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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm ryan elijah. i'm gina benitez. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- sanford police now investigating... after two people are shot complex, one man was killed, and a woman was injured. the details coming up. plus-- a former apopka teacher facing charges... accused of molesting a student at his school. we'll have the charges he's facing. -- the stock market continues to plummet this morning-- following markets. coming up-- what the drop.
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washington d-c is
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slammed with a whole lot of snow-- after a winter storm sweeps across the country. but-- other areas are already dealing with winter weather! fox's jackie ibanez
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morning-- sanford police are investigating a deadly shooting at an apartment complex. this happened around 10-30 last night-- at the "kensington oaks apartments" on mellonville avenue. that's just north of county road 415. according to the sanford police department-- officers responded to the complex... and found two people shot. a young woman was found with a gunshot wound to her hand...and a man was found dead. right now, it's unclear what led up to the shooting. police are still on scene gathering evidence. we'll continue to investigation... and bring you the latest details. a news alert now-- the stock market continues its free fall... even as the u-s economy shows f improving. two factors are driving down the markets: slumping oil prices and a slower chinese economy. the dow jones industrial average tanked in early trading yesterday... dragged down by lower crude oil prices. but markets in a late rally before the closing bell. even with the finished down about meanwhile-- t he ta on oil out today.
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how bad the glut has become. in orange county-- a former apopka elementary school teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a student at school. 66-year-old donald sharp is being held in the orange county jail, without bond. police say the molestation happened in 2009, in the hallway during classes. investigators want to know if there are any other victims out there. apopka police say they discovered the orange county public school district investigated sharp back in 2009, for allegedly allowing multiple students to sit on his lap. a school district spokesperson says they've requested sharp's file, but didn't comment on the allegations. in volusia county-- deputies are investigating after a hunter says he shot and killed his friend
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the shot was fired in a wooded area of oak hill....west of i-95 and north of maytown road. here's fox 35's usley with the latest. that 65 year old hunter was * dead on the scene, after deputies say he was accidentally shot with a 12 gauge shot gun -- deputies say around 2:15 wednesday afternoon they got a report that a hunter had accidentally shot his friend about a half an hour later deputies arrived on scened around 2:45 the sheriff's helicopter had lead them to lead them to the exact location of e shooting near 3 le from the main att wooded ampy area where ey locethe ]jq%5 dd at victim has been identieas 65 year d bruce st and s frienwho cidentally shot him, 56 year old eshawn sutton oda fish and ldlife was also on scene to assist with e investigation, in the newsroom ffany teasley fox news ening toy e man accused of
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truck driver at an altamonte springs publix-- is due in court. burt mcgee will face a judge in seminole county... for a pre-trial he's being charged mpted murder... for the shooting of marcos rivera. back in october-- police say rivera was carrying money out of the store... when mcgee shot him several times and cash. rivera survived the shooting... and is expected to make a full recovery. court this let you know what happens. there's a new bill in tallahassee-- that could allow parents to send their child to a school outside their zoning area. the obama administration is expected to announce new visa requirements-- that would make it harder for some to enter the u-s. we'll have the details on that.
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us-- just use #g-d-o a new proposal in tallahassee could let you send your kids to any school you want... even if it means crossing county . but there's a catch. there has to be enough room. he bill passes-- kids would likely flock to high quality school districts like brevard and seminole if parents were willing. one huge question is tax disparity at schools. some counties have sales tax for schools... none. another question being raised is sports. some believe there would be an influx of kids moving across county lines specifically for athletics. but in the house...republicans all support the bill. the bill moves on to the state senate.
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now bracing for a nightmare... because they would have to predict the number of students that will attend each year to set their funding levels. developing at this hour-- the f-b-i is running into dead-ends... as it works to uncover other terrorists following the "san bernardino shootings". nwmtigators have been unable to find a missing hard-drive believed to contain information on jihadists the attackers were in contact with. the f-b-i has also q"=crack the encryption codes on the attackers' phones... which may help investigators unravel a terrorist network... and prevent future attacks. tech experts tell fox news unlocking the phones may prove impossible. off-shoots of the taliban are now claiming responsibility for attacks that killed nearly 30-people yesterday. gunmen shot at least 20 people "execution style" at a pakistan university... with militants targeting the school for its close-ties to the pakistani army. another group
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when a car bomb exploded in afghanistan. u-s officials are condemning the attacks... and calling on pakistan to stop supporting the taliban entirely. the obama administration is expected to announce new visa requirements as make it harder for visited middle eastern countries... to enter the u-s. people who have visited iraq, iran, sudan, or syria in the last five years... or are dual- nationals of any of those countries... would be affected the department of will outline specifics... during the announcement. coming up next-- one n-f-l team makes history-- by hiring its first full-time female coach. we'll tell you who got the job. .gorities bust a moonshine scheme. how they were able to catch the facebook advertisement. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's we'll be right back. welcome back-- :
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researchers found a new 9th planet on the outer edge of the internet is excitement over "planet 9." it is thought to be about the size of neptune-- which is larger than earth. planet 9 has not actually been spotted yet-- but their findings on the movements of other objects in space. the planet could take up to 20- thousand years to orbit the sun.
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dog attack that critically injured a woman in sanford. that story kicks off our morning rush. sanford police say .iwere six pitbulls and at least six people inside the stonebrook apartment during the attack tuesday. five of the six dogs were mauling a woman when police arrived. to help the woman, and get the dogs off, an officer shot and killed five of them. 2%ye people were injured, including two children. three people are hurt after a bus collided with two cars in orange county. ].g=aflew over the scene, near school, yesterday. on oak ridge road, just east of the turnpike. orange county fire rescue tells us no kids were on the bus. a high-tech plan to catch wild coyotes in brevard county is on hold. the coyotes may have killed several pets near gleason park in indian harbour beach. %1life trappers and rescue" pulled their traps, and their drone, out of the park yesterday. the plan is on hold, after florida fish
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they had the wrong permit to trap coyotes. polk county urq:rrest three people and seize a jug of moonshine...all because it was advertised on facebook. but the man who was posting about it-- was already in jail! deputies say they got a tip that a man named alton trowell was posting on his facebook page about the liquor. deputies went undercover and called the number listed...and the man's girlfriend---christie b=5- ko-wits)-- picked up. it turns out...she was selling the moonshine to raise money for his bail. the couple's trailer in lakeland... they found a 5-gallon jug of the stuff. neighbors had no happening next door. deputies say comkowycz admitted to buying the moonshine from hqjw9 that person turned out to be richard employee at a local distillery. lott says he'd been trading the moonshine for meth. all three were
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the u-s may be preparing for some major winter weather... but our neighbors to the north are already seeing it. take a look at this-- an 80-year-old man in ontario has been charged with a driving a car that was almost completly covered in snow. you can see only a portion of the driver's side windshield is clear. ontario police pulled the man over tuesday and ticketed him for not clearing off the car. but--when the man said he was too weak to brush it off himself... u.e helped him out by clearing the snow and letting my man go on his way. turning now to
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the buffalo bills are making n-f-l
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time female coach. kathryn smith to take over as special control coach. season as an administrative assistant for rex coaches. she has worked with ryan the past seven years. plus-- the orlando magic are defeated they were hosting the worst team in the eastern nference, the philadelphia 76-ers. here's fox sports highlights. g up next-- a puppy that was
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crack and cash... has now been found-- why she's now recovering at the vet. plus-- a south florida mom takes matters into her own hands... when two carjackers try to take off with her car. still ahead... how she was able to stop those thieves! you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's
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news for star wars fans this morning. you are going to have to wait a little longer to see the next movie! star wars episode 8 has been delayed from may 2017 to december 2017. no reason has been given for the delay. production is scheduled to begin next month in london.
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stolen and then traded for drugs and money in pinellas county... has now been found. but now-- the pup is fighting an infection and parasites at an animal hospital. the yorkie puppy was swiped from a pet store... last week police say the suspect... "wayne junior barfield"... traded the 16- hundred dollar dog for crack and cash. he was arrested on friday. with the pup-- didn't even know she was stolen. they brought her to a vet because she was sick-- and that's where she was identified. the hospital posted this video of the puppy... now being ed for parasites and a respiratory infection. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. a south florida mom fights back-- to protect her family from some suspected carjackers! and it was all caught on surveillance video. h|this all happened in the miami suburb of hialeah. watch closely: jumps into her front seat at the gas station... ...the mom grabs him, yanks him out of the even pulls off his ski mask. carjacker got inside-- then jumped out and ran off.
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children were inside the car at the time. they are all okay-- and the suspects were arrested. a disturbing discovery in miami- dade county-- after police find the body of a baby inside a freezer. authorities were called to a bridge on h.ia woman was threatening to jump. deputies talked her down and noticed a baby seat in her car. when they asked about the child - she said he was in homestead. that's when police went to her home and discovered the baby's body in the freezer. authorities say they will make a decision charges... once they perform an autopsy on the baby. and check out this video from apollo beach: sharks and manatees swam very close to the "big ben power plant" near ampa yesterday. experts say these guys were looking for warm water during all this cold weather. and in this case--the sharks and manatees got along just fine. coming up in at 5-- first-- sanford
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of a shooting... that left one man dead and a woman injured. we'll take you live to the scene with the very latest. plus-- the stock market continues to fall this morning-- following sinking markets. at 5-- more on what experts say is behind
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