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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  January 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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don't go anywh >> announcer: this is "good day
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doctor, doctor, give me the news i got a bad case of loving you... >> john: today on the 9 o'clock hour, is going to the doctor every year necessary? we chat with the doctor about the importance of annual check-ups. >> john: you have the do-not-call list for your phone and now you can do the same for e-mail. the fox consumer team tells us how to filter out all of that junk. plus did the holidays leave you with a little extra gift around the waist? the clean food coach is here to show us how to swap out the bad food for something good. "good day orlando" at 9:00 starts right now. >> john: "good day orlando," welcome to the 9 o'clock hour, i'm john brown. >> amy: if you strategically pick the def leppard song knowing they will be playing here next week.
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>> amy: glad you are are with us, a lot is coming up, and david martin... >> we are live this morning at nautiq. e, one of the world's leading manufacturers of inbored pro boats and if you waterski, chances are you have been wanted one of those masterpieces. since 1929 the company has done their thing, what it looks like before, all shiny, and we'll show you the awesome stuff, how the bodies are made on the 9 o'clock hour of "good day orlando." >> crazy. they are nine years away from their 100 year anniversary in orlando. cool! okay, chilly this morning and we are giving you a live look at the state park where manatees love to crowd in there and try to stay warm. getting ready for the manatee festival. if you haven't been it is fun. >> get there early. it shuts down, so many people and especially with this weather.
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check more than 300? >> 300 manatees. >> it is crowded. >> and cozy. >> jayme: like saturday again, back in 50s for highs and sunday morning, lows bottom out into the 30s, friday, we're wacky wild florida style weather. by friday high close to 80 and down we go, as the front clears the area. we'll outline it. i want to touch on morning lows, how low do they go? and 25 at gainesville and 35 at leesburg and 30 orlando and 40 titusville and it might have been a shade or two cooler and come from the reporting stations out there and sometimes run warmer than you have in your personal weather station and bottom line we can agree it is cold out there at the later hour, 40s and 30s dominate our wealth headlines and freeze warnings are lifted, remaining at around south of this big bend
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everybody now has been cleared, official confirmation from the national weather service forecast office, in jacksonville, duval county and melbourne area in the national service office in brevard. sun and clouds, cool temps, 64 by 2:00, the weather changes, we have snowflakes to the north and high clouds for us and another blast of winter weather is setting up for the eastern third of the nation, a foot or two of snow will be common. for the mid-atlantic north and northeast and new england states, saturday and sunday. the same system that enhances rain chances here, and eventually cools us down. we talk more about that, my full detailed forecast coming up in 10 minutes. >> uninvestigators are trying -- investigators are trying to figure out what happened at a house... >> amy: between cimarron and conway and yaek genesee county is live at the scene, has been
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updates. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and, the fire marshal confirmed it is accidental and a space heater was inside the shed where firefighters discovered that man's body. but as of now, they said they cannot confirm if the space heater was the cause of the fire. let's look at some video, you can see how many firefighters were here, they say it happened 2:30 a.m. and when they arrived they said the shed was engulfed in flames. and that is when they discovered the man inside the tool shed, about 50 to 60 years old. again the orange county fire rescue were telling us they do not know the exact cause of that fire. and i talked to a next-door neighbor who said his friend, this one that passed away, they were friends almost 30 years, he was a disney worker and getting ready to go to work this morning. he works doing landscaping at
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for him to talk about his friend's loss on camera and just here on scene, a family pastor, who was talking to us and asking for privacy for the family as they mourn their loss, now, reporting live in orange county, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> jackie, thanks, details on county. one person died during an industrial accident, "sky fox" is over this now, taylor farms near the florida mall. the sheriffs office said the victim gotten trapped in some of the equipment, again, sadly did not survive. john? >> john: also happening now, a massive road project has been years in the making is about to open for drivers for the first time and i'm with gina with the latest on the wa ekiva parkway. >> the first portion is set to open 10:00 a.m., the stretch of road from county road 435 in orange county to state road 36,
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and work on this first three mile stretch started in february of 2013. with the construction cost of $25.4 million, that project is expected to bring a lot of growth to the area. the president of the chamber of commerce says business already is starting to boom and when it is complete the parkway would go around wekiva springs state park and connect to the 417 and around central florida. the stretch of road is opening right now. relieving a lot of congestion for people who want an alternate route. >> john: it is open and opened it for you as you talked about it. >> i know! cool! >> john: i'll go drive it today! for kicks! fun. road trip! >> get your kicks on route 66. now on wekiva parkway. happening now a couple of cases set to go before a judge for the first time.
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ski world orlando is charged with five counts of child pornography. he was arrested yesterday at his office in ivanhoe village, fdle agents found the computer in his office that contained child porn. the suspect in a cock fighting bust is set to face a judge. william desaz, investigators arrested him at a training facility off of colonial near the 417. deputies say they seized 54 roosters fighting paraphernalia, a fighting ring and syringes, used to give the birds vitamins and antibiotics. he's charming with 31 counts of fighting and baiting the animals. >> the orlando police department says it is not giving up in its search for michelle parker, who vanished in 2011. her ex-fiancee, dale smith, is the only person of interest in the case. but he has since moved to tennessee with her children. today would have been michelle's 38th birthday.
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of michelle wishing her a happy birthday and saying the department will never give up searching for her. also orange county, an innocent bystander is recovering after being shot outside of a gas station. deputies say the man was caught in the cross-fire when two gunmen shot at each other. the video is wild, luanne joins us now with more on that. >> this is a very scary situation. the shootout was caught by a surveillance camera at this citgo gas station near evans high school. in pine hills. a closer look at the video. the camera captured two different angles, you can see a group gathered near the truck and they run and duck and if you check out the bottom of your screen you can see the gun in one of the suspects' hands as shots are fired. that is when the bystander was hit by one of those bullets. here is now witnesses or reacting this morning. >> broad daylight.
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no excuse. it just let out and kids were just getting out of school and we heard gun shots. >> deputies say two groups of young people fired more than 10 shots. everyone involved here ran away from the scene. the by stander was shot in the stomach and rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. john and amy, back to you. >> you decide 2016. donald trump gets a big endorsement from sarah palin and ryan has the big political headline of the day. >> luanne: making the announcement in the iowa yesterday. backing donald trump for president. the former vice presidential candidate, former alaskan governor animated to say the least, saying donald trump was the right choice. >> his power, passion is the fabric of america. and, is woven by work ethic and dreams and drive and faith in the almighty. what a combination. are you ready to share in that again, iowa? because that is what is going to let you make america great
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>> now, she endorsed ted cruz for senate in 2012 and trump hopes the endorsement can help him gain among the evangelicals and tea party favorites and trump is a few points behind in iowa and i want to show you a new poll from the democratic side of the race, raising eyebrows, according to the cnn/wmur poll, sanders, leading the race is ahead by 27 points in new hampshire, 60% of likely democrats back sanders and 33% back clinton, those numbers raising eyebrows on the democratic side. she has begin in the lead but not that big. >> john: we know about the do-not-call list for your phone and now you can do the same with your e-mail. >> amy: we'll show you a new tool that will help filter out the spam. plus, david martin. >> reporter: wonder where one of leading manufacturers of wakeboard and waterski boats are? right here in orlando, called nautique.
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>> john: i'm a "belieber" now, i was almost scared to admit it in public in the newsroom, but i do actually like his new song! >> john: all in favor say aye. >> amy: aye! i'll admit it. >> john: no one else, none of you guys? >> amy: i will not go to a director says -- >> the whole album is good! i've downloaded much of it. >> amy: 9:15. >> john: are the mic's on? i didn't know that was live. >> amy: everybody knows now. 9:15. how many e-mail subscriptions did you get looped into when you did on-line holiday shopping. >> >> john: you can clean up your inbox and get rid of
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calls, fox is here live to explain and steve you are right. i didn't realize it happened and, you want that send you a receipt by e-mail, is that okay, and next thing you know you get 20 e-mails a day from the companies, i'm getting -- >> i tell you, steve told me to shop on-line november and december to save money and now it is january and i have all the stuff in my inbox i don't want. right? and to get rid of it you have to go through the e-mail and click on subscribe and you verify your e-mail address, a mess! until now. look at the video. the web site is called unroll and you let them scan through the e-mail in box and it will identify anything that is a subscription based e-mail and creates the list and within by one click done the list, unsub skrien, and unsubscribe. i had 100 in my inbox, most of which i didn't know about.
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if you want to keep the e-mails coming, you can create a custom i move once a day the web site will send you that gathers all of the information you want and sends it to you in a nice package, choose morning, noon or night and the rest of the stuff, get rid of. it is free and easy to use. >> amy: i like that idea. all right. >> what about snail mail? any ideas there? >> especially this time of year. look, this is the time of year, a lot of tax forms come in the mail and identity thieves try and find out the information and, this is an important time to opt out of credit card insurance offers, there is a way to do it. the web site is opt out, the official consumer credit reporting industry web site to accept and process requests from consumers to opt in or opt out from credit card and insurance company offers, and you can opt out for five years or permanently, the choice is yours, and always opt
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and talk about the do-not-call list, around for a while and we got rid of our home phone, and i don't get unwanted calls to my cell phone but i'm sure some people do? >> i did all the time until i registered my cell number with the do-not-call list. the big problem with the process for a lot of folks, when the idea first came out many years ago, the headline was, home phone only, telemarketers do not have access to your cell phone and we found out that that is completely not true, right? i was getting tons of phone calls on my cell phone and thought there has to be a way to register this, head to the do not call refugee industry. a couple of notes, there is one and only one sponsored by the fcc, not a paid thing. it is absolutely free, follow the link to get there. register your phone and when it comes to your cell phone, the phone calls are unwanted and annoying, but you are paying for them. because all of that -- those
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and wait to listen to the phone and find the magic number to opt out, you are paying for those minutes, time to stop doing that and the last thing you want is to be annoyed and broke. >> as long as the justin bieber fan club phone calls keep coming for amy and me. >> you are beliebers. that is what i heard. >> john: don't believe anything you hear! thanks, talk to you soon. >> amy: 9:19. jayme king has advice how to stay warm today. >> and the numbers you see for sure. we reached bottom, not long ago and everybody, pretty much, with the 20s and 30s, waiting on official word out of ocala but i saw one of the readings down to 26 or 27 and to surprise, a full on hard freeze warning in alatch ka county and gainsville and south of that point, and, everybody around that 30 degree mark either direction, north or south of that and orlando 38 out
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32, ouch, at deland and it was this time in 1977, january 19th and 20th, those of you around this know the major blizzard of 1977 set up over the northern tier of the country and a little dusting there. we had our moments of snow in central florida and usually, it is never measurable but this stretch we had a nice dusting. young lady there, the orlando sentinel back in the day doing her due diligence and writing fla on the windshield, courtesy of the orlando sentinel. thank you for the photograph. okay. 37 in ocala and 38 gainesville and 48 sanford and 46 orlando and same space coast and let's talk about the day ahead. on the minds of any, enjoy it if you can. sun and clouds and cool today and back to the mid 60s for highs and moon lit sky and gorgeous full moon again and looks like we'll be in the 50s by 8:00.
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look out here, my friend, go west a tremendous area of low pressure now setting up around the rockies and will cut down and slice and dies and head our way. uptick in clouds i think for late tomorrow through the course of the day and rain chances go up by friday, back behind that system, major snow maker for the eastern side of the nation. we're not included in that but we see colder air flaking off and coming on down by saturday with pretty good winds in place, kind of wind whipped cold weekend for us. by noon, 60 on the gulf scene today and 64 by 3:00 and ample sun and northerly wind at 10 during that time. so, it will be a cool one but i think warmer than yesterday with highs through the 50 s and it will mitigate the threat for strong storms and not to say we won't see something move through friday afternoon and will bring showers on the back end of this,
9:22 am
snowflakes as far west as tennessee and northern georgia. some and for us on the outer periphery and colder air and gusty wind whipped air will be our reality by saturday as told by our 7-day forecast. by friday, temps on the upper 70s and 80 degrees, strengthened south wind, windy on the back side of the departing storm, highs mid and upper 50s, no chance of weekend rainfall. over to you. >> amy: a huge boat manufacturer in orlando is now expanding its headquarters. out. we know about the nautique boat company. here. >> reporter: headquartered and made here in central florida. since 1925. currently they make about 7 to 10 boats every day. what you see behind me is the carpeting of a boat and, in his hand, the surf system.
9:23 am
piece of equipment that makes those wakes for you when you are pulled behind one of the leading
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>> john: >> john: 9:25, some of the most popular boats are manufactured right here in central florida. >> amy: and david martin is giving us a view at the nautique headquarters, what most of us have never seen before, it is very cool! >> reporter: part of my job i love, and i'll take you and our audience to places they've never
9:26 am
heart of nautique, run by this gentleman. good morning, sir, how are you? you are the president of the wonderful separation and your great granddaddy started it in 1925. >> we have been building boats in orlando since 1925 and this is our next generation, we have added more space for product development and production and we are ready to go. something new and fresh. >> reporter: those boats are made, tonight a day and, a large number. >> that is a large number of boats in our segment and we built the best waterski and wakeboard boats in the world and wake surf boats and it is a popular sport and we're in that niche and will only build the top and the best. >> once they are made here, where do they go? >> all the nautique boats are built in orlando and go all over the world. we're have boats going to five different continents around the world. and you are just -- going to see
9:27 am
australia or here at home. so, you are seeing them on the water everywhere. >> and, mom and pa might buy one and professional celebrity athletes. >> we design them for the best athletes in the world and provides the capacity for the amp person on the lake who wants to buy a boat and it does everything they want to do from a water sports perspective. >> you guys are expanding, a good thing. are you bucking the trend? >> we have seen growth in the mark place recently and we are following done the trend. our new product releasing over the last couple of years have been outstanding and the market responded. so we are continuing to grow, the expansion gives us more room for growth and ahouse us to do new things and we are looking for new team workers. >> looking for workers. >> yes. as we continue to expand we are hiring in our production and technical trade skills, see us on our web site, and visit our hr page. >> john: you heard it here
9:28 am
well for you here on "good day orlando," greg is hiring! and, congratulations. >> thank you. looking forward to it. >> nice. >> thank you, david. >> as a teenager you remember this, couldn't wait to get your drivers license. >> people at the department of motor vehicles are going to be handing you are license... >> john: a rite of passage, license to drive in the 1980s and now kids don't care about driving! why so many are choosing to
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>> amy: and welcome back, to "good day orlando." it is now 9:30, welcome to kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, all right, thanks for joining us today. the wekiva parkway will open up
9:31 am
soon for people who live up in seminole lake and orange county. seems like a big difference once it is done. >> amy: very, very convenient and the reason is if you get stuck on -- and trying to get down to the disney area and the attractions, the -- you will be grateful for something that drops you off right at disney's back door. >> we take that way all the time and it will make it easier and one of the first sections is opening up. >> and kirsten delgado is live with an update. good morning, good to see you! >> reporter: good morning, guys, now the opening happening on the state road, you can see behind me, it is bare but at 10:00 will be open for vehicles to come through, this first section of the long awaited parkway state road 429 and it will complete central florida's beltway and protect the natural resource surrounding the wekiva river and
9:32 am
ease congestion for not only locals but millions of visitors that come to central florida >> reporter: >> the parkway will relieve congestion on 435, and winter road and 46 and remaining sections and 441 and will enhance safety and we expect the traffic will make it easier for locals to get in and out of homes and businesses on the local roads. >> now, back here live, you see it's an open parkway, right now no cars are coming through and at 10:00 a.m. we'll get the first pictures of cars on the beltway for the first time ever and bring those to you today on fox 35 news at 5:00. reporting live from lake county, kirsten delgado, fox 35 news. >> john: i'm going to be a do, and i'm driving it after work. one out there. time for your morning business headlines and joining us live from the fox business network studios is this lovely lauren we are nervous about the opening bell this morning.
9:33 am
signify the closing bell. we learned that yesterday. >> amy: so true. >> down 205 points now. open and it isn't terrible. a lot of big, familiar dow companies selling off ibm, boeing, mcdonald's, apple, so those are some of the popular names that are getting hammered hard now. >> ouch. all right, let's talk about -- i think it is fascinating. young adults are not excited about getting their drivers licenses anymore. why is that? >> no. i used to beg to get the car and, loved to drive. couldn't wait to get this license and now young adults, 20 to 24 are a little reluctant to get the license. they are getting them, 77% have them, down from previous years and i'll give you three reasons, the first reason is, they are not into cars and they are on social media, and facebook and don't need to see their friends and drive to see them.
9:34 am
>> yep and the third one is, uber. right? ride-sharing apps and car-sharing services are popular. >> amy: fascinating. i never thought about that. i remember i had the phone transplanted to my ear when i was a kid. the time. but isn't it fascinating now, they have face time and do whatever i want. so. >> don't need to leave the couch. >> amy: and, the next star is fascinating. a lot of restaurants tried something experimental and got rid of tipping and started paying servers more and now they say the experiment didn't work? >> no. last year about this time, two restaurants in san francisco raised menu prices 20% in order to get rid of tips and pay workers more money and turns out the servers did not make more money and many made less and 70% quit, one year later the owner
9:35 am
back, and when you come here, but isn't lowering the prices 20%. you are paying more and tipping. >> amy: that business model might not work, either. we'll keep an eye on that wouldn't. >> i know! >> amy: thanks, lauren. love you, see you later! >> all right. >> amy: bye, you can catch her each week day morning on the fox business network, 5:00 a.m. eastern time and if you are not sure where to go, go to finder. 9:36, over to jayme. >> the update forecast, how low do they go? and waiting on numbers out of ocala and a mentioned to you, i saw 26, 27 in the midst of the battle. 25 officially at gainesville and leesburg, sanford, orlando, everybody on ice toward the gulf of mexico and slug of cold air
9:36 am
numbers to call sumpter county and sit truss and leavey. amanda, listening, the control room, here's the imagery. january 19th and 20, 1977, snow in central florida, one of the larger events we have recorded in recorded weather history. woof had a few instances and light flurries in place and a good dusting there back in 177. all right, 38 in gainesville and 45 now at the villages and 48 sanford, orlando 46, 40s in the space coast, up, down to the north and south. sun and clouds, cool temps and 59 for the drive home at 5:00. next 7, showing us again a warm-up and tremendous cool down and boy it will be windy and chilly, come saturday, more coming up in 10 minutes in your full forecast. john? >> john: thank you, sir, 1y 37. on the health watch, there is a debate over doctor visits in the medical community.
9:37 am
really need an annual exam. some research shows regular physicals don't reduce the rates of sickness and are really a waste of money. but other experts believe they are an important part of the doctor-patient relationship that could end up being a life-saving tool in the long run. joining us this morning, doctor, great to have you here. appreciate you being here on a chilly wednesday. >> it is chilly. >> john: the big push for preventive care now, some people are coming out and saying you don't need the annual visit. what is your thought. >> the big question is why would someone be against these visits? and i think you have to look deeper, because what is happening is now they are free and we are pushing that. because we have been having a sick care system and take care of you when you're sick and it costs more money and look deeper, you have a shortage of doctors and seeing more patients
9:38 am
why do we need to be doing this and i don't like the way it is going and we have to have clarity. a lot of people say they don't need to see the doctor now. >> john: and you have a bunch of well people in there, but keep them well the doctors don't get them when they are sick. any sort of conflict? >> there is always conflict. there is no perfect scenario. but i want to tell you, the data is absolutely solid on this. preventive care saves money and saves lives and the big thing i'm a little upset about this study, they use a -- they use the european system and that is not applicable to our american system. >> john: some people -- i'm sure i'm not alone, you probably didn't have annual visit for a long time. >> every year for me. >> john: i'm fine and what do i tell my doctor, i feel okay, what should i say? >> with the question you are asking, what is the value of all
9:39 am
if there is value, how do i make sure i'm getting that value? we have these situations i want to tell you, that you should look for when you go to get your physical. make sure you have a doctor that talks to you. the establishment of a doctor-patient relationship is the best way that your doctor can know you and do the best job for you. number 2. make sure you have a thorough physical. they don't look at you for a minute and it is over. do a thorough exam of every particular organ system and of course the ones we don't want to -- you know what i'm talking about. >> john: right. >> and so, once you start establishing these things and get and valleys of your family history, people underestimate how important the family history is, knowing what diseases are in your family and doing the good physical exam and leads to at least basic blood tests and urine. >> okay.
9:40 am
heart attack at age 50, i mean, there's a good chance something could go wrong with you at age 50. >> as the doctor you roll in at 42, i know the history and i'll be more concerned than with somebody without the history. and the last thing -- do you have time. and ross's rule. number one, four things, ross's rules, if you have any medical illness, that you are dealing with go every year. if you are young, but you have medical illness in your family, get what we call a baseline physical. and, the big thing is, if you are under 40 and other wise in good health, stretch it out to three years. those are ross's rules for annual physicals. >> john: always good advice, best of the best. >> god bless you. >> john: amy, over to you. >> amy: coming up your kids' favorite computer games headed for the classroom. we'll tell you how mine craft
9:41 am
there you go, you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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>> amy: 9:44, check this out, your kids' favorite game is coming to their classroom. >> john: ryan has the story. >> ryan: i have not played mine craft but it is a huge game and people of all ages love it. 22 million people play the worldwide mine craft and now microsoft thinking the game has a potential to be used in schools as early as this summer and allows users to build their own virtual world using blocks, and it turns into something like that and there are 7,000 classrooms and 40 different countries that use the game already. teachers use the game to teach everything from coding math to history and geography and students can work on assignments at school and home since the game is on-line and experts say it is one way schools are personalizing their lessons through technology. a new study shows you might not have as many friends as you think. according to a study your brain can only nurture 150 true friendships on social media
9:43 am
your friends list they say is an acquaintance. robin doesn't unbar coined the concept and broke relationships to five circles and according to him we have five intimate friends, 15 best friends and 50 good friends and 500 acquaintances and 1500 people we simply can recognize on sight. think about that when you look at your friends list on facebook. time to reevaluate your on-line passwords. the list of the most common passwords of 2015 and see it every year. again, 12345 6 is the most popular and, number sequences common and the word password, football and baseball are also fairly common as well and people making passwords longer is a good thing but when you make them obvious and several it doesn't work.
9:44 am
is still easy to figure out. 123456, i don't use that. >> jayme: the numbers are coming up which is good but still, remaining in the 3 so, gainesville, ocala and small communities working out of marion county and toward northern volusia county and the west end, the i-4 corridor, still chilly, 30s in place and 40s elsewhere, sun and clouds and cool temps on the day. 64 by 2:00. by 5:00, 5 and 56, around 8:00 tonight. and like last night as soon as the sun goes down it will take the temperatures with it. but not as cold, right now, transitional period, starting to see energy streaking in an streaming in like yesterday. out of the southern gulf of mexico and a developing low now over the rockies. we'll race our way and change our weather world i think as we go from what appears to be better to wetter and windy and much colder by about saturday after a tremendous warm-up. talking temperatures swings in
9:45 am
i'll break it down, snow now on the northern edge of the approaching system. no frost, extra clouds trickle in and this guy back here moves our way, across the rockies and spin or winds to a southerly component. that will force temperatures up, mid upper 70s, close 80, friday for a high and down we go, friday night and saturday. the front, comes blazing through higher. quite quickly. the main center of low pressure remains north of central florida. the risk of severe weather during that time, typically plays out that way, not all that heightened and not like the systems we have seen the last two over the last few consecutive weeks and looks like once it kicks through and brings us a rain chance it rides up the eastern seaboard and takes a position sometime saturdayish and, that will throw back a lot of snow across the eastern seaboard. and as far west as western tennessee, maybe over the gulf south, some of the northern edges of the gulf states may
9:46 am
snow, it will get far south, and we'll be on the far southern periphery and the circulation, nearly cold and windy for us, crummy day but at least we have sunshine by saturday. let's talk on the day today. a blend of sun and clouds, full sunshine at times, in fact, as we look at temperatures, through the 60s, tonight gainesville and ocala the 0s again, 40 palm coast and 43 sanford and deland will be the upper 30s to 40, coming 7 days, and the 7-day forecast, you may ask, the answer here for you at fox 35. windy and colder for the weekend. though again we retain the sunshine saturday and sunday. look at that. friday, crazy! up and down and around we go. the temperatures, all right, weather baby, smooths it out for you and makes everything fine. seraphina looking good. cool, calm, collected. liam, the dude! says that on his shirt and a gator fan! and liam our weather baby as well. visit our web site, for more on the weather baby segment.
9:47 am
>> amy: thanks, coming up we'll help you try to shut off some of
9:48 am
holiday pounds ugugh.h. i i rerealallyly s shohoululdndn't't.. n no,o, y youou k knonow w whwhatat? ? i i shshououldld. . anand d i i wiwillll. . i i dedeseservrve e ththisis.. i i'm'm a a b bogogo o fifindndinin',', weweekeklyly a ad d flflipippipin'n',, cocoupupononining g mamaststerermimindnd.. w whoho's's s savavining g bibig g titimeme? ? ththisis g girirl!l! cacan n i i hehelplp y youou?? inindedeeded. . ththisis q queueenen o of f sasavivingngs s dedeseservrveses a a r rewewarard.d. a a c canannonolili, , plpleaeasese.. t thehe w weeeeklkly y adad, , bobogogos s anand d cocoupuponons.s. ththreree e eaeasysy w wayays s toto s savave e atat t thehe sasameme p plalacece y youou l lovove e toto s shohop.p. pupublblixix. . whwherere e
9:49 am
>> amy: a lot of us trying to eat healthier in the new year. >> john: we know trying to get the kids to eat right is close to impossible. >> amy: we shouldn't reveal we had doughnuts this morning, should we! don't tell her! >> john: thanks. >> amy: joining us is jeanette, who wrote many books on this topic and designed menu plans for doctors and nutritionists and many others. thanks for being here. >> a pleasure. >> amy: sometimes it is the little things we can do in our diet to make a big difference, isn't it? okay. you will show us this morning things that we can do that we can swap out, that will make our life healthier in the new year. >> not take so much time, everybody is busy, and, the first one actually is just to use less sugar. i mean, it sounds simple and you can cut up to a quarter of the
9:50 am
traditional recipes -- of many traditional ramsay. al al recipes. >> john: do they taste the same? >> they do. i swear! >> john: i'm a sugar--aholic. >> and, this is true! >> john: i'm sorry, next up here. good looking soup there? >> yes, talking about swaps here. so, you can actually shave 99% of your pasta carbs by using the high fiber miracle noodles in place of any traditional flour. >> john: never seen those. >> they are the noodles used in traditional japanese sukiaki and are made from the fiber of the japanese root vegetable. >> john: a whole foods things. >> many stores but miracle is the best, completely, you know... and they are very noodly.
9:51 am
>> i'd love you to try it. this has a great lean protein in it. vegetables. >> john: good. >> good! >> and you can load it up with the noodles. almost no calories. >> john: to cholesterol, no sodium. >> i'm telling you. >> john: no carbs? >> i'm telling you. >> john: there is nothing in this! i like the idea. next up, you want to trick the kids and we trick them into eating vegetables about the them knowing it. >> the best way is actually to sneak a little bit of vegetable into things they already love. for instance, making a meatloaf, grate up carrots. right? take carrots and grate them finely, and fold that into the meat. if you make a muffin, you can do the same thing with sweet potato and the key es is to match the colors.
9:52 am
tried -- ehad a dietitian say swap out cauliflower for mashed potatoes and that didn't work with my family and they were like, what! >> half mashed, half cauliflower. >> amy: see? smart and you get the texture you are used to and the cauliflower. that is smart. the minute we give a little bit of the real think they don't mind it. >> that is key. >> john: what about these. >> this is actually, you want to -- for lasagna, a wide, flat noodle use you a winter squash, or use a zuchini and all you do is peel it and use the basic vegetable peeler and make long wide flat slices like that. >> john: she has all the right tools, too. >> these are not fancy things.
9:53 am
>> $5? maybe. . how can our viewers find you. >> the, and i'm the clean food and have recipes all the time. >> a pleasure. >> john: she's coming from rhode island right now. two feet of snow this weekend... >> i might be here longer! >> john: thanks. all right. out of time! okay.
9:54 am
all right. inin t thihis s lilinene o of f woworkrk ononlyly t thehe f frereshshesest t iningrgrededieientntss mamakeke t thehe c cutut itit's's i impmporortatantnt t to o meme t to o knknowow eveverery y didishsh i i s sererveve isis t thehe b besest t itit c canan b be.e. esespepecicialallyly f foror t thihis s fofoodod c crirititic.c. pupublblixix b bakakerery y scscraratctchh mamadede b brereadad wewe b bakake e itit i in n ststorore e evevereryy daday y wiwithth p priridede soso y youou c canan s sererveve i itt wiwithth s somomee pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng
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