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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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right now, on fox 35 news at 5. >> weather alert. here's what we know about the severe weather that moved through part of there an early this morning, 2 people have died and four others are hurt, not in central florida, after two tornados touched down near tampa. the governor spent part of the afternoon touring that damage. >> central florida thankfully dodging a bullet. our weather didn't turn as severe.
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let's get to leslie lee. >> it is going to be chilly xcolder tomorrow. i want to talk about tomorrow, what happened last night. this is the radar over in attach tampa. we put it in velocity mode. action the red and green, that indicates that winds going towards and away from the radar sight. it comes onshore even tighter. this is one tornados that moved through this area. this is manatee, sarasota currents. it was racing off of the east at 20 miles per hour. it was really moving quick. it was a very, very dangerous situation, it didn't pan out to be a problem for us. we saw strong winds in and around central florida. we are talking about the cold tonight. we have winds around 10 miles
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it is going to be helping to making it feel much colder on your skins. lower 40s tonight, and colder tomorrow. there's a player that takes you through the tomorrow. we'll be in the mid 40s. and near freezing in parts of central florida. detailing on that coming up. >> grabbing our coats. >> at least two people died in manatee county from a tornado touch down. where the ef2 touched down after the tornado touched down. >> it is a hard job for neighbors and friends. >> sorting through the pieces of what used to be a mobile home park and their grief. >> it blew through like crazy, it was here and gone, very, very quickly. he knew the storm was coming and before 4 in the morning, he had
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>> authorities say that a tornado passed by this area and taking away the mobile home, steve and kelly wilson, and they had their grandchildren and two sons. >> we tried to call them on the phone. we saw red lights on the phone. i got a text from someone saying that there was a direct hit on our road and i knew when i saw the red lights. >> steve wilson died in the storm, katie suffered a fatal heartache, and their son got to kids and went to a neighbor's house for help. >> it is amazing that anyone got out.
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>> it picked up the mobile home, ripped it apart, and scattered it across the road. this was an et f2 ef2, with winds up to are 150 miles per hour. >> we'll have more storms through april. where is your tornado shelter? we would have rather them have left, well before, a half hour before the storm arrived. >> one power of mother nature. >> they loved their neighbors and steve would do do anything for any time. it is not the same without them. >> you can imagine there's families without a place to call home. the red cross is there and
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that went through their area. >> much different story here in central florida. we felt the rain and wind, power knocked out for several hundred customers and here in lake mary, where we saw crews working late this morning. only a handful of consumers remain in the doctor. >> and there were a handful hurt. but it was keeping the crews busy. if you dry a high profile vehicle, use caution, you can see it is busy sunday afternoon in this area. >> fox 35 your weather authority. our team of meteorologist were here and brought up to speed on good day orlando.
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beach. you can see rescuers going up and pushing the roller coaster that people were in. it was not particularly high. the riders were not in serious dangerous. the riders were back on the ground and back on the way. >> and clean up for a citrus company as it burnt to the ground. >> we were following the story. >> david is following the story. >> in daylight, we are getting a look at the devastation after the massive fire in leesburg. >> huge flames went through the company. a person videoed it and heat.
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there throughout the blaze and fought hot spots throughout the night. and the business owner stored fuel onsite. >> they were able to cut off the fire to the storage tank. there was a tank that got heat to it but didn't catch fire. >> the fire marshall is checking into this. new at 5, a failed attempt to land a rocket in california, spacex, they tried to land it again. >> 3, 2, 1. and liftoff. falcon 9 rocket. >> a successful launch in california, at 1:42 p.m. eastern
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into the sky for research on the ocean. j into ocean see surface height that effects our planet. >> they month they landed it back on land. and this time they tried to land it on in the ocean on a ship. and it had a large hand. and it was on choppy seas. >> nasa led commitment tear. >> it was interesting that the day time launch and zero visibility from the ground. we heard it.
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>> they have had twoandry jones ess than rocket landings. >> and a pushing for the democratic nomination. >> we are in south carolina with a previous. >> previous debates have been friendly between the democrats, thanks to tightening polls that changes tonight. >> [crowd chanting]. >> supporters fired up between the match up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and martin o'malley. >> they continue to compete for votes. >> we have differences, we will have a spirited debate i expect in charleston. sanders has been -- the focus.
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the flip flop in the right direction. >> tieing clinton to big financial institutions. >> hillary clinton has received significant sums of money from wall street. >> what the american people are seeing, huge bail-out for wall continues to disappear. >> if the 70-year-old sanders is fit. >> i put out my medical records. >> of course. she released a 2-page record on her health records. we'll do the same. >> time for the candidates to seal the deal. >> fox news. all right, joining us now to talk about the debate is political analyst frank. it is panic time behind the
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>> i don't think they thought he was that close, when he launched several months back. you will see aggressive hillary clinton come out this evening and seeing sanders come out and clinton lost. >> this is taking place close to church. gun control is a big issue tonight. >> that's right, gun control is a big issue. this is a sensitive issue, they need to be careful when they discuss it. they need to satisfy the needs of the base, and not say anything to hurt them in the general election. both tight lines that they have to walk on. >> we expect to see hillary
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healthcare plan may impose a tax. >> he was been defending on the healthcare plans, and it is interesting to see what hillary clinton -- throws at him. and if he will attack hillary clinton he has been light over the last defenses, like her voting record and the benghazi e-mails. >> and running low in the polls, he has to make a connection or may be done. >> they were surprised to see o'malley in the debate. expecting to come out very heaven heavy on the attack and going after hillary clinton. o'malley will have to say it in a convincing way if he wants to make a round in the race.
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just heating up. >> a new city mandating buzzing in jacksville, they want firefighter to be clean of shaved, or they will not be able to fight fire. the administration says they prohibit firefighters to have hair that interferes with breathing items. >> and police are looking for two men who held up a store. >> and parts of midwest are seeing arctic conditions.
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>> the osceola police officers searching for two robbers at the a&m store in kissimmee. two men jumped behind the counter, and demanded money before taking off. call the sheriff's office or call the police if you have any information. maybe you noticed the clothe it's about the two characters here. >> tonight, the americans who were released by iran showed up to get a medical checkup and treatment at the hospital. >> it was 14 months of square feet diplomacy. they said they were never tied to a nuclear deal. >> i have said, it was never to -- but for the first time in
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opportunity, a window to try to resolve important issues. >> according to jason, a reporter, he was convicted of spying in iran, the freed americans, and americans matt who is american, and others. little are known about their cases. >> they arrived in switzerland, where they will be debriefed and receive medical treatment. >> one of the wives spoke about it. >> it seems surreal. it came at a time i want expecting. it doesn't seem real until i see him.
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>> and the sanctioned released. and a congressional source that iran is holding more americans, some of the names are not public. adding that they have not turned the page of hostages as bargaining chips. >> now to a news alert, u.s. imposed a new sanctions on iran, because of they fired a missile. in a december report, a missile report, banning iran of -- the u.s. believes that there was a missile test as well. >> 11 people are dead and 13 others are dead after a suicide bombing in afghanistan it leader. he hit the explosive under his
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it is near an area that was targeted by isis last week. no terrorist group has claimed this attack. >> the national weather service are saying that temperatures are hovering around zero, in nebraska, and it could be 15-30 below zero. ouch. that can lead to frostbite within minutes and it is expected to last until tuesday. >> leslie, i thought we had it bad. but it is not that bad. 15-30 below zero. >> it is cold. these folks live there, they are used to. we live in a warm climate, when cold weather comes here, we have to deal with it. we will get a full week of almost what it feels like a
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here's the tower cam at the hyatt. >> beautiful sunset. winds at northwest at 13 miles per hour. the winds are making it chillier out there tonight. make sure you have a layers on. 59 in daytona beach, and 60 in sanford sanford, and ocala, and we'll see the numbers drop into the 40s degree range tomorrow. >> temperatures change over the last 24 hours, a powerful storm system come through, we are about 15 degrees colder now than 24 hours ago. it is feeling like the winter push as we see temperatures in that range. that's the tornado watch that was in the area. the big slice of orange, the dry stable air for central florida.
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weather systems to worry about. we'll talk about another weather system coming friday of next week. >> much of the nation chilly this evening, and bitterly cold up north, and atlantic seaboard in the 30s, 40s, and the powerful system moving through. >> i want to show you the trend, over the next couple of days. this is monday through sunday. a normal high is january is around 70 degrees. we'll be below that over the next couple of days. we'll jump back up to normal. and another cold front is coming through. it is a little bit of seesaw over the next 7-day forecast. >> we have a strong northwest wind, and bringing in the cool air across central florida for, through wednesday and that's when the next system arrives. we'll see a chance of rain thursday, and friday, and once
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cool down next weekend. >> hour by hour forecast, kids may not be in school, most kids are not in school because of the holiday, most folks have to work. it is a chilly start, 54 at 11 o'clock, and at 2 p.m., we are looking at 59. and 5 p.m. 58. and 53 through the evening. >> mid to lower 40s across the board. >> 35 ocala, and that's tonight. i think tomorrow you will be temperatures. we could see a freeze watch issued tomorrow night, and a holds. >> look at the high. upper 50s in daytona, and interior low 60s, and remember the winds with pretty high, 15 miles per hour, it will make it feel like the low 50s.
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and is orlando will see 38 and day time high of -- and chilly weekend looks to be setting up 50 and 60s.
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>> breaking news, the u.s. embassy in bagdad confirming that several americans have disappeared in iraq. they are working to find them. the news comes after multiple
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three americans and an iraqi translator was kidnapped by military men who were wearing masks over their face. >> as we get more information we will pass it along. >> back at home, palm beach sheriff deputy is on paid leave after a driver pointed a gun at him. the deputy pulled over the suspect on saturday when the 19-year-old got out of the car and ran away. that's when the sheriff's office stopped and pointed a gun at the sheriff and the sheriff fired his gun and the suspect died at the scene. >> it is not the most luxury mercedes benz. >> the lowest price vehicle is one of the biggest.
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states. the cargo version costs 30 thousand dollars. the passenger is available for seating up to 8. it is the same length of the country. >> you are expecting this to have a luxury interior. but it don't. inside. it is good thing if you are planning on hauling kids. >> this is the big one, it has an impressive pay load rating 900 pounds, 1900 pounds. it puts this in second place. among half ton pick ups. tows up to 5000 pounds. you may not want to push the
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is smooth, and the steering is mercedes-like. it is like it is sitting in cris crisco crisco. or whatever they use to bake. >> the rear seats don't fold flat and not a tv screen in site. >> they have a couple of cool tricks, that should keep everyone entertained. this can parallel park itself. vehicle like this. old. it can do this too. it is a real-drive vehicle. mercedes. >> a truck overturns because of the weather. find out how the driver is doing
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hardest hit >> at least two tornados touching down, two people killed and four others hurt in a huge
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we are not seeing severe weather tonight. >> we have a big chill coming over the next couple of nights. >> let's get to meteorologist leslie hudson. >> it is going to be chilly for sure. after you get a powerful cold front this time of year, you know there's a huge temperature swing. it is cold tonight and colder tomorrow night. radar is in clear after a long, busy night after the storms moving through. it is several days before we talk about rain moving back to central florida. we will talk about the wind and the cold air. the winds on average about 10 miles per hour, but you have to remember when the winds are high and the air is cold, the feels-like temperature is colder than it is. if you are heading out wear layers, and it is going to feel cooler than the 60s and 50s.
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melbourne. and 59 up in gainesville, and it looks like that the numbers get down into the 40s and some into the 30s. look at the wind factor, it is chilly tonight and we expect to see the numbers over the next couple of days. we'll tell you how long in a few minutes. >> one of the tornados that touched down killed two people. >> we have live with the ef2 tornado hit. >> guys, you can see the devastation that the tornado left behind me. this tornado threw a house clear across the street that i'm standing on and landed here on this side of the street. there's someone picking through what is left. when this tornado hit there were 7 people inside of this home that is in hundreds of pieces. two of the people did not make it.
5:31 pm
he died, steven wilson, and his wife, kelly wilson, she died on the way to the help of a heart attack attack. >> people were woken up by the winds and neighbors had very little warning. the neighbors tried to get in touch with them. and this is what they found after that. >> this is governor rick scott. he came here to meet with friends and family members and neighbors of the wilson's. he said that the state of florida will be there for them. there were four children at home, at the time. as well as the grandparents. the kids are doing okay right now. it is awful that this happened in the middle of the night and that the children were inside as
5:32 pm
>> the most important thing that the services that are here, and the state will show up. you want to make sure that people know how important is it that their government will be there. i tell you, anything -- i know that the county is doing their job. sheriff brad of manatee county has been the sheriff here for the last ten years ago. he can't remember a tornado hitting in this fashion. we have hurricanes and we are used to severe weather, but as far as a tornado hitting, this is extremely rare event. you can see that the devastation that it caused. the neighbors say that it came and went quickly. as they often do and they are now left with this. >> and the weather caused this
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the driver walked away from the crash unharmed. >> our team of meteorologist were here all night and brought you updates all day long on good day orlando. >> a teenager accused of trying to run over the police officer was in court today. the deputy shot him when he saw him drive towards him. they noticed that he was driving without a seatbelt. and he reversed towards the police officers and they shot him. and the car crashed into a house in a neighborhood. the three people got out and ran away. the car was reported stolen. and the suspect in the car was
5:34 pm
>> the man is missing with autism, they saw him 3:30 yesterday morning. his parents says he has the capacity of a 12-16-year-old. he is wearing a "life is good" call the police if you have any information. >> and why they are still camping out at the wild life preserve. >> you will want to check out
5:35 pm
1.72 on north boulevard in >> it has been two weeks since men occupied a wildlife. it is owned by -- who ran federal agents off his ranch over grazing rights. they say they are not leaving. >> who are they?
5:36 pm
exclusive look another the men. they say cowboys don't cry, but sometimes militia men do. this is something that kardashians can be proud of, the sworn oath, to protect and defend the constitution. [music.] >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. that's why he couldn't be with you on christmas. >> before his car pool confession, he had never heard of this bird patch high in the oregon desert. but he is prepared to die for
5:37 pm
>> what do you say to the people watching? they know you, you are a nut. [laughter.] >> they need -- >> if they think they know me from social media. they don't know me. >> are you dangerous? >> no, i'm not dangerous. >> dangerous to those who would infringe on peoples's rights. >> yes, then i become very dangerous. >> [music.] >> many of the antigovernment militia men don't work. they have government loans and sdabt r disability checks and their wives are back in the city. they are -- >> people are in distress here. people are in distress here. help your neighbor. >> at what point? when do you go? >> when they don't need help. >> when --
5:38 pm
lifted up off the ground. >> are they being trampled by the federal government. >> how do you know that's the case? we'll see it. >> there's no love for the federal government in oregon. two ranchers were sent to prison for setting fire to the federal government land. they want them to take their guns and go home. >> i'm asking as a sheriff, that the people that are occupying the wildlife refuge, go home. government. everyone is mad. why are you -- -- >> wait, let me ask. why are you going to point a gun as your brother? >> i didn't point it at my brother. >> it could come to that. >> i haven't pointed a gun at anyone yet.
5:39 pm
if it is pointed at me. >> a right wing extremist of unemployed men doesn't may for itself. money has brought in cash from michigan, and other places, and clean socks and coffee creamer. >> what are you doing out here? brothers. >> it is not about ranch? it is about government. >> sick of the corruption in government. >> none of them we met are from oregon. he is a mechanic from phoenix, and a few of them have been exposed by the media of fake war veterans. some have served in iraq. some don't find anything to do but sit around and fume.
5:40 pm
he goes, what was i doing? why are my friends dead? why are my brothers under the ground? when we were fighting the wars. when the fight is here. >> your point has been made and leave in a peaceful and honorable fashion. >> they are asking them to leave. >> the idaho militia arrives with heavy fire power. who is in charge? >> to come here with all of the guns. we don't want it. you know, we are asking you to leave. >> that's a change. >> well, it is a welcomed change? cut! >> with the towns turning against them.
5:41 pm
graceful way out. >> it needs to happen little bit longer. >> what if it lasts little bit longer. are you worried? >> no, i'm not worried. we came in here to help our brothers and neighbors. >> that seems like the case. most of them are saying that much you. >> home soon, hopeful? peacefully. no bled shed. this is america. i love it. this is great. we are civilized enough where we don't need to have bloodshed in order for change to come about. >> maybe, johnny. remember, you are the ones who brought the guns. >> back at home, violent storms rolls through overnight. see what we know about the
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from the naples area, the damage done here was done by an apparent apparent apparent tornado. it was the same system that brought the tornados through the area. >> we continue to get updates from the national weather service we will give you the tally from the west side of the state. a lot of folks were scared because of the concerns and the tornado watch that was posted for our area. thankfully we didn't see the severe weather. but our friends to the west did. >> clear tonight, nice calm, cool evening. there's no big weather to tell you about, that's a good thing. it is going to be cold out there. 63 in melbourne, and, and/or -- orlando. some folks will be in the upper 30s.
5:44 pm
15-20 degrees from yesterday. it is below average start to the week for the holiday tomorrow. we are expecting a chilly day. cooler than normal, quiet weather most of the week, and the next front rives next friday that promises another win roubd round of cool weather. >> there's the big orange slice, things you can't see with your own eyes. that's going to help us drop the temperatures down to the low 40s, and even colder tomorrow night and a strong northwest wind is bringing in the cool air. and no rain. and the storm system is coming in from the west from texas it is schedule to arrive late thursday and early friday.
5:45 pm
tonight and tomorrow. cheer and chilly tonight, drier, chilly, in the 40s. and speak speaking of the chill, and 61 is the average high. the wind is making it feel cooler if your kids have school, i don't think they do. you need layers, it is chilly tomorrow. and 38 is the low and afternoon high of 58. and we stay in the cool range thursday, friday, and the next front comes friday morning, and daytime high is in 40s. >> and sports. and the nfl match ups. >> adam is here to talk sports. >> everyone expected a tight game with the seahawks and the
5:46 pm
but it didn't work out that way. ugugh.h. i i rerealallyly s shohoululdndn't't.. n no,o, y youou k knonow w whwhatat? ? i i shshououldld. . anand d i i wiwillll. . i i dedeseservrve e ththisis.. i i'm'm a a b bogogo o fifindndinin',', weweekeklyly a ad d flflipippipin'n',, cocoupupononining g mamaststerermimindnd.. w whoho's's s savavining g bibig g titimeme? ? ththisis g girirl!l! cacan n i i hehelplp y youou?? inindedeeded. . ththisis q queueenen o of f sasavivingngs s dedeseservrveses a a r rewewarard.d. a a c canannonolili, , plpleaeasese.. t thehe w weeeeklkly y adad, , bobogogos s anand d cocoupuponons.s. ththreree e eaeasysy w wayays s toto s savave e atat t thehe sasameme p plalacece y youou l lovove e toto s shohop.p. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng i is s a a plpleaeasusurere.. >> of all of the games, they had a seahawks and than they ares the tightest. it didn't happen that way. they got off to a lead. and panthers rattled off 31
5:47 pm
ground, through the air, on defense, they were wonderful. completely balanced. 31 to nothing at the half. they made it look respectable in the half. and scoring and russell wilson through for 3 touchdowns but couldn't overcome the assemble suppressions. >> do you see the finish of the cardinal and packers game last night? wild stuff. final instructions, aaron rodgers fires a hail mary, and officially 41 yards and they are going to overtime. it is time for larry, 176 yards receiving he makes the two biggest plays in over time. a big chunk of yard. and a reception for a game -- they survive 26-20.
5:48 pm
>> it was a rolling coaster on the sideline. you have to keep your emeegzs in check and emotions in check and go to the next play. you have to go to the next play. >> the conference champ schedule, carolina host, here, and england will host. >> orlando is in a desperate situation with injuries. >> alfred is working his way back, and -- a sprayed right knee, and he will not play monday at the hawks. he hurt the knee in london and it swelled up on him. and the head coach doesn't seem too concerned. we believe in every single one
5:49 pm
if you are in the nba, you are the next man up, and you can play. every guy on the team is a professional. they work very, very hard. in 82 games you it is going to happen, you will get your shot. >> how about florida cup soccer. taking on ukraine, for the first half. the club, free kick fires a low screamer, and on a break, he rips a low one. and that's a save and it is ended in a tie, 1-1. the coming up, we catch up with larry the cable guy trying to
5:50 pm
get 'r do it is going to be chilly. i hope you don't put away the winter wear. 61 tomorrow. and 38 in orlando.
5:51 pm
watch or warning tomorrow night. >> adams is going to put out his new england's hat. >> no, i am not. [laughter.] >> freeze warning? >> it is cold up in ocala.
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