for these stories and more, check out >> she got in trouble when she shared her inhaler with a classmate at school. a texas seventh grader was punished but her family decided to fight back. details on that after the break. first, glenn. >> all right, our forecast here in central florida, changeable,
10:38 pm
next one with >> a fox 35 follow-up now, partial justice for two seventh graders in texas who got in trouble for sharing an inhaler in gym class. the girl cz go back to school but that infraction will remain on their record permanently. shaun rabb reports.
10:39 pm
exciting to go back to school and i have to do a punishment even though i shouldn't have took her inhaler, but i didn't know. >> alexis kyle excited to go back to school tuesday after riding out a 3-day suspension for using another student, india rush's, inhaler during an asthma attack. >> my mom says it's not right for us to get punished like this and we shouldn't get punished for it, i was just helping her. >> both girls suspended for three days rrchl that will, the district says, be reflected as excused absences. alexis' parents in a thursday hearing filed - - district has dropped that for her. but the district says the student's permanent file will reference the suspension and its substance. the drugs in that inhaler. >> if you're going to let her back in school and not send her to an alternative school, take it off her record. it shouldn't be there anyway.
10:40 pm
>> alexis worries what's in her permanent file could keep her out of the college of her dreams, baylor. >> if they look at it and they see what it says it could affect me going to college. it could affect how they look at me. >> india's mother has not yet filed an appeal, though she went to a hearing friday and viewed video of the incident. >> india goes in her bag and get out her inhaler and alexis pumps the inhaler and that pretty much was. >> you don't see the teacher come, the coach come in and take the inhaler? >> they came behind, after it was over with. >> after crisis was over, she could breathe again. >> yeah, after she could breathe again. >> after all this, india, if you were in the same situation again, what would you do? >> i probably would do the same thing because i wouldn't let - - just stand there and let someone die. >> that was shaun rabb reporting. trending tonight, a medical tragedy in france one man is brain dead and three more face
10:41 pm
volunteering to take part in a drug trial that went wrong. the drug trial for a pain killer based on a natural brain compound similar to the active ingreed ypt in marijuana. a fifth man is suffering from neurological problems and a sixth sman being kept in the hospital but he is in less critical condition. official say there is no known way to reverse the effects of the experimental drug. the portuguese company testing this drug biotrial lab laboratories is headquartered in france but also has offices in london and newark, new jersey. migraines may be able to provide marijuana rather may be able to provide relief to migraine sufferers. researchers studied more than 100 people diagnosed with migraines and treat would marijuana between 2010 and 2015. while the results are
10:42 pm
admit more research is needed. actor dan hagg rerks - - . hagger trk y has died. haggerty also worked as a trainer for walt disney studios. he was 74 years old. one storm system came through today and glenn you say another one is coming later this week shunnednd sthun is unfortunately, the timeingis going to bring this system in a bit earlier. weather radios need to be turned on make sure your phone - - i don't like bringing the phone by the bed but bring it nearby and make sure it gives you alerts. there could be warnings by 5:00 a.m. on sunday. this is a strong el nio winter
10:43 pm
the storms blew through quickly today as promised, had severe thunderstorm warnings, tornadoes down to the south where it was warmer. that is one key element when you're dealing with the early morning hours is it's usually border line, kind of a set up for severe weather and twisting, rotating thunderstorms so you need everything you can get to make them. today we had a lot of the elements we just didn't have the warmth. a we get into sunday because of the location of the low pressure center the warm sector may in fact get into central florida. that's the reason why there will be a heightened risk of a rotating storm on sunday morning. it's 63 in kissimmee, 61 in daytona, 57 towards ocala, the temperatures not too bad at all, consideringa cold front moved through, the winds right now mainly coming in from the west. our humidity is pumping back up again, looks like temperatures won't drop off too much more for tonight. there will be some fog forming, first thing in the morning,
10:44 pm
west south westerly wind at 7. here's the planner as we get into the day tomorrow it's good, upper 50s in the morning, mid-70s in the afternoon, clouds begin to thicken as we get into the evening hours and we tap into some much colder air for next week. you can already see it building to the north, temperatures in the single digits and teens for the for a good chunk of the central u.s. it's going to latch on to that cold air and pull it down into central florida, giving us a big chill as we get into the first half of next week. 76-degrees for tomorrow. 67 some morning storms in the metro area, again sunday morning they should be out of here by 9:00 a.m. so again this is going to be a very early sunday morning event. 62 on monday, and then 50s for highs as we get into tuesday with overnight lows in the upper 30s to about 40. along the coast line, pretty much the same thing, look like temperatures cooling to the mid-50 by tuesday, lows not quite so bad, mainly in the lower to middle 40s.
10:45 pm
north, it's 72 for tomorrow, 65 again morning storms on sunday, and then highs on tuesday struggling to hit 50 and overnight lows getting down to the 30s so we could have at least two, if not three freezing nights in a row up in the ocala gainesville area.
10:46 pm
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>> when you call 911 you expect someone to answer, right? that wasn't the case when a man having a seizure passed out and the only dispatcher working was ordering lunch. >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza, let me have a lunch special for, um, the pizza lunch special for two cheese pizzas and a coke. >> okay. >> let me have the lunch special two pepperonis and a coke. >> now, the incident happened
10:49 pm
south florida optometrist investigation, the only dispatcher working was using her phone to order lunch. >> if i call 911 someone should pick up that phone, make me feel a lot better. >> 911 dispatcher admitted her mistake and was issued a written reprimand. the man who passed out luckily regained consciousness and was oka find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin.
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>> fox's hit show empire is back for a third season. the popular drama focuses on a family fighting for control of a music company. the new season starts march 30, right here on fox. coming up next on fox 35 nies at 11, here's luanne. >> an elderly woman attacked in her own home kicked and locked in the bathroom. we'll have the latest on the search for the suspects. a body found in in the st. john's river, who investigators say it is and when they were last seen. and a 13 year old accused of taking a school bus on a joy ride. >> right now ofn fox 35 news at 11. >> we start with a crime alert tonight an 85 year old woman recovering tonight after a violent home invasion that y left her battered and bruised. good evening, i'm lieu luanne. dana jay is in kissimmee with the search for the latest suspects. >> this is the place where
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