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tv   Good Day Orlando  FOX  January 17, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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>> breaking right now, severe weather roars through central florida overnight, the storms killing one person in manatee county before damaging homes in sarasota. i'm tom johnson, it is sunday january 17th. it is calm now, but it was a wild night of severe weather, now there are big changes on the way. we have live team coverage this morning. chief meteorologist glenn richards and jayme king are here tracking your forecast. loaded with crashes as the severe weather rolls through
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we start with glenn and the changes headed your way. they are big changes. >> they are. >> it looks like the front, again, vicious, moving through. it showed up about an hour or two earlier. planned. right now, no watches, no warnings, so we're looking good here in central florida. still some clouds across the area. here is a replay of what happened early this morning. it started up around 1:00 in the morning, working its way and then eventually back towards the coast line, again, very strong winds, that was the big key. . >> this started off as a major tornado threat and then made that transition right before our
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this red here is winds exiting from the radar site. a sharp line of possible damaging winds. that has cleared off the coast. everything now moving eastbound away from coastal brevard county. we managed to pop-up off a tornado warning for martin county. right now, everything is laying down and back behind this, the legacy of the system, i do believe, is the big chill coming to an area near you glenn, it is going to be a chilly one. >> you can see as the winds depart and the low pressure center moves in and the temperatures are starting to drop. >> 66 here. and only 45 degrees right now up in pensacola. a live picture outside across metro orlando. it looks good. big changes in the temperatures. 30s and 40s. i'll have the extended forecast
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>> tom: breaking news right now, one person is dead in manatee county due to a tornado. there was some kind of structural collapse and we're also hearing that children were hurt. just south of that in sarasota a possible tornado damaged several homes. >> reporter: this is obviously someone no one expects even when you hear severe weather is coming, you never expect it this bad. the entire top floor completely caved in. you can see the couch there, it looks like a bed, plenty of clothing scattered and a lot of those items are out here in the yard as well. firefighters taking a break. probably a first time they have had a chance to rest all morning long. they have been going door to
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they are okay. bad. they are really just seeing some roof issues and a few limbs falling on their car. i want you to take a look at this tree that is down in front of one yard. believe it or not, that tree came from the house across the street. we're told this tornado literally blew it across the cul de sac this morning. they say they heard it coming and can too -- took the precautions. there are no injuries with the exception of that one woman inside that house who was taken to the hospital for evaluation after she was rescued. >> tom: as that storm system came east from the coast, heavy
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drivers lost control on conway and john young parkway this morning as the roads got slippery. fox 35's jackie orozco is there. things looking better now? >> much better. early this morning we saw several crashes, one big crash happened right here between conroy and john young parkway. when we finally found a safe place to park, we took video of the white car with complete average on the front side and rear-end damage. that car was in the left lane and several cars were hit in the right lane. all morning long, there's been a steady rainfall from osceola, orange and volusia counties, there were passes of flooded lanes just south of orlando. i saw some cars hydroplaning and breaking. another issue this morning for
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our truck was rocking back and forth and kind of side-to-side as we were driving earlier this morning. now, on i-4, all is clear, no crashes on the roads right now and the roads are drying out pretty nicely. it stopped raining around 6:00 this morning in the mall of millennia area. reporting live here around i-4, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> tom: this morning, storms also left a lot of families in florida without power. fdl and duke energy reported more than 1,000 homes without power at one point. take a look at the current power outage map. let's switch over to duke energy's power outage map. both do have scattered outages
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you can state on top of the online. you can also download the fox 35 app in the app store. >> also developing this morning. two people recovering after someone shot them in orlando. it happened just after 8:00 last night on lynnette street east of kirkman road. one person was hit in the shoulder and the other grazed in the head. both are in stable condition and no word on suspects. fire officials trying to figure out what caused a massive fire in an old fruit packing building. it happened at lake county citrus sales on center street. >> the flames started around 8:00 last night. about 35 firefighters responded. they were able to knock down the flames, but the fire destroyed the historic building. officials say it could have been
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>> besides the threat of structure fires standpoint. there was also the fuel. crews did a great job. >> despite all of that damage, the good news no one was hurt. police want your happy finding a missing man with autism. the last time anyone saw john noss was around 3:30 in the morning, he left his house. he was last seen wearing a gold life is good t-shirt. police. >> a teenager accused of trying to run over a police officer set to appear in court.
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lay laymonds driving without a seat belt. it turns out the car had been reported stolen. laymonds is charged with multiple felonies now. two other people are still on the run. iran's president says the whole world is happy with the deal and that the only people not happy are radical extremists, he has high hopes the agreement. the u.s. will lift economic sanctions. the u.s. also working on a prisoner swap deal of sorts with iran. iran released five americans being held there. they are being checked out at a
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were, now they are flying home. in return for their release. the u.s. granting clemency to seven iranians. washington dropping interpol red notices. red notices are enter national warrants. >> michael riterring was 45 years old, he was there on a volunteer trip to help orphans and woman. he was in the hotel cafe with the pastor. the pastor hid in the cafe and survived, at least 20 people died in the attack. space x tries to land a rocket in the middle of the ocean again today. last month the private space company launched a falcon 9 rocket and landed back in cape canaveral.
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again after launching a weather satellite in california. this time they will try to land it on a floating platform in the pacific ocean. the last two times they tried to do that on a floating platform, the rockets crashed. >> the dems are gearing up for a debate. a local political analysts explains what hillary needs to do to win big. blue skies and sunshine, a contrast to what we were seeing
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>> tom: you decide 2016 coverage
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new polls showing the race tightening between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a new poll has sanders beating clinton by 14 points in new hampshire. tighter in iowa though. new polls show sanders and clinton two points apart. hillary bringing the big guns. bill and chelsea campaigned in iowa yesterday. she took a dig at current republican front runner donald trump. >> you have to decide whether you make a change maker, not a change talker to be president. >> a lot of people will be watching to see if sanders and clinton finally take the gloves off tonight, now that the race is getting so close in those key states.
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do you foresee tonight it getting a little rough? because the democratic debates so far have been kind of po polite and courteous, they haven't been digging at each other like the republicans have. >> you're absolute correct. it is not donald trump and ted cruz up there. bernie sanders has been relatively gentle, giving her a pass on the e-mails. with these poll numbers coming up so closely. you might see bernie sanders go out there and be more aggressive. you might see hillary clinton come out on the defensive. >> is there a risk in that for bernie sanders, because so far he has taken the low road and it is working and keeping him close, if he goes on the attack could it hurt him? >> it needs to be very
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if a poorly conducted attack owe urs -- occurs, it can make you look bad. hillary clinton has fallen such a steep distance from where we were. in iowa and look at new hampshire, where bernie is actually in the lead. >> martin o'malley 4%. is he a factor, why is he still around? >> perhaps filler. really just a time filler to stretch out the three candidates. martin o'malley, i think he might be the most aggressive of all. >> former president bill clinton and their daughter chelsea campaigning for hillary clinton, helps or hurt her? >> helps her. people are nostalgic about the
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democratic primary, there's no bigger weaponen that bill clinton right now. it is 8:17, almost 8:18. tune in tonight for fox 35 at 10:00 andod day orlando" starting at 4:30 a.m. people at fort myers were already cleaning up tornado damage when a second one blew through. confirming an ef-1 tornado with winds up to 100 miles per hour. no one was hurt. today though we do have a report of a fatality and some injuries. it was a rough overnight. >> definitely stronger than what
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moving across the state. through quicker. right now, lingering little radar radar. again, a replay of the storms today, kind of see how they were blowing through again. it was amazing just how quickly they moved through. we lost some of the dynamics to make tornadoes, but we increased the setup for powerful winds, what ended up happening, right at the very end, we had a very strong rain maker and wind maker. about a half of an inch out west. farther to the east. the dynamics came together more. you pick up 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain across portions of orange and osceola and brevard counties. 64 in the villages, our winds are swinging around out of the west, southwest and northwest. drier air starting to move in.
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little bit. 50 in gainesville. a live picture right now. some sunshine, so it looks good on this sunday. 66 degrees our current temperature in the metro area. our planner as we go through, again, later on tonight. the skies will clear and look at the low tonight. all the way down to 43 in the city. that means 30s up towards ocala and gainesville. big change on the way with the wind shifts. extended period of chilly weather, and then we'll start to warms things up by the end of the workweek. the showers just on the decrease now. here is a replay, look how quickly that moved on through during the overnight. it blue -- blew up right over us. everything did go as planned. temperatures for tomorrow, looking at temperatures back up to about 65 to 70 degrees early, temperatures dropping off quickly. it looks like a chill is it
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70 to 72 for today. 67 for a high tomorrow. 61 on tuesday. once again, staying chilly. lows in the 30s and it looks like finally warming up by thursday. >> thanks, glenn, 8:20 now. a local high school athlete was
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collegiate level when he >> it is just about 8:24 now. an athlete on his way to college on a lacrosse scholarship is now suffering from a stroke. >> we want to talk more about this heartbreaking story now with kate from the orlando sentinel. you look at stories and you can't fathom how it happens, yet it has happened to this very healthy individual. >> reporter: yeah, he's an awesome kid by all accounts. he's a star lacrosse player, 17
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scholarship from mercer and then he has this incredibly bizarre thing happen to them. >> reporter: he essentially lost everything in his body. >> he had what's called a brainstem stroke. basically all of your voluntary movement. so all he could move initially were his eyes. he had no one to let people know that he could hear them, he could see them, he could feel everything, and it was a slow motion event. it didn't happen instantly that he was like this. so it was very puzzling and it took the doctors three days to figure out what was going on. >> you think any parent that would be hearing this, are there
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look for, even though it is a rare situation. >> actually i've talked to his pediatric neurosurgeon and they said no, nothing. it is so rare. he presented in class at trinity prep and he all of a sudden had a searing headache. he's such a polite kid. he didn't want to interrupt the class. he texted his mom and said help. >> what is his prognosis right now? >> it is such a mystery as to why this happened. they know there was some sort of injury, they don't know going forward what's going to happen. >> the good thing is he is young and he's extremely healthy. >> everyone i talked to said john michael knight is this incredibly hard worker.
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best lacrosse player, that he practiced and practiced. so that work ethic is likely to help him. he has regained the tiniest amount of movement in his mouth. the tiny amount of movement in one of his hands. as small as that sounds, a month after a stroke, it is actually huge, because this recovery is so glacial paced. it could take 18 months of just to get an idea of how he's going to recover. it could be all the way back. >> i know a lot of people in the orlando community are pulling for him. >> for every one out there watching, you can read a lot more about this in the orlando >> thank you. >> thank you. >> 8:27. still to come, wicked weather
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we're breaking down y >> breaking right now at 8:31. severe weather roaring through central florida overnight. the storms kill one person in manatee county. it is sunday january 17th. it is calm now, but it was a wild night of severe weather. now big changes on the way. we have live team coverage. chief meteorologist glenn richards and jayme king both tracking your forecast. >> we start with glenn and the big changes.
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>> you're going to need it. the best news of all here, the big storms are gone. live radar is picking up on a few little sprinkles across the area. no watches and no warnings across the area. clear skies are of moving in. heavy downpours with very heavy rain hitting the coast line. no tornadoes, but very powerful winds did move through. jayme king with much on the winds. >> exactly right. you can see our radio velocity scan where we can measure the winds and see who has got what. this is a critical piece of technology. we watch this system turn over from a tornado threat, what we call a straight line, a windburst threat. you can see how it all got
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strong winds through here. east of cape canaveral about 20 miles offshore. recording a gust of 50 miles per hour. we managed to escape the worst, our neighbors to the west not so fortunate. of course, we attribute this weather to one death and one fatality there early morning. >> our forecast now in central florida turns to the chilly weather. temperatures already starting to drop, 40s in the panhandle. it is really going to take a knows dive as the winds begin to swing around to the northwest here. right now, we do have some sunshine outside and tom will talk much more about the chilly temperatures over the next seven days, more on that coming up. >> breaking right now, we do have an update, two people are now confirmed dead. several others injured in manatee county, because of a possible tornado. this is video from duette, east
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our sister city in tampa reporting some sort of structure collapse. we're getting information from the neighbor who opened up about the tragedy. >> they were in the yard last night coming over to help me with my pole barn. wonderful neighbors, they would help me out every day and any day. >> tom: meanwhile southwest of that, in sarasota a possible tornado damaged several homes. fortunately nobody hurt there that we know of so far, but several families are now looking for new places to live, at least for the time being. here, heavy rainfall, as this all moved through our part of central florida, it caused a big mess on i-4. drivers losing control between conroy and onyoung parkway as the roads got slick and slippery. jackie orozco is there with the very latest.
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>> reporter: good morning, tom. that was only one of the crashes i saw early this morning. the other two i saw was on fairbanks near the longwood exit. between conroy and john young parkway was a key reaction between several cars this morning here in the eastbound lanes of i-4. when we finally found a safe place to park, we did take video of that car that had complete rear end. that was car was in the left lane and several cars were hit on the right side lane. a tow truck was here a few hours scene. driving along i-4, there were patches of flooded lanes just south of orlando, i saw some cars even hydroplane and control. another issue is the wind. our truck was swaying side-to-side as we were driving
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now, as you can see on i-4. it is crystal clear, no crashes at this time. the roads are clearing up nicely. it looks like central florida escaped the majority of this storm damage. there were some power outages in some areas and just some fender benders here along i-4. jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> tom: this morning's storms left a lot of families without power. more than thousand homes had no this morning. this is fpl's map. now we'll show you duke energy's power outage map. both have scattered power outage outages across central florida. you can stay aware on and also
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app store. >> a man died in sumpter county yesterday. 31-year-old robert k. banks, he was found in the richlome area. deputies were able to identify him through fingerprints. the medical examiner has performed an autopsy. anyone with info that they think could help, they should call the sheriff's office. one person is dead and another hurt after a wrong-way crash. the red car you see in the video collided with the car. three people taken to broward health hospital where one of
8:31 am
troopers investigating whether alcohol may have paid a part in the crash. take a look at these pictures, 192 and west melvin. fire crews dousing the flames with water. nobody hurt. you can see how badly the car was burned. fire. 8:38. jr. day. the city of orlando has a whole week of events. here is a list of the events. a prayer break and a concert at united methodist church of orlando. this is the 32nd time the parade has rolled through orlando. people came together to celebrate dr. king's memory and
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still to come, skip the trad life' s waking up slow... and getting out fast. and bathrooms
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life' s waking up slow... and getting out fast. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms
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>> so it is a beautiful day in the city beautiful right now. gorgeous blue skies overhead. 66 degrees. a lot better than it was a few hours ago when the severe storms rolled through. so you've heard of fun interactive dates, like painting an taking cooking lessons with your mate. there are a lot of creative ways to spend your next date night. she's knows all of them, every single one of them. what do you have to share with us today? >> definitely not your typical date night. this is with artsy academy.
8:35 am
they hold them at restaurants around town. the next one is on january 25th. you basically get everything you need to make that beautiful garden inside of a glass. you got some hemp and some moss. natural accents, it is just a fun thing to do. there's some science to it, i think. >> science. i was told there would be no science or math. there's lots of science actually here. >> how long does that take? >> it is probably about a two-hour class. >> okay. >> you can sip some wine. over here, we have got the naked bar soap company in college park. they call it a byob, blend your own bar class. you make a pound and a half of your own soap.
8:36 am
this has lava lavender. >> wonder made marshmallow, have you been there in sanford? >> i have not. they have really great candy and coffee. >> when you first saw it, i thought it was tofu. >> no. they make these amazing marshmallows. peppermint peppermint, honey. they have got kid-friendly once, but they also have a date night workshop. you get a big slab of marshmallow. >> which flavor is that? >> that was honey. >> have another one. i'll leave you all of these. >> okay, if you have to.
8:37 am
boxes of marshmallows. so you get to pick your leather, this one is a nice soft leather, some people like a little bit stiffer, you get to pick your buckle and color. they basically walk you through cutting it and learning how to work with leather. they do this twice a month. >> there's a chocolate making workshop. they do a glass blowing workshop. >> there's really no excuse if you're saying, i wish we didn't have to do the same old date night. >> go to and search workshop. >> thank you. it is 8:45 now. let's get back to weather, it is kind of dominating our news
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>> it sure is. some big changes, a little do it your yourself when it comes to the forecast. rain showers mainly south of kissimmee and also back towards melbourne. the storms were vicious moving through earlier this morning. look how quickly the storm moves through the gulf of mexico. it works its way from just off-shore galveston and through metro and out to the east of us. again, very fast. it has energized the jet stream. temperatures are pret dwri nice out there, it is not going to warm-up too much. winds are swinging around to the north and northwest. 66 degrees and a southwesterly wind currently right now at 15 miles per hour.
8:39 am
clouds, again, are now moving away. extended period of chilly weather moves in later tonight. we'll start to warm things up. the cold front is gone. 66 here. 67 in tampa. they are cleaning up. 29 in lexington. 32 in nashville. snowing heavily right now across portions of virginia. so, again, we're not that bad. thank goodness it did not get any worse earlier this morning. our county by county 7-day. >> as we head through the next, again, several nights. it will get even colder, there could be some frost around as we head into the coastal zone.
8:40 am
57 for tomorrow. gainesville 64 today. 37 degrees for tonight. look at the lows getting down into the 20s. upper 20s up towards ocala and gainesville. everybody is going to get a little. 71 degrees back out towards melbourne. right now our forecast does look pretty changeable, but overall not too bad at all. the high temperature for today at about 70 degrees. we'll warm it up compared to what we had this morning. a 7-day forecast, a chill is on the way, 41 degrees as we head tomorrow morning. 38 on tuesday morning. back in the 70s by thursday. >> thanks, glenn. the playoffs and a lot going on around the sports world in
8:41 am
adam shadoff has your high highlights. >> new england had a shot to get one step closer on saturday night hosting the chiefs in the didivisional round of the playoffs. was tom brady good. he caught seven balls for 83 yards and a pair of touchdowns. here is his second of the night. the patriots just cruising in the third quarter. alex smith scrambled his way around. refusing to go down eventually. completes one for a huge first down. led to a score. 27-13. the chiefs get even closer. pitches to charcandrick west, brought it to one score, it wasn't enough. patriots for the fifth straight
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>> last year, east carolina swept the season. this is not last year, this is not last season's ucf team either. the knights flipped it on the pirates. fall. ucf wins. >> final round of the invitational celebrity golf event. a great day and fired a round worth 25 points. this is modified stable for scoring system. he would finish in fourth place. left-handed former tennis star
8:43 am
he wins by 14 points which is huge. marty fish is the inaugural champion. >> florida cup doesn't wrap up until tuesday, they played a little all-star game saturday night. yes, they give penalties in the all-star games apparently. putting one away for the whihite team later. more from white in front of the gold. the corinthians player sets it up. t.j. foster and johnny mcginnis each get a goal. 2-stip over the indy fuel. orlando has a long stretch off now before visiting the florida everglades.
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the packers in overtime. . the winner takes on arizona next weekend for a trip to the super bowl. seahawks panthers kicks off at 1:00 p.m. again, only on fox 35. if you have not heard yet, stunning news about nfl analyst chris mortensen, he announced this weekend that he has throat cancer. he's been an espn nfl mainstay since 1991. still to come, the eagle that took a swipe at donald trump is back in the spotlight. how you can up close and personal with the internet sensation
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9:00. >> really nasty weather that probably woke you up in the middle of the night. we're going to tell you about that in the hour or so that we orlando." let's give you a look at what's
8:46 am
wildlife officials trying to figure out how a shark ended up in a swimming pool. have you heard about this? a woman from south florida called officials when she found the shark in her condo's community pool. the shark was a five foot black tip and it was still alive. the woman told officers she saw two men run from the pool. shark there. officers quickly removed it and put it back in the ocean where it belongs. >> screech is in jail, actor dustin diamond, best known for playing screech on saved by the bell, he turned himself in to wisconsin police. sentence. it stems from a 2014 christmas day bar room stabbing.
8:47 am
>> back in the spotlight. the bird is called uncle sam and he's now at the brevard zoo for the raptor project this weekend. the eagle became famous after this video became famous. posing with trump and taking that swipe at him. you can catch it monday at the brevard zoo. love that zoo. storm reeking havoc on central florida and a lot of the rest of florida overnight. we're taking you to the scene of the devastation, and letting you know what you can expect ahead. there are some weather changes and you're going to want to here
8:48 am
richards h >> breaking right now at 9:00, overnight. storms sailed through sarasota and unleashing on central florida after that. weather we had. there are big changes on the
8:49 am
we have live team coverage this morning. chief meteorologist glenn richards and jayme king are here this morning. we start with you, glenn, and those changes that are going to have people grabbing for their coats. >> glenn: we'll keep a slight chance for showers in the forecast. no watch, and no warnings. that was 3:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., eventually by 6:30 everything pushed through. it turned out to be as planned. mainly heavy rain and a wind event. we did not have a tornado. the winds were an issue. jayme king for more on the winds. jayme.
8:50 am
we watched that transform from a storm that could have been a prolific tornado producer. from west to east and this setup here. you can see the time frm stamp. back across brevard, the very last vestige of that taking shape, setting up heavy wind gusts. at that time, we did see in real life a tornado warning for the county of martin down to the south. martin county not verified. doppler indicated. you can see everything now kicked off-shore. we return to glor ious weather. >> it looks like the winds are
8:51 am
the winds are mainly out of the north and west. 7 70 in melbourne. only 46 degrees current temperature up across pensacola, big changes on the way. >> the skies are pretty clear right now. 68. enjoy it while we have it because that cooler weather is moving in. >> tom: we now know who people are dead and several others injured. this is video from duette. there was some kind of structure collapse, we're also hearing that children were hurt in this. we keep a close eye on it. meanwhile, southwest of that in sarasota. another possible tornado damage in this area. from the scene earlier this morning.
8:52 am
something that no one expects. you can see the entire top floor now caved in. the roof is completely missing. you can see the coach looked like a bed. a lot of the items from that house are now out here in their yard as well. firefighters now taking a break. probably the first time they have had a chance to rest all morning long. they have been going door to door, just to make sure that everyone is okay. the house next door was not hit as bad. it seems like the tornado came from right behind the house with the most damage. they really seeing just a few roof issues and limbs that have fallen on their car. believe it or not that tree came from the house across the street that has the most damage. now the house in the distance behind the tree.
8:53 am
say they are okay. they heard the winds coming. they took the precautions to protect themselves. the power is out for a lot of these residents, there are no injuries with the exception of the one woman inside the house who was taken to the hospital for evaluation, after she was rescued. >> when all of this came through our area, a lot of heavy rainfall causing a big mess on i-4, too. drivers losing control on conway and john young parkway. the roads got slippery for a while. fox 35's jackie orozco is there with the latest. hi, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, tom. everything is pretty much crystal clear right now. even before we shot that video there were several cars involved
8:54 am
the rain was raining so hard slippery. very slick or drivers, i saw a few hydroplaning as well, perhaps causing that chain reaction there. the car had extensive damage from the front side and rear end. the car was in the left lane earlier. several cars were hit in the right lane. all morning long, there's been a rain from osceola and volusia counties. there were patches of flooded rain. i was given reports earlier in the morning. i saw both cars hydroplaning and trying to regain control. another issue that we have been the wind. it is even windy right now. side-to-side because of the wind. as you can see right here, i-4 is clear of crashes and the roads dried up nicely already this morning.
8:55 am
midnight until about 6:00 this morning. just a few fender benders that we saw earlier this morning. for now reporting live here in orlando, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> at 9:07 this morning. storms left a lot of families in florida without power earlier today. fpl and duke energy reported that more than a thousand homes were without power at one point this morning. take a look at fpl's power outage map. the icon means no power in that area. duke energy's power outage map. you can see that both have scattered outages across the entire state or at least most of central florida. you can stay on top of the latest developments online and on air. online at, and you can download it in the app store. two people are recovering after somebody shot them in orlando.
8:56 am
east of kirkland road. police tell us one person was hit in the shoulder. no word on suspects. fire officials trying to figure out what caused a massive fire at an old fruit picking plant. it happened on center street. flames started around 8:00 last night. about 35 firefighters called in, they knocked down the flames, but the fire destroyed the historic building. officials say it could have been a lot worse. >> besides the threat from the structure fires standpoint, there was also the fuel we had to contend with also. crews were able to knock it down before it hit the fuel area, they did a great job. >> tom: despite all of that damage, nobody was hurt. that's the good news in all of this. >> in maitland, police want your autism.
8:57 am
noss was around 3:30 yesterday morning, that's when he left his house in the area of tuskarosa trail. he was last seen wearing a gold life is good t-shirt. if you have seen him, call police. an officer shot 17-year-old travon lammonds when he said he saw him drive towards him. this all happened when they noticed him driving without a seat belt. when they approached him, they say he reversed the car toward them. the car took off and eventually crashed into a house. all people in the car got off and took off. it turns out the car was reported stolen.
8:58 am
multiple felonies. a new nuclear deal between the u.s. and iran is in effect after two years of negotiations. iran's president says the whole world is happy with the deal, and the only people not happy are radical extremists. he has high hopes that the agreement will open new windows for the entire world. part of the deal forces them to ship out tons of uranium which is used to make nuclear weapons. in return the u.s. will lift sanctions. getting the five men back, the u.s. granting clemency to seven iranees and washington also dropping red notices.
8:59 am
essentially arrest warrants. we now know an american missionary died in the attack in burkina faso at a hotel. he was on a volunteer trip there to help orphans and women at a local crisis center. michael's mother says he was in the cafe with the pastor. the pastor was able to hide in the cafe and survived. at least 2 8 people died in the attack. >> an emergency situation in flint, michigan. lead from the old line reached the city water supply. fema is offering clean water, filters and coverages. the governor says it could cost $41 million to fix the water lines.
9:00 am
rocket in the middle of the ocean again today. last month the private space company launched a falcon 9 rocket and landed it back on dry land. today they are trying to do the same thing after launching a satellite in california, this time they will try to land it back on a floating platform in the pacific ocean. the last time was in the atlantic, not far from us and those rockets crashed. >> the dems clearing up for
9:01 am
we'll show you what9:15. you decide 2016.
9:02 am
tonight, it is their last before the iowa caucus, the new polls showing the race tightening between bernie sanders and hillary clinton for the white house. check out the numbers, a new poll has sanders beating clinton by 14 points in new hampshire. tighter though in iowa. a new poll shows sanders and clinton just two points apart in the hawkeye state. bill and chelsea clinton campaigned for her in iowa. the history of bipartisanship. he also took a dig at front runner donald trump. >> you just got to decide if you want a change maker or a change talker to the president.
9:03 am
that the rates is getting so close in those key states. >> glenn richards, a rough night overnight. >> glenn: it was tough. the skies clearing out. yesterday at this hour, the storm that came through last night was still in west texas. so, again, very fast moving, the around. now. scattered rain still possible. a replay of the storms, they started up right around midnight and then overnight got pretty heavy and then early this morning. severe at times. we had numerous severe thunderstorm warnings, no tornado warnings were issued, and here is the little straggler caboose caboose. 61 in leesburg. 53 degrees right now the current temperature in gainesville. we have basically reached our
9:04 am
around 70. the winds northwest in leesburg. 23 in brooksville. with that type of wind for this afternoon, even though temporarily it is pretty good at 68 degrees. it is going to feel quite cool as we get into the latter part of the afteren into. temperatures later tonight. dropping down in the low 40s. that means 30s north of town. the storms are out. this next round of chilly weather will last at least a good three nights. then we'll start to warm things up starting up on thursday. 63 in tampa. 69 in miami. across the u.s., look at this arctic air plunging south. in chicago, 14 below zero, in
9:05 am
the lovely little town of eli, minnesota, just north of lake superior, it is 24 below zero with a wind chill index of 38 degrees below zero. you can't even breathe in that kind of stuff, that's bad. we're not doing too shabby 68 degrees. any moisture will stay off-shore. you see the blue get down here over the older night. that's the cold arctic air. back down to the chilly air by night. three nights of some pretty cool weather. 45 in melbourne. 40 to 42 in leesburg. mid 30s up towards gainesville and ocala and temperatures as we get into the day tomorrow. they will rebound a little bit. we'll try and warm it back up to about 60 degrees as we get into the afternoon. 70 degrees expected for today. the storms are moving out, this
9:06 am
for tomorrow. a high of only 61. overnight lows into the 30s and thursday. it is always nice to get a picture that comes in from some of our fine viewers from here. this one here from alexa showing a nice picture of the sun. a nice sunrising picture. thanks for sending that picture alexa. a beautiful partly sunny day for us. >> still to come, living the lavish lifestyle can be fun but over doing it can ruin your financial future. after the break, a certified
9:07 am
you can bounce back from >> tom: so, if you slept in this morning because you were awake all night with the storms and you haven't looked outside. boy, do we have a surprise for you, it has turned into an absolute spectacular day. beautiful blue skies, just a few straggler clouds hanging out. there are really some changes
9:08 am
you're going to need a coat. richards will tell you about that in a few minutes. people fake their hair color with dye and change their eye color with contacts. as you might know, some people also fake their finances. it is called money fantasy, a lot of people do it to keep up with the jones. what can you do to reel in the bad behavior? certified financial planner joe bert is here. certified smart guy, i call you. >> guest: thank you. >> tom: first off, fess up. >> guest: you got to realize you have a problem. if you're an alcoholic you go to aa. if you don't recognize you have a problem, you'll never get out
9:09 am
>> tom: envision your ideal outcome. >> guest: think about what your life would be if you were able to sleep at night without all of these bills. how bad is the problem. go online there's a lot of budget forms that will allow you to figure out where you really are, you have to get to the facts. >> tom: a lot of people know things about different stuff and some people are experts, make sure you get with an expert right. >> guest: particularly if you're in deep debt, you need to get your debt under control. you can't do it yourself. recognize you have a problem and then seek a professional. >> tom: get all stakeholders on board. >> guest: your family members. if you're trying to pull the wagon one way and realizing we have a problem and the rest of
9:10 am
it is not going to work. >> tom: create small attainable goals. >> guest: baby steps. focus on the small credit cards and the small debt. it will make feel good, because you make accomplishments. >> tom: when you make accomplishments, celebrate success. >> guest: nothing wrong with having a cupcake. google me at joe bert. >> wicked weather ripped through central florida last night. it probably woke you up.
9:11 am
severe weather roaring through central florida overnight. this is developing takes left behind, damaged home in manatee and sarasota counties before unleashing on our area. i'm tom johnson. it's calm and beautiful outside, but it was a wild night of severe weather, big changes are on the way though. we have live team coverage this morning. chief meteorologist glenn richards is tracking your forecast, jackie is keeping an eye on the roads which was loaded with crashes as it happened last night. glenn, let's talk about those big changes. if you don't like cold weather in central florida, you're in store for something you won't like. >> the wind direction is shifting so that artic air is now out of the way. live radar right now picking up on a few sprinkles left, one north of daytona, new smyrna beach, one towards melbourne. upper level winds are strong.
9:12 am
blowing through and off of the coastline right around 6:30 to 6:45, thunderstorm warnings. we were being traing the and tire thing. what we're noticing the most, a few bow echos beginning to form at 5:30, that's storm changed over from being more of a tornado potential instead being a rain and wind event. this is when you have winds blowing through, going up to about 30-35 suspected bike steined with gusts higher than that. it quickly moved off of the coastline. overall, turning out to be a nice day as we go through the rest of the morning. the main threat was the wind. there it went and now it looks like the breezy conditions sticks with us but the cold air will move in. it's only 53 over in gainesville. you started out in the 6, now in the 50s, and right now some
9:13 am
i have more information on the cool temperatures for the next several days coming up. >> glenn, thanks. two people are dead, several others hurt in manatee county because of a possible tornado touched down. this is from duet, east of bradenton. our sister station reporting a structure collapse and we're hearing that children were hurt. we're getting reaction from a neighbor who opened up about the tragedy. >> they were in the yard last night coming over again today to help me with my pole barn. wonderful neighbors that help me out everyday and any day. >> southwest of that in sarasota, another possible tornado, damaged several homes. this video showing roofs ripped from them, trees uprooted, debris everywhere. fortunate loi,
9:14 am
when this mess came our way, it left problems on i-4. drivers losing control between conroy and john young parkway as the roads got slick and slippery. jackie is there with the latest details. jackie, you saw some of this going down this morning, right? >> yeah, good morning, tom. i saw several crashes, that was a big one that i saw earlier this morning, but this morning what we're dealing with is the gust of wind. we just saw all of these trees just blowing in the air here because it's pretty strong along i-4 and it was around 3:00 o'clock or 4:00 o'clock this morning when that chain reaction of car crashes happened between conroy and john young parkway, and we saw several other crashes near fairbanks and longwood. we did take video of the white car can complete front, side and rear end damage. that car was in the left lane
9:15 am
there's been a steady rain all over central in order and driving along i-4, we saw patches of flooded lanes just south of orlando, and i saw cars hydroplane and try to regain control driving earlier this morning. another issue right now is the wind and hundreds of people in central florida lost power because of the strong gusts and heavy rain. back out here live, seems like most of central florida escaped a major storm and damage, so that's good news here, just a few fender benders along here on i-4. for now reporting in orlando, fox 35 news. >> the storm left a lot of families in florida without power. fpl and duke energy reported more than 1,000 homes lost power. here's fpls map, a lot of homes don't have power, but the number is decreasing.
9:16 am
both have power outages across the middle of the state. you can stay on top of the weather developments on air and online, you can also download our app in the app store. elsewhere in the news, officials have identified the man's body found in sumter county yesterday. authorities say he was 31-year-old robert k. banks, in a rich low management area by a couple trail riding in a jeep. deputies were able to identify him with the fingerprint against the statewide fingerprint database. the immediate cad examiner has performed autopsy, but it's still pending. they call the death a homicide. if you think you know anything that might help, you should call the sumter county sheriff's sheriff's office. one person is dead, three others hurt after this wrong ray crash on interstate 75. is happened in south florida. it happened when the driver of the red car there collided with a suv early yesterday morning.
9:17 am
three were taken to the health hospital. one is in critical condition. troopers are investigating if alcohol may have played a part. take a look at these images from a car fire in brevard county on state road 192. you see fire crews dowsing the flames with water. nobody was hurt in the corvette, but the car was badly burned. no word on what started it. florida fish and wildlife working this weekend, educating people in the orlando area about wild bears. bear sightings are still on the rise. they had a workshop yesterday in apopka. they said keep your garbage inside until the morning of pick up, and be careful if you have good intoed a garage refrigerator because they can sniff that out, and taking down bird feeders. wildlife officials say they also
9:18 am
a central florida zoo hopes to have more meetings in the future. jr. day. the city of orlando has a week celebrations. here's a list for the rest of the week. tomorrow, the 25th annual arthur kennedy prayer breakfast. wednesday, young adults will be awarded in the community, and then a concert at united methodist church of orlando. a nice crowd for yesterday arrest mlk holiday parade. people from all over central florida showing up, coming together to celebrate dr. king's memory and fight for peace. >> we can remember where we were and where we are today as a whole, so it's vet important to celebrate that one han had a huge dream and he accomplished it. >> if you want to join in on the celebrations there as a spread the dream service at hope church tonight.
9:19 am
stories developing in the week ahead. here's fox's anita vogel with a closer look. >> on wednesday, president obama will be in the motor city to take in the detroit auto show. mr. obama getting a first hafned look firsthandlook at the progress made in the auto industry since a 85 billion-dollar bailout in 2009 helped to revive it. friday, thousands of pro-life advocates will be in the nation's capitol for the annual march for life rally, calling for an end to abortion in what will be its 43rd year. it marks the anniversary of the landmark rowe versus wade supreme court decision, making abortion nationwide. gop candidate carly fiorina is set to address the rally. that's a look at the week ahead. anita vogel, fox news. >> new this morning, a florida woman claims her son was bullied
9:20 am
>> holy cow, we have half of our weekend morning staff in the control room today. is that jason on the left? that is jason. kenneth, our director in the middle, and bryce over on the right. thanks, guys grk to see you. it's 18 minutes before 10:00 o'clock. a florida woman claims her son of bullied at school and she said when she told authorities, they took her children away. angela flat called authorities when her son got oust of the bus with burnt hair. he said a boy at school did it. the officials say the evidence doesn't back it up. they took flat's children away
9:21 am
to her story. >> i know i didn't do. it i said take me down there right now. i'll pass a polygraph just like this. >> deputies say they don't know how the little boy's hair got burnt or if they will be pressing charges. let's talk about the weather. we went from rain and wind to now a gorgeous day, and look, there's hardly anything on the radar, glenn. >> it's turned out nice. yeah, it looks like our forecast turning out to be very nice. we get sunshine, but it's short-lived, it looks later this afternoon that the clouds roll back in. on radar, a few sprinkles right now. here's a replay from the storms earlier this morning and overnight, started up after midnight. winds were gusting, hitting areas from orlando back towards titusville and brevard county, wind gusts up to 35, 45 miles per hour. it was enough to produce power outages and you see where the
9:22 am
from orlando to the point. that's where it squeezed out more rainfall. one to one and a half inches of rain on top of the rain on friday, so that's two to three inch of rain in a few locations, that's great for this time of year. it's 70 over in melbourne, we have low 50s up towards gainesville, and ocala temperatures are dropping fast, wind out of the northwest about 15-20 miles per hour. it's about and sunny, but remember now, the cool air is coming in and when it moves in, it condenses out more moisture that's why you see more clouds beginning to form. they'll roll on in, the mid and low level clouds because of the chilly air moving in, squeezing out the moisture that's left in the atmosphere. here's our planner. skies will clear later tonight, lows getting down to the upper 30s to low 40s, so a chill is on the way. storms and clouds gone, out of here. extended period of chilly
9:23 am
being then warming up into thursday and friday, back up to about 70. sixty-nine in miami, 63 tampa, 51 degrees out towards jacksonville, again, across the u.s. artic air. that he is are current temperatures, well below zero through portions of iowa, wisconsin, minnesota, minneapolis at 14 below, some of the windchills are down near to 40 below zero. usually when you see the windchill advisory across the upper great lakes, you think windchills 10-20 below, they had windchill warnings of 40-degree below zero this morning. that tells me the chilly air is on the way. there's the storm that cruised the through the area today. have snow in the mid-atlantic states. second artic front is on the way and that's why we'll have an extended period of chilly weather. here's what we get tonight. we get a breeze out of the northwest, temperatures for tone
9:24 am
30s to low 40s, then as we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday, also more chilly weather. again, we'll reinforce that cool stuff. temperatures tonight getting down into the mid 30s up to rt no, low 40s around metro orlando, 45 towards melbourne, and look at the sunshine, tom. it looks like we're bunch in business back inbusiness, 70s by wednesday. >> rodgers rolls it away. says a prayer. oh please! what a catch! >> it's the play and the game everyone is talking about today. aaron rodgers got the packers to overtime with the arizona cardinals on that hail mary prayer, but the cardinals only needed two plays to end is on this shovel pass in overtime. the cards headed to next week's
9:25 am
a big weekend in the nfl. fox 35 sports anchor has the highlights. >> the last team to win back-to-back super bowls, the patriots did it in '03 and '04, they'll have a chance to get a step closer hosting the chiefs in the playoffs and boy, was tom brady. all rob gronkowski did was catch seven balls and 83 ready i can'ts and a pair of touchdowns. sets the record for most tds by a tight end with eight. here's the second one. patriots cruising in the third quarter, but alex smith brought the chief backs into this game. look at this play. refusing to go down. eventually completes one to jason which was huge, led to a score. fourth quarter, 27-13. chiefs good it'ses it closer. over to west being brought it
9:26 am
enough. patriots win 27-20, headed to the afc title game for the fifth straight year. >> last year, east carolina swept the season series against ucf, including beating the knight in the american conference playoffs, but this is not last year. this is not last season's ucf team either. instead, they flips it on the pirates thank in large part to taco. the ucf big man had 12 points, joined the knights other center justin mcbride who also had twelve. the inside game was terrific. knights shot 54% from the field. they win 89-69. they move to 3-1? conference play. tom glavine had a great day, fired an under par round, 25 points.
9:27 am
he fin issue inned in fourth place behind john smolts. left-handed former tennis star marty fish absolutely ran away with this thing, 30 points friday, 26 points on saturday, he wins by 14 points which is huge. marty fish is the inaugural champion. the florida cup doesn't wrap up until tuesday, but they played a little all-star game saturday might, wide world of sports complex. the penalties in the all-star games. that's bruno,e away for the white team. later, more from white in front of the goal. form brazilian player, sets up for the goal. the real games continue on sunday with brazilian side hosting shocktar from the ukraine. t.j. foster and john me mcguinness gets a goal each as the solar bears gets the win. they have a long stretch off
9:28 am
that's it for fox 35 morning sports zone. >> the nfl playoffs continues today on fox 35 today. the seattle seahawks face the carolina panthers in the nfc divisional round. they take on arizona, who beat green bay last night. that's next weekend and a trip to the super bowl will be on the line. it kicked off at 1:00 p.m. today at fox 35. if you have not heard yet, stunning news about nfl analyst chris moretonson. he niewnd he has throat cancer. he's been a espn nfl mainstay since 1991. we wish you the best, chris. still to come, spice up your workout routine by adding a mate much we're chucking out fun couple exercises that will have you looking great in the new
9:29 am
>> it is 9:53. working out is tough, but doing it with your significant other can be fun, plus it gives you someone to keep you motivated and accountable. christian is here to show you brait couples workout. >> there's valentine's day coming up, and we also know that
9:30 am
to workout, but sometime it's sometimes it's hard to fine times to spend with your significant others. >> we have heather and christian. what are the odds of having two christ giants on in the same segment? >> it's becoming a trendy thing. >> what are we starting with? >> core work. they'll get on the mat for me. we'll have one of our medicine balls. they're going to do a russian twist, so they're leaning back about 45 degrees, twisting and tossing the ball. both partners are twisting together and then tossing the ball, so you're getting a good core workout. you're engaging and leaning back to about a 45-degree angle. >> why are you locking ankles like this? >> you know, touching each other with can be fun. it helps with the resistance when you lean back. >> couples leg press. >> this is a fun one.
9:31 am
one partner's legs, it will work the core and work out some trust issues, too. >> okay. hopefully you don't have any if you're doing this. >> you're going trust your partner. you're leaning back on to their feet. she's going to engage other core nice and tight while christians is bringing his arms into his chest. he's working the hamstring and quads, and heather is engaging the core. >> that gets a lot of things working. >> you don't want to drop your partner here. >> it depends on the discussions you were having before this. >> right. >> next up, the couple's arm row row. >> we're going to stand here. side of it. you pull it tight so that you have some resistance, then pull those bands into your chest. you're working upper body. >> this is one where you do not
9:32 am
what happened before you did all of this. >> you want to remain a couple. >> right. what does this workout? >> upper body, your working your major back muscles, also your biceps. >> an rotating squats. >> rotating squats. the couples will stand arms width apart, lock in with your forearms a squat and back work. you work your legs, keep your butt back. you'll keep your knees over your ankles and push back as far as you can. >> keep that back straight, right? >> you want to work it starting about 30 seconds, get 30 seconds in, then work up to two minutes one you get more advanced and stronger. you? >> you can find australia all over central florida. go to our website, it's being check out our blog, winter park, winter springs, and college park park.
9:33 am
so much going on. glenn richards, change is coming, right? >> nice changes on the way. the skies are somewhat cleared out, not completely. we're looking at partly sunny skies across the area the good news is the chance of any bad storms is gone. everything moves through quickly for today. what's left is a thin ribbon of low clouds and sprinkles to the west and it looks like the sky also clear for tone so our forecast is clearing and getting colder. >> get outside, enjoy the warm weather while we have it today. thanks for being here with us on
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