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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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p[music] good morning. it's tuesday, january 19th. i'm ryan elijah. good morning. it's tuesday, january 19th. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- two orlando police officers will be placed on leave... after opening fire on a man who refused to drop a gun. we have the latest on the investigation. plus-- you better bundle up before you head out the door this morning! freeze warnings are in effect in several counties. jayme king will have chilly morning moment. and-- investigators in lake county will be back out to a home in paisley... after a body is found in the backyard. why neighbors say the homeowner...
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j9g this morning-- a man is in the hospital this morning after taking fire from orlando police officers. the police department says -- those two officers will go on leave. it happened along the 6-thousand block of swissco drive in orlando. that is north of lee vista boulevard-- and east of the -436. fox 35's keith landry has the very latest. an update this --
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the deadly tornado in manatee county. three of the five survivors are now out of the hospital. the tornado killed a *inside their duette home.
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jr--along with four kids survived. wilson --and two boys-- are out of the hospital this morning --with just scrapes... but the two girls had much more serious injuries. now... even strangers in the community are showing their support for the family is this tough time. time. people from all over are reaching out to help pay for medical bills and burial costs. they are raising money online-- and have already gotten close to 20- thousand dollars in ations. also developing this -- lake county detectives will be back out at a home....trying to piece together how someone ended-up buried in the backyard. those remains were found in the backyard of a missing man. the body was found at a home on pennsylvania street....just west te road 44 and i-4 in paisley. deputies were
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he had not seen the homeowner...61- year-old dennis jones... for more than a month. the porch light of jones' house was on... but he was nowhere to be found, and his car was not in the deputies says a cadaver dog alerted remains in the backyard. the medical examiner could have autopsy results and later this morning. are calling this a suspicious death. in flagler county-- customers are being told to boil their after someone released 400- thousand gallons from the water supply. officials are now calling it "water vandalism." fox 35's tiffany teasley has the details. that boil water notice effects those living in the
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journalist and other americans held captive have been reunited with their families in germany. they were released over the weekend after being detained in iran. four were part of the "official swap"-- with seven iranians-- six of whom also had american citizenship. this all comes-- as the president was set to announce an end to major economic part of the iran nuclear deal. meanwhile-- some of the g-o-p presidential candidates are speaking out against
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marco rubio saying... it gives terrorists more of an incentive to capture americans. three of the five people held captive were being treated at a u-s military hospital in germany. their families say --they are doing okay this morning. happening today-- a man connected to the disappearance of a jacksonville toddler will be back in court. "ruben ebron, junior" will have a pre-trial hearing. detectives say ebron led investigators to the site where remains --- believed to be lonzie barton's --- were found last week. a medical examiner is working to identify those remains. ebron is charged with child neglect and lying to police. barton's mother has already pleaded guilty to similar charges. the last remaining
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stadium at daytona... is going in today. the speedway will hold a special ceremony.. for the pj9stallation. nascar executive jim france will be there along with a longtime speedway ticket-holder the new motorsports stadium will debut at the rolex 24 on january 30th. coming up next-- authorities say they've made one arrest-- after a group beat up a teen girl...and stole her hoverboard. more on what happened... and why police say they are close to making more arrests. plus-- uproar in michigan this morning... following the contamination of the water supply in flint. why protestors are calling for the governor's resignation. a crime alert now-- a teenage girl is attacked...all
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a crime alert now-- a teenage girl is attacked...all because of a hoverboard! deputies have arrested one was part of a group. 18-year-old dyon robinson is in jail-- charged with robbery and grand theft. deputies say he-- and some friends-- robbed a 14-year-old girl. according to the arrest report-- the girl was riding a borrowed hoverboard in pine hills-- when the group of teens drove up to her. the victim says two girls jumped out and started punching her in the face and off the hoverboard... and then continued to attack her. that's when she says two guys got out of the car..grabbed the hoverboard and her
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four took off. so far-- two other identified... but deputies say no other arrests will be made -- until they identify the fourth person. hour-- calls reveal the ex- girlfriend of an accused cop-killer warn authorities-- he was planning to hunt them sunday night. the "columbus dispatch" reports-- herschel jones' ex county sheriff's office... telling them herschel had just threatened to kill was quote "out in a cop". investigators say 20-minutes later... cottrell's body was found. says cottrell was shot to death... and that he had just started working for the danville police department on a part-time basis a few the 34-year-old daughters... and a fiancee. cottrell's autopsy today. jones remains in custody this morning... and is
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murder. calls to arrest michigan's governor are growing louder... as protesters accuse him of not acting soon enough in the "flint water crisis." the problem with the city's dangerously contaminated water supply has been known since 20-14... but the governor only recently asked for federal help. protesters are planning to rally at the governor's "state of the state address" tonight. iraqi security forces are going door-to-door... searching for the group of americans kidnapped in baghdad over the weekend. the washington post reports-- two men and a woman were abducted at their interpreter's apartment... in broad daylight on saturday. baghdad police say each of the victims are iraqis who had acquired u-s citizenship... and that worked at the city's airport. so far no organization has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings. coming up next-- a local father is working to push a bill through the florida legislature that would help keep children safe at bus stops. still ahead... more on that measure... that could help authorities catch
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around school buses. the rock and roll world says good-bye to another great---glenn frey. the eagles guitarist passed away yesterday...he was 67 years old. celebrities like tim mcgraw and paul stanley have been posting on social media--in honor of the rock star. if you want to add your post to our wall...just use hashtag g-d-o. a mother is speaking out about her hershey' s miniatures. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey' s miniatures are
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frightening experience... after two suspects burst into her house and threatened her daughter. that story kicks off the morning rush. orlando police say two men pushed their way inside the weapons--- the victim-- who asked not to be identified-- told them she did not have any... but they searched holding a gun to her daughter. trt:12 sec oc:door and left the victim says the men left without taking anything. police believe the suspects targeted the wrong house. the victim's children are now staying at their grandmother's house --because they are too scared to stay in their own home. police are still searching for the suspects this morning. a 72-year-old man is 9 more than 100-thousand dollars bond... accused of having a sexual relationship
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girl. palm bay police arrested william leach the third yesterday. police say leach--who had previously been the victim's neighbor..drove to meet the girl to have sexual relations with her. leach is charged with unlawful sexual activity with certain minors and traveling to meet a minor. today-- "seaworld orlando" will be releasing two manatees back into the wild. the manatees were found orphaned in satellite beach and cape canaveral last year. now that they are healed--they will be released in port st. john-- among other manatees-- to help them adapt to their natural environment again.
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florida legislature that would help keep your kids safe. he wants cameras to be put on all school bus crossing arms-- to make sure drivers slow down-- and stop-- to let kids off. don mair is fighting for the bill-- because his 12-year- old daughter was hit and killed by a driver in 2010 as she got off her school bus in deltona. according to the
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education-- as many as 10- thousand cars a day go around school bus crossing arms in florida. mair says the cameras would help stop this from happening... by catching people going around the buses... and ticketing the driver. turning now to sports-- the "orlando magic" taking on the "atlanta hawks" in an m-l-k day matinee. the hawks took the lead-- with 5 minutes left to play. here's fox sports with your highlights. coming up next--
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florida city-- over some unique statues in front of a gun store. why code enforcement says-- they need to be taken down.
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at the stories making headlines around florida. in south florida... hundreds of bikers caused quite a stir-- after taking ovthe streets of miami. aerial shots captured these dramatic scenes-- that were un- folding all afternoon yesterday. riders on motorcycles --and a-t-v's --performed stunts.. and streamed past traffic. the group says it was an anti-violence message... in honor of martin luther king day. they call it... "bikes up, guns down." they did the same thing last year. police made several arrests -- and confiscated several bikes. the owners of a gun store in sarasota are facing controversy... after putting two iconic sculptures outside their store. "tube dudes" are commonly seen around town-- as a unique way to advertise local businesses. kelly and cheri ireland joined the movement by putting two "dudes" outside their store holding guns. now-- code enforcment says-- they have to take them down-- because residents have made several complaints. the couple says-- they are being
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the couple plans to fight the decision-- because they say it violates their first amendment rights. coming up at 5-- it's cold in central florida--some counties are facing freeze warnings this morning! jayme king will have an update on your forecast in just a few minutes. plus-- two orlando police officers will be placed on leave... after opening fire on a man who refused to drop a gun. we have the latest
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