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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  January 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> it's 9:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando"? >> >> happy 9 o'clock to you. welcome to good day, i'm john brown. >> i'm luanne sorrell, we are glad you are joining us, here's a look at some things coming up in today's show. >> first, if you think working through the pain is a good strategy you may want to rethink that. the fox medical team explains how working through this hurt could leave you in a whole world of pain. >> luanne: research shows people struggle to make up with their friend, especially after a major blow out fight, so, how can you repair the relationship before it is too late?
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>> plus, they are not just fashionable, bulls good for u how the bacteria in your beard can be used to make medicine. >> makes me a little sick reading that story! >> luanne: medicine from the bacteria in your beard? >> john: take it away! please! >> good morning, from dr. philips, if you are looking for a great valentine's day gift for your lover we have it here, taking you to the pink chalet on the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando." [cheers] >> all right, check in with -- >> jayme: the medicine, beard -- >> luanne: isn't there more bacteria in a beard than a toilet seat. >> jayme: i saw a guy yesterday at a publix, a walking pharmacy.
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we had 30s ocala and gainesville and 50 taking over metro and melbourne, and the gist of the day ahead, mostly sunny and highs through the low and mid 70s. makings of a major snow headache, now. moving across the high plains, southern end of the low, featuring a broad area of nasty and aggressive storms, getting toward the florida panhandle and we'll see rain but i'm not digging the notion of severe weather yet. now, a wait and see situation, but looks like we'll get beneficial rain and a few stronger storms but otherwise today until then, dry skies and much warmer scenario, 7 s by 5:00 and 64 around 8ish tonight. and next 7 days, showing us windy and colder. by saturday blowing good and wake-up temps sunday the mid and upper 30s, brr is the word on sunday morning. >> luanne: we're following breaking news this morning in marion county, part of southbound i-75 is shut down
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a crash involving a lumber truck and another semi as well as a mini-van. the marion county fire department sent us these pictures of the crash near ocala and two people were rushed to the hospital, prison inmates have been called in to help clear the road of all of the lumber and no word yet on exactly what caused that wreck. new this morning, we have just learned that sanford police have made an arrest in the deadly shooting. >> the shooting happened last night around 10:30, at the kensington oaks apartments. and you can see from the map a little east of downtown sanford. fox 35's jackie orozco is live at the apartments with the new information. good morning. >> good morning, yes, sanford police say they've got one person in custody in connection with the double shooting, we are waiting to find out if he or she will be facing any charges. let's look at some video, all through the night and early in the morning, detectives were out here, in -- out his apartment complex, interviewing witnesses
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say around 10:30 last night. when they arrived they found a woman in her late 20s with a gunshot wound to her hand and another man also had gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene and we spoke with a next-door neighbor, right across from the apartment complex and she said that they heard loud noises and kids screaming in there and this is what she said: >> i have been here for three years now, and never, never -- nothing has happened, like this at all. i've never been so close to something like somebody getting shot next-door at all. and that is just weird. >> reporter: again, one person is in police custody right now and we are working to get more details, again it was a double shooting here at this apartment complex and one person was killed. now reporting live in sanford, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> thank you for that update. a former apopka elementary school teacher is in the orange county jail held without bond. this man, 66-year-old donald sharp is accused of sexually
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school. police say the molestation happened in twain 2009 in the hallway during classes and investigators want to know if other victims are out there. >> someone in a position of trust and they violate you in that way, it can take quite a while to get the courage to come forward. >> luanne: apopka police say they did discover the orange county public school district investigated sharp back in 2009 for allegedly allowing multiple students to sit on his lap. a school district spokesperson says they have requested sharp's file, but did not comment on the latest allegations. >> john: also in volusia county, council members there are meeting this morning right now, as a matter of fact, to discuss the homeless crisis. leaders are still trying to figure out what to do with dozens of homeless people who have set up camp outside of the volusia county administration center. they've been there several weeks at this point. one proposal that would have created a safe zone on the corner of ridgewood avenue and knot street was met with backlash. the council began accepting
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it is going on right now at the courthouse there in deland. also happening today, this man accused of shooting a truck driver inside a publix in altamonte springs is due in court. he will face a judge in seminole county for a pretrial conference. he is being charged with attempted murder for the shooting of marcos rivera. he was carrying money out of the store and the man ran up and shot up and took off with the cash. he survived and is expected to make a full recovery. >> luanne: deputies are investigating after a hunter says he accidentally shot and killed his friend. it happened in woods near oak hill west of i-95 and north of mayton road. the sheriff's helicopter led them to the spot of the shooting yesterday average. in a real swampy area, nearly three miles from the main road. the wounded hunter, 65-year-old bruce best was pronounced dead on the scene.
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him is 56-year-old la shown sutton, and, it appeared to be an accident but they are investigating exactly what happened. >> john: you decide 2016. jeb bush and marco rubio are not doing well when it comes to polling here in florida. ryan joins us now with your political headlines. >> ryan: the ultimate poll was in march in florida but it doesn't look good. the front-runner, donald trump dominating his rivals, a new poll by florida atlantic university. the numbers, trump has 47% of republican voters, saying they'll support him in the sunshine state and next closest candidate polled was ted cruz. 32 points behind. mush third and, 11% and the new poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sand,by 36 points and she loses to drufrl when they put them head-to-head and speaking of hillary clinton, here campaign accusing the g.o.p. of intentionally coordinating e-mail leaks to cripple her campaign for president. a spokesperson for hillary clinton saying tuesday's report revealed the democratic
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that are classified and top cret as we talked about last year, and it was discredit and the clinton campaign claiming the inspector general behind the allegations worked with republican senators to get them back into the news as a form of retaliation and no matter the outcome, marco rubio saying voters should take notice and take the hillary clinton e-mail scandal not lightly. >> if hillary clinton were elected president one thing she'll have to do is pardon herself. it is serious and obviously there is a legal element to it and we'll leave it to the fbi and to the justice department. >> ryan: he mentioned the justice department and the investigation continues. the justice department has not said if they determined any classified information. john? >> john: a weather alert. even the president can't escape is the know in the northeast but, it wasn't much snow. >> luanne: no, dusting. and caused al the mess. president obama -- all the mess,
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washington, d.c. last night in traffic. experiencing major gridlock after one inch of snow. the motorcade struggled to make it through bumper to bumper traffic and slipped and sliding on the roads there and washington could receive up to two feet of snow this weekend, during a separate storm, if this is what it was like after one inch i can only imagine it will be a disaster. >> john: it different take much for gridlock in d.c. similar scene in georgia. the northern part of the state. forecasters there seeing two inches of snow and sleet in the last few days and at least they have snowplows. remember they didn't have anything a couple years ago. and a lot cancelling school today. crews from the state department of transportation have been out treating icy roads since tuesday. where luanne is from, you don't get off school for anything less than three feet of snow. >> luanne: or 30 below, then maybe.
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>> luanne: i'm from a rural town an hour north. >> john: i don't know if that is the right word. minneapolis? >> luanne: airlines are preparing for the weather. by offering refunds to people affected by the storms, carriers like american, united, delta, southwest and jetblue are already offering travel waivers and refunds to cities on the east coast, experiencing that bad weather. >> john: still to come, feel the burn, you orlandoans, people think the pain after the work out is the way to do it right. >> luanne: it may not be the case, the fox medical team explains what they are doing wrong when it comes to, woulding out -- working out. david martin, good morning. >> reporter: i do everything wrong in my workout. live in the pink chalet, at dr. philips giving you wonderful valentine's day gift ideas for the ladies in your life. my friend debbie owns it.
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>> great. how are you? >> reporter: give us nor item for wives an lovers and spouses. >> one of my favorite brands. it is kendra scott jewelry, the designer out of texas and is famous for her tags ssel necklace, a variety of different colors and the matching earrings, danielle earring, the larger one
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and the smaller >> john: the health watch. >> luanne: call someone who lives in minneapolis, a minneapolitan. >> john: on the health watch when it comes to exercise we grew up being told to play through this pain, right? your muscles hurt, you were doing it right serving experts say that approach can land you in a world of hurt. so how can you work out smarter? joining us this morning with the fox medical team is beth galvin, live in atlanta, to talk more about it. so, beth what are we doing wrong when it comes to working out? >> we're doing a couple of things, at the beginning of the workout that could really hurt
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warming up our muscles and, you have cold muscles and we are not stretching the correct way. look around the gym and you see people lunging and bouncing and twisting, especially guys are guilty of this. we talked to orlando palmer and he's 43 and hurt himself. and, warming up his muscles ands wa not stretching and had a lower back injury in 8 noz of physical therapy to try to come back from this. and it illustrates though you are in great shape you may not have the muscle support you need or warming up of your muscles to get an effective workout without hurting yourself. >> when i was in high school i was told you are supposed to jog or do something for ten or 15 minutes and then stretch.
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>> a great idea and what -- the physical therapist was teaching us, get a low intensity way to warm up your muscles to get on the treadmill and get on the stationary bike and jog like you were taught. and get your muscles warm so they are much more likely to be able to stretch and more fluid and you have more movement before you begin the stretching0s pro. >> how do you know if we have normal muscle soreness that comes with working out and when we need to take it serious because it could be telling us we have damaged something? >> feeling sharp pain or pain keeping you from being able to get in your work out, the sign of a problem and another sign of a problem, pain doesn't go away and last several days, and that is not normal. and you don't want to go into your workout and be stressing
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ligaments because you can do more damage and end up with a long haul injury and also, important to do those controlled movements, the dynamic stretches and don't do a stretch where you hold it, you do fluid, controlled stretches to get your body ready for the workout ahead. >> luanne: thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> luanne: 9:17. jayme king, we haven't warmed up much at all. >> jayme: we're in the 50s and near 60 at melbourne and should coast to the low and mid 70s today and shifting winds and adequate central florida sunshine. and the 24 hour temperature switch-up is great, especially the spots that were cold. freakishly cold. 27 ocala, a world of difference,
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style and high clouds courtesy of the southern edge of the jetstream, transporting our next system, in the making back through here. toward dallas and the gulf south, moving our way tonight and a sharp uptick in clouds and rain chances tomorrow. dry skies and 72 by 2:00 and 5:00, 71 and big map shows us the storm, a low here and another one here and see the merger, consolidation coming together and moving toward the eastern seaboard. all the while, the combo drives a sharp cold front through the region. we'll be colder, late friday and saturday and saturday, mid and upper 50s, a gusty west-northwest wind. will stay dry and be sunny and sunny and blustery cold and sunday morning, wake-up temps, solid 30s most locations. it will be chilly.
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once the low skips over our area it goes up the eastern seaboard and dumps snow on d.c. and areas north. our forecast, everything hinging on the arrival of the low. sneaking in here. and moves through and brings a segmented or broken line of showers and storms through the region. at this time we're not highlighted and featured for an outbreak of severe weather but if we see storms i wouldn't be shocked. you can see the separation between us and where the surface low sits, the warm sector of the storm with warm front and cold front here and will be an energetic pocket of air but you can see on the northern edge, the cold air funneling in behind the snow and over the eastern seaboard, southern edge where we stand, gusty and blustery and chilly for much of the weekend. the numbers here for you. tomorrow 74, windy and warm. and wet. and, ws tomorrow, wend indy, warm,
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and cool, wake-up temps, mid and upper 30s. >> john: i have to mention the story quickly. according to our fox affiliate in denver, 10% of college graduates think judge judy is on the u.s. supreme court. >> luanne: the future of our country. >> john: 10% of college graduates. maybe 10% shouldn't have gone to college and wasted their money. >> because you have a college degree different mean you are smart. >> john: score the -- doesn't mean you are smart. >> luanne: david martin is live at the pink chalet. hey, david. >> we are at dr. philips giving you a wonderful valentine's day gift idea. debbie the owner, what are you rolling in your -- holding in your hand. >> the purse here. it charges your phone. all you do is take the insert out and plug it in and charge it up and lights come up when it is charged and put it in and has the attachment to charge your
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retails $99 to i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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>> john: this picture is getting a lot of attention, a bobcat, one of our neighbors snapped the picture the other day. it is huge. >> luanne: looks like a tiger. >> this is seminole county not far from i-4 and we heard of the bobcats and the monkeys and the bears and, you see the bobcat,
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deep forest and swamp and hammockland and north america. 700,000, 1 million out there in the west, not unusual and -- >> luanne: scary to see them in the neighborhood. >> john: not like they attack people, and, no reports we could find, but, the pets is this concern. be away,er they are out there. valentine's day a couple of weeks away. >> luanne: looking for a unique gift there's a one stop shop to land the perfect present. fox 35's david martin is live this morning in orlando at the pink chalet with a closer look. good morning again, david. >> i think the man in your life called me and said, pick up something for luanne. i'm looking out for you, girl, all right? i liked this, i was impressed with the bottle, allows you to put a bottle of wine -- >> luanne: i'll take that. >> reporter: i know you will! good morning, again, pink chalet and dr. philips, on by debbie higgins, good morning to you. >> hi.
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business how long. >> since december 20th, 2008. >> reporter: a lot of people hear like and know your -- here like and know your store. and i don't recognize this. i'm sure you do. >> this company helps solve a problem in your home and you know when you're in your entertainment space and open cabinets and have a thanksgiving platter and christmas and easter platter. you can get rid of all of those and have a unified look to your cabinets, everything matches. every item here is clear -- cream, and what you do is recognize the holiday with the attachments. these money -- minis come in holiday things and collegiate and a christmas tree. what you would do is just slip it in there, and here is your
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>> reporter: okay. >> a tea light holder, different options. and, retails are $12.50 for the minis and, $55 for the pottery. really great, a gift that keeps on giving. you can buy one platter with two moneys and the next holiday you can keep buying minis. and they actually have -- i don't have it hear but they have a box to keep them in. >> reporter: and now, quick here. you have the box, buy the box here at the store as well. >> the packaging, really beautiful brown boxes and free gift wrapping. >> reporter: quick, the web site is the pink chalet and find it on instagram and snap chat and twitter and you are open every day. >> 7 days a week, sundays 12:00 to 5:00.
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owner of the pink chalet, thanks for the ideas, you have no excuses now, come down and buy something for your loved one. >> john: i know what to get lu. the wine thing, we're done. >> luanne: okay to give money! >> john: no, no! >> luanne: i would take money. i'm just sayin'! in case someone is listening. >> john: that could go so wrong. >> luanne: and you buy your on gift. >> john: i don't think so. amazon offering refunds for hover boards. >> luanne: why they are willing to give you your money back for the popular toy and research shows people can't seem to fix their broken friendships. >> john: have they tried money? >> luanne: that would work. sure i'll be your friend again!
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>> welcome back to good day at 9:30, i'm john brown.
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headlines. first up police have one suspect in custody. following a deadly shooting in sanford. it happened last night at the kensington oaks apartments. officers found one woman shot in the hand and one man dead. police are still investigating what led up to the shootings. we are now waiting to hear if the suspect will be charged. >> one of three teens charged in the brutal crow bar attack on another teenager is due in court today. she is scheduled to make a plea deal. the attack happened last february in satellite beach. two other teens were also charged in the attack and prosecutors said they attacked a 17-year-old outside his home because they thought he stole marijuana from them. >> luanne: parents could someday choose which public schools their children attend. a new bill now moving through tallahassee that would let kids attend schools across district and county lines, and some lawmakers worry, however, that
9:28 am
overcrowding as parents push to put their children in high performing schools in brevard and seminole counties, others believe there would also be an influx of kids moving across county lines, just for sports. lawmakers say the move would also take money out of districts that have struggling schools. but despite all of these concerns, republicans in the house still support the bill. >> i think any time you give parents more choice, in choosing to the educational setting for bill. >> the bill now moves to several education committees for further debate. >> john: time to look at this morning's business headlines and lauren simonetti joins us live from the fox business network studios where she's probably stocked up on bread and milk and eggs because they'll got snow. am i right? >> no. you are not -- you're wrong. i'll do it tomorrow morning. >> sometime.
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let's talk markets. what a day yesterday. down almost 600, finished not bad. today. >> down 250. no big deal. we have seen a lot worse. do you have dow is off 1600 points and today is up three points. we'll take that. big day and this is what is going on. in a nutshell, oil prices are weak. china's economy is weak. you have the central bank in europe saying inflation, there is none, could be a problemment but also means we can put stimulus into the markets, and that equals growth. >> john: china is falling off a cliff. >> cliff notes version. >> and, impact a lot of people in central florida, especially, and orange juice demand at a 30 year low and a lot of reasons for this, we know about citrus greening down here and it is
9:30 am
>> apparently they are having the worst season since 1964 i was reading and am i the only person who has a glass of orange juice every day? i think i am. >> john: could be. >> orange juice demand is predicted to be the lowest in more than 30 years and you have to go back to 1984 to get a lower number. what is this reason? we're drinking less sugary beverages, right? a lot of options for different beverages on the market and we are shunning oj apparently. >> john: yeah. there are problems and see the growers here, empty with the citrus greening disease and impacting a lot of the crop here. not good for us and amazon doing something with these hover boards. i don't know if this has been done before by amazon. >> there could be implications for this. something i'm going to look into. amazon -- consumer safety products commission says thank you, good job. hopefully others will do what
9:31 am
if you bought a hover board on they'll give you a full refund. because of all the injuries and fires linked to many of these hover boards. the cpsc says when riding a hover board, if you choose to do that, make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy. >> john: you are supposed to ride ate you a fire stipulating everybody is covering their backsides for potential lawsuits and i don't know how well it would stand up. you know it is coming next. >> that is me question. by amazon banning -- not banning the sale. offering a full refund, are they admitting something is wrong? >> john: or saying, we have the option you could have had it back, and you can't do it in court. you know there will be lawyers involved. lauren, great to see you, have a great thursday. milk, bread, eggs, what else you need to pick up, jayme? >> orange juice!
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around for us! catch lawrence each week day morning on -- lauren each week day on fbn, and, 9:35, here's jayme king. getting ready to hunker down! >> jayme: on the eastern seaboard. for us a walk in the park. dry skies and i heck of a lot warmer. notice in caps, much and warmer, yea, us! 72 by 2:00. 71 by 5:00. 64 by 8:00. now we are on our way to warmer times and 60 at melbourne and widespread 40s and 50s elsewhere. overall we have seen a nice temperature adjustment in the upward direction and only have to go up from here. bad news is get outdoor plans, late morning and early afternoon a storm is in the making. major snow developing the northeastern side of that, down south and around here, line of
9:33 am
60% and i don't think we see much severe weather or a storm or two wouldn't shock me. been initial rains are on they -- beneficial rains on the way and windy and colder weather, much of the weekend, more in your weekend forecast and beyond, full weather in a short bit. here's lu now. >> i am happy for you, i am very happy for you, i wish you well! i won't bother you anymore! >> are you kidding me? annie! >> go, go, go, go, go! >> get back here! stop! >> no. no! she's not going -- she does not get a party favor, she does not get a dog. >> luanne: we all have a friend we had you a falling out with like the ladies in bridesmaids and that falling out can last for years. a new survey found 30% of people
9:34 am
with a friend, but they cannot bring themselves to make up with that person. joining us this morning is therapist and relationship coach rick brown. thanks for coming in. >> good to be here serving good to see you. does it come down to pride and how hard it is to swallow that and make up with someone? >> you think about this break-ups they are because there is a deep hurt or somebody is really angry and if you stay with the ones who are angry, you dig deem enough you find the -- deep enough you find the hurt. it is pride and, you don't want to expose yourself to hurt again. >> luanne: should we be the first to extend the olive branch and say i want to make up? it is hard to do. >> it is but you have to examine your motive. am i wanting to reach out because i'm still angry and want to get back, i have more to say or am i feeling a deep regret.
9:35 am
you will have more success in reaching out. >> luanne: if we feel the loss, and miss the person in life, how do you start the conversation. >> humble yourself and, when in doubt say something vulnerable. like, this has been hard for me to call you, i feel hurt and regret, to be humble and vulnerable. >> luanne: if your friend says let's meet up, what should we do then? >> it will be helpful to summarize what you think has been hurtful for them rather than stating your case, do you say, you know, i know we had a hard time, here's what i think you were upset about, do i have that, is that what you were hurting about and then, if you are will to listen to them i think they'll be open to hearing. >> luanne: i love that. a lot of times we talk about us and how we feel but if we say i understand your hurt -- >> i want to understand. the idea of seeking first to understand, before trying to be
9:36 am
>> really the basics for all communication. we need to listen and not be this one who is speaking, right. >> it is and that is hard to do because we often want to get or point across. but you are going to have a better chance getting your point across if you are will to listen to the other person first. >> luanne: is there a time when we should x the relationship out altogether and not try to make up? >> i think if you think about sticking your toe in the water, you get a good vibe from the person, you would say more and more vulnerable, if right away you get a cold shoulder or hurtful comment back, you probably want to protect yourself and not go much further. >> luanne: does it matter what they did to you? that caused the relationship to break up? or should we kind of give everyone a second chance? >> well, that is where you have to examine yourself. and what is your motive for really trying to reconnect? is it because you are trying to get back and let somebody know how you were really hurt or really feeling regretful and wanting to reestablish the connection? >> all right, good stuff.
9:37 am
in, we appreciate it. >> great to be with you. >> 9:40, john, over to you. >> still to come, it doesn't just keep your face warm on cold days like today. experts say beards can be used to make medicine. we'll take a closer look at the interesting new beard research coming up next. beard research -- only on "good day orla during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from
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the speed you need. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month
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ice, ice baby >> john: not that cold but it is chilly. there's your live look along i-drive and we wonder about all of the tourists who come to town and don't get the warmest weather. but it is warmer than it is where they came from. >> luanne: better than 7 below! >> john: 70 today! >> luanne: you might have heard beards are full of bacteria but that is not necessarily a bad thing. >> john: turns out doctors may have made a medical breakthrough by looking at beards. the bbc reports a doctor in london swabbed men's beards to see what bacteria he could find. and he said 20 random samples
9:40 am
college of london and test found over 100 types of bacteria in beards and mostly common skin bakhityar but one special strand competed for space by destroying the other bacteria. and it gave doctors an idea. and they used that special bacteria to kill a drug resistant form of e. coli and they say it worked. doctors say based on that experiment, the special beard bacteria could be used to make 9:45. here's jayme king with your accu-weather forecast! i have nothing to say. >> jayme: you don't? >> luanne: e. coli... >> jayme: gross. yeah. okay. let's go for beards and bacteria to your pollen count. now through friday and saturday, the numbers slowly decreased, grass and pine on the local pollen count now and, a medium today and i suspect tomorrow's rainfall should cleanse and purge the local atmosphere and bring the levels down, dry skies and warmer weather.
9:41 am
south of the metro. and right now we're on our way, paving the way to warmer times ahead and still, nonetheless down to the 40s and 50s. jetstream component here. down to the south, southern gulf, ushering in cloud cover high over our heads and could filter the sun, and hazy kind of look through the course of the day and look out to the west, bigger doings now, and we will attract the next storm system, bringing it into the west side of the state as they -- a segmented or broken line of showers and isolated storms as of now, the threat for severe weather is confined to the new orleans area and severe weather to the florida panhandle and escambia county and pensacola and shy of beaumont, texas. the area here, within the throes of the warm front now, north of that, all about the snow and how much of that snow is going to accumulate in the washington, d.c. areas north by about
9:42 am
over a foot in some locations but our big weather change comes with a wind shift and increase in moisture and this thing moves in late morning, early afternoon, tomorrow. the modeling has been all over the board. with the arrival of the thing, are we confident it will rain? you bet but the timing on it now could go either side, 2, 3, 4 hours either direction and i'll go maybe a little later with that notion, you can see here, by 2:00, modeling now, backing off and bringing in this line for the early afternoon. some of the modeling i've seen a little later, some sooner. what happens now, as it rides up the sooner board, a prolific snow maker for man areas over the mid atlantic and for us the high and departing surface low the atmosphere tightness up and wind, look out, man, saturday will be blowing good on the heels of the high here and will funnel in a distinctly air mass, saturday and wake-up temps sunday into the 30s in a
9:43 am
cover has been increasing over the eastern third of the nation but there will be baying blob of white on top of d.c. the latter portion of the weekend, snow accumulation increasing and likely over the rockies. slowly but surely winter settling in and cumulative snows taking shape over the eastern third of the nation. or soon will be. next 7 days, windy and colder weather saturday and dry in the skies and looking good with sunshine and beneficial rains on the way. we'll keep you posted on the progress of that. stay tuned for details. weather baby time, two lookers, mr. wyatt look good. doing his rendition of santa tangled in his christmas lights. looking nice there. cute kid and carter, very, very nice looking kid. visit or web site for more over to you. >> john: all right, thanks, time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> luanne: more drama out of the oscars controversy, another
9:44 am
jada pinkett smith's decision to boycott the awards show. we're talking about stacy dash here, an actress and fox news contributor. on fox and friend yesterday dash said the boycott against the academy awards is ludicrous and a double standard and made the comments in response to smith's decision not to attend the oscars because she said they were not -- there was not enough diversity among the nominees. she says awards ceremonies like the bet awards should be banned to avoid segregation in entertainment. altogether. meanwhile, an actress is joining the list of stars denouncing the lack of diversity in the oscars. the academy award winner posted you a statement on instagram saying she stands with her peers who are calling for change. other stars who support the boycott include george clooney, and snoop dogg and director spike lee. >> john: we know who will perform at the 58th annual grammy award next month.
9:45 am
the list yesterday. and includes little big town, this weekend and adele. >> there is a new dynamic duo in the music world. reports sir elton john and lady gaga are working on new music together. according to john, the pair started writing a few songs. he says this music will have a earlier work. lady gaga has also collaborated with tony bennett in recent years for a jazz album. >> john: bad news for "star wars" fans, you have to wait a little longer to see the next movie. "star wars" episode 8 is delayed from may to december of next year. no reason given but it means the movie will go head-to-head with avatar avatar-2 and production is set to begin next month in london and it is important to point out it will come out in december.
9:46 am
over the place and it might work better for them. >> john: jennifer lopez is kicking off a new show in las vegas and hit the red carpet, planet hollywood last night for the opening performance of her all i have concert series. the 46-year-old is following in the footsteps of pop royalty, like britney spears, cher and celine dion and will perform around three shows a week, running until june 12th. >> john: she makes so much moneyal why they money al al -- money, why they are all doing it and, still to come, you may have heard of the cronuts and a sweet treat is going viral on-line. >> luanne: it look good. coming up we'll tell you why people are willing to fork over $15 for this over-the-top milk shake and they are waiting in
9:47 am
are company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok?
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you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our medicaid plan, visit or call (877) 385-3884 >> luanne: oh, yeah. >> john: producer tiffany is not doing the milk shake dance,
9:49 am
>> luanne: let's see it. they need more sugar, that's the problem. a long five-and-a-half hours! >> john: i look at our control room. almost done here. almost friday! happy! >> luanne: someone is doing the milk shake. get it! who is that! >> john: i don't know. the one person i didn't -- thanks. >> i like it. >> incredible milk shake, taking the internet by storm. >> which would you want. >> john: the one with the cookies! >> luanne: i know and with all the candy, it looks so good. and the milk shakes are sold in new york and fox's linda schmidt checked out the crazy and yummy looking concoctions. >> reporter: in soho it says burgers and beer but, there is also a whole lot of sweetness being offered. milk shakes but not just any, unique super decadent shakes almost like a piece of art. they recently have become a hit
9:50 am
lining up for them. >> people start lining up at 11:15, we have a to hour wait. >> in the morning. >> in the morning, one day it was raining and a sea of umbrellas. >> and customers are willing to wait even when it is 20 degrees. >> we are told there is an hour-and-a-half to a two hour wait. >> how do they make them? every shake starts with icing which will hold all of the gooddyes that will be awatched -- goodies attached, three are on the menu starting with the cotton candy. >> strawberry shake, chocolate covered pers and cotton candy and whipped cream and a whirly pop lollipop. >> the cookie. >> cookie milk shake, a cookie sandwich and whipped cream chocolate syrup and cookie around the glass with vanilla ice ing. >> the sweet and salty, five basic food groups, iced cream,
9:51 am
pretzels, m&ms and peanut butter cups. >> i waited two hours for the chocolate. >> i love this place so far. >> that is heaven! i am not kidding! fantastic! if you have a special request like the birthday cake milk shake which has a piece of birthday cake on top of it, you call ahead. each of these special creations that are made for sharing are $15, and worth every penny. in soho...
9:52 am
bebefoforere c conontetempmplalatitingng ththe e mamanyny c chohoiciceses onon s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake'e'ss $4$4 d dolollalar r memenunu,, onone e mumustst cacalmlm t thehe m minindd inin o ourur z zenen g garardeden.n. fofocucus.s. ththe e gagarlrlicic d dououblblee ststeaeakbkbururgeger r memealal.. rereflflecect.t. ththe e tatacoco s salaladad m meaeal.l. zezen.n. t thehe o oririgiginanal l dodoubublele ' 'nn chcheeeesese s steteakakbuburgrgerer m meaeal.l. ohoh!! ththe e $4$4 m menenu.u. whwherere e alall l memealalss arare e unundeder r $4$4..
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